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Hoxton Salon, London
Hoxton Salon
Hoxton Salon - award winning hair and…

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  • 5.0 star rating

    Vicky and Hayley are amazing. Vicky for hair and Hayley for waxing!

    Loved my cut. Vicky did exactly as I asked and I've gone back for a free bang trim which btw here they don't call them bangs. They are fringe, ok! I always tip though. Do Brits tip?! Not really!!!

    Hayley was super fast and friendly. Quality affordable wax. Brazilian. She's very thorough.

  • 5.0 star rating
    4/7/2014 Updated review
    1 check-in

    Waxing expert at Hoxton Salon! Just went for my "summer" full leg & Hollywood wax and cannot believe how meticulous and fast it was. Haley is the Queen of quick and painless. I got home to pack for my holiday and went into the sunny garden with my trusty tweezers to get any strays that may have been missed. The true test?! There were NONE. not one single hair. I'm beyond grateful for her "obsession" with being super thorough. And the best part is she doesn't keep you sitting there for hours. Thorough does not have to be time consuming! Really reasonable too (£70 waist down!). Thanks to Haley my skin is ready for summer :)

    5.0 star rating
    10/5/2014 Previous review
    Loving my new hair! Even after a few washes (with the products recommended by Paula) it hasn't lost… Read more
    5.0 star rating
    1/5/2014 Previous review
    This is long overdue... But here are the facts: this place is AMAZING. I am American so when it… Read more
  • 5.0 star rating
    2/11/2013 Updated review
    7 check-ins
    Listed in Hoxton, London Beauty

    Back this morning -- and another 5-star waxing experience with Hayley. I felt an update was in order!

    Hoxton Salon was it's usual charming self. Quite comfortable, welcoming and running efficiently. Bustling on a Saturday morning, many clients situated with coffee (even individual french press -- well done!), the vibe is relaxed and stylish.

    Without going into too much detail, Hayley got me whipped back into top waxing shape. She's super mellow, and I enjoy chatting to her so much that I nearly forget I am having hot wax poured upon sensitive parts of my body and ripped off. She's a total pro. And quite sweet!

    I've already made my follow-up appointment pre-holidays -- think I can safely say Hayley is my waxing gal forevermore.

    *cards accepted.
    *appointments recommended (esp weekends).
    *closed Sunday/Mondays.

    5.0 star rating
    22/2/2013 Previous review
    I'll admit it...

    I'd let my eyebrows go. Now, this isn't the most dire of situations for me...they…
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  • 5.0 star rating
    3 check-ins

    There's an extensive list of complementary drinks at Hoxton Salon, from a host of carefully-curated fruit teas to wines and even Kir Royal.  Order a coffee and it'll arrive, steaming and delicious, in a cafetiere with a biscuit alongside.  I'm not talking about a chocolate digestive or one of those individually-wrapped caramelised ones you get in posh, faceless hotels, but a proper chunky M&S cookie, packed with chocolate chips and enough to make you forget you haven't eaten breakfast.

    One could be forgiven for wondering why, considering this is a review for a hair salon, I am fixated on the drinks list and, more to the point, a biscuit.  But this little touch is indicative of Hoxton Salon's entire ethos: attention to detail, insistence on going the extra mile, dedication to the customer's happiness and refusal to cut corners.  Everything is designed to make you leave their premises not only better groomed but a satisfied, more relaxed, generally happier person.

    I was won over by the team back in February when the venue played host to a fabulous Yelp event and I realised what I'd been missing all my life.  Fast forward seven (yikes) months and my dry, destroyed, ratty hair, deprived of care and with three-inch roots was crying tears of devastation and begging to be given the attention it deserved.  Despite the hiatus, Paula not only remembered me but went out of her way to shuffle things around so as to make sure she personally tackled my colour, a gesture which touched me hugely and was extremely reassuring.  It's a big deal putting your hair into new hands but Paula is a star and took my requests into consideration whilst offering her own (highly appreciated) professional opinion.

    I departed Hoxton Salon with perhaps the best highlights I've ever had in my life.  The sort that make me think "ah, so this is my natural look.  Before was a mistake.  This is genuinely me".  The subsequent trim was exactly what I wanted (no subliminal encouragement towards a drastic new style) and they even curled it for me at the end.  I arrived in a total state, and left feeling like a million dollars.  Despite being in such an uber-trendy part of town, they welcome all styles and personalities.  The venue is small but has edge and charm, everybody who works there is delightful, and unlike certain upmarket chains, you don't feel that you're expected to fit in with their approach regardless of your wishes; they will customise the experience to suit you, and all for an unexpectedly fair, affordable price.

    Let's face it: there aren't too many things in life which will get me out of bed on a Saturday morning and send me to the other side of town via tube, Boris bike and a frenzied jog thanks to signal failures on the central line.  But to that limited list, Hoxton Salon is a welcome addition.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I have actually come out of my review-writing hibernation to write this because that's how much they (Paula and her team) deserve it.

    It's always hard to find someone to trust with the waxing side of things but I landed on a gem here.

    Paula is friendly, kind and a real professional at what she does. I am now a 'regular' I'd say and it's the most painless bikini wax I've ever had. You're always welcomed warmly and offered a drink (mine's usually a glass of bubbly). I always come away feeling pampered.

    Paula is such a lovely woman and Hoxton Salon is a real testament to her hard work.

    If you're new to London like I was and you're dubious about which place to try - I would say, go to Hoxton Salon and save yourself the stress of routing through other places.

    Looking to try a hair cut soon too!

  • 5.0 star rating

    These ladies are great!  I haven't had any hair service here yet, but I did recently go in for a brazilian wax.  

    The receptionist on the phone was pleasant when I called to make my appointment.  She went over the entire list of options and didn't rush me to make a decision or an appointment.  When I arrived, I was greeted by a very cheerful woman who took my coat and brought me a glass of champagne.  

    The waxing service was 5 starts.  I felt totally comfortable, had a great conversation, and was in and out in about 20 minutes.  There's no magical secret to keep a brazilian wax from being slightly painful, but having a compassionate and professional esthetician is certainly helpful.

    Additionally, I should also say that I arrived about 20 minutes early.  While sitting in the main room, I overheard lots of different conversations between stylists and their clients.  Not once did I hear anyone complaining or saying things that were negative or unprofessional, which is so refreshing in a salon environment.  The owner of this place should be really proud of everyone working here.

    Overall - A+ for Hoxton Salon.  I'll be back!

  • 5.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    I've been coming here to get my hair cut for years.  Vicki always cuts it really well, and everyone in there is very friendly. They always offer you a drink with your haircut, so I usually enjoy a bottle of beer.  Highly recommended.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I always have a great experience here either getting a wax or having a fringe trim. The girls are all very friendly and welcoming and I have recommended Hayley to a few work friends - she is very fast, efficient and absolutely lovely. The salon is about a 5 minute walk from Old Street station, and they always seem to have lunch time availability which is what I need. I love that all their products are organic as well!

  • 3.0 star rating

    I was looking for a cheaper alternative to my normal place for my haircut and color and this place has a ridiculously high rating on another review site not worth mentioning.  Unfortunately I didn't dig into those reviews--they all rave about the waxing service this place does.
    My hairdresser (can't remember the woman's name) was so incredibly chatty.  But nice and friendly.  They use all organic products, although I thought the tint was really monotone.  The cut was fine but I noticed she blew my hair out exactly as she did the woman's hair before me.  
    It is a nice space, but lacking any edge or glamor that makes it a special treat to get your hair done.  

    So now I am back to expensive hair services, but at least the come with good martinis!

  • 5.0 star rating
    20/5/2011 Updated review
    4 check-ins
    Listed in Hoxton Love

    Mkay, finally got an actual hair cut here.

    Vicki is nice, it cost me around £40 (possibly less, I can't remember), and I got a great cut! What more could I ask for??

    5.0 star rating
    5/3/2011 Previous review
    Had a wax and fringe (bangs, for ya'll state side) trim. Best ones I've had so far in London on both… Read more
  • 4.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    One would never believe that I would be raving about the pains (suffered) of having warm wax smeared on my skin, for the purposes of yanking hair from the very roots of their follicles. Every woman (and indeed some (brave) men) will understand the agony of being torn (forgive the pun), between wanting to be freshly waxed, and the process of getting there. However if you're going to go anywhere for some "pleasure pain" therapy I'd suggest heading down to see the ladies at the Hoxton Salon. Not only do they use organic wax, but Paula's waxing technique not only made sure every last hair breathed it's last (well at at least for 3-5 weeks), but also minimised pain - bonus! However the wonders do not end there, there was no bruising! Woo hoo. Loving your work Mrs! And in the words of Arnie, I'll be back! Yes, I am really that sad.

  • 5.0 star rating
    First to Review

    How many ways can you cut a man's hair? Well in Shoreditch it seems quite a few, and i don't just mean because of the whack job hairstyles you see when walking amongst our beloved hipsters on a Friday night on the Shoreditch strip!

    The Shoreditch triangle must boast the highest density of hairdressers anywhere in London and my god we have a few, from Murdoch's, Tommy Guns, Kaizo and so on.

    Anyhow, a new kid on the block is the Hoxton Salon, which, although the process of still being spritzed up is pretty cool, and with exceedingly competitive prices, not just for hair-dressing but also waxing and other beauty service, is a great place to go.

    The owner is super-friendly and remembers the frequent faces. I have been a few times now and my hair is looking much better for it, as well as my pocket. A trip to Taylor Taylor would set you back nearly twice as much and you would be lucky if you get the same stylist twice, let alone haircut :)

    So there you have it, for a cheap an cheerful, well executed cut, head on over to the Hoxton Salon.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    What a bunch of sweeties...I can see why this place did so well on Qype.

    I remember Katie B recommending this place on the yelp talk threads aaages ago, and then Alex organised a fantastic event here (including plenty of bubbles, delicious home-made food from the owner, Paula, as well as free beauty treatments for us all.) I have been meaning to come back and have a proper haircut here ever since...but I only found time to book an appointment last week. Ah well...better late than never.

    Why I love it:
    *   The staff here are so sweet! Chatty, friendly...and somehow Paula (the owner) remembered me, even though I have only been here once. She must have a really impressive memory!
    *   They gave me a glass of bubbles and kept it topped up. If I came in the morning, I'd also like to try Paula's selection of gorgeous teas!!
    *   My stylist, Natasha, made good suggestions (but not in a pushy way.) I changed my hairstyle for the first time in about 10 years (eep!)
    *   The price. It isn't the cheapest place to have your hair chopped off, but it is pretty good value for London. My cut should have been £46 (although they only charged £36 this time- merci!)
    *   I have had a manic few months...and so didn't have my hair cut for aaaaages. Whenever I have left it this long before, hairdressers have told me off and made me feel bad about my lax-hair-dressing priorities. However the folks at the Hoxton salon just made me pretty again, without making me feel guilty for leaving it so long. Phew.

    All in all it was a pleasant experience. This place is nowhere near home or work but I still think it was worth the trek across London, and I'm sure I'll come back.

    • Qype User stelli…
    • London
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    • 8 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Tucked only few seconds away from the lights and the buzz of Old St is the Hoxton Salon, the lovely boutique managed by Paula Bedwell. Much more than a beauty and hair parlour this is 'THE' place to go if you want to feel fabulous!

    The professional staff will advise you as well as listening to your requests, the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, the products are great and more importantly organic (hair dye can even be used in pregnancy and during breastfeeding!!)... To put it simply the service you'll get in the Hoxton Salon is outstanding and you'll be feeling pampered and beautiful just like I did!

    • Qype User richar…
    • Berlin, Germany
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    5.0 star rating

    I used to live round the corner from Hoxton Square many years ago, more or less before it was the trendy enclave it is now. Returning a couple of weeks ago, I was amazed how little had changed on the western side of Old Street tube station however the east side is more or less unrecognisable.
    It is slightly disingenuous to make comments about life imitating art in Hoxton however Charley Brooker and Chris Morris clearly had access to a time machine when they got together to write the ever brilliant Nathan Barley back in 2005.
    So on my trip down (or is that up?) memory lane, it was completely refreshing to drop in to see the Hoxton Salon family who lie just a road away (but the right side of reality) from Hoxton Sq and it's sideways haircut and onesie clad überkids.
    I am not saying that Hoxton Salon is stuck in the past, far from it; it's just that they clearly focus on three main things:
    1. A friendly 'East end' welcome
    2. A great service  the reviews on this page alone attest to that
    3. Keeping in touch with their customers AND REMEMBERING THEM!
    This might sound obvs but in my experience it's rare to find this these days particularly in the high fashion / high customer churn rate of local residents and yuppie blow-ins, never mind the health and beauty sector.
    So in summary Hoxton Salon isn't your high temple of hair fashion & wellness treatments who care more about celebrity customer than people like you or me (although they do have their fair share) nor is it a 'cut and shut' merchant piling them high and selling cheap: It is more a small but perfectly formed example of how a great Salon could and should be run; i.e. for the benefit and enjoyment of it's customers, staff and owners.

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