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  • 125 Cleveland Street

    London W1T 6QB
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  • Transit information Northern Goodge Street and 2 more stations
  • Phone number 020 3370 5838
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  • Business website jetlagbar.com
Mr Lee - Acoustic Set Every Thursday
Cinema Screen in the Lotus Lounge
  • “I heart 30 rock, funniest show on TV for my money.” in 3 reviews

    Has TV: Yes

  • “I was also here as part of the 30 Rock event which got me hooked to this show but not to the US food here.” in 4 reviews

  • “If you're a football fan and want to watch the World Cup in a relaxed but fun environment, Jetlag is the place.” in 5 reviews

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  • 4.0 star rating

    Sunday evening: if you are italian it means one thing above everything else: football.

    I-m not a football fan, but having italian friends mean that on this day you will watch some football.
    In particular, we wanted to watch italian football, not that easy to find in a place where football was invented (you know, they usually broadcast this premier league, maybe you heard about it...)... Lucky us some good guy created an application for people like me, matchpint, and thanks to that we came up discovering this place.

    From outside... it seems more of a gentleman's club rather than a football fans pub! There's even a lovely girl who is inviting you to come inside...

    But actually the place is cool! a bit trendy for football, but it has a projector downstairs and three tv screens at the ground level, with three different matches! Actually they were so nice they changed one of the matches for the italian one, they even turned on italian commentary (Sky)!

    Beers.... Oh Yes, A pub with no english beers!! (Sorry pals, your beer sucks. It really does, I'm sorry!). They have Paulaner, which is always a nice drink, and Asahi, the japanese beer you usually have in a sushi bar... nice!
    The food is delicious: really, it's far over the average pub food you can find around, quesadilla it's incredible!

    The only bad thing: last round at 22.30.... come on, most of the time I still have to finish my dinner at 22.30, and you are asking me for a last round!?! I hate you people!

  • 3.0 star rating

    Love this bar for anything sports related! Downstairs has a massive flat screen with comfy sofas and a pool table with low lighting.  Beer on tap isnt great, dont think they clean the lines regularly enough but great sports bar!! Eaten there a few times food was good for price paid

  • 3.0 star rating

    It has screens, sky sports and a good selection of world beers.. And it feels like a house extension.

    That's probably all you need to know. Come here to watch sports with a beer. If you want anything other than that, best go somewhere else.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in
    Listed in London Love

    Cheers Yelp for helping us find a place to watch the Chelsea v. Manchester City match this past weekend! This definitely caters to an international crowd, which was nice for us Americans :)  We were down in the Lotus Lounge watching the match on the projector, but also catching a quick glimpse at the small tvs for the American football game that was on as well.

    Food and drink was reasonably priced, and the fact that there's spacious seating in the downstairs area really helped.  I would highly recommend this place for an EPL match, but also for any other sporting event!

  • 3.0 star rating

    i went to an event here about a year ago and i was impressed with the food and there cocktail passport
    The furnishing were lovely, really impressed with the bubble water wall

    The food was tasty, try the jerk wings and calamari dishes and a huge donught for dessert.
    I really want to go back and buy the cocktail world passport for £25 which gets you 5 cocktails from around the world and can be used over a month.

    only downer ia a huge column that blocked your view if you sat in the middle, so make sure you dont get stuck next to it.
    great for sports events

  • 4.0 star rating
    First to Review

    Yep, I was there last night for the UK Premiere of the new 30 Rock season. Hilarious! And Jetlag, with its super cushy downstairs screening room/lounge was an ideal setting. See the witty banter about that event here:

    Jetlag is a fun place with a good selection of beer (and apparently wine and cocktails too but I kept with the Steinlager on my visit). They cook up an assortment of junk food from around the world. We were served a generous sample of their "international street food menu" much of which I really liked. The chicken wings and onion rings were especially nice.

    In Fitzrovia just down the street from Great Portland Street Station, it's brilliant for hanging out with friends and a great spot to keep in mind if you're looking for somewhere to watch a big game (World Cup's coming soon!!!) or watch a much loved movie (or season premiere of a TV show) with a group of your favourite peeps.

    • Qype User akeel…
    • London
    • 62 friends
    • 114 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    The 30 Rock event hosted by Qype and Comedy Central took place in Jetlag's private hire basement venue. With mood lighting, water features and comfy leather sofas, excellent junk food and scrumptious sounding cocktails for those who drink, Jet lag makes for a chilled out and tasty evening. The staff here are friendly and accommodating too, matching the laid-back vibe of the venue.

    The main event of course, was the screening of 30 Rock's Season 4 premiere, by Comedy Central. Jetlag's giant screen and high definition projector, together with the ambient surroundings, made it the perfect venue for this event. If you're a football fan and want to watch the World Cup in a relaxed but fun environment, Jetlag is the place.

    We were fed and watered throughout the event and I left feeling rather stuffed and high on sugar, courtesy of the Homer Simpson sized (read 'gigantic') glazed donuts we had as dessert. There was much enthusiasm for the onion rings and calamari and their potato wedges were huge and rather good to eat too. Jetlag offer all kinds of international street food with their newest addition being Bunny Chow from South Africa.

    As for 30 Rock, well, I wish somebody had recommended it to me sooner. It's awesome!

  • 4.0 star rating

    The Comedy Central launch for 30 Rock's 4th season made the most of Jetlag's facilities. Giant-sized Fey and Baldwin on the monstrous screen had us in stitches, and the kitchen whipped up NY-style snacks (for me the chilli dogs were an artery-clogging highlight) to recover our strength.

    "International" themed bars run a risk of ending up characterless, but the seriously impressive screening room gives Jetlag a feature attraction that should keep the punters rolling in. As sports-mad as I am, I hope the screen gets put to good use with cult movie/tv screenings, rather than just showing sky sports.

    A varied (at times obscure) selection of beers from around the world is available, and the 'round the world ticket' of cocktails (choose 5 of their nationally themed cocktails for £25) would get any night off to a flying start.

    My only complaint is a geometrical one, and it's nothing the management can fix... being a narrow triangular space, there's no ideal spot to put the projector screen, and it means not all seats downstairs have a decent view of it. So if there's something you want to watch on the big screen, be sure to get there early!

  • 4.0 star rating

    I was invited to the 30 Rock event, which took place in Jetlag's basement cinema lounge. Think comfortable leather sofas, basement bar and cool lighting, which created a chilled atmosphere. My only gripe was that the ventilation was apparently not on full blast and the air became a bit stuffy at times but this can be easily fixed by the management.

    We were served international street food, my favourite being the heavenly potato wedges which were perfectly cooked and spicy; it was obvious that these babies were not pre-seasoned and the chef used his own spice mixture.

    The upstairs area was rather busy and certainly a place I would like to come back to. I noticed that they do a £5 lunch deal with a daily changing menu (go to 'menus' and look for the 'school dinners' link on the website) which is certainly worth a try if you are in the area. They also have cocktail classes and 'pick up a bartender' single nights; there is actually no reason not to pay this place a visit!

  • 4.0 star rating

    I went along to the Qype event to check out a screening of 30 Rock. I thought it was a movie, turned out to be a funny US comedy show on Comedy Central. The genius Steve Buscemi was in the episode we watched in the awesome lower ground screening room cinema bar, this tipped it for me. I don't watch TV out of habit, but this got me hungry for more 30 Rock.

    The Jetlag bar lays in the shadow of the iconic BT Tower but actually off the beaten track so it feels like a hidden gem. Fitzrovia, or Noho is as central as you can get so is an ideal meet-up place, either in the basement or the relaxed main bar.

    The cocktails here include a £25 stamp-card 'passport' of an around-the-world drinks experience (not all to be consumed on the same night, natch). There is also a specials drinks menu where you cough up £8 or roll a pair of dice and pay what you throw.

    The international food menu includes snacking food including chilli dogs, calamari, nachos and jerk chicken. They also specialise in doughnuts, which are humungous (doughnut shaped) cakes, I know this as I was with three North American's who made my Londoner doughnut knowledge feel rather inadequate. Cakes, they were cakes.

    The main thing that you'll feel at Jetlag is the style, the uniqueness and quirky style are far away from pubs and identikit bars. The rocket styling modern feel even is seen with the taps in the toilet shaped like rockets!

    So head down to Jetlag as if you have a rocket in your pocket. Seriously.

    • Qype User deCabb…
    • London
    • 334 friends
    • 515 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    I love theme places and I think this place is really no different. I loved the airline seats (more generous with foot room than any others I'm sure!) and the themed food.

    Probably cutest thing was the passport to try cocktails from around the world. I just love cute things like this and it really appealed to me and made me regret I no longer work in the Soho/Fitzrovia area.

    I was also here as part of the 30 Rock event which got me hooked to this show but not to the US food here. The hot dogs were lacking that 'real grilled' flavour and the doughnuts were cake as mentioned by other reviewers but I have a feeling this is because the US food was aimed at Brits, not Canadians (or Americans).

    That said, I loved the onion rings, nachos and wings. I miss wing night where I could get a bucket of beer in ice and a bucket of wings and watch sports. These wings were lovely and with the bucket of beer on the bar, almost took me back to those days.

    I really do think you have to try this place. It is a hidden gem as another reviewer said and I had fun!

    • Qype User Sian…
    • London
    • 415 friends
    • 752 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    This is one of those times I wish Qype would let me give half stars to places. I'm rubbish at deciding. But, there are things about Jetlag that are awesome, and things that are average.

    Let's do the awesome stuff first: The staff are super friendly. The lounge room was booked for my friend's birthday (you can hire it entirely if you're going to spend £500 behind the bar, I think we did that in about an hour). The cocktail waitress was awesome, well done her. The space is nice, the taps are made to look like little jets, which made me happy. There's dancey space, and sitting space and yeah, if you're with a party of awesome people (I was indeed), then you'll have a great time.

    But everything else is a bit meh. My margaritas were good, not the best I've tried. The Tom Collins tasted like lemonade. But, the classic cocktails are only £4, and their 'round the world cocktail' deal is a good idea, even if not all of the cocktails are great (let's not put sake and coke together again, shall we?) The upstairs bar was so empty that I thought I was at the wrong place. It's at the bank end of Fitzrovia, but still, it was Saturday night. And there was nothing that really shouted out at me. We had fun because the staff were lovely and we were with awesome people.

    If you're not going to an event, I'd go elsewhere, but if you're here with friendles, you'll have a fab time. But you'd probably enjoy your evening at a bus stop if you're with your best mates, hence the three star rating.

    • Qype User kristi…
    • London
    • 111 friends
    • 158 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Well I don't know about sports, but it's a pretty cool little bar, tucked away in Fitzrovia. I had heard they were doing some movie screenings of home-grown films for Australia Day but didn't realise how packed it would be!
    Upstairs (ground level) is a small bar and tables for about 30 people while downstairs is a bit more futuristic with massive plasmas across the wall and more booths and seating areas.
    Seemed pretty noisy as the music was definitely much louder downstairs.
    Was happy with my Tasmanians Boags beer and although we didn't eat, the choice of Aussie fare for the special menu looked great so might consider this again on a less busy day.

  • 4.0 star rating

    The area is a bit of a no mans land and it looks a little uninspiring from the outside. I was dubious when i walked in too but it has a huge widescreen downstairs with comfy sofas and tables. Staff were super friendly and pub menu food i expected to be ordinary was really really tasty and seemed freshly made.

    • Qype User AnnieM…
    • London
    • 98 friends
    • 81 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    Great venue for a screening in a relaxed atmosphere on comfy leather sofas & armchairs. I also attended the Comedy Central screening of 30 Rock and the surround sound was excellent. I imagine it would be a great place to watch the World Cup.

    The management are also putting on a special "Round the World" menu so you can sample food & drink from all the countries competing in the World Cup.

    The international street food was super tasty (particularly the chicken wings) and fairly priced for Fitzrovia.

    Groovy lighting in the basement with a mesmerising fish tank / water effect in the walls also adds to the cool atmosphere!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Came as part of a qype event, premiere of new series of 30 Rock. I heart 30 rock, funniest show on TV for my money. If you haven't seen it yet do yourself a favour and watch, it will make your life infinately better and that's a promise!
    Onto the bar itself, Jetlag may not look like much from the outside but prepare yourself for a pleasant surpise on entering and especially once you get downstairs. The screening room is super plush with comfy seats and it's own private bar so you don't have to mingle with the hoi polloi. Better than your living room, except that you can't loll around in your PJs' (well you could but you might get some funny looks on the way home!)
    Yummy street food including spicy chicken wings, onion rings and potato wedges complete the picture. Yes there were a lot of deep fried things but frankly it tasted goood, who wants to snack on tofu!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Went on Monday to the Qype / Comedy Central event organised in the Screening Room in the basement, to eagerly watch the 30 Rock fourth series premiere.

    30 Rock is one of my favourite series of all time - Alec Baldwin and Liz Lemon are brillant.

    Jetlag serves international street food including nachos with cheese and dip, spicy potato wedges and gigantic iced doughnuts.

    What a fantastic space with fish tank, water and light effects. Friendly staff. Even cool sinks in restrooms.

    Great place to hire to hold a movies party with the large screen and ideal movie nibbles.

    • Qype User anteen…
    • London
    • 52 friends
    • 134 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    i went to the qype 30's rock night, it was my first qype event and i was impressed.
    The furnishing were lovely, really impressed with the bubble water wall

    The food was tasty, try the jerk wings and calamari dishes and a huge donught for dessert.
    I really want to go back and buy the cocktail world passport for £25 which gets you 5 cocktails from around the world and can be used over a month.

    I think i might pop in to watch the world cup there and make a night of cocktails and international food dishes
    only downer was a huge column that blocked your view in the middle, so make sure you dont get stuck next to it

  • 3.0 star rating

    A bit late on my reviewing, but I also attended the 30 Rock Qype event at Jetlag and enjoyed the screening thoroughly. The downstairs bar was quite swanky, with comfy chairs/sofas and a pretty decent projector screen; I could see renting it out for a private event.

    I love the concept - I am a big believer that street food often represents the most interesting/tasty tidbits of any given country. However the sampling we had was annoying skewed American due to the theme of the night (says the annoying American). The jerk chicken was quite tasty, but chili dogs really just don't do it for me.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm a hot dog girl. But there is something wonderful about the taste of a real grill. I like my dogs covered in char marks. And not being a chilli fan, well, it just wasn't meant to be.

    That being said, the doughnuts were the big disappointment. It was definitely too dense and cake-like to meet my standards for a doughnut, and the frosting was just too much. I was one of the awful people scraping it off in an attempt to salvage the edible bits. I'm usually not one to play with my food like that, but I was really just hoping to keep my teeth (and indulge in a doughnut, of course).

    I think I need to go back and give this place a fair chance. I'll be ordering off the rest of the menu though.

    • Qype User petest…
    • London
    • 24 friends
    • 45 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    I have friends who work nearby, and I've seen this place go through various incarnations, but the current owners think they have the formula right this time, and it was certainly busy on the ground floor.

    I went over to the Jetlag as a guest of Comedy Central for their 30 Rock preview, which took place in the basement Cinema Lounge, which has a huge screen and a very good sound system I have to say.

    Jetlag has an interesting and cheap menu, which consists of 'street food' from around the world, so you'll see gyoza (Japanese dumplings) alongside harissa fish cakes from Morroco and Mexican burritos for example, so there's definitely something for everyone.

    They have a vast cocktail menu too, which also has an 'around the world' theme, with concoctions like 'Ipanema Thong', 'Big Yin' and 'Ladyboy' - I'll let you take a stab at which countries they represent... The basement bar also plays host to live football and private events, and it will certainly be on my itinerary of places to watch the action during the 2010 World Cup, given what I've seen of the place - I'm actually impressed - I really liked the atmosphere here.

    • Qype User mwl201…
    • London
    • 16 friends
    • 144 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    I've been here before for cocktails with a friend, when it was quite new and very empty. Thankfully, on my way out last night, it looked like the upstairs bar area was pretty full and boisterous.
    I was downstairs in the screening room for Qype and Comedy Central's 30 Rock event - nothing like seeing Liz Lemon on a huge HD screen with surround sound! Love love love this show, by the way - and it was good to hear other people laughing as much as me.
    There was some food I liked as well - the jerk chicken wings stood out for me. I still think of Jetlag as more of a bar than somewhere to eat though, so I'd probably only get food there if I became hungry during a drinking session. The decor and noise levels are good - there's no worrying about whether other people can hear your conversation, but nor do you have to shout to your friends to be heard. This will be great for the World Cup and other big sporting events!

    • Qype User matthe…
    • London
    • 13 friends
    • 22 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Good service. Friendly staff. Burger was good, chips a bit dry. Not too crowded on a Friday evening. Good for a whisky and chill...

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Excellent screen and sound for the football. Decor is a bit mid-90s Butlins. Friendly barman, decent beers on tap.

    • Qype User emian…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 81 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    I had the good fortune to attend Qype's & Comedy Central's 30 Rock fourth season premiere. LOVE that show and it always always cracks me up. Do yourself a favour and watch it.

    The episode was projected in high definition on Jetlag's huge screen. The seats, cushy leather couches, armchairs and banquettes, were excellent and there wasn't a bad one in the house. The sound was superb. This will make a very good venue in which to watch the upcoming World Cup games.

    The bar serves a wide variety of nibbles and international cocktails, so everyone will find something they like.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I love this place! Downstairs there is a relaxed and comfy lounge atmosphere, with large leather sofas and a huge HD projector screen to watch a variety of sports. It's definitely the most sophisticated place to watch sport. Their cocktails follow a round the world theme and their international street food menu is tasty and original. If you're forced to watch sport with boys, at least you can have a superb cocktail to soften the blow.

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