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Mews Brasserie, London
Mews Brasserie, London
Mews Brasserie, London

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  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    A date brought me to this sexy cocktail bar for pre-dinner drinks the other week. Gorgeous weather meant we swapped the black leather banquettes inside for an outdoor table for two. It's tucked away down an alleyway so you don't get much of a view other than the bar opposite, but it still works great for beautiful-people-watching and pretending you're somewhere more exotic.

    I couldn't fault the service here and just a look is enough to get their attention. Nice touch when it gets a little colder is that they turn on the outdoor heaters and even offer you a blanket to keep you snuggly warm!

    I'm also going to put it out there that I think this is the home of the best lychee martini in London. Any dissenters are welcome to take me out to prove me wrong ;)

    Unbeknownst to my proud date, I'd actually been here a few times already: once for work drinks when I spotted Gareth Gates (I'll let you decide whether that's a plus or a minus for you!), twice for friends' birthday drinks in the club downstairs, and finally when I organised a stop here on my best friend's hen do. On that occasion, the manager Jonny and his staff were stars to work with in getting all the arrangements sorted, and between their hosting skills and an awesome DJ we had a night of five-star fun (cementing our position as 'best bridesmaids everrrr!!').

    Solid date choice and a classy clubbing option - I'll be back for more martini loving :)

    Lucy L.
    Comment from Lucy L. of Mews Brasserie
    Business Manager
    20/8/2014 Hi Sanj, Thank you for your amazing review! I am so glad you had such a wonderful experience. Have… Read more
  • 4.0 star rating

    Mews is what a cat does. It should not be what a small street is named. That's crazy, London. Get your life together.

    I came here with a group of five other guys. I'm a guy too. That makes six guys. Just doing that math for you in case you were as bright as the guy who came up with the word Mews for a road.

    This place is pretty cool. I'd say you should check it out but I don't know you so I don't know if that is good or terrible advice. I will assume it is good advice so I can sleep well tonight...and for many nights to come.

    The bathrooms are a little tricky. You have to share a small sink area with the opposite gender. I don't mind that, but sometimes it is tricky. I guess it depends how much you need to wash your hands. There are also book pages used as wallpaper. I got lost reading for a while. It was captivating. Hence the need for excessive handwashing.

    I can't remember what I ate. But I do remember that I only drank water that night and that I still felt like I was getting a little drunk. Sometimes that happens to me when I drink too much water. Especially when I'm in London. Not sure what that's about. I think I will call my physician tomorrow.

    We got scolded for speaking too loudly outside as we left the restaurant. It wasn't that late and we weren't that loud. I think somebody was just cranky.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    This place was a little too *posh* if you know what I mean.  Just because something has the word mayfair on it doesn't mean that it has an excuse to jack up its prices and ignore its customers.

    Lucy L.
    Comment from Lucy L. of Mews Brasserie
    Business Manager
    20/8/2014 Hi John, Have you tried our sister venue Mayfair Pizza Co.? It is next door and offers a delicious… Read more
  • 3.0 star rating

    Mews of Mayfair is located in a small small court. I insist on small as there is only Mews and one other bar (which i suspect share the same owner) in that smal small court.
    The court is lovely, hiding, and beautiful at night. Perfect for drinks outside with your friends. There are even some torches that keep you worm when it gets a bit chilly.
    I suggest you go on the website as it's well designed, and all info are in there.
    I can only give my opinion on 2 things:

    - The food, which i must say, is really not fantastic at all. Really not. It's kind of flat, not special flavors. I've tried the house burger, which was really poor. After all i'm fond of burgers, you can't play me on that subject.

    - The service was irregular, i can't say the waitress were bad as they were helpfull and smiling all along. But the organization is terrible, I've seen 3 different waitress over my meal, no appointed one, and there were always going back and forth, which was not efficient at all.

    So if you just want a place to chill with your friends in a nice setting, you can go there definetely.
    But please, for the love of food, don't go there to have dinner, as there are so many place in London where you can really enjoy your meal.

    Prices: £15-30 for a main meal, £9-12 a cocktail

  • 4.0 star rating

    After a frankly microscopic yet expensive meal, we were further dismayed upon realizing that we'd completely missed the boat on London's fashion night out.  Despite these setbacks, we were bound and determined to locate the aftaparty...or failing that, the afta aftaparty...or failing that, a waffle house.  That's how two transplants, one from Hollywood and Fats from NY, found themselves in a strange alley straight out of Harry Potter, following some glitterati-looking cool kids.  We followed them right into a subterranean bar, which also seemed like the only thing open at 11pm at night.

    The place was pretty swanky with ample low slung seating and an interesting crowd with sprinkles of tuxedo clad charity ball refugees and model-looking girls amongst a pride of young, attractive bankers.  We also found some unexpected sparkle in the form of an old friend from New York who'd recently moved to London for work.

    Unfortunately, on that Wednesday night, last call was 12:30am, and we were tucked into a cab by 1am after lingering over the last pricey (albeit delicious)drink.

    PARTING THOUGHTS: Is that real scotch in the display case by the door, or is that dyed water?  Why is the champagne bottle on the bar caged?

  • 5.0 star rating

    Great British food. Cozy sophisticated bar lounge. Great for a first date or outing with close friends. In door and out door seating. Club downstairs for dancing the night away if you feel like continuing your evening. A little hidden gem. Good for private functions and they offer wine tastings and other event options.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Hey this was a fun little place we discovered while walking an we got hungry.  Tucked away in some tiny ally this restaurant/lounge is perfect for a nice bite. At first we wanted to sit inside but change sour minds and sat outside, they had space heaters cause it was December but u have to be lucky to sit close enough to one. The service was excellent and so was the food. But it is quite costly heck it's just off Bond Street :) so come prepared.

    Lucy L.
    Comment from Lucy L. of Mews Brasserie
    Business Manager
    20/8/2014 Hi Nina, Thank you for taking the time to write a review for us! I am so glad you had such a… Read more
    • Qype User John…
    • Brighton
    • 32 friends
    • 128 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Mews of Mayfair

    Tucked away down a passage way off New Bond Street, this place is worth seeking out. Perhaps best kept for a special occasion or business lunch, Mews of Mayfair will impress nevertheless. The ground level is a study in retro chic and an ideal place to meet your guests over an aperitif; upstairs is light-filled minimalism with the emphasis rightly placed on what's going on your plate. For the 'wow' factor I suggest Assiette of Garstang Pork, Peas and Trompette de la Mort (that's a mushroom to you and me) washed down with a nice rosé.
    Attractive staff with beautiful manners.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Awesome place. Extensive menu. All three of us had grilled chicken with exotic mushrooms plus chips.  Delish.  Service was just average.  Adorable neighborhood. Loved the " help yourself" huge candy jars on the way out.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Came to this place completely by chance while walking around Mayfair on Sunday and looking for a sunday roast. I will not comment about the bar but mostly about the experience we had in the restaurant.

    Service is excellent and all staff are friendly and attentive. The food was really beautiful and all dishes are quite generous. So really a rather positive experience. Fair to say that it is an expensive restaurant but the food is high standard so makes sense.

    Only small drawbacks were the fact that waiters always felt the need to keep serving us the wine until the bottle was finished, and despite our glass being already full. To note: it's not because the bottle is finished that we will order another one....

    And despite the tiramisu being excellent, it was a huge portion (more like 4 portions). I'm not a big fan of desserts but clearly after such generous dishes before, we could have done with half of that Tiramisu.

    • Qype User mattni…
    • London
    • 31 friends
    • 141 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Mews of Mayfair is a lovely lounge/restaurant.
    A very relaxed atmosphere, amazing décor, and a great crowd.
    The food is great, I've been there twice and enjoyed it thoroughly,
    perfect place to chill at night time, over a drink, good musicalways on my list!

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    The waitress was pretty nice to us and she put us in a private room facing the street, but most of the people on the street were smoking and all the smoke ended up in our private room. The drinks were good the ambiance excellent but the smoke intolerable.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I was meeting an old friend who was in town and his friend took us along to this spot, hidden away in this alley I had had no idea about (don't you love this about London? The many secrets to discover!). We went upstairs to the restaurant and were told there would be a wait so we trotted down to the cocktail bar (leather sofas and dim lighting, mmm) to wait. The three of us were a bit formal and awkward to start with (It was the first time I was meeting the friend of my friend) but things got less so after the cocktails came around. The cocktail offerings in this establishment are absolutely ace, might I say. I went for one of the whisky cocktails, New Highland, because you just don't see enough of these, in my opinion - the drink is tasty but potent, not designed for wimps!

    We were ushered into the restaurant before we were halfway done with our drinks and the waitstaff transferred all the drinks over to our corner table seamlessly, taking care to put away our coats and bags in the adjacent cloakroom. I enjoyed the banter with our Scottish waiter who highly approved of my choice of cocktail made with Glenmorangie Original.

    I note that the menu has changed since my visit to the establishment in winter. I had some delish Pumpkin soup for starters, followed by a generous portion of King Prawns and vegetables with Sweet Chilli sauce for mains. I had initially planned to go for another dish but the waiter informed me that the preparation hadn't turned out quite as well on the day as they would have hoped, and he steered me towards the prawns and I didn't regret it. The grilled fish that my friend had ordered looked like a catch too, might I say (no puns intended, of course :P). We followed the mains with a shared dessert of very chocolatey mousse, which I find a tad too rich for my palate after the rather heavy dinner. Our coffee came with a generous serving of excellent petit fours for the table - if I'd known, I might have skipped dessert! We had to rush out of the dinner because of various reasons, but the waiters were prompt with bringing the bill and offering us our coats etc - I was pleased with the service considering the restaurant was well busy through all of this!

    So why only 4 stars? Because at this price, you would expect a lot of what is on offer. And the food is obviously fresh and well made but it lacked memorability - I'm struggling to remember the taste of the not inexpensive food, and that justifies taking one star off. Also, my friend paid for this meal (terribly generous and unexpected!) which is why I might have a more favourable view of the restaurant than might otherwise be justified, so I must desist. But I do reiterate, the cocktail certainly kicked ass!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Fun location down a small alley.  The Mews restaurant is upstairs inside.  They also have an outside location in good weather.  Call and clarify what you're going to get.
    Service is very efficient and pleasant.  The food is good, not great.  The menu is somewhat odd - pubby food with a few upscale accents.  We each had grilled sandwiches then shared mac & cheese, rocket salad & wilted spinach.  The sides were tasty.  The sandwiches were bread-y.  Avoid them.  But go to Mews.  Very fun find.

  • 5.0 star rating
    First to Review

    I love this place - tucked away in a mews and with a very relaxed atmosphere. I usually drop by for a coffee or two when I am in the area and the staff are fab - some places get a bit funny if you don't order one of the more expensive drinks but they have always been lovely. Great place to unwind after experiencing the madness of Oxford Street.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Great food. The veal was great. The lamb was very good. Overall the kids enjoyed it very much.

    • Qype User jamier…
    • London
    • 4 friends
    • 100 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Good food, wasn't mad about the new potatoes and the wine though. A bit forgettable all-in-all.

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