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  • 4.0 star rating

    Writing the only Yelp review in english... since no one else has.
    and trying to be brief, as the space within is BIG.

    People who speak english and their friendlies, must go to KaterHolzig. They are also active in operating it - although all of the reviews at the moment are auf deutsch. I will attempt to answer some questions here; if one is patient - expect some of the door people, a certain younger type, to behave rude, snooty, and try to get out of answering legitimate questions; cause 'That's being cool', unfriendly.. Cold=unfriendly=looser.

    The high-activity people setting-up and operating the BACK and INSIDE, must have put the odd looser out front. :) And whereas the Berlin status-quo of poor service standards, these PEOPLE operating it are visible, active, helpful; making the KaterHolzig concept happen. It sincerely IS, with each of the strong commitment of everyone of the hosts. :) Thank you.

    Some have mentioned a high price for entry. [~10-12EUR]

    Looking at the line at 11pm on a friday; it's clear why.
    For a well-known, stationary repeated event of quality and fun, attracts the 'crowd': squares, someone mentioned them as "Schwabians" from another review, but really ordinary people who want to fit-in, to be worker-drones, come from every experience of no real viable culture daily, and need it! These are stiffs with too much unhappiness who can share some money and need to dance. And dance they do... sort-of. KaterHolzig enhances their life!

    Some have mentioned many not being let-in.

    There is apparently, a number which fluctuates for reasons related to the dance floors opening, health and safety. For that reviewer, perhaps the few being let-in were on a guest-list. The website authors don't seem to have an explanation of this method, so here it is explained.

    One has the option of arriving *early*, around 6PM, on the day when the schedule has an opening at 23.. and getting a reduced fee; on a Yelp review is not a guarantee, just.. be patient getting-in. Then it's possible to stay until one has had fill, spending all the other cash on pizza, mate drinks, etc, which is absolutely fine for us! There is NO CASH MACHINE there... one must bring ~25EUR in cash, per body, plus the half-price entrance around ~5 to 6EUR, for an evening from ~1800/19 to 0300 the next day (until leaving). Cannot re-enter under that existing fee.

    Whereas full-price ticket payers normally get a stamp, and can also leave and go back in for the whole weekend [whatever party interval, which can be a string of days during the week based around a holiday]. However, for those who have stuff to do - have a full life, the short-term arrangement is better and less stress. Less people, less squares, nice warm-up to the weekend, and then getting sleep. We are going-in without a line, and leaving when the line is long going in.

    PIZZA is AMAZING to the guys making the pizza! [There is other food there, also. Also good. :))]

    Avoiding the snooty-cool [and _very_ square] crowd of guests at the restaurant and bar upstairs; prices are also higher at the upstairs bar than down, and they add nothing to the experience. Except you can go up to look down and at the Kater.

    The schnurrbad if it's open (Has different hours!) is interesting. Again, early and also during the week.

    Clothing, bags etc
    If it's cold outside, there are usually burn-barrels, one, or two, at the courtyard, and I saw a fire-pit by the Spree. There is a big coat-room, but it is strongly recommended by this reviewer, arriving with only absolutely-needed essential clothing and cash; no purse or anything extra [No cameras, no phones, you _will_ have fun there]. There is nearby Jannowitzbruke S-Bahn 10 minutes ordinary walking; 24 hours on friday to sunday nights in at least 30 minute intervals. Then, Friday morning through Monday 3AM, the underground also runs 24 hours. But... if you can't handle it, cabs are at the exit, and take VISA & EC.

    Anywhere from one to more dance floors are open at any one time. The music is good and not unnecessarily dark as one reviewer commented [I agree].

    Please, 99% of the people are seen twitching slightly in place.



  • 1.0 star rating

    Location looked hopeful at first but the stupid unfriendly staff and general filth of the place caters more for sad, inadequate people who need to pretend to be cool hanging out in some blatantly alternative hell hole with shit music, just to be different.
    The entrance fee is 10 Euro per person, by the way. Ridiculous, and it would only support the unsavoury habits of the bunch of rather disorganised airheads called staff mooching aimlessly around the place.
    But apart from that, it is a great location if you need to visit a junkyard, listen to the crappiest trance in Berlin and mingle with the sort of people who would come here. I had no choice as some friend of a friend had organised a birthday party here and I had not been here before. However, there is no fear that I will ever come again.

    • Qype User bubba0…
    • Berlin, Germany
    • 4 friends
    • 47 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    really great function-one sound system and all kinds of f***ed-up people. go there to get a differen berlin party experience. but beware the stuff. not only the guys at the entrance, but also the bar staff are unfriendly and ignorant  most of the time. it's sometimes open during -providing room for various music styles

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