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  • 5.0 star rating

    We had an excellent meal sharing several of the dishes including the quail and lemon sole. Our kids who were exhausted and cranky from a day of sightseeing and walking even came around and enjoyed it as well.

    We did not have a reservation but were seated immediately around 6:30 pm.

    The desserts were very good as well. The service was great and very informative about the dishes.

    An excellent experience overall on our visit to London.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I been here once in 2010. It was good for Sunday lunch with the lamb shoulder for 4 people. I remember it was a lot of food. Fast forward to 2014, does this place still have what it takes?

    We arrived with a reservation for 10 people but two extra people came along. They were happy to move tables around to accommodate.  Looking at the menu on a Saturday night I saw the lamb shoulder, ooooh who's gonna get in on this feast tonight? We made a group decision to order a main each and share the lamb. WOW between the group we barely finished all of the lamb because there was so much of it. It was delicious and very moorish especially with the dauphinoise potatoes as a side.

    I had the onglet steak. It was cooked rare and well cooked. Only downside was that they cut it up for me. I am not a huge fan of that because I like to cut my own meat. Otherwise a flawless meal with great service.

    There is a cool cocktail bar downstairs too but didn't have a chance to check it out

  • 5.0 star rating

    This is my favorite gastropub in London. When people ask me for a recommendation for "British food but I don't to just eat fish and chips or anything bland", I send them here. I took a friend from out of town here during the winter and we had a really delicious, relaxed meal at the bar with some strong drinks that were surprisingly reasonably-priced, for the location. Food was well-made and portions were deceptively large! Seems like they rotate the menu regularly as well to use in-season ingredients. I had a salad with rabbit and bacon and some other things in it a while back, and it was literally the best salad I've ever eaten, and I'm sad that I haven't seen it again on the menu since. GREAT QUEEN STREET IF YOU'RE READING THIS PLEASE BRING IT BACK!

    It's not the cheapest place, but for the quality and creativity of the dishes prepared here, it's well worth the price! For anything else within a stone's throw of the British Museum, GQS is hard to beat.

    They take group bookings and it's really nice that they don't force your whole group to order off a prix fixe menu the way that it seems lots of gastropubs these days do.

  • 5.0 star rating

    First of all.. Thank you Yelp, without you guys I wouldn't have found this restaurant. Jetlagged and hungry but not wanting a big meal, the team at Great Queen Street recommended the salad of Heritage Tomatoes, Peach, Yogurt and Cumin salt followed by the griddled French quail and chenterelle butter. Cumin salt brought out the full sweetness of the Tomatoes and Peach. Now on to the best part.THIS IS THE BEST QUAIL I've ever had! Nicely crispy grilled on the outside yet juicy and full of flavor on the inside. Chenterelle mushrooms was fragrant added with the butter gravy had the right amount of salt without being overly salty nor oily. A pity that the meal had to come to an end. I want more!

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Service was with a wonderful smile. Menu somewhat arty farty and I don't eat fish so my choices limited but thats my issue not theirs.  Quality of food excellent and taste devine. For me its slightly overpriced and a 200ml Diet Coke was over £2.40... Thats NOT good, but plenty of tap water on offer by the staff.
    The bill just came with 12.5% service included which I asked to be removed. Less than 2 minutes later before I was able to pull out some coins and put my card away, the (?) manager approached and asked if the service was OK because I didn't pay it... Well I find that damn cheeky... Poor tourists who dont notice that added and dont know its optional by law! I have now down graded to 3 Stars because of this issue and the ordasity of being approached.  Again I tell you why I have been negative so you can draw your own opinion.  I WONT however be returning here... My money will spend anywhere!

  • 2.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Great Queen Street this restaurant was very busy and has a lot of good reviews within this app, hence giving it a try.  I just think it is a bit outrageous when they want to charge you 12.5% service charge for bringing your food to you, when that's what we all get paid to do a job!  I was about to leave a tip (having asked for the automatic 12-5% to be removed off the bill) when the manager came over asking why? I think this is the bit outrageous.  Personally the menu wasn't exactly what I'd choose so I had a vegetarian dish which average price was £14 with no sides so side orders of chips potatoes £4 vegetables £4. I would not be returning to this place.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in


    which, funnily enough, are on the menu :)

    service brilliant, as is the food. stop reading and start eating.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    First of all, I agree with past reviews in that the food was really good. We went for my birthday dinner around 8:30pm on a Monday night. It was still really packed however we were lucky enough to get the last table in the back.

    I ordered the chickpea dish, which had chickpeas, mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables. It was very flavorful and very filling (I could only finish half of it). The mushroom plate was heavier, with fried mushroom/cheese/breadcumb rolls and courgette. We loved the crusty whole wheat sourdough bread that came out before the meal as well!

    The reason I gave this restaurant 3 stars is primarily because of the service. Service was really slow, and it took forever to get our dishes and then finally get the check. Our server was nice, however nothing out of the ordinary. It was also really hot in the restaurant, but probably because of how many people were in there. Prices are slightly higher than our normal meals, but still reasonable.

    I would try it if I was in the area!

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Amazing, perfect food. Pleasant, low-key dining area. Good service. Um, perfect?

    Well, it is hard to find and not really labelled from the outside. We even asked a hotel valet across the street while we were wandering around, and he'd never heard of it. Also, you must have a reservation, they're just too popular. And it may be hard to find room for dessert!

    Once we did find the place, my friend and I both ordered the caramelized onion and cheese tart. So much flavor packed into this dish, and it was much bigger than you'd normally expect for London portions. We were really happy with it as a pre-theatre meal and would totally go back.

  • 5.0 star rating

    My first night in London is off to a great food start!

    Upon reading the reviews here, I decided this was a good first place to start.  I showed up close to 9:00pm I believe, the place was busy and nearly packed.  They managed to find me a small table inside just a few minutes which was nice.

    As others have mentioned, the bread actually came out before my water (though only by a minute or so), but that was literally the case.  The service was good, the staff was helpful and timely, no complaints there.

    The main dish I had was an Ox heart, served with some spinach greens and chips on the side.  I'd gone in thinking I'd get rabbit, but this was just too good to pass up as it was a special.  I don't remember the wine it was paired with, but that it was very good and matched nicely (a red).  It was prepared perfectly, had lots of flavor, and was an excellent portion size (filling but not stuffing).  The chips were also great, crisp on the outside but not overdone, warm and cooked right on the inside.

    After the main course I had a dessert of jelly and biscotti of which both were great and spreading the jelly on the biscotti was very tasty, and finally some Earl Grey tea.

    All of this was for £30, which I think is a great value.  I can see returning on a subsequent trip.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Was so impressed by this place! Had pig's cheek with an apple sauce and braised cider and it was exquisite.

    The wait staff were all very kind and helpful - our waiter gave us a copy of the menu and wrote out the specials for us including the prices. After conversing with him for a bit, he suggested other British restaurants for us to try.

    Great atmosphere and experience overall! Only criticism I have is the closeness of the tables - it was hard to get out of my chair as I was leaving.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Holy crappoli. We were cold as hell and wandering through London as my phone died. We needed food, but a lot of places were closed. We remembered that Great Queen Street was nearby, and had read good things on Yelp! It was our last night, so we decided to treat ourselves.

    First of all, the place is pricey. It isn't CRAZY pricey, but I wouldn't call it a "value" joint. The restaurant itself is very packed, but with enough room for everyone - I would say "efficient" seating. No wasted space. We got in, and ordered a couple of the specials - they were very good.

    The greens and pie were amazing. I would give it 5 stars. The service (even by UK standards) was not good. We were STARVING and didn't get our bread/drinks until we asked for it several times. It was busy, but people seated after us had received theirs long before us.  So, 3 stars for service.  Overall, a really big fan of the place and a solid four stars!!  Will be back the next time we hop over the pond.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    My friend highly recommended this place because it was her favorite place when she lived here; hence, we walked so far to try this place out (we didn't rent a car in London).

    When we walked in around 6:00pm, 70% of the restaurants were already filled; there was one table available outside the restaurant, we asked for it, the server said OK as long as we give them our credit card to keep.

    We ordered their steamed whole fish, steaks, bottles of red wine, artichoke and desserts; the fish was amazingly fresh and tasty, we were impressed that they even serve whole fish (with the head); steaks were also perfectly cooked and melt in our mouth. The wine the server recommend was quite nice, smooth and goes so well with their steaks.

    Service was alright, perhpas they were quite busy so they were not too attentive. Overall, a very nice experience at this restaurant and I do recommend here for other people who visit this area.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I came here upon the back of many great reviews, and I have to say that I'm impressed.

    I am not particular fan of British food, and my quest for good British food has been met with plenty of disappointing meals that never hit me in quite the right way. I've been here for 4 months already, and for some reason I've always made it a point to try something British at least once a week. If you do the math, that's over 15 places already - and still nothing that I really enjoyed.

    Until now.

    Not only did the waitress know the menu fully in-and-out, she was able to describe why she liked a particular dish - how long each dish had been in rotation, and what the chef was trying to accomplish with the ingredients. I am not sure how she manages to remember this for a rotating menu, but I decided to go for the newest item - the grouse pasta.

    The grouse was slow cooked and pulled apart, very tender and juicy without losing its gaminess. The vegetables that accompanied the grouse in a sort of stew-like fashion paired perfectly. The pasta was ziti and soaked up the stew very well.

    Overall a great meal, and one that's going to have me returning for quite a while.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Don't be put off by the tables and lack of fancy signage outside the front of the pub (which look like a mid-tier cafe). I walked inside and had a great lunch. Make sure you ask the staff for recommendations - they helped me pick the food (I had slow cooked pork) and guest ale (excellent one from Hampshire) and even advised me not to order sides dishes, as they would be unnecessary unless I was starving. Even recommended other (competing) pubs.

    Great, lively pub/ restaurant atmosphere and food, with genuinely helpful staff. I'll be back

  • 5.0 star rating

    Me and the wife came here and were not disappointed.
    We were treated very well the price was good ( but we are from San Francisco )

    We had the Rabbit Pie ( When in Rome my friends ) it was exceptional with it's flaky crust.

  • 5.0 star rating

    We were out sightseeing our first day in London, and- although Westminster Abbey was closed, got there just as the 5 PM service with chorus was just being seated.  Great experience #1 of the evening.  When we got out, we realized we hadn't eaten all day, saw this place on Yelp and grabbed a quick cab.  We didn't have reservations, but were seated at 6:15 PM at a table that was reserved for another party - but not until 8:00 PM. Great experience #2!

    1 hr. and 45 minutes later, after pigs cheek and duck terrine, snails (did someone say they didn't like the snails???) and a rabbit and chestnut mushroom pie with a side of greens - oh-  and a plum and almond tart we split with cappuccino, we left and walked around all evening.  

    Best meal of the trip, for certain. Wait staff was amazing, as was the owner/manager.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Super friendly staff slipped me onto last spot on bar... place was packed.
    Had BRILLIANT braised leg of Hare... amazingly good.
    Were out of apple tart, guy behind the bar suggested a yougurtized pudding w/ raspberries... I would have never picked it myself but it was incredibly delicious.  

    Nits... would be great to get carrots with the hare :)
    Place is packed and very loud.  But I expect a great place to be busy.  
    I had a great experience and great meal... definitely going back.

  • 4.0 star rating
    28/5/2013 Updated review

    What a great gastropub! We made a last minute call for a dinner reservation and by how easily we got the booking,we were thinking...maybe they aren't busy Saturday night? Boy were we wrong. It was bustling around 9pm and we had to wait a bit for our table. Everyone working there was incredibly friendly and service was pretty fast.

    We went with a couple of their specials. An ox stew with gnocchi as our main and some asparagus and salami on the side. The stew was amazing. Rich and comforting with puffy gnocchi pillows in a tomato base. Yummlicious! We definitely will come back again to try some of their other items

    4.0 star rating
    28/5/2013 Previous review
    What a great gastropub! We made a last minute call for a dinner reservation and by how easily we got… Read more
  • 5.0 star rating

    This may be my favorite gastropub in London, after having visited about three times. If you can, get a seat near the window so you can watch people pass by. I have an English friend who now lives abroad, and she always mentions this place when we're in central London and looking for a place to eat. Now we bring our other friends here when they come to visit.

    During my second visit, I've enjoyed a whole fish for two, covered in vegetables and delicious sauce. On the most recent visit, I saw duck on the menu and couldn't say no. They paired it will an onion chutney and parsnips. Every duck loves a sweet accompaniment.

    Gluten-free notes: Most dishes here are naturally gluten free, and they were happy to advise about what was OK and what wasn't.

  • 4.0 star rating
    ROTD 6/5/2009 First to Review

    A local haunt for me, this is also one of London's busiest gastropubs. The younger and more easily to get to sister of Southwark's Anchor & Hope, Great Queen Street serves quite tasty traditional pub food that is more posh and innovative than your average g-pub in town. The meats and particular cuts used here can be a bit wild (their game dishes are superb, however). The menu changes daily and is very seasonal so you know you're getting the best of British produce. My favorite dish I've had is the Arbroath Smokie (a delicate white fish they serve filleted open in a delicious cream sauce). The staff is very helpful with any questions you may have on some of the less common menu items or any of their wines, but trust their opinions! I have yet to be steered wrong by them and have been coming here for over a year now.

    Definitely make reservations before coming if you don't want to sit at the counter.

  • 5.0 star rating

    My girlfriend and I decided that our last meal in London before traveling back to the States should be a "proper bit" of British food, and we took a chance on Great Queen Street.

    When we walked in the place wasn't full but we were told all the tables were booked (always a good sign) but they were happy to seat us at the bar which actually wasn't overrun with drinkers.

    The menu was pretty phenomenal with a lot of things US eaters might consider "game" meats like ox, rabbit, partridge and mutton--but I feel like they were all pretty accessible for someone wanting to try something out of the ordinary but still slightly familiar and not too far out of your comfort zone.

    I had the partridge with cannelloni beans and it was pretty darn spectacular. The broth/stock it was served with was great and flavorful.

    My girlfriend had a leek, pumpkin and goat cheese concoction that was equally good--so good well probably spend the weekend trying to replicate it.

    Luckily, partridges are pretty small so there was room for dessert. We had a fig and raspberry tart that may have been the best thing we ate of our whole vacation (and we had just come from Paris). Well likely try and recreate this as well!

    The service was great, friendly and well informed about the menu and ready to explain, the atmosphere was perfect, and the craft beer selection was great--it's nice to not have the corona/heinekin/budweiser safety net when overseas. And the price for all that (including a few pints) was just under £40.

    If I'm ever back in London, it's the first dinner I'm having. And maybe the second.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Oooohhhh, nom nom nom nom.... rabbit pie.     Yes, really.

    Upon first bite I turned from a human Laura into cartoon Laura and instantly knew what Elmer Fudd was rambling on about for all those years: Wabbits weally are wather guuud! Especially when encased in perfect savory crust that involves suet. (Yup -- that's the fat that grows around the kidneys in cows and sheep, and it's guuuud too.)

    The menu was practically in another language with all of the eloquent foodie terms that end up meaning things like "fat" or "innards," but with a server/chef/angel that took the time to delicately explain each dish in drool-worthy detail, it was like our own table translator.

    This is the little sister to Anchor and Hope, another top British foodie destination of which I will soon be visiting after this flawless experience. This is certainly British food at its best and I challenge anyone to question the competency of English cuisine after a meal at Great Queen Street.

  • 4.0 star rating

    We went to Great Queen Street today for Sunday lunch.  I had soup to start and then the Lemon Sole.  The food was absolutely outstanding with simple ingredients but rich flavor.  I was surprised that we were the only people there as I've read that people have had a hard time getting in.  I guess I recommend going on a Sunday afternoon...

    The menu is small which I think it GREAT and everything on it looked fantastic.  Fresh bread kept us happy until our starters came out.  My husband had the Barnsley Chop and he also loved his meal.  

    Bottom line:  In a rather touristy area,  this is a gem of a gastropub and I highly recommend.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Our incredibly knowledgeable server had a fact-filled and eloquent answer for each and every one of our many questions. I love when I leave a restaurant feeling like I've received something of an epicurean education whilst inside.

    Not one to turn down cauliflower in any form, I opted to start with the cauliflower soup. Luscious and satisfying, I couldn't imagine a better appetizer.

    After hearing the description of the rabbit pie on special I knew I had to have it. Thankfully, my dining companions were up for taking it on together.

    Great Queen Street gave me a distinct appreciation for suet crust pastry. Before eating their incredible rabbit pie, I didn't have a clue about suet or the magical deliciousness it can impart. Additionally, I was completely ignorant to the fact that rabbit, when slow cooked, ends up tasting a lot like chicken without a hint of gaminess.

    Great Queen Street provided me with a level of satiation that's been tough to find elsewhere in London; I'm already looking forward to my next visit.

  • 4.0 star rating

    First of all, the name of the restaurant is original eh? =)

    Honestly the service here is one of the best so far I've experiencd in London - just really friendly, unpretentious and cosy service by waiters/waitresses who love food.

    The menu is british which means lots of gamey birds, venison, pies, rillets, fries, cheese, etc.

    I had the rabbit rillet as a starter which was a bit dry and flavourless. However, I might be a bit biased since the week before i had the MOST amazing duck rillet that can not be compared to anything!

    |As my main, i had some a whole bird (forgot what type -either quail or partridge) which w as a bit difficult to eat since my knife/fork skills are HORRIBLE! I ended up just picking it up with my hands and gnawing away on the bones; while a waitress politely placed a bowl of water to rinse the grease off my face.

    Anyways, this place also has a good selection of wines to go along with the meal which can be quite a rarity at mid priced restaurants.

    Tip for readers: Make sure to call ahead and make reservations!

  • 3.0 star rating

    It is odd for me to walk into a restaurant and be totally stuck on what to eat. It wasn't because I was being indecisive, it was because, apart from the potato soup that was delicious and the shrimp, I had no taste experience of anything else on the list. Great Queen Street serves impressive British cuisine with offerings such as pigeon, sole and other non typical delights. Your usual eating habits may have to take a detour, as there wasn't a burger or a plate of chips in sight.

    All the dishes brought to the table looked excellent. My pigeon looked like a little chicken, but once you cut into it, the flesh looks and tastes like beef. Yet it went exceptionally well with the fois gras and lentils. I had to order potatoes as a side dish. They were good to.

    All in all, Great Queen Street is a pretty expensive casual British restaurant, serving from a high end menu that smacks of the upper class. I was there for lunch and had a good experience, but wish I got to try one of the lovely sounding desserts. The starters and mains although very good, aren't quite my style. One needs quite a refined palate to fully appreciate this place to its fullest.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Michelin star worthy.  This place delivers on what British food should be.  Standout dish was the Romesco (moon broccoli???) salad, with sultanas, pine nuts, manchego, and some other tasty bits.  Both vegetarian dishes they had that evening were superb and well thought out.  They have a cozy bar downstairs to grab a reasonably priced cocktail before you get dinner.

    If I lived closer to this place, I'd be a regular!  Make sure to get reservations in advance, as it's tough to get a table the day of.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Last night in London and we wanted some traditional British fare. Yelp steered us to Great Queen St. and it wasn't wrong. Best meal of our trip. Tables were all reserved so we sat at the bar. Good beer, great atmosphere, and delicious food - partridge and cannelinis, baked st tola (goat cheese) with leeks and pumpkin, and fig and raspberry tart for dessert.

    The entire experience was perfect. A must-go if you're in London.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Hmmmm....a little underwhelmed with my meal but enjoyed the direction and feel of the food.

    Started with the smoked roe, cucumber, radish, and baby gem lettuce salad. This dish was quite tasty, but I had a minor gripe; the smoked roe stuck together so you would have large bitter bites of roe in and out of your dish. Near the end this sort of killed me palate. Overall quite nice though...

    Next, I had one of the daily specials..a whole artichoke. This was a huge let down. I could tell that the quality of the artichoke was high, but it was so bland to the point of dismissing the dish entirely. Furthermore, it was served with a mustardy sauce that was way too bitter and not savory at all. The mixture of bland and overpowering was a major let down.

    Finally, I had another special: fried rabbit shoulder and celeraic remoulade. Quite hit or miss as well. I feel that although the quality of the rabbit was exceptional, the fried aspect of it overloaded the taste. The rabbit was already gamy and a bit fatty...frying the cut was a bit too much. That being said, the taste was nice and reminded me of Southern chicken. The celeraic remoulade made me sad face as well. It was a tad bit too bitter and empty as far as ingredients go. I wish it went somewhere.

    I'd give this place 3.5 stars if possible due to the quality of the ingredients and interesting combinations, but I don't think the execution is on the same level as it would appear when reading the menu.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I am so impressed with this restaurant. Everything I ate was incredibly delicious. The service is excellent and everyone is well informed about the dishes and seasonal ingredients. They have small plates and entrée-sized plates - all are great for sharing. I had dinner with three friends and we ordered a pumpkin dish, beef ribs, rabbit, curried aubergines, cauliflower and courgettes. I probably could have continued to order because everything was so well-prepared and wonderful!

    Cocktails are strong and arrive in small glasses, and you can also purchase a cookbook if you want to try this at home. This is a great find and a fantastic place to experience modern British fare where it really shines. I will definitely return the next time I am in London. What a great dining experience!

  • 5.0 star rating

    I spent most of this afternoon burping up bunnie. Yep if there was any vegetarian left in me it has now completely dissolved in a peter rabbit pie with a suet pastry. I will admit not that I showed my meat eating inexperience by claiming that suet was potato based but hey, give the girl some slack.

    From the moment I walked into this place I felt happy. For started we were placed by the window with a perfect people watching position and secondly I later found out that this is the sister venue to The Hope and Anchor - the amazing pub that dazzled me with fish dishes that I have still yet to eat in! The menu here though is impressive, all of it seasonal and created daily. You are welcomed by positively the most intelligent servers I have ever met in London. They really know the food can explain everything on the menu and relish in that slightly without arrogance. Also with some freshly baked sour dough bread and butter...mmmm....butter!

    The food itself is wonderfully British and if you don't like traditional food, featuring a lot of meat then this place is not for you. But it's simple, perfectly prepared and a fantastic enjoyable meal.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    A gastro-pub in the land of pubs.  This is a great place and a great way to start your time in London.  The place was packed, with a good vibe and upbeat crowd so a reservation is absolutely required.

    The menu is seasonal and so it will change.  On this visit, we (2 of us) had the following:  

    Snail salad -- this was a special of the day.  Snails served warm with bacon and lettuce.  It was delicious.
    Cuttlefish -- a member of the same family as octopus and squid, this dish is served with the cuttlefish being cubed and served with peas and wild garlic.  At first, I was not happy with the dish, but with each bite, it seemed to grow on me.  I would probably pass and try something else, but it still was enjoyable.  

    Rib of Hereford beef -- this is a dish that is meant to be shared by two people and takes 45 minutes.  It was worth the wait.  The beef was perfectly cooked rare and served with a side of Bearnaise sauce.  Also accompanying the dish was a bowl of french fries (chips) that were perfectly crispy on the outside and meaty on the inside.

    Apple treacle tart.  An apple pie of sorts that has a crunchy crust and nice crunchy top, with a sweet interior.  This is a perfect dessert to end the evening.

  • 4.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    I am going back - there were so many other foods on the menu that caught my eye but I just couldn't order all of them.

    The wine selection is OK - most of them were French therefore dry and not exactly to my taste. But waiter suggested going for sweeter Italian and that's what my friend and I did. And it scored.

    I like the fact that even though it didn't have availability for Saturday night, the place accommodated us at a bar - and I love bar seating. Honestly I think there should be more restaurants with bar tables only in London.

    I ordered pork and clams - and I'm not a fan of salt so someone who's keen on that - might not enjoy it, but I liked it - it was warm and hearty - for the cold winds outside.
    My friend went for the Onglet, and even though it's apparatenly a diaphragm - it tasted like prime fillet steak. But better. I would certainly go back just to have a whole plate of it to myself.

    There are not 'stir-fry', 'curries' - the menu was British - at least as I can imagine British cuisine like to be when there were no KFC and McDonalds.

    It's a bit shabby - I didn't like the table arrangements and the lighting - well it's just a dark place, I think with some refurbushiment they could easily score a 5.

    I would certainly try the smoked roe and some of their desserts next time I'm there!

  • 2.0 star rating

    I was invited to meet at Great Queen Street by some "Foodie" friends of mine from the states who make sure to dine here every time they make it to London. And I could see why it would be a favorite for foodies. The fare was definitely a step above average Pub grub, with entrees such as pigs cheek and sardines.
    I do enjoy food, but I guess I am not that adventurous in my selections enough to be considered a foodie as I only ordered a beef burger on dripping toast. When it was delivered it looked delicious, and the taste and texture was average. Even though nothing on the plate looked "dangerous" I spent the rest of the day in and out of the bathroom.
    I don't want to speak poorly of this place seeing as how the wait staff was very friendly and my host's seemed to enjoy their meal, but personally I didn't think that Great Queen street was that great... queen.. street.

  • 5.0 star rating

    When this first opened in 2007 (or 08, I can't remember) I binged on it.  I just couldn't eat or drink enough there as everything was good, everytime.  As I was working in St James it was just about close enough that (with a bit of effort) I could make it my local.

    20 or 30 times later I still loved it.

    Having moved jobs and with fewer excuses to visit it I revisited it today for a Sunday set lunch and will re binge in the near future.  

    If you want hearty gastro Anglicised food come here. If you want a pie, or a chunk of leg of some non descript animal stewed for 7 hours or a earthy terrine or some other solid food (almost an English version of Lyonnaise cuisine) this is the place to go.  The food is a bit less fussy than its sister restaurant in Waterloo, but it is smack bang in the centre of town, has awesome excited (in the food) staff, good wines and enjoyable house wines and along with the fact that you can get reservations here, it makes it just about perfect.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Was looking for a place to have a last dinner before heading back to the states, and I couldn't have asked for a better place to end my experience in London.

    Even though the restaurant was packed, the food and service was excellent and absolutely delicious; which is probably why they were so busy.

    As far as price, this place was on point. When I got the ticket, I was surprised by how much the ticket was. However so, remember that the service charge isn't included, so it wouldn't hurt to leave a little extra! Especially due to the seriously outstanding service you may receive here.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Lovely place. Randomly walked in on a Christmas season Saturday lunch. Sat down at the bar and were taken care of immediately.  Had pig's cheek and some smoky fsh. Perfect for the cold windy winter day, with the food being fresh, hot and juicy. Will come again when in the neighborhood.

  • 4.0 star rating

    We wandered in to Great Queen Street looking for something to eat on a Monday evening, and we were seated immediately but were told we would need to vacate our table in an hour and a half.  Suited us fine.

    Nice ambience, Rustic, floorboards, plain decor, admittedly it is a little squashed in.  One or two too many tables.

    The menu is interesting, slightly wacky, difficult to choose from in some cases. The most interesting dishes were sharing meals, and luckily I found someone happy to share a chicken pie for 2.  It was served in a generous iron dish, with a shortcrust lid, and was delicious.  It cost about £30.

    Don't bother with the homemade ginger beer.  It is £1.90 for a glass filled to the brim with ice, and a tiny amount of beer, which was not sweet enough.

    Service was very good, food was excellent.  I would return.

  • 5.0 star rating
    Listed in Yelp Trophies

    We went to Great Queen Street for Sunday lunch.  We were expecting a crowd based on reviews we read, but were surprised to see that plenty of seating was available.  The Sunday lunch menu is limited, but everything available is simple and quite nice.

    Very, very friendly staff.  The bloody mary was delicious and spicy.  If you're a tourist, please don't foolishly leave because there's no fish and chips!  Stay... you'll be glad you did.

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