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  • 3.0 star rating

    Really 3.5 stars. I had a lot of fun and the lower nightclub section is awesome but I have to dock it down because my drink was AWFUL and my friends were having a lot of trouble with the waitress and credit card machine. On the menu, it said my drink was going to taste like bananas but it was just terrible. It tasted like cough medicine and was sooooo expensive. I could barely drink it and just felt horrid about the money I spent on it. When my friends were checking out with the waitress, the machine couldnt read their cards and it took them a half an hour to get it settled. I had a really fun night but there was just a lot of hiccups. I guess I'd come back but I wouldn't order any drinks.

  • 2.0 star rating

    When my friend told me it was a restaurant that turns into a nightclub I really didn't know what to expect. So when I come in there was 2 levels. The mid section which was the restaurant and then the lower section with was the bottle service. It's very dim inside but you can see the tacky Hawaiian decor everywhere. The waiters were dressed and pirates and the the girls dressed in bright aqua Hawaiian dresses.

    We came in at 9:45 and they'd told us kitchen would close at 10pm so we have roughly 10 min to order. It was 8 of us girls to we ordered the large sampler appetizer platter, the Hawaiian pizza, 28 day aged steak and a salad. We wanted to order more but the waiter said it would be enough for all of us.

    The food came out and we all looked at each other like this is not going to enough of all of us and begins fighting and being little vultures lol. The food wasn't even all that great. I had just a couple bites. I feel like the alcohol menu bigger than the food menu itself.

    So after we finish they led us downstairs to the bottle service. I was thinking okay maybe it'll be better, but it wasn't. It was the same music they were playing in the restaurant which was a mix of everything (pop, r&b, oldies, alternative). And we were the only group there. The ceiling was super low. I believe anyone over 6ft had to bend their knees or sit down. But we stayed for an hour. After 12:30 we decided to go home. As we were walking up we see that the restaurant was way more cracking than downstairs.

  • 1.0 star rating

    I'd give this place negative stars if I could. It is the worse bar/ club I've ever been to so far. I'm very lenient when it comes to ratings but unfortunately for this venue it was disgustingly horrible and I would NEVER EVER RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE visiting London and what's to explore what London nightlife has to offer. This place deserves to close down.

    Forget about the obnoxious rude egotistical d*ck head  table service client that gave my friend a hard time. It was the blonde haired female pony tailed bartender/staff who desperately needs to surround herself with new friends and actual human beings. She told my friend to fck off bc a client was spending xxxx amount of money on tab and that she needed to shut the f*** up and leave. Mind you, she did use countless times of profanity. & Called us names. I've never experienced something like this. Seems like the short manager doesn't care about the situation as well. Idiots.

    This venue sucks. I do not suggest you go if you are visiting London. I'm sure there are other local spots you could visit with well mannered and friendly staffs.  The end.

  • 4.0 star rating

    For drinks and dancing this place crushes it!  The upstairs is more of a lounge where you can buy specialty drinks and various punchbowls called treasure chests for 1/2 of the prices found downstairs in the club.  I suggest going upstairs first for pre game and then dive into the downstairs club to show off you dance moves.  DJ takes requests so be sure to put in a few to keep busting moves all bight long

  • 1.0 star rating

    HAHAHAHHAHAHA....reading the other reviews on this place cracks me UP. Most of the ones with 3 or less stars are exactly what I experienced and I probably can't say it better myself. So I won't.

    Don't go. Full stop. (don't stop...hold on...if you happen to be seriously drunk and looking for an expensive laugh, go.)

  • 2.0 star rating

    It wasn't what I was expecting. It reminded me a bit of the Rain Forest Cafe but not done so well as the US ones, no thunder and lightning every 15mins with giant size elephants and HUGE deserts.

    I found it to be a bit pretentious and the stereotypical girls giving dirty looks like it was some sort achievement to be there. I had a good evening but it wouldn't be somewhere I would be bothered about going back to.

  • 2.0 star rating

    Why on earth is this a "hot spot"??  Ok, we were told it's exclusive, we were on a promoter's list, and it seemed like people that were just wandering in had just as easy of a time getting in.  When we first got there, the average age of the patrons seemed closer to my parent's age than I was expecting for a club.  Drinks were over-priced... by a lot... and I felt like a tourist at Cabo drinking out of the straw that was over a foot long into a fire-spewing sombrero-shaped trough of zombie.  I suppose that's part of their charm though.  The decor treads the line between tacky and fun, I'm sure for every person that would scream TACKY! there's probably another person that would scream FUN! so I'll just let you decide... google some pictures of it and get back to me if you must.

    We ventured downstairs and the dance area was kind of disappointing and a lot of the people seemed to be American (I'm American so I shouldn't complain, but sometimes the accent hits me in the face like a brick when I'm out at night... I moved here to get away from Americans, not seek them out.).  We couldn't really get into it and didn't feel like spending £50 on another round of drinks for a place where we didn't feel like dancing so we wandered into Soho.

    I told one of my friends my so-so Mahiki experience and was given a similar story in return.  Apparently he had vouchers for free drinks and agreed that if he hadn't had vouchers he wouldn't have bothered staying there.  I'm trying to think of a time/place in which it would be appropriate to recommend Mahiki... I'm sure there's one, and you probably could have a fun time if you were really tanked there, but my bank account couldn't be bothered and neither could I.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I guess this is a hip place to go to ?

    I don't understand the tacky Hawaiian decor, but there was a long line outside and the crowd consisted of relatively good looking young professionals. In any case, I don't understand London clubs yet. Mahiki makes everything I know about clubbing (largely west-coast California style) seem backwards.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Don't bother booking a party here ... you'll only get half your guests in - the others will be waiting in the cold and only the women will be allowed in... even if that event is a graduation party .... and common sense would suggest that everyone parties together.

    Add to that a pinch, actually why stop with a pinch, a whole handful of extremely pretentious door service from a Justin Bieber look-a-like with way too much time on his hands to work on his attitude.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I think we have found the secret recipe for a disaster waiting to happen for you, your friends and whoever comes to this club.

    From now on the only perception I will have of the club and people who frequent this will be: embarrassing, pretentious and overall flaky disappointments.

    Not happy Jan, not happy at all.

  • 3.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    The quintessential high-end yet kitchy Polynesian themed bar. The elaborateness of the decor is only trumped by its tackiness.

    Drinks are what you expect...strong, fruity, and excessively festive...I was a bit disappointed though that my Dark and Stormy was not served in a Easter Island mug as depicted in the menu. However, it was so tasty that I had 3!

    Looking through the other Yelper reviews there must be 2 menus at work as I thought the drink prices were very reasonable for what you get (apart from the 120 quid "treasure chest"). Most are in the 6 to 8 pound range. For a fruity cocktail a stone's throw from the Ritz in Mayfair, 6 pounds isn't overly excessive. Later in the night, perhaps a different menu comes into play.

    Door staff is pretentious....completely unnecessary for a tacky Hawaiian bar one would think. Why they let a queue build up on a cold Tuesday night is beyond me, otherwise this would have been oh so close to 4 stars. It does fake rain inside after all.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Oh, Mahiki.  What can I say... Definitely not the spot for someone 18+ to hit for a night out in London.  Not to say that I did not have foolish fun - but I'm not going to lie - I felt like a paedophile amongst a crowd of young school lads (who apparently, had got enough cash flow to buy me many-a-drink).  

    The exciting part of the night was not actually seeing Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl) and realizing that even I (at 5 feet zero) basically tower over him (not really, but you get the picture), but that people were confused by my friend's ethnicity which worked to our advantage in the end.  We were welcomed at the table of Jewish lads who thought she was Jewish, at the table of Persian lads seeing as how she is Persian, and thus, she hopped between ethnicities that night and kept the drinks flowing for the two of us.  The night was over when the cute boy she was chatting away with all night disclosed that he was, indeed, barely legal.

    The people here are pretentious, young folk who definitely blow their 'rents cashmoney like it's nothing, and just plain ol' young.  It being our last night in London, we were extremely running low on the $$$... and boy, it only took 2 lemon drops to blow the remaining 20-some pounds we had.  Pricey place - no?  I also didn't enjoy ending the evening being cornered by a boy who looked 12 asking in his British accent - "Wendy... (not my name).... or is your name Jameeeeelia? (wrong again).... Do you want to blooooow me? (no)"  So, I took a Mahiki cocktail glass (shaped like a tiki), shoved it in my bag per my cousin's request and left.  Hmm, methinks never again.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I came here on a whim with a friend on Saturday night. We arrived at around 9 pm and didn't have to wait in line or pay a cover charge. The bar downstairs was pretty empty when we showed up, but we were told all the tables had been reserved. Luckily, they said we could use one of them until the people who had reserved it arrived. We sat down and ordered drinks after poring over their menu. i got the Coconut Grenade (comes in a small coconut, was pretty strong but just okay) and my friend got the Honolulu Honey (weak, but good). A few more of our friends arrived about an hour later when the place had filled up, and they were hit with a £15 cover charge. Ouch. I tried their drinks, and the pina colada (which comes in a sizeable pinapple) was probably my favourite. At £13, I'd say it's a better deal than most of the smaller drinks.

    Around 11, the people who had booked our table arrived, and we were kicked out. Luckily, the timing worked out because we had just finished our drinks. We went downstairs to the "club" area, where they were playing a mixture of top 40 hits and cheesy 80s classics. Not gonna lie, that's totally my thing. I had a blast, even though my friends didn't. By midnight, the place was packed with rich, scantily clad white girls sharing multiple Treasure Chests. We left around 1 am, when my friends could no longer stand the lack of techno/hip hop.

    I think I'm in the minority when I say I genuinely enjoyed my night out at Mahiki. Sure, it's pretentious and overrated, but it's a welcome change from the harder clubbing I usually get dragged to. I'd even go so far as to say I'd go back if I could afford to. Unfortunately, I can't, so I'll have to live without trying the Treasure Chest.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Conflicted about this place.

    I LOVE kitschy Hawaiiana, which this place is all about, including excessively decorated fruity beverages.

    Things you should know:

    1) Different menu earlier from later. £6.50 drink at 9:00 becomes an £11.50 drink come 10pm. Cover charge post 10pm (i think) too.

    2) Dance floor doesn't open till like, after 11pm (not 100% sure on exact time).

    3) It is mostly chicks and the occasional banker type here. Lots of "girls night out" birthday parties getting the ridiculous, yet somehow appealing Treasure Chest.

    I think my love for Hawaiiana wins out over my dislike of expensive and uppity. The drinks were also (if you like fruity girly-ass drinks) delicious. The honey one was one of the most unique drinks I've had.

    In short, fun, but probably not worth the money. But I'll still probably go back at some point.

  • 4.0 star rating

    While the interior is pretty tacky, the most amazing thing about Mahiki has got to be the cocktails. Mahiki definitely has the best tropical cocktails in town, coming in all different shapes- a pina colada in a pineapple, another drink came in a coconut, and of course there is the legendary Treasure Chest, definitely worth trying.
    I did not really like the music, up until about 1 am, it is very 80s and impossible to dance too, however it eventually gets good.
    I'm not sure what it's like usually, but I found the waiters extremely rude and service very slow- we'd wait for up to half an hour to get a cocktail!

  • 4.0 star rating

    I think Mahinki is absolutely brilliant! Baring in mind you have to be in the right mood to be here, but when you are its so much fun! The cocktails are amazing and you can get a pina colada one which comes in a pineapple! the music is also great!

  • 4.0 star rating
    First to Review

    Mahiki is one of those hot spots in London which does have a reputation for being slightly pretentious but I was actually very pleasantly surprised. I ventured in around 9.30pm on a Friday night and the crowd was quite a mixed bag. The bar downstairs oozes fun and the cocktails are all based around a tropical theme and part of the fun is watching the entertaining and highly skilled bar staff making them! I had a Honolulu Honey which was absolutely divine and at £8 is around the same price as most cocktails in bars of this kind.

    Everyone seemed to be having a great time - the staff were friendly, the music was great (the style of music varies each night) and it was a great place to spend my Friday night.

  • 2.0 star rating

    I hope this is not the best night life London has to offer...

    Came here for an after dinner drink and the drinks were pretty good.  The bartenders are also fun and friendly.

    When we first came in, the music was pretty good... reggae, etc.

    But as the night went on.. it was a sad mix of not so reggae music.  We tried to stay the extra 30 minutes to check out the night club, but didn't want to wait it out.  The crowd was super young... mostly early 20s girls in skanky dresses and skirts.  Might not be my kind of scene...

  • 1.0 star rating

    What a terrible place.

    Despite being on a guest list for a friend's birthday, I waited outside in a queue for forty-five minutes in the snow only to be told that my footwear was unacceptable. There was absolutely no information on the website about a heel-only rule, and I was given the bogus excuse that "we've had people lose toes before" from broken glass and as such flats were a safety hazard. My friend wearing boots was also told that her shoes were a safety risk. Doesn't even make sense.

    If you're going to be snobbish and elitist, might as well be honest about it.

  • 4.0 star rating
    Listed in Fancy pants London

    I had a great time at Mahiki but be warned my evening started before Mahiki so I arrived pretty happily buzzed which may have added another star to this review..

    It was a weekend and our group had no problems getting in. I was a bit worried that I didn't look fancy enough since I was dressed down (top, shorts, boots) compared to my normal Mayfair club outfits (dress, heels), but it wasn't an issue at all. From what I remember (sheepish look), the music was great, just what I like. I remember dancing a lot to Cheryl Cole's Parachute.. lol. The drinks! Or.. the drink, singular. It was £15, I think possibly the most I ever paid for one cocktail. And incredibly enough, I thought it was worth it. It hit all my criteria for good cocktail: tasty, strong, and huge. I only had this one cocktail for the rest of the evening and it was the only thing I needed.. one more of these and I may have required supervision getting home.

    Overall, had a fantastic time and would definitely go back.. but only after prepartying a lot, so I'd only need one cocktail again!

  • 3.0 star rating

    Headline: Tropical Storm of Kitschy Cheesiness hits London!  

    Newsflash:  British Posh and Royalty Swept up in Tiki Tsunami!

    Yeah... so that's how it Mahiki reads on the pages of Hello!

    Mahiki is a fine club... but its over-the-top cheeky tikiness is a bit of a misnomer.  For somebody who's favourite bar in San Francisco was a ridiculous establishment called "The Tonga Room" where a cover band floated around on a raft in a former swimming pool, and you sipped drinks from ceramic coconuts throughout the phony thunder storms  - Mahiki is a bit of a letdown.  It just feels too polished and cleaned up to deliver the bona fide synthetic pseudo-Polynesian experience.  

    This is tiki, but *refined* tiki... befitting of the crowd it attracts.

    That said, it's a fun time.  The crowd is pretty mixed - especially depending on when you go.  If it's anytime before 9, it's free and pretty much a breeze to get in... but if you come during the thick of things, it's nearly impossible if you're not on the guest list or haven't booked at table.

    It's also rumoured that Paris Hilton was marooned here while looking for her new best friend.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Had a great time at Mahiki the other night. I met up with friends there straight after work so the place was still in bar mode. Before 10ish you seem to be able to get in without paying and we got a table fairly easily. It's themed like a South Pacific Island and you can't ever accuse them of not sticking to it. The staff are all dressed the part and the drinks menu features an amazing variety of fruit cocktails which either arrive in the fruit itself or some sort of bizarre trough or spaceship. As long as you don't mind drinking everything through a straw this place is a really fun night out.

    If you want to stick around until late they have another room downstairs with a DJ, a dance floor and a more neutral clubby feel. I have been on other nights however after 10pm and the door staff can be difficult to get round if you aren't on the guestlist or have a table reservation so be prepared for queues and the usual £20 entry on busy nights.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I don't have a huge experience of clubs so I won't be able to compare with other in London but just describe my experience there.

    A friend of mine book a table for his birthday last year. We arrive quite early and get in without problem. It was still quite and we order some snacks with our first drink and wait for the ambiance to start.

    They have nice choice of cocktails, quite exotic and really well presented in big glasses with fresh fruits excessively dispatched around. They have also cocktails for groups they served in a treasure chest with long straw that everyone can drink in at the same time ! Kitsh and really funny when you party !

    The club has a hawaiIan/lost island/exotic athmosphere and the waiter are dressed a bit like Johnny Depp on the Pirates of the Carribean ! At least you won't miss them !

    The music doesn"t have anything really special, mostly from the 80's with just what people know and are used to listen so the get in good mood to dance. They have a dance floor that open later, before midnight.

    People who come here are bankers and as read below chicks, nothing special then it's just a nice place if you come with your pal.

  • 4.0 star rating

    As this place is known for sweeping in these celebrities and even the princes, PRETENTIOUS is a word that comes to mind.  However, I had the time of my LIFE the last time I was here.  That may have a little something to do with the fact we got a free table and got ushered in with zero problems and no cover charges. Um great deal considering the PRICE of a table here!!!

    So in our party of about 15, someone (or maybe all of us) decides it would be a grand idea to order the Treasure Chest - enough alcohol to feed a small country.  (check the pictures).  

    Love the tiki theme, and even the beach themed drinks, the dancing downstairs will not disappoint, and neither will the mojitos.  I had one at the end of the night (I was already quite buzzed, maybe even more than that), and when I took my first sip I CRINGED because the taste of rum was so strong!!I guess at least you're getting your moneys worth of alcohol! Great place, great fun, def recommend.

  • 4.0 star rating

    A lot of fun. I celebrated my 20th birthday there one of my mates worked as a promoted, and so got us free entry, free drinks etc but the treasure chests are quality and the Hawaiian style cocktails are good banter too. A little small and underground so a little hot and sticky but a great night nonetheless.

  • 2.0 star rating

    I honestly don't get what is all the fuss about Mahiki? I have been there couple of times already and I still don't get it! When I first found out that I would be going there for some work bonding session I was very excited. I was looking forward to partying like royals and London celebs. I thought that the club would have some cool designs and drinks to die for. It seemed to me that everyone rich and famous was on their customer list; therefore there my logic told me that it must be the IT place. How wrong I was. Whoever is claiming that Mahiki is a hot spot probably have never been inside. I appreciate what they have done with the whole tropical theme but that hardly is anything different, unconventional or unique. I can easily list other clubs in London that have positioned around similar theme with more success.
    They may have some cool cocktail list but without the company credit card I wouldn't have bought a single drink. And word of warning - stay away from the treasure chest unless you feel like wasting over £100 on a drink with no flavour or kick.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Mahiki is one of London's more high-end celebrity attracting clubs in Mayfair. Our friend booked a table around midnight on a Saturday. We had to wait in line for 10 minutes at most to get in. Once we were in and drinks were ordered we were treated like kings. It was a fantastic experience. Great drinks, great dancing. But it was expensive. A big treasure chest cocktail, large bottle of champagne and large bottle of vodka was £1,000. Luckily I wasn't footing that bill...

  • 3.0 star rating

    Not too bad of a place..I had a decent time except that I was told the place was pretty exclusive and it turned out to be the exact opposite.  My friend and I got there at about 11 and I swear I don't think I've ever seen more children in a bar in my life.  Wasn't it passed their bed time?  Oh well, long story short it was a good time but the drinks are pretty pricey. Best advice...go on a Tuesday and not anywhere near the weekend.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Expensive?  Yes!  But can you put a price on a fun night out with friends, especially if it's one of their birthdays?  Some complaints from the girls, they didn't fancy the sand on the ground, though for us gents it's no bother.  I thought the place looked tac-o-rama, but in a fun way.
    We had the Treasure Chest, tasted aweful, but great way to get drunk quick and let the fun begin.  The thing that came in the seashell was much better, and didn't hurt the wallet as much.  The bouncers looked out of place in their monkey suits, but they're great guys, we ended up posing with them for tons of drunk pics that whole night.
    To sum it up, Mahiki tries to be this uber posh looking club on the outside, having the velvet rope and "serious" doorman, but it's really just a tiki bar, a very expensive tiki bar.  I wouldn't really recommend the place unless you go in a large group.  If the establishment would just lose some of the pretentiousness on the outside, and just tried to be a fun tiki bar, then it would've been 4 stars.

  • 3.0 star rating

    This place is definitely very Tiki and tacky.  I had quite high expectations as this is quite a celeb haunt.  But as with most things, don't believe the hype.  I would have been more upset if I paid to get in.  That being said, I did have a very awesome Wed night which is why I changed my inital rating from a two to a three.  The place wasn't too packed.  The drinks were tasty.  Note: the Port Cobbler is VERY strong and worth the 10 quid.  The music was mostly 80s and cheesy.  But I was too pissed to care.  And again, it was Wed.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I find Mahiki entertaining in that all the tail coat wearing toffs in there think of themselves as the creme de la creme of London for partying in this stylish haunt where its easy to bump into young royals and celebrities. I took my boyfriend there dressed down to the extreme in a slouchy hat, battered leather jacket and skinny jeans to meet my friends. Ordering a few of the slightly more reasonable cocktails, we found a wicker seated corner in which to chat, sip from chalices and judge those publicly throwing money away as they ordered the £100 drinkable treasure chest.

    I am not brainwashed by Mahiki but I did have a really good night. The cocktails were spectacularly presented and delicious, and in the bar it was easy enough to seating areas intimate enough to be able to ignore the rest of the crowd.

  • 4.0 star rating

    So I've only come here on a guest list so I can only speak to that experience...and I loved it! The themed decorations are great and not too overdone. The music is perfectly on-point with trends and the mood as the night progresses. The drinks are pricey, but they're HUGE and delicious so you can share them like my friends and I did. I've heard that if you get here early, then the wait isn't too bad and then you just stay until it gets later and busier.

  • 4.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    Treasure chests are a great thing!!!

  • 1.0 star rating

    I wish I could review it, but I couldn't get past the jerks at the door twice while visiting London this week.  And, before you roll your eyes, I was very well dressed, quite sober and traveling alone.  So, yeah, a single, well dressed, normal person can not get into this place "without a reservation".  ON A TUESDAY NIGHT.  You've got to be shitting me.  F them.  Avoid.

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