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    • Qype User Bel061…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 3 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    I am shocked and astonished by all of these bad reviews. When I rang to book my appointment I told them that I was a Groupon visitor. The receptionist gave me a choice of bookings and was pleasant on the phone. I was nearly late when I arrived and no one moaned  in fact we had a laugh about me being on time (the receptionist showing me the clock at 1 minute before my appointment). I had a folding bike with me and they looked after it.
    I was given very good, professional service all round. The salon assistant was pleasant and friendly and offered my coffee, which was probably the best I've ever had at any salon (usually it's instant coffee). When I asked for a second cup they didn't bat an eyelid (I thought 1 cup might be the maximum I could have for the Groupon pre-paid voucher).
    Joseph did my hair  not his usual hairdresser doing the Groupon cuts and colours (or so he said)  and he advised me that full hair colour was better for me that half a head of highlights, which is what I nearly chose  having had highlights before. True he didn't give me a colour chart, but I didn't ask for one either when I'd specified that I wanted something similar to my usual colour. His cut was professional, thoughful and efficient and I looked great when it was all finished  although probably no better than I'd get from any good hairdresser I go to  but that was probably due to the kind of curly wild hair I have, nothing to do with his cutting prowess. My colour was very nice too and he did not seem inconsiderate to me or annoyed when I mentioned the colour was irritating my scalp (I've never had permanent colour before, only highliights, therefore this is probably typical of dyes when they are massaged into the roots). He asked me if the irritation had gone and it was before long. The finish was a bit hurried and my hair wasn't dried off completely nor other finishes or sprays applied  but I was on a bike and on a windy day that would have been wasted on me anyway. I didn't mind that at all.
    For the Groupon voucher price, which is considerably less than I'd pay at my usual local hairdresser (2/3 less, I might add), I got a very professional service indeed and I certainly wasn't made to feel a nuisance or some sort of unwelcome second class citizen for being a cut price Groupon visitor. The salon assistant and Joseph were very talkative and friendly during my stay and answered my chit chat and I was keen to leave a tip at the end, which I felt was more than deserved.
    I didn't expect 1st class full price Knightsbridge clientelle service, to be honest  and nor should you  provided there is one. The price is usually well in excess of £200 per cut and colour. You should expect a competent service  a nice cut and colour  but don't expect to get the 'royal treatment'  with finishes, head massage and all the usual extras you get with a hairdressing 'experience' rather than a straightforward cut and colour' particularly when their regular clients come in and their time is divided.

    • Qype User bubu20…
    • London
    • 1 friend
    • 9 reviews
    1.0 star rating


    First rewiev is so true, no matter if you buying voucher form Groupon, or just looking for hairdresser, do not go there or book app.

    I went there yesterday, and got shocked to the core. I'm so upset I haven't check any rewievs before I went there!!!.

    I asked for some highlights, and as person above, wasn't shown colour chart!!, colour(cheep bleach) was mixed downstairs, the guy came back with some from downstairs, and added some old mixed one, left on the side!!!!.

    I don't know the name of person who was dealing with my hair, but this guy around 50years old, was extremly rude, everytime I want to say what I think, he shut me down, by saying he knows what he is doing. My neck almost crack, as he was pulling my head down, to make sure it will more comfortable for him to put BLEACH on my hair. Once I went throught this, I was waiting for bleach to kick off and left on the side for 20m. In this time I have good look around and realise how dirty this place is, some old hair on the chairs, dusted and filthy floors and corners, absolutely nightmare!!! BTW I wasn't asked if I wanted any drink at all!!

    When time comes I had my hair washed, and was shocked even more. I end up with horrible colour as person in review above (foxy orange, sort of blondish) I don't know but I went trought terrible experience!!!


    I should go to work after but needed to call sick as I was to embarased to go to work and let anybody see me like this.

    Thanks I booked app. in another hairdresser and will have my hair redone 2mrw by proffesional hairdreesser in clean salon and stress free.

    Hope this review will help you to make up your mind.

    • Qype User fruity…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 1 review
    3.0 star rating

    I am a potential Groupon buyer and I have to say I find all of these reviews entirely unhelpful. It is either rated 1 or 5 stars, nothing inbetween, hence why people cannot be sure that is is not competitors/employees who are expressing their 'views'. All in all it does not do the business any good as I for one do not care for these tit for tat comments. In particular zambyzamby, your comments are extremely unhelpful, people have their opinion and it does not make them 'nasty people' or liars, you very much seem to have a vested interest in this salon (this is my opinion and does not require a comment from you as they bore me). So if people have some useful advice as to whether to buy this voucher or not please let me know (zambyzamby excluded).

    • Qype User ros…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 1 review
    5.0 star rating

    Dont understand why there have been so many negative comments. I found Joseph and his staff to go out of their way to be friendly. Sarah cut and coloured my hair beautifully. Will def be back, and loved the massage the junior assistant gave me. Would thoroughly recommend.

    • Qype User zambyz…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 1 review
    5.0 star rating
    26/7/2012 Updated review

    Joseph and his team are always professional, courteous and friendly. I have been going for a couple of years and they are all wonderful. Cant understand some of the negative reviews I have read as I have never been disappointed. I was recommended by a work colleague and about 5 of us now go there and would not dream of letting anyone else touch our hair. Try them, and the coffee is delicious

    5.0 star rating
    8/3/2012 Previous review
    I think the people who wrote these reviews are disgusting and deluded. I have been a client of… Read more
    • Qype User mora1…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 1 review
    1.0 star rating

    Firstly I'd like to start by saying I never write reviews.
    I felt I had to after my experience at Joseph yesterday. I booked a Groupon and stupidly didn't look at reviews as I've previously been to a great salon through Groupon.
    I was booked in the with the owner so I thought it would be a great professional cut and colour. However as he sat me down he started moaning about people with Groupons, how they are tight and not willing to pay extra when they come in (that's because they already paid!) He told me a story of how one woman refused to pay an extra £20 for more than one colour in her highlights, surely this should be included in 'half a head of highlights'. Dismissing the money saying 'it's only £20, how stupid is that?' But the fact is she'd already paid for the service so why should she pay more.
    Once again I didn't get shown a colour chart, he just decided what colours I should have without discussing it. As I was having the highlights done another woman was booked in (he'd only allowed a half hour appointment for a full head of highlights!) He ended up getting to her 45 minutes late, blaming my hair for being too thick, and was really rude to her (she also had a Groupon) wouldn't tell her what time she might be finished so she could let work know. They had a blazing row and she said she'd get a refund. He wouldn't even apologise for wasting her time.
    Anyway the colour came out yellow (it was previously brown with natural highlights), he cut my hair into a mushroom, (it is very think and needs lots of thinning). He had other customers waiting and was obviously rushing to finish my hair.
    I had asked on the phone to book in for a full head and pay the extra £30 on top of the groupon. When I went to pay they tried to charge me £74. When I asked him to explain why he was saying I should pay for a half head which is £110 and he was doing it cheaper out of the goodness of his heart!!
    This is the owner of the salon, does he not care about his reputation at all??? I will have to go somewhere else to get it fixed, it was the worst hairdressing experience of my life.

    • Qype User gw061…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 1 review
    1.0 star rating

    The worst experience I have EVER had in a hair salon. It goes to say that I have had previous experiences with KGB Deals and loved what was done to my hair, as it exceeded my expectation and the hairdresser very carefully listened to my ideas of what I wanted.
    Two weeks before my hair appointment, I called and made an appointment. I was told by the receptionist that Joseph (the owner) would be cutting my hair. I feel it is important to bring this up, as in an attempt to rectify the problem haircut, I was outright lied to by Joseph himself.
    Being a very placid, passive and easy going person, I walked into the salon for my appointment with Joseph, having decided on going much shorter than the length my hair had grown to, within a limit. When Joseph first saw me, he told me he wanted to cut it short  up to my jawline. I wasn't prepared to go that short, and politely said I was only going to go just above my shoulders. I was looking for a longer bob cut that stayed to my length specifications and asked for layers and thinning out as I have very thick hair.
    I had my hair washed by a kind apprentice who was lovely, but I could sense some hesitation from her. I put it down to her only being there for 2 weeks but later discovered she was treated with utter disrespect, a third-rate citizen who was expected to learn how to make appointments by herself, WHILST she was on the phone with a potential client. But because this client was another voucher holder, no care was awarded to her.
    My hair was cut without sectioning, and no real method that I have ALWAYS experienced in the past (as I said earlier, I have a lot of hair and it takes time!). I ended up with what looks like someone slipped and cut an arrow out the middle of the back of my head! I asked 3 times to have the short length at the back extended to my shoulders, and then let the hair fall longer as it came forward from the shoulders. But was refused each time I looked in the mirror, and told that this was the style!!! Trying to remain positive and pleasant, I accepted that Joseph wasn't going to do anything about it as he just sat there and watched as I brushed all the hair he had cut out of my face and my neck and shoulders. I was made to feel I was wasting his time and he had better things to do.
    I left, without the great feeling we should have after getting our hair done. I met a few friends who politely told me it was different and it looked nice, but understood it wasn't what I had asked for  because of the weird cut at the back.
    I decided to come home, wash it and see how it was. There is no better word to describe it than upsetting and absolutely horrendous! I called back for a redo and was scheduled for an appointment in 2 weeks time as they were very difficult in giving me a reasonable timed appointment. I was ready to go back to get what I actually wanted, a longer bob, but was called back the next day by Sarah (who is the lady who normally does the voucher cuts) and was told that there was a problem and I needed to explain what exactly I wasn't happy with! Really disheartening as I believe that when you do a job, you should do it well and take pride in what you do. If there is something wrong, you should be the first to accept responsibility and rectify the problem.
    Sarah told me she couldn't fix the problem as she wasn't there when I came in for my poor excuse for a haircut. She asked me to call back again, to which I wasn't very impressed with but agreed. I called again at the specified time and waited 5 minutes for Joseph to actually come to the phone  when he had determined the time for me to call back! He was rude on the phone and lay the blame solely on me. He asked me why would I want to come back to him to get a recut if I wasn't happy with him? and that it is degrading to cut hair for £20. He then went on to say that he normally did not do cuts for those with voucher deals, to which I responded that at the time of booking my appointment, I was told Joseph would be cutting my hair. I specifically remember this because I thought I was lucky (ironic, isn't it?!) that the owner would be cutting my hair and it would turn out better than I was expecting it to.
    He barely let me have a word and as I really dislike confrontation, I allowed him to. I did manage to tell him that I would take this matter further, and I will be seeking reimbursement from KGB Deals and the hairdresser I am going to have to make a new appointment with to fix my hair!
    More than anything, I feel really upset and disappointed that someone of his stature (cutting hair for 30 years), in an upmarket area like South Kensington is getting away with mistreating clients and staff!
    In my opinion, the salon's low opinion of voucher deals and the clients who buy them shouldn't go on any longer. If they are so unimpressed by clients with deals, they shouldn't bother advertising  as many of you have previously said yourselves. Horrible horrible experience has left me with the worst

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