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  • 4.0 star rating

    When I went here with my sister, we couldn't believe how busy this place was for a vegetarian restaurant! But after our experience here, we realized it's because this restaurant serves delicious food that appeals to vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

    We split the pan-fried halloumi, with cherry tomato and wilted spinach with balsamic glaze to start. It was extremely flavourful, and the balsamic glaze was the perfect accent.

    For my entree I had the detox salad, which was a huge portion of grated beets, carrots, sprouts, and seeds. I also added tofu, which disappointingly was not marinated or cooked. My salad itself was good, but I think I would have preferred a smaller portion as a starter rather than my entree. The flavours got pretty boring after a while.

    My sister's sunblushed tomato, mozzarella and basil risotto cake with wilted spinach, green beans and grape mustard cream sauce was incredible though! The richness of this meal is extremely satisfying and makes you forget it doesn't even have meat in it.

    Tip: Try to get seats at the table that looks out to the street - it's great for people watching!

  • 4.0 star rating

    On a Saturday night this place is packed - they don't take bookings so we waited for about 45 minutes for a table in the end but didn't mind as we waited with a couple of their cocktails! When we got seated it was in between two other tables quite closely packed. It was intimate to say the least!

    The food was delicious - bean burgers and sweet potato fries with gyoza dumplings to start. My date's summer rolls starter were less impressive in my opinion but still overall visit bad.

    My only slight problem with Mildred's was how packed in we were, time we waited for a table and how flat out the staff seemed - though I can't fault them as they were brilliant, just extremely busy. However, these are all hallmarks of a popular restaurant with great food! I look forward to visiting during the week and I hope for a slightly calmer experience.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I love meat, and being Chinese, I eat a lot of meat. But sometimes, a girl misses veggies and clean eating. I had always seen a horde of people waiting at Mildred's, and couldn't understand why anyone would wait so long for vegetarian food.

    LET ME TELL YOU.  I now know why.  The sweet potato fries with its salty, crispy exterior.  And the detox salad with freshly grated beets and carrots.  And the grilled halloumi with its slightly sweet sauce.  And the Mediterranean platter with beautifully tangy beetroot dip and feta dip.  Everything tasted like real, non-processed food and made us appreciate each flavor and combination.  Even my friend wondered if the carrots tasted more ethereal here.

    I don't know, but I'll give up meat if vegetarian food tasted like this all the time.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Nice food, vegi and some vegan + gluten free, slow and unattendive service makes this vegi jewel just "ok"

  • 3.0 star rating

    Mildreds is a cozy restaurant, located on Lexington street. I didn't have to queue and sat at a spacious table. The waitress was polite and gave me plenty of time to order.

    I ordered stir fried asian vegetables. Not amazing but not bad. I have nothing dazzling to say about Mildreds but nothing horrible either. I'll probably come back and order a special.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Upon entering the establishment I was pleasantly surprised with the natural light and cozy feel. There was enough seating to not feel too cramped and the menu looked great.

    I ordered the main course salad(there's only one) of which I have already forgotten the name of. Namely because it was terrible. For an extra 2 pounds they will give you four pieces of tofu - oh gee thanks! The salad consisted of 85% shredded carrot, 10% shredded beet, 2.5% nuts and seeds, 2.5% lettuce. Literally I could count the pieces of lettuce due to green not exactly blending in with all the orange. The dressing had a good taste albeit a bit too oily. I could not finish the meal having grown sick of carrot after the 20th bite. For a place rated this well I really expected more.

    Pick up your game Mildred's- a $16 salad needs to leave you completely satisfied- not disgruntled enough to leave a review.

    3 stars because the other food items might actually be awesome.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Went here with a friend for dinner. We both had the organic detox salad, one with tofu and one with goat cheese. We were both really impressed and the salad was so fresh. Yummy vinaigrette. The place was really loud and the service wasn't the quickest, but I'd definitely go again. Great vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Casual vegetarian dining. Crowded and quirky structure (up and down stairs). Food excellent - great veggieburgers, and good selection of other things.

  • 3.0 star rating

    As it turns out, everyone in London is so slender and svelte because they've mastered making unhealthy food.... that doesn't... taste... good? (Americans everywhere draw their rapiers and pitchforks.) Surriously, to feed me a fried cheese sandwich, followed by a french dessert, and have neither afflict me with rapid "EAT IT ALL" neuron-firing-itis is a feat. Skip the haloumi burger, unless you're looking for a  spongy, bland, dry appetite suppressant. The crème brûlée was unworthy of note, as no crème brûlée should ever be.

    In Mildred's defense, the ravioli was good (but not deserving of a sexier adjective), and the sweet potato fries + basil mayo were all the sexy adjectives. If you ever find yourself in/around Midlred's, dem sweet potato fries will do you no wrong. Between the cramped, trendy, atmosphere, the epic people watching, and the great service, that bowl of sweet potato fries might just be worth your while after all.

    • Jaelin F.
    • Williamsburg - North Side, Brooklyn, United States
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    5.0 star rating

    If you are in London you have to go to Mildred's. The food is incredible and the waiters are hot. It's a must for any vegan/vegetarian.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Mildred's is one of those establishments my DH and I had been dying to cross off our list. After deciding to cancel our plans (due to weather, boo!) to go to the Southbank World Street Food Festival, we headed there in hopes we'd get a table.

    Eureka! There was no wait time and we were seated immediately. But boy...was it cramped! Mildred's is tiiiiiiiiiiiiny, catering to a lot of people at once. I didn't mind because there seemed to be no rush to get up and leave - enjoy your meal at peace, patrons of Mildreds. Have a few drinks and relax.

    We ordered our drinks. I had a Bellini and my husband had the Daas Blond beer. Our starters were the Mediterranean platter and the chinese fried dumplings. Let me say, it irks me when starters arrive before drinks. That's a basic - it shouldn't be done wrong. I'd like to quench my thirst after a day of shopping, thank you very much.

    Our starters arrived and I'd have to say, they were a mixed bag. Absolutely skip the Mediterranean platter, which our server said was marginally better than the Mexican platter. The yogurt and beetrot dip was the only savior of the mixture. Everything else seemed like it came off the shelf at Tesco express. Sorry Mildreds - I've seen better. The chinese fried dumplings, however, were FANTASTIC. Served with an amazing sauce and kimchi, we ate it down to the last crumb. If we could have had ten more of those, I'd have been in heaven. Please, please for the love of God, order these if you want to lose your ever-loving mind on a brief trip to flavour town...

    Mains were an easy choice. I ordered the tomato and basil risotto cake while my husband opted for the burrito (without the guacamole, please). Both came fast and the portions were MASSIVE. Everything was fabulous so I cannot complain there. We said we wouldn't bother with dessert but ordered the chocolate and peanut butter brownie, served warm with ice cream. Oh my. That was a treat. I know brownies are played out but I couldn't help myself, reader. I needed it. There is no better marriage of ingredients than chocolate and peanut butter and this union did it justice.

    I don't quite get what people are saying about the service being piss-poor. Our server was friendly, helpful and sharp. Our only complaints were the tiny sizes of the tables and the cramped seating. The bill was also a little ridiculous. Over 70 pounds for a few drinks, some starters and mains? Come on! Any restaurant with a burrito as a main course has no right to charge such astronomical prices, in my opinion. The menu changes every so often to go with the season so we will be back! Great meal.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I have to admit that I wasn't thrilled to go to a vegetarian restaurant, but one of our friends had requested Mildreds and so we went with it.  To my surprise, Mildreds was really good!

    Food: We ordered the Mexican platter and panfried halloumi to share for appetisers.  For entrees we ordered the detox salad with goat cheese, the burrito and two jack burgers with fries.  I ordered the burrito which was super delicious and I highly recommend it!

    Drinks: We ordered four bellinis and two fresh juices.

    Price: For four people we paid 102.77 GBP.

    Ambiance: The restaurant is busy on the weekends so be ready to wait.  It's loud and the seating is tight.  Note: The bar doesn't serve anything but bread and olives so you can't order apps while waiting.  The restaurant seems popular with younger people.  There was a large group of young people next to us who were incredibly loud and obnoxious. Even though we were only a group of four it was very hard to hear what we were saying even though we were sitting next to each other.  

    Service: The service was ok.  The hostess and the server weren't the most friendly.  

    Would I go back?  Yes, but I would go early to have a pleasant dinner and not have to deal with the noise level because the food is actually very good and is the saving grace of this restaurant.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Are you Veggie-head? Vegan? Annoyingly gluten free? Well then, we have a place for YOU and all your friends to enjoy a meal out without it getting weird or awkward with a barrage of questions like "is this organic?" or "Is there palm oil in this?"

    I had the sri lankan curry and it was MASSIIIIIIIVE. Just huge and awesome. It was a ton of carbs, rice, and lots of sweet potato, which ended up in feeling like a belly bomber, but over all the food coming out of the kitchen looked great and there were a ton of different types of food. Ranging from salads, to some meats, to mexican to pretty much anything under the sun.

  • 4.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    Heaven is a bowl of sweet potato fries from Mildred's. With the basil mayo. Just the right amount of crispy edge and squishy centre. Now if you don't read any further at least I've told you that ;)

    This is a v popular veggie place in Soho with the omnivore seal of approval. Whatever your x-free diet you'll still have decent choice, and they're v happy to tweak things (ask for the vegan version of the aforementioned mayo if needed!).

    Last week we skipped starters - personally looked a little pricey to me (over £6 for 4 gyozas?). Mains are around the £10 mark and nicely varied; we had a mix at the table with bean burritos and sausage+mash disappearing rapidly around me. I had the burger of the day (a tasty kidney bean and tofu creation) with the sweet potato marvels, washed down with organic cider. Having not been for a while I'd forgotten that the portions are massive so it felt pretty heavy. May have been my own fault for snacking whilst waiting for the table, woops.

    Speaking of which, you can't book ahead nor sit down until everyone's arrived, and there's always a ton of people waiting. Leave your name with the guy avec ipad at the door. Personal highlight of the evening was his classic 'brown guys all look the same' mistake, after he took details from one of my mates, went to check availability, then came back and replied to a different guy! *facepalm*

    We had a good giggle about that during our 45min wait. For the sake of your blood pressure I recommend escaping the sardines can of the bar area and heading for a drink elsewhere (or they have outdoor ping pong in nearby Golden Square atm!). Make sure you head back on time though.

    We sat downstairs this time and boy it was loud, as each closely-packed table seemed to be trying to outdo its neighbours - unless you fancy reverting to hand signals, be prepared to join in! Our server was v friendly and chatty, and helped my mate choose a dish in a way that felt very genuine, before joking at the end that he should've just pushed the priciest dish - nice that he didn't.

    Empty plates and (over)full tummies all round at the end (once I'd hoovered up everyone else's remaining sweet potato fries). The only thing we regretfully left was half a mate's elderflower martini which he'd seemed surprised to find was mostly gin... hmm yeah not sure what he was expecting!

  • 2.0 star rating

    Despite the short queue, upon arrival I couldn't have been more thrilled. As a vegetarian from Amsterdam, where options are limited, a place like this is heaven. And it absolutely wasn't the food that disappointed me...

    We were seated in the upstairs room, where four tables are located. When we sat down, two of these were occupied and it was as pleasantly noisy as you'd expect in a busy restaurant. Once one of the tables cleared however, the newly arrived customers complained about our table being too noisy, and we were promptly told by the waitress to be quiet.

    The issue? Both us as well as our neighbors produced the same volume of chatter and laughter, our table just so happened to be the only multiracial one. When pointed out to our waitress that our neighbors (who also had gotten louder) were never asked to lower it, she simply replied that the guests hadn't complained about them. It was extremely disappointing to end a great meal with sh** service, especially since I intended on coming back here often. I don't see myself returning here anytime soon now.

  • 2.0 star rating

    Mildred Pierce This Ain't Baby !

    Tucked away discreetly on Lexington Street, I've walked past this restaurant several times, without ever being troubled with the urge to visit it.  But for it being the birthday pick of my BFF Charlie I honestly, would have kept on walking.

    When I mentioned to my Pop that I was going to a vegetarian restaurant for a friend's birthday, he smiled and reminded me that if there wasn't any meat on my plate for dinner when I was a kid, I would get down from the table and go off and sulk somewhere.

    I smiled when he said it, but only realised the significance of his story, when I ran my eyes down Mildreds menu. I plumbed for the stir fried Asian vegetables cooked in sesame oil and plum sauce with garlic and ginger. Favoursome yes...but....not enough to make me forget how I much I love meat.

    For me vegetables represent side dishes to enhance the main event and if I'm brutally honest, vegetarian cooking has to be pretty darned amazing to thrill a die- hard carnivore like myself.

    If you're a veggie, I'm sure this place will be right up your alley, but for me it was a valiant effort to convince my taste buds, that vegetables as a main meal can rock. Unfortunately, it failed for me.

    Add to that bland interiors - a pop of warm colour would have raised the tone so easily. The queue - we went on a Friday night and waited so long, so close to the front door, that popped open so often, I didn't manage to get warm during the whole duration of our stay. Even when we were eventually seated at the back of the restaurant.

    Will I be going back, sorry to say not anytime soon.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Mildred's is the perfect place to convince a meat eater that veggie and vegan food can satisfy.

    Speaking to the veggies: we all have those pesky carnivores in our life, right? The ones that say such annoying things as "A meal isn't complete without meat" or "If we didn't eat them, they would eat us". Take them to Mildred's and watch them quickly change their tune. With dishes such as bangers and mash, the food will feel familiar to even the most seasoned meat eater. The wonderful taste will do the rest of the job of winning them over.

    Speaking to the meat eaters: Y U no stop eating meat?

    Other bits and pieces: the restaurant can be extremely busy and you can have to wait for a table. They do not take bookings. Don't expect to have an intimate moment with a date. The table are about an inch apart.

  • 3.0 star rating
    Listed in London Calling!

    As the Yelp stars suggest: this place is a-ok.

    And I feel like a jerkball (technical term) because so many respected Yelp-voices seem to love Mildred's.  So let's agree that I need to give it a second chance, ok?  Maybe I made a fatal mistake by not going for the much-celebrated risotto cake.

    First off: love the space.  Love that it cozily overflows at lunch time, and yet doesn't super-shoo me through my plates.  

    Also - as Kat F. keenly observed - it's a 'cool'/'non-weird' (ha) veggie/vegan-friendly place.  I'm a veggie lover, and my lunch buddy is borderline vegan, and we were happy as (soy protein based) clams.  


    I had the gyoza to start because I'm a sucker for a dumpling.  They were...not great, especially at the price of roughly a pound/each.  They were really small and the skins weren't sealed so it was impossible to dip them into the (delicious, note) chili sauce without all the innards falling out.  Dumpling architecture was off.

    We also had some guacamole and chips, which was totally fine.  Really lime-y (which I like!) and smooth (which I don't!).  Fair portion, I guess, but it was just...chips and gauc.

    As a main I was trying to keep my careening-towards-holiday-excesses promise to myself and had the detox salad.  Beet and carrot and seeds and fennel and some leaves all tossed together in a lime vinaigrette.  A lot of crunching; it was a nice, clean salad.  Energising.  Nice pile of crunch.

    I think what derailed the mood a little was one server who seemed to roll their eyes at any/everything.  It was kindof funny, but I don't know what set it off: stressful service? The rolling was in high gear when three separate tables requested tables different from the ones they were given (can fully sympathise that this would be frustrating within a small restaurant, but an obvious huffy eye-roll doesn't help, either).

    Yelp note: the neighbouring table had the burger of the day with massive wedged sweet potato fries.  Their plates looked BOMBDOTCOM.

  • 3.0 star rating
    23/3/2014 Updated review

    See this is why I hate going to the same place more than once. Its like a drug or something, its never going to be good as your first hit. The queue was horrendous because there's no where to chill as its so cramped...the staff were all very friendly and efficient though so made it more bearable. I feel I just made the wrong choices tonight which annoyed me a bit because I was really hungry and had been looking forward to it all day. I had the detox salad which was nothing special or exactly the most exciting dish on the menu and sweet potato fries as a side dish and gotta be honest....don't get why everyone is gassing them up so much! Plain to me. The pornstar Martini was good to be fair.

    5.0 star rating
    5/8/2013 Previous review
    See, now this is why I love Yelp so much! I read Alex S (OG) review of MIlreds the other day and… Read more
  • 5.0 star rating
    4 check-ins

    You know what is amazing? Meat. Steak, burgers, chicken, the works. If I'm sitting down to a meal, I'm going to order it with meat.

    Which is why I usually don't enjoy a vegetarian or vegan restaurant. Don't get me wrong, vegetables are good too. But when I go out to eat and I miss meat, I miss meat. I always dream about other places I could be where I could have be eating something more delicious than the vegetables in front of me.

    That was before Mildreds. Oh my god, Mildreds. You've changed my life and opened my eyes.

    I was brought here for a going away party for a friend who was a vegetarian and was, again, a little disappointed I had to go somewhere with no meat on the menu. How wrong I was. The meals they prepare here are amazing, from halloumi burgers to bean burritos. So good, you don't miss anything that isn't there, no matter what lifestyle you're into.

    Now, there are amazing things on the menu and you really can't go wrong with anything. However, if you're going for the thing, THE thing, it's got to be the risotto cake. One giant battered risotto ball in a creamy sauce with amazing greens. One of the BEST dishes in all of London.

    The space can get crazy. They take no reservations and while the restaurant goes back a while, it still only has a limited amount of tables. More than likely you'll wait for a table, but the wait is worth it.

    I still enjoy meat to no meat, but with Mildreds, it doesn't seem to matter that much. And that's the best review I can give.

  • 5.0 star rating
    7 check-ins

    How is it possible that I've never written a review for Mildred's?  It's only one of the best restaurants in Soho, despite being at the cheaper end (compared to, say, Bocca di Lupo or Barrafina) and somewhat heinously VEGETARIAN.  That's right, no meat here.  Not that you'd know it: the menu contains burgers and sausages, but ain't no horse in these babies.  It's all chickpeas and tofu.  But don't let that put you off!  Veggie or not, everything is bloody lovely, and quite upmarket too.

    Back in the good old days, they had a takeaway joint called Mrs Marengo's two doors down.  When they lost those premises, they crammed it into the front of Mildred's so if you're going with the intention of a sit-down meal, you'll have to navigate your way through legions of customers inspecting the beetroot and quinoa salads.  If you're going for takeaway yourself, be prepared for potential mayhem (there's no immediately obvious queuing system and impatient sit-down customers will be huffing and puffing their way around you) but don't worry, the wait is usually shorter than Mrs M's used to be due - I suspect - to the decline in hot food orders, and it's worth it because their salads, whilst far from the cheapest in the area, are gorgeous.  They do like their dressings, though, so you'll be kidding yourself if you reckon it's totes healthy.

    The full sit-down meal is a genuine treat.  Their tofu, apple and bean sausages are not only hearty and satisfying but a really inventive twist on a classic.  They have one of the most creative menus I've ever seen, vegetarian or otherwise, and the fact that they do the whole thing with only fruits of the earth is truly impressive.  Eating at Mildred's is a genuinely happy experience.

    Prices, perhaps, are on the high side; considering the cost of meat these days and the obvious lack of it here, I am a little resentful to find myself paying the better part a tenner for some stir-fried veg.  But I'll forgive them because for every dish the seasoning is perfect, presentation beautiful, and ingredients playful and unexpected.  The premises are light and staff friendly, and as such it's the first place I take people who drop by my office for a lunch-time visit, whether vegan or hard-core carnivore.

    They also do the best sweet potato fries in the whole city.  For serious.  My friend once walked there from Brixton just to get her fix on a Sunday afternoon only to find that they were closed and you know what?  She'd do it all over again.  (Although next time one can only hope that they'd be open at the end of it).

  • 5.0 star rating

    Mildred's offers a variety of dishes with international influences and with the options of vegan, gluten-free and wheat-free meals. They do not take reservations and the wait sometimes could be long, but it is well worth it. While waiting you can take advantage of their bar from wine to beer and specialty created cocktails.

    One of their main dishes I recommend is the Sri Lankan sweet potato and cashew nut curry. The dish is nicely presented with big sweet chunks of sweet potatoes with yellow basmati rice with green peas topped with cilantro and chopped cashews in a cashew nut curry. The flavor of the curry was complex with flavors of coconut, cardamom, turmeric and curry leaves with the chopped sweet cashews. The thick tomato sambal on the side had tomato, cilantro and a hint of coconut that provides freshness to the dish.

    As for dessert, I had their sticky toffee pudding. Their take on the sticky toffee pudding is presented like a slice of cake as oppose to most of the other versions of the pudding which were served as a circular shape drenched in sauce. It had a cake-like texture rather than a soaked pudding. The rich and sweet sauce was lightened by the sweet cream served on the side.

    Good food and a great staff. A true gem to dine at. I would definitely return to Mildreds next time I am back in London.

  • 5.0 star rating

    So delicious and so many things to like about this place. For one, it's vegetarian. Two, constantly busy, but we managed to get seated relatively quickly.  Three, we were never rushed. Four, did I already mention delicious?

    I went with the smoked tofu, apple and bean sausages, essentially their version of bangers and mash. The sausages held together nicely, mashed potato was fantastic, and so was the kale. Washed it down with a banana, honey and soya milk smoothie. I also ate a big part of my friend's dessert: coconut black rice pudding with mango compote and coconut flakes. Heavenly, and not super sweet, which I appreciated even more.

    Probably my favorite meal in London. Dishoom was a very close second. Thank goodness this was recommended in my guidebook!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Came in during busy hour, but the wait wasn't long at all. Had great wine in lively fun bar while we waited. Service was really nice and all options well marked vegan. Excellent appetizers, entrees, desserts. Excellent meal with local but vegetarian favorites from start to finish.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Surprisingly bad service. From forgotten drinks, to wrong entrees being served, to a double charge on beer, to servers who couldn't seem to care, dining at Mildred's was chaos. We asked for 3 small plates to share starters, the waiter gave us 2, saying 3 was a waste. In general, the waitstaff were stressed, forgetful, and rude. One even walked away when I tried to order ice cream. When we asked again, she said the kitchen was closed. Seriously? You can't scoop ice cream?!?!

    Our food was ok, I've been a vegetarian for nearly 20 years, and found their food lacking; it was ok, but not worth the 30 minute wait. My risotto cake, suggested by the waiter, was in this awful horseradish cream sauce. I love horseradish, but this was tangy in all the wrong ways.

    Nearing the end of our meal, we were practically forced out as they were closing so early.

    (Returned to edit this back in--looks like it was removed by Yelp) I'm not sure why my comment in this post was deleted, but, we were the only multi-ethnic table there at Mildred's and they were rude. Seating people in front of us, good served to us well after people who'd ordered after us. In general, I only felt welcome when I (white person) came in by myself. When my friends joined me, Mildred's turned off the charm.

    Don't waste your time and money with this place.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in ROTD 24/6/2013

    (For my 200th review, I was lucky to have a backlog of reviews to choose from, and am proud to recognize this excellent experience with a five star review!)

    Ah Mildred's. What a lovely place to have dinner, despite the bittersweet circumstances. It was former-London Yelp Elite (now San Francisco Yelp Elite) Eliza D's going-away dinner, and she chose Mildred's. A small group of friends, many of which were Yelpers, found ourselves cozied into this cheery restaurant to try our hands at the vegetarian thing.

    It ended up by complete coincidence that we all ordered something different. I wanted to try everyone's, but didn't, because I didn't want to have to share my burrito, which was hands down the best vegetarian burrito I've ever had, and one of the best Mexican meals I've had in the city. Prices are totally standard for London (I think we ended up splitting it out to £18 each, and we bought a bottle of wine in there), and quite good for the Soho/Picadilly area.

    I'd highly recommend calling for reservations, even for a small group. We were lucky enough to get in without one for an early Saturday night dinner, but I won't leave it to chance next time.

  • 4.0 star rating
    3 check-ins

    I've had a variety of great and terrible experiences here. And that does seem to be the norm these days. The food is overall really nice, it's the service that can be lacking.

    Last year was the worst. At lunch we waited longer for food than everyone around who ordered after us, was brought the wrong food, the correct food was cold and with hair in it. Not even a "sorry" from the staff, just bitterness. And that's why I haven't been back in a year.

    Last week I took a gaggle of out-of-towners for dinner here because it has something for everyone and it was DELIGHTFUL! Excellent and attentive service, great ambiance, didn't wait very long, the food was superb- wowing the sceptical omnivores to the jaded vegans! It has absolutely renewed my faith in them and I will definitely be bringing friends here for the dinner service!

  • 2.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    So... as a veggie, you kinda feel obliged to LIKE vegetarian restaurants.  So I did try, I really did try.
    But, the service was grudging; the noise level was unpleasantly high; the food was barely passable (standard wholefood mush); and the price way exceeded that of a "normal" good restaurant in this area (e.g. Cafe Gourmand next door but two).
    I did my best ..

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Veggie paradise!

    At the tail end of a VERY long week, no groceries, a veggie pal in town...we needed a late lunch (ooops, we didn't even wake up until noon!) for shopping sustenance.

    We were greeted warmly, ushered in from the never-ending rain (seriously, they are not lying about the rain over here), situated at a two-top near the quaint back area and equipped with water...and a bloody mary for me. It went down like a champ. I figured it was like a smoothie that might take the edge off. It was!

    I had the middle eastern meze with beetroot yoghurt dip, chilli feta dip, tabouleh, pepper stuffed baby aubergine, rice and mint filled vine leaf and flat bread. It was absolutely incredible. Super fresh, so filling, bright, beautiful veggies.

    Service got a bit hit or miss as the meal wore on, but nothing to worry over. Just took a lot longer than we had anticipated, but they did get very busy. They are in a prime location.

    London isn't the easiest place to be a vegan/veggie, eh? Have no fear, make a stop over to Mildreds.

    I'm dreaming of the beetroot yoghurt dip as I type this. OMG. Get it.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    So, after reading raving reviews about this little veggie gem I finally made it a priority to go last night. And I was not disappointed.

    We arrived around 7pm to a packed room so we started off sitting outside indulging in cava (they were out of prosecco) and chatting. Really nice way to start off.

    After 30-40 minutes, we were seated. And I have to say, I just love looking at a menu and wanting to eat every single dish. It all sounded so delicious! Not being able to make up our minds, my friend and I decided for 3 starters (!) and two mains.

    All together we had the beetroot salad, the grilled halloumi and the dumplings for starters, while for mains we decided for the sweet potato curry and Asian stir fry.

    Everything was great - really good. I have wheat allergies and didn't taste the dumplings, but from what I understood they were divine. The beetroot salad was also quite good, however, the grilled halloumi was out of this world. Yum!

    I have to admit that we were so stuffed after starters, that we didn't really have the appetite to seriously dig into our mains. Such a shame as they were gorgeous.

    Another friend joined us later and had some chocolate cake with his cava - and told us it was just OK. We took his word for it, no room left for tasting.

    I would go back any day! :-D

  • 4.0 star rating
    ROTD 21/11/2012

    I took my wife here for lunch last Saturday, although I was late and by the time I had arrived, she had filled up on Starters.
    This is mainly becuase the portions here are a pretty decent size; I had the ravioli, and my wife a Tostada.
    The tostada was really good and so we ended up swapping plates, but the ravioli was also fantastic, with the sauce being the right combination of flavours.
    The veggie burger here was also really good, and kept me going for about 6 hours afterwards! (though the sweet potato fries may have had something to do with that).
    In conclusion I would definitely go again.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I think Mildred's may be my new favorite restaurant in London, and that's saying a lot. The building and atmosphere are lovely, with a very cozy feel. The food was incredible! We shared two dishes, the pumpkin ravioli and the basil risotto cakes. Both were delicious. Mildred's reminds me a lot of another vegetarian institution, Greens's, in San Francisco. I would recommend getting to Mildred's by 5:45 in order to be seated before the dinner rush.

    tldr: a London must.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Looking for a nice dinner spot before a Play & Mildred's fit the bill perfectly. Luckily I needed an early dinner to make my show so I got there right before the huge dinner rush - the place was slammed by the time I left

    Drinky included the best elderflower sparklie drink that was so incredibly yummy - add a bit of vodka & we're talking YUM!

    I had read a lot of great things about their veggie burger but when I asked the server what she thought was better, she couldn't answer....so I went w/ a more traditional / only-in-London kind of dish instead

    Mushroom & Ale Pie w/ Chips & Mushy Peas - there was a strong rosemary undertone (or some other herb I can't really say) that gave this an interesting flavor, mixed w/ the Ale. The "pie" part was a nice phyllo-esque. Chips were somewhat dry but mixed nicely w/ the peas & "gravy" from the pie

    I was advised before ordering that I'd better like mushrooms b/c this had a lot & let's just say this thing was a *fungal overload* ( in a very good way! ) Huge variety of different mushrooms that added so much flavor complexity due to each soaking up the herbs & gravy in such a different way - amazing

    Sticky Toffee Pudding for dessert was super-delish! Nice & caramely w/ a strong toffee flavor - adding ice cream (or rice cream) would have put this over the top but was still a decadent treat indeed!

    Lots of other yummy sounding dishes to try & I'll def be back!

  • 2.0 star rating

    Caution: fickle veggie alert! From reading past Yelper reviews of Mildred's in Soho, I know this place is very popular so I feel naughty posting a not so nice review. As far as queuing goes, we waltzed right in and got a table immediately. Our waiter gave me the smug look of superiority as I dared to order a Diet Coke. No corporate companies here, all organic juices and freedom beer - fair play to them!

    With a bit of lunchtime rush I went for the soup of the day - Pumpkin and Carrot. It arrived in a brilliant dash of yellow flecked with parsley. Wow I was salivating already; this was quickly followed by disappointment. The distinct taste of the pumpkin was robbed by the overpowering flavour of chilli, making it quite spicy to my shy tastebuds. Never one for liking hot, spicy food I left most of it in the bowl. I can't understand why they would add this to the soup; no pumpkin/squash soup recipes I have ever seen incorporate chilli. But once I tasted the accompanying bread I sussed. The focaccia was soft, a touch salty and also chock full of spices, same for the rustic brown bread. After a couple of bites of everything, it felt like I had swallowed a spice rack.

    Vegetarian food is often accused of being bland, boring and tasteless. Mildred's seems to be ensuring that no-one dismiss its food this way by totally overcompensating on the spices. While I won't be running back there any time soon, I would like to try the burgers, burritos and salads I saw whizzing by.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Vegetarian food that fills you up FTW!

    You guys, Mildred knows her stuff, and her busy little restaurant is worth the inevitable wait. Our party of 5 (awww scott wolf) had to be seated in the special upstairs room, usually reserved for private parties, and adorned with vintage (and may i say explicit?) porn on the walls.

    After sharing some delectable hummous and babaganoush for a starter, I tucked into the daily special -- an apple, fennel, and beetroot stew with "giant" couscous. I think the "giant" part sucked me in. Unfortunately, the stew was a bit heavy on the beetroot, and I was sorry I didn't order something that came with those delectable sweet potato fries. What is it about those tasty little fellas?

    Dessert: a fruit crumble (the fruit in it changes daily, mine was apple) sans cream that was absolutely scrumtrulescent. Piping hot apples beneath the sugary crumbly crumble. Yum. (Dessert has become a standard when dining out during Sober September for obvious reasons.)

    Everything else at the table looked immense and I heard nothing but "mmmmms" all around me.

  • 5.0 star rating
    ROTD 28/9/2010

    This place is has an understated facade, which is a good thing, its like its trying to keep a good thing under wraps. So i felt even better for arriving. Straight over to the bar while waiting for friends. Its quite cramped at the front where the bar is but i think that added to the atmosphere. There are some lovely tables that look out of the window on to the street filled with pedestrians mainly, the scale of the street is quite intimate which gives it a specific sense of place.

    Pushing past the bar the space opens up to the restaurant which has a huge sky-light that makes it look ten time larger. You have to queue for a table but once youre seated just one look of the menu and you know youre in for a goodun. The service, highly attentive and pally type friendly in tune with the relaxed decor too. Food arrived in good time, well presented and clearly put together with great care.

    thinking back on the experience im changing this review from four as i write to five - there is simply nothing to complain of.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Yum yummy yum yum good for my tum tum.

    I went here with my sister a few months back and was really impressed. Both of us have been veggie since we were kids and our mum has spoilt us with great home cooked vegetarian dishes all our lives so it takes a lot to get us excited about veggie food. The place is quite small and does get busy quick so I'd book or go early. This is the only reason why the place hasn't got 5 stars. But saying that, if it was any bigger I think it would lose some of it's friendly and warm atmosphere.

    They have great sweet potato chips and the menu has a huge selection of tasty dishes. I thought is was well priced for what you were getting and overall it was a great meal out.

    Also, for you celeb spotters out there, Keria Knightly is often in here so keep a eye out in case she pinches a chip off your plate!

  • 2.0 star rating

    Right just to get this clear i'm no veggie hippy, the closest i get is going to glast and sitting pissed in the stone circle.

    I thought oh what a nice place to go with a veggie having heard loads of good things about this place.  The fact that you can't book and it's always busy also i thought a good sign.
    was impressed with the menu, i didn't realise just how many things you could do with a carrot?
    I ordered the asian vegetable stirfry which was ok but really just consisted of spring onions and a bit of brocolli.  The fake sausages look alot better and i had slight food envy over them :(

    the service was pretty shit we had to wait ages for our meals and i felt a little scared by the waitress!  Clearly no time for niceness!

    Erm....take me to bodeans QUICK!!

  • 5.0 star rating
    Listed in My London favs

    Loved Mildred's! As a quasi-vegan from San Francisco, I've been on the hunt for solid vegetarian food in London (preferably something other than Indian). So, I was delighted to find Mildred's. We went on a Friday night and it was jam-packed. But the service was excellent -- we were able to get a drink while we waited and the wait staff took extra good care of us.

    My friend tried the mushroom pie with mushy peas. The dish was a little on the salty side, but very good. We LOVED the sweet potato fries as a starter... and I tried the vegan special version of bangers and mash. Oh, and save room for pudding! It will be hard, but you won't regret it when you bite into the fruit crumble and vegan ice cream.

    Thank goodness for you, Mildred... and your vegetarian ways. I'll be back soon.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Decent veggie place.

    I was not too impressed by the waiters, with impatient slightly snobbish attitudes. On top of which they automatically add 12.5% tip to your bill. I you can get past all that, the food is quite good. I am a fan of their appetizer dumplings. I can  go for a second round of those dumplings right now! The main course is average, but the nice decor makes this restaurant a decent place to visit.

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