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  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I think that up until this weekend, I might have been the only person left in Glasgow who hasn't been here at least once since it opened. I'm not sure how it's managed to escape me so long, but I finally got the chance to come in here, and I'm really glad that I did.

    After a couple of wines in the afternoon, a friend and I decided we *really* ought to get some food and settled on Jamie's Italian. To be honest, I hadn't expected to get a seat what with it being the Commonwealth just now, but we were seated straight away with the caveat that they'd need the table back in an hour. No problemo.

    We ordered the meat platter to start; a huge wooden plate filled with hams and salami, plus some mozzarella and olives to round it off. My main was the meatball reginette while my friend had the sausage pappardelle. Although I never tasted hers, it looked amazing and my meatballs were absolutely devine! We were a bit over-ambitious and also ordered a side order of posh chips (chips with truffle oil and parmesan - also amazing) and so when we left, I thoroughly needed rolling out of the place.

    So why not 5 stars? For me, it was a bit noisy (we were seated downstairs) and it's not the cheapest of places to eat. That said, the pasta was obviously fresh and the food and drink were lovely. I'll definitely be coming back as soon as the bank balance allows it.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I have visited Jamie's in Glasgow about 4 times now and I have to say every visit I have left a very happy camper. I first came here not long after it first opened partly to see what the fuss was & partly because I am a fan of Jamie's cooking/books/shows. My boyfriend however is not a fan...(this seems to be a common theme with men I know...)so when I chose to dine here for my birthday he couldn't say no (ha ha!). At this time you still couldn't book a table so we went for a midweek lunch here & as soon as we walked in I really liked the feel of the place ~ it was very large, open but yet still bustling with life & activity. I liked the hanging meats (ooh err!) and breads & the wee shop area. The downstairs is nice too ~ feels more intimate & quieter and has a nice bar where you can sit & wait for a table. The toilets are always clean & if you look hard enough all the toilets have an amusing name on them...ha ha! Made me laugh.

    The food here is reasonably priced ~ it's not stupidly expensive yet not a cheap meal out either. On our 1st visit we ordered the Arancini (with mushrooms & mozzerella)  and also the Crispy Squid. Both were absolutely delicious. The portions weren't mean either which I was surprised by. On our last visit I chose the Cured Meats Plank which was delightful ~ the boy thought it looked a bit mean but I was happy with it.

    For mains I usually opt for a pasta dish either by itself (as a Main Course size) or with one of the yummy salads (the Rocket & Parmesan salad is delish) I will have the smaller sized portion of pasta and occasionally some of the Polenta or Posh Chips. Both are really good. My absolute favourite pasta dish here is the White Truffle Tagliatelle. It is so simple yet SO good. Unfortunately it isn't always on the menu (they change the menus every few months I think) but if ever it is I HAVE to order it. Yum. My boyfriend always goes for the burger. He really likes the burger.

    I have to mention the drinks here as every time I have visited here the drinks have been great. On my first visit I started off with a Prosecco Rossini and it was fabulous! (I really could go one now!) I have since tried both red & white wines here & I have never had a bad glass/bottle ~ all of them are top quality, delicious wines that complement the foods beautifully.

    Some of you may or may not know about Jamie's Italian Gold Club. I signed up to it when it first started and it is free to do so via the website and I urge you to get one as it is brilliant! Anytime you visit a Jamie's restaurant you tell them/show them your Gold Club card and this means you get complimentary tasters EVERY time you visit! How great is that?! On our last visit we had the Courgette Fritti's which were beautiful, plus I love courgettes so I was well happy! Yum. Free yum too. Alongside other goodies such as invitations to exclusive events, priority booking & so on you also get rewards for visiting regularly and (best of all) when it's your birthday you get a  BIRTHDAY PRESENT!!! Brilliant! The last time we went was (again) for my birthday and my particular present (coz it varies) was a whole bottle of delicious Prosecco!! Yas. I was super delighted! It is such a lovely touch & makes you feel so special. The Prosecco was so tasty as well...*slurp* I was one happy (and merry) kitty cat that day *hic!*

    Can't comment much on the desserts as I have only ever once eaten one (I'm not a HUGE dessert fan & usually too stuffed to manage one) but it was a brownie & very good indeed.

    I'm giving Jamie's Italian a hearty 5-stars because not only is the food & drink great but it's not as pretentious as I dreaded it would be, the staff are always super nice/helpful, the surroundings are beautiful & the Gold Club card is just a brilliant idea! Thank you Jamie, you're really such a nice guy I don't know why all these people (men!) don't like you?! They obviously haven't tasted your food.

  • 2.0 star rating

    I took my sister here for a little treat as we both enjoy Jamie's cookery shows and recipes. I was sorely disappointed and rather than the food it was the service.
    We both ordered the Prawn Linguine and when it arrived the pasta was rather 'too al dente' in my opinion it was undercooked as I could taste the raw flour in the middle as i bit into it. When I informed this to my waiter (who I must say looked at me and my sister like we were something stuck on his shoes) informed me that 'hand made' pasta is always better more al dente very condescendingly, while I tried to explain to him this was more than simply al dente, and he haughtily agreed to bring us both another plate.
    Which was not much better, the Prawns and the sauce and everything just lacked depth, it wasn't seasoned very well and tasted really watery.

    At the price of £42 for the both of us and with Jamie Oliver's name attached  I just expected so much more.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I love Jamie's Italian and the Edinburgh location is a favorite where I can honestly say I've never had a bad meal. I'd been to the Glasgow location before so I was happy to take done friends who had never been before. I was a bit disappointed. Granted, it was a busy Friday night but the atmosphere was far too loud to make it enjoyable. Service was slow, at best. Food was Ok but not to the standard I expect at Jamie's. My pasta was very al dente, which I typically don't mind but a large portion of the tagliatelle was all clumped and stuck together. Just disappointing when I know how great it CAN be.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I was traipsing around the square during lunchtime and noticed Jamie's Italian. I've always been a fan of his cooking style so I felt compelled to splurge and buy myself a grown-up lady lunch.

    I started with the white bean bruschetta and mixed greens salad and both were full of flavor and very fresh. I also had the croquettes, which were served with a very nice pesto sauce.

    I had a glass of delicious house red and the berry granola crumble for dessert. The wine was fine and the dessert was scrumptious and relatively healthy-seeming.

    As a bonus my waiter was superb, and very funny. I could have stayed another hour if I wasn't so full and ready for more sightseeing..

  • 3.0 star rating

    Been a few times and it's ok. Simple food that relies on quality ingredients which is what Italy is all about. The atmosphere is vibrant and there's loads going on.
    My latest meal was disappointing because my crab starter was underwhelming, the linguine with my main was under cooked and stuck in my teeth. The chocolate brownie with ice cream was the highlight. The effort was there if not the execution

  • 3.0 star rating

    Have been here twice. Went a couple of years ago with a money off voucher but was quite disappointed. It is lovely inside and the food is tasty..but its not worth the price. Thought I would give it another go but felt the exact same. Got crab pasta which was really lovely but is expensive and it is cheap to make pasta. Boyfriend has prawn pasta but didn't get many prawns. He had the burger last time which was nothing special. I have fish baked in a bag..which was nice but expensive again. The prosecco is delicious..would definitely recommend it!

    You can join jamies club on his website and get a gold card to use in the restaurant which I done.  We got free cheese and crackers which were ok.  

    It is a good place to go for lunch as they do half portions of pasta..so good if youre not a big eater!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Great food, great atmosphere! We came from San Diego,CA and found the restaurant on a whim. The food was delicious and the place was clean, not to mention the staff was friendly. Thank you for a great Monday dinner :)

  • 2.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I've had a love-hate relationship with Jamie's ever since it opened. I had a VERY bad experience last year when I ordered Calamari & it was so inedible I had to send it back to the chef. The service at that time was TERRIBLE. The waiters were more interested in talking to their friends than actual customers. In fact, when trying to get my waiters attention regarding my inedible starter, it took almost 30 minutes before he even bothered to check on us. I swore myself off the place until last night...

    I decided to go last night to see if things were any better. Instead of a main meal I ordered two starters: Mozzarella and Risotto Balls and Chicken Wings. I couldn't fault the food but sadly the service is still very slow. We had to wait a long time to be served and get the bill. The restaurant wasn't even busy at 10:30pm so they honestly had no excuse for being like this.

    There are better restaurants in the area which cost less, have better service and food. Don't think I'll go back again. I did give them another chance but to me, service is key.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    We had a fab time in the jamie oliver italian restaurant with the family!

    We had veg and meat planch to share as a stater and nice spinach and mozzarella cannelloni.

    To finish with a nice tutti frutti meringue lemon pie.

    It was terrific! Nice italian background waiter.


  • 4.0 star rating

    Italian is my favourite type of food, so I had to go with friends to this establishment.

    A bit of trouble getting a table but well worth it. Excellent food and service.

    I would definitely go back

  • 2.0 star rating

    Oh, how I desperately wanted to like this place.

    I have always adored Jamie's programmes, cook books etc, and so I had very high expectations and hopes upon visiting here the other night with the other half. Upon entering around 6pm on a Sunday night into a 3/4 full restaurant, we were told there was no tables available and would have to wait 45 minutes, but couldn't wait in the bar because that was closed. We had intentionally went into the city to go to Jamie's, and if we hadn't we would've found somewhere else, but because we had we went to sit in Brown's Bar and Brasserie for a glass of wine.

    After our 45 minutes we went back and were placed at an awkward table directly in between two canoodling couples, despite a relative amount of tables scattered at quieter parts of the restaurant. Our friendly but incompetent waiter came after a small wait and took our order. I ordered the Caprese salad and Colin ordered the rustic bread board to start, the Caprese salad being a favourite of mine.

    We waited a hefty 20/25 minutes for the starters to come out despite the restaurant not being overly full, and they were not worth that wait. I didn't expect real Italian food, more Jamie's interpretation of Italian which is what it was, but still was of quite a low standard. I didn't finish the Caprese because I didn't enjoy it, and Colin left some bread.

    After sitting with finished starters for 10 minutes our waiter came and cleared the table before returning to chatting in a group with other waiters doing nothing. We were brought our mains after another half hour wait. I had the Sausage Pappardelle and Colin had the Free Range Garlic and Rosemary Chicken in a tomato, chilli, caper and olive sauce, and he ordered a side of 'Posh Chips', a cup of chips with Parmesan and truffle oil sprinkled over. The Pappardelle was alright, but there was far too much of it, and it tasted as if it'd been seasoned weirdly. Colin's chicken was lovely!

    The wait between finishing our mains (or not in my case), the table being cleared and asking if we wanted desserts was probably close to half an hour, despite making various attempts to draw the waiter's attention.

    When we ordered two blackcurrant sorbets, they came within 5 minutes which pleasantly surprised me, and I must admit the sorbet was absolutely beautiful and I scraped the bowl clean!

    There was another delay in getting our waiter over so we could pay the bill, as the conversation he was having with the other waiters was obviously more important. The bill came to a steep £54.90, and I was reluctant to pay that for the service I received.

    I would try this restaurant again in a few months time and hopefully receive a much better treatment, because I have read and heard incredibly good reviews of the restaurant, but I need to review my experience, hopefully in the future my mind will change.

  • 4.0 star rating
    7 check-ins First to Review

    *Drum rolls* and now I present to you the premier Yelp review of Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver's first ever restaurant in Scotland, Jamie's Italian!

    It seems that high profile chefs tend to shy away from opening restaurants in Glasgow for fear that there isn't a market for fine dining, and that Glaswegians are geared towards more value-based meals. Yet Jamie Oliver has set out to prove that sentiment wrong with affordable fresh quality Italian, and I'm well excited to see how far this venture goes. It's important to note that he chose Glasgow as the spot for his first restaurant in Scotland over other cities, including our east coast counterpart, Edinburgh. Clearly Glasgow rocks!!

    The Naked Chef snagged part of the ground floor of the recently revamped GPO (General Post Office) building overlooking the historic George Square in the City Centre. It's been a few months in the works, and now it has finally arrived. Opening its gleaming glass doors to Glaswegians this week, it's off to an amazing but hectic start with dishing out mid-range Italian galore. With approximately 250 tables, spanning the ground and garden level of the old GPO building, Jamie's Italian is far from wee or quaint. It's a massive airy space with windows aplenty looking out to George Square... all without an air of pretention. Jamie creates a relaxed casual ambiance from the layout, décor, and staff. Rustic elements are met with modern flair from floor to ceiling. The Gaggia coffee machine sitting behind the counter just screams chicness, and divine caffeinated goodness.

    Take note: Jamie's Italian DOES NOT take table bookings, they're a walk-in establishment, where they'll try to seat you as soon as they can. However, if you're in a party of 8 or more, you're best phoning to try and secure a table. Lumberjack and I arrived around 8:30p eagerly anticipating what gastronomic treasures Jamie had in store for us. Upon arrival we learned that the restaurant was at capacity and it would be a 90-minute wait... ninety-freakin-minutes in Glasgow?! But luckily for us, knowing the right people cut down our time to a mere 15 minutes, while we sipped on beer and a G&T at the bar downstairs on the garden level. Booya!

    Once our beeper went off, we were soon whisked away from the bar to our table upstairs. The restaurant was absolutely buzzin' with lively conversations that drowned out the music overhead. We salivated while looking over the menu with our elbows resting on the "Jamie's Italian" branded cloth napkins. The hungry hungry hippos that we are, we opted for 2 starters, 2 mains, and 2 desserts to share between us. I was disappointed to hear that they were out of bruschetta... really bummed.

    1) Italian Nachos (£3.45) - Jamie's take on STL toasted ravioli I was accustomed to. It was a wee portion of fried cheese ravioli with arrabiata sauce. Verdict: meh.
    2) Crispy squid (£5.10) - Wee portion of fresh squid, cooked to perfection with garlic aioli. Verdict: nom.

    Note - they offer different portions: a tasting portion, and a regular-sized portion. The difference is between £3-5. So if you're a fickle eater, you can go for 2 tasting portions as a meal.
    1) Bucatini Carbonara (£9.95 - regular portion) Verdict: nom. It wasn't as "heavy" as some carbonaras tend to be. Amazingly done, and noodles al dente.
    2) Asparagus Risotto (£10.25 - regular portion) Verdict: nom. Again with hitting the nail on the head, perfectly done (not under or overcooked), creamy, but not "heavy".

    1) Chocolate and espresso tart with figs and orange crème fraiche (£4.95) Verdict: om nom nom. Beautiful, and not too strong or too sweet.
    2) Lemon polenta cake with orange drizzle and citrus fruit salad (£4.95) Verdict: om nom nom again. It smelled and tasted like Christmas, but in a refreshing way. Delectable from the first bite, to licking the plate clean.

    Coffee: From a Gaggia machine = uh.mazing. Nuff said.

    Service: The perfect balance of in your face pampering and being ignored. The service was good, friendly, and casual. You can definitely tell that the staff already enjoy working here; they have a great demeanour and casually interact with guests.

    Damage: £60 - 3 drinks, 2 starts, 2 regular-sized mains, 2 desserts, 1 divine coffee, and 10% gratuity.

    Random fun things: If you start a tab at the bar downstairs, they lock your card in this safe box and present you with its matching key. Once you're seated for dinner, give the key to the waiter to retrieve your card and have the bar tab transferred to your food bill. Brilliant.

    Bottom line: Jamie is certainly shaking things up in a place where Glasgow-Italian family dynasties have set precedent. Watch out!

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I would gladly have Jamie's chubby little babies after eating his Italian food. It was simply scrumptious.

    It really needs know introduction. Jamie Oliver. Italian food. In Glasgow.

    The restaurant is massive, I think it seats around 120. I got there early enough (6pm on Thursday) that there was no queue, but by 6.30 there was a constant queue the whole time I was there. You can't book unless you have a party of over 6. Slightly annoying, but testament to how good the food actually is.

    Ok, it's not authentic Italian cuisine. But it isn't trying to be. It's not called "El Italiano con Jamie" (I have probably murdered the Italian language in one fail swoop). The menu has things like "Lamb Chop Lolly Pops" and "Posh Chips". It is Jamie's take on Italian food.

    What I do know is all the ingredients were fresh as fresh can be. And darned good quality. So the standard of the food is high. The menu isn't overly expansive but diverse enough to make it hard to choose.

    I had the Antipasti plater (meat - good. cheese - good. bread - gooood.) Followed by the steak. At this point I was fit to burst but couldn't resist the lemon curd (which is more like a lemon cheesecake) complete with pistachios, cream, raspberries and mint leaf garnish. All of it was divine. Fresh, cooked to perfection, what you would expect from a celebrity chef's restaurant. However, Jamie is known for his down-to-earth attitude and it is reflected in the food - good, honest grub but top notch.

    I feel the service deserves a special mention. Based on his Fifteen foundation philosophy (hiring and training kids from under-priveleged backgrounds in his kitchens and restaurants) our waitress was a star. Super friendly, always smiling, rushed off her feet but never flapping or sighing. And the Italian waiter who brought me my cake was a complete character. I happily tipped over my usual 10% as it really was genuinely warm and friendly.

    The prices are reasonable, especially for a celebrity chef restaurant. £14 for a steak is standard, £8 - £10 for pasta. You pay the same in most mid-market Italians and this is beyond a doubt far better than the Di Maggios / Amarone / Antipasti offerings.

    My only complaint - I had to undo the zip on my office pencil skirt after desert and I'll need to run a half marathon to burn that bad boy off.

    For anything other than perhaps a romantic anniversary dinner (it's too big, and bustling) this place is foodie heaven.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Love love love this place!  Had dinner here with my coworkers and the atmosphere, albeit slightly loud, was perfect.  It's set up like an actual kitchen and the tables and chairs feel like something from your home.  But, the food and the presentation was perfect.  And the staff efficient and friendly.  

    While waiting for all of my coworkers to arrive, I was shown to the bar that is actually downstairs, giving it a more intimate feel as oppose to the jolly restaurant.  So, this would be a good place to hang out if you're with a smaller group or would like to have a more intimate setting, while still enjoying their delicious food.

    All in all, a very pleasant experience that I would like to try again sometime.

  • 2.0 star rating

    I visited here after a spot of shopping and really love the decor and open plan Kitchen & Bar! All very nice to look at and sit in with staff that are very good at what they do but the food could have been better! I had a cocktail as I waited on my starter, the cocktail was stunning but like I say the food was a let down plus I had to wait 30 mins! My main,sweet and starter all just "ok" I've eating in a lot of Italian restaurants and did find the food here a let down! I'd go back if the food becomes much better! Not a good show Jamie!

  • 2.0 star rating

    A one-word summary? Pedestrian.

    The food is OK but better on presentation than flavour. Dishes were under-seasoned; the sauces had the slight caramel flavours one finds in bottled pasta sauces; the desserts were not the freshest.  

    Service is systematic rather than than charming. The space is is big and well laid out but the decor is a bit airport-restaurant, though with better lighting.

    I don't think we'd go again. There are several independent Italian restaurants (and chains) with better food, service and prices in the city centre.  Try the Italian kitchen which is only a couple of blocks away.

  • 1.0 star rating
    23/9/2011 Updated review
    2 check-ins

    Maybe it is our fault; neither the Administrator nor I are any longer young. We do not fit the target demographic.
    Still, in the age of the grey pound I'd not expect to meet such blatant discrimination against the venerable. We think we shall not subject ourselves again to this disdainful abuse.

    3.0 star rating
    9/7/2010 Previous review
    Firstly let me say that we shall be going back to Jamie's Italian, in spite of some disappointments… Read more
  • 4.0 star rating

    Very tasty indeed.

    Having previously been to the St Martin's Lane venue, I was excited to see Jamie's had finally came to Glasgow.

    It certainly isn't the best food you will ever have, but its not half bad. If you get there at the right time, you can easily have a quick lunch and get back to work or shopping within the hour, or half hour in our case!

    I always find the smaller plate is enough for me with a side order, and on this occasion I had the spaghetti bolognese with a side of house breads. The bolognese was lovely and not too much, was just right for a light lunch. The sauce wasn't too overpowering. My hubby had the small truffle tagliatelle which he practically inhaled, with a side of funky chips (which I probably ate more of) they were awesome and flavoursome as always.The food is fresh and very very tasty. I think it would maybe be nicer if you had bread for the table anyway, and it wasn't charged for. Most restaurants give some kind of breadstick or so to have a wee munch on.

    The staff are of very good quality, attentive at the right time, friendly and chatty, but not overly in your face too much, which makes for a relaxing dining experience.  

    As it is technically a chain restaurant, there aren't many differences between London and Glasgow venues, but don't get me wrong, this isn't a bad thing. As long as the food and staff service continues, we will be returning.

  • 2.0 star rating

    I've got to admit, I love Jamie Oliver's cookbooks, dishes tend to be pretty flavoursome and tasty. I dig the whole familial 'you're part of the gang' feel that his brand imparts, and when looking for somewhere to eat in Glasgow, a town I rarely visit, it was suggested that I check out Jamie's Italian, and it felt like a great choice. And so I took myself, my sister and my mum for a ladies what lunch do, but indoign so, found the place lacking.

    It tries hard - it's a modern space, but the sheer size and noise levels on a busy Saturday afternoon made it feel more canteen than anything. The menu plays on the Jamie Oliver Enthusiasm factor - everything is 'lip smacking', 'awesome', 'punchy' and so on... We picked out some vegetable antipasti, the sweet pepper flatbread, buttered brussel sprouts, polenta chips and the tagliatelle bolognaise. It all looked great, but very lacking in flavour and under-seasoned. The sweet pepper flat-bread was grilled to the point of over-charring, and a paltry helping of peppers on top. I contributed some of my antipasti to my sad-faced sister to try to pad it out a little. The crunchy salad was all watery winter carrot and beetroot, and the lashings of mint amounted to a lonely little flake - it was one of those dishes where water was the overwhelming flavour.

    Polenta chips could have taken out someone, they were rock hard and again, bland. Brussel sprouts *almost* hit the mark, but it was a dish where I was pretty confident I could follow the instructions and make something better out of it. Pecorino and chilli jam was all cheese and a tiny dollop of jam... the flavours were not well balanced at all, although the 'amazing' jam I could definitely feel had a kick.

    For all of the enthusiasm, I just wasn't impressed with Jamie's Italian. All style, no substance in this case and will be consigned as such.

  • 2.0 star rating

    Like a massive Nandos, only the food was a bit better.

    That's perhaps a little unfair, but it was my overriding impression. Decent food, good service and all that, but the whole rustic vibe with the planks of food and the tea towel napkins really jarred with the massive open space, plastic chairs and absolutely terrible music selection.

    I'm sure that the intention is to provide a quality food selection to as large an audience as possible, and Jamie being such a bankable name they know they can fill the place. but it wasn't for me.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Stuck in Glasgow for lunch, I did a little Yelp search and found that a friend of mine, having visited this restaurant, would have like to have Jamie's babies. While I can't claim the same desire, nor for that matter am I appropriately equipped, I almost understand the sentiment.

    It's a lovely place - and very picturesque too with hams and vegetables and yummy breads on display.

    I had the "olives on ice" as a starter - yummy olives, a nice tapenade and a few slices of crispy bread stuff.  Tasty. A house special pasta followed that - well presented with some nice herb flavours together with a great tomato base.  It didn't overwhelm me though. Desert was a Amalfi lemon curd and biscuit construction - and if anything's worth mating over, it's this. Awesome.

    All in all it was a nice dining experience.  I can't say it knocked my socks off - maybe I expected a little more, a little something more Italian even -  but it was pleasant and I'd dine here again.  

    Oh - the restaurant packed out very soon after opening it's doors for lunch - you may want to book.

  • 1.0 star rating

    OMG!!! Horrible experience!!!
    There is not a lit to choose from on the menu.
    Bad value for money, we has the meat starter for £6.45 consisting in one slice of three different "Italian" cold meat, and two slices of cheese... Waist of money as it was the bread, don't bother asking for it.
    For mains we has the mussels with pasta(£12.50), not too bad and the worst carbonara that I've ever tried(£10.50), very small portions for the money that you r paying, also stay away from the tasteless rosemary chips!!!!
    Service was very poor, considering that there was only 3 more tables apart from ours, and 3 waiting staff no one came at any point to check if we needed anything or if our food was ok... And to get more drinks we had to ask twice!!!!  
    Glasgow is plenty of Italian restaurants much cheaper, were the food is much, much better and were the service is brilliant.... Won't be back!!!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Best food in Glasgow!  Given that scotland isn't the culinary capital, I'm not sure if that's saying much, but if they opened one of these in San francisco I definitely would be a fan.  This place was a little pricey for me due to the weak US$, but even with the awful exchange rate I felt satisfied.  

    I loved the mushroom fritti and wild truffle risotto.  I just wish I found this place earlier in my trip, so I could have tried more of the menu.

    Oh, and the 2 downfalls was charging me for the bread basket and not having a to go box to take home 1/2 of my yummy risotto.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Yum, yum, yum!

    My friend and I came here for girl's night and it was so freaking good.  We started with the bruschetta and it was full of sprouts and goat cheese spreads and what not.  So good!  Then I got the cannelloni three ways and I don't even know what was in each one of the delicious stuffed pastas but they were very very good.

    I would so go again, I wanted to try everything on the menu.  The service was good and the restaurant was nicely decorated not to much going on.  The kid's menu comes in the old 3d view finders.

  • 4.0 star rating
    Listed in Best of Glasgow

    The underlying ethos at this restaurant is "exceed expectations."  So when you're waiting outside and they tell you it's going to be 7 to 10 hours before you'll be seated, what they really mean is 45 to 90 minutes.  That way, you're pleasantly surprised when it takes less time than you had expected.  

    Although the process of getting in is a bit fussy, I do get it.  Once you're in, you are then sent down to the bar to wait a little bit longer for your table.  By carefully managing how many people are waiting inside versus waiting outside, a bustling and festive atmosphere is created, without ever spilling over into chaotic and uncomfortable.  

    And once inside, it's very charming.  I'd boil it down to "modern rustic."  The primary colors and metal appointments belie a comfortable, welcoming setting.  It's a nice balance.

    The food maintains the modern rustic theme.  The meals are simple and made with fresh ingredients.  Everything is very tasty and satisfying.  The smaller size of the pasta portions are plenty, particularly if you had an appetizer and/or plan to have dessert.  There are some modern, British twists but overall this is the kind of fare you fantasize would be served if you were in some remote, sprawling villa in Tuscany.  

    This is a great place to have a night out, because service paces the courses properly and you have time to enjoy and linger over your meal.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Every since I joined the "non single" lifestyle eating out is something I do often.
    The service at Jamie's is great and the smile/enthusiasm seemed genuine. The nachos were lovely and light which left enough space for the main meal. My boyfriend had pumkin pasta and after tasting a bite, I will certainly be choosing it next time. My main meal was the prawn linguini which was just as delicious. Jamie might not be Italian, but his food is certainly the standard you'd expect from a nice restaurant in Rome. Enjoy!

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    5.0 star rating

    We came here last night to celebrate my dad's 60th and even though they don't take bookings for parties of less than 8, when we explained it was a really special occasion and would mean a lot, they bent the rules so we didn't have to queue : )

    We stuffed ourselves sille on divine olives, crispy mushroom frittis, squid, polenta chips and meat and veg planks (rustically (?) propped up on tins of passata and tomatoes), and then tucked into rabbit something or other and various other pastas and steaks, all of which were gorgeous.

    Very 'Jamie' in style, with the 'pukka' specials boards and the copious amounts of merchandise, but worth the monies fo' sho'.

    • Qype User sas…
    • Edinburgh
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    • 43 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Was here yesterday with my folks, after a trip to the SECC. It was fairly busy when we went in, but luckily there was no wait for a table. It's a lovely, bright, open layout upstairs with the meat hanging from the ceiling and all of the bread and veg they use out on display. The area downstairs is also well laid out and in such a way that it gets a lot of natural light, which really helps. We had a great waitress, who was always on hand if needed, but never in the way.

    My folks both had the Burger Italiano and after seeing the height of it, took a good few minutes in deciding the best way to tackle it! Both said it was one of the best burgers they have ever had. I had the veggie antipasti plate and it was excellent. It came with seasonal veggies, two Italian cheeses, some pickles and some crunchy salad. It would have been nice to have some bread included, as there was no way to sook up all the lovely dressings and oils used. If you are a big eater, or are there at night, you may want to consider either having this as a shared starter or adding to it, but it's perfect on it's own at lunchtime.

    My mother was also very impressed with the house red (ORGANIC SANGIOVESE TERRE DI CHIETI ABRUZZO 2008 CIAO 12%, according to the website), as she has never before enjoyed a glass of Sangiovese!

    I'm already planning my return visit!

  • 4.0 star rating

    I really like this place! I feel the bad press is uncalled for- Jamie isn't a magician!
    I've been 3 times now and love the antipasti, pumpkin ravioli, fish (cooked perfectly) and the lemon curd dessert is amazing! I had a cocktail that was on special the first time I went then enquired about it last time and the bar nan made it for me even although it wasn't on the menu, that's what I call service.
    It is more expensive than your average Italian, but it's not your average Italian is it.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I was actually much more impressed with Jaime's Italian than I expected to be; the prices aren't that bad until you factor in that the portions are quite small. That being said the food is amazing and they are extremely child friendly--they have Stokke Tripp Trapps!

  • 5.0 star rating

    I gotta say I wasn't expecting this to be that amazing!!! I thought it may be filled with really annoying people and uppity service! but our waiter even shaked our hands at the end and said it had been a genuine pleasure to serve us!!!! and the foood...............I was boring and went for a burger!! it was AMAZING!!! yummmy...you can really taste all the fresh ingredients!!

  • 5.0 star rating

    As expected, excellent in all aspects !!! Staff are very efficient and the whole Ambience of the place is welcoming and comfortable The food is well presented and reasonably priced. We will certainly return in the near future to embark on the task of working our way through the Menu. Not, of course, all in the one visit !!!

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Pretty good food in huge space. Small portions.

  • 1.0 star rating

    went here for a meal earlier this year!

    i was honestly quite excited to go just because i like Jamie Oliver to say i expected the best is an understatment...

    we walked in and have made a reservation to avoid disappointment..
    we got sat in a wee table which was quite crowded with outher tables and couples it was like one long booth with tables and chairs at the othet side...
    ours was a wee table for 2 beside to 6 seater tables full of 2 families and kids...
    dont gwt me wrong i kow they have to eat and i dont dislike kids but when their jumping about shouting and screaming i felt like i was a park not out for dinner...clearly they should have a family area or something.
    this was an instant rage moment for myself.

    so we looked at the menu and i love italians so i was excited then i opened the book and my heart sank..... i ate nothing on this menu....where was the italian stuff? the pasta, lasagane, burgers etc?
    nothing was all meats and stuff rustic and i mean tiny village in the middle of nowehere rustic.....

    anyway plumted for the spaghetti and meatballs and its all  i would eat..
    and i was looking for garlic bread to which there was none.. another rage point so the girl came and took our order and i asked her if she had garlic bread she threw me a look that could have killed me in an instant and i was swiftly told "no its not italian"..
    eh whit?
    where doesnt serve garlic bread with pasta....

    she then took our drink order i asked for lemonade ...
    and again i got a funny look.
    does this waitress have a twitch or something or am i saying things in a foreign language..
    she replied " we don't have it.. we only sell italian lemonade"
    lemonade is lemonade jeezo.
    i said that was fine..
    5 minutes later my can of so called lemonade arrived.
    to be perfectly frank it tasted like barrs lemonade. no difference.
    so her italian lemons made no difference to me therefore for the whole extra pound it cost me.
    ill pass next time.

    my spaghetti arrived... not exactly a hug portion for the whole £11 it cost.
    it had hard bits of somethign all through it and it thouroughly put me off.
    and to be frank was no where near the best ive tasted, probably ore near the worst.
    didnt enjoy it at all.

    so all in all.
    too expensive
    and i didnt enjoy it at all.
    been and wont be back.

    • Qype User bookke…
    • Glasgow
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    • 17 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    I've never been one to believe in the hype of a new restaurant but Jamie's Italian is well deserved in it's propaganda. Staff are friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. The food is a bit pricey but well worth the pennies. Excellent quality, extremely tasty and (unusual for a Glasgow eatery) not swimming in cream or oil. 5 well deserved stars and worth the half hour wait for a table.

    • Qype User LyLoL…
    • Dundee
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    • 20 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Not as good as the London branch but brilliant all the same. And amazing that we have this now in Scotland!

    The prices are great, not too expensive and with the pasta you have the choice of 2 sizes. I can only manage the smaller usually!

    Tasty tasty food, and very polite chatty staff.

    A joy to dine with.

  • 2.0 star rating

    I have dined here on a few occasions now with family and friends, l don't know what all that hype was all about as its certainly not the best italian in glasgow. When l arrived one evening with an elderly aunt we had a pre meal drink and was asked if we would like a tab, i said sure and was then told that they would have to leave a bank card as a deposit in case l somehow forget to pay on my meal. I ordered a burger and my aunt had the squid ink pasta with scallops, l had a good laugh when the burger came out as it must have stood at least 9 inches high as the burger dad a tower of onion rings inside the bun. The burger and onion rings where cold but l was expecting that. My first impression of my aunts meal was that the scallops where sliced with a razorblade as they where that thin on tasting their dish all you could taste was the saltiness. Staff are great but you got the impression that the company wanted robots not staff For me l expected a better dining experience but all we got was less than JD Weatherspoon .

  • 4.0 star rating

    a GREAT atmosphere- not posh, very home-y, comfortable. delish bread basket, meat, fish and risotto. steak not so much- don't get it. yummy desserts. wish i could come back and try their pasta which is made in house!

  • 2.0 star rating

    Mmm, wanted to like the place but wasn't overly impressed with either the service or the food. It seems all a bit too commercial for me. I know that sounds strange but it all seems set up to sell his books etc rather than concentrate on the food.

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