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  • “The back area has sky windows with cushy benches against the wall and brick backdrop - so wonderfully homey and chic!” in 4 reviews

    Ambience: Trendy

  • “I had the Creme brûlée for dessert, and to my surprise, it came with three cups with different flavored.” in 5 reviews

  • “Started with a delicious slab of the foie gras, because how could you not when it's available?” in 4 reviews

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  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Full five stars for a really fantastic brunch with excellent service and a very friendly greeting.

    We showed up Sunday at around noon- four of us girls- and enjoyed just one of the most amazing brunches.

    The waiter came with the chalkboard, showed us the three-course menu and asked for our drink selection. From that point on everything ran so perfectly, we did not even have to ever look for a waiter once or wonder what's going on -food just arrived, water stayed full on the table, glasses kept getting filled it was truly exceptional and well-managed.

    We started with a large basket of bread and mini viennoiseries. The pain au raisin was my favorite: moist, gooey. Moving on to the second course, we each received a plate that had one perfectly cooked egg, a smoked salmon salad that was incredibly well smoked and flavorful, a muffin, and some cucumber salad.  Divine. The third course followed and included some delicious yogurt, a poached pear, the best ravioli in a creamy cheesy sauce ever, and some sort of attempt at bacon.

    Absolutely perfect Sunday afternoon spent at this exceptional restaurant enjoying a perfect leisurely meal. Great place to know- and afterwards you can stroll along the St. Martin canal. Very romantic.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Well worth a short walk from the train stations. An attractive, small restaurant with an elegant approach to food. Simple menu, well prepared food.

    I had the mini tartare for starters. Despite the list of ingredients, it was underseasoned for my tastes, though the beef was delicious. Chicken to follow, with a nice puree of celeriac and apple. But NO creme caramel! Tragedy.

    I'd come back, for a date with my wife.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I don't think i can like this restaurant any more than I do at this moment. It's such a great great place! The back area has sky windows with cushy benches against the wall and brick backdrop - so wonderfully homey and chic! The location is right near Gare de l'est and nord, and the canal. So last minute run to the train station works, or if you have time, hang out by the canal. The service is impeccable. And the food. Oh the food!

    Sunday "brunch" at noon (opening time) - thankfully we made reservations and di not have to wait outside forever. 25 EUR fixed price and the menu is incredible.

    1. freshly squeezed orange juice, choice of coffee-based drink, unlimited viennoiserie
    2. cucumber salad, salamon salad (thick smoked salmon), oeuf cocotte, house made cake/bread thingy
    3.  baked dish (potatoes? I dont know but it was delicious), duck breast, farmed yogurt with jam, fresh grapes

    Yes, all three of what I numbered will need to be eaten by you. So pick up the phone and make that reservation and i promise you won't regret it!!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Meilleur service, meilleure cuisine .., parfait !
    Really good food and a great welcome by bartender and waiter. They really were accommodating, even changed our wine after we didn't like our first taste.

  • 5.0 star rating

    We had a truly divine dinner last night with the chef showing a dexterity that's unusual to say the least with standards as well as nouvelle-ish menu items. The steak tartare app may have been the best we've ever had, chevre ravioli a true revelation. Mains of volaille (chicken breast) also revealed new taste sensations in a standard, while seared salmon over asian-inspired wok veggies was light and refreshing. Nice wine list with reasonable prices due to their ownership (we surmised) of the wine store across the street (we enjoyed the "Magic of Ju-Ju" proprietary white wine at EUR 30. At EUR 178 for four we thought it a great value..

  • 4.0 star rating

    Had a fantastic night at this place. It's cozy and the waiters did a great job even though we had a language barrier between us.

    We ordered Mini Tartar, Fish carpaccio, Beef, Cod and desserts. All very delicious at a reasonable price. Would maybe have liked french fries to the beef instead of just vegetables but not a big issue.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Romantic, wonderful atmosphere with a small "cloud" room at the back , a covered terrace that felt so airy despite the fact that the tables are so close that I had to fight the urge to eat off my neighbors plate. This place is more of a small neighborhood restraunt, with a few expats hanging around.  You can drink at the bar, and on a nice day sit outside.  

    The meal started with a crab dish with cucumber spaghetti, followed by a butterflied fish, with truffle oil.  I don't really like my fish to be staring up at me while I eat it's insides, but you know how it is in Paris.  I thought maybe some people eat stuff out of the head like the brain and eyes... but that is not my speed.

    Oh ... and the freaking bread basket on every table in Paris is amazing, it was a white bread eat-a-thon the whole trip.

    I had a really wonderful bottle of Chataueneuf-du-paup and a drink called a classique, which tasted just like a Mojito so I just went with it.

    For desert: Eat the Pan Purdue.  Just do it.  You can really be happy with any of the deserts, but the Pan Purdue is a stunner.

    After your meal you can walk the canal and see the young parisians sitting, drinking and eating along the canal banks.

  • 1.0 star rating

    After a few nights of mediocre food, I asked the hotel concierge for a recommendation. We then saw that this restaurant had high remarks on Yelp, so we thought we would give it a shot.

    I ordered the beef tenderloin and my boyfriend got the duck confit. I asked for it to be cooked medium rare and it came out red and very rare. I guess in Paris, you need to ask for it well done?? I ended up having to send mine back to be cooked longer. The sides that came along with the entrees were bland. We ordered creme brûlée for dessert hoping it would put a nice finish on a disappointing dinner since France seems to at least do desserts well. Even that was boring.. The only thing good was the ice cream.

    The service was slow and after waiting 15 minutes for our check, we left our money on the table while the server was too busy setting up another table. We ended up paying 62 euros ($83 USD) which is the same that i would have paid for an appetizer, 4 drinks and 2 entrees at a 4 star restaurant in Austin. I consider myself a "foodie" and have tried a ton of top notch restaurants.. But perhaps Paris is just too bland and overpriced for my taste.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Coming to Paris on business, I wanted to get away for at least one evening to have a delicious meal with a local cousin.  Teetering on whether to take me somewhere more mainstream or "where the cool kids go," I opted for the latter!  How often do you get to explore foreign cities with a local?  To the cool kids locale, I say!

    Said cousin brought me to Les Enfants Perdus, and it was a real treat.  In a super lovely part of Paris in the 10th, with people picnicking on the canal, it's a perfect setting.  The service was good, tolerating my broken French and helping me out with English in a not snobbish fashion.

    The food was excellent.  Started with a delicious slab of the foie gras, because how could you not when it's available?  (Sorry, Californians)  Followed by the duck breast and the pain perdu for dessert.  I wasn't disappointed by a thing.  The duck was cooked well and the pain perdu was like a bread pudding but made with a single thick slice of bread.  I will say that my ice cream was not salted caramel as promised by the menu, but was a pear sorbet.  It was still tasty, so I didn't raise any gripes.

    A bit off the beaten track, but definitely a good place to go to avoid the more "touristy" locales and restaurants.  Totally worth the visit.

  • 4.0 star rating

    One of the best dining experiences in Paris. Feels casual, but the food is top-notch.

    They have stellar music playing - always - but it doesn't interrupt your conversation.

    The bar (and bartender) will impress!

    Always, always go for the dessert! You won't be disappointed.

  • 5.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    Oh la la! What a wonderful restaurant. Le creme de le creme in my opinion.

    A friend of mine had his parents coming into town one weekend. Because we were all going to eat together, they asked me if I could reserve a restaurant for a group of 6 somewhere near Gare d'lest. I must admit that I was a bit nervous because from what I had heard, my friends parents were big foodies and really loved a good restaurant. I guess I felt the need to find a really unique and lovely place. After looking over reviews of restaurants, I ran across Les Enfants Perdus and just knew it was the place. The photos of the food looked mouth watering.

    I booked a table for 6 people to have dinner. I was greeted by friendly waiters dressed in elegant black and white uniforms and was taken to the back of the restaurant where there was a lovely white sofa with fluffy pillows and a chic table. It was perfect for our group of 6!

    The ambiance of this place is so Paris chic and trendy. Very friendly staff, great service and outstanding food. Also kid friendly (they have a barbe a papa machine!).

    I ordered the steak (which was perfectly cooked and seasoned) and it came with delicious mashed potatoes. Was a very well seasoned meal bursting with flavor and taste. They have a great selection of wines (we ordered a Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil which was truly amazing with the meal). For dessert, I got a fondant chocolate avec glace vanille. This melted in my mouth and left me wanting more. We ended the night with a tiny cafe! The menu is well priced. This is not a cheap place, but the prices really meet the high quality and service.

    I honestly cannot say enough about this place. One of the best dining experiences I have had in Paris. If you live near Canal St. Martin/ 11eme/ Gare d'lest, you don't want to miss this place.

    I've also heard it's a great place to day your laptop during the day, have a coffee and surf the web. Very cool!

    Overall, my friends parents were more than content with Les Enfants Perdus, in fact it's become a must go to when they are in the area!

  • 5.0 star rating

    I came here with my husband and I ended up eating his volaille (while he ate my tartare) and I highly recommend it.

    Not speaking French, it was a bit hard for my husband so I would advise bringing a French speaker along (but that goes for anywhere you go, in France really).

    Besides that, the establishment was small but very nice and expensive but worth the splurge.

    We had a very nice time.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Wow - this was the quintessential fancy French cuisine, fine dining in a slightly more relaxed atmosphere than usual.  The food was just absolutely *decadent* - that's really the best way to describe it.  The restaurant is a bit small and crowded, but we were seated at a table right away.  The design of the restaurant was a fusion of classic and modern, Eastern and Western, classy and casual, all at the same time.  It totally worked, and made a great, cozy spot to enjoy some great food & drink.

    The service was fantastic, and very English-friendly - in fact, one of the guys working there spoke American English so casually and easily, I had to wonder if he was French at all!  (Plus, he looked almost exactly like Jeff Bridges as The Dude - very non-French, haha!)

  • 5.0 star rating
    3 check-ins

    During my first trip to France, this was the first restaurant we ate at. Recommended by a friend of a friend who lives in the neighborhood, this tiny neighborhood spot is nestled away in an alley in the 10e.

    This was by far my favorite meal in all of Paris. The prices were reasonable, the dishes expertly prepared and was truly an authentic experience.

    The dishes that stood out to me the most were the ravioli, the house smoked salmon, the duck breast with puree'd parsnips, the "brunch that never ends" and the creme brulee.

    Not all of the servers here spoke English, but they were kind enough to speak English to us when our French reached it's limitations. Very kind staff, excellent service and wonderful food. If you are visiting and staying near the canal, I highly recommend coming here.

  • 3.0 star rating

    This is a solid place for dinner, the interior is very fancy and modern, and they have some larger tables for groups. The food here was quite good, with some dishes being big hits (such as the mozzarella appetizer) and others were just fine.

    Gluten-free notes: Most dishes here were naturally gluten-free and they were happy to adjust as needed. I believe there were a few Asian-influenced dishes so don't forget to ask about soy sauce.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in
    Listed in Bistro

    Not bad - a decent bistro meal, even if it was a little warm inside. The Espadon was cooked perfectly as was my friend's canard. A decent wine collection and cheerful service. The pricing is just right and it's around the corner from the Canal. It's a good find.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Great, relatively hidden gem in a city packed with great dining options.  Don't pass this up.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Really disappointing experience.  We had reservations but stood there for several moments, only to get a small middle table that had to be pulled out entirely for me to get out.  Food was barely edible, the wine was cloudy, overall a no go.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I'd like to give Les Enfants Perdus 4.5 stars :)

    - We were a group of 13, and even though they normally don't allow such large groups for dinner, they made an exception for us and allowed us to be there from 7-10pm. :D
    - They were very nice and efficient.
    - The website isn't completely accurate; some food items that were in the restaurant are not on their menu online.

    - It was beautifully decorated; it looks like there's a bit of a Japanese touch to the way that they garnish their food. I had a magret de canard with berries and it was really great. It was cooked a little too much for my taste, even though I asked for rosé, but it was still really good.
    - I got the nage de pamplemousse au menthe (something like that), but after trying my friend's moelleux au chocolat + mango sorbet, I would've much rather had that. My dessert was very light and refreshing, but the moelleux was really phenomenal.

    - It's pretty cute and cozy :) It's not a giant restaurant, but it's not so small that you feel bad that you're taking up space. It's pretty comfortably sized.
    - It's really close to the Canal Saint-Martin, so you can stroll along before or after. :)

    Overall, it'd be a great restaurant for a celebration of some sort (birthday, farewell party, etc) or a date. You'll get a really good meal, but it is rather spendy.

  • 5.0 star rating

    We were looking for a place to have brunch in Paris this last weekend and Les Enfants Perdus totally hit the mark. Travelling with our bebe, we weren't sure that we'd be allowed in with our stroller. We made sure to arrive soon after opening and were pleasantly greeted and seated at a table with room for the stroller so our little one stayed sleeping through the meal. At 25 euros for the prix fixe menu, we felt it was very reasonable given the amount and quality of food...fresh pastries, fresh squeezed orange juice, coffee, smoked salmon salad, baked egg, savory muffin, cucumber salad, pasta finished with creamy yogurt and grapes. Yum. Will definitely go back.

  • 3.0 star rating

    We had dinner at Les Enfants Perdus on a Friday night and the place was busy with a mix of locals and tourists.  It's a cozy restaurant (our table was cramped but we didn't really mind) and pretty charming.  The food was good, but not spectacular.  The steak we ordered was overcooked, however le boeuf was served in layers of mashed potatoes and beef and was quite good.  The trio of creme brulee for dessert was very good.  Service was a bit snobbish and overall our server was not particularly attentive.  I would return, but there are better options nearby.

  • 5.0 star rating

    First night in Paris and went here with my sister. Really delicious all around, and friendly service. Would definitely recommend.

  • 4.0 star rating

    My first trip to Paris France and my little sister took me here! It was wonderful. The food was fantastic and the owners friendly - brothers I believe. It was very relaxing to sit at the back under the atrium-like sky lights.

  • 5.0 star rating

    What a great find! This place is 2 minutes walk away from my in-laws apartment, they offered to babysit so we opted to eat somewhere close. There are so many restaurants to try in Paris but not many I would go back to, not because they were all bad but I'd rather keep trying new places. However, I would come back here in lieu of opting to try a new one. Front of the restaurant appears more like a bar while the back the ceiling has glass roof with tons of natural light. I had the salmon tartare while my husband had the foie gras of course; both were excellent. Then I had the sea bass still on sole, it was fresh but I did find few bones and didn't care too much for the artistically decorated vegetables. I much preferred my husbands steak and potatoes. Wow, what a tasty and tender steak! At a glance, the steak looked overcooked but it appears so because it had been marinated or aged. The sauce and potatoes were very good. I had the Creme brûlée for dessert, and to my surprise, it came with three cups with different flavored. They were good but I prefer warm brûlées. My husband had the pain perdue and we ended up switching because I couldn't stop eating off his plate yet again. Loved it, wasn't too ridiculously sweet or rich but perfect with my favorite poire sorbet. The restaurant was packed for a week night. Note to make reservations next time. Patrons included mix of locals and expats that are here on business trip. Service was good.  I will come back for the salmon tartare, steak and potatoes, and pain perdue.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    solid resto in the quartier serving mostly updated classics. pricey compared to others in this genre but a satisfying meal (veal chops) it was (but wouldn't make a trip for it).

  • 4.0 star rating

    The Lost Children is an appropriate name. We had been meandering about this neighborhood (never had been to this area before) looking for food and stumbled on this lovely restaurant, brunch time on a rainy Sunday. It was exactly what we were looking for. We came in and it was packed to the gills with people eating a delicious 25Euro prix fixe brunch. Brunch is apparently a fairly new concept in Paris and few restaurants actually serve a brunch. We opted to wait by the small bar to see if anything would open up. A man, we presumed to be the owner, is an ex-pat from Chicago. He went to the bartender and said in French, my friends will eat at the bar so they cleared a little spot. We had a plate of croissants and such, a terrific salad with salmon, a baked egg and then we were full and thoroughly happy. Good coffee, fresh orange juice. We opted to skip the next part of the prix fixe, which included a beautiful yogurt and some kind of baked pasta thing. We had just arrived in Paris and were trying to show a modicum of restraint, which by Day 2, went into the gutter.

    All throughout our meal, more and more people kept pouring in and they were clearly overwhelmed but no one seemed to really mind. We plan on coming back for a dinner before the end of our trip.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Great food and a good atmosphere.  We were in France for a week and this was the best dinner we had.  The staff here were the friendliest we met in Paris.

  • 4.0 star rating

    We (company of 4) walked to this restaurant  after reading reviews on this website, we were not disappointed. The menu changes often so one will never know what's there unless you call ahead.
     We had the foie gras for an appetizer, two people ordered the beef tartare and two people ordered the veal. We also split the creme brûlée for dessert and had 2 glasses of wine. The total for our bill was 127 euros.  The foie gras was served with 4 pieces of toast and chopped caramelized pineapple pieces, it was fantastic. The veal was tender and served with a mushroom sauce and potatoes. The beef tartare was spiced well was fresh, but tasted a little bit sour and was served with sliced potato and mesculine and arugula salad. The creme brûlée consisted of 3 different types (1 bourbon, 1 vanilla bean, and 1 chocolate) and was delicious.
     I would highly recommend this restaurant, but call ahead for reservations as when we got there we got the second and last unreserved table (10 minutes after the restaurant opened). Our waiter was very attentive along with the other waiters who weren't assigned to our table.

    Other dishes on the menu included: swordfish, sea bass, leg of duck, chicken, beef fillet, and assorted cheese platter.

  • 5.0 star rating

    A treat as a neighborhood restaurant. Very well priced; great food and caring service. Two nights of dinner there and loved both times. Weekend dinner had a fun frenetic energy; weeknight dinner was laid back and mellow. Pick your vibe, but be sure to go. Terrific place to enjoy good food, while feeling like a regular.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Cute, casual, little place with consistently great food.

  • 5.0 star rating

    with the exception of the Hélène Darozze (yeah michelin star, etc. etc.)  this was the best meal we had in Paris.  The Chateau Meric Medoc, the Foie Gras, the Beef Tenderloin, and the Tarte Tatin. . .All superbly executed and amazing.  wish we had eaten there first, but then where would we have gone, the bar would have been set too high and everywhere else we ate would have paled in comparison.  So a nice way to leave and remember Paris.

  • 4.0 star rating

    We went to Les Enfants Perdus for lunch and enjoyed the fixed price menu (18 euro for two courses, and 22 euro for three courses) which was extremely reasonably priced!  It was a very cool open space, and was busy but we didn't really have to wait for a table.  Service was nice, and they were very accommodating to one member of our party who is allergic to gluten.

    Some highlights include: blood sausage and arugula salad, and roasted duck with fresh fruits and roasted wild mushrooms.  They had a really good wine list too.

    If you're in this area, you should definitely try this place!

  • 5.0 star rating

    it was our last meal in paris last winter. it was recommended front desk guy at our hotel. this was right down the street from the hotel. the place was a small and quaint. great french atmosphere, great food, and wine, just what we needed for our last evening.

  • 4.0 star rating

    We visited les enfants twice during a week in June 2012. We liked it! The place was a bit quirky, full of life and with very good food. Over the course of the 8 meals we eat there, we sampled quite a range of the menu, and did not find a poor choice. From the dessert menu I'd recommend the Pain Perdu, which was unusual and tasty, if you like sweet! The pillow lined snug seats at the back are a particular feature that gives that part an intimate feel. A little on the pricey side, but you certainly get good food for your money. For 4 people, we spent around €230 including 3 courses and two bottles of wine. We visited on a Tuesday night and a Thursday night, after failing to get a table on the Monday, so I'd recommend booking ahead.

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