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  • “Walk in and your transported to a world of mac and cheese, salt beef, gherkins, sauerkraut and meat loaf.” in 11 reviews

  • “So far I've had: a Reuben, hot dog 'dragged through the garden', cod cheek popcorn, lamb and pistacchio meatballs, salt beef mac & cheese with colemans, and their soggy lemon cake.” in 6 reviews

  • “Thoroughly enjoyed my Reuben and the great styling of the place, fab menu and friendly staff.” in 14 reviews

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  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in
    Listed in Cocktails!

    I really wanted to give this place a 3 and a half, but Yelp! don't do things by halves!.

    I had heard about Mishkin's quite a bit and was curious.  When the Yelp! Book Club came up and there was a tenuous link between the book and Mishkin's I opted for that.

    So, first impressions.  The place seemed hectic and the staff harried.

    The took a long to time to serve, first to take the orders and then to recieve them.  Whilst refereshing, I found my Diamond Fizz a watery disappointment.  Although, for a reasonable £7.50 I guess I can't complain.

    Now, in the food department this is where Mishkin's excels.  I had a half portion of the blue cheese and portobello mushroom Macaroni cheese and a the beetroot, feta and cumin salsa slider.  Both delicious, but the slider in particular was stand out!  Beetroot and feta patty is an interesting and imaginative veggie option.  Great combination of flavours that I found enjoyably satisfying to eat.  

    They could have saved themselves with the food but we decided to go for some grown up milkshakes - milkshake with a shot of alcohol of your choice!  I was all excited with anticipation.  After another long wait what was presented in front of me was milk with flavouring - THIS IS NOT A MILKSHAKE!  A real milkshake should pretty much be almost melting ice-cream so thick and creamy you can barely suck it through a straw.  This was not the case here - another disappointment.

    All in all, I would recommend the place for the food, but given the anti-climactic drinks and extremely slow service you might be better off just getting take-out - which they do.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    The restaurant is a diner style layout. We had no booking, but they were able to accommodate us.

    The menu looks good. It's a deli, so there are some good sandwich and slider options. The salt beef looks tempting, but I was feeling like fried chicken at the time. I got a side of onion rings too: a classic accompaniment. My wife was tempted by the mac & cheese and the beef slider. The solution: get the small version of each! She got a creaming soda to drink and I ordered half a pint of white beer.

    The slider was just too big to eat as a burger, so I semi deconstructed it and ate with a knife and fork. The chicken is nice, but had a kind of batter like fish and chips. Combined with the onion rings, I was feeling a headache from too much battery coating and I couldn't finish the onion rings.

    My wife chose the mac & cheese which had salt beef and Coleman's mustard. I think this would be nice as a small side, but it would be way too rich to have as a meal on its own. Even then, I was struggling to help my wife finish it off.

    We left feeling full, but not completely satisfied. I think I needed a lie down! Maybe on another day and making different choices, it would have been better.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I love Russel Norman's restaurants.. Spuntino is pretty much my favourite place in London.  I like his style.  This was my third visit to mishkins and i oh so want to love it but I just don't.  
    The place is beautiful.. The menu I like.  I really love the idea of the place.  But I've always felt a but 'meh' about it.  
    I'm not sure what is lacking but something is.  The atmosphere just never is right.  My server today was perfectly pleasant.  I have no complaints about her at all.  I am recovering from  stinking horrible cough so I figured matzoh ball soup would fix me right up.  
    I had that and a half salt beef sandwich.  The salt beef was outstanding.  Delcious and tender.  Perfect.  It was lacking the punch of English mustard such a sandwich needs though.  Not quite enough.. And sadly the bread disintegrated when I picked it up.  So I was reduced to using a knife and fork.  Which shouldn't be the case.  The bread itself is a bit boring.  Nothing special.  But I did over all enjoy the sandwich because of the meat.

    The soup was very tasty.  The broth was excellent.  A tad underseasoned but I know I like a lot of Salt.  So that's just me being picky I imagine.  The chicken mean inside was juicy and very full flavoured.  The matzo balls were not a knock out.  A little bland and dense.  No real flavour.  I wouldn't have missed them. In such a tasty soup.  But then again they are kinda the point of matzo soup.  

    Coffee -  what I ordered was a flat white. What I received was more like a latte.  But tasty so I shan't whine.  

    Oh I wish I loved it like I love spuntino.  Maybe someone can tell me what it is that stops this place singing.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Mishkin's is a solid four-star restaurant, but due to an amazingly bizarre experience I had, I decided to up the review to five stars (keep reading for details).

    Mishkin's was chosen for our book group location because we were reading a book about Germany during World War II (The Book Thief) so we decided to come and try some Jewish food to keep the theme going. Granted it's a bit of a strange idea, but why not?

    So first off the cocktails are pretty delicious. I had a beetroot martini. It sounded great, but ended up just being gin and a giant hunk of beetroot. I was expecting juice or whatever, but since I like gin it really wasn't too bad. I tried a few sips of the other drinks, and they were pretty awesome, so I was curious to try more. Unfortunately the service is a bit slow, so we didn't actually end up ordering any more cocktails. If you don't like alcohol, they serve American soft drinks! Cream soda anyone?

    Everything on the menu looked amazing. It looked like an American food fest, so I wanted to try as much as possible. I ordered the small beef and mustard mac and cheese, a spicy chicken slider and the half and half (half fries and half onion rings). They have two sizes of slider, and be aware that the large size slider is still a slider size, just with a double patty. Everything was super tasty. Probably one of the best mac and cheeses I've had outside of the US. I do it better (of course I do), but if I don't want to make a giant batch, I know where to get it. The slider was also super tasty. Perfectly fried chicken with a spicy sauce, and plenty of extra sauce on the side if you like your slider sloppy, or if you want to dip your chips and rings into it.

    For dessert I opted for the boozy milkshake. Unfortunately, the milk shakes are British style and not American style (that means NO ice cream), so wasn't exactly what I wanted, but it tasted nice with the booze. I tried a bite of the cheesecake and they do a heavenly baked cheesecake.

    Unfortunately the service was fairly mediocre. So even though the food was super tasty, I wasn't willing to give five stars. However, the bathroom experience really boosted this restaurant into five-star territory for me.

    They have super old-school copper-y taps. And what's between them? Sticking out of the wall? There's what can only be described as a bright yellow soap phallus. In order to use soap on my hands, it was literally like I had to give the soap a hand job. I just about lost it. So if you enjoy giving a bit of a wank to the soap phallus, Mishkin's is the place for you.

    I'll be back. Oh yes, even with your crazy soap.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    One thing you don't see too much around in London - where there is abundance of in NY are Jewish delis.  I asked a Jewish friend of mine if she was interested in checking it out and she hadn't had matzo ball soup in ages.  She ordered the soup and said it was really good and pretty damn authentic.

    I ordered the mac and cheese with salt beef and coleman's mustard.  It was good after the first few bites but then got a bit heavy.  I'd recommend sharing this with someone and splitting something else.  

    The rest of the menu is quite simple - like hot dogs and sandwiches. Now, I'd like to go back and see if they make a proper bagel!

  • 2.0 star rating

    I used to love this place, but it seems that it's gone fairly rapidly downhill.

    I've been twice in the last 6 months, and both visits were pretty bad. On the last visit the chips weren't even edible. We sent them back and another batch of floury, undercooked chips came straight back.

    I hope they straighten up because they used to be fantastic!

    For now if you're looking for GREAT Jewish food, go to Monty's Jewish Deli on Maltby Street market.

    Proper reubens and insane pastrami, all home-made.

  • 2.0 star rating
    Listed in London Town

    Why are you here? This place is not good. It must be a matter of convenience I'm assuming.

    Popped by while shopping in the neighborhood husband ordered a Reuben. It was passable. I ordered matzoh ball soup and a chocolate malt.

    I am not sure on what planet a malt tastes like that on but for 6 pounds when I order a BOWL of matzoh ball soup I had better receive a bowl of something with a giant ball in it. Not two sad excuses for matzoh balls that look like testicles.

    The broth was flavorless. Matzoh Ball Soup is meant to be filling NOT refreshing and palate cleansing....

    Delisserie in Golder's Green kicked this places ass without trying.

    Will I back? Not if I can help it.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I was expecting great things and so took myself off to this place for lunch. On my own. Yeah you can do that - it is ok right?

    Having just returned from NYC it felt very similar to a little place round the corner from my apartment on Bank Street

    I ordered the Reuben and was a bit disappointed. The bread was a little but overdone and the meat was a bit flavourless.

    The people in there were all trendy types and the staff are a quirky.

    I might go back one day but no rush.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I'm glad that this nook is hidden away, yet near enough Covent Garden, as have never had problems finding a table. Nevertheless, I'd recommend making reservations just to be safe if you want to go for dinner.

    Very attentive and charming staff, and no pretensions about the place.

    The reason I keep coming back? Their superb gin drinks, the hash dishes (duck, or corned beef), corn dogs, and desserts.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I had a meal here some months ago and found the food and service was very good.
    i would definitely return

  • 5.0 star rating

    Really liked this place.

    If this place were in Shoreditch or somewhere out east, within easy reach of the Hipsters, it would be crowded on a sunny Sunday at lunch time. We love these faux-Americana diner-esque establishments.

    But it's not out east....it's on a side street by Covent Garden instead...and it was absolutely dead. (Lucky for us!)

    Friendly staff, gorgeous reuben sandwich and mac n' cheese from the gods. Also tried a "old-fashioned maple" cocktail...yum!

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in ROTD 7/1/2012

    Mishkins is the latest offering from Da Polpo people Richard Beatty and Russell Norman - a New York diner that's a "kinda Jewish deli with cocktails". It's jewish-ish, as 'Ish-kins' also serve eel, or pig based food.

    Besides the non kosher factor, the menu is very comforting and takes me back to the delis of my youth. Brick Lane salt beef sandwiches, chicken soup with matzo balls and deep fried potato pancakes aka latkes (but only served with eel - hiss!).

    I admit some of it is a bit pricier than if you head to a deli in Edgware, but it's more convenient, and despite dearly loving the elderly folk of Zone 5 this is a little bit of nicer atmosphere to hang out in.

    You also get US diner food on the menu too - beef patties, meatloaf, milkshakes and best of all ...cocktails at a decent price, served in silver kiddish style cups. The cocktails mean I can see this being an all-rounder - suitable from brunch all the way to decadent late dinners and drinks.

    Be warmed though - in authentic J-style this is not a place best for vegetarians although I think I did spy a vegetarian meatball slider (mini burger) on the list.

    Mishkins is very welcoming with comfy booth seating, and cutlery in plastic trays with ketchup and mustard on the tables. Also it was not as expensive as I was expecting but I think there may be a soft launch on the prices with 50% off at the moment.

    I ate the salt beef sandwich which was around £9, so obviously more money than Brick Lane, but they trim the fat off for you, and it comes with oodles of delicious salt beef. It's served on soda bread but I had to recreate the deli experience (also known as being difficult) and requested rye instead which they happily obliged. Gorgeous, but rather mustardy though - and had a few mustard nose pain moments. They also serve amazing lightly battered onion rings and chips. Can't decide which one to have? Get half and half instead. My friend ordered a creamy fish Knish dumpling covered in creamy sauce. We finished off with mmmmm-milkshakes - I would have greedily liked them to be larger but I was extremly full at that point, so perhaps E Mishkins knowns best here.

    Our lovely waiter gleefully demonstrated the private booth at the back, a former BBC sound booth - sound proof and with an on air sign that lights up! The service was generally very good and friendly, any glitchess I witnessed (such as running out of a few key menu items) I am sure will be ironed out soon. I also made an idiot of myself over my change - and now I'm a little bit embarrassed going back but hopefully they will forget me soon, as I really want to return because Mishkins put the ish in delicio-ish.. (#PUNFAIL)

  • 5.0 star rating
    ROTD 29/5/2012

    Hello Yum.

    Note: Its Jew-ish, NOT JEWISH. lets just be clear on that from the start, shall we?

    Its freaking good food.

    Their take on Latkas are awesome. Sure its not what my dad used to make when i was a kid, but you know what? it doesn't matter. its tasty and different. The Duck Hash? yummy and filling. and the cocktails? go down way easy.

    The staff are like the rest of the Polpo group - friendly and personable. I've been twice and am curious to see how it evolves.

    Heres to another great spot!

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Zara L took me here, after she took me to a top secret filming at the Royal Opera House (she really knows how to take a girl out, then not pay).

    We shared a salt beef sandwich and a soup.  You know what?  BTW chicken soup with a matzo ball in 1 bowl is kinda hard to share (just so you know).  But they were both so delicious.

    The 4 of us then decided to have lots of desserts (since they forgot our half and half chips/ onion rings dodah) and caught diabetes.  They are sweeeet! But delicious.  I loved the lemon drizzle cake.

    Beware of the cocktails, they are lethal!

    *May be we should work there, the servers food (we were there as they were all taking turns eating dinner) looked AMAZING.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Mishkins is a Brooklyn-style hipster Jewish Deli that serves great cocktails---be sure get the cucumber Martini it goes great with the Matzoh Ball soup. Sure the drinks are stellar and atmosphere reeks of Williamsburg, but how is the food?

    Well, my Matzoh Ball Soup was delicious and actually semi-authentic! The Salt Beef Sandwich was filled with some of the most tender fall-apart meat I've had in London (besting anything on Brick Lane), though truth be told I would have preferred a bagel to rye bread. My friend's Reuben looked rather authentic on crispy rye bread and overflowing with spiced pastrami.

    Note the food is not Kosher in the slightest (that large Big Apple Hot Dog is full of pork and the Reuben has swiss cheese though a Reuben most certainly should). Nevertheless good cocktails and great semi-authentic Jewish fare makes Mishkins a must visit next time you're in Covent Garden.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Delicious fake Jewish deli food
    + Menu of exclusively gin-based cocktails
    + Daily specials
    + Super cute server*
    My new favourite restaurant

    *He better be there next time, or I'm dropping a star.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Let's begin the New Year with a high FIVE (stars), with E Mishkin being the most fitting as my first review of the year. It very much caters for everything I expect to find in MY kind of restaurant, satisfying my tongue's craving for tantalizing stimulation.

    Located on the streets of Convent Garden is Mishkin's. I came here for lunch without a reservation but came here early enough to beat the crowd! Its set up represents that of a quirky American diner yet retains its simplicity. It remains loyal to the theme of its fellow line of restaurants (such as Spuntino and Polpetto etc) and the staff were oh so hip and friendly. Now for the best bit... the food. I ordered All pork Big Apples dog, the 3oz steamed beef patty with onions and Swiss cheese, Severn and Wye lox beigel, Latkes, and Cod cheek popcorn as a side. I prefer to have a variety of dishes than one main dish, which this restaurant was able to offer. I wish I had a bottomless stomach as I would've ordered more! A good start to the New Year indeed!

    • Qype User bob07n…
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    3.0 star rating

    This is my first time that
    I visited this place. The place is very cool and welcoming, and lots of foods
    to offer. The mac and cheese is really perfect. Delicious and flavourful. The
    burger is really satisfying, large patty and full of toppings. And there are lot more that they can offer.

  • 4.0 star rating
    First to Review

    Anytime I hear the words "Jewish Deli" my lips quiver and I'm transported to the Saturday morning post-synagogue deli meals of my youth.  Pastrami as tall as a 2 year old child, matzoh balls as big as said childs head, and platters of various chopped things -- all with overwhelming flavours of fried onions.  Beet salads, beetroot soup, stuffed cabbages, coleslaw, uggghhh I could go on and on.

    So you can imagine my excitement when I heard the great restauranteurs from Polpo etc were opening a Jewish restaurant.  I made a reservation for the first lunch, and eagerly anticipated my visit for the week.

    I began with a matzoh ball soup which contained one of the finest matzoh balls I've ever eaten (freshly made, probably w/schmaltz, with thyme and other fresh herbs) but unfortunately served in a bland broth (though still really enjoyed the soup on account of the great kneidlach)  Shared a half&half of fries and onion rings which were good, the onion rings better than the fries, but both quite nice.

    I had a reuben sandwich (pastrami, sauerkraut, russian dressing) which was ok, but seriously in need of a bit of work. The pastrami itself was the best I've tried in London (which isn't saying much but still) as it had a great soft texture and was quite flavourful, but there was far too little of it on the sandwich and WAY WAY WAY too much sauerkraut. If you envision an American reuben you'd imagine a few inches of pastrami with a little sprinkling of sauerkraut over the cheese and dressing, but this was the opposite. The bread itself was fine, but the sauerkraut turned it into a soggy mess (and to nit-pick, I'd have sliced it a bit thinner). I presume making pastrami is hard work and expensive for a new place, but a more generous helping would have really improved this sandwich, as would cutting the sauerkraut by 200%.

    My partner had the steamed burger which was very good -- thinly sliced onions fried crispy on the top of a good patty on a chewy bun.  I have always wanted to try a famous steamed burger place in New Haven, Connecticut called Ted's famous for their steamed burgers, but trying this one satiated this desire (esp because Ted's is in New Haven and I can't see myself flying to New England for a burger).

    All in all, I'd definitely go back. It was the first day and it ran as if it had been in business for 10 years. Excellent service, food came out on time, and overall a great atmosphere.

  • 5.0 star rating
    Listed in The BEST of London

    Be still my beating heart, for I have discovered the perfect toasted cheese sandwich.

    It's called the Reuben, it lives at Mishkin's, and I'd travel as far as I had to to get one.

    Toasted sourdough bread, salt beef, swiss cheese that I suspect is Jarlsberg and Russian dressing (mustardy, caper mix). And Sauerkraut.

    I KNOW. But it's AMAZING. Just try it!

    £9 and big enough for two to share with other sides.

    Russell's nailed it again with this one, and it soars to the top, becoming my new favourite of the Polpo group. I bow gracefully and thank him for inviting me to one of the preview evenings.

    But what's that? They also make the best macaroni cheese I've ever had? I don't believe you, two favourites in one place?

    Well yes, and I went back on Thursday to gush over the menu with my best girlfriend and my Mum (two ladies with impeccable taste). I ordered the same thing, and for the second time both dishes rocked my world.

    The hot dog was also delicious, but I have to say way too full for my liking. I'd rather have something I can pick up and tuck in to. The side salad with walnut is also simple but tasty.

    Mishkin's only 'pink' wine is a GREAT choice, and the cookie with ice cream is to die for.

    Now Charlotte St boasts two of the best restaurants in town, and luckily for us they're conviniently located next door to each other. I'd say Mishkin's for lunch and then a hop, skip next down to Opera Tavern for dinner if you can stand it ;)

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    What I like about this place is the attention to detail even down to the wallpaper in the loo (sorry, restroom) that looks like it was put up in the 1960's but no, it was done just a few months ago. I have no problem with the imitation American  diner / deli vibe and it's careful attention to detail, in fact I love this kind of place in the actual US of A. What's good about these places (in the US) is that they serve honest good food, no fuss and no nonsense and untrendyfied and with good value prices too.

    Translate this to London however and it becomes trendified, I suppose on account of  the slight novelty value and the thrill of pretending that you are in NYC and also with premium prices for the imitation authentic experience...so I realised that was going to be the deal, before we went in so was prepared.

    Unlike others, I do like the fact that the Russell Norman restaurants are generally reservation free although I would not stand in a queue for more than 10 minutes to go in but really, you shouldn't have to reserve for a diner or deli that's just a casual eating place. Strangely, apparently you can reserve at Mishkins. We hadn't   and there was plenty of room on a rainy Sunday evening. My work week is scheduled, I don't necessarily want a schedule at the weekend too, especially Sunday.

    For some reason I ordered the fishcakes, I think I was attracted to the beets and horseradish on the side more than the fishcakes. My friend ordered the turkey schnitzel. I was going to order the £5! side of 'greens' but turned out it was just kale - blah, so got the 'half and half' 50/50 fries and onion rings which were pretty good but smallish portion. Food came quickly and was good. I would have liked more of the beets and horseradish on the side and more bite to the horseradish, it was very meek indeed.

    We both ordered the chocolate and peanut cookie and ice cream for desert, I think with butterscotch sauce. The cookie was large, warm and good and went well with the ice cream.

    Overall good, simple food, not stellar. Service laid back but sufficient, probably about right.
    Came to £25 / head so didn't break the bank but was no bargain either.

    For the next project, how about a London replica of Johnny's luncheonette from NYC? Does great breakfasts (eggs, bacon hash browns) and pancakes and costs around $6. That would be great.

  • 5.0 star rating

    This is the 2nd time I've been to Mishkins and I am utterly in love.

    As another reviewer points out it's not entirely faithful to Jewish cuisine, and neither does it claim to be. That persnickety point aside it is bliss.

    So far I've had: a Reuben, hot dog 'dragged through the garden', cod cheek popcorn, lamb and pistacchio meatballs, salt beef mac & cheese with colemans, and their soggy lemon cake.

    The mac and cheese was perfect: everything one should be! Flavoursome, gooey, topped with breadcrumbs, and cheesy, obviously. The salt beef and mustard lifted it up from the ordinary stodgy mac and cheese and my dinner partner and I cleared the plate we shared in record time.

    The staff are beautiful, funny, and know their menus inside out, even putting up with my dinner partner and I sending them away half a dozen times before we chose our mains.

    My only problem was the pickles. The first time I came and had them they were perfect, half sweet, half sour, and crunchy as hell. The second they were a bit floppy and bland. Disappointing but the memory of the first will get me coming back again, promise.

    Give it a go, just as long as you aren't expecting your Grandma's Jewish fare, then you'll be ok.

  • 4.0 star rating

    If you're looking for Jewish love, close J-Date and head over to Mishkins. Working nearby, I have been eagerly checking up on Mishkin's pending opening during my lunch breaks. If you find a drool trail between the Strand and Mishkin's, I do apologise.

    I recently had the opportunity to get my knisch on with a colleague over lunch. After reminiscing about sandwiches of our American youth, we settled on the reuben and lox and bagel. One hour and one food coma later, all was gone. As other reviewers have mentioned, it is a bit pricey but only your bank and not your stomach will notice this little fact.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I expected to be disappointed due to all the hype surrounding the place. But, I loved it!

    The food was fantastic, had the slider = juicy perfection, my friend had the whitefish and spinach knisch = excellent. The gem and walnut salad was delectable.  Extremely drinkable cocktails, gorgeous atmosphere, nice little design touches everywhere - the wallpaper, the soap in the bathrooms, the glassware.....and great service. Also loved the old soul they had playing while we were there.  Am very pleased this is moments from work and will be visiting often.

    Love it that you can book - perfect date spot....

  • 3.0 star rating

    Great on appearances, but falls a little flat on the flavors.  The highlight: Chopped liver appetizer was AMAZING.  Spot on with texture, taste, and portion.  I should have left after eating that and this place would have 5 stars.  From there, the lowlights: the reuben looked like a reuben, but had overly sweet sauerkraut that confused the savory flavors of the salt-beef and cheese.  The side of pickles was a mere garnish, rather than the full-on halved cucumber I would have expected.  The mac and cheese had the perfect gooey texture, but inexplicably lacked any taste.  I couldn't even taste any Coleman's mustard, and the salt beef was lost in the (albeit delightful) creamy cheese.  Gin cocktail (gin sour) was ordered, since I had never had one before.  I probably won't be having one again.  Kitch and cocktails just doesn't seem to work.

    Disclaimer: i'm jewish and a New Yorker, so maybe I was coming with a lot of food baggage, but deli is deli, right?

  • 5.0 star rating

    This place is an ode to my grandmother and to my modern sensibilities.

    This was my grandmother's menu--latkes, herring, chopped liver, matzoh ball soup.  It is nice to see those dishes alive and well!

    Loved the atmosphere--hip and cool (giving a bit of cache to Eastern European Jewish cooking).  Service was good as well.

    Thoroughly enjoyed my Reuben and the great styling of the place, fab menu and friendly staff.

    Expect to find some Jewish New Yorkers enjoying a nosh at this place.  L'chaim!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Mishkins was so dimly lit on the Tuesday evening we visited that at first we thought it might be closed, but it ended up being a lovely dinner by candlelight. The atmosphere is really intimate and warm and we stayed for ages after we finished eating.

    We tried two different meatballs--the lamb with pistachio and the veal with apricot--split between the two of us with sides of sauerkraut and onion rings. The onion rings were perfect and crisp and I couldn't imagine dipping them in anything; they were perfect on their own. The meatballs were delicious, but it'd be nice if they would let you mix types within one order--the three meatball serving is more than enough for one person! We followed up our meal with a couple of their gin based cocktail, great for cutting through the rich greasiness of the meat and fried food.

    I'd like to come back for the fish, but the "brick lane salt beef" sandwich at 9 pounds only reminds you how much more you're paying than you could be. It's only about 1/3 the price on Brick Lane!

  • 3.0 star rating

    Just got back from a weekend in London and my friend wanted to take me to the new, trendy Mishkin's to get my Jewish approval. (It does NOT get the approval).

    Mishkin's was lacking severely in the food department. Don't go if you want actual good tasting deli food.

    First of all, Jewish deli's always serve dill pickles on the table for you. Not here...Asked for a side of pickles and they were sliced (this is VERY un-deli-like!!).

    We ordered the Pastrami, Matzah Ball Soup, Chips/Onion Rings, Beef Meatballs.

    Here is the rundown:
    Pastrami was good. There was some sort of sweet flavor to it and it melted in my mouth. It was by far the star of the night.

    Matzah Ball Soup was atrocious. The balls were extremely dense and practically inedible. Not fluffy at all. And only ONE tiny ball in the tiniest little dish - deli's have BIG balls in tiny dishes. I make much, much better matzah balls at home from a packet. I told the server that they were too dense and asked if they always came out this way, because I was here to offer some advise (it's all about the amount of oil!). He said the matzah ball's density varies with each day/cook/shift. I took this as a really bad sign.

    Chips/Onion Rings were nothing special.

    The server was sort of raving about the tomato sauce that goes on the beef meatballs. It tasted like it came out of a can, and the beef meatballs could probably be made more delicious if you cooked them at home. Nothing special, not worth it.

    So ... don't come here if you want actual good deli food. We didn't have any drinks but I can say that this place is getting 3 stars instead of 2 because the service was very good, all the servers that helped us were extremely nice, and I really liked the ambiance and design of the place.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    The atmosphere was awesome. It looked like a NY diner/deli.

    The waitresses were sweet and adorable.

    The food was...on and off at parts.

    I had a duck blintz wrap with orange something or other in it. It was a little above average. but quite pricey and not exactly worth the ticket price.

    The chicken liver and kraut however, was quite tasty! Not something you would want to eat a ton of again.

    I tried my dining mate BEN MERVIS' (fwend) salt beef and was a bit confused. 10 pound for a big sammich that had goodness in it, but just didn't quite hit the mark as far as reubens go.

    I tried my other dining mate HANSSSSS' (superhans) meatloaf and it was in the same boat.

    We also had a pitcher of lemonade that ruled. Definitely get that if you have 3 or more people at your table.

    Overall, if this was open late and in a bar district, I would totally come here late at night...but don't expect the world.


  • 3.0 star rating
    29/1/2012 Updated review

    New York meets the East End by way of Finchley style all day Jew'ish' diner. Those who have been to other restaurants by creator Russell Norman will know the drill; small space squeezes maximum capacity with handsome bar seating, trendy and friendly staff sucked from design school by way of Diamond Jacks and a cocktail cum small sharing menu focused on comfortable classics. The only anomaly is that Mishkin's has a booking policy (finally, Norman, finally!).

    The space is beautiful. Russell Norman truly is the Conran of the cozy cafe, though you need to be VERY good friends if you're getting more than two people round the postage stamp tables.

    My guests went for salt beef mac 'n' cheese, a pleasant enough concept, unfortunately overdosed with English mustard and on the runny side, missing the nutty unctuousness of the thick fontina-based sauce in sister restaurant Spuntino.

    I followed the crowds, who have been raving about the Reuben, toasted rye with layers of good pastrami, melted swiss cheese and sauerkraut. You know what though? It's just a sandwich. A messily enjoyable one with a little too much gunk for me and fundamentally - Just. A. Sandwich. After numerous reviews, outpourings on Twitter and a double page spread in the Metro, just on the sodding sandwich, it's hard to see how anywhere could live up to that level of hype.

    I went again, for post-meeting cocktails (all gin-based and very acceptable) and bar snacks of battered Brussels sprout and battered cod cheeks. Both quirky and totally fine, though neither demanded return visits in the way of Spuntino's deep fried olives. You're not going to feel hard done by when you get the bill, the staff are superb (with the possible exception of that mustard handler in the kitchen) and if you had it on your doorstep you'd be crazy not to be there regularly. It's not the second coming though...

    3.0 star rating
    29/1/2012 Previous review
    New York meets the East End by way of Finchley style all day Jew'ish' diner. Those who have been to… Read more
  • 3.0 star rating

    I'm a huge fan of Russell Norman's restaurants, so I really wanted to love Mishkin's. Sadly I felt a bit let down!

    We went for the cod cheek popcorn - it was tasty, but nothing special to be honest. Portion was quite small too. My friend went for the hot dog, and I knew I was going to get the reuben from the moment I walked in. I've heard so much about this reuben sandwich and equally high expectations!

    Don't get me wrong, the reuben was very good. Delicious. Just enough sauerkraut, the saltiness of the pastrami counters the acidity of the sauerkraut perfectly. Now my food took so long to arrive (30 minutes), and by the time I got my reuben it was cold! I was expecting a hot sandwich given that they're cooked to order - the melted cheese had started to toughen up again. Disappointing because I knew it would be even better if it was hot. My friend wasn't impressed with the hot dog - she ended up eating 1/4 of my sandwich!

    Servers remind me of New York hipsters - similar to the Polpo/Spuntino staff which isn't surprising! I think I'll have to give Mishkin's another try soon just because they serve what's probably the best reuben in London!

  • 5.0 star rating
    10/2/2012 Updated review

    Mishkin's is staffed by a team of youngsters who look more Shoreditch than Covent Garden and definitely seem intent on bringing an injection of edgy cool to this touristy corner of the city.

    Again just add 30% to convert to $AU

    A short, succinct menu of various meats in various breads, meatballs and all-day brunches and suppers is best enjoyed at the formica counter or in one of the leather-plastic upholstered booths.

    Jugs of homemade Will Skidelsky's lemonade and squeezy ketchup and mustard bottles add to the old-school feel and an array of quirky office lamps offer a spot of interest amid the understated tiled and exposed brick walls. As the website says:

    The boundaries in Mishkin's origins are as ambiguous as the menu's influences. Mishkin's is not Kosher (and neither, incidentally, is Katz's Deli in New York - perhaps the most famous Jewish restaurant in the world) and the dishes are based very loosely on the sort of Jewish comfort food we all love eating. Where possible we have used amazing local producers (the Big Apple Pork Hot Dog is lovingly made in East London) and where appropriate we have lightened recipes, refined traditional stodginess and, most of all, been playful.

    Malted milkshakes and cocktails provide refreshment. We shared the hot dog, which came with a great homemade slaw and tottered onwards into the bowels of Soho and Spuntino.

    5.0 star rating
    11/1/2012 Previous review
    Polpo, Mishkin's & Spuntino

    Fasten your seatbelts, we've gone international. The following blog is…
    Read more
  • 4.0 star rating

    The best matzo ball soup and reuben sandwiches in London. This spot was the only thing that kept me sane amid the pouring rain and awful hours I spent in the LSE library last spring during exams.

    It's convenient location makes it the perfect place for a pre-theatre bite. It's also open all afternoon so grab a booth, order something to eat and debrief the previous night's antics with friends.

  • 3.0 star rating

    This was my first visit to one of the polpo/polpetto etc. I was expecting a bit more but it wasn't all bad. Big fan the gin selections (gin fizz was delightful) and the decor and service are fab. Food, however, is hit and miss. -Reuben: Not all that authentic, but good flavors and good to share. Comes with a couple pickles, too!
    -slaw: tasty side
    -onion rings: soggy and boring
    -cod cheek popcorn: tasty but needed aioli or some sort of sauce
    -pickles: great, but it's hard to mess up pickles!
    -bananas foster: bomb

  • 4.0 star rating

    What a fun place to eat. We got seated at the very back in a sort of recording booth. Where we got our own 'On Air' sign that we could switch on to get service. Hilarious and kitsch at the same time. Although I would have been perfectly happy sitting at one of the well padded leatherette booths in the centre of the dining room. Did I mention I love booth dining?

    Food-wise is pretty simple. My hon lil' bro and my colleague both went for Reubens, but were warned the butter/mayo was based on Colmans not American mustard (perhaps a rethink as it's quite strong) and I went for the all-day brunch of two poached eggs, garlic Hollandaise, spinach and toast, and a side order of (skin-on) chips. Feedback from my companions was the sandwiches were GOOD, but did sort of self-destruct as they tried to hold them, suggesting the sour dough bread was perhaps a tad too thinly sliced. My food was fine, although not exceptional.

    Service on the whole was pretty good and because we were being professional we weren't drinking so the bill came to a pretty reasonable £23 for the three of us.

    I'd definitely go again. But it is a place to be seen in rather than the food itself, IMHO.

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    2.0 star rating

    Oh, Mishkins, how I wanted to love you
    As a huge fan of RN's four previous ventures, I had high expectations and sadly, found the food a big let down.
    Pros: Great service (patrons of Da Polpo may recognise the smiles and friendly faces), same tatty-funky decor vibe of the others with a fun On Air booth in the back. Great concepts on menu.
    Cons: All of the food we tried the matza ball soup (bland chicken broth), the latkes, the pickles and the Reuben (failed to wow with any flavours  I normally expect in-your-face beef, piquant sauce, strong sauerkraut etc). Overall, everything was under-seasoned and overly bland.
    We'll give this place another try in case it was an off day for the kitchen

  • 4.0 star rating

    This probably isn't my favourite from the chain  which is Polpetto  but thoroughly enjoyed my time here.
    Definitely feels like you're in a New York diner (apart from the fact they only serve English or Jamaican beer), and the food was very enjoyable.
    The Rueben is meant to be great (according to my friend who had it on a previous visit) We had the Meatballs (really good), Cholen (nice but not mind-blowing), Onion Rings (very good), Cod Cheek Popcorn (tasty) this time.

  • 5.0 star rating

    If last night is anything to go by, the food at Mishkin's is delicious. I had one of the items on their specials board, which was a medium-sized burger with hot salt beef, Swiss cheese, all in a bagel, with chips (I got given extra chips because I have an onion allergy so the onion ring was replaced with extra chips).
    We were lucky to even get in. In spite of it being midweek, 7:30pm, with much of their obvious clientèle in any of the surrounding West End theatres, the place was packed. We were just about to leave when we were offered barstools which we accepted. Throughout our meal at least five different groups of people arrived on spec hoping for a table and had to be turned away.
    The meat is deliciously tender. I have had salt beef before, about fifteen years ago, and it was not my cup of tea. However, as I felt it was time to give this popular foodstuff another stab, now I am annoyed that my experience in Brick Lane fifteen years before has made me avoid this particular ingredient for so long. All in all, last night's burger/saltbeef combinations was probably one of the best burgers I've had, ever.
    In future I think I will probably go for the leaner cut of salt beef (they offer you both), as I generally prefer lean. I will also have to give their Macaroni Cheese and Salt Beef a try; the people sitting to my left were eating that and it looked delicious, in its own earthenware pot. I also counted 20 different types of gin (though only a handful of whiskies)  some of the gins I have never heard of and looked really interesting, others are pretty hard to come by in the UK, such as the elusive Xoriguer from Mahón (Minorca). Gin de Mahón is one of only three gins to be identified geographically (the other two being Plymouth and London, of course). It's typically 38º and is very moreish indeed. They also had a bottle of Bathtub Gin (one of Professor Cornelius Ampleforth's gins), though I dread to think how much they charge for a shot of that.
    All in all, with service charge, three of us eating a variety of salt beef sandwiches, and sharing a bottle of good red wine, came to about £80 which seems pretty reasonable. I will definitely be back.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Now I've finally found the secret to a great night at Mishkin's - Monday nights. Buzzy, but not so noisy that I lose my voice after 20 minutes...much more laid back than later in the week. Our 9pm table was magically available at 8.45 - and I was excited to see a few new changes to the menu. So I abandoned my traditional mac'n'cheese habit and went for the chicken, leek and tarragon knish with mushroom sauce: my friend followed suit and we shared greens and mushy peas on the side. Now in New York, a knish is a pretty heavy option, a vast dumpling of a thing which is more of a cannon ball than a delicate pie. Delicious though it was, I think I'm still digesting the sweet potato cranberry knish I bought on Thanksgiving from Yonah Schimmel back in the fall of 2009. Not so the Mishkins version. Real New Yorkers might kvetch a bit about the thin pastry, but it was totally gorgeous, crammed with juicy chicken, creamy mushroom sauce and just a hint of tarragon. All the greens made it seem positively healthy.
    Now I did have one big disappointment. All weekend, enticed by some heavy hints via Twitter, I'd been looking forward to the appearance of an Oreo cheesecake on the menu. It wasn't there. Apparently there was a 'big rush' on cheesecake over the weekend. I've always thought the Mishkin's dessert menu was its only weak point (and luckily I had an emergency Roccoco salted caramel praline in my bag to tide me over my pudding emergency...) Happily though, word is that cheesecake will be making a regular appearance in future. I'm planning my Monday night schedule already.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Laid back, New York style Jewish diner right bang in the middle of Covent garden. Walk in and your transported to a world of mac and cheese, salt beef, gherkins, sauerkraut and meat loaf. Washed down with a cocktail or even a milkshake (I tried the Malteser milkshake...sooo goooood)!! A recipe for the perfect low cost, casual meal after work with some happy vibes and good atmosphere. Finally two words... THE REUBEN. A sandwich with pastrami, sauerkraut, gherkins, melted swiss cheese and served in rye bread, toasted. OMG! Do it! Actually just one more thing... bananas flash fried in dark rum, served with salted caramel and vanilla icecream.... oh and one more thing... the list could go on forever....

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