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    • Qype User moota2…
    • Wemyss Bay, Inverclyde
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    5.0 star rating

    I have visited there a numerous of times and I do still love going there every time, and it is designed and done by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. I do enjoy looking at every detail of his work, which he have created, such as the lovely lighting on the walls or ceilings. and the detail work on the walls, even windows and everything else. Even the exterior of the house as well.

    This house have gave me an impression that he have created and made the house with lots of LOVE and care. Which it have fascinated me a lots of times. Even I do enjoy taking bits and pieces of ideas, and try to re-create them into my own design for my parent's house.

    It is well worth a visit as it is very special place to be inside. Mind you no muddy boots, as the floors are all in cream carpets!!! Argh!

    Even they do occasionally host a special wedding events and dinner events, but I am sure the reservations are probably overpriced, as I have never made any enquires as I am sure that I will never be able to afford it haha!

    The gardens around the building is very nice, and it is well worth it to have a stroll around the gardens and looks at the building, and to admire it.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I've been keen to visit HFAAL for a while now, but for some reason always assumed it was hard to access. A bit of research suggested it was only a short walk from Dumbreck train, so we decided to visit on a lovely sunny day with cameras at the ready.

    The house is situated in Bellahouston Park and is accessed through an archway which leads to the house, cafe, walled garden and ArtPark. There's also art studios and frequent events programmes for adults and children alike.

    Based on designs by Charles Rennie Mackintosh the house is a venue for art exhibitions, but is also popular for weddings and you can take a tour of the beautifully decorated rooms at a small cost.

    On this occasion, we didn't venture to the cafe but the terrace was very busy and certainly looked like a nice spot for a glass of wine and a light meal.
    The garden is beautifully maintained and we enjoyed taking some pictures and people watching from a bench.

    The Art Park was what we were most interested in, and is a really unusual park which incorporates art installations into the landscape alongside a play area.
    Sadly we had no children in tow but it looked like a great spot for kids to play and  was really interesting to look at/ photograph.

    For an expensive day out I'd defintely recommend paying a visit and I'll be back to sample the cafe and hopefully take a class at somepoint in the future.

  • 4.0 star rating

    We were hooked on Mackintosh's work after visiting the Mackintosh House near Glasgow University. Finding out that there is a huge mansion in his style got our attention and so we decided to check it out.
    I will not go into detail about the design or architecture - if you know Mackintosh you'll love it, if you've never heard of him you will, and even if you don't like his work this place is well worth a visit. Why? The Cafè in the subterrain storey of the building is a real gem. We didn't expect much other than to grab a quick coffee on the way out but ended up ordering a two-course lunch each, mainly because of the atmosphere and the moderate prices. I had the soup of the day with a freshly baked roll and a mains with a salmon-filet. As a drink I had iced tea and was pleasantly surprised that I wasn't served the standard Lipton version but actual iced tea with fruits in it. Very cool!
    The food was good but both the soup and the fish needed a hint of salt and pepper, which I added with the shaker provided, so not a deal-breaker at all. Judging from the temperature, the roll that came with the soup didn't make the impression to be freshly baked but had (a bit too) much flour on it so somebody definitely put at least some effort into it. In general, the presentation of the food was really appealing and was prepared with much skill.
    The staff was very friendly, professional and swift and our waiter had also a humorous edge to him which made everything even more pleasant. The tab was more than moderate for what we got and we left satisfied and definitely surprised.

    Even if you don't want to see the house itself, the Cafe is worth a visit. Surprisingly upper-class food and atmosphere (maybe it's not a good idea to show up in your biking shorts and a tanktop - just saying - it's up to you) - everything for very, very moderate prices which make a student's purse happy (or at least not more desparate for that matter).

    Verdict: Recommended!

  • 4.0 star rating

    I've been promising myself a visit to House for an Art Lover for far too long, so when the opportunity presented itself recently I grabbed it with both hands. Some 2-4-1 vouchers from the Glasgows Leading Attractions website were duly printed off, and we headed for the Charles Rennie Mackintosh's iconic house in Bellahouston Park.

    The House overlooks some lovely parkland and a children's playground. Lucky for us the flowers were putting on a cracking display in the garden.

    Once inside the house we handed over our discount tickets and paid the entrance fee in exchange for audio handsets for the self-guided tour. The reception staff pointed us in the right direction and supplied a handy map. Off we set on a wonderful journey of discovery. It took my breath away.

    The craftsmanship throughout the building is mighty impressive and the audio narrative is engrossing.

    Downstairs is a lovely wee restaurant which is hugely popular, and a giftshop which sells, as you might expect, desireable items where quality and design is the focus.

    While I'm a fan of Charles Rennie Mackintosh this is not a pre-requisite to the enjoyment of House for an Art Lover, which also features works by his wife and fellow artisans.

    What can I say. I loved House for an Art Lover.  I'm definitely not one of yer highbrow arty-farty types, and yet I was unexpectedly in my element here. Pay the place a visit!

  • 4.0 star rating
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    When my then partner and I decided that it was time for our parents to meet, we decided on the restaurant at The House for an Art Lover was the venue. It has a beautiful ambiance, situated at the edge of a public park, far away from the bustle of the city centre, offering classy surroundings and food that is safe enough for fathers who moan about garlic but interesting enough for the rest of us who have taste buds.

    The meal was delicious, if a little expensive: traditional Scottish ingredients with a twist, served on immaculate dishes and shown respect and care. It was the attention to detail that paid off: everything is tailored to an exquisite level, even if the influence of Macintosh is a bit obvious in Glasgow. We all left, happy to have bonded and full up with gorgeous courses, from soup to coffee. Everything was perfect.

    For me, it is a little over the top: too much art on the walls, and most of it pretty tame. It goes for that Victorian style and hits it perfectly, but I don't really care for it, myself. That doesn't mean it isn't good, it just caters to a specific, formal and tasteful clientele.

    Maybe that's why we split up about six months later.

    • Qype User krs…
    • Glasgow
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    4.0 star rating

    The House For an Art Lover was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh for a German design magazine competition (which it didnt win due to late submission).
    The house was built almost 100 years after his death in the 1980's by Graham Roxburgh, the project was abandoned in the mid eighties but in 1994 was restarted with the interiors finished. The bottom floors of the house hold a cafe / restaurant an visitors centre while the upper floors hold examples of Mackintosh interiors at the top floor is used by the art school for the digital design masters course

    My sister had her wedding reception here and it was an amazing day, even through it was late september the weather was great and we danced and drank on the terrace outside until the early hours, the staff were great and the mater of ceremonies was a character and a half.
    I've been again since and the cafe / restaurant is always top notch, best for a sunny Sunday afternoon of lunch followed by a walk in the park although you will be waiting for a table for a while if you havent booked.

    There's plenty of parking right next to the house and there is also a guided tour of the

  • 5.0 star rating

    This ia a great place in Glasgow and worth going there more than once. Designed by Charles Mackintosh in the beginning of the last century and erected in Bellahouston Park only in the end of that century, House for an Art Lover allows the visitor an insight into Mackintosh's renowned talent not just as an architect, but as a an artist, designer and pioneer of the Modern Movement. The venue runs regular arts themed events and is home to the popular Art Lover's Cafe.

  • 5.0 star rating
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    G/f and I came here during our summer '08 Scotland/UK trek, and fell in love with it. The grounds are gorgeous and overflowing with gardens and other features, the house an amazing example of Edwardian - or, should that be "Mackintoshian" - architecture? We enjoyed walking the grounds maybe more than we did ambling through Mackintosh's unique and inviting construction. One of the best things we did when in Glasgow - -highly recommended.

  • 4.0 star rating

    The scene of my wedding almost eighteen months ago, I suppose that House for an Art Lover will always occupy a special place in my memories. I really enjoyed my wedding there, and every subsequent trip for lunch, brunch or dinner has been similarly impressive. Here's why...

    The house itself is part of the attraction, needless to say, a construction based on Rennie Mackintosh's design, and full of recognisable styles in the furniture, decor and trim. But the tone of Mackintosh is also very much evident in what goes on inside too. For a start, the meals are exquisite, often tremendously creative ensembles, but most memorable for their wonderful, substantial flavours. I'm not sure if it's because the top table gets served first while the food is hot and fresh, but I can't recall a wedding other than my own where the food was as tasty as one would expect in a fancy restaurant. The other 60 or so guests not at our table seemed to agree.

    The arrangements for the wedding were by and large very satisfactory too. The room we ate in (the piano room) is a beautiful, quite compact space (limited to around 80 at a bit of a squeeze), with loads of natural light and a kind of landscape layout so none of the guests feel they are too far away from the action. Pre-dinner our guests convened in an adjacent room which was spacious and well equipped with a bottle bar offering a range of drinks to complement the copious champagne. A further room offered opportunities for inside photographs alongside some beautiful Mackintosh furnishings. Despite the showery weather on our big day we also made it outside to the walled garden area, a real floral delight in spring.

    Evening reception was down in what is typically the cafe/restaurant area, with chairs and table tactically repositioned to create a dancefloor and band area. Once more (and memories are a little hazier here) this was great for our numbers (which swelled to over a hundred in the evening) and the bar, while without draft ales or lagers, was well stocked with various bottles and a full range of spirits.

    The only criticisms I have of House for an Art Lover were with certain specific aspects of organisation which threatened to cast a bit of a cloud over an otherwise excellent wedding day. One was that despite our instructions to the contrary, staff cut up all of our wedding cake (we'd known in advance there'd be far too much there). The result was that due to some kind of health and safety regulations all the uneaten portions were thrown away. This meant that many cake loving friends and family members who had not had any cake on the day itself never did get a chance to try it. To be fair, the guest liaison did make good on this situation, buying a new tier of cake from our original suppliers. Another slight criticism was the slight over-management of the event's conclusion, with the band desperate to play another couple of songs, but forbidden from doing so by the slightly pedantic staff. But I suppose there are local residents... blah... blah.... blah.

    Overall, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this as a wedding venue, or just a place to have a reasonably pricey, but extremely tasty lunch.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Favorite place in Glasgow hands down. Yes it is out of the way [bus ride from city centre - 20 minutes + a walk ] however it's well worth the trip. You walk through the park and the sculpture garden to get to the house - the interior of the house has a very calming 'escape' type feeling to it - there's a garden in the far back as well. You can eat in the cafe too, although I can't comment on the foods, since I did not eat there.

    • Qype User Lynnie…
    • Paisley, Renfrewshire
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    5.0 star rating

    I've been in for lunch and it was amazing. The house itself is beautiful and well worth a visit. My friend is getting married there soon and I am sure that it will be the ideal venue.

    • Qype User BillyB…
    • Glasgow
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    5.0 star rating

    Haven't actually been in the house but visited the restaurant on a lovely (untypical for Glasgow :)) sunny day. Had gaspacho as a starter and a lovely crab salad served with a crisp sauvignon. Absolutely delicious and perfect in the heat!

    • Qype User catkin…
    • Chelmsford, Essex
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    5.0 star rating

    I stayed in Glasgow last year for 4 days and it never once stopped raining. I mainly went because I love the work of Charles Rennie MacKintosh and art deco in general and wanted to visit the city where he lived and worked.

    The House for an Art Lover is a must for any MacKintosh fan. It is a beautiful building set in parkland but the inside is breathtaking.

    In 1901 Charles Rennie MacKintosh entered a competition to design a house for an art lover. MacKintosh and his wife worked on their design which was in fact disqualified as apparently it was submitted too late!

    This house was built after his death and the inside decorated to his design. You can compare the rooms with his original design.

    The Dining Room and the Margaret MacDonald Room were my favourites.

    There is also a well stocked shop selling good quality items and a smallish cafe.

    It is also possible to hold private functions here such as wedding, christenings.

    • Qype User skat89…
    • Portree, Highland
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    5.0 star rating

    This is truly worth a visit. I have been lucky enough to have attended 2 wedding at this venue and it is truly special. The gardens are beautiful and the house itself is stunning. There is a small shop to choose from chocolate to jewellery and fridge magnets. There are some nice walks around the surrounding park too that are worth doing.

    • Qype User Johnny…
    • Glasgow
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    5.0 star rating

    Highly recommended as a wedding/function venue. We planned our wedding from overseas, and they were professional, communicative, and made us comfortable throughout the process. The venue is stunning and was well suited for our group of 67 (though the dance floor was too small to accommodate some ceilidh dances for the whole group). The food was exceptional and well-presented; plenty of staff was on hand, and James did a great job of keeping the day on track. The nearby walled garden is great for photos (though it's worth determining whether the flowers will be between seasons during your event, as there's a small fee that must be paid for professional photography). We did both ceremony and reception here and couldn't have imagined a better day!

    • Qype User LauraH…
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    5.0 star rating

    Well this place is very special to me, as I got married here in 2005. I chose this place as my dream venue because it is just so beautiful inside, and the staff are all very helpful and friendly as well. The gardens are also gorgeous and this place would make a wonderful wedding venue for anyone, no matter whether you want a small gathering or a large celebration. My wedding was a bit of both, and I can only rave about how good a day everyone had. The meal was delicious and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. This place is very highly recommended.

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