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  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Before I knew about the wonders that is the UYE Karaoke a la Tristan J, I decided to try this place with Jane G and Nimz P for a bit of fun, who doesn't love a casual singsong!

    We went on a Tuesday, booking in advance just in case. We didn't need to, it was empty. We went in and got our bottled water confiscated for us but a bored bouncer, not a great start. But he said he'd keep it for us to pick up later, always nice. We were shown to our booth (£35 for an hour and seats up to 7 people). I thought it was small for 7 people, but we were 3 and so it was lovely. You could get a 3 person booth for £20 which might be better and is not crazily small.

    Good choice of songs (no musical/ show tunes but you can't have everything). Wine started at £20 which is a bit annoying. We only booked an hour but got 90 minutes because it was quiet, always good.

    The background for the songs was weird and some of the songs themselves weren't originals. But the sound system was good and you could alter the levels manueally which is a nice touch. The song selector was easy to work, so overall I was satisfied.

    Bring on more UYE though!

  • 2.0 star rating
    First to Review

    If you want to have a good old sing at the top of your lungs, this place will cover your needs. The extras are a little harder to come by. Having booked my room, I wandered down the stairs into the main club, and huddled in on myself as the wind whistled and tumble weed blew by. Yes the place was deserted. I had to wait a while to even find someone to serve me some beers. The bar itself is attractive but on this particular Tuesday night, not overly well stocked as they were out of a couple of things I wanted.

    The room for ten that I was in was rather barren and uninspiring. In fairness I am yet to sing in a karaoke room who's interior artistic endeavour has stretched beyond paint and sofas to sit on. On the plus side, the karaoke system was easy to use and the sound quality was great. Our screaming rock vocals didn't seem to bother any of the surrounding patrons once they eventually arrived, although one gent did decide to join us due to are throwing everything we had into each performance.

    There is a Japanese inspired food menu which is fine for nibbling, and the beers we ordered were affordable and cold. They serve cocktails which sound nice, and I am told on the weekend the place is pumping with a real club vibe. On this early week visit I was not overally impressed, and it is unlikely I will return for a weekend soiree.

  • 2.0 star rating
    Listed in 2013 Centurion

    Super expensive!!!!! The room was small and the staff were quite grumpy with us. The song selection is good, but there were no fun props to use in our sing along. Would not go back.

  • 2.0 star rating
    Listed in Rainy Days, Show off

    Years ago when my friends and I started our obsession with private karaoke there was only one private karaoke place to go to and that was karaoke box (the Soho branch). It was in the back of a Japanese restaurant in what surely used to be a brothel with so many small rooms.

    A few years later, Martha Lane Fox got in on the action and started Lucky Voice - a far nicer, swankier experience down the road. Not to be outdone, karaoke box branched out and opened this larger venue sharing none of the charm of the original, in Smithfield.

    It has fake waterfalls behind the overpriced bar and a dancefloor with music playing so loud it affects the rhythm of my heart. I have no idea who would come here for a night out if they weren't singing in a booth but come they do.

    The private booths have to play their music far too loud to drown out the noise from the bar. The songlist is fine if you're still working your way through the classics, but 8 years into our karaoke journey and what we want to sing is not here.

    It's OK for a birthday party but for an intimate catch up karaoke sing with friends go to Lucky Voice (ideally when it's free).

  • 1.0 star rating

    On behalf of my very very disappointed boyfriend!

    Overly expensive with rude and unhelpful staff. The speakers in the booth were distorting and couldn't handle any bass, making all but the quietly song bearable. If this wasn't enough I felt very unwell and had to leave early. Feeling unwell and being a non-drinker I bought some water from them to take with me but they wouldn't let me leave without it, snatching it from me aggressively despite me saying it was only water. I would definitely not recommend this place!

  • 3.0 star rating

    Being a karaoke-bar-virgin I was really excited to go to Karaoke Box and was completely open to how it would look/feel/be..... We went on a Wednesday night (it being my birthday!) and the main bar area was pretty empty although it was only 8.30ish. We were shown to our 7-man room which was pretty ugly and soul-less. It had a faux-leather brown L-bench, one of which was broken and the seat kept flapping off.

    We made use of the drinks button straight away and started off the singing machine. The screen search was easy to use although didn't always find the song straight away, and the letters often didn't correspond to what you pressed. Service and drinks came relatively quickly although they don't leave the menu with you. We didn't try any food.

    All in all a good night, you were able to sing you heart out in two hours - we would have liked another hour to be honest. The only criticism is that on certain Wednesdays they have 'Rockaoke' in the main bar area and it is soooo loud that it drowns out your own music. A plus side is that the bar area became a bit more occupied.

    Would return, although might try another venue to see if the decor gets any more classy......... A pricey night too - although that could be blamed mainly on that drinks button!

  • 3.0 star rating

    Small rooms, not enough places to sit. Although, decent song selection. I got my Greenday and Boney M in.

    • Qype User Sarah…
    • London
    • 55 friends
    • 54 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Lucky voice is definitely the best karaoke option in London, but is far too expensive to do too often. Karaoke box in Smithfield tends to be the favourite amongst my group of friends as it's not too cheap and tacky, but also affordable enough to do a good 3hr slot. Most songs we like are on the list, the service is pretty good, the rooms clean and comfortable and the bar area (although bordering on cheesy) is usually a good place to have a bit of a dance after you get chucked out of the rooms. The DJ tends to play a mix of modern dancey tunes as well as a good amount of retro disco hits. Be warned  if you carry bottled water around with you (or have been given a bottle of wine as a gift before entering) the bouncers will take them off you before going in. However, they keep them on the desk in the entrance so you can collect on the way out if you recognise (or have marked) your bottle.

    • Qype User al2…
    • London
    • 2 friends
    • 53 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    What a brilliant fun night! I went along here for a friend's birthday and was admitedly a bit sceptical. While I like to sing in the shower or in the car where nobody can hear me I just don't feel my singing needs to be inflicted on anyone else! Karaoke box is tucked away in Smithfields and you hire a private room for a two hour slot. We had quite a big group but there was plenty of room. You can load up any song you like from a wide selection and there is a book with all the song choices you can flick through. After the drinks were flowing it was surprisingly hard to get people off the mic! A really fun night out!

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