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  • 3.0 star rating

    On Saturday, I visited this place for the first time.  A friend had gotten a couple of Groupons for a Jongleurs comedy night in this interesting location.  I didn't know they kept comedians in their basement, so naturally I was curious... and also lured by the promise of cocktails and thai curry.

    Before decending to the basement, I grabbed myself a lovely cocktail from the bar upstairs, which I was delighted with.  Yum!  Once all my friends were gathered together, we shimmied on downstairs to see what awaited.

    The first thing I noticed was the table layout.  For a comedy night, it was not ideal.  The main problem was that the tables were oblong, and half of our table were facing the stage while the other half had an excellent view of the back wall.  It looked as though about 40% of the people in attendance would be straining to see what was going on.  If the table was at right angles with the stage, it would have been much better.  The second issue was that there were no tables for parties of less than 8 people, so my friends and I were sharing with 2 couples.  I don't mind sharing, but my friends were somewhat taken aback by this, especially since they weren't informed of the seating arrangements when the evening was booked.

    My real issue, though, was the thai curry.  The groupon made the dining choice either veggie or chicken thai curry, so we weren't presented with a menu.  I fancied the chicken, but I don't have it usually if I don't know where it came from.  I asked the waitress if it was free range.  She didn't know, and very kindly offered to go and ask.  As it turns out, nobody in the kitchen knew either, and usually when the cooks don't know where the food has come from, it kind of worries me in general.  So, I went for the vegetarian one.  Nobody mentioned it had dairy cream in it, which is pretty unusual for thai food... and as I'm a bitty lactose intollerant, that was an issue for me.  But alas, there were no other options.  So I ate it anyway and resigned myself to a fate of disappearing to the bathroom sometime later in the evening.  (TMI)

    The cocktail pitchers downstairs were pretty good, and the show itself was great!  I would probably go back, but I think I'd have to specifically ask what was in my food to make sure there was no more unpleasantness.  Tis worth checking out, anyway, especially if you like funneh peoples.

  • 2.0 star rating

    I went here for a friends 24th birthday last Saturday. I haveto be honest and say, I was quite let down by a few things.

    Booking it, everything sounded great. My friend had booked a booth in the Groovy Wonderland part of the club. After quite a few problems with payment (her card was declined a good number of times and no-one contacted her to let her know, she had to ring them and try again) we were all excited to go and have a good night out.

    We arrived, and I was impressed by the decor inside the club. It was modern, large, with a huge downstairs bar. The ladies at the front door let us know where to go, and we climbed the stairs to the Groovy Wonderland suite. Walking in, we were transported to an 80's disco! The dancefloor flashed, the waitresses were dressed in colourful dresses and the tunes were, well, 80s classics!

    We booked the booth on the premise that we would be getting a booth for 8 people..in reality, only about 6 people could squash into it. When my friend arrived, shortly before us, she was left standing waiting for someone to come and show her to the seat...and even then, they were made to wait whilst a waitress hastily grabbed balloons and stuff from other booths to dress ours - they'd clearly forgotten that this was a birthday celebration.

    My friend paid £40 for the booth. We were given a teeny tiny bowl of 'retro' sweets. We expected table service, which never arrived. When one of the guys with us went down to ask for it, the waitress (note: the waitresses could not have looked any less enthusiastic, if they're meant to add to the whole disco experience, they certainly didn't) came and took the order, and then just didn't come back with it. We'd to go and ask again, 25 minutes later. Please bare in mind this was an order of 4 drinks - none of which were cocktails.

    She traipsed back up with three drinks. Mistake again. She'd had half an hour to get it right.

    We were out to enjoy ourselves however, and enjoy ourselves we did. This was down to our own devices, and nothing offered or promised to us by the club. The drinks were expensive, the waitresses couldn't have cared any less, you had to leave a bank card behind the bar if you wanted a shot tray (incase you stole the tray) even if you were taking them at the bar! A bit far if you ask me.

    For hens, stags and over 40's, which the place was full of, I'd recommend. Maybe they'd give you some more respectful service. For us, we had a good night but it's unlikely we'll be back in that section of the club.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Our table was in an underlit part of The Glasserie, and the service was poor. Do not come here if you are going on to a later event. Would I return? No.

  • 1.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    We were celebrating The Administrator's latest publication and made an online booking at The Mansion House (not as grand as it may sound; this restaurant is downstairs from the NCP Glasshouse).
    The booking deal offered a 50% deduction when ordering from the a la carte menu. That kind of deal on a Friday evening speaks to desperation, so it was with low expectations that we set off at the back of seven o'clock to walk round to the car park.  
    We had imagined that with our hopes set so low we couldn't be disappointed.
    We were wrong.
    In spite of the size of these premises, the restaurant is cramped and noisy.
    I'd have a warm salad of black pudding and bacon followed by haggis- stuffed chicken with Caesar salad. The Administratrix would overture her main course of mussels with cock-a-leekie terrine.  Well, we would if our order was ever taken.
    When the waitress, who was pleasant enough, came to take our order she could not hear us and did not know the menu. We pointed to our choices and she seemed to copy the menu description onto her pad before entering them into her computer terminal.
    Our order taken and sent by electronic wizardry to the kitchen, our real wait began. We got good at waiting as time ticked by. Waiting may be it's own reward and patience a virtue, but we felt neither rewarded nor virtuous as our wait continued. Just as we thought we'd grow old waiting to be served our starters arrived. The warm salad managed to combine undressed cos leaves and greasy fried bacon and black pudding. Meanwhile at the other side if the table a terrine had arrived but had none of the charm of cock-a-leekie.
    More waiting. This time the waitress came over and soothed us with her "Shouldn't be too long now.  Sorry about the wait."

    A little while longer and without fanfare our mains were served; well, almost. There was an absence of Caesar salad, but the kitchen quickly recovered from this failure. The chicken with its haggis stuffing sat on a plinth of mash and was surrounded by a little lake of congealing but pleasantly peppery sauce. The mussels that arrived opposite were over-seasoned so the Thai flavoured broth really could not be enjoyed.
    Would we like anything else?  Just the bill: an occasion for another wait flowed by a pantomime with the Bluetooth chip reader.

    One thing: I have to apologise for the one star rating. I know it is too generous but Yelp does not allow a negative score.

  • 1.0 star rating
    First to Review

    This is where Tiger Tiger used to be - and is pretty much Tiger Tiger with a bit of a facelift. Not a good facelift either, one of those ones that make you look constantly surprised.
    They have split up the ground floor into two bars then there are several rooms above. I didnt go upstairs as I fled at 11pm so can only review the ground floor bar.
    I should also point out at this point that I did not go here by choice as the website and general demeanour of the place screams 'this is not for you Jenny, it will annoy you'. And annoy me it did.
    There was a section booked in the ground floor bar called 'Jewel' which is the tackiest looking bar I have possibly ever seen - it tries to look a bit special and classy but ends up looking a bit like if Hugh Hefner donated his furnishings from the 80s. There are fake leather banquettes that are studded with fake crystals, mirrored panels that are like an 80s nightclub, oodles of crystal chandeliers and every now and again a renaissance statue or a painting on a door. Its all just too much.
    If you can get past the awful decor, the people (alot of those women who you don't know if they are 20 or 50) and the faceless trendy house music with a remix now and again - there's the bar.
    Now the cocktail menu is pretty good - £5 - £7 a drink but there are some classics, some new things and a few classics with a twist. The beers are what you expect from a place like this, so don't expect anything a bit specialist. The service, however is dire. There were 5 members of staff behind the bar, and 4 people waiting to be served, I waited 10 minutes. They do not serve people in the order they arrive at the bar either. They also overcharged me- £10.10 for a £5 cocktail and a vodka and ginger beer, a single measure I should add.

    There were 2 reasons to give this place it's lone star:
    1) They served the sharing cocktails in metal top hats, which although added to the overall cheese, and were not easy to serve from, did tickle me.
    2) The door staff were friendly, chatty and held the door open for us. I was offered a lift home by a colleague that I quickly accepted and the bouncer did ask when we were waiting and looking for the car if we knew who was picking us up and what they drove - which he really didn't have to do.

     In summary, it looks like a sleaze den, the staff are slow and it costs £5.10 for a vodka and mixer. However the bouncers are pretty friendly for this kind of place.

  • 2.0 star rating

    Had lunch here on Thursday afternoon after being handed a flyer by a PR girl on Argyle Street, 50% off food. I remember when it was Tiger Tiger, was a bit classier to be honest, they've divided the bottom floor into two with a wall, we ate in a back room which was nice, if a bit cramped and tacky(leather seats studded with crystals, chandeliers, mirror walls)but nice for a quick lunch rather than the usual wetherspoons! I had the fish & chips, so did my Mum, and my friend had lasagne. The service was extremely slow, we had our drinks for about 15 minutes before they took our food order, and the food took a good 25 minutes to arrive. It was good, batter was crispy and I liked the way it was served, in grease paper printed to look like newspaper. My friends lasagne wasn't the biggest portion, and for £9 it should've been, it's a good thing the food was 50% off because the service was shocking, not once were we asked if our food was ok, or if we wanted a refill of drinks, we were going to stay for dessert but after the slow service we just couldn't be bothered waiting for another course. I asked for the bill, and waited for 10 minutes, so went to see what the hold up was and seen our waitress serving drinks and taking an order from another table, so I went to the bar and told them we were in a rush and I wanted the bill, and she gave me it right away. The 2 stars is for the food & the nice(sparkly)decor, but I wouldn't eat here again.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Poor service, rubbish food! My friends and I went here for a meal while I was on a rush visit back to Glasgow. We booked the table for 7pm on a Thursday evening through 5pm, it was 50% off food. The problem was everything else was 50% also. The portions were meager, the service was half assed and the chef or 'cook' in this case might as well have not shown up for his shift. I had baked Camembert followed by the steak my friends had chicken nachos followed by steak and mushroom salad, and soup followed by chicken caesar salad. I asked for my steak rare and it was way overdone (not a trace of pink). I had 2 bites and left the rest. It was so tough it just wasn't edible. The girls salads comprised of a couple of lettuce leaves and scraps of overcooked meat. My friend also asked for tomatoes instead of anchovies in her caesar salad which they forgot. The only decent thing was the nachos, but then, how hard is it to get nachos right? The drinks were poor too. We had 2 cocktail jugs which might as well have been virgin cocktails. The bill came to just over £50 but it really wasn't even worth that. I would like to have been given the opportunity to feed this back to staff but we weren't asked if everything was ok by the waiter when her cleared our plates even though, despite the small portion sizes, we all left a lot of food. Baffled! Overall, a big disappointment! Poor effort Mansion House! I wouldn't have given it any stars if the system would allow.

  • 1.0 star rating

    works nite out 50 plus for meal so lots of money £30 per head,so lets say bar ok ,one table booked for 8_30 nine comes and goes 8_45 starts show-in to tables so many tables put in OK if no one to sit at the table got extra tables now 9_20 still no food but came round to sell drink 9_35 food poor portions cold main meal same poos steak like rubber did speak to manager and got two bottles of wine free for every table ten still no dessert so left, dance rooms poor as most of us left for somewhere else do not book for food as for £2500 plus that nite wish it somewhere else

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