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  • 4.0 star rating

    We are visiting London from Texas and were looking for a spot fun for kids. This place is great for that reason. It is totally interactive. You can order your food and drinks from the table. I have had better food, but the food was still good. The perk of this place is that the kids are totally entertained. There is a variety if games you can play right at your table. They boys enjoyed playing battleship while we ate and drank.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I am reminded of the Mars 2112 restaurant that was in Times Square. They would pretend to deliver you to Mars via a spaceship and then everyone working was in costume. The kid loved it!  But there were tourists there with no kids!  I could never figure that out.

    This is similar, only with sushi and higher end Asian fusion food. Here, the table is an interactive event where you can order from a  digital menu and the stuff is delivered. You can also play games and change the digital table cloth.

    First issue is that you can only play with the person in front of you. For all the tech that went into this place that would have been a problem to solve. Next, the digital menu is confusing. Too many sub menus. It needs to be more straight forward.

    It took a long time to pay and get out of there.

    It's an interesting experience but I only went because I thought my son would like it. Almost everyone else was sans-child so I guess I am an outlier when I say that the gimmick of ordering from the table computer and playing games is for children.

  • 2.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Lycée Martini
    Chicken Satay
    Soft Shell Crab Maki Rolls
    Tuna Maki
    Miso Soup


    This is a restaurant I've been looking forward to reviewing for a long time and it is after my second visit to Inamo St. James that I write about my visits.

    My first visit to Inamo was for my Father's Birthday and I was so shocked by the service that I tweeted them. With all due credit to them, they responded and offered me a chance to experience Inamo again with a £100 cover to sweeten the deal. I have to hand it to their managerial staff members here, they sure know how to resolve an issue and really listened to me and that is something I prize so highly.

    And so it was time for 'Take 2', we went back to Inamo for another try. I was first attracted to Inamo because of its modern and unique concept. For those of you that aren't familiar with how they work - at Inamo your menu is projected down onto the table and each user has a cursor that is operated by touching a little pad on the table and with this you can: browse through the menu and see the dish projected in front of you, change the colour of the table, order food, play games, spy on the kitchen and call the waiter. It is definitely a concept that works and I enjoy being able to order food and drink, as and when I please.

    So the food was good, it was tasty - but what about the service? After all, this is what really sets apart a good experience from a bad, a positive from a negative and ultimately the decider for me, as to whether to return and to recommend.

    I have to say that once again the service fell so flat for me and this was something I consulted my party of 5 people about and they all agreed. The serving staff just simply don't listen to you. I know that the unique concept cuts out half of their customer contact because they don't actually take the orders, but it feels to me like Inamo have skimped on their customer service training because of it.

    The staff are incredibly forgetful and do not follow through with requests, such as my sister requesting a glass of water and when the staff offered me soy sauce to go with my sushi, I very audibly said, 'yes please' and without a word this member of staff turned around and walked away. This confused my party immensely and made for a very frustrating experience once again. This is two of many, many plunders.

    The only request that the staff members have been quick to follow up with on both visits was bringing the bill over and I just feel like for a restaurant with everything else in place, why can't the staff make you feel comfortable, valued and frustration free? Especially at their price point. Their gracious offer of £100 covered half of the bill and I was glad of it because I would not have felt comfortable for paying the normal price for the experience.

    So thank you Inamo, for one more chance. The restaurant looks lovely, the food is yummy, but the service just hits way below the mark for me and has made for two visits I will remember for the wrong reasons.

    So it is with regret, I would recommend you give this restaurant, with so much potential A MISS

    Read the full review here: laurajreeves.com/2014/05…

  • 3.0 star rating

    Good for a laugh with the interactive ordering system and the screen being projected onto your table, you can play games etc. Service is as noted a bit weird, due to the fact anybody at the table can order anything at any time it must be a bit of a nightmare for the staff to manage. He food was tasty but pretty small portions and pretty expensive..

  • 3.0 star rating

    Food was OK, not great.  as other Yelpers have noted, the order-taking process & technology are quite interesting.  Oddly, they do not serve Japanese beer.

    it's fine for after-theater.  No need to go out of your way for it though.

  • 4.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    I made a reservation for 7pm, however we arrived around 6:30pm, as we were quite hungry, and was seated at the bar until our table would be free. There were quite a lot of free tables in the restaurant. At 7pm we went to ask where our table was, and it was like they had forgotten us.

    They took us to a table that had been free the entire time.

    The atmosphere in the restaurant is quite cool. And i loved the interactive tables, and the ability to order our own food.

    The food came out quite quickly and the staff were attentive on ensuring our wine glass was constantly topped up.

    The portions seem a little off. And the descriptions of the food on the menu are also off. I ordered what i thought was salad, however came served on rice, and for the price was incredibly small. My other guest ordered duck which was in fact cheaper than my dish and was huge.

    I do wonder how they can charge 12.5% for service charge when in fact the staff don't actually do a whole lot other than deliver your meal to your table.

    I'm a fan because of the atmosphere, and the idea behind the restaurant, but the staff and lack of attentiveness needs work.

  • 1.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Horrid - don't waste your money.  Arrived at 7pm for the £15 2 course meal.  My dining companion was late, so the hostess showed me how to order drinks.  My companion comes at 7:15pm, and I ask about the set menu - and she says it's going to be over - too bad.

    I had the window for the set menu open, and had placed my order.  Two seconds later, the set menu option disappears.  Ok - so we order 1 set menu.  

    Our first food item didn't arrive until 30 minutes after our first order.  

    Clearly something wrong with their ordering system or their kitchen - it shouldn't take 30 minutes to serve 1 of 6 items we ordered.

    Then came the bill - the hostess manually changed my order, so while my order went in when I placed it as a 2 course for £15 set menu, she manually changed it to full price.

    I called her over, and she explained that I didn't place my order in time, so therefore she changed it.

    Wow.  I was sitting at the restaurant for 15 minutes by myself and you didn't think to tell me that I should place the order before 7:15 if I wanted the set menu.  She had the gall to admonish me and say that I should have told her I wanted the set menu.  Isn't that her job?  I'm eating at your establishment, you should tell me the rules.

    And on top of that, fine - if I didn't place my order in time, it's okay - just come by and let me know the price is different and ask if I still want that.  It's not okay just to change the price of what I ordered.  I would have ordered something something else.  We only ordered the set menu cause of the deal - but we would have never the items on there if it hadn't been promotional.

    And to top it off - everything we ordered was beyond salty.

    I've been too busy to write reviews since we've been eating out every night, and it's gotten to be too much - but this one had me so upset I had to make it a point to tell other how bad this place is

  • 3.0 star rating
    22/2/2013 Updated review

    The food here is still good but despite there being plenty of available seating we were made to wait at the bar for half an hour for a table that had been free the whole time on the pretense of them being fully booked. When we sat down none of the tables around us were occupied during the time we ate and we left wondering why they would blatantly lie the way they did.

    The ordering system is novel but I wouldn't call it advanced. Advanced would mean an ipad in each table rather than this projector system they have, and although its kind of cool being able to change images and such, it seems like its actually quite outdated by today's standards. It also removed most elements of human interaction and I think it would work better in a fast food restaurant.

    Great food, horrendous service, knocking it from 5 to 3 stars.

    4.0 star rating
    1/10/2012 Previous review
    Inamo does fantastic sushi. I know because I was lucky enough to attend a sushi class there, and you… Read more
  • 1.0 star rating

    Unless you're a massive battleship fan or are easily impressed by touch sensitive tables -(effectively a projector hanging over your head with a mini mousepad glued to the table) Inamo is unlikely to make a very good impression as the sushi and service leave much to be desired.

    The whole 'table ordering system' concept is a nice idea, but on our visit dishes got mixed up and the call waiter function never worked (We tried it three times).

    We ended up waiting over half an hour at the end of our meal for a dessert which never showed up, finally one of us got up and found the manager to make a complaint.

    We actually watched her run into the kitchen (there's a live kitchen video feed on the table system) and saw her prepare the dessert herself (the kitchen had apparently closed).

    When it finally arrived; it was appalling. A dry Macaroon that had obviously been sitting in a cupboard for weeks. Awful considering there are some top class patisseries nearby making fresh Macaroons.

    It left a lasting impression, and not a good one. Served with what can only be described as a cold Thai green curry - a bad one at that - masquerading as lemongrass ice cream, it definitely made it onto the shortlist for worst dessert ever.

    To add insult to injury, dishes we didn't order were added to our bill (so make sure you check yours), and only after we complained again did the Manager offer to remove the cost of the dessert. Too little too late.

    For the same price you could have an excellent meal at Roka or Tsunami, both far superior in terms of food and service.

  • 4.0 star rating

    It's worth a visit once in a while to wow your friends who haven't been there. I mean - how often can you order food, change 'mood setting' of your individual table, call a waiter - just by a slide of your fingertips?

    Foodwise - it's good. I was contemplating a rating of 3 because of the price. For the amount I'm paying I'm expecting to have slightly larger portions that there are! At the same time - it's central London location, Japanese cuisine (which is unless it's a Wasabi noodle take out is quite expensive anyway) and trendy setting.

    A tip for those keen to attend - order a few small platters and you'll pretty much taste all the menu and will be able to fit a bottle of sake into £40 bill pp AND you won't be leaving hungry.

    I liked all the food I had there - mind I've been there twice for the past week (don't ask...) - and the ONLY food I didn't like - is the duck for the main course. It was dry and sauce was quite..well..disgusting as the only thing I could taste is fat.

    Other than that - interesting palettes, loved the seabass with truffles, desserts - sorbets & ice creams mainly (I would actually expect mochi from a Japanese place). So overall - go ahead and check it out. Strongly recommend the St James' branch, as opposed to Soho branch, for the same price you get fancier setting :)

  • 4.0 star rating
    4 check-ins

    Just made my 3rd trip to Inamo, and have to say that I've been pleasantly surprised each time.  I initially thought it would be a bit too gimmicky with the self service projected table menu, but actually it makes a nice talking point if you bring new people and you can play games with your siblings too.  

    The food is decent (nothing too amazing), bar one dish... the fish buri bop! When it comes out in it's little hot pot and they remove the lid, and you get these wafts of aromatic, frying fish... wow! And then when you taste it... the sauce is great, but the best bit is the crunchy rice! One tip... eat it as soon as it's ready, otherwise the fish gets a bit overcooked, and ask for a spoon/fork because it doesn't seem to come with the dish strangely.  Even for a Chinese girl, I found it hard to eat the entire dish with a pair of chopsticks! My group of 6 ordered 4 fish buri bops today... (and oddly, the beef buri bop just doesn't hit the same mark).  

    I only have two improvements for Inamo... one is the price! It really is a "treat" restaurant, because it is really quite expensive, but oddly the food doesn't quite hit the "treat" quality so you need to weigh that up.  The second is that they need to expand the dessert range - there only seem to be 5 desserts and none of them appealed to me (although I may have been full of buri bop...).  

    All in all, I like it (as a dinner place, it's a bit quiet for lunch) and I will be back (but not too often, and probably only after pay day...!)

  • 4.0 star rating

    I was really excited to visti this place with its table technology, cool projections and games but didn't expect the food to be good at all. I was really surprised they had great food, great cocktails and a nice atmosphere.

    The waiters easily bring you the food without asking who ordered what or misunderstanding your order as the ordering system tells them everything they need to know, you can even have a peek at the chef's camera to keep an eye on your order.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I live nearby and each time I've passed in front of this place I was always looking inside and wondering why people where taping on their tables.
    Curiosity is a bad I know, but sometimes can be great because had lead me to try this place out.
    Inamo St James is very well located, touristic place surely but easy to find. The restaurant is big, a lot of seatings and a full bar area.

    Inamo is an innovative oriental fusion restaurant, serving asian food mostly with a cutting edge technology. Everything in place here is made to make you go "ouahhhhhhh" or "ohhhhhh"
    The concept is that you order directly your food from your table in an instant click. Each personal seating is equiped with a computer so you can order your food directly to the kitchen. No time wasted. The menu is projected on your table with pictures for each dishes, that look very yummy!  

    What's not to be missed :
    Beef Buri Bop, beef served in a hot plate (Korean style) with garlic sauce. Delicious!
    For the small dishes, the Dragon Rolls are very good too, tiger prawn and crab salad in a maki with a little touch of mango.

    Money Money Money :
    Of course cutting edge technology rhymnes with pricy.
    Small dishes are from £4.5-£9
    Large dishes are from £9-£16
    Drinks, some wines, £4 an asahi beer and £8-£9 a cocktail

    That little thing :
    I think the concept of the restaurant is already a huge little thing that make Inamo so different. But there are also other stuff that you can do with your magic table. Play games while you wait for your dishes to come (no many choices of games but the dishes come out pretty quicky so not much time to play!), order a cab (very convenient!), watch the inside of the kitchen with the "Chef Cam", or change the background image of your table.
    It's fun, original and very efficient.

    What can be worked on :
    With that kind of concept you can enlarge the possibilities of the table. Add more games, put a camera in order to take pictures and send it to your phone. A lot of possibilites are opened here.

    Verdict :
    Not only the concept is really nice, but the food also is suprisingly good.
    It's a nice place if you want an original and fun night out with your friends or just maybe to impress your darling with the current trendiness.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Beautiful restaurant.

    I thought the computer table ordering thing was going to be gimmicky, and maybe it is, but I still enjoyed it! And I beat my friend at Battleship, so I can gloat about that.

    This would be a GREAT place to take a jaded, anti-social teenager (anti-social in that he/she does not want to socialize with his/her FAMILY). Not that this will make them socialize, but it will at least hopefully help them have a good time with said family.

    It ain't cheap, but perhaps a great place to try out when in the mood for something different!

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I heard about Inamo from some friends of mine while visiting in the UK recently, and it seemed like a place I had to try, being a fan of Japanese cuisine. We were recommended visiting the St. James Park location due to it being a little less hectic than the other establishment, but I have to say, that this didn't seem to make a difference.

    The reason I have rated this four stars is because it took almost 20 minutes to be seated after we arrived for our reservation at 8:30pm. Now, once we seated, the place did not disappoint. Using the interactive table ordering service was a novelty at first, and the controls are a little unwieldy. I originally thought that we could touch anywhere on the table like a tablet, but this was not the case. Essentially, each person seated has a touchpad to navigate a mouse pointer. The downside to this is that the reaction time is slow, and you can only see a few menu items at a time. And with only pictures to guide you, you have to select each individual item to know what they entail. Now with that out of the way, let's get to the food.

    We ordered the edamame, which was immense in portion size. Seriously. We also ate some succulent nigiri and spicy as all get out dumplings. We also tried out some cocktails. I recommend the Inamo cocktail for its thirst quenching quality. Finally, we finished up with some vegetable tempura cooked to perfection, beef bop and a beef salad. All the food was well done, and the service was prompt; well, after we were seated. Also, check out the restrooms - a private cubicle and urinal in each one. More restaurants should do this.

  • 4.0 star rating

    A lovely restaurant with great decor and interactive tables.
    I went for a sushi and saki masterclass which was very informative, the chef even took extra time to help me make maki rolls as i am not too keen on too much fish in my sushi.

    The interactive tables let you order your food direct to the kitchen and even appears on a picture in front of you. You can even look at the chefs preparing the food in the kitchen. You can also change your virtual table cover

    I really dont like veg very much but their advocado and tomato was so tasty i became a convert, also the aubergine cooked in a honey chilli seasoning was nice.
    We then had a veg red thai curry with a cinnamon chicken strips and a pork black bean dish. The portions are large.
    I would recommend this place for a group as i were there for quite a while but didnt even notice the time.

    The have a large list of cocktails and they arent your usual mundane varieties i saw a wasabi one listed. I had the thai sapphire which was rather nice.

  • 4.0 star rating

    We went to Inamo with a group of colleagues, and the geek factor impressed us obviously.
    We thought the menu interface was well managed, eventhough we missed the kind of interaction we usually get when ordering together, from a "traditional" paper menu...
    Also, the fact that people can order different items at different times makes the service a bit chaotic, with dishes arriving at random times (albeit always very quickly !!!).

    Aside from that, we had very lovely food in there. The tuna and salmon sashimi, eel maki, tempura and pork belly were great as shared starters.

    For mains, both veggie and non-veggie dishes were a delight. For instance, the rib-eye steak was cooked to perfection, as was the tamarind duck, whereas the aubergine bowl was succulent and not gooey at all.

    Food was so good in itself that we barely touched the rice... :)

    Our drinks were also spot-on, all of them being neither too strong or too sweet. The whole list is full of extravaganza, as it does not contain any "traditional" cocktail (no regular cosmo, margarita, or mojito here...), bu rather exhibiting fancy "fusion" mixes like Sake mojito, appleberry margarita, etc.

    Also, in my usual "ladies & gents" section of the review, I have to admit this is probably one the best experiences in a long time. Half a dozen individual rooms provide a safe haven for resting and thinking of your next move :)

    The only slight let down would be the desserts, with a rather "limited" list of options, which do not really fit the venue...
    The Macaron is not fluffy and airy enough to be called a macaron at all (though the white chocolate cream and the sorbet are good...).
    My Thai basil panna cotta almost never came. I had to ask for it several times. And when it did, I was not very impressed with the result...

    Overall a great night though !!!!

  • 3.0 star rating

    Sampled the sushi making course, where we got to make some Nigri followed by Saki tasting. I preferred the warm Saki to the cold; strange how the temperature can affect the taste.
    We then sat at the interactive tables, where you can watch the chef in the kitchen, change your table cover, play games, order food and call the waiter. We started we some sashimi, followed by miso soup, chicken satay, vegetable thai curry, battered prawns with some spicy sauce, fried aubergine, beef with a chilli type spice and lime.
    I would say that the food was reasonably tasty, however the portions weren't particularly big and mostly it didn't seem typically Japanese and from the prices on the menu it is quite pricey. I would recommend it as a novelty experience especially with the interactive tables, but not somewhere I'd go back on a regular basis.

  • 5.0 star rating
    First to Review

    With its living wall, water feature and Japanese garden feel, this new interactive restaurant is an attractive setting. The food's good too. I particularly like the truffle marbled beef and the very yummy Berkshire pork neck. I discovered here that I'm a fan of sweet potato shochu too. The interactive bit is Inamo's signature ordering system that uses overhead projection technology to give the customer complete control over their dining experience. I thought it was a fun and novel way to dine. Not sure I'd be up to it all that often though.

    Inamo St James is a cool place for a date or dinner with friends (as is the original location in Soho). The techie aspect gives you something to chat about (you can even play Battleship). It's a bit gimmicky but the food is really tasty  I will return for that Bershire pork.

    • Qype User ljric…
    • London
    • 129 friends
    • 60 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    If you're the sort of person that gets annoyed with others using their mobile at the table, then brace yourself, as the tables at Inamo are fully interactive, and give ample opportunities for distraction during dinner.

    Order your food from the projector/touchpad combo at your table - when you select a menu item, its picture is projected onto your empty plate.

    Dinner for 4 hungry people and a few drinks was at the higher end of my tolerance for a casual night out. Some of the food was a little too salty for me, but I would forgive that as the overall experience was fun, and the surroundings and staff are lovely. The salmon in particular was delicious.

    Dinner and drinks: around £35 per person (as at Dec 2010)
    Tip: search for the "chef cam" feature!

  • 4.0 star rating

    super hip (for an old married couple), forward thinking with the self-ordering plus ui, and overall, good food.  love the bop - so easy to make and likely, very unhealthy but i'm a sucker for it.  

    and if you don't care to socialize with your date or party, you can play games.  fortunately, i liked my date.

    we'll definitely go back.

  • 2.0 star rating

    I came here with a voucher, and didn't have very high expectations. The interactive tables are straight forward to use, but they quickly lose their wow factor after a few minutes. The portions here really are very, very small and even with a voucher the dinner didn't seem worth it. We ordered:
    1.  the soft-shell crab maki (which lacked any flavor, there was no crispiness or crunch to the crab- as if it had been fried ages ago for convenience)
    2. the marbled beef with truffles (very tasty)
    3. the spicy miso black cod (the best dish that we ordered but still not as good as other restaurants' renditions of the same dish)
    4. the scallop with yuzu (this is absolutely tiny, and for 7 pounds this scallop should be cooked perfectly, but instead it came overcooked)
    5. The fried shrimp (which came in a tiny paper wrapping, popcorn style, the batter was rather bland)

    The waiter was nice, and the general atmosphere is fine but nothing special. They were out of the nigiri and sashimi plates, but maybe this was for the better since after eating here we immediately had a proper dinner at another restaurant.

    Some of the dishes are fairly decent, but still don't justify the price. The interactive tables are gimmicky, and I was not impressed at all. I definitely won't be hurrying back

  • 3.0 star rating

    I agree with reviewer Mital P - we had our reservation for 9pm, we arrived there at 9:05pm and was told that our table was not yet ready so please wait at the bar. We waited and waited, for about 20 minutes, all the while seeing empty tables upon empty tables but still we had to wait.....
    My husband went to ask once and he thought he saw their system was based on fixing specific tables to specific people, therefore, it didn't matter other tables were free, if the table fixed for you is still occupied, then you had to wait. In other words, it sounds very inflexible and stupid to us!

    The system of ordering, on their interactive tables, were still very fun and the food was quite nice. We love the way you can play games against each other, pictures of food & drinks would be shown on the table, the order would be sent directly to the kitchens and you can even change your virtual table pictures to different colours and scenary!
    I took my husband to their Soho branch when we first met and he was so delighted with this find of mine that I think as a result, he was very impressed with me haha, therefore Inamo always held a special memory for us.
    Unfortunately, their St James branch, whilst the interior was nicely decorated, it seemed a little bit cheap and dirty. The projectors were a huge lump on the ceiling, considering the fact that it's a newly opened establishment, you'd have thought they found some way of hiding the bulk of the projectors into the ceiling. The noise levels were horrendous and the loud thumping music did not do anything to help.

    The service was still very nice though.

    Verdict: Good for a casual dinner and for first timers, but they really need to do something about system of reservations because it's simply not ok for customers to sit there and see all these empty tables but still are told that their table is not ready....

  • 4.0 star rating

    Initially I had low expectations given the location but was pleasantly surprised by the funky bamboo decor.  The set up reminded me of the high tech restaurants in Japan and Korea where a computer like screen is projected onto your table and you order your food and drink from there.  You can even change the wallpaper on your table!  I had the Thai Beef Salad which was perfectly spiced and came out rather quickly.  Our waitress lost the plot a bit when it came to settling our bill but definitely a good place for a relatively large group.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Quite possibly the coolest restaurant in London at the moment. Great fun if you're looking for somewhere quirky to eat, ideal location for taking a date on, in the heart of London, great food and the cocktails are really nice and taste like cocktails and not like some of the watered down ones that you so often get in London.
    The food as promised arrived in less than 15 minutes, we had the gyoza's (all varities) for starters which were delicious though I was surprised that the sauce had a small kick to it, not had that before.
    For the main I had the Peking duck which was nice, not as good I'll admit as when I was in Peking/Beijing but still it was nice. Could have done with more sauce, instead of having to ask for more.
    During the wait you can play around with which image to have on your table. I put it on shuffle so you'll go through pretty much all of them in the course of a meal (the image changes every 2 minutes).
    There are three games to play but only one is multiplayer (they really should all be and hows about more games, three isn't enough.) Still though it's been years since I've play battleships. It's amazing how intense a game can be.
    It's great for tourist's if you're looking for places to go afterwards as one of the options is a map of nearby places to go to. You can also order a taxi, not that I ever have but I find it always provides one with a light hearted moment to tell your companion that you are sending them home because they are drunk.
    It was odd to be charge the usual 10% service charge, I mean what exactly did the waiter do, I'm not exaggerating when I say we were less than 5 feet from the kitchen. I'm not quite sure he earned £10 for walking 5 feet twice :/
    If you want to sample some of the food for free, if you check in with 'four square' app they let you give you some fish samples at the bar. I didn't try any as I was there for a meal but it came up on my phone so I'm just letting you guys know.

    • Qype User hugose…
    • London
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    3.0 star rating

    I've been here on a lot of occasions very good food, and excellent dining experience with the interactive tables! You can even see the chef preparing your food via a webcam (build into the table!) Good cocktails as-well!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Im Rahmen des Qype Events von letzter Woche Dienstag durfte ich das Inamo kennen lernen und war absolut begeistert.
    Fangen wir mal mit dem Innendesign an: Überall Bambusstäbe, gedämmtes Licht, stylische Möbel und jetzt kommt der berühmte USP: Beamer über jedem Tisch. Beamer über jedem Tisch?!? fragt Ihr Euch jetzt  ja, über jedem Tisch und mit dem Strahler nach unten  direkt auf die Tischplatte. Der Beamer projeziert die Tischdecke, die Speisekarte, die Küchen-Live-Cam und viele lustige Spielchen.
    Aber nun mal zum Event: Wir wurden mit Cocktails begrüßt  ich hatte eine ganz ausgefallene Margarita, nämlich mit Passion Fruit und scharfen Gewürzen. War mir etwas zu scharf und würzig aber es gab auch Leute, denen dieser Cocktail schmeckte. Ich habe mich einfach falsch entschieden, es gab auch Cocktails, die meinem Geschmack mehr entsprachen.
    Weiter ging es in die Küche: Der Sushi Kurs begann. Wir lernten, wie man dieses Suschi macht, das eigentlich nur aus Reis und Fisch besteht: Erst den Reis formen, dann den Fisch draufdrücken, an der Seite drücken, oben drücken, an den Enden drücken, fertig. Nun noch etwas garnieren und das Sushi kann gegessen werden. Also sehr einfach. Danach ging's wieder in den Gästebereich, wo wir einen kleinen Sake-Kurs bekamen. Wusstet Ihr, dass man Sake (ein alkoholisches Getränk aus Reis  nicht ganz so stark wie Vodka, etwas feiner als Bier  obwohl es so gemacht wird  und nicht ganz so edel wie Wein) auch warm trinkt? Zum Sake den wir probieren durften, wurden uns unsere selbst kreirten Sushi-Teller gereicht. Yamm yamm!! :)
    Nach dem Sakekurs wurden wir mit weiterer Gastfreundlichkeit überrascht: Eine große Tafel wurde für uns gedeckt und dann ging es erst richtig los mit dem Essen! Was gereicht wurde weiß ich gar nicht mehr, aber es hörte gar nicht mehr auf! Verschiedene Fleischsorten mit würzigen Saucen, Salate mit Avocado, Fisch, Reis und noch vieles mehr. Dazu gab es Weiß- oder Rotwein, soviel man wollte.
    Der Abend war super, wir haben uns wunderbar unterhalten, tolle neue Sachen kennen gelernt und viel Spaß gehabt. Vielen Dank liebes Inamo-Team und vielen Dank Qype UK!!
    And because most of you don't understand anything what I have written, I'm happy to translate. But not everything ;) All I can say for now is that I really, really appreciated the hospitality of Inamo. The sushi course was fun, the sake-workshop was interesting and the food was delicious. I thought the restaurant's design was amazing and the cocktails were  well  different ;) but good! (I probably won't drink the Tokyo Margarita again..).
    I enjoyed this evening  it was so much fun making this sushi and talking to your guys! Thank you Inamo and thank you Qype UK!!!
    I'll definitely come back soon since this is one of the most amazing restaurants in London I have ever seen!

  • 4.0 star rating

    I'd heard about inamo's innovative tables before, so I was pleased to be invited on a Qype event to try them out.
    After our coats were kindly checked in to the cloakroom (how nice not to have my unnecessary raincoat getting in my way all night), we were greeted with a cocktail. I tried the Thai Sapphire, which suited my taste for sweet cocktails quite well. I noticed some other (brave?) souls were trying cocktails with chilli or even wasabi in them!
    We then got a taster of the sushi making masterclass and got to make our very own nigiri with some lovely fresh fish  I only wish I could also learn how to make the perfectly sticky rice! We got to sample the sushi we'd made, so I know mine turned out alright. We then moved out of the kitchens to be given a very informative run down about the history of sake, and even got to sample a saki, both cold and warmed. The flavour warmed was definitely better, but there's something a little sensorially unnerving about drinking a warm alcohol (I've never been a mulled wine/hot toddies either).
    After this, we were seated in the main restaurant and given the opportunity to play with the tables. Basically, the tables at inamo are interactive, giving you access to things like: at table ordering; changing the virtual tablecloth, playing games, and even looking up your onward travel options. We also got to sample a nice range of the food from the menu, including the cinnamon chicken, satay skewers, vegetable Thai curry and (a highlight for me) an avocado and tomato salad.
    As an overall summary  attentive and friendly staff, food of a good range and reasonable quality, and the novelty of the tables hasn't worn off yet!

    • Qype User axisof…
    • London
    • 14 friends
    • 53 reviews
    1.0 star rating

    Very poor today. Group of 16, food was either cold, served at totally random times or didn't come at all. The mains were either way too salted (an sent back) or dry (and sent back). So poor. I've been here before on a normal day and is fine if overpriced. However this time one of the worst meals ever. Our group will not pay service charge and refused to pay for certain meals.

    • Qype User anteen…
    • London
    • 52 friends
    • 134 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    A lovely restaurant with great decor and interactive tables.
    I went for a sushi and saki masterclass which was very informative, the chef even took extra time to help me make maki rolls as i am not too keen on too much fish in my sushi.
    The interactive tables let you order your food direct to the kitchen and even appears on a picture in front of you. You can even look at the chefs preparing the food in the kitchen. You can also change your virtual table cover
    I really dont like veg very much but their advocado and tomato was so tasty i became a convert, also the aubergine cooked in a honey chilli seasoning was nice.
    We then had a veg red thai curry with a cinnamon chicken strips and a pork black bean dish. The portions are large.
    I would recommend this place for a group as i were there for quite a while but didnt even notice the time.
    The have a large list of cocktails and they arent your usual mundane varieties i saw a wasabi one listed. I had the thai sapphire which was rather nice.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Awash with colour, projected down as electronic pictures selected by each table for two, this smart cool young up-market-ish Japanese restaurant looks just amazing  with its bamboo poles from floor to ceiling giving it a cultural feel, which works surprisingly well with the clean modern lines of the furnishings and the high tech tables with their little round track pads and virtual icons. This won Time Out's London restaurant of the year in 2010 and you can see the innovation. We were fortunate in being shown around the sparklingly clean well-equipped kitchen by the genial head chef to see how particular they are with their sushi making  with the freshest ingredients and fussy hygiene, including the use of sticky rice that is no more than one hour old! They serve well-spiced meat and vegetarian main dishes too, and a range of saki and saki-based cocktails  the warm saki has more kick and flavour I'd say, but if you just want good red wine with your tuna they will oblige. The service is with a big smile, the virtual ordering seeming to free up staff to give actual best customer care.
    I'd say either go there in a group, book an area and choose a common tone and style to make a statement; or, go as a couple who want to get to know each other better, and (hopefully) have fun agreeing and disagreeing with your choices of 'table cover', menu selection and even your bus routes home  or maybe route ;-) .

    • Qype User monkey…
    • London
    • 3 friends
    • 15 reviews
    2.0 star rating

    My expectations of Inamo St James were reasonably high. Walking past the Soho branch it looked pretty swanky and it's been on my list of places to go for a long time; I was really looking forward to trying it out! I'll start with the good stuff:
    The ordering system is fun and pretty intuitive, although the trackpad gets a little tiresome after a while.
    The decor and bathrooms are nice and well looked after.
    On the whole the food was very good! The lemongrass and coconut ice cream that comes with the amazing pandan macaroon is a bit weird though.
    The chap hosting check-in as we came in was awesome. The not so good stuff:
    The table waiting staff were well, unfriendly, cold, inefficient and would only occasionally grunt something.
    The stated 15 minutes for dishes to arrive was a little optimistic and sets the completely wrong expectation. My girlfriend's starter arrived after around 15 minutes, but mine not for another ten. The big complaint however was the main courses  they took 45 minutes to arrive! We were starting to get bored of playing Battleships and our tummies were rumbling. I can understand that perhaps there were some people off sick (everyone in London seems ill at the moment), there didn't seem to many people working and Chef Cam showed 2-3 people working franticly in the kitchen. However the complete lack of communication is what will really make for an unhappy customer. The Call for a Waiter button is a little pointless if end up just grabbing someone instead. When we did get someone he disappeared and the food arrive a few minutes later, but again with zero communication from the guy that brought the food out, and the original guy never came back. When we were finished we requested the bill through the table and no one came. The nice guy from check-in noticed that our table was shutting down and came to ask us if anyone had got us the bill. He apologised and quickly sorted us out. He really seemed to be the only person who gave a damn. The bill came to £95 for two people with three courses. I don't mind spending that kind of money, but I do expect a smile in return! So after this experience I have a look on their website, and there is no email address for customer feedback, which is a little odd. I'd rather speak to the restaurant directly about an issue before writing a review. Oh well.

    • Qype User stephh…
    • London
    • 6 friends
    • 1 review
    4.0 star rating

    Inamo- a lovely get away close to Piccadilly Circus.
    Once your insight you can find yourself in a cosy Japanese garden atmosphere.
    To start smoothly into your evening you should try one of the various exotic
    cocktails at the bar. You will find yourself sitting at white tables, where
    it is up to you to pick the surface of it. With an interactive mouse pad
    integrated in the table you can order your food. The only thing you have to do
    is scroll to food and choose what you want to eat and drink. While your waiting
    for your food to come, you can change the surface of your table into a lavender
    garden or various other amazing images. To get a clue about what's going on
    behind the scenes you can have a look into the kitchen. And if you're out of
    topic of conversations you several games are waiting for you to be played. Inamo is a great place for sushi fans as well as for Japanese
    food lovers. Everything is delicious and lovely presented.Its one of a kind dining and links delious food with an unique atmosphere.

    • Qype User 1amy…
    • Worthing, West Sussex
    • 0 friends
    • 3 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    (Regent Street)

    I found this restaurant with my boyfriend as we walked by we saw the tables were all lit up, so we decided to go in and had no idea it was such a cool restaurant.

    We were amazed by the hi-tech system for ordering food, please see the photos I uploaded, which also gave you the options to look at maps, whats on at the theatres and a look into the kitchen via video, also lets you preview your bill.

    The food was delicious and very well presented. I had duck and pancakes which came with beanspouts and herbs which tasted suprising good with the duck and hoisin. My boyfriend had some sliced steak on hot rock which was really tasty!!

    The restaurant is designed very tastefully and the toilets are nice too!

  • 4.0 star rating

    An enchanting place, served with a side of interactive technology. Once visited you will know why this place has won awards! Expect a truely unique experience! I have always loved the self service conveyer belts you find in some sushi restaurants, but this goes one step further, providing a truely interactive experience. Choose the mood of your meal by selecting your tables ambient theme, check the kitchen with chef cam, play games and browse for places to go after you meal, or call a taxi. It's all at your fingertips! Each table has an overhead projector which through the use of a touchpad, you can pull up, a picture is shown on your plate and you can order. But the table isn't the only attraction, the surroundings are also fantastic! Movable screens and bamboo posts create a intimate atmosphere, with a Zen / Asian, feel. The food isn't half bad either. I tried a selection of dishes, all of which were superb, very well presented, delicious and balanced. Try washing it down with some Saki (served warm you'll find this less harsh on the palate), or some wine for an excellent meal. The cocktails are also worth a try, I tried the wasabi cooler and my friend and geisha. Whilst she loved the lychee sweetness of her drink, I loved the savory nature of mine. Surprisingly it wasn't hot or spicy, having a slight flavouring of wasabi, without the harsh kick. The only downside to this place I can see is the cost. However, although on the pricier side, if you desire a pleasurable and unique experience, this is worth every penny.

  • 2.0 star rating

    FOOD ALLERGIES BEWARE! In theory this restaurant would be five stars and great for parties but unfortunately it just came up short. I was part of a party of 18 which only 16 of fit in the room designated for us. We were then explained the concept of the restaurant how to order by the manager himself and proceeded to ask if anyone had foot allergies to accomodate for. I am gluten intolerant and asked what sauces I couldn't eat and I. Response he said order and he will watch what is coming to me. Of course everything is sharing and among ordering food I couldn't eat I also couldn't eat others foods that had not been ordered under my number. Furthermore none of the waiters took it upon themselves to assist, we never got water and food came out to the wrong people sometimes not at all. Disaster. And at the end? This manager clearly bit off more than he could chew because he mistakened my father in law for his therapist explaining he's only worked there two weeks. In instances like these, don't make excuses, offer something to make the customer feel taken care of! This place can be great, but it needs to teach it's robots to pace, add specific comments, recommend and educate. Then it needs to teach it's staff how a waiter does their job. Kudos to the chefs, you seem to be the most competent and accredited redreeeming part of this restaurant. And of course, I ended up consuming gluten . Fail.

    • Qype User kristu…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 5 reviews
    2.0 star rating

    This place gets 2 stars for the lovely service and the great sake and sushi masterclass.
    But if I hadn't of been there for the masterclass, and if I had only come for dinner I would be even more disappointed than I am now.
    I felt the food was way overpriced for what it was. Most of it was served at a warmish temperature instead of hot. The ribs were tepid, the duck was chewy and rubber like, the soft shell crab in the soft shell crab maki was freezing cold (fridge temperature) and instead of being crispy it was soft and stale (the worst soft shell crab in London I've ever had). One of our dishes never arrived and we had to cancel it. The one good dish was the scallops! Hot and tasty! But they're 1/4 of the size in the real dish than they are in the picture. In the picture it look like 5 chunky scallops, on the dish it was 4 slices of scallop approx. 0.5cm thick each.
    I think the service and atmosphere here is really nice, but the food really lets the place down. I wouldn't mind paying those prices if the food was decent, but I could have taken half the money I spent in here and eaten a much better japanese dinner elsewhere.
    Not sure I'll be returning anytime soon.

  • 1.0 star rating

    interesting concept. not so interesting food.

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