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  • 6 York Place
    Brighton BN1 4GU
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  • Phone number 01273 628630

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  • 4.0 star rating

    Nice place in an awful area. I do find a lot of places over charge for Mexican food which is quite annoying as its pretty cheap to produce. The food here is great, not that different from most places of the same cuisine but good flavours.

    The enchiladas are my favourite thing on the menu here, really good sized portions and just the right amount of spiceyness. The drinks menu is OK, they could do with a few more wine options but again, its all pretty reasonable price wise.

    Friendly staff and a nice atmosphere make this place fine to head to for some good value Mexican food.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I was bursting with excitement when my flatmate and I finally decided to give Los Taquitos a go.  I have always been slightly dubious of Mexican food in England, mainly because there is a distinct lack of a Mexican population to foster the production of authentic tasting food.  But it had been almost a year since my taste-buds had enjoyed a big juicy burrito and the combination of severe craving and those pictures in the windows...well, I finally caved.

    I like the décor a lot, it certainly pays homage to the hole in the wall taquerias one finds in the States.  The spray painted cacti and the complimentary corn chips and salsa made me feel right at home as I settled in to a booth.  However, these feelings of familiarity were short-lived.  As I stood waiting to order my chicken burrito, I spotted the microwave, and shortly after that I noticed that the meat and sauces was pre-cooked and mixed in big white buckets behind the counter.  My burrito was assembled and popped in the microwave right before my disbelieving eyes! No choice of beans or rice or hot sauce here my friends, oh no!

    In fairness, my food tasted fine, despite my disappointment and it was very reasonably priced too- £4.30 for a burrito the size of my head!  There was far too much rice in my opinion, but if you're hungry it's certainly good value for money.  I do wish they would take the English food off the menu, it only adds to the feeling that you're a million miles from Mexico!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Los Taquitos is a bit of an oddity really, it started up about 2 years ago on the London road, opposite St Peters Church, and looked as though it would be a short lived adventure owing to it's lack of customers as well as interior beauty at the time.

    However, since then things have changed and yesterday I was their to witness the renaissance of this quirky little Mexican restaurant.

    Inside now, the emptyness of yesterday year has been replaced by some pretty neat looking American diner style tables and seats, and the walls have been painted in slightly tacky but unique anthropomorphised chilli's and traditional mexican ingredients, wearing sombreros and other Mexican attire. Draped from the sealing in long lines are synthetic leaves, which although sounding quite tacky, actually looks really nice and give the place a personal and idiosyncratic feel which made me warm to it, and the owners immediately.

    The food is unpretentious and unspectacular, though it is all authentically prepared by the Mexican owner and is simple and tasty. I particularly recommend the Quesadilla with cheese (£3.25) or add refried beans for a mere 20p;filling and spicy. You'll get all the classics here; Burrito, Fajita, Tacos etc.. and almost everything is priced at under a fiver so it's good value for money.

  • 1.0 star rating

    I'd rather eat my own liver than knowingly eat anything 'microwaved'.

    How anyone can say they enjoy microwaved food is beyond me.

    I would walk out the way I came in if I see a microwave anywhere in sight.

  • 4.0 star rating

    London Road is home to a number of takeaways, so Los Taquitos isn't that surprising for being there. That said, it is definitely out of the cultural norms for the area.

    I myself love Mexican food, or what we get as Mexican food in England. Los Taquitos is a curious place, offering itself up as a low end cantina, but actually selling food that Las Iguanas and other relatively expensive places might sell.

    I love the breakfast burrito here, although i'm not sure everybody could stomach refried beans at 9am. Still, reliable place that isn't too different from El Taco on Western Road.

  • 2.0 star rating

    I'm slightly bemused by all the praise for this Mexican eatery, because while it does a kind of job - filling you up with spicy, cheesy, meaty stodge - it certainly isn't much to get excited about. Mainly it is low-grade nosebag for the hurried and hangover, and in response to previous comments: no, you can't get good quality meat that cheap, nor would you ever expect them to use good quality meat.

    Still if you put all such snobbery to one side, Los Taquitos does some pretty tasty grub. Try the breakfast burrito, which comes with refried beans, eggs, chorizo, onion and hot salsa. It's not the best but again, it serves a purpose. I can't imagine spending any significant time in there, it really is a scoff and go-type place. But there's nothing wrong with grabbing a few bits to share and heading over to the level on a summer's evening.

  • 3.0 star rating

    This is a great no nonsense spot to drop in fora quick bite to eat. It's all pretty basic food, in some ways more traditional than more expensive Mexican restaurants.

    All the food is home made and pretty tasty. I ordered a veggie enchilada for £3 and was pleasantly surprised by what i got. It's hardly a la carte, but filled me up. They also gave us some complimentary tortillas and salsa whilst we waited for the main meals to be cooked. A nice touch seeing as the mains were so cheap to begin with.

    The staff were amicable and polite. I'm sure they can get a few rowdy types, given the location. Good to see that they still retain a positive attitude. The cafe is decorated by some cool Mexican characters in an urban graffiti style and each booth will seat 4 people.

    Don't expect anything remarkable from Los Taquitos, but for the money you pay I reckon you will be pleasantly surprised. Definitely gets a thumbs up from me.

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    2.0 star rating


    It's Los Taquitos... if you can edit the name, please do, as the misspelling only adds to my heart-break. Thank you.

    I must preface my review by mentioning that I hail from Los Angeles, California, home to some of the most beautiful burritos, the kind of little treasures you hold in your arms like Baby Jesus himself, wrapped in a blanket of chewy tortillary goodness. So, yes, the bar is set quite high where my tastebuds are concerned. I must also mention that the place is cute and clean, and the owners are really sweet. And chances are, you'll like the place just fine...

    A few months after we moved to Brighton, my birthday rolled around. We had no money, and hardly any friends. So we decided to come down to Los Taquitos as a special treat, a taste of home, perhaps? We had been curious about this place, and amused by the misspelling of Carne Asada on the window list of offerings (almost certainly the non-spanish-speaking window sign-maker's mistake).

    We chatted with the proprietors, who hail from South America, via Spain, and ordered two vegetarian burritos and a Spanish exotic bottled fruit drink (it's no Jarritos, but it'll do).

    Our burritos arrived, lying sparsely on their plates. The tortillas were the dry, pre-made variety, and the fillings were heavy on the rice. The meager melted cheese presence I could have put up with, but it's the frozen veg that really made my heart weep. Where were the soppy fresh veggies?? A carrot cube has no place in a burrito, I tell you.

    I guess it was one of those melancholy birthdays. There was the comfort of kindness from strangers (the restaurant owners), but most prominent in my memory is the dry, soul-less burrito on my plate. No food-based salvation to be found.

    Since then I have resigned to making Central American dishes at home, doing the best I can with a limited range of ingredients. And that's the thing - with a little effort, one can make some pretty decent Mexican food in the UK. Which means Los Taquitos can do better. What about tortillas made from scratch - they're so easy! And with beans and cheese being as cheap as they are here, there's no need to go crazy with the rice. Just because 99% of customers won't tell the difference, doesn't mean it shouldn't be done right. Do it for the principle, do it for the burrito gods! I hope one day Los Taquitos can be my Taco Temple...

  • 4.0 star rating

    Tequila, sombreros, cacti! All things I, probably wrongly, associate with Mexico. I love them all, but none so much as the burrito. And Los Taquitos do a mean burrito. Just on London Road, this Mexican joint isn't as polished as some in the The Laines but what it lacks in design and décor, it makes up for in care and generous servings. The bean, rice and cheese burrito is a weekly fixture in my diet and not once have I finished it in one sitting. And there's nothing better than having restaurant food to come back to once at home.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Los Taquitos is a super tacky little Mexican place on London road. I only discovered this place recently as everywhere else that I would normally chose to frequent in this area on an evening out was terribly busy. Once inside the poorly painted murals of cartoon Hispanic folks on the wall left me with a feeling of immediate regret. However this was quickly laid aside by the fantastic service and great food. Despite the fact that it was a busy Saturday night my friends and I were quickly attended to by the waitress and received our food remarkably percipiently. If you can get past the visual element of this place a great and informal meal awaits you.

  • 5.0 star rating

    What can I say, my favourite favourite restaurant, you get all the Mexican classic food for less than a fiver, and there's a lot in yout plate. I never tried chicken dishes, but Enchillada, Burrito, Fajita, Tostada all are recommended!

  • 5.0 star rating
    First to Review

    I have already reviewed El Taco on Western Road and given it full marks..for Los Taquitos I really need more stars! The food at Los Taquitos is just as good as El Taco- the veggie burrito is piled high with rice, beans, cheese and bunged in a microwave to melt it all together then topped with salsa, guacamole and sour cream and rolled up into a soft tortilla burrito bigger than my head. Again most main items cost around the £4 mark and friends I've taken here all say the meat is good quality despite the low price. What pushes this place even over and above El Taco is the atmosphere and the little extras. The decor is filled with over the top Mexican stereotypes- put there by the Mexican owner no less, why one wonders?!- but it has these great booths with comfy bench seats and plastic tables that feel like a cross between a fifties diner and a real taco place in Mexico City. The owner is lovely and brings a plate of delicious nachos and salsa when you order. The milkshakes are made with ice-cream and the cutlery is metal not plastic. It's a great mix of things. The owner's wife and baby daughter often sit in as well and help out...the little girl is adorable. I have grown to love coming here.

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