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    Amazing day out !
    Apart from the noisy and gassy airplanes showing up every other minute, you wish you never left this place ! Beautiful trees, great attractions and buildings (the pagoda, the treetop walk), knowledgeable staff, and cool activities (we had a cooking lesson, part of the IncrEdibles attractions !).
    Damn, some money well spent !

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    A wonderful place to visit, no matter what the season. I have visited Kew on quite a few occasions and each time I find something different.
    I love the Japanese garden, so serene. Sitting there within my own mind, letting the world go by.
    Bit of advice, get there early and just wander. Have a lunch in the various eating areas and then enjoy a few more hours.
    I never have been disappointed.

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    Ah Kew Gardens. One of my favourite places in London. Great for Kids. Every spring I need to come here and either just relax in one of the remote corners of the gardens or admire the plants of the diffent climate zones of the earth.

    A great day out.

    There is one downside to Kew: It is not as quiet as one would like. Around 1200 Jets per day are arriving in parallel formation for two Heathrow rundways. Great place for plane spotters.

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    A world class garden, great for the plants and a walk. It's a shame entry prices keep going up, pricey for a family. But if you can't afford to go regularly at least go once.
    Plenty of good catering.

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    World-renowned Kew is the perfect setting to take-in (and enjoy) the changing seasons and escape city stress. There's so much to see and appreciate that it's impossible to cover in one visit.

    Appealing to all ages and tastes, you'll find areas to explore whether you're a child with boundless energy (there are brilliant and diverse play zones); if you want traditional English gardens at their best; for a taste of sultry, exotic or historic botanical inspiration; to step-back in time and uncover secrets of 18th century royalty.

    My highlights include Kew Palace and Queen Charlotte's Cottage, the Pagoda, the autumnal colours and October's pumpkin displays. (Turn-up at the right moment and you can buy an enticing selection of pumpkins and squashes to take home and transform into Hallowe'en 'thrillers' and culinary delights).

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    With the fecundity of spring at full throttle, it would be obscene not to go to Kew Gardens.

    Entry is priced at £13 per adult with children under 17 going free (worth remembering for the spring hols). Entry to the Palace is an additional £5.

    The one negative experience took place on entry, queues galore with waits of up to 10 minutes to pay! The shortage of staff manning the ticket booths marred the experience at the start, it needn't be so. Management please note, you have people queing to pay!!

    Once in, the experience was sublime (bar the plane noise . . . . but you can't move a garden that's been there for two hundred plus years, can you?). The planting and presentation remains superb. There are exhibitions in the glass houses showcasing seasonal plants and artwork - when we went in late Feb, stunning Orchids were on show.

    There are several cafes and restuants within the gardens now, all reasonably priced and offering good quality fare.

    Highly recommended for a good day out.

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    I was fortunate enough to live in Richmond for a while and so could wander down to Kew quite easily.

    Very highly recommended in the summer, but they also have an excellent skating rink in the winter! Skate your way through the colourfully lit trees and shrubs of Kew, and then checkout the bar before you head home.

    I was surprised how extensive a walk around Kew is: it becomes quite the summer excursion, but there are plenty of things to see and do, lawns to lounge on and benches to grace.

    The glasshouses are also excellent - needless to say an extraordinary array of botantical wonder to admire.

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    A quintessentially English experience. The train ride is lovely, and in the summer I highly recommend getting there by boat. There are plenty of reviews on here so I I'll just add that Kew Gardens is the perfect spot for a picnic or simply a place to explore the stunning and vast selection of flowers and trees. Oh, and the botanical gardens - please go if you haven't been already.
    Just thinking about it makes me happy - I can't wait for the Spring to arrive. Hurry up already!

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    Amazing park, BUT can be Expensive.
    However if you enter in the side entrance
    (Kew rd/Lion gate gardens)
    You can get in for free. It has a dual entrance and the old dear in the ticket booth doesn't track who has been in and who hasn't.
    Once you are in, it is amazing

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    An escape from life and BEAUTIFUL location. It is my idea of heaven on earth!

    The restaurants and cafes in the park are alright, but I prefer to picnic - champagne and caviar, what more could you want in life. Maybe a porshe, a credit card with NO LIMIT

    It is a tourist hotspot and certainly one of the places to be on a beautiful summer day!!!

    I travelled to Kew by boat, which only helped to enhance my wonderful day out last year

    A FRIENDLY word of advice, leave the house early in the morning as there is so so much to do!!!

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    This is a great place for a summers day out. The gardens are beautiful, and there are endless areas to walk about in. I love coming here if im a bit stressed as it is such a relaxing and tranquil place to be in.
    The Orangerie is a great place for lunch, or you can take a picnic if your feeling brave!
    Definately a must for any one in London.

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    Located in West London the Botanical Gardens at Kew do make for a pleasant location, particularly on a sunny summer afternoon. Kew is located on the district lie so transport is not too bad.

    One problem is that is it located under one of the flight paths into Heathrow, so either hope that you are lucky and the flight path is not in use during your visit, or search online to see when the quiet days are.

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    Great floral and trees area, where you can enjoy a good day out whether you like flowers or not. It is beautiful and everyone would enjoy it.

    The adult ticket costs around £15 or so, if I remember correctly. It is good to see once, or more times if you really are a plant lover.

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    This is the most wonderful garden/park in the London area. Every season brings a new dimension to Kew, and although it is a lot nicer (for me anyway) to visit on a sunny day, you should not put off by sligthly more unpleasant weather.

    You can spend your time scrolling round the park and various gardens, or spend time in the various greenhouses and exhibitions.

    The restaurants and cafes in the park are pretty good too. But you can also bring your own and eat al fresco.

    Whatever you choose to do, make sure you have enough time to visit the Palm House; the glass building is a gorgeous example of Victorian architecture, and the trees and plants inside are amazing (some of those are now extinct in their original habitats).

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    A great place to visit with kids. Lots of outdoor space & things to do. There's no ball games or bikes allowed in the Gardens, so don't bother bringing that sort of stuff with you. 'Creepy Crawlies' is an indoor activity centre for kids which comes in mighty handy when its cold/wet. Of course Kew is home to one of the largest horticultural & botanical collections in the world - so there's a massive amount to see both outdoors and indoors, particularly in the world famous victorian hot-house. I've been many times and have yet to tick off every corner of the grounds,which covers 300 acres (1.2 million square metres).

    Unlike Stephan I don't notice the planes, as like most West Londoners I live on the Heathrow flightpath, so you get used to it after a while :-)

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    Wow, I can't believe that I have not visited before.
    We parked outside the Victoria gate which is free to park on the road after 10am. The whole place is amazing but the real highlights for me was the Princess of Wales conservatree with the most amzing structural plants. We walked for 6 and half hours around the gardens and still didn't see everything. A real must is botanical art gallery as this was the last place wwe visited and thought we would have a quick look around as I prefer the gardens but it was a real surprise to see so many stunning works of art. I would highly reconmend a day out.

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    An idyllic spot in suburban London that is easy to get lost in. It's easy to reach and in addition to ornate gardens there's plenty of woodland so it's ideal for summer picnics.

    The only drawback is that it's under a flight path to Heathrow Airport.

    • Qype User blondi…
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    I visited Kew gardens last christmas time and i was really impresses at how well organised and beautiful the gardens are. All the plants looked very well tended to and it was very relaxing to just walk about and smell all that nature lol. Its good that there is a childrens play area aswell because it can get a bit boring for young kids when there is only a garden to look around and nothing really to interest them. The cafe/restaurent was very pleasent if a little overpriced but that it to be expected really.

    The family all enjoyed the christmas activites so we all might give it a go this year too. good credit crunch beating activity that definitely gets you in the christmas mood!

    • Qype User rupert…
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    I never thought i'd hear myself say this, but I LOVE Kew Gardens.

    The space, the peace, the things to do and see. It's one of my favourite places to take my daughters (4 and 1). There's a kids play area - Climbers and Creepers - that they get lost in for an hour or more - and then there are secret paths and lakes and bushes to run around and explore.

    The treetop walk is also amazing - and I've only seen it in summer. I imagine when the trees are bare, the views would be phenomenal.

    And then there's all the botanical stuff. Which I don't get into much. Though the big greenhouses are fun.

    For me, it biggest virtue is just as a huge, beautiful park.

    We recently signed up as members - and we got a bunch of guest passes for friends and family. Kids under 16 go free.

    Note on parking: Don't pay! The road that runs alongside the gardens is free to park on after 10am, even though it looks like a scary Red Route. Get there at 10 and get a free spot. Then the side streets are free after noon.

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    Kew Gardens are amazing. Peaceful and carm, thrilling and heady: this is a beautiful place to spend a day and there is enough to keep you busy for hours.

    I went in the Summer and it was perfect for idling in the sunshine, having a picnic, feeding the ducks.. but I bet it would also be great for a wrapped-up winter walk.

    The hothouses are packed with exotic plants, the tree-top walkway is scary but fun and the giant open spaces are stunning.

    What impressed me most was that some plants are decades old - it is wonderful to think that they have been looked after for so well all these years.

    A perfect place, I can't wait to go back...

  • 5.0 star rating

    Hours & hours I have spent drawing in the

    tropical palmhouse & the lily house . heaven!

    But this is only one of 6 magnificent glass-

    houses set in 300 acres of lovely landscape.

    You can see more from the new tree-top walkway

    • Qype User amberb…
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    The glass houses are just wonderful my favourite part. This is an amazing place with so much history and still growing. The food is also good we usually eat in the orangery as we have found this the best place to eat the white peaks cafe is not so good very child friendly but with a very limited food choice.
    It is very peaceful and easy to get away from the crowds. There is always something different to do we had a lovely time one year watching baby woodpeckers learning to fly.

    • Qype User sophie…
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    Absolutely splendid. i went back in college as a trip an i have to say i really enjoyed it. i never thought i would.. flowers.. wildlife. not my thiing but i actually took a real interest. it was beautiful.

    locate din south london it really is a beautiful garden. so many flowers to see and enjoy really fun actually type of thing people of any kind age etc can come and see and enjoy

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    Kew Gardens is host to one of the biggest collections of plants from around the world. It was started in 1700`s by the joining two royal estates. Under the patronage of George III Kew Gardens developed into one of the foremost centres of horticultural research. In 184- the former royal gardens were given to the nation and now display 40,000 different plants. Victorian green houses stand crammed full of luxuriant tropical growth, recreating the environment of plants from every habitat. Kids go free but adults cost £12. Not far from Kew tube station on the district line. Its great most of the year round but in summer you will see the best.

    It does have some indoor space so even in the wet or winter you can still get a good day out. Nice cafes and shop.

  • 3.0 star rating

    With some of the rarest plants in the world Kew Gardens is a great place to visit even if your limit of horticultural knowledge is restricted to weeds, plants, trees, shrubs, bushes, and flowers.

    It's definatly a day-out scenario, and there's absolutly ton's to look at, along with information about what you're looking at, informing you of roughly the size of the plant, (or whatever), you're looking at, where it comes from, how often it blooms, and other interesting information.

    The Kew Gardens flower shows are often aired on TV and draw crowds of thousands more during these events, but is packed almost all year throughout, but not to much so that you're constantly knocking shoulders with other people, as it's all well spaced out.

    • Qype User lisamf…
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    Kew Gardens is a beautiful place in London to visit - the grounds are vast and the flora and fauna are wonderful to observe at all times of the year.

    Tickets are pricey, but worth it for the experience you get. It's a lovely area to picnic in, or to sit in the sun and watch the world go by. It's not the quietest place in the world, but you do forget for a brief moment that you are in fact in a city.

    It's good value for children though, so if you have kids you definitely should take them for a day out.

    • Qype User ema_…
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    The thing that hits me most about Kew Gardens is the feel of large amounts of open space combined with the size of the trees  it really feels like a great place to come to have a chance to clear your mind and just take in some of nature (in the middle of London).

    Despite being fairly pricey to visit I love it as much as I love the free parks in London. The place is really well kept, the grass is cut, the flowers are planted neatly.

    There is a massive greenhouse type of structure which houses some more tropical plants and this is worth visiting.

    My favourite thing to do here is just to walk around aimlessly taking in the magnificence of the trees and the beauty of the place.

    • Qype User crossl…
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    3.0 star rating

    Kew is a wonderful place to spend a few hours in: one of the best kept public gardens in the country. The new treetop walkway (only open in the summer, I think) is great as long as you don't mind heights: it provides great views and looking down on a tree really does gives an unusual perspective.

    The entrance fee is steep though: £13 (plus a further fiver to go into Kew House) is too expensive. Having said that, if you take your Christmas tree there for recycling in January you get 2-for-1 admission.

    • Qype User justin…
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    Kew Gardens is a fantastic day out.
    a range of the new exotic plants to 100 year old trees, painting and displays
    a great way to lose your day
    if it rains there are a selection of restaurants to eat at a mini shopping area at the entrance.

    its amazing how the park looks and changes from season to seasons.

    • Qype User 001Lot…
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    One Star for the entrance price. Family of 4 price is very costly. It is a lovely park and always has been a great park. The price is the same as a Theme Park like Chessington World of Adventures. Cannot understand the escalating price of this park as it has gone up 300% and huge donations by us Tax payers. Surely, they could be reasonable about the costs considering they make huge profits through business and private ventures now. If you can afford this and have no commitments or work on a good salary, good luck if price is alright for you.
    Sadly, I, like many others, shall give it a miss.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I should start my review of the Kew Gardens saying that I'm not interested at all in gardening, plants, wildlife or botany. I don't visit gardens and parks often, and let alone paying almost £14. I'd never come here if so many people wouldn't have recommended it to me. Surprisingly, I spent here almost 6 hours today, and even enjoyed a lot some parts. That's something, right?
    Kew Gardens must be paradise for nature lovers, it's amazing the diversity and variety of plants, displays and exhibitions on offer here. I couldn't appreciate all of them, specially not the glasshouses because of the hateful humidity, but I liked the People & Plants exhibitions and the Australia gardens, and in general walking for hours with nice landscapes in background. The best parts in my visit were the Marianne North Gallery and the Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art, absolutely incredible. Don't miss them if you come, if they were standalone galleries they would be among my favourites in London.
    As a tip, try to use the 21 offer on tickets when you travel by train. Be aware that Oyster is not accepted (not even travelcards on the Oyster), you have to present one of those orange tickets with the National Rail logo. We just took the First Capital Connect, one stop, from Essex Road to Highbury & Islington (purchasing two single tickets at £2.30 each, and then came back to Islington using Oyster) and that saved us £13.90.

    • Qype User vixf…
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    As wells as having an amzing variety and diversity of plants in winter kew gardens is also home to an outdoor ice rink, which is just great. Admission to Kew Gardens seems to be quite pricey at over £10 a head but i suppose it must take a lot of money to keep alive the conservation projects, research teams and also the Gardens in Kew themselves. Overall it is an enjoyable outing, and suprisingly kids always seem to love it (as well as the adults of course)!!

    • Qype User tikich…
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    5.0 star rating

    What a wonderful place! Visiting Kew Gardens is vital to any Londoner's health. The new Treetop Walkway is awesome as was the Henry Moore sculpture exhibition earlier this year. It's a nice place to simply roam round and I wish I could go more often.

    • Qype User -adam…
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    4.0 star rating

    As a village liver i've seen some nice gardens but nothing quite like kew, it really is amazingly beautiful and I have no qualms about admitting that. Very good place to chill out!

    • Qype User Bodilk…
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    5.0 star rating

    Just went to Kew Gardens to see the Henry Moore sculptures. The weather was perfect and it was impressive to see all the sculptures mixed with natures own autumn colours! We always have great days at Kew and visit regularly to see their different themed events (sculpture, orchids...)Prices, however, seem to go up everytime we visit, but I guess someone has to pay for maintaining this great place. Children under 17 go free, so families can happily come to spend a great day out.

    • Qype User farawa…
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    5.0 star rating

    A great place to explore whether you are a gardener or not. I loved the glass houses containing tropical plants.

    • Qype User Icaru…
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    2.0 star rating

    My dad keeps dragging me here every few years in order to carry the plants home. Even though i nearly die every time i go there (I have hayfever - someone please find a cure and post it to me please) i actually like the place. Im not a plant fan so i look at it through general eyes and see it as a really cool jurassic park type place. A hell of a lot of plants and attached to that is staff who know everything that there is to know. There is no catching them out. They can tell you what plant is what even at a distance and they know exactly where every plant is. A decent place for the plant enthusiast.

    • Qype User purps1…
    • Northampton
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    5.0 star rating

    Beautiful plants and trees i loved the plam trees and tropical flowers they also have flowers arranged which are stunning this place is for young and old to learn more about how beautiful plant life can develop and grow some of the greenhouse places are very humid inside but its all well set up

    • Qype User ja…
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    5.0 star rating

    As much as there may be droves of people at Kew, I always feel a sense of peace and tranquility in this place tucked behind the high brick walls and beneath the Heathrow flight path. It really is a magical place, filled to the brim with flora and fauna at every second of every season. In winter the colours of the trees compliment the grey cold skies, whilst a hint of colour can be glimsed occasionally, here and there. If you're lucky enough to go just after a fall of snow then the treat is even more spectacular, especially if the visit coincides with the annual ice rink which takes shape around Christmas and a little after.
    The abundance of colour in spring is beyond words, and Kew is in an entity of it's own.
    There are various glass house displays, and special events throughout the year to compliment this place even further.
    I will never tire of taking the 45 minute drive to Kew to venture, filling my senses with all it has to offer. I really love it here

    • Qype User lyndse…
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    4.0 star rating

    I had wanted to visit Kew Gardens for a while, and when I finally made it, I was not disappointed. It is a great day out for all ages, and there's a great mixture of things to do and see - from experiencing the treetop walk to looking at exotic plants, going on a (free) guided tour or having a picnic beside the lake.

    The gardens have got good transport links, with Kew Gardens station only a 5 minute walk away. The entry fee is expensive, but if you're traveling by train you can print a voucher off the london 2 4 1 website (search london 2 4 1 in google) and present it with your train ticket to get two for one entry, which makes a huge difference. A number of reviewers have said that it's great in any season, and the Christmas events do sound good, but I would personally prefer to go on a sunny day - although there are things to do under cover, there's also a lot outside.I also noticed that there is a little train which runs round the Gardens at regular intervals - you have to pay extra for it, but I imagine it would be handy for less mobile guests. There are a number of cafes and restaurants. I took a picnic but did have an icecream, which was very nice, although a little pricey. Drinks were also very expensive.
    Overall, however, a great day out.

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