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  • 4.0 star rating

    I should start by admitting that my wife and father-in-law are Pin heads and we frequent Hard Rock cafes whenever we travel.  

    As far as by Hard Rock standards go, this one does pretty well.  The fare is the standard menu offered at most locations (Burgers, Chops, Sandwiches, etc.)  Not the cheapest burger in town, but mine was good, properly cooked (hard to find sometimes) and filling.   My wife's chicken tenders and pasta were pretty good too.  Exactly what we expected from the usual choices.

    What set this visit apart was the service.  A major shout out to our server Richie.  Far and away the best service we have had at any Hard Rock, and probably one of the best servers we've had ever.  Well done.

    If you're feeling peckish for American fare, it's hard to do more American than this (ironic for a chain started in London).

  • 2.0 star rating

    So today I went for a quick pre dinner drink with my in laws. As soon as we entered we got a really friendly welcome from the host.
    We each got a drink at the bar, this was where are first star was lost. The price and value of beverage. I have been here before and I know the deal with the cocktails, there cheap for a reason! €5 for a cocktail is great value but the quality of the beverage is lacking. I chose the Alabama slammer which was really nice, and in my opinion the best of the menu, don't go for the iced teas or mojito, they are a massive let down, nothing at all like the real thing. Alabama slammer is made with orange juice so that gives you more substance and won't leave a sticky taste in your mouth like the rest.
    My father in law got a beer and he was terribly annoyed because a pint is priced at €4 and a bottle is €5.25. He ended up having to get the bottle as they didn't have what he wanted on tap but he was really put off by the price difference.

    The worse part of this experience was the flies at the bar.I noticed when I first sat down ,that there were flies swarming around my head. I took no heed at first but after a few mins of this I noticed the entire roof of the bar was covered in what appeared to be fruit flies. They looked as though they were coming from a air vent an when we were paying we mentioned them. The batman explained that they have an issue with flies whenever the Liffey is high. Which grossed me out even more. It was one thing to have flies but to have insects coming from a river in a city is just really discusting. Really grossed me out.

    It made me concerned about the hygiene standards and made me really not want to return.
    I have given them 2 stars because there customer service is fantastic. The barman even hooked me up with a seat at the bar. This is very rare in dublin and I was really delighted :)

    Pity about the rest.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Not a fan
    went today had that Ain't nothing but a hot dog and it was truly nothing.
    I wasn't expecting anything amazing but it was a plain hot dog in a bun with a few chips i expected like onions or mustard on the hotdog but we had to ask for it.
    We were put down stairs and they had the AC on no need for it and it was cold in a short sleeve top
    Staff were nice tho thats the star they deserve

  • 3.0 star rating

    I went to Hard Rock this evening, as usual the food and the service were good I know the food is oily but It's still good, When you go there just look for a waiter looks like sheldon cooper,I told him that, I couldn't stare at him without saying anything

  • 5.0 star rating
    4 check-ins

    I have only been to the Hard Rock Cafe for the special party breakfasts they arrange for the kids. I have been here for the Easter and Halloween breakfast and am waiting with excitement for the Christmas breakfast!! We were treated to a lovely breakfast but the entertainment, games and treats provided are second to none....would highly recommend a visit to one of these brilliant events. The staff are amazingly friendly and helpful.
    I must return for an evening of entertainment, drinks and food!!

  • 4.0 star rating

    To start with, The Hard Rock Cafe is not the sort of place I would normally frequent. It's the kind of big multinational corporation that pretends top be edgy and rocky purely to boost their bottom line. But I am not letting that taint this review.

    A couple of weeks ago I performed at a charity show in the Hard Rock Cafe in Temple Bar. The charity was the Pinktober Breast Cancer awareness charity. The HRC people to good care of us, they fed us, and kept us in beer. The Food was good, what you would expect and to a good quality. And the staff were really nice, all of them from the bar staff, the restaurant staff and the sound engineering staff. These guys made us feel special, even though my band are an amateur band full of old guys like me, among others.

    The stars I give above are for the food, the staff, the charity and the venue, and I am not letting my own cynicism get in the way.

  • 3.0 star rating
    Listed in Yelp International

    We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe in Dublin.  And I think this is even my very first time I ate in any Hard Rock Cafe, now that I think of it.  
    Anyways, we went there late one night and it wasnt crowded so we got a seat right away.  Our server was pretty aloof and just an average server.  We ordered chicken nachos to share and it took a while to get our nachos and when we finally did.  We didnt get chicken on it.  So, I asked the server if I could get slices of grilled chicken on the side.

    When the chicken came out, it was very tasty and the seasoning was very good.  I was pretty impressed by it.  The nachos was mediocre and the price for the chicken nachos was I believed overprice.  I think we ended up paying at least 15-17 Euro for our nachos, ouch.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Ahem. I by no means wish to suggest that the standard of memerobilia isn't as high as in some of its other branches - it does have Bono`s sunglasses, a favourite shirt of Elvis's and a jacket owned by Madonna - but a rug owned by Jimi Hendrix? I mean really, what's next for the wall of fame? A radiator key owned by Kurt Cobain? A cushion sat on by Lindsay Lohan?

    However, the food on offer is just as good if not better than in the other Hard Rocks around the world - it must be the Irish beef - with all the items you might expect, including chicken wings, burgers, steaks, fajitas and ribs. A good place for someone on the Atkins diet, as long as you stay away from those loaded potato skins.

  • 3.0 star rating

    My Ratings:
    Quantity: 3 - drinks were ok.
    Quality: 4 - Good
    Price: 3 - Good
    Location: 3 - Nice
    Service: 3 - Good
    Speed: 3 - Good

    Overall: Good spot to chill.

    My Opinion/Story:
    I've been to Hard Rock Dublin!  There I finally said it.  Nothing too amazing about this place except they serve you good Guinness beer.  The place wasn't packed when we went so we got a table to sit while sipping our drinks.  The drinks were pretty good but nothing too exciting.  I like the odd decorations but made me feel like I'm in the states instead of Europe.  One good thing about this place is that I got to hang with my girls.

  • 3.0 star rating

    My husband and I, along with my parents, came here on our first night in Dublin. The place was right next to our hotel and we were tired and very hungry; convience wins.

    To be quick
    the drinks: 5:5
    food: 4:5
    atmosphere: 4:5
    noise level: 2:5
    staff/speed: 3:5
    quanity of food: 4:5

    Overall, Ireland serves less food per plate then America does....no surprise there. However, the portions arent tiny either. The fahitas were good, the wings were ok. They also have this drink called Orange Crush..its good. What I didnt like was how loud it got. Being in Temple Bar and also being a Hard Rock cafe, I wasnt surprised..just tired and cranky. I really didnt like how this place forced to to wait downstairs at their bar even though they had tables ready for seating. I guess they were hopeing that the tourists would buy some drinks and apps while they waited.

    It was good, not great. We decided to come back the next night as well after searchign the area for a different place and not finding what we were looking for. Where there is a Hard Rock Cafe..I will no doubt be eating there on vacation.

    The second night we shared Nachos (must get), and we all had burgers and chocolate cake. Very good!

  • 2.0 star rating

    By far the worst Hard Rock I've been to. My husband and I have been to a few of the cafes in Europe, since we collect the Hurricane glasses. The feeling of this restaurant was more bar than restaurant, and I dont think that is the image this franchise wants to give. I couldn't hear my husband talking to me as we sat shoulder to shoulder. If you're going to open an American restaurant, make sure you follow our standards of service. You are a restaurant first, and a bar second. I asked for the music to be turned down because the last thing I needed after 12 hours of sightseeing at 7 months pregnant, was to have music obnoxiously blaring in my ear while I eat. My request was totally ignored. The only reason i gave 2 stars, is because the ( I'm assuming) manager was phenomenal. He actually took an interest in us and made conversation. I'm sorry to say I will never go back, and I've told all of our friends here on base about it.

  • 5.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    The Hard Rock Café, Dublin.... although it's only there a few years, it's facade has been photographed by more people and nationalities than probably any other restaurant in the country. On entry, the first thing that grabs your attention is the Trabant car that hangs upside down from the ceiling over the stairway down to the bar. This is the actual car U2 drove onstage in on their mega ZOOTV tour.
       If you're a veteran globetrotting Hard Rock fan, you'll notice that things are done differently in Hard Rock, Dublin. This is mainly because it's not a corporate store. This franchise is owned partly by the owners of the TGI Friday's franchise in Ireland (slightly ironic, huh?) and Frankey's on Temple Bar Square. Although it's not corporate, it's still a great place to visit for food or drinks. The staff and management are all fantastically friendly but not annoying ( apart from Conor in the bar but he's still a legend!) and for such a branded restaurant in the heart of the tourist trap, the prices are really reasonable!
         To put it into perspective, if you go in with a friend and have, say, a cheeseburger, a pint and a cocktail EACH, you're each gonna pay about €15 which in my book is amazing value. New on the menu are chilli dogs and chilli burgers which are fab but still don't compete with the gargantuan garlic and cheese spinach burger that I love slobbering all over my face after a few €5 Lynchburg Lemonades.
        It has a bright, electric, friendly atmosphere with smiles wherever you look and, of course, the tempting merchandise store to ensure you go home penniless. I'm giving it 5 stars because basically, I can't fault it!

  • 2.0 star rating

    Mediocre food for high prices, mediocre service at best. Good videos while eating, hence the second star. The children's meals were decent, but again expensive. I had a 27-euro New York Steak that was overdone and gristly. Others complained that their burgers were overdone.

    I had never been to a Hard Rock before, and given my experience here, there is no good reason to go to any Hard Rock again.

  • 4.0 star rating

    One would think "You've seen one Hard Rock, you've seen them all" but I liked the Dublin Hard Rock more than some of the others.
    I think my preference has to do with the staff. Irish people are so friendly by nature, that I felt we received extra good service from the bartender and our dinner server.
    The wait for a table was about an hour, so my brother and I had drinks downstairs in the bar. I ended up ordering a "Baby Guiness" by mistake, and our bartender was more than happy to replace it with what I did want; a "Half Guiness" (a Baby Guiness is a shot, whereas I just wanted a mini version of the pints everyone else was drinking). As busy as it was, he laughed and joked with us. The Olympics were playing on the plasma screen behind him, so he took the time to explain the sport going on at the moment (it was a cross between women's Lacrosse and hockey).
    He then made us 2 yummy cocktails from the happy hour menu. Not that making us drinks wasn't part of his job, but they were good and string; not the watered down version one usually gets from a happy hour cocktail.
    When it was time for dinner, I ordered the mac-n-cheese. The server warned that it'd be small (but very delicious), so I was in for a surprise when I was too much for me to finish. I loved how rich and gooey it was, filled with a couple different cheeses.
    All-n-all, we had a really good time and thoroughly enjoyed our food, the service and the drinks. Sometimes, there's something to be said for chains. Although they may often be a little redundant, at least they are consistent.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Hard Rock cafe always brings you good food even though the places are usually packed. Bonus is the rock atmosphere and soundtrack.

  • 3.0 star rating
    First to Review

    Hard Rock is Hard Rock. It's charm lies in the fact that the moment you walk in, you could be in Time Square or Tokyo, and the menu would fain show you the difference (except perhaps in language). All the staples are to be found in the Dublin branch, though it has to be admitted that the prices are expensive even by Irish standards. However, the car from a U2 video hanging from the ceiling makes a trip inside worthwhile...how in the world they managed to get it up there is up for debate, but impressive nonetheless!
    The merchandise, so important to the Hard Rock brand, is exactly what you expect, with the Dublin-specific pieces generally adorned with a smattering of shamrocks, just in case tourists are afraid that there wouldn't be 'Irish' themes enough.
    The queues are, of course, legendary at the Hard Rock Cafe. Dublin is no exception, though generally you will only wait on a Friday or Saturday night, and then for usually no longer than an hour or so at worst (London patrons will be green with envy...I've been told to wait 4 hours in that establishment!!). There are drinks promotions (€3.50 pints, €5 cocktails) that make the wait bearable, and a trip to the bar is fun in and of itself. Plonk yourself on one of the outside tables and watch the best that Temple Bar has to offer saunter past, or sit inside and have a look at the famous and infamous people who adorn the walls. Just as one would expect from such an established franchise.

    • Qype User PO…
    • London
    • 5 friends
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    5.0 star rating

    As you would expect from the Hard Rock franchise, the Dublin branch does exactly what it says on the tin. The decor is fantastic, autographed pictures of rock stars adorn the walls along with rock memoribilia such as guitars and drum sticks. The Hard Rock shop is easily accessible from the street and you don't have to walk through the restaurant to get to it. The food is great and the service is polite and efficient. The bill was a bit pricey but I have come to expect this from Hard Rock & the temple bar area. fans of Hard Rock wont mind paying the price to visit and add some dublin souviners to their collection

    • Qype User Sasha9…
    • Dublin, Republic of Ireland
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    3.0 star rating

    Went to Hard Rock Cafe whilst in Dublin and I had high expectations and they were not met =(. The food was nothing special. It was pretty poor actually! They had a good range of cocktails thought, but it was extremely pricy for what it was. I loved the look of the place, but that was about it really. A pleasant experience, but nothing special.

  • 1.0 star rating

    The Hard Rock Cafe in Dublin is quite possibly on of the worst restaurants I have ever had the displeasure of dining at in Ireland.  The meal started out ok, they got our drinks out to us without an issues, but it all went downhill from there.  We arrived in what we were later informed was a shift change and somehow our waiter left after taking our order.  We ending up flagging down other wait staff for everything during the whole meal and going to the bar to collect our own drinks.  After we finished we waited for 20 minutes to grab another member of the wait staff and ask for our bill.  We were ignored.  We then went to the bartender, who said he would send our server over.  Again we waited ANOTHER 20 minutes and it wasn't until we actually interrupted yet another waiter taking an order that he informed us our waiter left an hour ago.  He was nice enough to print out our bill, after telling us he was busy and we were bothering him.  That was when we were hit with a first in Ireland - they don't add VAT on the menu prices!  I have never, EVER been to ANY business in Ireland that did not include VAT in their prices. We paid €20 each for cheese burgers, then on the bill they add VAT and a few other charges, making those burgers €25 each.  Same goes for the €10 drinks!  Our total bill for four people was like €90, which is not too bad if you are eating out, but then they slap on the VAT and it was €130.  So basically for a couple beers and burgers the four of us paid €130.  They also automatically add gratuity on EVERY bill, so for our crap service we were forced to shell out even more cash.  I don't mind paying a few hundred quid at a meal for quality food and service,  but the menu here is simple stuff like burgers and chicken fingers, nothing fancy and the wait staff were quite rude and acted like they would rather be somewhere else.  Being forced to pay gratuity after having such shoddy service and being hit with a larger than expected bill makes this place the worst place I have ever reviewed.  They obviously feed off of tourists who come to Ireland and visit Temple Bar.  I would advise anyone who comes here to give this place a miss!

    Hard Rock Cafe D.
    Comment from Hard Rock Cafe D. of Hard Rock Cafe
    Business Manager
    10/3/2011 Dear Wesley W,

    We are very sorry to hear that your visit to Hard Rock Cafe Dublin did not meet your…
    Read more
  • 3.0 star rating

    This is the tenth Hard Rock Cafe around the globe that I have sampled and I have to say I was a little underwhelmed compared to some of the other experiences. It is very small - very small! The front door so close to the seating area that, as it opens constantly, there is also a constant draught. This might be okay somewhere warm and balmy but in Ireland where there is regularly more rain than there was in Noah's Flood, this is not good. We had to be asked to be seated further into the restaurant due to being frozen cold. Thankfully, when we were in, it was quiet enough to accommodate this but on a busier night this may well have not been possible. We didn't come across the "Irish hospitality" some seem to have enjoyed. Not one of the staff we were served by were from the Emerald Isle. In fact, if it were not for the ubiquitous piped U2 music and memorabilia, there would be no clue as to where you were in the world. And there's only so much ubiquitous U2 one can take...

    • Qype User Hoodi…
    • Waldenbuch, Germany
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    5.0 star rating

    At the Hard Rock Cafe in Dublin I ate the best burger of my life! (Bacon Cheeseburger) I've never eaten such a fresh, tasty, big and delicious burger like this! The waiter was friendly and quick and I liked the decoration very much! Nice Restaurant! If you're in Dublin you have to go there!!

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