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  • “Also amazing drinks like fresh lemonade with mint and rock salt and Mango lassi to die for.” in 17 reviews

  • “You can walk out with a fulfilling wrap and a lasse for 6GBP which is an amazing deal in Soho.” in 21 reviews

  • “The pork mooli with pomegranate salsa is the definitely the best one - it's salty and spicy with a very refreshing sweet crunch.” in 6 reviews

Recommended Reviews

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  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    If you fancy a quick cheap healthy wrap/salad with some great Indian cuisine fillings and happen to be in the area - that should be your choice.

    Mooli's is a wrap as I was told, which you can ask to be substituted by a salad.

  • 3.0 star rating

    This was our quick pre-theatre meal--excellent for the price and a kinda cool concept. I got the salad version of the chicken and the boy got a beef mooli. Next time I'd like to try the pork and pomegranate mooli. Is that a novel combination of ingredients? I've never seen it before, but I'm by no means an expert on indian street food.
    Only complaint, really, is that it's more of a lunch sized portion. A promenade theatre show and a train ride home later, we were both hungry again. Late night scrambled eggs for two!

  • 3.0 star rating

    Indian burritos. You'd think they'd use nann to wrap the food with, but no, it's a regular tortilla.

    I got the chicken, but tasted some of the beef my friend had. I thought the chicken had more of an Indian flavor to it (some kind of curry), but what do I know.

    The server dude was nice enough, though he was trying to be super cool and efficient while working. I messed up my pin number the first time, so he had to do his slick button pressing and receipt tearing twice.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Mooli's describe their food as old Dehli meets Tokyo. Wow, that's quite a bold combination but I love new ideas and concepts in food.

    A look through their menu reveals a store selling fast food style Indian wraps with fillings anchored in European-Indian curries augmented with less traditional sauces and ingredients. The wholemeal roti wraps are made daily by 2 machines called R2D2 and Moolita.

    I chose the Goan pork mooli, which has a filling inspired by Portuguese dish Carne de Vinha d' Alhos, a meat preserved in red wine vinegar, chillies and garlic, a necessity on the long voyage to India in the days before refrigeration. The fiery and tangy pork was perfectly complemented with the soothing sweet and cool pops of pomegranate seeds in the pomegranate salsa. Seems an obvious match once I've tasted it but I've not come across this combination before.

    The moolis come in normal size (£4.80-5.50) or as  mini moolis (£3-3.50) or as a salad box (£4.80-5.50). There are an assortment of snacks and starter - I enjoyed roasted papaddom bites with chutney for £1.

    The mango lassi was nice but I'm thinking about asking them whether they'll make me one of the mojitos (available in lychee, guava or chilli-pomegranate) without the alcohol.

    Great street food bursting with creativity and fresh flavours, a Star Wars reference,and great value for money (Chinese Thrift Gene very happy!). What more could you ask for? 5 stars!

  • 5.0 star rating
    ROTD 6/2/2012

    Congrats to Moolis on all fronts. The clique of Soho-based eateries that are switched on to using social media to promote themselves is a solid bunch of great people who sell great food. I'd definitely add this bunch to that group, since the wraps here are delicious and the brains behind the place are fantastic.

    Housed in a tiny place on Frith St, Moolis has carved out a strong position amidst the 'wrap' craze that's sweeping the nearby area. In fact, this (and Kati Roll) are the only two I'd ever eat at.

    Cool trivia: the rati rolls that contain each yummy filling are made from wholewheat flour and are made every day from a machine initially meant for corn tortillas. Lovely.

    The ingredients are fresh, seasonal and super high quality. I'd recommend the goat mooli if you're into something quite spicy (which I am). The baby ones are enough for me, but you can mix it up with the lunch deals they do - all at really reasonable prices.

  • 5.0 star rating
    23/9/2012 Updated review
    8 check-ins
    Listed in Fast Food

    Another upgrading-update required I think.

    Mooli's is cheap and delicious. The staff are great and this may be the only place in London when I am frequently tempted to go with the delicious vegetarian options over the meat.


    4.0 star rating
    17/12/2010 Previous review
    This , colourful, little roti shop on Frith St has a nice feel about it and prices that look out of… Read more
  • 5.0 star rating

    They say a Mooli is 'not a f*****g burrito'.

    And it's not.

    But, I've gotta say, it's certainly better than any burrito I've had in London. I would gladly shove my face full of these not-burritos every day. With aguas frescas, erm, I mean, mango lassies, to wash them all down.

    Much like the burrito joints popping up around London, this not-burrito joint offers diners functional, communal seating and a hip atmosphere. What it has up on many of its burrito-purveying cousins, however, is awesomely helpful and friendly service.

    And liquor.

    So if you like eating delicious things rolled inside of flatbread-like vessels, wrapped tightly in aluminium foil AND you like supporting super cool small businesses, get yourself to Mooli's in Soho with haste.

    And bring me back some popadoms.

    Don't forget the chutney, please.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Not quite a wrap and not quite a burrito, Mooli's makes an Indian take-away meal that's cheap, delicious and unlike anything else I've had. That is worth something.

    It's a smallish one room spot with a counter for ordering and taking away but also some counters with stools for eating in if you so desire (which is what I did.) A sign in the window encouraged me to "Get My Goat On" and order goat, but alas, I did not listen and got beef instead. But it was damn tasty, wrapped up with spices, peppers and sauce. A solid meal for sure, but nothing I would go out of my way to get again. At least not for a sit down lunch.

    We also got some semi-spicy chutney and little crunchy... pita chips? Not sure what they were but excellent for dipping and eating.#

    I also tried a mango lassi which wasn't very good. Not sweet or juicy enough, kind of like a weak milkshake. Meh.

    Overall, a giant Mooli for £4.50 is nothing to sneeze at, but I think I'd do it when out-of-time and on-the-go for lunch. And next time, goat!

  • 2.0 star rating
    3 check-ins

    I had heard heard a lot about Mooli's from Yelp and finally was able to get there for dinner on a friday earlier this month. I was terribly disappointed.
    The store is located at Soho ... its a small establishment with a few seats ... some of them outside. Mooli's serve a variety of Indian styled wraps.
    I ordered one with chicken. It had too much salad and too much of sauce (pudina as far as i remember). I was hardly able to taste the chicken. My friend had ordered a paneer wrap and his situation was no better. I have rarely wasted food and left a restaurant midway through dinner ... but i had to do that here.
    On the positive side, Mooli's is very cheap. At less than £6, its quite a good value dinner if you somehow enjoy the food there, which i didn't. If i ever get a craving for Indian wraps, i would rather visit Kati roll company which is not too far away.

  • 2.0 star rating

    The owner is delightful and the idea is great, but I found the food disappointing...

    I was expecting a gorgeous Indian bread filled with with fresh herbs, juicy pomegranate seeds and tender meat, like the photo they have outside. Unfortunately the food took about 20 minutes to arrive, was luke warm and mostly just a bit bland. It felt like a kebab, but without the spice, seasoning, moisture or freshness.

    On the other hand, the mango lassi was delicious - creamy, tangy and moreish.

    I'm thinking, if they concentrate less on the cool concept ("this is not burritos and low grain cocaine" - what is that about?!) and more on the cooking, this could be the perfect place for lunch or a late night snack.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Review #186:
    It's not often I actually go to somewhere I bookmark. Halve that chance if the business is in a foreign place. So, the mere fact we actually made it to Mooli is meaningful. We came here at a weird time, (5:00 pm) so it was pretty empty. We ordered a mini paneer and mini goat Mooli. We weren't really sure what a Mooli was and then, sure enough, it was a burrito made with thin roti.

    Prices are in incredibly reasonable at $4.5 for a mini Mooli. I got the goat so it was more like $5. By the way, nowhere else would I consider ordering goat at a semi-service restaurant, but I'd read enough good things here. Sure enough, the goat was very tender. Had the consistency of pork, not anything gamey. Unfortunately the pieces were quite large so it made it a bit hard to eat. I love that they don't back off from the spice, because mine was pretty spicy. The paneer had a completely different flavor profile and was much milder and sweeter, although good.

    The service was prompt and friendly and they have water out for free, which is nice. The only downside was the goat could just have been a bit more flavorful. It didn't need salt necessarily, perhaps acid, but just something to perk it up a bit. I would definitely return though. If I lived in the area this would be my favorite lunch spot.

  • 5.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    Came here for an after drinks dindin. moosli? muesli? what is this place called? as I walked a little typsily with friends.

    Simple menu for simple me. Various types of meat with salad you can choose from in a wrap, or a mini version of wrap, or a salad box version (AKA innards out of the wrap).

    I ordered the beef salad box. Meat on top of salad with a yogurty cream sauce. Ohmygoshyouguys. It was delicious and fresh and crunchy and spicy and shreddy and yum.

    And filling for a fiver. Get in!

  • 4.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    It's NOT a f**king burrito! At least that's what the sign says (I used ** instead of two key letters in an attempt to preserve Yelp's PG-13 rating).  And it's not a burrito, not unless you can find a Mexican joint that serves up fillings of spicy goat curry instead of shredded beef. As we Indians tend to do, we take something that works pretty well and make it better by adding curry to it.

    The restaurant is fairly small but has enough seating given that you aren't really camping out for the long haul. To be honest, I doubt I'd ever sit down here as the food is perfectly packaged to take on the go. There is a small park just down the street which is infinitely better (when the weather cooperates) than being inside or you can treat it like an upscale gourmet kebab shop for those drunken cravings.

    The curried goat is definitely my favourite although the pork and beef are also good options. Each one has its own special fillings with the goat being served with potato and salsa and the beef including coconut and yoghurt. I've got to give it to these guys, they've figured out the ideal way to make Indian food portable and I've even managed to eat while riding.

    If you do sit down, take advantage of the Indian-specific rum they have on sale. You literally cannot get it anywhere else and it tastes of India. No, I don't mean it's flavoured with the sweat of unwashed masses and corrupt officials, but rather it have a deep rich flavour with slight earthy undertones and a spicy finish.

    Pricewise, the full size will run you around £5 (50p add on for the goat) and the mini size is about £3-4. Perfect for lunch or a late night snack.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I've wanted to come here for ages and finally I did with my friend last night after the Yelp event at MADD. Therefore, we had stocked up on desserts but definitely still needed some food inside us as we were en route for cocktails - randomly meal order going on!

    We were both pleased with our food - I got the Beef Mooli and my friend the Chickpea one. It took us both a while to decide what to have as the choices all sounded delicious and we were both happy with our food! I also had a mango lassi which was really nice but could've been a tad larger.

    Good, tasty, reasonably priced Indian street food and as t he weather was lovely we took a window seat and watched the Soho world go by!

  • 5.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    Roti Paratha filled with curried pork, crispy vegetables and spicy pomegranate salsa. This is not the usual combination you find in London, but I'm certainly hoping it will be in the future because it's GORGEOUS. I was totally blown away by the textures and flavours, which I can only compare to a fabulous Chiles en Nogada in a corn taco.

    So Mooli's lived up to its high rating on Yelp and 5-star recommendations from my most trusted yelpers. I can't wait to go back and give more of my money and mouth to this great idea. Well worth the hype.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I was a bit suspect of the wrapped indian food idea.  It seemed a bit wrong but Mooli has a whole new take on healthy, fresh and fast indian food.  Lightly seasoned chicken with asparagus, apples and currants.  Heaven.  There are also options for vegetarians and those conscious of the carbs from the wrap. One word of caution is the wrap is not a bit of naan bread but a basic wrap that you may find in Sainsbury's.  This is fast indian food, keep in mind.

    The prices are unbelievable too.  You can walk out with a fulfilling wrap and a lasse for 6GBP which is an amazing deal in Soho.  

    I went a bit earlier than the normal lunch rush at 1PM because I've heard the cue will run down the street.

    I agree with Tom H. about their use of media -- they have an excellent PR person or someone media savvy on their staff. It's definitely helping.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I like them, but i wish they didn't have to be so far from my uni. It looks close on the map but it really isn't, a good 20 minute walk.

    Anyways, onto the good stuff, I ordered a mini chickpea mooli and small dhaal soup. Im feeling particularly virtuous because its all veggie, not that I am but if anything, the best vegetarian food in the world is indian food. Amirightoramiright. ;) The chickpea mooli was good, couldn't fault it, it got a bit soggy at the bottom but thats expected with wraps. The sweet red cabbage definitely contrasted the spicy filling chickpeas and it's a noticeable but nice contrast. I probably should've been more adventurous but I was having a lunch seizure, NEEED TO EAT, NEED TO EAT kind. Dhaal was lovely, £2.50 for a small and it's pretty tiny, thats my only gripe, but then again, I have a love affair with soups-(They're so comforting, like a big ol' duvet hug) I felt it wasn't spicy enough though, I would've preferred it spicier.

    £5.30 for snack sized portions (if you're a normal eater) is pretty pricy but I'm a small eater (it's still pricy, but at least I'm not wasting any) so the portion sizes actually filled me right up. Either that or the carb-loading I was doing with the chickpeas, the wrap, the lentils in the soup.

  • 5.0 star rating
    18/6/2012 Updated review
    16 check-ins

    God, I love you!

    And your Strawberry and Chilli Lassi. It tastes like the best kind of burning.

    5.0 star rating
    3/8/2011 Previous review
    I believe I've found my new favourite food place and it's even fun to say: Mooli's.


    Read more
  • 4.0 star rating
    3 check-ins

    I really, really liked the first Mooli's roti roll I tried the other day for lunch.  I want to go back and try each and every one of the others now!

    I had been planning on visiting the establishment for some time now after having randomly caught one of their reviews flash across the front page of Yelp.  I read the couple reviews and visited their web site.  Damned if those wraps don't look and sound tantalizingly delicious!

    I ended up getting the goan pork Mooli with pomegranate salsa.  It had just a bit of spicey heat, nice contrast of savoury and sweet, and complementary contrasting textures from the chewy roti, the tender pork and some crunch from the greens and pomegranate seed.  It's also a great value with all the regular size Mooli's coming in at under 4 quid.  They aren't the biggest portions, but I don't have the biggest appetite, so it worked for me (it's taste over sustenance for me. quality over quantity).

    After the Mooli's were brought out one of the employees (whom I believe to be one of the owners) dropped by and offered us some free popadum and chutney to accompany our roti rolls.

    The decor is your standard white and bright minimalist design, but I'm fine with that as at its heart this is fast food.  Great taste, great value, friendly service...  Yes, I will definitely be going back to try them all.

  • 4.0 star rating


    Came here with friends on Saturday for a cheap and filling lunch. We got what we were looking for :) between us we had the beef, chicken and chickpea moolis and we were all very satisfied with what we had.

    i went for the beef mooli. as a rule, i don't tend to eat meat, but i couldn't resist going for this one purely because it has coconut in it, and at the moment, i actually want to eat everything that has coconut in it, all the time, for ever.

    it was really good, the flavours were very well balanced, and there was a great kick in the sauce, too.

    i also tried my friend's lassi which was very good. the guy and girl working the place were so friendly, and genuinely seemed really happy, which was very nice. i appreciate good customer service a lot!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Good place for a quick, tasty, munch. Staff are very welcoming.  Mooli's are yummy but if I must look for a down side there's not much of a selection - only 5 choices - more Mooli's please!

    Situated just a few doors to the left of Ronnie Scott's.

    Also...may be if interest to some...toilet is clean :)

  • 4.0 star rating

    Ah,simplicity.  Ok, so the flavors aren't that simple, but ordering and eating is.  

    The food here is very tasty.  I had two mini-moolis (paneer and chana) and both were  very good.  Each wrap has its own delicate taste.  And the amount to eat is quite perfect.  Great meat and vegetarian options.

    The guy here was very helpful and the place is cozy and relaxing.  No it's not big but when we came here in the evening, it wasn't packed.

    Two thumbs up.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Mooooooooooli. It is just fun to say.

    I really like this lunch place. It has a great vibe. Modern, well decorated little space. Quirky and unique humor( ex. "Mooli's aren't missing their old job" and "mooli's are partially funded by late night poker sessions")

    I had the Goan Pork with Pomegranate Salsa mooli. Incredibly flavorful pork and it was quite unique having pomegranate seeds in my burrito type wrap.

    Every mooli on the menu sounded great. I'm still too picky of an eater to try most, but their menu is great.

    Their mango lassi was good, but not as good as Tayaabs which makes my favorite mango lassi in London.

    Prices are outstanding, but they joke that are undercharging and once they are big and popular, they are gonna jack up the prices.

    I know they could definitely charge more but that is some silly humor.

    Check out Mooli if you're in SoHo.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Delicious!! I got the beef salad box and the pork salad box for take-away, with some roti rolls wrapped up separately. The quantity was huge and the meat was very tender and full of flavor. I'd definitely recommend the pork one, the pomegranate it comes with is amazing! The prices are very reasonable, max £5 for a salad box, I envy those who work near here.

    The staff was very kind and talkative and was patient explaining things to me since it was my first time there. 5 stars, go try it!

  • 5.0 star rating

    This place has a really great concept: Indian street food that is quick, cheap and yummy. In London, quick bites is a booming market. While I am not a fan of prepared foods, convenience is a powerful thing. Mooli's is really doing it right.

    I went two times, both in a busy lunch hour. My biggest issue with prepared foods is the effect that shelf time has on quality and taste. I HATE a soggy bun. Mooli's is continuously making their food so they can feed the crowds quickly, but it isn't sitting there too long. They may even make their food to order when it is not as busy, but I'm not sure. Their food is fresh, flavorful and original.

    I ordered the Goat Mooli my first visit. I don't get the chance to eat goat everyday, so I was pretty excited. The flavor was good. The spicy meat had a nice contrast with the pickled red onions. The second visit I tried the Pork with pomegranate salsa. The pomegranates add a nice little pop of happiness in your mouth with each bite. It was a bit juicy, but I felt no shame with licking the paper when I was done. I preferred this one over the goat, but both pretty delicious.

    I wish there was a Mooli's on every corner. Definitely one of the best "sandwiches" around.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I'm going to say it's more wrap than burrito, simply because there's a greater ratio of fresh greens in each one compared to your starch-and-bean-filled Mexican equivalent.  The combination of unique Indian sauces and ingredients with a western sensibility make this a great lunch option in overpriced Soho.  Their potato and chickpea side salad with yogourt was also fantastic, as are their lassis.

    I find their mission statements adorning the walls to be amusing to a point, but feel like they're trying too hard and exposing just how much their marketing is trying to push them into the upscale fast food market.. relax, guys, let your products speak for themselves.  There's also mention of how they plan on raising prices once they 'make it'.  I would strongly suggest they don't, they have exactly the price point I feel good about shelling out for (although, I think every burrito I see in the area is overpriced, so what do I know.)

  • 5.0 star rating
    Listed in Good for Groups

    Just as other had mentioned Moolis is a nice addition to soho. The food comes fast, is simple, served by nice owners and staff, and of course the great food makes it a perfect stop to refuel.

    I really enjoyed the paneer and chicken moolis, and the mango chutney.

  • 4.0 star rating
    First to Review

    After spending the weekend eating pastries and cookies I needed something nutritious to blunt my sugar rush. I was in soho looking for macaroons when thankfully I found this place instead.
    It's pretty new with a modern interior and a short but solid menu. They sell roti wraps with Indian flavors. Full size wraps range in price from 3.50 to 4 pounds. The staff seem pretty jazzed about the place as well.
    After 4pm students can get a wrap and beer or wine for 5.50.

  • 4.0 star rating
    10 check-ins

    Every now and then, I get sudden and severe cravings for things. These are usually things I don't have on a daily basis, say... cinnabons, sushi, bbq pork....

    I'm adding to this illustrious list, the side of aloo chaat. Part crispy, part chewy, part snappy, part sweet, part hot, part creamy, all goodness.

    Perfect place for post-shopping-soho-square-sitting sort of lunch on the go. If you're wandering around the streets of soho without a clue or direction, I suggest you start here.

  • 4.0 star rating

    My friends were in town and looking for some cheap eats, thank you my fellow Yelpers for leading me here!

    Décor: It's a tiny shop but inside it's a stylish white/lit place with a barstool area along with tables (you also sit on barstool height chairs).

    Service: You go up to the counter and order, but I have to say something. The girl who took our orders was really great! I like asking the workers for their recommendations so when I came back up to ask for an extra dip to go with my sauce, she asked me which meal I ordered and from that, she quickly went/thumbed through the sauces, saying as she went how each sauce would fit/wouldn't fit with my meal. I loved that she didn't just stick a 'most popular' dip to me and charge me, but she asked me what I had first and then gave a suggestion. It's a small detail, but it's the thought that counts!

    Food: Hah, here's what everyone wants to know! Well, I got the:

    - beef with the pomengranate seeds since that was the most interesting to me. And yes, it was good! Even though they refuse to call it a burrito... well.... I'll make them happy and just call it my 'wrap' ;) The beef was cooked in the sauce for a while so it was pretty good and had a nice kick to it. I did have to buy that extra sauce I mentioned though, because I found it a bit dry (I got the yogurt dip, btw).

    - Mango Lassi- probably one of the thickest ones I've had. It's sour, since it's yogurt based, so I warn you on that. But it was by no means bad. My friend absent-mindedly drank the entire thing within 3 minutes. Oh, and the mango lassi has this ginger kick to it--not my thing, but I liked the creativity.

    Bottom Line: CHEAP (less than 10 pounds for all of that!), delicious
    and a great place to go with a girlfriend after some shopping or something!

  • 5.0 star rating

    I'm very fond of Mooli's. It's bright, deceptively spacious, has delicious food at reasonably prices in a fantastically convenient location. Best of all, Mooli's has incredibly friendly staff. I was really astounded by how Mathew still remembered me even two months after I first visited the place.

    My favourite Mooli's item has got to be the Goan pork mooli - succulent pork with pomegranate and salsa all wrapped up in a delicious, freshly baked roti. The pomegranate is a wonderful touch and definitely sets off the spicy salsa very well.

    The goat mooli is also amazingly good, and definitely reminded of murtabak, a breakfast item I used to regularly while growing up in South East Asia.

    The mango lassi with a tinge of ginger is really good, and is the ideal drink to quench the flames after all the spicy food.

    At the recent Qype event, we also got the chance to sample all of their chutneys, which are freshly made on the premises every single day. My personal favourite is the tomato chutney, which is served with the paneer mooli, and is, sadly, not sold separately. (I'm a meat-eater, so I tend not to eat vegetarian all too often, unless I've somehow managed to consume way too much meat the day before, although, given how delicious the tomato chutney tastes, I just might have to reconsider my stance.)

    In terms of the restaurant itself, Mooli's is bright and inviting, with quirky phrases decorating the walls. As mentioned previously, the staff are really friendly.

    If you're in or around the West End, there really shouldn't be anything stopping you from coming in here and trying one of their great moolis out. Seriously. You won't regret it.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Hmm... I am sure I wrote a review of this place previously.

    Since it's disappeared (or I'm losing my mind, one or the other), mooli's can best be described as 'not burritos' which they go to great trouble to stress.

    And therein lies the problem. In very close proximity to Mooli's, most of the burrito vendors manage to sell something larger, with more filling for around the same price, some slightly more, some about the same.

    My mooli would have been lovely if they'd been more generous on the meat and less generous on the vegetables. As it was, the large portion of lettuce made it taste quite bland.

    In my previous imaginary review, I wrote that I'd visit again, however I've so far failed to do so. Time for another visit I think :)

  • 4.0 star rating

    I would highly recommend this food, it's very tasty and as a chilli freak I was happy to find that when I asked them to add chilli sauce it actually had a really great kick.

    I haven't visited them at their restaurant, however have visited their stall on location.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Sampled Mooli's tasty delights at a recent Yelp event and all I can say is that Mooli's is cheap, cheerful and delicious.

    Can't wait to make a visit to their Soho space to try out more of their menu.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Really tasty Indian style wraps, just a few different types but all really tasty. Not as spicy as I would like but still good!
    It's a eat and go type of place. handy for a quick bite.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    If I worked around here, I would certainly make this part of a lunchtime rotation.

    I also had the pork Mooli, which was really tasty! It didn't have rice in it like other Indian-style burritos I've had (like Curry Up Now in SF), but I sort of liked that.

    I really don't have much else to report that others haven't, but why not shake up that boring sandwich and give this a go?

    The best part is the popping of the pomegrante seeds-- nice contrasting burst of tangy sweetness to counteract the spice.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I love trying new and exciting places like this.  I had the paneer mini mooli with the goan pork salad box.  Deelish!  I love the mini mooli's 'cuz then you can get a lot of little ones.  

    I wanna go back and try all of the other flavors.

  • 4.0 star rating
    3 check-ins

    Nom nom, Indian street food.  I will say that I was a little disappointed when I first went into the shop, as I was expecting them to do things like bhel poori.  Unfortunately, they do not (although Horn Ok Please are around at the weekends to satisfy that particularly ravenous craving).

    However, the burritos they serve (I'm definitely not trying to wind Andrew up...) are great - i've only had the pork one, but it was great both times I've had it.  Plenty of flavour, spice, and colour, great tasting meat, and the pomegranate seeds are the icing on the cake - I love the sweetness, tang, and pop that they provide.  Although, I become a little distraught when they fall out.  Sniff.  The roti itself is perfect - not too thick, not greasy, not too dry, not too flour-y.

    If I worked a little closer, I'd go there at least twice a week for lunch and, at a fiver for a pork wrap, it's more filling and similarly priced to your regular sandwich from Pret or wherever.  Plusgood!

  • 5.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    Mooli's is really great value for really great food. The pork mooli in particular is fantastic - thanks to the Yelpers who highlighted that so I tried it first!

    I also liked the chicken and beef varieties - I got 2 mini moolis (which are actually pretty generously sized) so I could have both but in fact in future I would just get one type because the flavours are so subtle and distinctive that it's quite weird going from one to another.

    Such fun ingredients - pomegranate seeds, turnip (yes! turnip is now fun!). Finally something interesting to eat! Overall would highly recommend for lunch in Soho, you can sit in or take away and go to Soho Square.

    What is that spice in the mango lassi? There's something...ah I just researched it and it's ginger! That was driving me up the wall. Anyway it's pretty good but not my favourite ever because I like them quite yoghurty, but I think that's really just personal taste.

    Staff are nice too!

  • 4.0 star rating

    I keep hearing great reviews about the food, I'm following them on Twitter and I've even read parts of their blog but never been... until yesterday!

    - Great wraps with amazing combination of flavours
    - Even more great when you combine it with the meal deal that includes poppadoms, chutney & a drink
    - REALLY reasonable at £4 or £5 for the meal deal
    - Really filling
    - Friendly staff

    I think they've got it all spot on, including their great use of social media with fun discounts on Twitter such as "Come in with your dad and we'll give you a free Mooli"

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