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  • Wrights Ln
    London W8 5SP
  • Phone number 0870 751 7770

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  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    First impressions are that this is a gorgeous and lavish hotel. However, the reception service is very slow considering what they charge here. It's very expensive but not what I call 5 star in terms of value.

    Bedroom is nice and well laid out but bathroom is outdated and mine had plenty of cracks all over the floor. Shower badly in need of update.

    Wifi is available but costs £10 for 24 hrs or £5 for two hours. I think this is a rip off as many places have free wifi nowadays.

    Concierge staff are friendly as you would expect but it lacks the 'feel' of excellence, a bit like painting over all cracks instead of refitting.

    For me it was average and over priced. There are plenty of other hotels to stay in the locality that offer more for your money.

  • 2.0 star rating

    If you like a nice breakfast, comfortable rooms and a good internet connection...  then you need to choose another place to stay.

    The staff and the bar are really good anyway!

  • 2.0 star rating
    1 check-in
    Listed in Sojourns abroad

    Stayed here for four nights for my cousin's wedding.

    I know that there are expectations that need to be managed for a highly dense, expensive city, and in a boutique hotel instead of a chain. The elevators were tiny (as expected), and wifi not included(not expected, 10 pounds a day!). However, the housekeeping did not meet minimum standards for an allegedly four star hotel and the layout was abysmal.

    I've been in small hotel rooms before (case in point, Hong Kong) but this room was in the worst layout possible. With two twin beds, and the bathroom sliding door bisecting the room diagonally, there was no way to get to the second bed outside of the 8 inch clearance between the wall and the bathroom door or to just climb over the first bed. The towels did not get changed out, even when they were purposely left in the tub. The floor didn't get swept. There was a vegetable label sticker and a clothing size sticker on the wall. The tub lip was super high and basically blocked 1/3 of the entrance to the door, and the grab bars in the tub were rusty and some of the tile was cracking. Also, who puts the main bathroom shelving(no counterspace by the sink) all above the toilet? Isn't that a disaster waiting to happen? Basically, this room needed to be laid much better as a double (there wasn't enough room to get to the second bed, but you had space for a desk? How does that make sense?) or should have been a single room.

    The only redeeming aspects of this "boutique" hotel were the complimentary hot breakfast and pretty lobby/bar area. While these communal spaces seemed spacious and modern, the rooms definitely did not reflect that and I would laugh at anyone who considers this more than a two star hotel room-wise.

  • 1.0 star rating

    This hotel was an awful experience. Small room? Yes, check, but I come to expect that in London (even though the bathroom you can stretch out your arms and more than easily touch each wall). The room was freezing with the heat turned up all the way to full, had to sleep with multiple layers on that little single bed. The Wifi is 10 UKP a night but the guy at the front gave me two tickets (one for my notebook and one for my iPad) and told me it would be 10 UKP, but when I checked out they were adamant that they charge me 20 UKP a night because I had taken two tickets. Even when I told them the guy who gave them to me assured me I would be charged for only one, ridiculous.
    Stay away from this hotel.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Nice hotel close to hige street Kensington tube station.  Good service. Good breakfast. Nice pool and spa.
    One of the few bad points is the Wi-Fi. 10 pounds per day abd hardly reception in the room.

  • 4.0 star rating

    The room was tiny, but who is going to London to hang out in the hotel room all day?  The Kensington Close is in a great location just off the tubes.  The wifi is a bit of a rip off, but just down the road Whole Foods has free wifi, so we just went there every morning.  We were in London for a week and I would return to the Kensington Close in a heartbeat.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Nothing good to say about the place.
    I have been here a couple of times recently for conferences and one of these I helped to organize.
    'Lost' paperwork, missing reservations and a tatty round the edges look to the conference rooms.
    I will not stay there again and if this were the last hotel in London, I would hold my conference in Edinburgh!
    What is it with this place and the cost of internet access??? It is a service not a bloody luxury

  • 1.0 star rating
    First to Review

    I stayed here on my last trip to London and was VERY disappointed. The service was rude, the room was incredibly small & dark, and the hotel was all together unkept. Internet is extortionately expensive and doesn't even work in the comfort of your own room, you have to sit in the lobby to get a decent connection. I have stayed in several hotels in London and was quite disappointed with the all around experience at the Kensington Close Hotel.

    Great things about this hotel: pub that stays open late for guests and LOCATION! You can't ask for a much better location- a minute walk from the High Street Kensington tube, short walk to shops & restaurants, quick to catch a bus to Piccadilly Cirucs, Covent Garden, etc..

  • 1.0 star rating

    If you want something cheap, this is the place. £90 a night is a bargain but keep your expectation really low to nothing. Room is tiny and not very clean. I stayed here for the 4 times. The room I got always worse and worse. This time the tile broken in the bathroom. The bath curtain too small. Got water all over the floor. Heater does not work. Had to wear jacket to bed. Food and drinks downstairs are over charged and poor quality. Always run out of beers. They should advertise for backpackers only. Will not come back. Wi-Fi is £10/day!

  • 1.0 star rating

    10 Pounds for 24 hours of WiFi for a single user is a rip off.

  • 2.0 star rating

    This place was going through renovation (good lord, I hope so!) so I didn't want to give it 1 star, as the service in the breakfast area was pretty spectacular.  BUT the drip buckets all over the floor, the loud maids, and the construction at 7.30 in the AM was kind of unbearable.  I couldn't wait to stay at my mums around the corner when our 'special deal' was over!

    Forgot to mention, tiny tiny rooms & 5 min of hot water.....cereal.

    • Qype User aschle…
    • Paris, France
    • 27 friends
    • 46 reviews
    1.0 star rating

    I would highly recommend that you avoid this hotel.

    This week I checked in at 11PM in desperate need of recharging my mobile phone but the reception was not able to provide me with an EU power adaptor. Instead they referred me to their own store which sold them for 6 pounds but only opened the next morning In addition, i asked for their internet/Wifi connection as I had to send out an urgent email that night but they don't have any cable connection and only certain rooms get wifi connection if they are close enough to the reception/lobby area i did get one of these rooms but it was a smoking room

    The rooms are small and with extremely basic furniture. the bathroom is also quite small. you will have no desire to spend more time in the room than you absolutely have to.

    Breakfast the next morning was disgusting. i usually love the classic, warm english breakfast with eggs, bacon, bangers, etc but their selection was truly aweful. on top of it it cost 15 pounds

  • 1.0 star rating

    I would give this place half a star if that was possible.

    The rooms were small even by Euro standards, the beds were uncomfortable and the blankets were too short for the bed. The bathrooms were dirty, the food was terrible, the front desk staff were completely unhelpful and the only person who knew anything about anything was the concierge/bellman/plumber.

    Unfortunately for this old hotel, it isn't much more than an overpriced hostel complete with busloads of teenagers coming in and out everyday. Your stay also includes a lobby full of transients during the day and women of the night lurking out front when the sun goes down.

    Stay as far away as possible. The ONLY redeeming quality about this hotel is the neighborhood for the price, it MIGHT be worth it if you truly do not care about quality, safety or comfort.

    High Street Kensington is a great area with quick access to the Tube, shopping and great food, but avoid this hotel if at all possible.

    One last thought, by the end of the week, my dear traveling companion had renamed the hotel the Kensington Close to Hell.

    • Qype User Manche…
    • Manchester
    • 8 friends
    • 380 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    I attended a one-day conference here a few months ago and found it to be OK.

    The hotel was quite hard to find, but perhaps that was just the inadequacy of the directions I had been given! -- although it is very close to High Street Kensington tube station, so perhaps I shouldn't have struggled. However once inside it was equally hard to find the particular meeting I was attending; it was not well signed, and the staff on reception seemed unable to assist.

    When I found the right place, however, the facilities were pretty good, and the food was of a high standard too. I'm afraid I don't know how expensive this place is for conferences because I didn't make the booking myself.

    All in all, not a bad hotel for a conference -- but I wouldn't go overboard about it!

  • 1.0 star rating
    32 check-ins

    Not OK. I was booked here on a business trip. 27 ish days in this place. My first impression of this place was from the reviews on Yelp. So I came in with low expectations.

    The front desk staff and doorman were pleasant. Swanky place if they have a doorman right? We came during peak check in hours on a Sunday. I knew there was going to be a wait so that didn't bother me. Our group was assigned rooms fairly quickly, no hassle. We all had "superior double" rooms and no complimentary breakfast per our company, which was fine. What wasn't fine was not having internet. Hmm maybe our company overlooked it. OK, I'll shell out the £9.95!! Aw hell no, I can stay off Facebook for a day or two. I decided the first thing I should do was scope out my room and see what the water pressure and temperature were like before any kind of unpacking or settling in was done. Remember kids, low expectations, not dirt low though. I have some standards.

    Room: Small and awkward. I understand that London is a very old place and new construction is too costly. Most hotels are basically modified buildings from a very long time ago and really you just have to make the best out of what you've got. My king size bed was actually two doubles pushed together then bolted to prevent slippage. It was lumpy and uncomfortable, it was not an OK place to put my head. The shower and sink had decent enough water pressure at the time, early evening. The shower had 3 settings; rain, jet and normal. Non eof them were very strong and I couldn't really tell the difference. It wasn't until the next morning that my water pressure went down noticeably, probably due to the amount of people getting ready at the same time I was. There were no washcloths, mini bottles of conditioner or heated towel racks. Yes, all very optional features but nice to have. And in my experience very common in um evry major hotel in the world!  The TV was pretty silly. The small flat screen was made for HD but only received 13 SD channels. The aspect ratio was off as well. The room itself wasn't very big. In fact with my two suitcases on the ground limited my walking space to a small path around the bed. There was an a/c and heater control panel by the bathroom. Similar to other UK hotels I've spent time in, the lights require the room key card in the slot to function. I decided to check out the rooms of my co workers. Oddly and laughably enough their room layout varied. They were all similar in size but arranged very differently. But still awkward and cramped.

    Wifi and creature comforts: £9.99 per night for wifi. So I'm certainly not a math whiz, but close to 30 nights of needing to check emails and communicating with my family and friends is going to be a high price to pay. In my case the wifi was really only reliable if I sat at the edge of my bed closest to the door or held my iPad or phone against the door. That lasted about 3 days before it got tiring.

    The fitness room and pool are beautiful and a nice getaway. It was all the way in the basement and quite small but it got the job done. The Kensington boasts having the largest heated pool in the area. I believe it. This gym is open to the public and is an additional cost. So it can get "busy" during peak hours in the morning and evening.

    I'm not sure what kind of soap they used on our sheets if any at all. a few of my co workers including myself got rashes on various parts of our bodies from the sheets. We would call room service to have our sheets changed and it would take up to two days for someone to do it. How do I know? I marked a corner of my sheet with a dab of foundation and checked it.

    Our very large party complained numerous times. So many times in fact we were probably the most hated guests towards the end of our stay. Water pressure, sheet changes, getting a refrigerator in our room, TV's, noises UGH. Re reading this I sound like a high maintenance b**ch. I'm not I swear. I just want a stand up shower with a drain that actually drains. Yea, that was a fun few days. During our final few days the wifi went out so we were unable to check or emails or do any kind of work. No one could give us a straight answer about the probelm and the estimated time that it was going to be fixed. I also complained about my room being left OPEN presumably after the cleaning crew came in. I know for a fact it was closed when I left. No one seemed to care and no one tried to help. I also came home after a long day to find that my room key no lnger worked. And continued to not work despite being given 3 replacements.

    Overall, their £4 million renovation was only for the lobby. Don't think that the rooms will be that swanky pants. Maybe the higher end rooms are, I don't know. I would avoid this place if you need to stay more than 2 nights. I realize 27 nights is an extreme for any hotel stay. I do have to thank the Kensington for helping me get the Maverick Badge on Yelp when I checked in; although that made me kind of sad.

    • Qype User becksl…
    • Oakham, Rutland
    • 1 friend
    • 67 reviews
    1.0 star rating

    Terrible hotel.

    I would advise not staying here.

    Room cost around £140 for one night, it was small and extremely basic, alo a little grotty and dint seem to have been cleaned properly.

    I did call to ask reception about changing rooms, but the lady on receptions english was very poor and she didnt understand me, her only method of reponse seemed to be rudeness.

    The recieption on the television was very bad and we could only get 2 channels.

    The bed was creaky and uncomfortable and the room was very noisy at night, you could here the traffic and noise outside through out the night.

    Breakfast was expensive cold and poor quality.

    In general the taff were unhelpful and seemed rude.

    If you intend to visit the area i would look for a different hotel as this one is a real waste of money.

  • 1.0 star rating

    The only good thing about this hotel is that it's in a good location. I had to stay here for over two weeks and it was the longest of my life. The rooms are small and the beds aren't comfortable at all. Also, the hot water (or lack there of) was luke warm at best.

    Oh and did I mention the food is AWFUL and overpriced!

    Do not stay here if you can help it. There are loads of other hotels in the area that have to better than this one.

  • 1.0 star rating

    No.  Just......no.  The rooms were NOT 4 star standards, maybe 2 star if I'm feeling generous.  The beds were straight from a hostel...and my flatmate recently did a bbc piece on how this hotel was employing illegal immigrants, it's all just really shady.. Yes it's in the heart of Kensington, but come on, the food was terrible (who serves a caprese with sandwich squares of mozz cheese??) and the rooms were shit.  GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!

  • 1.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Good location. Nice bellmen. Everything else inside the hotel was sub-sub-par. If I could give it half a star, I would. The worst parts: 1. LOUD DRILLING & HAMMERING which began at 8am and continued for hours. Not great if you're jet-lagged. 2. No wifi reception in my room. We had to stand in the hallways.  3. The women at the front desk were unfriendly. 4. The shower sprayed everywhere. I will not be staying here ever again.

  • 1.0 star rating

    I would give it no stars if i could.  they are more concerned with renovations AND keeping the cash flow going by renting rooms.  I felt as though I was in a construction zone from 8am until 6pm, and sadly, this has been going on 3 years with no end in sight.  No naps to be had in the afternoon w/o earplugs and white noise.   stay someplace else.  Def not worth $$$, mote like 1/2 of a $!  Dont buy the internet if you do stay here, they severly limit where you can go.  I could not even connect with the servers at work!

  • 2.0 star rating

    Positive - really great location. Easy walk to High Street and the Tube.  Doorman was very friendly.

    Meh - good breakfast but repetitive. Room was tidy but smallish.

    Negative - for the rate, I am not sure it is worth it.  Heard about room heating problems from others in my group.  Probably would not stay again unless I got some fantastic deal other than posted rate.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    So...I'm not sure what people are expecting on here.  Is this hotel nice?  No, not really.  Does it offer ANY extras?  No. Is it one of the cheapest places in this neighborhood?  Yes.  You get a small room with a reasonable bed.  It's certainly not any smaller than other places in this price range.  It's old, but it's clean.  It's close to the tube and Hyde Park.  It's absolutely fine for what it is.  Just don't plan on hanging out in your room.  Why would you anyway?

    • Qype User Rooibo…
    • Hamburg, Germany
    • 27 friends
    • 35 reviews
    1.0 star rating

    Die Zimmer sind sehr klein in diesem Hotel, man kann sich darin gerade noch umdrehen, solange der andere im Bad ist oder auf dem Bett liegt. Unser erstes Zimmer haben wir nach einer Nacht getauscht, da das Bett nur 1,80m lang war, meine Füße also hinausragten. Immerhin haben sie nicht die Wand berührt, aber das war auch nur knapp. Vor dem Fenster hatten wir einen Abluftschornstein, wahrscheinlich aus dem Schwimmbad, das irgendwo in den verwinkelten Fluren des Hotels zu finden gewesen sein sollte. Dieser dröhnte die ganze Nacht, so dass ich kein Auge zugemacht habe und mich umso mehr über das Bett ärgern konnte. Wir haben dann unkompliziert ein neues Zimmer bekommen. Schön, dass es direkt neben dem Aufzug lag, der seinen Halt in unserer Etage jedesmal mit einem lauten "Bing" ankündigte. Da auch viele Nachteulen zu den Gästen des Hotels gehörten, war dieses Zimmer soweit kein Gewinn. Immerhin war das Bett länger. Vor den Fenstern hängen schwere Vorhänge, die sind aber auch nötig, denn hier zieht es wie Hechtsuppe.

    Das Frühstück bestand aus billigen Aufbackbrötchen und Standardaufschnitt und -strich aus der Packung. Dieses mussten wir in einem sogenannten italienischen Restaurant einnehmen, das zum Hotel gehört, weil der Frühstückssaal deutlich unterdimensioniert ist. Die Leute standen auch hier Schlange und warteten mit Tablett in der Hand, bis endlich irgendwo Plätze frei wurden. Eine absolute Katastrophe. Wir sind dann die Straße runter zum Starbucks gegangen, da konnten wir in Ruhe unseren Kaffee trinken. Einziger Vorteil dieses Hotels ist die Lage in Kensington, gute Anbindung an die U-Bahn, der Holland Park ist wunderschön und sehr schnell zu erreichen, ebenso der Hyde Park. Aber das bieten auch andere Hotels.

  • 1.0 star rating

    This is the worst hotel in London, by far, and I've stayed at a few here. The receptionists are very very rude. The food is below average. The hotel rooms are mediocre. At this time of writing (Dec 2010 & Feb 2011) there is construction at the hotel that wakes you up at 8am. Also when I stayed there in December a fire alarm went off at 2am. Everyone had to evacuate to the street. It was cold and late.


    • Qype User annie3…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 135 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    This hotel is excellent value if you can get a last minute rate. I would call it a good 3 star hotel and if you can request an executive room, then these are slightly larger than the others. If not, you are then staying at the Kensington Closet!!The service is okay and the breakfast was again okayit depends on expectationgo in with a low expectation and you will be surprised! They have a great swimming pool - beware they charge an additional £ 5 for this.I think one of the best features of the hotel is their bar - a great sports bar - ideal for watching those football, rugby matches - large screen TV's and reasonably priced for a Kensington hotel!

    • Qype User Andrew…
    • Darlington
    • 3 friends
    • 18 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    We stay here when attending gigs north of the river, smallish rooms but clean and tidy, we always book our hotels in advance on the discount sites so usually pay about £80 per night, we used to have the breakfast but it is no longer included in the rates we pay (it used to be), close to the tube and high street Ken.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I've stayed here for over a week and have a few more days to go.
    When my company booked me a room here I read all the reviews and was extremely unsure about keeping the reservations but decided to give it a try anyway.
    In the previous few weeks I've stayed at two other hotels in London which we're horrible so how much worse could this place be?
    Well I can't say anything about what the old rooms or the small rooms are like because I'm staying in one of the newer rooms. I'm also not sure where it falls on the size scale but I can't  imagine a room getting any smaller.
    All that said it's very nice. A little noise and construction? Sure... what ever. Would be nice if they didn't do that on the weekend but I'm usually out by 8am so it hasn't effected me.
    The room is clean and up to date. The food is just as expensive as any other hotel but VERY good. The employees haven't been good or bad... average. I haven't waited in or seen any long lines at the check in desk. No longer than anywhere else at peak check in hours.
    The place is in a great location. Minute walk to the tube station and a whole lot of shops/places to eat. The parking garage is closed right now but there is an underground down the street within walking distance which is pretty cheap and street parking is free after 6:30 until 8:30am.
    I will say that there have been a few issues. The TV in the room is flat but square chopping off the edges of the 12 channels (5 of which have been football) that you get. Not sure who decided a square TV was a good way to go... to be honest I"m not sure where they even found a 4:3 aspect ratio flat screen LCD panel. Why would you ever need that?? Lol.
    The wifi is slowish but faster than other locations I've been. It has been free which is nice and works in the rooms not just common areas like other hotels.
    There is a large king size bed, desk and closet with lots of room to walk around them. The bathroom is narrow but how much time do you spend in there? The shower is hot and there is great pressure.
    I will say that one day the water was turned off or broken or something... that lasted a few hours. Kind of annoying but they are in the middle of construction and I knew that going in.
    I haven't tried the spa of the free breakfast but it looks like there are lot's of people enjoying themselves down there when I pass though. I did email the spa to make an appointment for a massage.... it's been a few days and no response. I ended up booking through an online massage place (no happy endings) and it was just as good if not better because they come to your room which is nice.
    The bar down stairs is great and not expensive. We drank there until like 3am and the bill was under 50 pounds. Nice that they were open until then.
    So far so good. I can see what other people may be complaining about but I've had a pleasant experience, travel for work A LOT and would stay here again any time. They are still working out the kinks but if you don't want to deal then go pay twice as much some place else.
    If you want to pay very little (for London), stay close to town and tube and have a pretty nice place to stay that's not covered in feces how can you really complain?

  • 2.0 star rating

    It seemed like a nice hotel at first. The rooms were really small. You have to pay for all the extras. Like wifi, pool, and health club. I was really disappointed on the staff at the hotel. I had heard they were very helpful. I didn't get a very warm feeling from most of the staff. I would not stay at this hotel again. I would probably pick a chan.Hotel next time. Don't waste. your time with this hotel because they don't waste their time with you

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Great place to stay! Location less than 5 min walk to high st ken tube. It's an "ala carte" hotel so it can be whatever you want it to be. I needed an affordable bed in primo location. That's what I got for about £63 night, booked direct w/hotel, no prepayment. I could have purchased breakfast, wifi, fitness, pool, etc. but that was not the experience I was looking for this trip. What I was looking for and received was a good size room (by London standards... Around 8'x15'), tub and shower, quiet rooms - no stray sounds from neighbors or hall, comfy twin bed (I'm 5'8" and bed fit perfectly - may have been more challenging if I were taller), great lobby/lounge to sit and relax and purchase reasonably priced real coffee or pot of tea. Staff helpful, but not always at the ready. I'm solo woman traveler and find I get what I give... I tend to be very friendly and outgoing, which in turn is typically how people respond to me.  Highly recommend KC for location alone. Everything is located w/in this neighborhood or only a quick tube stop away.  I stayed 3 nights before Christmas holiday and the place was bustling with parties and visitors.

    • Qype User Janner…
    • Plymouth
    • 0 friends
    • 133 reviews
    2.0 star rating

    Ok if you get a substantial discount but otherwise very basic and in need of renovation. Close to High St Ken tube.

    • Qype User plymbo…
    • Dublin, Republic of Ireland
    • 0 friends
    • 56 reviews
    2.0 star rating

    Needs work. Appears often on lastminute.com so you will probably not pay over the odds. Pokey rooms..

    • Qype User unclet…
    • Oldham, Greater Manchester
    • 1 friend
    • 2 reviews
    1.0 star rating

    We overpaid £140 a night, rooms are tiny and run down. Our double was the smallest ever. It's a building site, and staff are useless. Avoid at all costs.

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