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  • 5.0 star rating

    This is a site that cannot be missed, words simply cannot describe the experience of this space! It will blow your mind! Photos do no justice at all, you need be there to understand what a monumental achievement this church is. I am dreaming of the day I may return I see the completed project.

    Bought tickets online and breezed right in without waiting. Find out the crypt hours if you plan on visiting. It was closed when we tried to go.

  • 5.0 star rating

    This is a must see.

    Buy your tickets in advance so you can skip the ticket line and go to will call.  The lines are very very long if you buy tickets there.... get there early if that's the case.  We didn't have to wait since we bought the tickets in advance.

    There's so much to take in.  Expect to spend a few hours here.  I would give it about 2-3.  I think the audio tour is nice because there's so many details that you miss if you don't have the description of it.  There's a much greater appreciation if you know the history as well.

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    Wow!  La Sagrada Familia is sincerely left my wife and I (and even our young children) virtually speechless.  It is the most detailed, creative, impressive and memorable architectural structure I have seen in the entire world.  The stained glass windows are amazing, the height of the ceilings are incredible, and the tall columns are designed so creatively that they look like trees rising up to the sky.  Truly spectacular...and not to be missed if you have the opportunity.  It is truly awe inspiring...everywhere you look there are unique details, intricate carving, and extraordinary examples of dedication and mastery.

    I highly recommend buying your tickets in advance online, and it is worth it to spend the extra money to take the elevator tour to the top and walk down the spiral staircase...just awe inspiring.  

    Give yourself at least 90 minutes to soak it all in.  They claim it will take another 30 years or so to complete the structure...and I hope to return with my grandchildren to witness that event a few decades from now.  I am sure it will only improve with age and I hope everyone will have the opportunity to see this world wonder!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Gorgeous! Words cannot describe to work of Gaudi!
    This is a must see site. The architecture outside and inside is beautiful...the details are incredible! I will make sure to visit once it's completed...the tour guide was telling us it probably won't really be done until 2026...guess I'll have to make another trip to Spain!

  • 5.0 star rating

    If you see one tourist thing here, see this. I dislike cathedrals and churches and think they are all just the same, but this is different a D it truly a work of art.

    Get your tickets online a head time to save waiting in line for many hours. You can even get it on your phone and scan the bar code fr there. There is no line!

    Highly recommend an audio guide or person guide to describe the symbology of the key parts of the church.

    Be sure to visit the museum underground for a fascinating view of Gaudi s thought process and designs.

    Go across the street to the park with the lake to see an amazing view of the Nativity facade.

  • 5.0 star rating

    My last review for this visit to Barcelona... It's for the structure that is more amazing than you ever seen. For one of the Wonders of the World. For the symbol of Barcelona, and Gaudí's greatest work.

    Sagrada Família.

    He never finished it - he knew he would not. He said that it is too big of a dream to finish in one's lifetime. It is still being built today - and to me, it is a living structure that is part of the city, part of Barcelona.

    You heard this name before. You've seen the pictures, and may be even videos of it. But nothing, absolutely nothing can compare seeing it in person. Even walking towards it thru the streets and park, you realize the scale of it. The grandiosity of the vision.
    And, stepping closer, the detailing of the facade hits you like a steam train. You stand in shock in front of it, taking it all in.
    Stepping into interior, dark, tall, with pillars standing like enchanted forest....
    Up the stairs I go... (yes, you can take the elevator, but, heck, I want to experience every nook and cranny of it).
    Every window, every turn, brings more into the view. Inside and outside. There are countless sculptural details, small and large towers, mosaics and signs that can be only seen from certain points.

    It is the Symphony of Architecture, music in stone form. I do not know better way to describe it.

    The Master himself, Antoni Gaudí i Cornett is buried in the crypt of the Sagrada. He lived in a hut on site for the last 27 years of his life.
    I bow my head in greatest respect and appreciation for the work of True Master.

    If you need an inspiration to visit, here is "2026 We Build Tomorrow" from official channel. It is just a small glimpse of greatness to come.…

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    Important tip: Plan ahead! Purchase your tickets before embarking on your holiday. The queue is several blocks long before the cathedral opens, but you'll bypass all of that if you book ahead!

    Majestic. Serene. Avante guarde. Breathtaking. La Sagrada Família is the holiest of holies of Gaudí's work and is one of the most impressive architectural structures I've ever seen. While I'm not religious, I was moved by my experience and I found myself wandering the cathedral in awe for hours. The intricately detailed roof of the nave, the 360 degrees of artistic expression and the views from the towers overlooking the city of Barcelona are memories that are forever emblazoned in my mind.

    Verdict: Not to be missed. Anticipate spending hours in the cathedral. Both towers offer a similar experience and are well worth the extra money. Stunning views and up close and personal views await you at the top.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Beautiful church. I was there in June and it wasn't too terribly crowded. I saw many of the big churches of Europe this past summer, but La Sagrada Familia was just on its own level.

    If you want to go up and get a view of Barcelona (which I highly recommend) go online and get a pass (along with an entrance pass) and you can bypass both the line to get into the church and can have a reserved spot for your panoramic view.

  • 5.0 star rating

    This place is truly one of the most amazing sites I have visited while living in Barcelona. Guadí was truly a genius! There isn't much I can say about this place that will do it justice though. It's too grand to put into words!

    There are two things that I highly suggest for anyone visiting this place.

    1. get the guided tour.

    Sure this place is incredible on it's own but for only a few extra euros you get an in depth explanation of Gaudí's intentions for different architectural elements. The meaning behind the facades and more insight to the mind of Gaudí. That has to be one of my best investments and decisions I have made here.

    2. buy your tickets online!!!

    I can't stress enough how much of a lifesaver this is. Obviously this is hard if you don't have access to a computer (but I don't see that being the case as most hotels and hostels allow you access to a computer) You will bypass all the people that did not reserve their tickets online and you won't have to wait in a line that will likely be wrapped around the Sagrada Familia

  • 5.0 star rating
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    If you only see ONE thing in Barcelona, it should be La Sagrada Familia!  

    It's a very beautiful cathedral.  We went here on our recent trip to Europe.  I'd seen it before several years ago and wow it was nice to see how much the cathedral has changed!  Everything is different.

    It's even more popular now than it was before.  If you can, save yourself time and buy your tickets ONLINE!  The tickets let you take an elevator up to the top of the cathedral and from there you get a nice view of Barcelona!  But this place is much more!  The designs are just amazing inside and out.  Even the door is beautiful!

    You can spend a good two to three hours just walking around this place.  Their store is cool too! Tons of La Sagrada Familia themed things you can buy in addition to books and art.

    When I come back to Barcelona, I'm definitely coming back to this place!  If you remember only one thing, it should be to get your tickets ahead of time ONLINE!

  • 5.0 star rating

    INCREDIBLE. I didn't expect to be so blown away by the grandeur of this famous icon. It was literally breathtaking - and in parts, emotionally so moving I got a bit teary eyed (but held it in because BOSS!).

    Either buy ticket online or get a guide to skip the lines and get a more in-depth understanding or go mid week early afternoon when the morning crowds have left. That's when we went and only waited 5-7min to get in. There is plenty to look at while you are waiting in line but why wait?
    Do the tower - it is a great view of a magnificent city.
    It is emotionally moving and puts quite a lot into your mind, I suggest taking a nice break to enjoy some tapas and a drink outside smelling the orange trees to help balance you.

  • 5.0 star rating

    great place, masterpeace of gaudi. one advice buy the tickets online before!!!

  • 5.0 star rating

    This place is awesome.  It looks like tons of candles were put up, lit and just started melting all over the place into carvings, figurines, Jesus-es, etc.  Obviously, this monument is historically amazing and is worth visiting if you're in Barcelona, period.

    A few tips for visiting:
    -It's crowded, so don't get too upset
    -Lines are insanely long
    -You'll feel squished at all points in your visiting experience
    -Buy your tickets to go in ONLINE - you get a discount AND you skip the lines
    -Go across the street to take pictures - views are better and you're not clogging up the sidewalk out front

    Absolutely worth the visit.  If you can, hire a guide or rent one of the headsets so you can hear everything about this amazing monument.  Gaudi is a fascinating artist and the entire cathedral is an art odyssey.

  • 5.0 star rating

    There have been very few things that I've seen in my life that have left me speechless. La Sagrada Familia is one of those items.  It is an awe inspiring testament of the feats of humanity and dedication.

    First off and foremost, I would highly recommend going through a tour group for this landmark. Not only will the tour guide be able to help explain several parts of the building and the history that you would otherwise overlook, but you will be able to skip the gigantic line that often wraps around the block. Seriously, well worth the euros.

    The best advice that I can give someone to experience La Sagrada Familia is to give yourself as much time as possible to soak in every single detail about it. Buy souvenirs. Take pictures. Say a prayer.  Enjoy everything about it.

    I would consider traveling back to Barcelona just to see this amazing place again.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Even going in December, we had to wait in line to get in. They are very efficient in checking bags and selling tickets though, so it moved quickly. Bring your college ID for a student discount. I loved this place! We paid to take the elevator up to the top-- THE BEST PART. Amazing views of the church and the rest of the town. We took a ton of beautiful pictures of the church, and the view. Only downside, we couldn't find the elevator back down (I'm not really sure thats an option), so we had to take the stairs. It was becoming the evening, and the limited light totally blacked out some stairs, so be careful! Our legs were shaky jello by the time we got to the ground.

    The inside has beautiful stained glass windows, intricate architecture, and viewing areas to other parts of the church. There was also a museum to see about the history, which was very interesting.

    I purchased a lovely rosary in their gift shop. The man who owned it was a little rude in telling us we had to leave. I was able to pay quickly though and get get my item.


  • 5.0 star rating

    Food: n/a
    Service: 5/5
    Cleanliness: 5/5
    Decor & Style: 5/5

    Not only is this the coolest church in the world, it is actually probably the coolest historical building in the world.
    Gamers out there: Remember Halo 3 level Epitaph? Yep, imagine being in it! That was my first thought when I stepped in this church, except Segrada Familia looks even better.
    My favorite part is at the top and you get to see the view of the beautiful city. You will never see architecture like this anywhere else.

    I'm not sure how much it cost, we were dying to see it so we just blindly gave them our euros and didn't even look to see how much change they gave back.

    The only disappoint, albeit small one, was that there was still a good amount of construction going on.

  • 5.0 star rating

    So, so amazing. The architecture is beautiful but the stained glass windows are on a whole nother level.

  • 5.0 star rating

    It...was...amazing!!! The Sagrada Familia is the best church in Barcelona and one of the best in the world. You need to come visit it- the stained glass windows and amazing ceiling were well worth the one and a half hour wait in the queue. Though I'm sure purchasing on-line tickets would have been so much more easier, it doesn't matter if you wait. The Sagrada Familia is timeless.

    I made an extremely good choice when I paid an extra few €s to go up to the towers. The pictures of the stairs down were awesome. The Sagrada Familia is definitely worth a visit.

  • 5.0 star rating

    If I had to describe the La Sagrada Familia in one word, it would be "jaw dropping"....ok, technically that's not 1 word, but it sums up how I feel about this place.  How in the heck could one man, Gaudi, dream this thing up?  Seriously, it's pretty overwhelming when you consider that this was conceived and started in recent times.

    There's so much detail in carvings, statues, and architecture.  It has a strange Lord of the Rings feel to it too....the columns remind me of tree roots and I couldn't help but think of the large walking trees from one of the Lord of the Rings movies.  Ok, done geeking out for now.

    Of course, we ditched our tour group and went out on our own.  I took a ton of pictures and tried to make sense out of all of the intricate details within the design of this place.  In stark contrast to what we saw in Rome and Italy, there aren't very many clean lines here.  There's tons of small carvings and details....I couldn't help but wonder how difficult it will be to clean this thing over time.………

    The other thing that blew my mind is the height of this's really tall.  In some ways it also looks like a sand castle to me.  Some random thoughts that crossed my this stable?  Will it blow over?  The slender towers reaching out into the sky tricks my mind into believing it's not strong.…

    Another thought that crossed my mind was that most of the awesome buildings I've seen in Europe were inspired by religion....this one is no's amazing that religion can inspire people to do great things.

    When we return, we stick with the tour guide so we can get the story.  That's a recurring theme for us on this trip, LOL.

    Return Factor - 100%

  • 5.0 star rating

    TIP: I missed by tower time slot due to some transportation issues and the guard wanted me to wait in line and buy another ticket just to get into the general area, but I ended up going around the back and getting 're-entry' through the gift shop with no wait in line! ;)
    Also, to reiterate what others have written, buy your tickets online!

    Onto the church itself, so many aspects of it are just mind boggling; the sheer size, the details and intricacies of the outer facades, the interior lighting, ceilings, columns. It was a lot to take in all at once and was literally breathtaking.

    Whether you like stained glass, architecture, nature, mathematics, design, art, history, or are religious there is something for everyone to appreciate in this magnificent church. If you go to Barcelona this should be at or near the top of your list of things to see!

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    Beautiful cathedral and absolutely worth the wait. However, cut your wait time down by purchasing your entrance tickets online BEFORE you get to Sagrada Familia. If you have a valid student id, even better- you have a discounted price. This will help you save a whole lot of time not waiting on basically a 2 hour line. I wish I knew about this before I went... ohwell you live and learn.

    It's amazing to see Gaudi's masterpiece still being worked on today (kind of their fault for not helping him after he got hit by a bus... ohwell). Many people opt to skip going inside, but I assure you that it's worth it... especially if you're Christian- this is your opportunity to see a cathedral being built in current days! That's just amazing! It's beautiful to see Gaudi's modern take on a cathedral... because it truly is unique and there is nothing else like it. When I went inside, it was just so easy to gasp and look at the amazing structure and admire all the colors of the elegant stained glass. There is nothing else I can say other than this place is simply breathtaking. This is definitely a MUST DO when coming to Barcelona... even more so than some of his other works.

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    FYI: purchase tickets online to skip the insanely long lines!!! There is also a museum downstairs that you should not miss out on!

    The Sagrada Familia is absolutely amazing to say the very least. You have to visit it when in Barcelona! I cannot describe the feeling of walking into the basilica and seeing all the beautiful architecture and stained glass windows. It was beautiful and makes you want to cry. I sat in the seating area and just stared up at the ceiling for a while just admiring the symmetry and detail.

    Gaudi's work on the basilica is further explained downstairs in the museum where you learn about the columns and mathematics behind the building and his life. It is truly a piece of art and I'm so happy that I had the opportunity to see it.

  • 5.0 star rating
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    You are going to love it or hate it, but you will not forget it and you won't stop talking about it.  I loved it.  It is unlike anything I have seen and will ever see.  This place really makes you appreciate Gaudi's genius and his view of religion.  

    If you go, try to go on a day when the sun is out and shining through the stain glass (later in the afternoon or late morning).  The glass creates beautiful colors on the cathedral walls.   I also recommend a tower tour.  The sites you see from up there are like none you will see anywhere else in the church.  Book the tour for the first thing in the morning, before the lines get long.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Looks great from a distance.... when you get closer you see all the restoration work.
    Overall a great place to go still for culture value.
    The park right in front has ppl playing Spanish guitar from time to time.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I don't know what I can possibly add that hasn't been written, except to say that this was absolutely the highlight of my trip to Catalunya, even more that Dali's house in Cadaques. You absolutely must buy a ticket and go in. You can't begin to grasp it from the street.

    KEY TIP from the Jazz Hotel front desk:
    Buy tickets in advance online. If you are traveling with a tablet or mobile device, you can print your purchased tickets at select "Super Caixa" ATMs, available all over the city. It looked like you might even be able to do the whole transaction at the ATM, but I had made my online purchase already. Once you have your tickets, you walk right to the front of a very long line, and avoid standing in the sun!

    Pizza Emporio does a nice lunch right across the street.

  • 5.0 star rating

    A Gaudi masterpiece! More beautiful on the outside than it is on the inside, and solely for the fact that the interior was rushed to accommodate the Pope's desire to turn this originally non-denominational church into a Catholic Church.
    But that doesn't mean the inside isn't drop dead gorgeous, as long as you look UP you will have your mind blown by the naturalistic architecture of a genius.

  • 5.0 star rating
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    A magnificent work of art. Truly breathtaking.  This is absolutely a must-see if visiting Barcelona. I would recommend purchasing tickets online or you'll probably have to wait in a long line for an hour. I bought tickets the day I wanted to go only two hours before I wanted to go, and there was absolutely no one in the 'pre-purchased' line. I saved the PDF in my phone rather than print it out, and it worked just fine. I highly recommend paying the extra 5 euro to go up into the towers. There is a bit of a wait to get into the elevator because the towers are small and they don't want it to get crowded, but it goes quickly enough and the view makes it completely worth it. If you opt to walk down from the towers rather than take the elevator get ready for a gnarly spiral staircase - I was dizzy by the time I reached the main floor.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Seriously awe inspiring. Around every corner, I found something gorgeous and fascinating to look at.

    There will probably be a long wait to get in. It is worth the wait. This place is constantly under construction. This magnificent specimen of architecture has been under construction for over 140 years, started in 1882 when the foundation was laid. They have said it will be done between 2026 and 2028.

    The facades are ornate and beautiful. The stained glass is absolutely wonderful, leaving color splashes along the floor inside. The history, Gaudi's vision, the sheer size of it.... its all just wonderful.

    It does not matter your background, whether you visit for religious, architectural, artistic, or historical reason (or maybe a little of each) you will find something to be awestruck with here. You must see La Sagrada Familia while in Barcelona, it is not something to be missed!

  • 5.0 star rating

    I can't  emphasize how important it is for you to buy your tickets online! If you don't you will be waiting in the blazing sun for hours! By the time you get inside you will be fed up, sunburned, and probably angry!

    This is by far Gaudi's most amazing work of art, to this day it is still not complete! There are no words to describe how amazing it is to be watching the extreme amount of detail on the outside and to walk inside where the clean lines lead up to immense ceilings. Try to go from 12-4 which is when there are less people. Always watch your belonging because this is a hot pickpocket area. Don't miss the museum underneath to the right just under the gift shop it is amazing on it's own!

    Protip: While you are waiting for your time to go in, there are a lot of outside restaurants on the corner to the right of the entrance, you can enjoy a bocadillo and a cold coke!

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    If you're in to churches, architecture, or both, I think you'll be impressed by this place. It looks really gaudy (yeah, I went there) on the outside, but the inside is pretty impressive. Not your traditional old church, for sure.

    1) Definitely plan your trip and buy tickets online.
    2) On a clear day, the tower trip is definitely worth it.
    2) There is a very convenient Metro stop (called La Sagrada) that will drop you off right at the building, making it difficult to miss. Take the Metro!
    3) Be sure to vist one of the parks nearby. I sat there for a bit and watched a bunch of little parrots eating grass and fighting over twigs. Yeah, parrots in the middle of the city. Like pigeons but green
    4) Grab a fresh churro from a tiny place on the corner that's been there for a long time. I've eaten lots of churros before, and these are exceptional!

    Xurreria Sagrada Família -
    Plaça de la Sagrada Família, 26
    08013 Barcelona, Spain
    +34 934 58 25 60

    If you're facing the Starbuck's that's west and south of the church, keep heading to your right until the end of the next block. It is the last shop on your left.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I spent a week in Spain, and this was by far the best landmark that I visited!

    -Arrive prepared. We had no idea what to expect, and the line wrapped around the building. It moved quickly, but if it's cold out, make sure you're bundled!
    -Bring a student ID; you can get a discount and it's worth it!
    -Spend the money you saved from the student discount to take the elevator to the top. I'm scared of heights, but it was money well-spent. The views are incredible, and just seeing the intricate detail up-close is fascinating. Take pictures of the front of the building while you're up there, then when you get back down, take pictures without zooming of where you were - interesting perspective.
    -Take your time. Take lots of pictures.
    -When you're done outside, upstairs and on the ground floor, go underneath. There's a museum down there that no one told us about, we just stumbled upon it.
    -Don't waste time in the giftshop. Everything is ridiculously expensive and you can find it other places.
    -Lastly, take a walk across the street to the park when you're done. I was lucky enough to go when there was a Christmas Market, so it was beautiful and very busy!
    -The ONLY downside is the construction - it will take years, and years, and years to complete, so don't get hung up over trying to take pictures around it. It's almost part of the art at this point!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Gaudi left his legacy of creepy but beautiful architecture in Barcelona, and La Sagrada Familia is the most remarkable example of that. From the outside, you see a piece of living history combined with religion, inside, is nothing you would expect. I'd like to describe it as "bones and flowers", and if you've ever visited you will understand what I mean.

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    Everyone on earth who visited when the inside was under construction, should make a trip back to see this amazing architecture!  Actually, everyone who has been in the past, should return in mass form to see it once completed.  Gaudi's work is incredible and it is nice to see someone once backed this man and his thoughtful, creative design.  Inspiring!  An absolute "must visit" if you are in or near Barcelona!  Breathtaking!

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    Aside from the hordes of people, this Antonio Gaudi structure was a very spiritual experience for me. You're taken away into this almost mystical place and left to ponder what he may have been thinking when he in visioned this church. A truly wondrous moment not to be missed!

    P.S. - buy your tickets online and spare yourselves the pain of waiting in line.

  • 5.0 star rating
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    La Sagrada Familia is a stunning manifestation of architecture. The intricacy of work grows in its complicated beauty the closer you get to the building. Gaudi has truly outdone himself in designing it, but what is mind-boggling is that it's still very much continuously under construction (and will be until 2026-2028).

    An awe-inspiring sight. A definite must-see when you're in Barcelona.

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    Be sure to purchase your tickets online and bring your confirmation number to the counter.  The lines wraps around the corner if you have to purchase your tickets on site.  
    This is truly an epic moment in my life, this is a must visit site when you're in Barcelona.  You will be blown away the second you walk in.  Tickets to go to the towers are sold separately.

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    The Good:
    Another beautiful site by Gaudi
    If you take the metro, look on the opposite wall and there will be arrows directing you to the exit/church
    L2 metro line; exit Sagrada Familia

    The Bad:
    There's a lot of people, just like the other Gaudi sites.
    There is a lot less people at night and the church is equally stunning.

    The Ugly:
    Entry costs are 13.50 - 22.50 Euros

  • 5.0 star rating

    A must see when visiting Barcelona.

    TIP: Purchase your tickets online in advance. You will save yourself 1-2 hours waiting to purchase a ticket. No joke.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Does giving Sagrada Familia 3 stars make me obtuse?  It doesn't matter.  Antonio Gaudi is unique in the history of architecture, but you may or may not like his works.  This church is unique, large, intricate, majestic, and a lot of good things. Also, is the etymology of the word gaudy rooted in Antonio Gaudi's name?  I've often wondered that and have been to lazy to look it up.  But, here I am, reviewing this landmark instead.

    Having been to Barcelona 4 times, I have only been to Sagrada Familia 1 time.  It is expensive.  There is construction equipment everywhere.  It's also peculiar.  It doesn't keep pulling me back, the same way that St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, the Duomo of Milan, and Notre Dame in Paris do.  

    I think it's important to see it once, if in Spain.  The views of Barcelona are very good and seeing the detailing up close is very interesting.  A second trip to Barcelona met with sitting in the square in front of it, eating a snack from a nearby bar, and endeavoring to position the camera to avoid cranes.  Free of charge.

    As you can guess, the Barcelona Metro stop for Sagrada Familia IS Sagrada Familia.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Unique Cathedral, landmark and tourist attraction - the Sagrada Familia is externally and from within an impressive building that stands out again and again by its size and architecture and it's just fascinating. For each visitor of Barcelona a highlight and a must see.

    Very easy to find. The metro station is right there.