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  • 4.0 star rating

    Good burger, really good.
    Tasty and well done.

    I tried the dead hippie burger. The patty has a mustard sauce with lots if spices. It has a lot if flavor but the burger itself is really small.

    They have chili fries and they are really good. The fries themselves are really boring.

    Have a root beer float, it's delicious and goes well with the burger.

  • 2.0 star rating

    The most expensive place we ate at during our stay in London.

    Their beer selection is slim to none and only served in cans. Overpriced cans.

    We got four CANS of beer, 2 hamburgers, and 2 fries and the total was $75USD.

    Super silly pricing. The only reason I'm giving this places TWO stars is because the burgers weren't bad.

    Definitely not deserving of the price I paid, but they were good none the less.

    I would most likely not recommend this place, only because it was just so ridiculously expensive for the little amount you got.

    I didn't even leave with a BUZZ. Dang...

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I've been a MEATer since back in the day of chasing down the 'Wagon. Those were the magic days, with Yianni at the helm, churning out some truly delicious burgers. Wagon burgers are still the best I've ever had, anywhere.

    Then came the days of trekking out to New Cross for MeatEasy, getting there before the doors open to have a chance of getting home to north London sometime before midnight. Again, great burgers but it's here the shine wears off a bit.

    So now we get to MEATLiquor. I'm not a fan of the look and feel of the venue but hey, I'm not there to look around. I have a pretty set order - bacon cheeseburger, and deep fried pickles but I sub the blue cheese dip for hippie sauce. Right now seems to be a good time at ML. The staff are better than when they opened, it's busy enough to feel buzzy but without a constant queue. The food is good but that great edge from the wagon is gone. The bacon isn't quite as bacony, the burger not as luscious, and the deep fried pickles are always a little too salty (but I'm a trooper). Still though, I don't leave hungry!

    I'm not a big fan of the metal serving trays - they're trendy, I know, but the piece of paper that goes on top of the tray always gets all wet and icky from the juicy burger. I don't want to eat paper... I also think that a burger joint has no business putting a service charge on the bill. You want to know why your wait staff wasn't getting good tips? They were awful. They're better now, but not service charge good. I also did not appreciate the £1 charity donation put on to my bill. I donate to my own charities in my own way, and shouldn't be forced to support or feel shamed if I want it taken off the bill. Between the service charge and charity 'donation', my pickles, bacon cheeseburger, and single coke came to £16.50. Just too expensive to be anything other than a once or twice a year treat. Sure, it's not expensive in the grand scheme of London eating, but without the shine that Yianni brings when behind the grill, it's just that little bit too much to make me feel resentful.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I Tried to visit this place a couple of times but it was always too busy. Today it was very quiet so I popped in for some food. Not a fan of the interior at all, too dark and noisy and not very comfortable. I ordered the buffalo chicken burger and a side order of fries. The burger was very tasty and not too spicy. It was a decent size but not sure it was worth the money without a side.

    Overall not overly impressed, not sure what all the hype was about...

  • 2.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    We came here for a late night bite, after 10pm on a school night.  Most other places were closed, but we heard that the kitchen here was open until 11pm.  Meat Liquor had been one of my bookmarks for a while, but I hadn't visited it until this time.

    There was only one of the burgers available, as the kitchen was in the process of closing for the night, but I wasn't too worried about that.  Unfortunately, I was underwhelmed by the meal.  The bun ended up being a mushy mess and it was a bit gross to eat.  The filling was ok, but not good enough to offset the disappointing bun.

    The staff were friendly, but I was too disappointed by the food to return.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Meat liquor is great! But I always leave there feeling beyond greasy and guilty ! The burgers are cooked in butter !! I don't even want to think about the amount of far in they food. I love the fried pickles , the chilli cheese fries and the burgers of course ! It's sloppy greasy and dirty (in a good way) the inside of the restaurant is dark and alternative like you crawled into a death rocker gothic cave in New Orleans , hard to explain. Cocktails are great too! I would suggest going at odd times of the day as the lines/Q are out the door. Possibly I try around 11pm or other off hours of the day so you don't have to wait , they do not take reservations. If there is a cue I don't want as there are plenty of other great places to eat in central London. If there is not a long cue I suggest you give it a try !

  • 4.0 star rating

    Came for the burger and stayed for the deep fried pickles!
    A really good place this especially if you can go off peak and avoid queuing. Proper dirty burgers that are too messy to eat with your hands. Will definitely go back to try other things on the menu that also looked great.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Solid burger - it is a good burger joint. The patty is thick and sizable but what makes this burger is their at tension to the rest... Pickles are nice and thick, right amour of grease, good size bun with the right texture and slight sweetness... It is a really great combination of flavours and texture.

    We had hippi fries, cheese burger, bacon cheese burger and they were all great. Especially hippi fries... One of the few times I actually enjoyed paying extra on fries... This is if you like the flavour of sautéed onions.

    The only downside of the place for me is smell and lack of bright light. I understand that the venue is going for grunge look and feel but the place smells like old, stale bars... With no burger smell! Also it is too dark for me... Call me old school but I prefer enough lights to see what I am exactly eating.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in


    Queing, very loud music and over rated burgers.

    I went here because my colleagues were raving about this place.
    Looking for the best burger around the world it seemed like I had to try this place.
    Unfortunately it felt like I was in San Francisco to que outside (even as a single person) and there is not much I dislike more than that.

    Inside it is very dark and very loud (apparently they have their own 24/7 radio station with random music) and not very clear what you have to do. Some people do have to que at the bar, others are seated and can order there. The please must be great for groups, because you can sit, drink and shout all that you want.

    There were only 2 beers on the menu, which is very disappointing. They come in cans and a frozen glass. The glass was very nice, keeps the beer nice and chilled.

    The burger I ordered was the Cheese/Bacon medium rare. When I got the burger, it wasn't really medium rare, rather medium well and it had a very strong smoke taste.

    The bun was good, patty nice and thick (though a bit on the dry side) and the sauce ok. All and all an average burger which doesn't score very high on my 'best burger of the world list'.

    As a side I ordered the Chili Fries (with meat). This was a good option, I liked them a lot. Fries were nice and crisp (in the beginning) and the sauce and meat had a very nice flavour. This actually saved the meal, without the fries I would rated the place 2 stars.

    When I ordered a second beer, they messed up the order and I never received it. When I told the waitress she was great and took the first beer of the bill :)

    Would I go back: don't think so
    Would I recommend: If you are with a group looking for meet and drinks, maybe

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in ROTD 9/6/2014

    My meat liquor 'journey' goes all the way back to when they were just a little meat wagon that finally had a little pop up restaurant down in new cross. Back then, it already had quite a cult following, serving the same good ol' greasy, tasty, heartfelt food. Fast forward (maybe) three years later and here we are! Admittedly, I am VERY late on this review game but LOOK AT THAT LITTLE WAGON THAT COULD!! Oh you make me smile :')

    There's something incredibly visceral about this place. The loud music, the way your voice echoes if seated under the dome, the soft splotching of fried batter covered in buffalo sauce as it falls on the paper-lined tray. And of course, the grease running between your fingers, the grease on your cheek, the sauce trying to escape everywhere and of course all of that goodness making merry in your mouth. You'd never be more thankful for kitchen towels.

    Buffalo chicken burger. YES. Deep fried pickles. YES. Onion rings. YES. Chilli fries. YES. Mushroom swiss burger. YES. Dead hippie burger. YES. Chilli dog. YES.

    Feel like Meat Liquor is the sort of place you have to visit (even if just once). And not because it's popular or 'cause of the hype. Without sounding too melodramatic, it almost is a bit of an experience!

    I can taste the buffalo chicken burger as I type this (in the middle of the night, obviously -.-") and damn, I think we're due for another visit!

  • 4.0 star rating

    The ambience of MEATliquor is something of an experience, with red lights and decor to resemble a slaughter house; this is not the place for a vegetarian to go. (Although they do have 1-2 meat free options).

    We waited less than most people do, and although it felt a bit long, it was nice to stand at the bar and chat with friends. If you're in a hurry, this is not the place for you.

    Food wise it is greasy as all other reviews say, to the point where you are given a kitchen towel roll to wipe your hands and arms as the grease goes everywhere.
    My personal favourite was the Bingo Wings, and I would be happy to go there just to have those wings again. They are a must to try!

    It's not as expensive as you think it would be, with the burgers ranging from £6.50 - £9, and they are filling.

    All in all it is a nice experience with friends, but you need to have extra time on your hands, and be ready for some greasy hands as well.

  • 4.0 star rating

    A great experience when it opened a few years back, but the food is still one of the top in the thin'n'sloppy burger field. While queueing and waiting inside does annoy some, it definitely builds anticipation and hunger.
    We shared onion rings (great big, crispy-on-the-outside juicy-on-the-inside ones) and chilli fries, along with a dead hippy each and a few beers. Full-force flavour, in the way only Americans and their imitators can deliver, matched with a price tag that you can (but probably shouldn't) sniff at.
    If you've not been and think you'll like it, then definitely do so. If what you're looking for is a bandwagon to catch when it's already 7 miles out of town, then I can't really help. You'll be elbow-to-elbow with someone, sucking juices off your fingers and making ample use of the kitchen rolls. Service was acceptable.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Food: My friend and I ordered the Green Chili Burger and the Dead Hippie Burger.  The Green Chili Burger was definitely much better than the Dead Hippie.  They push the Dead Hippie as their signature burger which I thought was just "ok".  We also ordered cheese fries which were average.  In hindsight, I would've ordered the regular fries.

    Drinks: We ordered two ciders.

    Price: 32.45 GBP for two people which in London is reasonable, but expensive when you think it's for burgers and fries.

    Ambiance: It's very dark inside, dingy with loud music.  If you're ok with that then you're good.

    Service: We went for lunch and luckily didn't have to queue up.  Our server was nice, but the food runner was rude.  She dumped the burgers and fries on our table with an attitude.

    Would I go back?  Yes, but not if I have to queue up.  It's not worth waiting outside in the queue for a long time.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    We visited early evening on a Monday. We found the service to be great and found our server to be friendly and helpful and attentive. The place was pretty empty so even though the music was loud, we didn't have to compete with loads of voices either. The music was varied and fitted the arty/moody exterior. Right up our street :)

    Usually when somewhere has a lot of hype and is popular we try and visit at a time when it's less likely to be busy. You can't really complain after getting drawn in to the popularity of a place.

    I'm from Sarf London so for drinks I ordered the Peckham Terminator ( which looked suitably girly - nice touch) and the New Cross Negroni. My husband ordered a Bourbon and Black - a boozy coke float. We were offered a jug of water without having to ask which is a small but impressive gesture. Usually you have to ask and it's brought over begrudgingly.

    Food wise he chose the red chilli and I decided to try my first cheesesteak - Mushroom cheese steak. We both enjoyed our choices. I particularly liked the steamed bun nature of mine. It was huge though so my husband finished it off for me.

    For sides we ordered the cheese fries and fried pickles. Controversially I think our faves were the sides which were even better then we expected - especially the pickles which had the perfect batter.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Cool atmosphere, good menu choice. I had the green chilli burger which was nice but not one of the best burgers I've ever had by any means - the food is definitely a bit overrated in my opinion.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Great place to go to when you fancy a really good dripping burger. It does what it aims to do perfectly which is a loud atmosphere, delicious and greasy food and strong booze.
    Top food picks: deep fried pickles and the dead hippie burger are not to be missed.

    I wouldn't recommend coming here with more than 4 people because larger groups take a while to be seated and because of the noise level it's unlikely you'd hear anyone more than a person away.

    All in all, come with one or two friends for the burgers, pickles and house grog but don't expect to be able to talk much (the food is good enough that you'll be busy eating anyway!)

  • 4.0 star rating

    It's taken me two bloody years to get my arse here, TWO BLOODY YEARS! Been to MEATmarket & Meatmission but never MEATliquor, that is until now!

    Did someone say queues? not anymore, with punters getting their burger kicks from else where in the city MEATliquor wasn't so busy, which meant we got a table with ease, don't get me wrong, it was still busy, but a comfortable busy.

    Now if you have read my other reviews you will know I'm a fan of the MEAT empire, I ordered my fav MEAT burger the 'Dead Hippie', it's my ultimate feel good burger, greasy, meaty and that special sauce,  get's me every time.  The sides were spot on as usual, deep fried pickles being my favorite.

    Service was quick and efficient, as to be expected.

    So after a couple of years of being talk of the town, MEATliquor still holds it's own in London's burger boom.  Still worth a visit.

  • 4.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    Oh, where do I begin? I'll cut to the chase, Buffalo Chicken Burger... extra Buffalo Sauce and Blue Cheese on the side please... that dish alone is worth five stars to me, and for some reason consistently better here then at their sister restaurant, Meat Mission.

    Where they lose a star, and I hate to say this, is that it just seems too cool for school here... I've had every form of customer service, ranging from bad to good, but where the Buffalo Chicken Burger wins here
    consistently Meat Mission has consistently better customer service, perhaps helped by it not being as loud or dark there as it is in Meat Liquor.

    Another reason for a lost star that both places share is something I find quite odd... I like chilli cheese fries, but prefer the chilli on the side so that I can add it as I see fit... so sue me! This type of request is not
    normally an issue at most places, but at both establishments I've been told that I can either have them with or without chilli, but not with the chilli on the side... so I essentially have to pay for chilli that I don't get... this urks me personally as I can't imagine how this would put them out,
    dollop it on the side instead of on the top... it's not exactly the most advanced form of science.

    But again, that dang Buffalo Chicken Burger... the best I've had this side of the pond while rivalling some of the best I've had stateside. The other dishes I've had here have been good, but I stick with the BCB and Chilli Cheese Fries sans Chilli (I love the mustard versus jalepeno taste they
    have even if I'm robbed of the chilli) consistently simply because my heart
    sings like Celine Deon and Mariah Carey's love child in their presence.

    They also have fried pickles, but more often than not they don't have much of a pickle kick so I shy away from them now... to be fair I see this at a lot of places though, both here and in the US. (Side note: this is why I
    LOVE the Panko Fried Olives at The Huxley in Edinburgh... they consistently retain their "bite"... I can't believe I haven't seen more of these little treasures.)

    The prices aren't that bad on food here to be honest, but as with many places they'll sting you on the cocktails... while creative, I've worked my way through enough of them to know they weren't my thing at this particular establishment so I stick to the beers personally.

    The place itself is a bit dungeon like, very dark and loud... it's a cool vibe, no doubt, but it can be a bit much if you're just hungry. The flipside of that is that if you're a tourist in the are reading this, craving some greasy food at a reasonable price for the area, it may be worth a visit just because it's so random compared to the outside of the
    building and area.

    Be warned though, despite being off of the main road queues still form at busy times and there's no saving seats... they won't seat you until your whole party is there - they even have a bouncer, complete with stamping apparatus, to keep the order.

    While some of the above seems to focus on the negative aspects please be assured that I will return here, no doubt many times... I assume that speaks for itself.

    Speaking of, now I'm craving that dang Buffalo Chicken Burger something terrible. ;-)

  • 2.0 star rating

    Two stars. One for the bartending and one for being near a Tube station.

    Let's start with the queuing process because it's a multi-step process.
    1. Get in the queue which wraps around the building outside. Note all the signage about queue jumping and how they have implemented a hand stamp policy but don't explain how to get a hand stamp. The queue outside of the building is the shortest of the queues you will stand in, so don't get too excited when you actually step foot inside the front door.

    2. Once at the front of the outside queue, the doorman will invite you into the entryway of the restaurant. You'll stand between the two sets of doors for anywhere from 5-10 minutes.

    3. At some point, the doorman will invite you into the restaurant where (s)he will direct you to a set of chairs next to the front door where you will sit and wait. Be thankful you get to sit down because you've probably already been waiting 20 minutes and you aren't even close to getting a table yet. Rest and maybe take a little cat nap. If you don't feel like napping, I recommend passing the time by allowing yourself to get adjusted the VERY LOUD music and VERY DIM lighting.

    4. After a short, noisy wait sitting on the chairs, the doorman will direct you to the bar where you will join the other 30 customers waiting for a table. Getting to the bar will be a challenge because people will stand next to the bar and not move. Getting drinks was actually the best part of our experience. The bartenders do a really good job of visually queuing people and handing out menus when it is their turn. We were able to consume one full cocktail and were about to order a second when the hostess came through the bar area screaming our name. Have I mentioned how loud the music is in this restaurant? It's way, way, way too loud.

    Once you link up with the hostess who has yelled your name, you will be brought to your table. I hope for your sake, you are not brought to the table we were seated at because it is the Bermuda Triangle of tables in the restaurant. We waited 40 minutes for a server to come and take our order. During this time, I saw two other tables be seated, eat, and leave. After we ordered, we again waited. It's safe to say that Meat Liquor has the worst service of any restaurant I have been to in London.

    In fact, when we were in part 3 of the queue, I made a comment to my husband about how it didn't look like there was table service because we never saw a server during our time waiting on the chairs.

    By the time we ordered, it had been 1 hour and 20 minutes from the time we got in the queue outside. Our food arrived an hour later. Again, I watched multiple tables be seated, eat, and leave while we were waiting or our food to arrive.

    Now the food. It's not great. It's not even really that good.

    Fried pickles - Americans, do not get your hopes up. These are not the fried pickles you get in the States. These are slices of pickles (not spears and not chips) which are then fried in "fish n' chip" batter. They are tasteless. Actually, they do taste like something: fried. The batter is wrong. The style of pickle is wrong. There is no seasoning and they are served with blue cheese instead of ranch (and our server told us they do not have ranch even though it clearly states on the menu that their fried chicken salad has ranch dressing). If you have had the delight of having a great basket of fried pickles in the states, do yourself a favor and don't order them at Meat Liquor.

    Coleslaw - the best part of the meal. Order it.

    Cheeseburger - greasy with a small bun and no flavor. A huge disappointment.

    Fries - skinny fries which were served ice cold and without any salt. Had we been able to find a server, we would have sent them back.

    Fried chicken sandwich - my husband has not left the toilet since eating his sandwich yesterday, if that tells you anything.

    Meat Liquor is all about the hype and, in my opinion, there is no reason to eat here. The queuing process is ridiculous. The food is average at best. It's super loud and dark in the restaurant (you will not be able to carry on a conversation with your friend seated next to you). And the service is horrible.

  • 3.0 star rating

    The food is good, but I would recommend fasting before and after you come here because it's all VERY greasy. But if you're looking for something salty and fatty, this is the place!

    We came here on a Saturday around 5:30p and had to queue for about a half hour. The line grew very quickly so I'd recommend coming earlier rather than later. The queuing experience was surprisingly pleasant because they offered us onion rings and fried pickles! (I'd recommend the pickles.)

    We ordered the cheeseburger, cheese fries, and wings. Everything was salty and a teeny bit overly soggy. The wings were really good and the portion was quite generous. If I return, I'd skip the cheese fries because they were soft and the cheddar had completely solidified over the fries. As for the burger, I prefer Honest Burger over Meat Liquor's.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I went here for a birthday dinner full of greasy, delicious burgers and insanely good fries.

    There's no wait if you go midday, and while the strange crimson ambient lighting renders all proper photo attempts fruitless, it's got a good vibe and a great soundtrack.

    It doesn't top Honest Burgers, but it's still one of my favs in London.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Well meat liquor is the BBQ equivalent of an Abercrombie and Fitch. It's way too dark.  The music is far too loud and the young folk seem to love it. The food is pretty nice but the menu is limited to burgers, which I found irritating as I wanted meat. The lack of vinegar added to my irritation - hence the 3 stars. I prefer Bodeans to this place. Apparently Patty and Bun is good too, but as Bodeans has been a twin birthday venue for some years I'm biased to their way of 'cue.

  • 2.0 star rating
    27/4/2014 Updated review
    1 check-in

    The Englishman brought me to MeatLiquor a year ago. We weren't impressed then, and I'm less impressed now.

    If you sign up on their website, you can get a free drink before April 30th. Seeing this, I thought it would be a nice treat if we went back to MeatLiquor knowing what to fully expect this time.

    Shout out to Camie T. for her review. It's spot on, although her experience was worse than ours. She has described the experience and the food to a T. Now I understand why somewhere so popular is tempting people to come in for a free drink.

    First, there is always a 45-60 minute queue to get in. Wouldn't be as bad if the queue wasn't lined with rubbish bins. However, this time they brought out a tray of onion rings and deep fried pickles to munch on while you're waiting (Take heed: I watched a girl DOUBLE DIP in the blue cheese sauce at the beginning of the line and the guy continued serving the dip to the rest of the line. GROSS. Don't try the dip unless you order it yourself. This goes to show, never trust public food.) They do have outdoor heaters to make the wait a bit more enjoyable.

    Usually, you have to wait an hour outside and at least half an hour in the bar to get a seat. We lucked out last night and were seated immediately after waiting outside, as we were a party of 2. There were still loads of people waiting at the door and the bar.

    It is way too dark and way too loud. Last year, I thought this was cool. This year, I was sitting directly next to the Englishman at bar style seating, and we had to shout into each other's ear to have a conversation. Thank God we weren't seated in a booth, we'd have to text to communicate. This is all part of the "I don't give a s**t" attitude that Meat Liquor projects. This attitude can only work to certain degree before customers start getting fed up with being treated like nothing. It even says so on the menu (something to the effect of you can have what you want on your burger, followed by "I don't care."), followed by a line at the bottom saying don't be embarrassed to ask for your order to be fixed. Sounds like maybe they might actually care a little, eh? Nope. See below.

    This is where we start to have issues. Upon being seated, the Englishman went to the bar to use our vouchers. 15 minutes later he comes back empty handed, as you must order the drink from a set menu that the server has. Okay, that was fine - a bit frustrating, but fine. We didn't expect much for free. During that time, I saved our table and spent the entire time trying to figure out who our server was. None of the servers made eye contact with customers. No one came over. Nothing. Finally, thirty minutes after being seated, we managed to call our server over (well, we think she was our server... it's not like she introduced herself or anything). After explaining we had the voucher, she asked what drink we would like. We ordered and we told blankly that we could only have a Donkey Punch. Sorry, what was the point of asking us what drink we wanted if we could only have the one? My second issue, is that the Donkey Punch is a drink priced at £7.50. There are other drinks priced for £7.50 that we asked if we could switch for something of the same price, only to be told in a "I don't give a s**t" attitude, "No." That's fine, we tried something new and drank the Donkey Punch and then ordered the drinks we were hoping for. That attitude remained for the rest of the interactions (few and far between as they were with our server). Rude.

    We ordered a chilli cheeseburger, the mushroom swiss burger and chicken wings, a Zombie and a Game Over to share. It came to about £20 for each of us.

    My issue with Meat Liquor is not the food. I really enjoyed the chilli cheeseburger and the Englishman said he really enjoyed his meal.

    However, our issue lies with the service. Our server never came over at any point after ordering. She wasn't around. She never checked in with us. We had to get her attention every time. When we got the bill, it included an expected service change. We were offended that we were expected to pay this after being neglected for the entire time we were there. I realize that they made this mandatory, as the attitude of the servers means if tipping was optional, they wouldn't get anything. While we were debating this charge, our server came over twice within a few minutes to get the payment. She wasn't around the whole time, yet she was like a hawk when it came to taking our money. We asked our server if it was mandatory to pay this and she was genuinely offended that we didn't want to pay it. She asked why and when we gave the first reason (of many more to follow) she seemed genuinely disinterested and non-apologetic, took our money and left without a word. Usually, in other restaurants when all the servers seem to be genuinely disinterested, the cause usually lies with poor management.

    I won't be going back again.

    3.0 star rating
    26/7/2013 Previous review
    Overrated. We went for dinner one night after the boyfriend had been meaning to visit for a long… Read more
  • 3.0 star rating

    This is review of the food not the atmosphere which gets a higher rating. I ordered the cheese burger and onion rings both came warm not hot onion rings were unique very crispy shame they were not hot. Burger was nothing to write home about. Blue cheese dip and hippie sauce not much to say. If you haven't anyplace other to go then ye but not worth the queue and wait.

    Thing that I hated is that they added a pound to your bill for some charity they are involved in with out the waitresses even telling you before hand the only indication is on your bill and on a small note at your your table briefly explaining what the charity about. I don't think it's fair to pressure peoples into paying towards a charity they don't know enough about and well putting them on the spot charity is to be given not taken. Atmosphere 4.5/5 -- food 3/5 -- ethics 0/5. I give donation charity to the ones I know about and have done research on not at restaurants with brief explanations and put on the spot tactics.

  • 4.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    Loud. Angry. Filled with meat.

    Sounds like a few dudes I know.

    Those dudes would like Meat Liquor. You might too if you enjoy grungy for the sake of being grungy and some damn tasty food.

    Meat Liquor is dark. It's the first thing you notice when you walk in. No matter what time of day, it's dark on purpose. Then, when your eyes adjust, you see the wallpaper, which consists of people with animal heads, topless girls and words like "MEAT" written in blood-like font. This is all topped off by the monstrously loud rock and roll playing over the speakers.

    You might think it would be too weird to work, but it actually does. The whole place feel like a spot you're about to get some good roadside-type food. And you are.

    Normally there is a queue. Put your name in and go up to the bar. Drink, they'll call you.

    The food here is solid, really really fantastic every time I go. I recommend the Dead Hippie Burger or the Green Chilli if you like spice (it comes with chilli butter). Thin well cooked crunchy fries. Delicious fried pickles. Giant onion rings. Nothing healthy, everything tasty.

    Also, no plates. All the food you order for the table comes on one giant tray. Eat it off that, it's how a real man eats.

    I always have a good time here. Seriously good.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Food's great and good service. I was recommended the shredded steak which was absolutely perfect. Also with that I had the cheesy chips and slaw, and a root beer.

    It's expensive though for what it really is. Lunch for one (yes, sad, I know...) came to £21, with £3 of that being service and donations that they just add on.

    Still, a must try if you're into quality burgers!

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Meat Liquor is a bit of a mixed bag really. No doubt its an amazing looking restaurant and their cocktails are delicious but their food is a little hit or miss.

    I've been there twice, the second time on my own just to try their chicken burger and chilli cheese fries, the first with a couple of friends. I don't think their burgers are incredible, their fries are good but not covered in cheese and/or chilli. Their fried pickles are ridiculously gluttonous but delicious.

    All round its a fun place to go with friends to get a bit sauced and have a burger, but it's certainly not the burger mecca that I had heard it was.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    And so I came to Meat Liquor, to check what the was was all about...
    And I understood : it's all about greasy, fatty foodstuff... and the Queue !!!
    I gotta say, after 40 minutes in the queue, I was surprised we needed to wait again when inside... The deco is very peculiar, quite gothic and dark... I enjoyed it !
    The beers were quite small for their price (however, matched completely with the relatively low price of the food thereafter...). The food, then, was as I suspected: more fatty than tasty (I wonder who gets some onion rings on the menu, after you've eaten a couple of those calorie bombs while queing outside...), the burgers were well cooked though, and my Philly cheese steak was OK. The sides were great, and we loved the chicked wings, and the cheesy fries.
    I'm still wondering though, how we managed to eat it all...

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I can't help but fall in love with the raw, gritty feel of Meat Liquor.

    I've always been a lover of street art, and am rather fond of the barbarous, blood splattered street art adorning both the walls and ceilings of this establishment.

    This is definitely not one for the vegetarians!

    Walk through the doors and your hit with a dimly lit interior, with bold black and white murals of half naked, fleshy, human/animal crossbreeds, clumsy scrawled etchings between them, all splattered and sprayed in crimson red. Red strip lights give this a underworld, dark feel.

    I know I might be giving a bit too much away by my guilty pleasures, but imagine the starting credits to True Blood, I think this pretty much sums the air and what you might expect here. Something a bit hilly billy (think the hills have eyes and Texas chainsaw massacre), a bit grotesque, macabre and a little wrong.

    I love art like this! But then as you might have guessed, I'm a horror film fan!

    The burgers really aren't that bad here too! And this is what Meat Liquor is famous for. You can tell where this place is before you get there, you can smell the meaty scent streets away!

    Although your arteries are going to hate this place, if your after a good fat burger, and deep fried food hit, this is the place for you.

    I don't think this is the best burger you'll ever get - but it's pretty darn good!

    Being the larger brother of Meat Market, you'll find a very similar menu here - and both should be awarded for the best name for a burger ever - the interestingly named dead hippie that features a double patty.

    Wanting something smaller, I opted for the Green Chili Cheeseburger and pickle fries (or gherkins if your English) and I have to say I was pretty impressed with the spiciness of the burger, usually you're get something meek, whilst this had good kick.

    Cocktails are also worth a go, I went for a 'tipping the velvet', and I have to say I wasn't disappointed. Served in a glass tankard, it was well balanced and not too sweet.

    I loved how each table was provided with kitchen roll, nothing fancy here!

    One recommendation is to try the large middle table (if you can), this, sat in the middle of the dome at the front of the restaurant is a little off-putting (due to the echo), but allows you to hear what other people are saying because of the acoustics.

    The reason why I haven't five stared this review is because I have heard that usually there is a big queue, and as we went on a Monday we went straight in, so I'd like to check this out when it's got more of  a bustling atmosphere.

  • 5.0 star rating

    We were visiting London for work. Yelp had great reviews and they were open late.

    Great service and great bartender Charlie.

    Truly one of the best burgers I have had (including the US) and fries.

    Rock bar meets a great restaurant.

    Fun atmosphere and bar....Ill definitely be back when in London.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Arrived 7:30PM on a Saturday night - 1 hour wait.

    Departure 2.5 hours later, fully stuffed with unhealthiness.

    I took a big whiff of myself and I REEKED of hamburger.

    Yup, that Meat Liquor got me. Good thing I took the night off drinking or else I would've had a double whammy of stankiness, that is... the wonderful bodily scent of hamburger all over me from my head down to my toes and alcohol breath. Sounds hot, doesn't it?

    Sorry if I've officially grossed you out from coming here, but in a way that's good because if I ever decide to go again, hopefully the queue will be shorter and I wouldn't have to wait as long. :)

    After waiting outside for an hour, my friend and I finally made it inside. This place was a little too hipster for Marylebone. I definitely felt as if it belonged in Shoreditch but I loved the vibe nonetheless. It was awesome. Loud music. Crazy people. Dirty, greasy unhealthy food. Pure Awesomeness.

    So what did I order? Bingo wings aka buffalo wings. Pretty good if I do say so myself. Could've used a little more of a spicy kick though. Mushroom Swiss Burger. Why did I do this to myself? I got through a little more than half before I waved my white flag. 2 meat patties, double cheese... I could barely bite into it and yes, it got all over the place and I was a hot mess. My friend ordered the Buffalo Chicken Burger and I think he enjoyed it as well. We also got 2 root beer floats (brown cows) to wash it all down.

    The verdict? If I'm craving a burger, it isn't bad but I wasn't in love with my Mushroom Swiss. The meat was juicy and had good flavor so I think there's potential if I go with a different kind of burger next time. I love the atmosphere so that's another plus for me. My suggestion is to go early or go late. By the time we left the queue was non-existent but that was after 10PM.

    You'll smell so good after you eat here that the people you walk by on the street will want to eat you. ;)

  • 3.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    American Fatness near you, right off Oxford. How about that?!

    The interior is dark and loud music mostly rock. Cool graffiti on the walls and roof.

    I just had the typical cheese burger and fires, the burger was done very well and very juicy and tasty. The fries were a bit of a disappointment. The fries are the kind you can get from MacDonald's thin and powdery inside.

    But generally as you can see I gave it for stars because of the friendliness of the host and waitress, the burger flavor, and the atmosphere.

    This place is basically where you can come with a bunch of friends 4 or more and just hang out and munch on all the yummy fried stuff.

  • 4.0 star rating

    It's very much a hate it or love it place (and I love it). I'll always remember by first time here. It was during that night of random heavy snowfall in February 2012 and I foolishly walked from my flat (then near Great Portland Street) thinking the weather didn't seem that bad (I was wrong) and waited outside for an hour in extremely adverse weather conditions. Anyway,..


    Loud, noisy, aggressive, weird. I actually find the interior a bit overpowering. There's a certain time (around 8ish maybe) where they turn up the music significantly, and I find it much more enjoyable coming before that time. Anyway, it's very much an experience.


    Extensive cocktail menu. Fairly standard pricing (ranges from around 7-10 pounds). I've tried a bunch, they're all pretty well made but no huge standouts. The 'house grog' comes with a 2 per person limit, but I had two once and while undoubtedly strong, didn't think it was particularly so. Likewise, all the drinks while good definitely are fairly average on the alcohol content.


    Not the best burger but I find the patties to be a good size, meaty, tender and well-seasoned. Can't ask for much more than that. Many people rave about the dead hippie burger. It features some sort of mayo based sauce which I don't think it anything special. My favs are the mushroom swiss and the normal cheeseburger. The burgers are the perfect size imo. Filling and easy to eat.


    The deep fried pickles are an absolute must (if you like pickles). I find the chilli cheese fries too heavy. One thing that always annoyed me was that they initially only had plain fries or the meaty cheese fries but they didn't have on the menu, and explicitly refused to do, just cheese fries. Fortunately, (presumably because enough people asked) they have since added normal cheese fries to their menu (though I have yet to try them)


    Yes the lines get ridiculous. After the first time, I've yet to wait more than 30 mins because I try and go off peak. And as much as I love it, I don't think it justifies an hour wait (unless you have yet to try it of course in which case go try it asap regardless of the wait!)

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    My fingers reek of onions (in a good way..maybe not to the person next to me on the bus) but that's not gonna stop me from writing my review.

    I don't think I need to speak for the food in detail.  The chilli fries may not be for everyone, even though I managed to finish off my half (and I'll be running another 10km to shed my guilt).  I haven't managed to try too many burger places, but at this rate I prefer Honest Burgers over my Dead Hippie burger. Seems lots of people love it, but the dead hippie sauce was a sad mess of warm greasy mayo. Its also incredibly dark in there, so its hard to see your food.  I was too hungry to determine whether my patty was cooked properly or not.. is this why its so dark in here??

    Overall, the food is 3.5 stars, but I've lowered the overall experience down to 3 stars for the following reasons:

    - it was far too loud to talk to anyone. we had to keep shouting into each others ear
    - we sat in the centre, where there was a domed ceiling that echoed everything we said.  It even echoed the conversation from diners across from us - and I really didn't need to hear about their sore boobs.  
    - the portions of slaw are quite generous for £3, so we had an extra (untouched) serving left.  I asked the waitress if we could it packed up, but she gave me attitude,  "I don't know". I explained it was good, but we ordered too much, she said the chefs are busy but she will ask. She did come back with a bag, promptly dropped it off and said "I did it myself" with a stone cold face and walked away, even though I beamed a smile and said thanks so much. Rude much?

    Not sure what was with the icy attitude, maybe it was just our waitress, but service does go a long way with your customers.  3 stars for this one.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Apparently we're spoiled here in the states with our burger choices, as everyone raved that these are the best burgers in London. And don't get me wrong, they're really good, but not the best ever.

    Its funny because as we were sitting waiting for our food, the bf and I were talking about how we could totally be in Brooklyn. It just has the same feel that many places here in NYC do.

    WIth those ramblings aside, the burgers were great and the sides were awesome. The fried pickles were amazing. And the cocktails were really amazing (we had to have multiple while waiting for a table, due to the ridiculous line/stamp policy, but thats another story). The vibe is cool, and made for a great meal on our last night in London.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    As my birthday was fast approaching, I knew I wanted something fun, crazy, cool. Normally I'm all for nice, clean restaurants with dishes you can't pronounce and waiters serving you in suits, but for my birthday, I wanted something different. I wanted something dirty. I wanted Meatliquor.

    We expected lines and were prepared to wait, but time flew. We were in line for 20 minutes but had fun talking to the other people around. Since we were a big group, we got divided into smaller groups since there wasn't a table big enough for 10 people. We didn't really mind though. I absolutely LOVE the atmosphere of Meatliquor. Graffiti walls, blood splatters, grungey music, fishnets and laughter filled the whole place. We were seated right in the middle of the restaurant under the dome that had these crazy animal murals painted on them. It was great.

    With nothing but paper towels to help me out, I knew it was about to get real. I had just ordered a cheeseburger because I'm a Plain Jane when it comes to my burgers along with some fries. They were both heavenly, greasy perfection. I knew my arteries would never be the same, but I enjoyed every last morsel of that dirty, grimy, slimy burger, as did everyone else who I was with.

    Meatliquor is an experience, one that I will never forget.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Sorry, but I don't get the hype. The burgers are ok, but they won't blow you away. I would prefer to give Meat Liquor 2.5 stars... because it's slightly better than their sister-restaurant Meat Market, but not by much.

    As with Meat Market, the burger here was pretty standard. I had the Dead Hippie burger due to rave reviews and the sauce was delicious, but I've had better. The french fries (not chips, as the menu rightly states) were nice and crispy, but the cheese fries just WERE NOT cheese fries, not by any American's standards at least. They were fries with shredded cheese melted on top so that it forms that layer of congealed cheese that is hard to break apart, you know what I mean? Sorry, but that's not cheese fries. We also had the fried pickles and onion rings as sides. I'm not a huge pickles fan, so can't really comment, but the rings were good. Topping it all off, I had a root beer float (called something else on the menu and it was in the desert section but I had it as my drink) and it was delicious.

    Lastly, the ambiance is a bit strange. Really cool if you're looking for a dingy,low-key bar to hang out in. But Meat Liquor is a restaurant, not a bar, and I like to see my food when I eat, so I wasn't really digging the low lighting and the crazy decor. Just my preference.

    All in all, Meat Liquor's an ok place but not worth the wait in my eyes.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Yum.  Allow me to expand.... YUM YUM YUM.  Tried them at taste of London and enjoyed it so tried the restaurant.  Best "buffalo" wings in London and excellent burgers and onion rings.  The grilled halloumi burger was also a hit.  While I tend to agree that it isn't "perfect" for children (no kids menu) the staff were perfectly happy to have our 4 and 2 year old (for lunch).  Fun place-highly recommended.

  • 3.0 star rating

    There were things I liked about Meat Liquor and things I didn't.

    The first thing I noticed was how dark it is in there. Not "oh, this is nice low lighting", more "oh, it's so dark in here it's almost depressing". It was 6.30pm when I arrived and it felt like I'd just time travelled to 3am.

    When our table was ready, the waiter tried to seat us at the uncomfortable bar stools instead of at one of the free tables. So, we had to call him back and ask to be moved. Why didn't he just give us the more comfortable option to start with?

    Meat Liquor is a little up it's own ass. You can tell that from the huge signs all over the place that put you in your place. Telling you that they won't seat you unless your whole party is there and various other rules and regulations. The type of thing that happens when restaurants become too successful for their own good. You quickly realise that "the customer is always right" is not something they're going to subscribe to here. Some of the staff have a "don't give a s**t what you think" air about them.

    It's also one of those places that deliberately makes people queue outside to attract attention, despite the fact there's space inside. One of our friends arrived at the end of our meal to have a quick drink with us. But they wouldn't let him in - despite the fact there was loads of space inside. It's nice and friendly that way.

    The burgers? Well, they're OK - nothing amazing. One thing I did love though were the frozen beer glasses - that's always a nice touch. Going back? Err, I don't think so.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Great greasy food, not for the health-conscious however. Great hangover cure!