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  • “£30 for 3 courses - although it more like 5 once you've had your fill of amuse bouche and petit fours.” in 10 reviews

  • “Our sommelier was AMAZING... funnily enough we only drank champagne but this guy, he knew his champagne!” in 10 reviews

  • “We had the tasting menu which was excellent except for the salmon and lobster ravioli.” in 8 reviews

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  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    This was one of the highlight meal's of our trip. First of all the hotel itself is exquisite, the next time I'm back in London I'll be back to experience its afternoon tea. The staff at both the hotel and the restaurant itself are everything you would want from a five star spot. The restaurant is beautiful with high feelings and the place feels elegant without feeling too stuffy.

    My mom and I went with the 3 course meal for 80 pounds. We were first given our choice of bread, and then asked if we wanted another selection. Then came the first amuse of goat cheese on potato hash browns and watermelon with a champagne gelee. Both bites were lovely. The next amuse was a cup of sweet corn soup which was amazing. For my first course I had the scallops with white asparagus, the scallops were perfectly cooked. My main was a fantastic dish of monkfish tail, lobster and lentils.

    The pre-dessert was a delicious orange creamscicle type dessert, hard to describe but very tasty. For dessert we opted to wait for the raspberry souffle which was perfect, light and fluffy with a nice hidden raspberry sauce at the bottom. Truffles and homemade marshmallows ended our meal.

    To summarize, this was a lovely and decadent meal. Don't avoid it because it's owned by a TV personality, it really does stand up on it's on accord. The price is a little high, but I honestly felt like it was more than worth the price for the experience.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    My friend really wanted to eat at one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants, it's been on his bucketlist forever so we decided to go on Monday night. Located inside Claridge's hotel, a very classy setting indeed, Gordon Ramsay's fine dining fits in well here. We were seated right away and were asked right away what we wanted to drink. We asked for the wine list, which was on an iPad! We selected a red wine and slowly and surely, compliments of chef light bites were on our table. We were given menus which listed options for either the three or five course meals. There was no way I was doing five courses so my friend and I both went with the three course for 70 pounds/person. Before each course we were given a little something as compliments of the chef to wet our appetite.

    Our first courses were scallops and the yellowfin and tuna tartare. I thought the scallops were overcooked, well, at least the one that I had was. My friend said that his was fine. It was good, but not anything amazing. As for the yellowfin and tuna tartare, this was seriously lacking flavor. It tasted fresh, but it didn't taste like there was any seasoning at all.

    Our main course and the highlight of the night was the Beef Wellington (an extra 10 pound supplement for two people). I had no idea what beef wellington was before I ordered it, but my friend insisted we had to get it because it's Gordon's specialty. The servers brought it out on a fancy platter and cut it in front of us. From what it looked like, it was a cut of beef with a croissant-like puff pastry layer on the outside. He added a little au jus to top it off. We got it cooked medium rare and it was delicious. it was definitely the best dish of the night.

    For desserts, we got the raspberry souffle and the chocolate fondant. The raspberry souffle melted in your mouth. Tasty, but nothing extraordinary. The chocolate fondant was cool because they light it on fire and was very rich in flavor. If you're a chocolate lover, you'll probably love this.

    What's nice about fancy restaurants like this is that they constantly give you something to keep you busy. I can't even remember how many "compliments of the chef" things they gave us. Although it was a lovely experience, I think once was good enough for me. The food was good but not out of this world by any means and for making your wallet a whole lot lighter, I was expecting a little more out of this world action, ya know what I mean?

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    The only other Gordon Ramsay's restaurant I have tried is Bread Street Kitchen which is a lot more casual and trendy eatery so really didnt know what to expect other than it was on my bucketlist and I can now officially say I went!

    The hotel is very grand, and a little pretentious for my taste to be honest, and the service was confusing.  When we asked one of the waiters what we should order for food, the guy wasnt very helpful--aparently everything on the menu is delcious?.  The other waiter when we ordered our drinks was super helpful.

    We went with the three course tasting menu which ended up being a whole lot more
    We started with an amuse bouche of mini duck confit sandiwches, and were served a small soup to cleanse our palate while we enjoyed our apertifs.

    The starter I started with : Loch Fyne smoked salmon terrine with Cornish crab and horseradish : good but not super memorable

    We were served with the scallops which were awesome. (complimentary)

    Main: Pan-fried monkfish tail with celeriac, lobster, braised lentils and Madeira.  Really good!!!

    Dessert: The dessert was a flat out ehh. sounded delicious -- hazelnut panna cotta, but turned out to be really to super heavy and i was literally in a food coma and slightly uncomfortable which is never the way I want to feel.  

    I even mentioned to the waiter it was too heavy and i didnt like it, and if you spend as much as you do there, you would think that someone would have offered some type of consolation but nothing!

    If someone else is paying I would go again but not on my dime...

  • 2.0 star rating

    I was so disappointed! The food definitely did not live up to my expectations. Though the restaurant is beautiful, the tables are set too close to each other for my taste and the restaurant was too loud for a fine dining, 1-Michelin-star restaurant.

    Food-- The dishes were consistently too salty for my taste. The scallop with corn, langoustine risotto, and the rabbit lasagne were all just OK -- not the best things I have eaten. The entrees, lamb and veal dishes were the worst lamb/veal dishes I have ever tried. The dishes just didnt work-- lacked balance and most importantly soul. My food tasted like it was just thrown together and the chef just didn't care how he prepared the dish.

    Though, it's Gordon Ramsay's restaurant and despite the beautiful decor of the restaurant, I will not recommend this place.

    1 star for the decor, 1 star for the 1/2 friendly wait staff.

  • 5.0 star rating
    Listed in LONDON!

    One of the first things that was done in preparation for my trip to London, was to make a reservation to eat at one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants. It sounds like a very touristy thing to do, I know, but after watching Hell's Kitchen a couple of times on Fox (or Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares on BBC America) I had to see what all the hype was about.

    My friend Stephanie and I read the set menu probably a dozen times before we went to Claridge's for lunch and they had apparently changed the menu before we got there so now there was a whole new selection to pick from.

    The first thing that got my attention was the service. The place ran like clockwork. Everyone was dressed immaculately and there seemed to be at least 4 or 5 people who came by our table to provide us with different things and take different orders, yet we still knew who our actual waiter was since he checked on us quite frequently. I couldn't have possibly wanted anything for more than half a second and someone was there to take care of it. Spectacular service.

    I fully admit, I expected spectacular food and I'm happy to report that I wasn't disappointed. I ordered a chicken dish for my main course and it was the most amazing thing I have ever put in my mouth. Well it was the most amazing thing I had ever put in my mouth... until dessert came.

    For dessert, I ordered the honey creme brulee on a hazelnut cookie with a scoop of raspberry sorbet on top. Never in my life could I have imagined that anything could taste so delicious. It seemed like an odd combination but I figured that after the appetizer and main (and a salad that was "compliments of the chef") that the guy knew his stuff. He does. I have dreams about that dessert -- surely that's not healthy.

    Everyone says that Gordon Ramsay is kind of... well, kind of a jerk. What I've seen of him on TV doesn't really dispute that but if the food I made tasted that delicious, I wouldn't accept anything less either.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I had the good fortune to have a friend who was staying at Claridges and invited us to dinner. And it was QUITE the dinner!.. A 4.5 hour long dinner that was leisurely and filled with delicious courses and good booze, of course.

    Be warned, men are required to wear a suit jacket to dine here... luckily for us poor people of the world, H&M exists everywhere in London so we ran over, picked up a shirt and tie to go with the Hot Topic blazer M had brought on the trip... and he looked snazzy!!

    We started off the evening in the Fumoir Bar in Claridges - this is a MUST. Apparently this was Winston Churchill's fave place to get liquored up ... can't say I blamed him, really quite a stunning art deco vibe and classy all-around..

    After cocktails, the 3 of us ventured into GR and were seated at a table large enough for 6 people... a little odd but most of the seating setup were large round tables... no booths that i remember.

    We started off with the chefs menu, i believe it was 6 or 7 courses.. I have to say i enjoyed every course. there was a tiny little soup of watercress as one of the starters and it was really really good... you wouldn't think so but it was....

    The standouts to me were the quail and the scallops. I also enjoyed the fish course.. so good.. the sauce was amazing...

    Our sommelier was AMAZING... funnily enough we only drank champagne but this guy, he knew his champagne!
    Great guy, i wanted to take him on the rest of our trip with us!!!

    The main annoying thing i have to remark about is that my gracious host wanted to order a side dish of potatoes dauphinoise to go along with the diner. Our waiter said NO you cannot have that. We thought he was kidding and said Haha, no really can you please put in an order?

    His reply was you have to order a $40 main course to get a side dish.. Okay, we obviously had already ordered very expensive meals and were pouring champagne down our throats at rapid speed AND our host was staying in the freaken hotel! Cant you give him a damn small side of potatoes and not charge him $40???

    The waiter huffed away and i caught they eye of a girl refilling drinks and explained our dilemma. She must've have recognized our host as she said NO PROBLEM and then went to tell the maitre'd to bring us the side... hehe... although by the end of our very filling meal we then realized they never brought it!

    After many delicious desserts and the cart of cheese which our host picked the cream of the crop from, friends joined us for coffee and to eat the scraps of our dessert.. Around midnight our waiter came to offer a tour of the kitchen.. we politely declined as we thought it could be a setup to get hit over the head with a blackjack or something!

    Anyways, the desserts were awesome and overall, the meal a huge hit. Would i go back there? Well, I don't know.. It was a perfect evening, the food great, drinks great and company was spot on... I'm glad to have been there but I think I'd try somewhere different before returning to the scene of the crime... next on my review list... NOBU in Berkeley Square, stayed tuned!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Had a great lunch here - the lunch tasting menu was a good deal (for a once in a while special meal). As it was my first time in London, I felt it warranted one splurge =D.

    All of the courses were excellent - starting with a chilled tomato consomme that was remarkable in how tomatoey (i invented a new word) it was! very crisp and refreshing way to start off the meal.

    The roasted grouse and sous vide lamb courses were well done (although i could have used a bit of a sear on the lamb to provide a bit of contrast in texture), and the plating theme was based around slate slabs.

    The panna cotta for dessert was rich and delicious (but so rich I couldn't finish it all), and a nice complement to a lovely coffee service.

    The restaurant itself was elegantly appointed, and getting the chance to check out Claridge's was fun as well.  It's definitely a nice place to go for  a special meal!

  • 4.0 star rating

    I went here for my birthday this year as a treat and we found a good deal for lunch for two people here.

    The whole experience was a great pleasure, even though I was ill with a nasty cold so thus can't remember exactly what I ate I can however remember a lot of what was a great pleasure and Gordon would be proud.

    Possibly the best part was the truly delicious cheeseboard - what a wonderful selection and the waiter was so knowledgeable, also the port that they persuaded us (believe me, it didn't take much persuading!) to accompany this with was lovely too and finishing with the surprise birthday cake and being sung to and some complimentary chocolates! Another winner in my book!

    The service from start to finish was impeccable. Everyone we came into contact with - and there were a lot, were extremely pleasant, polite, attentive, very knowledgeable and friendly.

    The only thing that I was slightly irked by was the fact that there was a 3yr old girl on the table next to us who was really noisy and annoying (I blame her parents for bringing her there, not her for being like this, she was probably bored and it's not the place to take a child!), which surprised me in such an establishment.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Wow!  What a dining experience this place was. I made reservations about a month ago, and the best seating I could get for two during my stay in London was a Sunday at 9:45pm. My party grew to three people and they were able to seat us 15 minutes earlier.

    Gordon Ramsay is located off to the right of the Claridge's lobby.  Without a doubt, this is a formal restaurant based on the quality of food, the level of service, and the Art Deco-esque setting inside a grand London hotel.

    One minor quibble. The restaurant itself doesn't really serve cocktails although they can get you one from the Claridge's Bar. The wine list is huge (and heavy physically), but there is a sommelier at your disposal.  My dining companions and I ordered by the glass instead of a bottle.  A glass of champagne at the lowest end is £11 and the glass of Pinot Noir I had was  £12, if I remember correctly.

    You have a choice between a three course menu for £70 and a Menu Prestige with a few more courses (the number which escapes me now).  The amuse bouche was a turnip and mushroom soup. I normally don't care for turnips, but this soup was fantastic!  For my starter, I had the quail.  This was my first time eating quail outside of a Chinese restaurant.  What a difference the preparation makes. There was no gamey taste at all. For my main, I had the pork belly served with langoustines. The pork belly was incredible and I just knew, slicing into the perfectly crisp layer of fat, that it would be.  This meal was also my first time having langoustines. The best way to describe them are mini-lobster tails.

    After the main came the palate cleanser, a blackberry cheescake. This could easily have been a dessert by itself. Speaking of dessert, I had the Valrhona chocolate fondant.  The sweetness of the chocolate was perfectly balanced with the tartness of the accompanying passion fruit sorbet.

    Just when I felt I had had enough, the runner brought out a plate with some truffles and a mini lemon meringue pie.  A great ending to a wonderful meal!

    While the website indicates that a jacket is preferred for men, I noticed a table with some diners dressed somewhat casually in sweaters and jeans.  With that said, I recommend that you get dressed up and make a night of it, especially if you're a tourist. Afterall, you're in London and dining inside Claridge's!

  • 5.0 star rating

    If you are a foodie, you sort of have to experience Gordon Ramsay's fare while in the UK, and Claridge's is about as high end as it gets.

    The food is indeed exquisite. My wife ordered al a carte . . pork belly appetizer, roasted duck for the entree, chocolate with pear and vanilla sorbet for dessert. I decided that the best way to enjoy the experience was to do the 6-course tasting menu. Each course was delicious, and provided a nice progression . . didn't even know there was such a thing as beetroot ice cream. Everything was seriously good.

    The sommelier recommended a very decent wine based on my preferences, which was ironically the cheapest of the reds sold by the glass.

    The service was generally impeccable. The maitre d' and our waiter had both spent time in the states, and were very personable. My only criticism is that the sommelier wasn't attentive to my empty wine glass . . maybe that is a Brit thing, as I've found that wait staff generally seems not to follow up like they do at home.

    And the sommelier wasn't the most proficient at English, noting that we wanted to split a glass of port, but instead each got our own full glass. Not that big a deal, since we got what we paid for, but not necessarily what we asked for. Be aware that most wait staff in London are not native Brits, and many don't exactly speak (or understand) the King's English.

    Ramsay is a tyrant on TV, but after sampling his cuisine, I supposed he is entitled. Surprising based on other reviews, we got a reservation just a day in advance, which is probably one of the benefits of traveling during the off-season.  Bottom line . . awesome food and service, and prices to match.

  • 5.0 star rating

    For a being the only 3 Michelan Star resturaunt in London, this lives up to it's quality. Even though we went for lunch, it's still expensive (100 pounds = $160 USD)

    Gordon Ramsey, although you are nuts on "Hell's Kitchen," it boils down to perfect execution and details...this was the meal of my life!

    This was set to be a pre-fix 3 course menu, it ended up being up to 6 (love it!)

    Bread: Black olive bread w/ home-made whipped butter
    Pre-appetizer: Duck wonton with butternut squash soup
    Appetizer: Liver pate with bone marrow and black truffle
    Entree: Stewed Ox cheek (sizable portion and utterly British!)
    Dessert: Expresso ice-cream encased in a cubed dark chocolate shell
    Post- Dessert: Silver Truffle Tree
    Post-Post Dessert: White chocolate in liquid ice

    Service is very attentative, bread selection amazing....and yes, you need to reserve (we made our reservations two weeks ahead while we were in the US and once we landed from Heathrow, went straight there)

  • 3.0 star rating

    Nearly had the opportunity to go to his main restaurant, but GR @ Claridge's seemed a pretty good backup to get a taste of what the whole Ramsay experience is like.  Claridge's is the most famous of his offshoot places in London, and proudly bears his name.

    The interior looked a bit too high-class for my taste, although service wise, they did a great job at keeping tabs on everything.  Perhaps a bit too much, though.  It felt like there were eyes on us at all times from the wait staff, which makes actual relaxation a bit more difficult.    

    For a shot of the dining room - flickr.com/photos/swnkts…

    Decided to go with multi-courses instead of the tasting menu, due to the heaviness of seafood items in the tasting menu.

    First course, butternut squash soup w/ truffles.    Good, but pretty laughably small portion size, and wasn't amazing, either from a taste or texture side.  Good, but reliant on the truffles for hits of flavour.  

    For a shot of this course - flickr.com/photos/swnkts…

    Second course, pork belly and scallop.   Nicely done scallop, but the pork belly was too well done on the outside, leading to a dry, tough crust. Due to this, was difficult.     Dish did have a flat, counted piece of pork as a side, which looked like a little bacon rainbow.  +1 style points.

    Intermission.   Hey, they make a pretty good Old Fashioned.  I indulged x2.

    Dessert.  Basil flavored custard and ice cream with blackberries.   BASIL flavored. Surprisingly, not too bad, even with the heavy basil influence.  Nice, but not a "wow" dessert.  Solid, tasty, but not extremely satisfying.  Hey, did did throw in some madelines and pate de fruit and various other sweet things, so overall worked out fine.   Decent espresso, too.

    The bill through.   Dang.  Sadly, not worth it in the end, although it is a good experience to have under one's belt.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I have never given a bad review before.  And, I just want to say before I start, that I love, scratch that, am infatuated, with Gordon Ramsay.  I watch all of his shows, was toying with being a contestant on Hell's Kitchen, and overall, think he is the best chef ever.  Which, is the main reason, it pains me to have to write a poor review for this restaurant.

    My friends and I decided to go to London for a long weekend.  I immediately tried to get a reservation at one of Gordon's restaurants.  I found a 7pm spot at Claridges on Sunday, 15 Mar.  The reason I gave the review 3 stars instead of 2 (or 1) was because of the food and the Sommelier.  Both were EXCELLENT.  But, as for the rest of the service, that is what deserves a poor rating.

    Everything was fine as we waited before dinner in the lounge for the rest of our party, etc., but as soon as we were seated, things went wrong.  One, we were seated right next to the kitchen, which was not a big deal...but, our waiter, who asked us if we have dined with them before, went on to tell us how the restaurant prided themselves on service, etc.,  he immediately seemed like he was full of himself and I started to get a bad vibe.  He turned out to be a real twit.

    After looking at the gigantic wine list, we still didn't know what to order for drinks but had a good idea of what we wanted to eat.  The waiter tried to talk us all into getting the prix fixe menu like a used car salesman.  He actually made us uncomfortable and upset one of our diners.  (Mind you, this was her first time to London, and was really looking forward to this dinner and was planning to order a la carte almost a WEEK in advance!)  She was really upset into being pressured to not ordering what she wanted to.  We had a couple other quirks with another diner's entree choices (he was allergic to seafood) and overall, it really seemed that we were just putting our waiter out.  

    Saving grace was our Sommelier, he was talkative, friendly and we REALLY enjoyed his choice in the bottle of wine and thought he was very professional and a pleasure.

    Then the food came.  We didn't see our waiter again.  Someone else, who wore a suit instead of uniform, and another secondary waiter, served the rest of our meals.  But, the food was wonderful, and exceeded my expectations.  Since our waiter was gone, we could relax and enjoy our meals.

    Fast forward to after dinner....not sure where the disconnect was, but we waited for an hour for our check.  Many tables have come and gone at this point and we really were concerned that no one brought us our tab.  We finally asked the Sommelier if he could inquire about the check and after about 15 more minutes it finally came.  We were splitting the bill amongst credit cards and I happened to be in the bathroom when it came.  I was told that the girl who brought the tab, stood there waiting for me to return and asked my dinner guests "if I knew that I needed to sign this" and "I REALLY need to sign this" and stood there the entire time when I was in the restroom.  After waiting over an hour for a check, I'm surprised that someone was so impatient for a signature for the 10 minutes I spent in the loo.

    Overall, after spending over $700 USD on dinner, I would have thought we would have been treated a little bit better.  I'm very disappointed that my evening was such a bummer.  It really upset me that my dining experience as one of Chef Ramsay's restaurants was such an unpleasant experience.  Again, the Sommelier and the food quality was a saving grace, if it weren't for them, the restaurant would not have received 2 stars. :(

  • 5.0 star rating

    I was so fortunate to get a reservation at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant. I originally wanted the one on Royal Hospital Rd, but it was completely booked. I didn't know that I needed to make a reservation TWO months in advance. However, I was extremely delighted in their communication with me via email (Valeria was her name) and accomodating us at the Claridge's location. They even called me in California from London to confirm my reservation! And let me tell you, I wouldn't have traded my experience for any other.

    My husband and I were the first guests to arrive that evening. At first, it was awkward because all eyes were on us. I thought to myself, we're just gonna eat and run and this place won't even get packed 'til later at night when we're already gone... boy was I wrong! Apparently, it was a good thing we got an early reservation (6pm) cuz it was a 4hr dining experience. At one point, I even joked with my husband, "wouldn't it be great if we could see the kitchen?! "

    We decided to go with the Prix Fixe Menu. I can't remember anything I ate, but it was DELISH! The staff was extremely attentive and courteous. The brits are such welcoming people. Almost every person that stopped by our table chatted with us, from the busboy to the restaurant manager. And you can tell they were genuine, not like LA/OC people who just want a fat tip later.

    When we were finished with our meal, we were about to ask for our bill. The manager actually came over to us and asked if we were in a hurry to leave. I thought that was strange and of course we had no where to go, besides back to our hotel. The manager then asked if we would like to TOUR the kitchen! OMG! I was like, YA! Are you kidding?!

    He lead us to the back. It was such a clean kitchen too! No one yelling or screaming or throwing stuff across the room. Well, Gordon wasn't actually there (he was busy filming in LA, of course). We also saw the little alcove (Chef's Table) where a group of four were. The manager took a picture for us and it's one of my favorite from our whole trip. All in all, it was probably the best dining experience I've ever had.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Went for lunch and really enjoyed it. Didn't have time to sit around, so it was a little hurried and wasn't wearing a coat (I don't think that I own a coat), which is recommended, but not required. In spite of all of this stuffiness, my experience was quite good.  The waitstaff was great - very attentive.

    They had 3 prix fixe menus offered, it didn't appear that you could order off the menu.  Went with the waitstaff's recommendation and finished with a delicious cheese plate.

  • 5.0 star rating

    In summary, this restaurant took me back in time in many ways with its decor, its formality without stuffiness, and its menu, which had many classics.  It's in the Claridge's hotel, which is a landmark.

    We started at the bar, where I ordered a gin martini, dry.  This was my theme drink on this trip, I figured London would do a great job with it.  This one was not up to snuff, however, not cold enough, perhaps that is common in London, those across the pond seem to have an aversion to ice I have noticed.  The bartender was very formal, couldn't even get him to smile.  Ah well.  The dinner was divine.

    I had a sweetbreads, pig trotters in what looked like an Asian-style wrapper, fried.  A fantastic sauce around it, and a quail egg on one of the two rolls.  Heavy, rich, and very good.  Classic ingredients with a modern twist.  Then we split the whole chicken with truffle sauce.  Wow.  Not complicated but melt in your mouth perfection.  The sauce came in a nice little copper pot.  Potatoes Dauphinoise, perfectly cooked with a nice brown crust on top.

    The sommelier was very attentive and friendly because of course we kept ordering more bottles.

    Desserts were all really good.  Great experience overall.

  • 5.0 star rating

    This is absolutely the best fine dining experience I have ever had. From start to finish; we were well taken care of.

    The beef wellington was to die for! Dessert was amazing. After a brief conversation with our Maitre d', we mentioned that we were from Canada. Well apparently they like us Canadians; The Maitre d' went into the kitchen and shortly after brought out a small plate with some tasty treats compliments of the chef. It was a pleasant surprise to top off the night!

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    5.0 star rating

    Took my wife to Gordon Ramsay's last month because it was our anniversary and I wanted to surprise her with a good night out. I had the table booked way in advance and there were absolutely no problems with that. Both me and my lovely wife were incredibly impressed with this place. Right from the entrance the exquisite looks of this restaurant stroke us. And the way that the staff effortlessly weaved round the tables made me realise how low the standards are everywhere else. Oh and the food was simply amazing. I had the pot-roasted label anglaise chicken and my wife chose the summer truffle consommé with spätzle. Both meals were perfectly prepared especially with the fine wine we were offered to go along with the dishes.
    Visiting this restaurant is definitely an experience to remember and would recommend it to anyone looking for a special evening with a special person.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Considering Gordon Ramsay's reputation and after reading the reviews on Yelp, I was sorely disappointed in our dining experience.  While the food was excellent, the portions were small and the service was certainly not befitting a restaurant regarded as one of the best in the world.

    I am giving this restaurant 4 stars, one for each bite it took to finish my meal, subtracting 1 star because of the poor service.  First, a member of my party who has an extreme dairy allergy was rudely asked if he was actually allergic or simply intolerant when requesting that his food be prepared without dairy.  Nevertheless, he still received a course containing dairy and had to send it back.  Additionally, two of us had the cheese plate for dessert and the waiter expected us to select 5 of the 25 cheeses while providing us with very little information beyond what type of animal's milk the cheese was made with.  

    The food was wonderful, despite the small portions, and it's a beautiful restaurant, I just wish the portions were bigger and the service were better considering how incredibly expensive it is.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Fantastic dining experience, it surpassed all my expectations of what Gordon Ramsay's restaurant line is like.

    Made reservations through their easy to navigate online system when I was visiting in London.   Apparently making reservations during the week is quite easy, they had times available anywhere from 6-9pm.  

    The dining room is sheik and elegant, but not overly exuberant or gaudy.  They presented me with the menu for the evening, including an iPad as their wine menu.  First time seeing a restaurant use it in this clever way.

    Tried the 5 course tasting menu, everything was a knock out.  The standouts were the Tiger Prawn curry dish - this had to be the best tasting curry soup I have ever tasted and this is having been in Thailand for 3 weeks this past year.

    The green pea soup was also very tasty.  Dessert was accompanied by chocolate miniatures and petit fours.  They gave me so much chocolate that I asked for it to go in a bag.  No problem of course, presented to me in a nicely wrapped plastic bag with their GR sticker.

    Service was impeccable.  They treat you with enough attention without being overwhelming.  Each course presented by their wait staff with the menu description and any instructions or recommendations on how to eat the course.

    Would return in an instant when back in London.

  • 5.0 star rating
    3 check-ins

    You just cannot get any better than this, I was treated like a King at my own banquet feast.   I know I was not the most important person in the restaurant or the best dressed, I had just walked from Canary Wharf.... but the staff and Manager treated me like I was their most important guest.  Despite being dressed in jeans, T and hiking boots.

    I had the Chef's Lunch Tasting Menu,

    Ceviche of Loch Duart salmon, with avocado, ginger, ruby grapefruit and coriander
    Pressed foie gras, confit of rabbit, smoked duck, with green beans pickled shimeji and spring truffles
    Braised beef featherblade with cauliflower puree and baby spring vegetables
    THE TOTALLY AWESOME Dark chocolate with honeycomb sphere and milk chocolate sauce.

    Paired very nicely with 3 full glasses of wine (+ the malbec i ordered on the side).  Wine is ordered via Ipad!

    The entire experience (and that's what I came for) lasted nearly 3.5 hours for me.  The staff were very attentive of me.  Waiting on my every whim.  

    That day they were filming in the private rooms and half way through my meal I had to turn my chair to the other table as the lights were very annoying.  As soon as I had stood up and started to move my chair, 2 waiters came to see if I was alright, when I explained they reset my whole table and topped up my wine.  As soon as they left the manager came and apologized.

    The meal was presented in absolute passion and pride which it should be.  Each dish was perfectly paired with the selected wines.  Including a very nice Piedmont which I usually do not like that style of wine.

    Perfection at it's best I wish I had the time t go back during my trip.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I never eat at restaurants of this caliber (or rather, I can't afford to), but being a big fan of Gordon Ramsay's TV shows, I knew I had to eat at one of his London restaurants while I was in the city to make the most out of my trip. My girlfriend called about a month in advance and all we could get was a 2:45 lunch reservation, which goes to show you how popular this place is.

    In fine dining, service is what seperates the best from the rest and Claridge's exceeds every expectation I could ever have from servers at a restaurant. To say that they are punctual would be an understatement; I can recall several instance where I looked up to scan the room for our waiter, only to find him already approaching with whatever it was that I wanted. They obviously take pride in their work and they treat you as respected guests at their establishment, which really sets apart the typical dining experience where the customers are just streams of revenue flowing in and out.

    Of course a restaurant like this can't float on service alone; the quality of the food has to be outstanding as well, considering the stratospheric prices on the menu. Gordon Ramsay at Claridge's will not disappoint here either, but I will be honest and confess that the seabass my girlfriend ordered was much better than the lamb that I had picked. The menu is everchanging and to get the most out of your dining experience, I would suggest asking the waiter for his recommendations. I was slightly disappointed that they didn't serve crabcakes during lunch as that is the de facto Gordon Ramsay appetizer, but at least I was able to order some very delicious and rich risotto.

    Overall, the 3-hour lunch was more of an experience than just a meal. The excellent service and top-quality food in a beautiful location makes it worth every penny (although it's not something I can induldge daily). And to top it off, I have admit that I felt a bit elite being the youngest people there by at least a decade. If you are a traveler bound for London and you have the means, I'd highly recommend trying this place just to see what the fuss is about.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I was really looking forward to a great meal at Gordon Ramsay and the food and service did not disappoint.  

    I loved the friendly and non pretentious way that the service was handled from the time we walked in to the time we left. Also LOVE the iPad based wine list, very fun way to select the wine.

    Food and flavors were simply magnificent, love the creativity, the almost flawless execution and beautiful presentation.

    Only two quibbles:  I was looking forward to trying the Beef Wellington and came away a little underwhelmed. We had it for two and it just didn't do it for me, the wrapping was not that great, the meat was a little bit overdone and the flavors were just okay.  Too bad because every other dish was out of this world.  Wish I had tried something else.

    The only other quibble was that at the end of the nightie felt like we were ignored by the servers. It took well over thirty minutes to attract someones attention to finally get our bill and then another twenty until it finally came.  Too bad that it left a slightly poor last impression.  No fun sitting there for almost an hour stuffed the gills with a (swelling) Wellington in the belly and no water or wine to sip on.

    Still, the food approaches once in a lifetime quality and overall this place is highly recommended.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Very good, but not exceptional.  It is really hard to justify the price, so if i were to price adjust the rating, i would say it is probably three stars, but the food and service was much better than a typical three star restaurant.

    The service was friendly and helpful.  One in my party was on a vegetarian and gluten free diet and the chef made a very customized tasting menu for her including the breads, amuse and dessert.  All of these dishes I hear were very good.  I think it is worth the premium for her to have not missed out on the dining experience because of her diet.  

    As for me, i eat everything, so was able to enjoy a range of dishes.  Overall the food tasted good.  The downside is the salmon course was flat and not special at all.  The smoked salmon was no better than what you would find at a good NYC deli.  The other portion of the dish was too fishy and made the salmon seem not very fresh.

    Most of the courses had lots of cream which made the dishes a bit heavy.  So, although the flavor was good, it really didnt showcase the imagination of the  chef.  

    The dessert was the star of the show.  Had the lemon panna cotta which was a surprising and tasty blend of chocolate and lemon.  also tried the apple parfait.  It was refreshing and interesting.  So nuance that you can taste the essence of the apple skin.

    If it were not for the desserts, I would have given 3 stars only.  So if you go, you should not miss out on the desserts.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Simply stated....

    It cost alot of money but is well worth the experience. The food was impeccable but just as impressive was the service. I proposed to my girlfriend that evening and they took care of the small details, presenting the proposal on a desert tray outlined in chocolate, as well as the ring on a bed of white roses.

    Lastly, they escorted us to the kitchen to meet the chef and had a table ready to enjoy some wine and the rest of our desert.

  • 4.0 star rating

    The Claridge's is definitely one of those quintessential London hotels.  Luckily I was able to visit this on someone else's expense account.  Even in a black velvet blazer and tailor-made shirt I felt underdressed.  The wall was decorated with photos of famous guests- Liz Taylor, Prince Phillip, Warhol.  The fireplaces were roaring.  And happy-hour was in full effect.  

    I grabbed a martini in the bar, and waited for my friends to arrive.  We were brought into Ramsay's restaurant and given a preferential table as I'm assuming she came here often, was known by the management, and spent a pretty penny (or pence in this case).  The British are consumed with formality and extravagance.  This place goes beyond.  

    It's all worth the stuffiness though.  Ramsay definitely dispels the horrible reputation of British cuisine with his attention to detail and appreciation of flavor.  Having seen his management style on Hell's Kitchen, I can imagine the pressure the chefs endure each night to make sure the dining public are more than satisfied.

    Other than really enjoying the food, I could definitely get used to having a guest with a bottomless expense account.  Especially at a place like this.  

    Had some killer appetizers.  Scottish scallops, lobster ravioli, and some perfectly grilled rabbit.  For the main course I chose the John Dory fish accompanied with some mussels in a curry sauce, and coriander spiced pasta.  

    Definitely a place to check out if you want to dress up and run up the Amex.  Nothing says "I've arrived" like swirling a snifter of cognac (who's name you can't pronounce) late night in the opulence of the Ramsey dining room at the Claridge's.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Gordon Ramsay at Claridge Hotel is one of his many UK restaurants, I couldn't snag a table at Petrus or Restaurant Gordon Ramsay and instead decided on this based on Yelp and Tripadvisor recs.

    There are several types of fancy-pants restaurants - one with tons of old people / rich people, medium-high priced, break-the-bank 10-servers-to-1 customer ratio, and science project food (where you have no idea what you're eating because it's probably freeze dried). This is more the medium-high priced, with great service but they were not as attentive as other places. No points docked here.

    They offer a 3 course "a-la-carte" for 70 pounds, and a 6 course "prestige menu" for 80 pounds. The six course is tricky because they included in the 6 courses the amuse bouche and a cheese course (bleh). I'm afraid to know the bill after a bottle of wine an a glass of 19 pound champagne.

    The food was quite good but not at par for the price. The lobster ravioli wasn't delicate enough, the venison came with a really gross mushy paste... the standout was the bread (olive, onion, or potato) which came with two types of soft, melty butter and was warm, chewy, and delicious!... mmmm. Decent ingredients, nice flavor ideas, poor execution. Keep in mind I'm kind of a tough critic when it comes to these types of restaurants. I haven't been impressed by anyone's tasting menu except Melisse (in LA), Nobu, and Joel Robuchon (in Vegas).

    All in all, the service was good, there was free wi-fi (shhh... the password is Claridges!), and the food was decent. I would recommend trying Gordon Ramsay's Restaurant or Petrus instead (but book your table early!).

  • 4.0 star rating

    There isn't a better way to sweep a girl of their feet! My boyfriend took me here for our 4th anniversary, just after he popped the question.

    For starters I had pumpkin tortellini, James had mackerel which I was very jealous of but I had the fish for main which made up for it and James had the braised beef. I chose the chocolate sphere full of delightful fillings which has hot milk poured over it. James couldn't take his eyes off the cheese trolley, probably the best looking cheese trolley I have ever seen. Oh I forgot to mention the sublime consomme! A delicate little bowl of delicious liquid accompanied by gorgeous bread and butter.

    I couldn't think of better way to celebrate. The food was divine, service impeccable and it's a day I will never forget.

  • 4.0 star rating

    What a beautiful hotel, and how appropriate for it to house a Gordon Ramsay restaurant! By some sheer luck and persuassion, I was able to get a last minute, same day reservation for a group of us in for dinner on a Friday night!


    Seared loin and cured haunch of Muntjac deer, pickled red onions, hazelnuts, foie gras - the deer is cured perfectly, I'm sure but it's quite chewy and gamey so be prepared for that.

    Sautéed Scottish scallops, cauliflower and almond purée, cider glaze, bacon crumbs - everything tasted just perfect


    Roasted loin of Scottish venison, sweetcorn purée,
    hand rolled macaroni, broccoli, savory jus - not as gamey as the Muntjac deer, the hand rolled macaroni was just to die for!

    Cumbrian rose veal loin and sweetbread,
    roasted lobster, Jerusalem artichokes, cepe velouté - again, nothing to complain about


    Passion fruit cream, chocolate doughnuts,
    roasted quince and sorbet - the passion fruit cream was most yummy!

    Also tried the Thai-spiced lobster ravioli, lemon grass,
    lime and coconut broth - you can really tell that there was a lot of work put into making this perfect - the broth was just delicious!

    I especially like the unexpected in-between meals concoctions. For example, the vegetable consomme was just so flavorful and amazing. The homemade chocolate dessert with different fillings were also perfect ending to a great meal.

    The service was exceptional for this posh environment - very friendly, professional waiters and waitresses from all around the world.

    Per person, a 3 course dinner where you can choose from a list of an appetizer, dinner, and dessert is 70 GBP.

    KPI (Key Performance Indicators) ratings (1-5, 5 - best):
    Quality: 4
    Delivery/Service: 5
    Cost: 4

  • 5.0 star rating

    Get to the Chase:

    1) Came here for new year's eve dinner and it was absolutely worth every pence, quid, breath, morsel!!
    2) From the hotsy tosty fancy dining area with white drapings, violet/purple velvet curtains and seats, to the piano player...this place exuded class, elegance and fine dining.
    3) Gordon DEMANDS perfection, and consistent top performance, and THAT is embodied in every dish! I tasted it with every bite and it was just heaven on a fork and spoon. Words do not do the food justice, so i'll leave it to you and to see what I chose to eat...

    I'd recommend:
    Starter: Ravioli of lobster, shellfish and salmon, lemon grass and chervil velouté
    Entree:Braised shoulder of beef with pommé puree and fricassée of wild mushroom
    Dessert: Custard tart, Champagne rhubarb ice cream

    1) Price...but what do you expect, it's London, it's FANTASTIC food, it's a very high society fine dining kind of place, and hey it's Gordon Ramsey's joint

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    This place definitely lives up the hype.  It's a shame this place lost its Michelin star recently but hey it was a lot easier to get a lunch reservation.  Now, I don't usually like the fu fu fluffy decor you typically see at a place like Claridge's but it didn't feel as pretentious as I thought it would.

    They give you a couple of options at lunch - but I went for the 3 courses for 30 pounds.  I thought the tasting menu was a little absurd because it was pretty much the 3 course one plus.. just an extra course. I thought every course was amazing.

    The service was amazing without it being too stuffy.  It was a real treat!

    • Qype User sfeena…
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    5.0 star rating

    I came here for a birthday lunch with my family and had a great time!

    The 3 courses for £30 offer is quite reasonable, especially since they added on an amuse bouche to start and some teeny tiny extra puddings at the end!

    From start to finish the service was impeccable and upon hearing it was my birthday the serving staff brought out a minature lemon sponge (cooked to perfection!) with a candle and 'Happy Birthday written on the plate in chocolate!.

    The food was delicious, as was to be expected, light, perfectly cooked and flavours that complemented each other fantastically. I'd recommend this for a special occasion as the serene atmosphere adds to the wonderful food to make this a lovely experience which is more than just filling a hole. (So to speak!)

  • 3.0 star rating

    Visiting London on business, of course I had to arrange a team dinner at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant. After some impromptu planning, we called GR at Claridge's  around 4pm for a 7pm reservation. It was difficult to get through to reservations, but after numerous attempts, we settled for a 6:45 reservation.

    The restaurant is hidden in the tea room at Claridge's (which I think the decor is better). The service was okay, but not excellent - plenty of people standing around but really slow service.

    The food was good! I started with the Lobster Ravioli, which came as one large ravioli filled with succulent chunks of lobster in a circular bowl with creme poured around it. I had the sea bass as my main course, which wasn't anything special, which is the reason for the 3 stars. The dessert was delicious. I had the pear sphere, which was beautifully presented with pear, a chocolate sphere, and ice cream. I also tried the apple dessert (for 2) and that was really good but maybe too sweet.

    I don't think I'd ever return, but it was nice to try something different.

    • Qype User axisof…
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    4.0 star rating

    I'm currently doing write-up round of three of the Michelin restaurants I've visited in the last five months or so, (Arbutus, Chapter One and Gordon at the Claridge's).

    We went to GR with a group of around 7 and were quickly seated once the party turned up. I remember that the room is large with private dining rooms to one side.

    As many of the other reviewers have noted the food here is going to be good, so I won't go into too much detail, however the following were point was of exceptional merit:

    i) The cheeseboard Amazing selection from around Europe (and a bit further abroad) and the waiter was very knowing about the different offerings.

    The downsides noted were that:

    i) The wine list was extensive but we twice asked for something they'd run out of, (Sancerre my favorite!)
    ii) They got the order wrong for one of our party Umm, come on guys (main course dish)
    iii) They got the desserts wrong for another Umm.. :/

    The starters and mains were excellent, but the desserts lacked a bit

    So overall, I can't really place this place higher than the other two I mentioned above. This was the only place where the service was less than excellent (as well as order-mix ups, it was hard to get attention Not sure what the CCTV cameras actually did then)

    Prices are obviously pretty high as well, but yeah central London dining at a great level.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I was very excited to eat at Gordon Ramsays, and made a reservation as soon as the plan ticket to London was booked. We had the set lunch menu, which was great. However, if you do not have hours to lounge around for lunch, this is not the spot for you.

    We waited about 30-45 minutes in between each course, and after we were through our bill failed to show up for another 30 minutes.

    Aside from this the staff was overly attentive, and the food was cooked well. Everything from the bread to the chocolates at the end of the meal was seasoned well. The raspberry panna cotta was to die for! and a perfect ending to our meal.

    Overall, I would love to come back and try the 6-course meal, I just need to schedule enough time!

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    3.0 star rating

    I was considering a few places but finally settling on Claridge's for my birthday lunch and I do wish I had picked another place. When booking I told them it was for a birthday lunch so the table was away from the main seating area, in its own room just by the window. This turned out to be the birthday room as there were 4 other tables all celebrating. Kind of funny but nothing wrong with that, it was definitely the nicest part of the places.

    The lunch started off with the sommelier coming over with an iPad with the wine selection. Slightly odd with the interior of the place but why not? the lunch started with an amuse bouche of chilled pea soup. This turned out, sadly, to be the best part of the lunch. The starter of orange-cured sea bream, red and yellow pepper escabeche was an interesting combination of textures and flavours but didn't work for me, especially the gazpacho sorbet felt out of place and didn't add anything to the dish.

    The main was pot-roasted label anglaise chicken, summer truffle consommé with spätzle (couldn't bring myself to have the Sunday roast) which wasn't that interesting. The truffle flavour was quite nice (as expected) but the chicken was quite bland.

    The dessert of dark, white and caramel chocolate mousse, lime ice cream with chocolate madeleines was like something you would get anywhere, no sign here why the place would have two Michelin stars. Was nice enough and that's unfortunately all you can say about it.

    The highlight of the meal was afterwards when the head waiter found out that it was my birthday and gave me a tour of the kitchen, going through all different parts and taking a photo together with the head chef, Steve Allen.

    Good to have tried but there are plenty of other places I would go to instead of giving it another go.

  • 5.0 star rating

    All i can say is Magnifique!!!!

    This place was 5 star service all the way.  From the time we got out of the taxi from the host at the front we felt like a celebrities. Right when you sit down they hand you the Menu and you can choose from a la carte or Menu Prestige.  Being that we were in london we wanted to try a little bit of everything so I got the Menu Prestige which is a Six course dinner for £80.00.

    Omg did I pick it good.  Everything i chose was so good.
    Course i chose:
    1.Amuse bouche
    2.Loch Duart salmon two ways, smoked and marinated, beetroot, horseradish ice cream
    3.Thai-spiced lobster ravioli, lemon grass,
    lime and coconut broth
    4.Salt-baked Herdwick lamb loin and shepherd's pie, braised red cabbage, Jerusalem artichokes
    5.Lemon pannacotta, blackcurrant and hibiscus sorbet
    6.Cold Valrhona chocolate and gianduja fondant, mandarin sorbe
    We also added a dish of their cheese just to try it out.

    Also when you sit down and you have chosen your dinner their Sommelier comes with an Ipad of their wine list and helps you chose what wine to have with your meal.  We chose a bottle of  Pinot Gris Brandhof, Domaine Rémy Gresser, France, 2008 - 48.00.

    Once we were done with our meal, being that it was my Best friends birthday and his cousin works in the restaurant as a chef they took me and him in the back and gave us a tour of the kitchen where we met head chef Steve Allen and toured their wine cellar.

    If you're in London and looking for a great place to eat and 5 star service I highly recommend This place  you will not be disappointed.

  • 5.0 star rating
    Listed in London Spots

    Definitely a special occasion spot as it's no bargain...but wow!  The food was just wow...even dishes you've had 100's of times are recreated to be the best version you've ever had.

    Restaurant is very quiet, filled with mix of people who are there for a special occasion splurge and regulars.

    • Qype User logorr…
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    5.0 star rating

    I've eaten at Gordon Ramsay at Claridge's a few times now, but never more than once a year because, perversely, I love this place so much I want to keep it as a special treat.

    That the food is excellent is pretty much a given, since you don't get Michelin stars by accident so I won't harp on about it apart from to say that every meal I've had there has given me at least one experience that will stay with me forever. For example, a Valrhone chocolate fondant that left me literally (and I mean 'literally' in the proper 'it really happened' sense) shaking with pleasure. The set price menu is pretty good value, given the quality of food on offer.

    What made my last visit so special, however, was the front of house service. Having discreetly discovered that I was there with my wife to celebrate my wedding anniversary, near the end of our meal, a small cupcake with a candle was delivered on a plate with 'Happy Anniversary' written on it in chocolate sauce. The maitre d' then treated us to another extra special surprise: a tour of the kitchens. That might sound somewhat boring, but the fact is that a couple of tables near us had children in their party and it's a tradition at Gordon Ramsay at Claridge's that children are taken on a tour of the kitchens. It's indicative of the attentiveness of the maitre d' that he picked up on our envy and did something about it.

    It's these extra touches that make you realise that the staff there don't simply serve you food, they really pay attention to what you say and find out how to deliver extra flourishes that make the evening there such a special occasion.

  • 5.0 star rating
    First to Review

    For the price, Gordon Ramsay at Claridges is an absolute steal.

    You enter the restaurant via the magnificent hotel lobby - past an enormous arrangement of flowers to a serene dining room that you will either love or hate. (Coughpurplecough)

    It goes without saying that the food will be good but, each time I visit, I can't help but be re-amazed (sorry about that) by the sheer attention that goes into every single ingredient and every single dish.

    Service again is immaculate - attentive, anticipatory and not over fussy.

    As far as the drinks go, you can pretty much pay anything from the sublime to the ridiculous. If you're planning on downing a few glasses of champage though, splash out on a bottle rather than by the glass.

    I can honestly say that I have no complaints - however petty - about this restaurant.

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