• “There are a range of strange vegetables, lentils, beans, pulses, sauces....everything needed to make authentic food from Oriental, Caribbean, European and other cultures.” in 4 reviews

  • “You'll find all sorts of herbs and spices so that you can experiment with something yummy but exotic.” in 4 reviews

  • “A reliable presence for decades on L'pool's Bold St, Matta's is the first resort for both gourmet cook and 'starving-student-on-a-budget' alike.” in 2 reviews

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  • 5.0 star rating
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    Wow! Yes Wow on steroids!
    This place is like a gold mine of health and happiness.  The staff are so helpful and friendly. They are constantly stocking their shelves. They carry the Chinese wall of teas, and an amazing selection of items for vegans and vegetarians alike.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Matta's is a haven for chefs and food lovers.

    Occupying a prime position on Bold Street, it's a fabulous food shop that sells all kinds of tantalising and mouthwatering ingredients from Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, India, China, Japan, the Philippines, Europe and Asia. As you'd expect, they have a wonderful array of fresh herbs, vegetables and fruit alongside aisles of flavoursome cooking oils, sauces, pulses, rice, noodles and pastas. For those with a food allergy or sensitivity, they even have wholewheat, buckwheat and gluten free pasta!

    For me personally, the best thing about Matta however is the selection of dried spices. Look closely and you'll see they have everything from  cinnamon sticks and caraway seeds to all spice, fenugreek and toasted sesame seeds.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Matta's is an Indian grocery store which has successfully diversified into both regional world foods and also wholefoods. I'm impressed at the way Matta's has bridged the divide between different retail formats which otherwise seem to exist in parallel universes! For example, I've never seen any of the King Soba range of (organic) noodles in a Chinese supermarket, but Matta's has them.

    For a shop of fairly modest size, Matta's is fairly stepping up to the plate. Their new website allows you to buy online, and shop by category or by country  mattas.co.uk Afro-Caribbean, Chinese, Greek, Indian, Italian, Japanese and Thai are all well catered for. There is a definite feel of confidence and genuine foodie enthusiasm in the buying and also in the customer service from at least some of the staff.

    I tend to shop in Mattas as a double whammy with the Bold Street Fruit & Veg Market further up the hill which is the only place I've seen globe artichoke this year and they also have great seasonal multibuy and bulk deals such as 2kg boxes of cherries for £5.

    Back to Matta's, if you are new to this type of store, start with some fresh herbs. Mint, cilantro and flat parsley are all under £1 for a huge bunch - use them more liberally in your cooking and enjoy some fresh mint tea while you are at it. The exotic veg display is always nice and fresh - okra, karela, drumstick - google, wikipedia and especially the bearded guy in Matta's are your friend.

    All the spices you could want are there, including some rarer ones such as szechuan peppercorn.

    At the checkout, look for the mangoes at £5.99 for a box of six Alphonso (April-June) or Honey (late June-October) mangoes, both varieties being name-checked by celebrity chefs.

    All-in-all, a fantastic foodie destination easily accessible to all due to the prime Bold Street location, right by Liverpool Central rail station.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Those in the know will be aware of this little gem of a shop. I can understand why a lot of people may be bemused by some of the stuff they stock here. This isn't their fault, I mean how on earth would you. For me however I recognise a lot of the ingrediants and spices here from my very own kitchen wardrobe growing up. As you've guessed my love for all things foody and spicy comes from my journey of exploration of the rainbow of flavours my taste buds played tennis with as a kid.

    Walking in to this shop makes me feel as though I am back on that tennis court. It really is amazing, if you are just getting into cooking you'll feel like a kid in a candy store too. Get ready to fill that cupboard of yours with. I couldn't begin to tell you what you need to get. I'm sure you'll work it out. I will suggest you look up Shami Kebabs online though and give it a go you'll find the ingrediants in this shop. My favourite snack this, Oh how I love some Shami before my meal.

    I just wish there were more of these everywhere. No!!!!! This shop isn't full of wierd and wonderful things....merely things you haven't tried yet. My philosophy is don't diss it till you've tried it. If you haven't tried it don't relegate it to the wierd box..

    Matta's is a must visit for all foodies. Go discover the flavours people.

  • 4.0 star rating
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    Matta's is a wonderful shop, especially if you are totally unfamiliar with foreign foods. There are a range of strange vegetables, lentils, beans, pulses, sauces....everything needed to make authentic food from Oriental, Caribbean, European and other cultures.

    Everything is reasonably priced, so you don't feel you're being robbed just for ethically sourced products, unlike chain supermarkets. The staff are friendly and you will probably strike up a conversation with someone while you browse and end up leaving with several new recipes. I've not been here for a while, but I believe it's going from strength to strength, especially as people become much more open to experimenting with food.
    If you're about to start a weird and wonderful diet, this is probably your best starting point. Otherwise, try something outside your comfort zone and attempt to rustle up something you've never done before!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Matta's is just great, it attracts everyone - students and pensioners alike!! If you want the fresh produce I suggest you pop in early as it can sell out early on in the day.  I have heard that people travel for miles to Matta's for their weird but wonderful ethnic foods.

    They sell a range of foods that provide for gourmet cooks or students on a budget. You'll find all sorts of herbs and spices so that you can experiment with something yummy but exotic.

    A helpful tip to those students on a budget - there are loads of deals for your usual cupbaord essentials such rice, bread, and tofu which is often less than half the price of a similar supermarket purchase.

    I must admit I've never purchased the "cock soup" - however if you do, please message me and tell me all about it!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Matta's is an excellent Asian store selling a huge variety of ingredients and exotic foods as well as frozen fish.  

    There is no other store like this in Liverpool as here you'll find rarer products that you can experiment with.  

    It is particularly popular with students and people from foreign backgrounds.  Some westerners may consider the food strange so don't be suprised.  There is alot of delightful produce to be tried at affordable prices.

    If you want to cook up something new whether it is middle-eastern or Carribean cuisine, come here because staff are friendly and will kindly advise you.

  • 4.0 star rating

    The world in one city is one of the many trite cliches we scousers like to ram down people's throats - instead visit this excellent food emporium and get some ingredients to make some lovely food to ram down your throat instead.

    Matta's is a well known Liverpool food stockist, I'm not sure it's really a deli, let's call it a food place because they sell things to do with food.  Because we here in Liverpool know so little about food - our traditional meal is not scouse as people will have you believe but Pot Noodle - there are few places like Matta's and certainly none as reasonably priced.  Herbs and spices, exotic condiments, preserves, oils and stocks are the main fare of Matta's trade helping scousers to liven up our spam frittas since a while ago and now they have entered the 21st century with an e-commerce website.

  • 4.0 star rating

    This emporium of ethnic fine foods allows all who enter to feel as if they have been transported to a Moroccan souk. Within this Arabian fantasy land you can purchase spices and dried herbs with names so long they conjure images of exotic shores, and in amounts so vast that your trusty camel will collapse from exhaustion long before you reach home.

    With ingredients available in amounts from tiny pouches of spices to huge bags of rice and lentils you'll find everything in here to put together an authentic feast, whether your hankering is for Indian, Chinese or Middle Eastern cuisine. By far a better selection than the world foods aisle of your local supermarket.

    The range can be a little overwhelming but if you fancy trying something a bit different but aren't into anything too hot then I can definitely recommend  a loaf of hearty Polish or heavy Caribbean bread.

  • 4.0 star rating

    The fusion of herbs and spices is the first thing you'll smell in here, and procede to find out exactly what each one is and wonder why you've never put it in your food before! They have so much stuff in here that I wouldn't even know where to start with it if I was left alone in the kitchen, but the staff are knowledgeable and very friendly, willing to help with your culinery dyslexia if you're willing to admit to it!
    Dried Squid anyone? I'll try it if you will. They also have massive bags of rice and lentils and allsorts which will last you a damn sight longer than those stingy Asda lot.
    If you need to spice up your cuisine with some seriously weird and wonderful stuff, then Matta's is just the man of the world to help you.

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    5.0 star rating

    I stepped into Mattas for the first time today and almost passed out with joy. It truly is a foodie's wet dream - stuffed to the gills with every type of weird and wonderful food stuff under the sun from Aubergines to brick-like blocks of soursweet Tamarind paste. Hell, it even sells Ayurvedic Toothpaste. Don't ask me what makes it Ayurvedic, I'm just taking this one on trust.

    Perhaps one of the best things about Mattas is the ability to buy some of your favourite food stuffs in mind bogglingly large quantities - making it a must for any hungry student on a tight budget. When in there today, I saw an obscenely huge bottle of Tabasco sauce for the low low price of £6. Bargain-tastic!

    In fact, the only bad thing I have to say about Mattas is that I couldn't find any Sumac in there when I visited today. But that's just a minor gripe about what is a true treasure - and arguably one of the best delicatessens in the whole of Liverpool.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Always busy, with packed shelves and swarthy young men carry boxes back and forth, Mattas has been here for as long as I can remember and continues to sell weird and wonderful food from the far East and beyond. Staff are friendly and helpful. Well recommended.

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    5.0 star rating

    A reliable presence for decades on L'pool's Bold St, Matta's is the first resort for both gourmet cook and 'starving-student-on-a-budget' alike. A vast range of esoteric and exotic herbs and spices, sit side by side with vegetables you've probably never heard of, along with all the usual deli produce. However, it's the in-depth range of Matta's groceries that makes it such an important source for healthy foodstuffs. Of particular note: bulk buy deals for staples such as rice and lentils, delicious fresh-baked breads, and slabs of tofu in the refrigerated section less than half the price of a similar supermarket purchase. And for those with the sheer nerve to actually front-up at the checkout, you can even buy tins of something called 'Cock Soup'. Not open on Sundays.

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    4.0 star rating

    Brilliant, I know 80yr olds who get the train from miles away to get here and students who swear by the place, a welcome respite from the big chain shops. Keep up the good work!

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