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  • 5.0 star rating

    We were greeted with smiles on arrival. The waiter was one of the most friendly I have ever had in Paris. Beautifully decorated inside. We had Sole and Turbot. Both were cooked to perfection. Everything I expected from  Michelin star restaurant.

  • 2.0 star rating
    4/6/2014 Updated review

    I returned to Le Dome on my recent trip to Paris and to say I was disappointed is an understatement. It was horrible! Service was pushy and rude. We ordered several things that they were out of and the oysters were incredibly fishy. The gambas a la plancha to start were way over cooked. The dover sole was ok, but frankly, I've had better back in the states. The mille fuielle wasn't as good as I remembered either. Honestly, I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone and I am sorry I wasted a meal in Paris here.

    5.0 star rating
    1/1/2013 Previous review
    What a relief! Finally, great, friendly service and fantastic food. It's my 3rd day in Paris and I… Read more
  • 4.0 star rating
    Listed in Paris

    I know, I know.  It's  overpriced and a tourist trap, but there's got to be a reason that Le Dome has outlived its critics right?

    Maybe it's the delicious fresh seafood,or even the charming and cheeky waiters who keep things moving at a brisk pace or the grand decor of dark woods and black-and-white photos that line the walls.  

    My meal at Le Dome was one of my most memorable Paris experiences.  Stepping into Le Dome is like stepping back in time.  Be forewarned....it is a little overpriced.  A dinner for four was around 350 Euros (which included a bottle of champagne).  Also, there is no English menu, so come armed with a couple french words for fish you'd like to eat.  

    One nice touch, was the little ramekin of gratis sea snails that was brought to the table.  Alongside the snails, was a wine cork pricked with needles.  The needles are used to pull out the snails from their shells.  Needless to day, I was the only one daring enough to pull the little boogers out and eat them.  

    For apps, we had a simply dressed salad and langosteens which were sweet and fresh.  I had another appetizer of stuffed squid for my entree and my dining companions had more langosteens, and fillets of John Dory fish.  

    Forget the naysayers, come to Le Dome and decide for yourself if it's an over-hyped tourist trap, but for me, it was worth it.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Hieu H. got it exactly right.  Wonderful venue, beautiful decor, entertaining waiters, delicious food -- if it's too pricey for you, don't go.  Otherwise tremendous evening!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Absolutely fabulous food and atmosphere!  We both had fish (turbot & sole) and both were wonderful.  The place is elegant and the service a bit formal, but superb.  The deserts were also spectacular looking and tasting.  I don't know why anyone would call LeDome a tourist trap.  Most of the customers seemed to be locals.  Prices were a bit excessive, even for the wonderful meals that we both had.  We would go back for a special celebration.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Where do I start?

    Should I start with the incredibly wonderful seafood that completely fills the entire menu?
    The plateau of shellfish is a meal unto itself. Fit for a king. I highly recommend you starting with this. You will not want to share. But that's OK. You're on holiday! You are in France! And since you're in France. You may as well imbibe in some of the local seafood. Like the Rouget or the Turbot (Mmmm! Buttery!) or the WILD Lupe De Mare. Not that farmed Bronzino that we get over here in The States!

    Should I start with the ambiance? Which invites you to indulge yourself for the next few hours. And as theses hours trickle by ever-so-quickly than "POOF", before you know it, your dining experience is done and you were wishing for more of the same.

    Should I start with impeccable service? Seriously! The wait staff, actually the staff in general, from the hosts to upper management are true professionals. That's what I love about eating at a fine dining institution. The smoothness of the service.
    When you have waiters who have been working at an establishment for the past quarter century (or more) it shows in the service. It's easy. I like easy. Easy is like a good glass of wine. It goes with everything.

    Or maybe I should start with the fish market located to the left of the façade (see ambiance). This market is the first impression you get before entering the restaurant. It just sets the tone for the rest of the evening. You know you are going to have the freshest experience at a seafood restaurant ever! It's like going to Disneyland. Except it's a Disneyland for adults.

    Actually, don't take my word for it. Experience it for yourself. You will not be sorry in the least.

  • 2.0 star rating

    I'm not too sure how to score Le Dome, but here goes.

    This was my first trip to France, and I honestly speak none of the language. My best friend recommended a hotel very near by and after watching Anthony Bordaines No Reservations I was excited to try Le Dome. I'm a huge seafood lover and especially enjoy trying high end restaurants.

    I had also read all of the English reviews in Yelp and translated the only Le dome menu I could find online. I felt prepared despite not speaking any French.

    We were seated and the waiter walked over.  I used my only French phrase to ask if he spoke English. He said, "no, welcome to Paris" and walked away. My wife, parents, and I considered leaving since we definitely needed help with the menu.

    Turns out that the waiter spoke pretty good English, but had a sarcastic sense of humor (at least I think). He made several uncomfortable jokes throughout the evening that I believe are cultural differences and him speaking in a second language. My father is a recovering alcoholic. When he ordered a Coke the waiter seemed to make fun of him for not getting wine with his seafood dinner. It was really awkward, but again, he was speaking our Language and of course didn't know.

    Even still, I found the service to be average at best.  My father and I split the seafood platter for two. We both made a big pile of shells before our plates were cleared. We were never offered asked about additional drinks (water or wine).

    Both my father and I LOVED the oysters. Possibly the best I've ever had. The rest of the 115 Euro platter left a lot to desire. The escargot was new to me so I can't say it was good or bad, but the clams shrimp, and mussels were just OK and the crab left a lot to be desired.

    That said, my dad loved it all and I am a little picky. My wife and mom had fish and shrimp. Neither was impressed. I tasted both and can report that they were average.

    At the prices Le Dome charges I expect more. I realize that im paying extra for the history, but even still, the meal did not leave me wanting more.

    I'm not upset I tried Le Dome, but I won't be back even if I travel to Paris again.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    "Best Wi-Fi of all in Paris!" This made me chuckle when I read this on a review.. but not gonna lie.. it was pretty good! haha  But the main attraction.. of course the extra large platter of seafood!!

    Came here and ordered this HUGE platter of seafood.  Most of it was raw, and it was delicious..  One of my fav parts of the platter was the Crab head.. they leave all that creamy delicious roe in there.. put that on some bread and you are in heaven!

    It was definitely a pretty penny to get this platter, but it's definitely worth it as it is large, in charge, and you just can't get this type of assortment back in the states (or in Germany, where I live now!)

    After completely demolishing this platter, I felt like the scene of Alice in Wonderland.  Specifically where the Walrus and the Carpenter build a shack to trick all the oysters to come over for dinner, only to be surprised that they are what's being served for dinner! "Oh little OYSTERS!"  YUM!

  • 4.0 star rating

    I didn't know what art nouveau was until i went here.  It's kinda like art deco but flashier.  I went with my seventeen year old daughter on her birthday.  She dressed up and voila  we got seats up front.  I've been back with my wife, friends and with my other children... it didn't go as well.  My recommendation: bring a pair of young ones if you want great seats here.

    The food is absolutely delicious, but not avantgarde. Great meals, great times and good good service.  It's not the best, but it's damn good.  Lovely white wines and all at fair prices.  Elegant and easy to find on Bd Montparnasse.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Great location near the Eiffel Tower.  One of the best French onion soups I've had- spectacular view of Eiffel Tower-  service was ok but I didn't expect much!  Beers and wine very expensive!  If I could give a half star I would rate it 3.5.  The don't accept credit so bring your cash!  You'll need it!

  • 3.0 star rating

    I just found a napkin from this place in my jacket. I guess I should do laundry more often, as I came to Le Dome in December!

    The good things about this place are that it's pretty close to the Eiffel Tower and the decor was cozy and very classy.

    The not-so-great part was that everything is $$$ or euro-euro-euro...but I guess that's more due to the exchange rate(?)- I don't know, but a coffee was like $5!

    I got a crepe here, also, and it was Le Bomb!

    • Qype User maron…
    • Levallois-Perret, France
    • 149 friends
    • 215 reviews
    5.0 star rating
    28/6/2008 Updated review

    Brasserie restaurant-luxury and this is not an empty word.
    Entrying is turning a page between good and breweries
    Brasserie. Why the enthusiasm? Firstly because I was
    very impressed by the Art Deco decor, the elements
    Listening and / or functional rare elegance (lightnings,
    set tables, leather, draperies, etc..
    The reception is obviously very professional.
    The card, well, as is a fish and spécilaiste
    other shellfish, the choice is needed, but why by the way, it
    there is meat on the map of the restaurant.
    Above all, do like me, feel free and take a very good
    dessert or fruit wonderful (especially when it is not the
    The wine there, I give my language to chat.

    When the bill comes, do not forget to thank the good
    souls who have kindly invite you. And say you that one day
    I can pay!

    5.0 star rating
    28/6/2008 Previous review
    Brasserie-restaurant de luxe et ce n'est pas un vain mot.
    Y entrer c'est tourner une page entre les…
    Read more
  • 4.0 star rating

    These people know what a seafood platter is supposed to look like. Just don't bother with the rest of the menu- overpriced, and overhyped. (still beats other famous fish restaurants- I'm looking at you, Eric Ripert)

  • 5.0 star rating

    OMG... this was awesome! Very very expenses for US standards, not so much for Paris standards however. Food tres magnifique!! Service c'est splendide!! We were greeted like royalty and treated accordingly. Our waiter suggested courses and all were hit out of the park. Our first meal in Paris... really doesn't get any better than this...

  • 5.0 star rating

    Review from Sept 2009.

    The best seafood restaurant I have ever been to in Europe. I was there for a business dinner. The service was friendly and impeccable! The wine list extensive, and the bouillabaisse was like no other.  I had a very tasty white fish and the table had the oyster platter to start. With help of the waiter we had the best whites from the Rhone region. Lots to do after dinner in this neighborhood.  I will seek this out upon my next business trip to Paris, and will recommend to all that I can.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Yes, Le Dome is a very famous restaurant in Paris.  It should be noted that you can take Metro Line 7 and exit at Vavin and it is right out the steps of the metro.  Our fancy French family treated us to dinner on the last night of our trip.  They are very into food as most French people are.  Le Dome is known for their seafood and seafood is what they had.  "THEY" because I am a vegetarian and much to their horror, I wouldn't eat fish.  The server was very kind by offering me salad and steamed vegetables and I was just fine with that.  The rest of our party of 4 ate oysters, fish and MORE fish.  They all thoroughly enjoyed it.   There was only one dish that wasn't fish and it is veal.  SO, if you are a veggie and not as flexible, you will not enjoy the food.  The Berthillon ice cream was fabulous.  The atmosphere is classy...dress up a bit! Men should wear a tie.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Very good service.  Food was very good. Escargot was delicious.

  • 1.0 star rating

    This is my first yelp review and as a recent reviewer did the same, I felt the need to warn others about this restaurant. The food was good, but not the best I've ever had and VERY expensive. Here's the kicker though - my mom and I ended up talking to the dinner guests next to us and ordered a glass of wine after dinner while chatting with them. The guests we were talking to ordered brandy and when our waiter poured theirs, he poured some brandy in my glass after I said no thanks, but he winked acting like he did it to be nice and wouldn't charge us. He also did this when another table ordered after dinner drinks, but poured just a splash in my glass this time which I certainly didn't expect to pay for and didn't ask for either. Well we got our bill and he charged us for everything, including the splash of liquor as well as some measly little app they bring you that you don't even request. I would say our bill was 50 more euros than it should have been. It was a nice evening meeting new people, but the cost at over 200 euros for two people was ridiculous. Will never go back!!!!

  • 1.0 star rating

    I have never written a review here on Yelp, but felt very compelled to after my experience at Le Dome.  My cousin and I had finally reached our last leg of our European trip, arriving in Paris on November 1st of this year.   On our second night, we decided to try this restaurant out.  From the beginning, the gentleman who was to be our server was completely rude and indignant.  We walked into the restaurant, and this man barely cracked a smile or welcomed us, but asked if we were planning on eating there.  When we responded with a "yes", he told us to sit outside on the covered, heated patio.  He gave us our menus, walked away, and came back about 5 minutes later.  Seeing as this was our first time there, we asked for a couple recommendations- he had a look of complete annoyance.  I told him it was fine, and asked for a couple more minutes to decide what to eat.  After he came back, my cousin and I both ordered Crouque Madames, and 2 coffees.  The waiter came back again about 10 minutes later with the food, and check.  Dropping the check off upon receiving our food was odd seeing as we were from the states; however, this is something we had experienced during our time in Italy, so we didn't think anything of it.  We finished our food, and had a couple sips left in our coffees, when we pulled out our travel books to gauge what our next steps would be.  Almost as soon as we started reading up on the attraction to visit, the waiter comes back, points at the check, and tells us to pay right then and there.  I looked at him and said, "excuse me, we aren't finished yet."  He looked me dead in the eyes, and asked us to pay  again.  I must have shot him the dirtiest look, and started to pull out my credit card, when he shoots back "We do not accept credit cards, only money".  (Which is hilarious to me as I read a previous review here, in which a customer had paid with a credit card).  What irritated me the most, was this waiter hovered over us while we pulled out the Euros from our wallets to pay.  Now, my family is French educated, so I later understood from my father that waiters at French restaurants simple rent out tables from the establishment, and whatever they make, they keep, tip and all.  So it makes sense that this waiter was so adamant about us paying right away; however, this still do not give him the right to treat us the way he did.  My cousin and I come from very good families, and are in our 30s- so we definitely didn't look like hoodlums that were going to skip out on paying.  Bottom line, I have NEVER been treated like this in any restaurant, and will defiantly NEVER BE COMING BACK HERE AGAIN.  For anyone's reference, the waiter was an older gentleman, about 40-50 in age, and bald.  This guy really added to the overall stereotype of how the French perceive Americans, and should not be working in the hospitality industry.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Definitely a restaurant you have to try... The service staff will banish any bad memories you may have of snobby French waiters... Helpful and professional service from all.  The terrace section has great good somewhat cheaper than the internal restaurant.  The mussels on the terrace will keep you coming back for more... The thousand layer pastry is a veritable work of art, immense, and very likely the best thousand layer pastry you will ever have... How they cut it is beyond me.... Simply amazing... The fare inside the restaurant is great as well, but be prepared for the prices attached to an iconic Parisian restaurant.

  • 2.0 star rating

    Come for the history--long gone, by the way; the ghosts of Hemingway and Picasso have probably relocated to a more blue-blooded location--stay for the view--the Eiffel Tower popping up behind the buildings across--leave because the ornery, so-quick-to-do-things-that-he-barely-acknowledges-­your-request waiter makes you run around the corner to get cash out of the ATM because they do not take credit cards and then, once you've sat back down and waited ten minutes for him to bring the bill, asks you if you're ready AS HE'S BRINGING OUT A CREDIT CARD MACHINE FOR THE PEOPLE SIX INCHES AWAY FROM YOU. Now, maybe it was because they were a group of seniors qui parlent la plus bien français, but no, probably not, because the American couple who spoke only in English got roughly the same moderately friendly service as the older folks. But me, an American who does his best to speak the language? Rien. He did give me a "Pardonez, messieur" when he brought l'addition, but the incident still boiled my rather-rich-in-equanimity blood. Add to that the steak that came out a scant six minutes after it was ordered, tough as a shoe--I suppose it's my fault I didn't tell the guy how I wanted it cooked, sure, but it's the customer's job to forget what the waiter needs to know and the waiter's job to ask--with undercooked, American supermarket-style fries with cafeteria-style condiments (no bernaise except on request? Just ketchup? *KETCHUP*?), and a basket of baguette slices with no discernible purpose on this particular Earth, and you've got a recipe that would make Hemingway want to punch someone in the mouth. Well, moreso than usual.

    • Qype User muelle…
    • Akron, United States
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    3.0 star rating

    Having read a mixed load of reviews I wasn't sure what to expect but I was staying nearby and really wanted a seafood platter. It was a celebration meal otherwise I would not have paid such high prices. I opted to eat on the enclosed terrace as I thought that my 2 year old might be troublesome. The waiter was very friendly and helpful. The wine was excellent and cold. We massively over ordered as the larger seafood platter was advertised for 2 people and would have been more than enough for all of us to pick on. I am somewhat of an expert on seafood platters and I have to say that the price/quality ratio was not great. Some items like the whelks were excellent but others much less so. I am still searching for a great seafood platter in Paris and a truly family friendly and top quality restaurant.

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