• “You can book on line, I did it on the day before travelling and this saves a lot of time in the queue.” in 39 reviews

  • “there are private or shared capsules.look out for discounts if you visit multiple attractions in London.” in 26 reviews

  • “It does take time but gradually you will find yourself stepping into one of the pods.” in 28 reviews

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    • Qype User kristi…
    • London
    • 111 friends
    • 158 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Can't believe I stood on Westminster Bridge 10 years ago and watched the unveiling of this monument / ride and the damp squib that was the River of Fire, New Year's Eve 2000!
    Back then we all thought it would be up for a year and then the popularity would wane.
    Now, I think it's absolutely one of the must-do landmarks in London for first-time visitors. It's now managed by Merlin entertainments rather than BA ( probably has better flight records now...)
    Yay - It's a ride, it has excellent views, it can be romantic at night for a date, it has ice-skating at the foot of it in winter, changes colours at different times of year, is easy to get to and has loads of eateries etc nearby.
    Nay - ok, it does cost a whack, and they try and sting you for tourist photos, keyrings and other tat on the way out, but ignore it and move swiftly and you'll be fine.

  • 4.0 star rating

    It took me ages to get around to having a go on the London Eye, so took the opportunity when my brother and his family visited a while back.

    The major downside - as others have said - is the queues in summer. And that's if you have pre-booked. If you do nothing else, remember these words: pre-book online. (Unless, that is, you have a fetish for queuing). If you can go on a fine winter's day, that's probably perfect.

    We waited about an hour to get on, on a very hot day, although fortunately we had all brought lots of water to drink. There's nowhere really to sit while queuing, and the queue is a bit haphazard and ill-organised, but you do eventually get there. (NB Make sure you use the loo if you need to beforehand too - the capsules themselves don't have any, and those 30 minutes can seem a very long time).

    Needless to say, our capsule was pretty crowded, but they do limit numbers so you still have plenty of space to wander around and look in different directions. And once there, there is no doubt that the views are stupendous, especially over the Houses of Parliament and towards Trafalgar Square. I'm still using the photographs I took on my trip!

    I have to say that for me, it's one of those things I'll probably only do once, but I'm glad that I did it.

    Warning: a few friends of mine and one family member have suffered really badly from vertigo on the Eye, as the structure tends to emphasise its height. The 30 minutes really was torture for them. So, if you are not good with heights, think very carefully before going on.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Monday lunchtime in October seems to be the ideal time to take a ride on the London Eye.
    Unfortunately, we decided against booking online. This would have saved us 10% off the ticket (currently £15.50 for a regular adult trip - god knows how much extra they charge for fast track) and about half an hour's queuing at the ticket office.
    However, we could walk straight into the pod, following efficient bag and body searches.
    The weather was not idea, but even on a fairly overcast day we enjoyed a great view and I point out to my visiting friends all the sights and landmarks we had seen.
    Compared to many other rip-offs in London this is definitely one of the better ones.
    ... and it's quite good therapy for vertigo sufferers as well.

    • Qype User theduc…
    • London
    • 213 friends
    • 304 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    It is expensize, but I keep on going back with different people and in different season and at different times of the day. London changes so quickly and so does the weather meaning two flights are never the same. Yes, sponsorship dictates that a trip on the Eye is called a 'flight' on the BA London Eye.

    I dont like to queue so I book online in advance and you can do this even ont he same day meaning you can wait to see what the whether is like before going and then you choose a timeslot and turn up to pick up slightly discounted tickets. That is the best way.

    Things not to do....get drunk as you will need to pee and there is no toilet in the capsule. Not use the bathroom when picking up your tickets (this was out of nessicity on one occason, but now I just LOVE the handdryers), forget your camera, go at a time when the sun is setting as this 30 minute period means you dont get to see London at real day time or night and the glare as the sun is behind the Houses of Parliament is really, really bad and hurts your eyes and makes pictures of Big Ben look dreadful I think.

    • Qype User BushGi…
    • London
    • 197 friends
    • 388 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    I would like to buy a capsule that I could use at my convenience, and I could sit in there with a fridge and a laptop and I could write all my stuff and pick out places I want to visit and think about how much I dig London.

    It's pretty cool. We went on the Red Rose Flight which included a rose and a chocolate per couple.

    Apparently the London Eye is the 2nd most popular place in the world for proposing - no one got on their knees in our capsule, but we did have the rather hilarious soundtrack of couples smooching.

    • Qype User Timina…
    • Sydney, Australia
    • 634 friends
    • 758 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    One of London's biggest attractions, assuredly. I personally think it's overrated and overpriced. Nevertheless, it is one of the best ways to get eagle-eye views from the centre of London. But try to get a ticket for very early in the day, as the crowds get really annoying.

    As a mechanical engineer I'm actually more impressed with the Eye itself than the views.

    Also, note: you can get nearly as good views for less money by scaling the inside dome at St Paul's (qype.co.uk/place/133366-…) (and you get to see the cathedral as well).

    • Qype User Sally_…
    • London
    • 19 friends
    • 72 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    I know it's expensive but there is NOTHING like this anywhere else in London - the perfect place to take tourists or visitors - even when the weather is a bit crap there's an amazing view. I took my toddler when he wasn't quite walking and he LOVED it! (I've added pics to this so you can see!). Children aren't scared as even though it looks so high it moves SO slowly you hardly notice it. I was nervous about getting on as the idea of boarding as it moves was freaky but it's fine - again it moves so slowly and it's an efficient system - people help you board etc.

    You can't take your buggy on so be prepared to carry babes. But it's an unforgettable experience and worth it!

  • 4.0 star rating

    A giant ferris wheel, you might think, big deal. Wella giant ferris wheel rising over the South Bank of the Thames may not seem exciting, but it is pretty cool.

    The glass pods fit around 30odd people (some of whom are odd indeed) and rises high, very high above the river giving some spectacular views. Because the pods curve, you can even look down.

    It takes about half an hour to go all the way around. Upon boarding you step onto the slowly moving pod (after being security searched - a sign of the times) unless you have a special need (a wheelchair, cane or other mobility issue) in which case they'll stop the wheel for you.

    The Eye isn't cheap, however, booking online will save you money (and some time - even in the winter the queues are formidable.) However, if you are accompanied a disabled passenger, as I was once, you do get bumped further up the queue. Also, if your disabled passenger is in a wheelchair, the wheelchair bound person gets a discount and her companion gets on for free.

    I am told night time rides are lovely - I've not done it at night. It is a wonderful experience - I have now done it a few times with family - I shan't be rushing back, as there's only so much appeal a ferris wheel can have, but for visitors to London, I highly recommend it.

    • Qype User Sian…
    • London
    • 415 friends
    • 752 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    OK, now there's nothing about view that's only worth three stars. The view is amazing. Really very lovely indeed. I can nearly see my little Greenwich house! Yay! And I think it's about the first time I've ever seen London looking so... big! I get a pretty awesome view from Greenwich observatory, but from the London Eye, you can see all around, and that's pretty exciting. And when you're right at the top, you can look at how little all the tiny people on Southbank are and freak out your date who happens to be a little bit scared of heights. Hehehe!

    But really, £18 for about 18 minutes whizzing 'round? A pound a minute! The view really ain't that great. In fact, the whole thing is over so quickly, I felt a little bit fobbed off.

    Yes, this is something everyone should do once, and hopefully you'll be pleased that you did, but I'm only just in that camp. I like the London Eye, but for what's a glorified ferris wheel, it's far to expensive.

    • Qype User murphy…
    • Hamburg, Germany
    • 51 friends
    • 82 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    When I went to the London eye, my first thought was: "What an amazing view!"
    And there is certainly no better way to end or start a visit to the UK capital.
    But my second one was: "18 Pounds for 18 Minutes, thats a pound a minute!"
    C'mon everyone knows London's expensive, but that's just unbelievable!

  • 5.0 star rating

    I can definitely recommend going up in the Eye on Bonfire Night. All across the horizon we could see fireworks which was pretty spectacular to see. We had canapés and champagne too which aren't vital but if you have a few bob to spare then it does make the whole thing even more amazing.

    The half an hour ride does go pretty quickly though... I think just a little longer and it would have been perfect.

    • Qype User Cathy…
    • Rhyl, Denbighshire
    • 12 friends
    • 117 reviews
    2.0 star rating

    To be honest, once you've seen grey, dreary London from one angle, you've seen it from enough.

    Perhaps it was the rubbish weather at the time, but I didn't think much of this over-grown ferris wheel. Plus you always get one of the following in your capsule:

    a baby who's filled his/her nappy and stinks the place out the rest of the way round
    someone who gets vertigo or motion sickness and has to tell the whole capsule about it
    an annoying whiny young child!!

    • Qype User Kittle…
    • London
    • 50 friends
    • 119 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Long wait but definitely worth it... we didn't book tickets but were luckily enough to still be able to get one on the day after quite a wait.

    fantastic view of all London has to offer and the guides are informative and there seems to be a bit of romance in the air as one guy proposed to his sweetheart in front of everyone in our capsule. apparently this is quite common-not original but common.

    It can be a little boring after awhile if you do the trip on your own like I did, much more fun in a group of with a partner I reckon. and yes I definitely see the romantic potential especially if you luckily enough to rent out your own entire capsule with your sweetheart...heh

    • Qype User deanne…
    • London
    • 103 friends
    • 34 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    I saw the eye and thought.. hmm.. just another expensive attraction to waste money on. We had a friend come to London for a visit and she really wanted to go so we booked tickets online (very easy and you avoid at least one queue.) It was about 15 pounds for a ticket.

    Your online ticket gets you a time slot in line and I think the time slots are allocated every half an hour.. so you still wait in an unavoidable line with the other couple hundred people in your time slot. I will say the line moves fast and I think we were only in it for about 20 minutes during Easter weekend.

    I thought I would be bored and that the ride would feel like hours but really I thought it went too fast! The views are stunning and even in bad weather you can see a lot. We got half way up to the peak and someone in our capsule thought we were at the top which gives you an idea of how high you feel.

    The engineering of the structure was fantastic and I took as many pictures of that as I did of the views. It was a 'blow your umbrella inside out', 'can't hear people next to you talking cause of the wind' day, yet I felt incredibly safe and the structure never felt as though it was being affected.

    I will definately be back with more guests or maybe even for fun on an evening flight!

    One note: Take pictures of YOURSELF and the view up there and don't be afraid to ask others to take your photo. Your friends want to see photos of you, not 80 crappy snaps of London that anyone could've taken.

    • Qype User kelblu…
    • Gillingham, Medway
    • 77 friends
    • 99 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    I have to say I always thought the London Eye was a waste of money and a bit of an eye sore and said I never wanted to go on it. However on a works do I went there and I must say it was lovely. It goes slow enough so that you can see all the way round London on your way up and down, and capture some breath taking pictures in the process.

    I went on the flight at around 10 am and would advise anyone to go on early because I did not have to queue but after being on the flight for half hour the queue must have been over and hour long. I pre booked a day out with them for £37.50 each and that was for London Eye Flight, the a meal in Covent Garden at the Porters Bar and then on the River Cruise. This is a great money saver and well worth doing

    Also I have been told you can get married on this and they time it just right so that you say your 'i do's ' when you reach the top. ahhhhh that's lovely

    • Qype User Pamela…
    • London
    • 12 friends
    • 61 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    I think that every one of my family members who have visited london from abroud have come here. My dad always takes them here, floowed by a trip to Madam Tussauds. Personally, i love this place. I think that there are not many places in London, if any, whose sole purpose is to show off the magnificance of london.

    If you come here for a thrill, then you will be sadly disappointed. If you come here knowing and expecting what you are getting, then you will have a magnificant time.

    I have to admit, that i loved it the first time i went, as it was just me and some friends inside the pod, but the second time, there were a load of kids, which kind of spoiled the experience for me.

    I think that the best days to go are on a really sunny day, where you can see for miles, or on a really rainy day, where london looks like it does in Sweeney Todd. It looks like the stereotypical view of a rain soaked, dark place that you do not get to experience from up high very often.

    • Qype User boroug…
    • Hamburg, Germany
    • 3 friends
    • 13 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    I will never understand why the London Eye is run by BA, who consistently talk of a "flight". It is not a flight.

    However, I always have a lot of fun when I treat myself to the 14,50 GBP experience.

    My best experience there was not in a sunny summer day with an endless view, but actually in a cold autumn evening in the rain (see Fotos). Very few visitors and a totally different London feeling.

    • Qype User shopah…
    • London
    • 34 friends
    • 167 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    This is probably the first thing that anyone visiting London for the first time should do. The views are fabulous, especially around sunset, and the Eye itself is an impressive bit of design and engineering.

    It is possible to hire 'capsules' for private events, some people have had weddings and parties, which is pretty cool.

    I have been a few times, with people visiting the city, and I never tire of it because each time is a slighlty different experience; not too expensive but you can also get some deals by buying tickets in advance online.

    • Qype User maveri…
    • Oxford
    • 42 friends
    • 75 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    The London Eye is absolute MUST for residents of London as well as visitors. I'd recommend a sunset trip (it lasts about 45 minutes). This is sometimes hard to schedule as in high season, the queues are ridiculous.

    Quick tip - Buy your tickets online at londoneye.com . It's much, much cheaper!

    • Qype User jojeb…
    • London
    • 12 friends
    • 88 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    When they first build the "Eye" I was against it. But it has grown on me as a brilliant piece of architecture, as well as one of the top attractions in London.
    A lot of people ask me if it's worth going on, and I say - Yes.
    Admittedly, London does not have the greatest skyline you'll see, but it's amazing to see what a jumble of architectural eras it is made up of - ancient churches and new apartment blocks crammed in together.
    The queue does seem ridiculously long, but if you book your tickets ahead, the wait is not so long, and once you're up there you have half an hour to gather your thoughts and truly appreciate what a magical city London is.

    • Qype User tvha…
    • San Francisco, United States
    • 70 friends
    • 81 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    The London Eye is: touristy, has long lines and a ride is pretty expensive. Is it worth all this? Absolutely.

    The views from the Eye are stunning and it's a great way to acclimate yourself to the city. I wouldn't hesitate to suggest it to friends visiting London.

    • Qype User blooms…
    • San Francisco, United States
    • 33 friends
    • 21 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Is the London Eye touristy? You betcha. It's also the best way to see all of London at once. On a clear day, you really can see forever and then some. I felt like a little kid Oohing and Aahing over the sights and I would definitely return and do it all over again. Also, if you happen to be in London over the Christmas holidays, try to get out to see the New Year's eve fireworks display. We stood on one of the bridges and watched fireworks exploding over Big Ben and the London Eye. It was simply spectacular.

    Here's my tip: if at all possible, plan in advance and buy your tickets before you get there. They will be for a specific time period and it will significantly reduce your wait time. Just go pick up your tickets at the will call box office and go get in line for the ride. Once you see how massive the line is for purchasing tickets, you will be very glad you planned in advance.

    • Qype User sazzbe…
    • London
    • 24 friends
    • 69 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    Its a must do once for all!
    it takes about half an hour but it goes so quick as your so busy staring at the sites!
    lovely views all round you can even see the planes going into land at City Airport.
    dont forget to pose for the photo at the end! you will see the camera just as your coming back round!
    great to laugh at even if you dont buy it!

    I thought it was really good but personally wouldnt be that bothered about doing it again in the next few years

    • Qype User Kellem…
    • Gillingham, Medway
    • 42 friends
    • 145 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    I have to confess to thinking this was going to be a waste of money when it was being erected, but I was wrong. I took a group of 23 people along as part of a day out to this. I had purchased the tickets and time slot in advance, so we literally turned up, got on and enjoyed the ride.

    Unfortunately the weather wasn't brilliant on the day we went, a bit overcast and drizzly, but the scenery was still fantastic. What was also good too was that most people were like me, they just stood and looked without really saying much and it was so peaceful.

    Don't waste your time sitting down when you board the pods, grab yourself a spot by the window and you won't be disappointed.

    Just in case you wondered, the eye doesn't stop for you to board - it just moves really slowly all the time.

    • Qype User bazee…
    • Derby
    • 11 friends
    • 14 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Recently when attending a works team building day in London I had the good fortune to be able to experience The London Eye. Despite being petrified of heights I felt this was something that I had always wanted to do so jumped at the chance.
    I have to say I was not let down by what transpired, although a little nervous at first I soon settled and it became an exhilarating experience in which I felt totally safe. The views were fantastic even on what was not the clearest of days. I am not sure of the cost as I didnt pay but whatever it was, it was worth it, the cycle of 'The Eye' went at a steady pace allowing you to take in the sights in your own time.
    In conclusion, I would recommend anyone visiting London for the first time or anyone going again that hasn't been on it try The London Eye as it truly lives up to the reputation as one of Londons best tourist attractions.

    • Qype User phanto…
    • London
    • 16 friends
    • 107 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    I went to the eye with a group of disabled people and it was a very positive experience. There is a discount for disabled and their companion goes free of charge. They slowed the capsual right down so we had no trouble getting the wheelchairs on board.
    There are good disabled facilities, and there was an easy drop off point.

    • Qype User Maria7…
    • London
    • 20 friends
    • 99 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    My friends took me on a surprise trip on the London Eye. We went in the evening and that i have to say is probably the best time to go, as overlooking london in the night sky looks beautiful. You can see all the lights below and the House of Parliament are all lit up. The price is not too bad as well i think it was about £15.50 each or something.

    On the way round, towards the end watch out for the camera which takes a pic of you, but you have to know which side of the capsule to stand on. You can then purchase these outside, the time i went there was an offer 2 pics for £10 so me and my friends bought about 6 so we all paid £5 each.

    It is definetly well worth a trip!

    • Qype User xolivi…
    • Bristol
    • 18 friends
    • 126 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    This place was brill
    i thought it would of taken ages to go around
    but went quite quick
    i reccomend

    • Qype User only1i…
    • Manchester
    • 24 friends
    • 39 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    The London Eye offers a great alternative to the open top bus tour, for a start there is no traffic! I've been on the eye twice, both times early evening so the queues have been relatively short and quick moving. The cost is reasonable too, unless you wish to upgrade to a private capsule with pimms or champagne. There are now lots of package options available so you can combine with a river boat cruise, a West End show or a meal at a nearby restaurant. It's a great gift if you want to do something a little different.

    The view from the eye is spectacular and the guide book allows you to pick out buildings and points of interest nearby. I'd recommend going on just before it goes dark as the landscape changes dramatically once all the lights start to come on.

    • Qype User madamc…
    • Portsmouth
    • 7 friends
    • 72 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    The London Eye is FANTASTIC! Go late in the day, prebook your tickets if you can, and thats probably the best way to skip the majorly long lines. Also fast track doesn't REALLY mean fast track. If the place isn't busy, don't buy fast track! They put you into the queue halfway around the path. If theres no big queue then you're only wasting your money.

    Like i said, go at night, less people in your capsule because its less busy. So much more fun that way!! If its dark EVEN better!!

    The trip all the way around takes about 30 minutes and it can get a little boring towards the end but the views on the way up and then at the top are perfect!! That is assuming its good weather of course!!

    • Qype User chebur…
    • Poznan, Poland
    • 25 friends
    • 62 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    we booked the ride ONLINE, it was much cheaper that way and you avoid the lines.
    We booked the one with DRINK (pimp drink).

    It turned out that no one had it booked at that time. (u can book every 30 min so its hard for people to be exactly at the same time. usually people book different time)

    So we had the WHOLE CAPSULE all to ourselves!
    we paid less than 30 pounds and usually it is 200 pounds or so, to RENT the whole thing!!!

    We had the private bartender and it was really nice!

    • Qype User Chwada…
    • Cardiff
    • 7 friends
    • 41 reviews
    1.0 star rating

    I went on the London Eye as a 17 year old with my parents and would probably have given it 3* - nothing special but worth a visit once.

    But beware - when it snows, everything shuts down. My boyfriend and I visited London in early December and as we had a voucher we gave it another go. But alas, having bought our ticket and queued in the freezing, damp, snotty cold for 40 minutes the ride was shut unexpectedly. Chaos ensued. We were given a flyer telling us how to claim a refund and chose to queue for one. Another 15 minutes of queuing passed before the ticket lady told us she couldn't refund us.

    So on returning home, I filled in the slip, posted it and waited.

    6 weeks later I rang the (10p a minute) customer services line and was told to expect a phone call later that day. 2 weeks later I ring again and am told to expect a phone call soon. I'm still waiting. So overall, a non-existent experience and truly horrendous customer service.

    • Qype User lisamc…
    • London
    • 29 friends
    • 51 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    I have to admit, being a local resident at the time of constraction i wasnt sure about the London
    Eye. Though over the years i have come to see it as a part of London. I also have to admit that
    in the evening while walking over the bridge it is a lovely sight. The lights on the river are
    a amazing sight. I havent been on the eye itself but i know many a person that have and i
    know they really enjoyed it. They loved the view and have even been on it more then once,
    which is always a good sign.

    10.00am - 9.00pm daily

    • Qype User iamabo…
    • Perth
    • 10 friends
    • 124 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    I have been on this twice now . The London eye is a big wheel that is on the themes and you get really good views from London , It goes very slowly and takes about 1 hour to go around. British airways did own this but i'm not sure if they do any more , the only flight you got on on time with them i think.
    I'm not sure how much it cost's but i think it's rather expensive however if you collect airmiles you can use your miles for this .

    go on the london eye.

    • Qype User wayne…
    • London
    • 3 friends
    • 52 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    The London eye is now a classic London land mark like big ben, was only built in 2000 seems to have been around for ever. Having only been on it once in day time I would recommend it to anyone don't be put off by the height. Once it starts it`s move so slow you don't ever notice the thing move the trip last 30 minis and give plenty of time for photo taking and looking at for your house if you live in London :-)

    AS you would expect the queues are massive so make sure you pre book, if you have been during the day then night time would be another option.

    • Qype User heyya1…
    • Coventry, West Midlands
    • 7 friends
    • 63 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    The best thing to do is book online for the tickets because the queue to buy the tickets itself is massive! Then after that you will need to queue up to get on the wheel. It does take time but gradually you will find yourself stepping into one of the pods.

    The views are great, you can literally see everything, parliament looks the best I think and the bend of the River Thames. I feel if you are visiting London this is a great attraction something you can't find anywhere else so it's worth having a go. I have been on it in the day time but I have been told to visit the London Eye you will need to visit it twice once during daytime and once at night.

    A ticket for adults was £15 each and you could also get a day out tickets which included The London Dungeons and Madame Tussauds on a discount price. The pods were not too crowded and it was spacious enough to move around to see a full 360 view of London.

    • Qype User Mirza9…
    • London
    • 4 friends
    • 47 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    The best thing to do is book online for the tickets because the queue is massive! Then after that you will need to queue up to get on the wheel. It does take time but gradually you will find yourself stepping into one of the pods.

    The views are amazing, you can literally see everything, parliament looks the best I think and the bend of the River Thames. If you're visiting London this is a great attraction you can't find anywhere else so it's worth going.

    A ticket for adults was £15 each and you could also get a day out tickets which included The London Dungeons and Madame Tussauds on a discount price. The pods were not too crowded and it was spacious enough to move around to see a full 360 view of London.

    • Qype User madbo…
    • Helmsdale, Highland
    • 3 friends
    • 61 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    I have been to the London eye a couple of times, and the second trip I made sure I had pre-booked tickets. Believe me, the queue's are horrendous (and that is just the queue for the ticket hall). I recommend buying your tickets online, this way they are cheaper than elsewhere - you can save 10% - an adult ticket is approx £13.95

    If you can, I would try and visit during a non-cloudy day (though this may be easier said than done!) and during the daytime. It isn't cheap if you're taking the whole family but the views are certainly spectacular.

    I'm not the greatest with heights but you are completely enclosed and I didn't feel nervous at all.

    All in all a great addition to the London visitor schedule


    • Qype User Travel…
    • Conwy
    • 26 friends
    • 125 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    By far the best views of London . If you choose a clear day. When I booked to go on the London Eye I had reservations that I wouldnt enjoy it as I suffer from Vertigo but I had the most amazing experience and would definately recommend this attraction to anyone visitng London. My top tip is to pre-book your tickets as the queues are massive.

    There were about 15 people in each pod, I think less people would have been better to give everyone more viewing space.

    Even though I cabt stand heights the wheel moves very slowly so you don't even feel it moving which helps with the Vertigo. The whole Trip takes about 20 minutes in all which was longer than expected so good value.

    • Qype User Gambit…
    • London
    • 3 friends
    • 49 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    Being a Londoner, I actually only went on the eye for the first time this summer. I enjoyed the ride and it was good from a photographic point of view (I'm an amateur DSLR user) but it was over way too quickly. I don't think it was very good value for money but having said that it is a tourist trap so you wouldn't expect it to be. I would say it's definitely worth a trip but make sure it's for a good reason such as a birthday or to show people around our fair city.

    If you are into photography, I would advise going as close to sunset as you can get as the light is better then.