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  • 21 Lisle Street
    London WC2H 7BA
  • Transit information Bakerloo Northern Piccadilly Get Directions
  • Phone number 020 7437 7341
  • Business website mrkongrestaurant.com
  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    With the massive selection of Chinese restaurants luring in my face in Soho, I would have to thank Yelp for this one. Just like the other yelpers recommended...

    The crispy aromatic szechuan duck was on point. The duck was indeed crispy, but the meat was tender in the inside. Perfect deep fry eaten with the thin wheat pancakes. Along with a side of chinese greens in garlic sauce and rice, this was a great restaurant to dine at.

    Most important of all, I didn't go home with an upset stomach from bad chinese food. You guys picked a great place for me. Win, win!

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    Thanks to yelp i discovered an amazing Chinese feast with Excellent crispy duck.  Also thanks to "King Kong's" great recommendations, we thoroughly enjoyed sea spice chicken with fresh mushrooms and the chicken crunchy noodles with fresh chili and bean sprouts.  The service was incredible as was the food!!

  • 3.0 star rating
    Listed in Asian London

    My birthday treat this year was to choose our restaurant, really REALLY fancying a good chinese (and being new in town), I decided to rely on Yelp to pick it out.

    And this is how I found Mr. Kong, with all the super duper positive reviews, and considering all the chinese restaurants in China town, I needed a tip!

    Mr. Kong likes to brag about all the positive reviews, the front window is litteraly covered in them. And inside? Tourists. All of them, with their guide on the table.

    Okay, I don't want to be a snob here - but I was always told that the best asian restaurants are the ones where asians eat. And here, I felt like in a kind of tourist cantine (am I being a bit harsh ?).

    Yes, the food was good. But not amazing and a bit bland. Yeah, the service was good also. But I was just not blown away the way I expected to, and just had the good ol' chinese food I could have had in any random chinese restaurant.

    Having finished, I kind of regretted not going to the Dim Sum place next door. I luuuurve Dim Sum.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    You really can't go wrong with Mr. Kong.

    Now, it's not going to be an amazing over-the-top meal. The food is cheap but tasty. The meals are prepared on the spot but basic. There are a ton of options on the menu but they basically come down to beef with veggies, chicken with veggies, duck with veggies and some noodle and rice options.

    The atmosphere is basically non-existent. One long room with a bunch of tables. However the service is top-notch and while they won't check on you, if you need something and signal to them, they take care of it right away.

    I also love the bathroom, which is surprisingly nice for a little spot like this. It's up the stairs and you feel like you're entering someone's flat and then you're in this bathroom with dark tiles and large mirrors. Very strange and classy.

    So overall, cheap, fast, decent food.  Where Mr Kong really shines though is the fact that they're open until 2:30am most nights of the week. Drunk in Soho and need a late night bite? At that moment, Mr Kong, you are glorious.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    Thanks to Yelp, my sister and I enjoyed a very nice meal at Mr. Kong after seeing a matinee theatre performance.  

    We ordered a bottle of the house white wine, which was quite pleasantly dry for £11.50, and the House Special Set Dinner for 2 (£20.50 each). We got £6.40 deducted from our bill since the set dinner included two glasses of wine, and we had ordered a bottle.

    In short ... Excellent and friendly service and delicious, but unexceptional, food.  Add to that the fact that they easily accommodated us without a reservation and we were very happy people.

    The dinner started with crab and corn soup, followed by shrimp toast and tiny egg rolls.  Then came crispy duck with pancakes, followed by fried rice with sweet and sour pork, mixed vegetables, and spicy black bean beef.

    If I were a local and could come back again more frequently, I know I'd be trying a lot of different dishes from the extensive menu. But for a couple of tourists who were just looking for a good meal at the end of a very long day, Mr. Kong's set dinner hit the spot.

    Oh, and don't worry when you look through the window and see the packed tiny dining room.  There's another room in the back and yet another dining room upstairs.

  • 3.0 star rating

    This place was just OK. I wouldn't go back if I had the choice though.  There are other places in the area that serve better or similar Chinese food.

    We ordered the crispy duck, sweet and sour pork, and the prawn/scallop bird's nest.  Out of these dishes, I would only recommend getting the crispy duck.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Tonight I was just with the kids.  So we ordered the sweet and sour pork (daughter choice) and crispy duck (son's choice).  The sweet and sour pork was good.  My daughter didn't like the fact that the onion wasn't cooked more.  But it fared well compared to any other Chinese restaurant.
    With the crispy Peking duck, it was interesting.  They fry it and it is shredded in front of you at the table.  But when the waiter was shredding it, it looked really dry.  Although it looked dry, with some hoison, cucumber and scallion on the pancake, the crispy texture was actually pretty good.
    The service is very professional and attentive when you need something.
    But with all the restaurant choices around, I would venture and try something else.  If you want a good Chinese meal, you won't go wrong.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I think it is something instinctual in me to get a little giddy and excited to see a Chinatown anywhere in the world. It is no different in England. You think Chinese food is generic in the United States? Well...welcome to the UK folks because it's even more so here.

    Award stickers all over their window? English speaking staff? Good customer service? Something's not right dammit I demand the hole in the wall, Chinese only speakers with horrible service!! Okay...fine this will have to do to get my Chinese food fix.

    Ordered a vegetable beef dish, chicken with jellyfish and hot and sour soup.
    Vegetable beef: They don't baking soda marinade their beef which is nice. Taste very home cooked.
    Chicken with jellyfish - Neither chicken or jelly fish was fresh
    Hot and sour soup - Horrible....

    Very attentive staff. I'm amazed by the level of service in all the restaurants in Chinatown.

    Odd structure. We walked in and was directed to a lower level which felt like a basement. The environment you see from the exterior is very different from the lower level.

    Cheap - Average.

    Food: 3
    Service: 4
    Environment: 2
    Price: 3

  • 4.0 star rating
    2 check-ins here

    One line summary:
    Friendly service, reasonable price, great location, decent food.

    Mr Kong is odd(not the person, whoever that is). For the 1.5 - 2 hours I spent there, I was the only asian person eating in that restaurant. It was during  peak dinner hour in the heart of China town. As touristy as London Chinatown is, there are still a lot of Chinese people there, just none in Mr Kong. Strangest thing ever.

    The host was really friendly. Service was warm and attentive, and I really appreciate that they used relatively nice utensils instead of disposable ones.

    Food is mostly canto style. Lots of char siu, congee and stews. The lamb stew was very good, char siu was decent, and portion was pretty big (definitely too big for dining alone).

    Generally a good option for some quality non-dim sum Cantonese food in China town.

  • 5.0 star rating
    ROTD 13/2/2013

    This places gets 10 stars! What a friendly place to eat!

    Their menu is huge. But too huge... I couldn't decide. So I asked for a recommendation... and he said do you like aubergine? I said yea, he said do you like prawns? I said yea? He said i'll do a mix and match and create you something special not on the menu. And it was special. It was super yummy!.

    Just the friendless place. And the food is excellent.

    We would up staying here, chatting, eating and drinking for 3 hours. Nobody was rushing us out the door which was nice.

    I'm planning to return at the weekend!

  • 1.0 star rating
    3 check-ins here

    Surly waiter
    Tasteless potstickers (no mean feat)
    Main course was not what I ordered (I received Chinese greens or possibly Kale, I ordered   Dragon Whiskers [pea shoots])
    Charged for dishes I didn't order
    Did I mention surly and condescending waiter?

  • 4.0 star rating

    Food was great. Real surprise to find good Chinese food in London. The Chinatown area was really happening. Service was weak, but the food made up for any server issues.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Mock Duck
    Aubergine and Bean Curd
    Broccoli with Ginger Sauce

    Everything was tasty... especially the "duck."

    Servers were friendly and restaurant was full.

    Came out to ~30 pounds for 2 people.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    A Chinese "trattoria", a simple, but GOOOOD place. You can try so many different chinese dishes. Fresh, good food, reasonable price, basic but nice service. Great spot for a quick lunch, a late dinner or repeated incursions in Chinatown and chinese cuisine.

    Go for the crispy duck, in different styles, all tasty!

  • 4.0 star rating

    I came here with a group of about 25 people for a Sunday lunch, and I was feeling hella rough having got in at 9am that day.

    We got to have the upstairs of the restaurant to ourselves privately, which was a nice touch, and we were seated on three separate tables of eight/nine.

    (It might have been because people didn't want to look at us in the main part of the restaurant thinking about it, we did look like we'd escaped from prison/zoo/mental home etc.)

    Anyway- we did't have menus or owt, they just bunged a menu together for us and got it going on the Lazy Susan. I'm not gonna lie, I'm poor, so I just had tap water with my food.

    Prawn Toast & Spring rolls- good shout. Could have done with some more dipping sauce

    Beef in black bean (standard)
    battered  chilli Prawns (no sauce)
    pork with ginger & spring onion
    some veg thing (not bad)
    greenbeans and pak choi in a garlicky water

    them some orange wedges to finish.

    Staff great considering we had a whole bunch of us there, everything was well timed! could have done with some sauces and such though, but all in all pretty decent for £13.50

    Would go again, but probably in a slightly smaller group- I want to have a good look through their selection, as quite a few things aren't what I would have gone for, but if you're in a big group give it a whirl, they're a patient bunch!

  • 4.0 star rating

    A great choice if you're looking for some quality Chinese food in Chinatown - and it's always queued up. A definite good sign.

    Anyway, the menu at Mr Kong is extensive and the staff are really friendly. I can't pretend to know a lot of about "authentic" Chinese cuisine, but according to other reviews, this place has a ton of authentic options compared to others in Chinatown which stick solely to westernized chinese food.

    We'll definitely go again!

  • 4.0 star rating
    3 check-ins here

    This place has pretty legit Chinese food, and is open late is the short answer.

    Mr Kong is at the edge of Chinatown by Leicester Sq, so you will see tourists, party-goers and others in here.  There are actually other rooms besides the dining room you see in the front so don't be afraid to come in when even if it is full.

    The service is pretty good, and the servers speak English so they can recommend you something if you don't know what to get because this place does have some pretty legit dishes and some for Western palettes as well.

    I have actually ate here the last couple of times I was in town and I had to say that was actually a little worse for wear every time I have eaten here, hence I like the open late part.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Fantastic food with great service would highly recommend.  Booking definitely required especially at weekends, ask for a table in the back room as it's more private away from the street and high queue trying to get in the door!

    As a vegetarian I was very excited to try the "mock Peking duck" in crispy pancakes and I wasn't disappointed!  The meat eaters very much enjoyed their dishes too.

    Thank you Mr Kong we will definitely be back for another visit soon!

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    Upon my first visit to London many years ago I had crispy duck...and have it every time I go back!  I always try to find a new restaurant and this time I tried Mr. Kong.  It's a small little restaurant, that seemed very popular as it was full the night we were there.  There was a line up out the door but we got in quickly as we were only a couple.  We only ordered the duck and had some vegetables and rice to go with it.  Everything we had tasted great and arrived very quick.  However after the meal the service lacked, took forever to get our bill.
    Overall one of the better places I've been in Chinatown and will definitely return on my next visit to London.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in here
    Listed in Yummy treats

    I love this place. I am from San Francisco which is my excuse for being a snob about Mexican and Chinese food. It makes it difficult to eat either as I get all snobby and elitist about both.
    Anyway. Being in London I felt it was safe to try some Chinese. I did a search on Yelp for the highest rated Chinese and this where it sent me. THANK GOD!!!!

    Like most of the other reviews say the menu is HUGE!!!!! It is full of all sort yummy treats, some traditional and some not so much, but all of it fantastic.

    The wait staff is brilliant and efficient, offering great suggestion and friendly service.

    This is one of those places I would travel back to just to eat at if I didn't love London, which I do, so really Mr. Kong's existence is merely a wonderful perk to an already wonderful city.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Very very good food. Had the steamed dumplings, BBQ pork and noodles...delicious. The service was also very good...not too rushed and not too slow...we were greater with a smile when we walked through the door and seated instantly. Also the prices were very reasonable and good portion sizes. I will definitely be going back.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Came here with a friend for dinner last week. We made a reservation the same afternoon but we were eating at 6.30pm, so before peak-time so perhaps unneccessary (although it did fill up around 7.15pm).
    Food was really nice. I started with chicken and sweetcorn soup which was great. For mains I had the chicken with ginger and pineapple and rice. Also got a (big!) pot of Jasmine tea which was great and they refilled it half-way through the meal which was nice. I thought the restaurant was really good value and service . Only thing I found slightly odd was that there was no background music playing. It's a personal preference of mine and I think would help to create an atmosphere but by no means hampered the meal.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Still on San Diego time, we ended up going out at about 10:30 pm London time for dinner.  I Googled "Best Chinese in London" and a couple lists popped up.  Mr. Kong was on one list and considering I like eating the Kong Burger at Marie's Cafe, I decided we should check this place out.  

    The city night life was alive, colorful, and exciting as we made our way to Chinatown.  This place is unassuming and unpretentious.  I'm not sure if it was the owner, but the gentleman who sat us was friendly and funny.  The food was different from that in the states, and we tried several dishes that we've never seen: lamb with ginger and green onions, Shanghai style Ho Fun (the name alone...LOL!), and sauteed vegetables, only because the waitress said, "Hhhhmmmm no vegetables?"  I felt like I was talking to my mom, but we should have taken her suggestion.  The partner doesn't like mushrooms, which were part of the veggies, along with eggplant, green bell peppers and a red chili pepper.

    The lamb was tender and the ginger crisp.  The Ho Fun (I just like saying that) was spicy!. Rice is extra and doesn't come with the meal.  Everything was delicious!  And the service was attentive without hovering.  A nice touch was the sliced oranges at the end of the meal.  No fortune cookies here...that must be an American thing.

    A group of women, two moms and two daughters, came in and sat next to us.  I realized they were Americans because of their attitudes.  It's funny when people act like they're actually somebody, but their actions reveal that they're really nobody.  "Does rice come with the meal?"  And after looking over the menu, "I'll have the sweet and sour pork."  "Do you have dumplings? I'll have dumplings and rice."  "Can I have a straw."  "Do you have beef and broccoli?"  

    I didn't see anything on the menu that we usually eat at home which makes the trip much more interesting.  The cost was reasonable by British standards.  Definitely worth checking out...and they stay open till 3 am.


  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    This place has a sticker from pretty much every review site on the planet (check out the pic...)

    We went there as the reviews seem to be good. Overall the food was ok, but nothing spectacular. The portions were a bit on the small side. I don't think I would go back as it didn't have this wow factor for me. Prices are ok for central London.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Mr. Kong... well done sir, well done!

    We were in London and had be told that the best Chinese food can be found in London's China town. So we took the plunge and found Mr. Kong...

    Boy was the advice right... Mr. Kong not just get the ball in the play, it knocks it out of the park (for you none sports fans, Mr, Kong is awesome!) Hands down the BEST Chinese food we have ever had. It is also super close the Leicester Underground station! Big plus!

    It is a small place, 7-8 tables max, but super cozy and warm feeling. It was cold and windy outside, and Mr. Kongs was a great temporary hideaway from the cold.

    When you first sit down you are greeted by a very large menu, almost too large. On top of the large menu, they had you two other small menus, Chef's Specialties and Vegetarian meals. Either menu could have been enough at another other restaurant, but not at Mr. Kong!

    I ordered a sizzling chicken with Black Bean sauce and the mrs. ordered Lady Fingers (Okra Fingers) and veggies. First off, when was the last time you saw Okra in the Chinese menu?? Yeah didn't think so! So order food, still dumbfounded by the menu. Most Chinese food places, either do meat or veggie dishs well, not both. Well, Mr. Kong did both great! The chicken was seasoned, soft, and super tasty. The Okra the same, crisp, very tasty and not dripping with oil! Both dishes were 10/10, just great pieces of work. We both wished we had had more time in London since we would went back again and again! The best Chinese food I have ever had!

    I would recommend Mr. Kong to anyone and everyone! Doesn't feel like a tourist trap and you get good food for good prices with good service! A win win!!

    Catch the fly young Daniel son...Swat

  • 5.0 star rating

    As Chinese Americans, my family is always looking for good Chinese food. So when we first got to London's Chinatown, we wandered around through the cheap buffets and touristy looking restaurants trying to find an authentic place. After asking one of the street vendors, she recommended Mr. Kong so we decided to check it out.

    At first we were frustrated trying to order. There is a menu that is all in Chinese and one in English with different items, and everything that was supposedly authentic cost more than the dishes that are less authentic. But nevertheless, we ordered a lot of different foods, from frog legs to beef to vegetables, and enjoyed it all. The flavoring was great. It was also my first time having Fujian fried rice and I will definitely be eating it again.

    The soup and oranges at the end were delicious. The soup, made with red beans, taro, and tapioca, is one of my favorites and if you spend enough money here, it's on the house. Service was quick and friendly. The restaurant got packed while we were here so I'd recommend coming early to avoid a long wait.

  • 4.0 star rating
    7 check-ins here

    Mr Kong is my go to place for solid Chinese food in Chinatown. There are dozens of Chinese restaurants on Gerard and Lisle streets and frankly they all serve the same mediocre food with rude service. However one spot consistently stands out from the pack, and that is Mr Kong. Check out its window clings---dozens, practically blocking the view into the small 2 level restaurant...surely a place recommended by Yelp (and glowingly I might add) as well countless (and I do mean countless) other guides must be good. And yes, the food consistently delivers. Try to find a better aromatic duck in London....even better try to find better grilled pork dumplings...it's just not possible. Wonton Soup, hot and sour chicken...there are countless winners on offer here. Note this isn't authentic Chinese but more Chinese for the Western palate, but damn is it tasty. Mr Kong even wows my pseudo vegetarian mates by offering some of the best faux duck pancakes in London. Sure the staff is border-line surly but with a smile (aggressively pouring hot beverages like tea on the table is never a good idea!) and the restaurant is hardly up-scale, but that's part of the charm. I had Mr Kong for like the 40th time last night and I'm craving to go back tonight for those dumplings.

  • 5.0 star rating
    3 check-ins here

    This place gets most of its stars on the fact that this is quite possible the only place in Chinatown with actual, genuinely friendly staff.

    I know, right!?

    OK: pick your chair up off the floor, sit back down and chillax. It actually gets better.

    Tiny (but not as tiny as it looks) so you should probably either book or turn up early, but totally worth the hassle, this place does all the usual Chinese fare but all cooked to an exceptionally high standard. There's also some more exotic specials on the menu (try the bitter melon dishes; they're MAD). As far as I'm aware there's no dim sum available aside from the usual spring rolls/prawn toasts - but those are fantastic. Service is friendly (!!!!), helpful, and fast, with suggestions being made for dish/drink pairings. Prices are reasonable; not the cheapest around but frankly it doesn't matter.

    I strongly recommend this place.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Not bad.  One of the usual suspects in Chinatown.

    Crispy duck is a bargain!

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    Really good Chinese restaurant. Not the average Chinese restaurant. Sometimes you just have to be adventurous and me and my table were and the food was good.

  • 3.0 star rating

    After careful review from many yelpers of Chinese restaurants in the Soho area we decided on Mr. Kongs. My husband had proclaimed that he wanted to experience some 'real Chinese' food and not the goopy sauce and fried bits we are used to in America. It took sometime to find the place, but once in we were escorted upstairs to a casual and vibrant dining space. There were lots of table set up for big parties that had a lazy susan in the center for easy sharing.

    Because he was being very adventurous my husband tried to order a Century Egg, he was told these are not typically on English speaking menus, but you can ask. To his surprise the server was a bit reluctant to serve it to him, assuming he wouldn't like it. If you are unfamiliar with a century egg, it an egg that has been preserved for about a month (or more) in clay, ash, salt and lime where the white becomes jelly and the yolk is green. We also ordered the paper-wrapped spicy and salted spare ribs, baked crab with ginger and spring onions and the crispy chili beef.

    For the starters, the Century egg was surprisingly good, something I would recommend to at least try. But the spare ribs were amazing! Spicy and salty at the time, with a dry rub (no sauce) exactly as the server described. When the mains arrived I was a little surprised to be presented with an entire crab still in shell that had been baked in a sauce with ginger and spring onions. While the crab meat inside was delicious it was very messy and at times slippery to get out. I think this is a dish that requires practice. Finally, my husbands crispy beef  was interesting...it looked like ground beef had been deposited directly into hot oil and coated with a chili sauce. Not entirely unappetizing...but definitely a bit odd.

    So all in all we had our "real" Chinese experience. It was educational and I would maybe go back again. This time I would be a bit more discerning of the menu..and perhaps order something that I saw on someone else's table!

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    Last Saturday was my first time walking through the streets of Soho past midnight. There were people flailing all over the place and yelling in the dark - everyone just finished partying or was heading to one, I presumed. Well I just finished partying as well...at the office with my computer coding for five hours straight beforehand..yeah... after that type of party, all I wanted was some great comfort food to alleviate my no longer functioning brain.

    I was so happy to discover that Mr. Kong was opened till 1:30am on a weekend. I have an odd affinity to Chinese food - wait, no that's not odd, I AM Chinese and I know traditional comfort Chinese food when I eat it and a good Chinese hashery when I see it. Yep, I said when I see it. The interior of Mr. Kong is not spotless and not modern-looking, much like new fancy Asian fusion pricy restaurants nowadays can be. I'm sure this place has been around for ages. I'd say this place has got the interior of a "hole in the wall" restaurant but it isn't a hole in the wall. It has two big dining rooms with large family tables and small tables as well; so, you can have your traditional family get-togethers here, or just stopping in like me on a hungry Saturday night/Sunday morning.  Even without the the fanciness and such, you can still have a fancy meal all the same at Mr. Kong because they're not dying to impress with decor but with the quality of food and the food's authenticity which is spot on!

    There are tons of savory dishes to choose from the menu at Kong's! If you don't know what to go with, ask 'em!  I wanted the "Steamed Bean Curd & Egg White Topped with Diced Mixed Vegetables" at first, cause it sounded healthy and I was in a mood for tofu. The waiter must have *sensed* my hunger cause he told me it would take 15 minutes longer than a normal dish cause of the steaming. He recommended the "Crispy Beancurd with Vegetables" (so he must have sensed I liked tofu as well) instead, which was not any pricier (so he wasn't trying to rip me off or anything). I was like yes yes absolutely cause whatever man I was seriously starved - I'd had eat that smutty tablecloth if I had to. Fortunately for me, I didn't have to eat the the cloth and the dish he recommended hit the spot. Gooey oyster sauced thick and smothered on a large dish of vegetables and slightly crispy, but soft on the inside, tofu. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm yea. Lots of other great looking dishes passed by me while I was eating. I know next time I'll have to order that steamed bean curd, and also stop for a bitter melon dish (which is not common in a lot of the Chinese menus I've passed by here!) Do a double-take on the menu though, I found that the steamed bean curd dish was different on the vegetarian-only menu versus the regular menu.

    So all those buffets in Chinatown? Pft, skip 'em I say. Mr. Kong will fill your tummy with deliciousness, and it's just as affordable. Come here for that traditional and casual dining experience and eat some real Chinese food.

  • 5.0 star rating

    the reason you go to Mr. Kong: the crispy duck.

    THE best duck I have ever had.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Tasty, tasty food from a giiiiigantic menu... so gigantic it was incredibly overwhelming and took forever to narrow down. I had tofu and vegetables and noodles, and my mom had some kind of prawn and noodle dish. All well cooked and quite fresh.

    Notably, dishes don't come with rice or noodles, you have to order and pay for them separately. When it came to prices- we had springrolls to start, two entrees, a side order of noodles, and tea for two for £25 with gratuity.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I love this place.

    And it's not just because of the excellent food.

    It's because it's fun. The staff are friendly, but not to the point off annoyingness, they're friendly because they have fun. They joke around and generally bring a jovial atmosphere to the proceedings.

    I've never booked here - but managed to get a table every time.

    It's not the most striking looking place, in fact it's hard to distinguish the interior from any other Chinatown place - but to be honest you aren't gonna be looking around when your chowing down on the aforementioned excellent food. - It's an extensive menu, but I have to pick out the satay and anything with ginger - great stuff - ooohhhh - and the crispy duck - which seems to be bigger than most other crispy ducks around (crispy goose perhaps) -

    I've now made myself hungry and drooled all over my keyboard. I'm off to Chinatown.

  • 4.0 star rating

    This review is written from the perspective of someone who has eaten out a lot in new york and enjoy good Asian food since I'm Chinese American.

    Mr. Kong is quite good! We got the pork and vegetable soup, spicy sizzling chicken and the pea shoots with garlic.

    The soup was very light and fresh. I loved it. I think it was a good respite from overly seasoned stuff in other soups. The sizzling chicken wasn't very good. Flavor wise it was ok, but the chicken was not very fresh at all. The pea shoots were amazing! Probably the best I've had anywhere that I can remember (outside of an actual Asian country at least). Not too oily, perfect amount of garlic and so fresh!!

    The space was huge, they have an entire upstairs and service friendly. We also happened to sit by the window w a nice view of a crazy lady preaching something so that was entertaining. Think they waitors probably checked on us more often than usual to gawk at her from our table.

    Price was just ok. I think it came out to be more than expected cuz we had 4 beers by the end of dinner.

    Good place, I would go again, but from this one experience I might avoid meats and get more vegetable dishes bc they seem to do greens very well here for a healthy light meal.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Dining here felt like home.. And by home, I mean Chinatown SF. 5 stars for sure!!

  • 4.0 star rating

    This is a white tablecloth restaurant located in London's Chinatown serving a number of different dishes.  I can't remember everything that we ordered, but the salted fish fried rice was quite good and the crispy duck was excellent (though not the best I've ever had).  For anyone who is attempting to avoid tourists in the area, Mr. Kong is probably a wise choice (yes, I realize that I was a tourist so my own advice appears to contradict my previous statement).

    • Qype User dansum…
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    5.0 star rating

    I'm normally pretty wary of Chinese - not a big fan of sweet-and-sour everything with lashings of sugar and MSG - so I didn't have high hopes for this place. I decided to order from the hotpots section of the (extensive) menu, as I've been getting heavily into stews and the like recently. I picked pork & yam.

    It was absolutely gorgeous - a large pot full of melt-in-your-mouth slow-cooked slices of belly pork alternated with slices of lamb, resting in a gravy with slices of fennel. Really, really delicious and, with a bowl of rice, more than a meal enough. Pretty cheap too: £7.50 for the pork (which could serve two), £1.90 for the rice. There were around 10 of us eating, and the whole bill came to less than £80.

    Service was friendly and fast. This is somewhere I will definitely eat again, and bring friends.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Mock duck and mock lemon chicken sooooo good!

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