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  • 4.0 star rating
    Listed in Challenge 2013

    yesterday I discovered the Restaurant Gastwirtschaft Huth. We had a traditional "Ganslessen" there and i must say it was deliciouse. The service was excellente and very considerate. The waiter was not at all pushy but straight there when you needed something, like a very caring shadow who only gets into the light when you need something. :)

    The Gastwirtschaft is compared to other Huth restaurants down to earth and somehow a mixture between a traditional local food place and upper class restaurant. Its interesting to go there and actually feel like in a middle world of comfort, relaxing stylish and traditional good Austrian food.
    Wines come only from Austria - a little minus for me, because i have a very high regard to spanish and new world wines.

  • 5.0 star rating

    One of the best Austrian food restaurants in Vienna:

    - Wiener Schnitzel (veal) - fantastic. Fork tender. Cant't get enough!

    - Cordon Bleu - see above - only stuffed with cheese! Awesome.

    - Kalbsbutterschnitzel - WOW! Spectacular! Ground veal patties in veal reduction sauce with mashed potatoes.  I don't know what's better - the meat or the potatoes!

    - Kaerntner Kaasnudeln - Great! Freshly homemade pasta - cheese and potato dumplings in a slightly burnt butter glaze.

    - Beef tartare - also very good!

    - Soups - It's like what grandma used to make only better. Deep beefy flavor.

    - Deserts - all of it! Take a desert sampler, you won't be sorry.

    - Spirits - get any fruit brandy (sourced from local farmers)! I love the pear brandy! Smooth, great to get you started.

    Service is a great too.  Make sure you get a reservation before going.

  • 5.0 star rating

    My family and I recently spent a week in Vienna, on a mixture of business and vacation. We spent all week eating at the trendy places, the ones that say they make the best Wiener schnitzel in town, or the best Taflespitz, whatever, and while the food at those places is always good, it just never seemed "amazing". Our last night there, based on the Yelp reviews, we tried Huth Gastwirtschaft.


    Huth was amazing. We started out with the dumplings and a bowl of the beef soup with sliced pancakes. We all shared these - they were so good that we were almost fighting over them. By the way, Huth brought out some wonderful bread and a jar of spread that looks something like mushed Spam. Americans, please don't ignore this . It is pork belly, and it is amazing. Lather it on the brown bread and enjoy.

    We ordered the meatballs and mashed potatoes - my goodness, too much food, we could not finish it all! My daughter got the beef with onions. All yummy, all good.

    Make reservations if you can for the best seating.

  • 1.0 star rating

    I went to the Huth in the musichaus and that's not on yelp, so I'll pick a random one and write a review.

    that's the first thing that pissed me off, there are 3-4 Huth restaurants that are simply called Huth, and you have to play a guessing game to realise which is which.

    I went here for a company dinner and went to 2 huths before i found the right one, when i finally arrived in the haus der music i got lost again, first i entered what looked like an entrance with and arrow pointing up but ended up in their appointments office, i went back down, went around the corner and found a piece of paper on the wall saying i had to go around the whole building to the entrance.

    This whole thing above took me 20 minutes, in the minus weather of Vienna was not nice at all, put a sign up at the corner that says Huth with an arrow or something, will cost not much.

    Finally when I found it i was seated, I will know break down the food/service.

    They brought us a mountain of bread with a type of butter which was good, the bread was also good.

    one thing i didn't appreciate was the waiters walking way to fast up the stairs to the floor above and vice versa that they kept dropping knifes and forks making a loud noise, bringing the calm talking atmosphere to a screeching halt and everyone was looking at them multiple times, till they dropped a plate on the little platform between stairs, other than that noise, it was quiet.

    next they brought out a beef carpaccio with rucola and balsamic syrup on it and Parmesan flakes.

    the carpaccio tasted like nothing, no salt what so ever and was bland tasting, not what i expected honestly.

    seeing as they had to prepare 19 steaks for us (as mentioned before it was a company dinner) I asked the Chef (who was constantly walking around the room in his work clothes and was a sore eye compared to everyone who was well dressed) if I could have my steak medium rare as I hate an overcooked steak, his only answer was "I can't take requests because there are 19 steaks I have to prepare and all of them will be cooked medium so I can have them brought out faster"  that made me boil with anger because medium rare means the steak cooks less time so in theory it would be faster and secondly, I thought this was a 5 star high class restaurant, the year before at Livingstone the restaurant was packed full and they took individual steak orders of my company dinner.

    So finally the steak arrives and it's medium - DONE and barely pink in the middle, so here i was with a 500 gram steak that was as hard as rubber, had no taste to it as the seasoning was close to none and it was almost well done, any chef in his right mind knows a good proper steak it eaten medium - rare so that you can actually taste the meat and it's not DRY.

    Also it came with grilled vegetables on the side which were clearly fried and not grilled.

    so after this adventure the desert came out and it was chocolate molten cake, which was good but it tastes the same as the one i get in the store and did not taste fresh at all.

    All in all it was a horrible experience, don't get me wrong, I've had plenty of horrible experiences in restaurants, but never in a high class 5 star restaurant as this, my dinner must have costed my company roughly around 100 euros (the steak alone was 60 euros) this is money I would never spend myself to eat here, nothing was typically Austrian and for me personally it was a horrible experience, starting from the clumsy waiters and the sweaty chef walking around looking at you as you ate as if he was waiting for something from you while eating, to the horrible food.

    I will be 100% honest, I would not even send my worst enemy here.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I'm still not sure how we were lucky enough to end up dining at Huth Gastwirtschaft, which was recommended to us as one of the best places in Vienna for traditional Austrian food. And the fact that I don't speak German means it will forever be a mystery.

    The first issue we had to overcome last Friday night was to figure out which Huth was the Huth we wanted. When we got to Schellinggasse, we found two Huths on opposite sides of the street, and we weren't sure which of the two was the one that had been so highly recommended. So we studied both the menus hanging outside and what we could make out of the diners through the windows, and were able to determine that the Huth on the north side of the street had no tablecloths and served more casual food such as burgers, while the Huth on the south side of the street--the one with Gastwirtschaft in its name--appeared more upscale both in the table settings and what was being served on them.

    So we went in and asked whether we could have dinner. Unfortunately, we were told ... no. Which is understandable--it was a Friday night between Christmas and New Year's, so it made sense restaurants would be busy. But it was our first night in Vienna, and we were hungry, so we thought we'd give it a shot.

    I then asked whether there were any openings for two later in the evening, because we had no problem coming back. Again, we were told ... no.

    As we buttoned up our coats and started heading back out to the street, a grey-haired woman seated at the bar said a few sentences--in German--to the server who'd turned us away. Irene and I then stood in front of the restaurant wondering where we should try next, when the server rushed outside and waved us in. "Come, come!"

    Puzzled, we went back inside and were given a table. I have no idea what the woman said to get us seated--was she the owner, taking pity on two bedraggled tourists?--and due to the language barrier, we'll never know. I'm just extremely grateful, and happy that we got a chance to order from this menu, which proved to be second in quality only to Steirereck of the meals we had in Vienna.

    While we waited for our appetizers, a server brought over bread and a complimentary container of potted foie gras--very delicious, very creamy, but far more volume than Irene and I could do justice to with what we knew was to come.

    Then our appetizers arrived. I ordered the greave dumplings on white cabbage with bacon, while Irene chose the Carinthian cheese ravioli with brown butter.

    We shared the appetizers, as we shared all the courses here, and while I liked them both, I preferred the greave dumplings to the cheese ravioli, though I suspect that's more on me than the chef, because I'm more a meat guy than a cheese guy. Plus, I was intrigued by the greave, which I've never had before. (I ashamed to say I had to Google later to learn about the tasty filling I'd just eaten.)

    For our main courses, I ordered Original Wiener Schnitzel of veal, while Irene went with the Cordon Bleu, stuffed with Alpine cheese and Tyrolian bacon.

    The schnitzel, crisp, thin, and flavorful, was the best I had while in Vienna, and while Irene's Cordon Bleu was also delicious, it was perhaps too similar to the schnitzel in style for us to get a full sense of the range of the menu. Perhaps we shouldn't have ordered two fried dishes. Ah, well ... next time.

    Our entrees were served with warm potato salad, which up until we tasted it, we'd thought, based on the coloring, was baked apples. Light, and a good contrast to all that fried food.

    For dessert, I ordered Tartlets with Powidl in buttered breadcrumbs with stewed plums, a dish I'd never seen before. I didn't even know what Powidl was! Turns out it's a filling of plum stew. Irene, of course, ordered the homemade apple strudel with vanilla ice.

    The tartlets turned out to be my favorite dish of the evening, and one of my favorite dishes of the entire Vienna trip. The dough was soft but chewy, the breadcrumbs that covered them making for a nice contrast. And the Powidl had a tartness to it that added a minor bite to the dish. Not that the strudel should be slighted--its pastry was among the best we had in Vienna.

    Huth Gastwirtschaft is definitely worth a visit--though don't make our mistake. Get a reservation in advance! After all, there might not be a mysterious grey-haired Austrian lady to utter some magical words in German that will open a table for you, and you wouldn't want to miss out.

  • 4.0 star rating
    Listed in The Vienna List

    We were very confused when we got here, since there were 3 different Huths, all on the same street across from each other.  After going back and forth like idiots looking at the menus (all part of the tourist experience :-) we went to the one subtitled "Gastwirtschaft", which seemed to have the most "traditional" menu.  I agree with another reviewer, it would have been easier to have the German names to identify what the dishes were, we were guessing away, but that's the whole fun of it.

    We had a most pleasant meal, ended up sitting next to two other Americans, comparing all our dishes, chatting the night away about Napa/Sonoma and getting excited about their stories of heading to Turkey and Hungary next.

    I started with the yummiest soup, then had the Wiener Schnitzel, which was excellent.  Hubby had the ravioli, which were textured more like dumplings, but still pretty good.  I had the apple strudel, which was really soggy and not tasty, so I ordered another dessert, an ice cream ball with caramel in the center, which was better.  The people at the next table really liked their dishes.

    Definitely worth a visit.

  • 4.0 star rating

    The Gastwirtschaft is one of the best Austrian cuisine restaurants in Vienna.  The menu changes regularly, and its always good.  Appetizers are delicious, main courses are excellent.  My favorite side dish is the polenta.  A good Austrian wine selection.  Service is friendly and the owner is usually there in the evenings.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Outstanding in every way: gracious, attentive service, but not overbearing, good menu suggestions for authentic Austrian experience, all Austrian wine by the glass selection, light airy modern space and fairly priced...wish Huth was in my neighborhood.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Huth has now taken the top spot in the various restaurants we've been to on Vienna trips. They have two menus, one traditional and one "modern reinterpretation". My wife ordered traditional fare, I went for modern. Everything we had was wonderful.  Service was friendly and efficient.  We had one tiny complaint: our English menus had no German on them and sometimes we had to assume we knew what something was whereas if we'd had the German name of the dish we would have known.   No, that doesn't warrant knocking them down a star :-)

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