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Private Dining - The Studio
Private Dining - The Babylon Lounge

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  • 4.0 star rating

    Let's be clear about something---this is the ONE place in Camden that is just not a CASUAL DINING PLACE!
    That and the South African place next to it.

    This is the kind of place I would take somebody on the company credit card or treat a woman to dinner I was really trying to screw!

    The food was unique, very tasty and presented beautifully.

    Food is brought out however and whenever they feel like it.
    It is very good when it arrives though.

    I had miso soup, a dragon roll, blackened cod, very spicy curry and honeycomb with shaved ice for dessert.

    It was all part of #Amys30 for Amy Winehouse's 30th birthday.

    We really enjoyed our experience. I will return next visit to London probably the night before we leave as a nice send off.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Weirdly nice place. Food ok. Lot of bells and whistles but nothing that stood out. Came here for a B'day dinner with a group of 10 people

  • 2.0 star rating

    It's been a while since Gilgamesh opened. The 800 seat 'super restaurant' landed in pre-gentrified Camden Lock market in 2006 like a blinged up supertanker gatecrashing a Levellers gig.

    Visually, it's stunning. The diner to be ascends a narrow escalator,opening out into an atrium space, a cavernous daylight filled dome, filled with ornately carved dark woods and squadrons of hushed staff. It's definitely one of the more extravagant spaces in the city, as distinctive as the tall tower dining of the Shard and it's ilk.

    Sadly, it didn't take long to go downhill on a recent lunch visit. Paper towels, scuffed and peeling menus and cheap, unwrapped disposable chopsticks clash with the opulent surround. We were the first people in at 12.30 on a weekend lunchtime, and indeed the only diners for a while, so maybe they only bring out the good stuff (and staff) for the beautiful people later on in the evening.

    It's a surprise that it's so quiet, given the vast hordes chowing down on hideously stodgy, reheated muck from the noodle merchants below. Despite the prices being more Chelsea that Camden, Gilgamesh have a set lunch menu at £12, so are not so far from competing in price and are surely a step above a styrofoam tray of MSG. I think that there's more they could be doing to create a welcoming entrance, either that or they need to actively compete with the serried ranks loudly peddling their deep-fried chicken drowned in gloopy sauce and offer people a taster.

    Given the pricing on the main menu, the disparity between the pricing of the set dim sum menu and the a la carte causes some confusion. The latter offers a pan Asian mix with most main dishes hovering in the £17 to £25 level, the former offers 3 'types' of dim sum for £12. With no idea how much that might deliver us we go a la carte.

    Mushroom dumplings were green, glutinous and somewhat grim. They filled a steamer basket like claggy shopping bags filled with a lukewarm mushroom vol au vent mix. Similarly, an £8 dish of three unremarkable chicken gyoza arrived flabby and too cold again, their skin lacking any crisp or crunch. Mottled, soft and wrinkled like swimmers who've spent too long in a municipal pool. Overall, the mixed temperature of the food became a lunchtime theme, with most dishes just not hot enough. Admittedly it's an enormous restaurant, but it didn't take so long to get from the kitchen to justify the tepid temperature of so many dishes.

    Ribs were of decent enough quality meat, but had been cruelly treated. Cooked in (or at least covered in) a glossy oilslick of black bean sauce, tasting of a sweet soy that had been punched in the face by a rogue gang of star anise pods and not much more. A rare high came with great tempura prawns. Scattered with a sprinkle of crushed something, jade green methamphetamine maybe, they were as moreish as they were fresh, though four of them for £17.50 is definitely on the steep side.

    Conversely, the T'n'T 'sashimi' pizza (I'm not entirely sure that's where best to place the quotation marks, but they need to go somewhere in a half-baked concept like this) wasn't the best idea of the day. There's a T for the tuna, wafer thin slices of very good sashimi, thrown away on an over salted flat biscuit base and violently assaulted with truffle oil (that other T) and acerbic micro greens.

    The Chef's sashimi selection was thickly sliced, lumpen and way too cold for the flavours of the fish to have opened up. I wasn't expecting Dinings or Umu standards, but I was hoping for better than M&S. We've moved on with Japanese and Asian dining in the capital, it just doesn't feel like the team at Gilgamesh has noticed. Two pieces each of salmon, tuna, prawn and (I think..) mackerel were plonked down unceremoniously by the server unannounced and unexplained.

    At £40 a head for an a la carte lunch with no drinks it's difficult to see me being back to try their evening atmosphere, though I'm sure that for some, the idea of a roped off luxe lounge in the heart of newly wealthy Camden is de trop. It's a world away from the Hawley Arms that's for sure. But come here for food? I'm not sure I could do it (and I'm not sure anyone else does). It's a gigantic bar and club, that also serves food. Overpriced mediocrity I know your name. And it is Gilgamesh.

  • 1.0 star rating

    No online bookings for Friday/Saturday and the number to call is now obsolete.
    When the correct number is called, nobody picks up.

    Crossed off the list of places to eat in town!

  • 4.0 star rating
    18/9/2013 Updated review

    Gilgamesh, Camden Town

    Set in the heart of Stables Market in Camden, Gilgamesh is a critically acclaimed pan-Asian restaurant, hosted by celebrated Head Chef Ian Pengelley.

    The stunningly beautiful restaurant has a contemporary style, perfectly fused with the exotic imagery and mystique of the Babylonian era. Gilgamesh leaves guests in awe of its opulent decor, entertainment and unparalleled dining experience.

    I decided to treat my partner to a birthday treat and as I'd walked past Gilgamesh many times in the past and wondered at what lay up that magic staircase, I had found the perfect excuse.

    One dish that really stood out for me was the Hoba Miso Chilean Seabass marinated with sweet plum. Every mouthful was an utter delight. I washed it down with a beautiful cocktail.

    We also enjoyed the Lamb Chops, char-grilled with a mustard miso dressing. The menu is quite extensive and I look forward to returning to try some more of their mouth watering delights.

    5.0 star rating
    7/11/2012 Previous review
    Set in the heart of Stables Market in Camden, Gilgamesh is a
    critically acclaimed pan-Asian…
    Read more
  • 4.0 star rating

    Chose this place for a blind date with the following mental checklist:
    a) Want somewhere to help me impress, but
    b) Don't want money to be an issue, or him to think I need to eat at pricey places all the time,
    c) Need a post-dinner drinks venue in case it goes well (+ escape route planned in case it doesn't), and
    d) I love Asian food, so may as well check he does too!

    I knew Masterchef had filmed here, and a friend saw some B-list celebs when she came, so with a bar + club attached it seemed to satisfy the above. Figured I'd score some resourceful/thrifty points by booking a '50% off the £49 set tasting menu' too ;)

    Setting is beautifully impressive - a soaring, high-ceilinged space of ornately carved chairs and tables, golden drapes and palm tree fronds. Definitely not what you'd expect to be hiding behind Camden Market.

    We were seated at a high table from which your feet don't quite reach the floor, hence it wins the award for Best Opening Act by a Waiter of 'take a seat madam, then I'll tuck your [heavy wooden throne-like] chair in for you'. Quite surreal but so far, so good!

    Pushing aside thoughts of how I'd move the chair without him to get to the toilets later (it turned out to be a struggle), my date and I made small talk for a good 20 mins before someone took our order - far too long given our set menu only needed one choice between lamb or monkfish for main. Still, my cocktail soon cheered me up, though found it strange that they only had one choice of beer and that was Tiger.

    Sadly by the time starters arrived, I'd already decided there probably wasn't going to be a second date(!), but I'll try not to let that influence my review of the place. Food was pretty good - highlights being the salmon sushi starter with passionfruit foam, the spiced lamb main and the Chinese broccoli side dish. On the other hand the dessert trio included the most bitter lemon sorbet I've ever tasted, causing me to screw my face up - highly attractively I'm sure. My tongue is still recovering.

    It was the service that made this place feel a little pretentious though - everything took a long time to arrive, then we were served someone else's mains, after all of which they had the cheek to ask us to hurry up and move to the bar area as they needed the table back. Trust me, if I could've eaten the food and made a sharp exit any sooner, I would have!

    Had a drink at the bar afterwards - cue strangely mixed crowd of ages and groups, mostly either guys in jeans or mega dressed-up girls in bodycon dresses ready to hit the club upstairs.

    Halfway through my g&t I caught a really foul drain smell wafting through the bar. The bar staff pretended not to notice, ignoring the girls next to us making loud 'euwww' noises and asking for free shots in compensation (I joined in at this), before another barman appeared wafting a bunch of incense sticks around. Not sure what they were hiding there!

    The mythology geek in me couldn't resist looking up the name and finding it's a Mesopotamian king not an Asian reference at all - but let's not be pedantic! :-$ Not quite as special as it thinks it is basically, but still worth a try if only to marvel at how far away from Camden you feel once inside. Not cosy but works well for a date or a showy meal (our neighbours had smoking sushi on dry ice!!). Oh and decent value with the offer; not sure it would've got 4-stars if I was paying full price.

  • 1.0 star rating

    It's a shame that I have to place 1 star - 0 stars would have been generous. Let me get to it.

    We were told to go for the taster menu, "it gives you an idea of all the great things we have on the menu" quote on quote.

    So it came out presented with all the glam, looked impressive - but tasted like a dogs dinner.

    Here it was...

    * Cold, sickly chicken salad with pieces of 'fried' chicken that become soft and nasty because of the strange wetness this salad had.
    * Wasabi mash with chewy beef (Mash potato at a Pan Asian joint?)
    * Thick gluey 'special' fried rice which looked like they use dessert rice
    * sashimi, which looked more like corned beef - thick cut, jaggered & tasted cheap  

    Anything good?

    * Deep fried duck rolls, ok - it's hard to get a fried dish wrong isnt it?
    * Dim Sum, respectable.

    All in all:

    To pay £110 quid ahead and get high street standard take away food is pretty much an embarrassment to this firms standards.

    Go there if:

    You are dazzled by bullshit, like pretty lights and crappy Pan Asian food.  I knew I wasn't stepping into Hakkasan but I also didn't think I was stepping into Lau's Magic Wok in White Hart Lane.

  • 5.0 star rating
    ROTD 4/11/2010

    I was lucky enough to enter the exotic world that is Gilgamesh last month to celebrate 2 birthdays and what a night it was! Heading up the escalators into the restaurant is like entering a completely different world, it definitely takes you far away from the urban feel of Camden below.

    Ladies, you'd be pleased to here that Gilgamesh has an AMAZING coat-check facility. I went to the restaurant straight from work on a Friday and had my overnight bag, purse and a coat with me and was worried how I was going to balance that all evening. Upon arrival the hostess took our coats and hung them up for us and she took all my "baggage" and kept it with our coats, all very secure and well watched.

    We decided to sample their set-menus for the evening and weren't in the least bit disappointed. The food was absolutely divine, bursting with all sorts of exotic flavours! The drinks were very well made and really lush. If you're a champagne cocktail lover like me, you'll love what they have on the menu! Everything is so well presented, as well. It truly is the full dining experience, but be warned it comes with a high cost. We paid roughly around £40 per head, we did order a few drinks and a bottle of Wine though.  I think the next time I'm there (oh there will be a next time!) I'll take a dive into the a la carte menu. The set-menu was so good that it has me curious as to what other mouth watering dishes they have up their sleeves - well played Management!

    After dinner we headed over to the back for the "club" section of the venue - if you eat dinner there the entrance to the club is free. The Persian/Asian theme follows through the restaurant into the back dance floor area, which is walled off from the main restaurant area. With 2 full bars and 2 large dance floors, it's definitely a recipe for an epic night of fun. The bartenders are great mixologists and prices are your typical London range. The music was hit or miss at times, but for the most part the DJ played the all the big hits of today and yesterday. He seemed to spin off into a reggae session that was 1 or 2 songs too long for me but seemed to realise he was losing the crowd and brought it back to more dance floor friendly vibes.

    Gilgamesh is great for a night out and I think it would be the perfect place for a girly night out or somewhere to go to impress your date.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Don't be fooled by the 3 star review, the surroundings are exquisite with great attention to detail, fantastic decor, the cocktails are mixed to perfection, and the food is delicious.

    Minus one star for the price, minus another for the slow service when I was there (it wasn't very busy).

    If you're looking to make an impression - perhaps on the first few dates - this is a place to splash out, just don't be surprised when your credit card develops blisters and acne, it is very easy to get carried away a few cocktails in.

  • 3.0 star rating
    8/7/2009 Updated review

    I was shown around the cavernous, truly humongous Gilgamesh as I had thought of having a party here. The place is stunning with several separate rooms where parties ranging from 100 - 300 people could be held. The main restaurant and late night location for the nightclub holds even more people than the event rooms. Yet all the glitz and pristinely dressed door hosts cannot hide the lack of soul I felt. Maybe the place is too big, maybe they are trying to be too 'Look at me I'm special,' in alternative Camden, but something just doesn't click.  

    The 50% off promotion for the set menu makes it an affordable £20 per head. I will try out the Pan-Asian menu and report back.

    3.0 star rating
    6/12/2008 Previous review
    This bar come restaurant come nightclub situated in cool Camden market is aesthetically stunning. A… Read more
  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I went in there at 6:30 on a Friday night and didn't get out until 2 o'clock Saturday morning. How did that happen? Where did all those hours go?
    My main let down about Gilgamesh is that I had never made the effort to actually go until a week before I left London. I was a little worried about having my leaving drinks there as I live south of the river, and friends were coming from all over London. It turned out to be the perfect place, it really makes an impression and is truly worth travelling to.

    We spent a couple of hours in the lounge area, the service was great as was the food... you should have seen everyones faces when steaming sashimi dishes came out! Later on we retired to the club (some retirement, we had a blast) The doormen and security were brilliant, they kept an eye on everyone but let us enjoy ourselves at the same time.

    One little confession to the doorman: I lied. My toes don't normally look like frightened starfish, they were just a little freaked out after the tumble down the stairs upon leaving the bar and didn't want you to worry too much. Thanks for being so sweet.

    All in all, yes the venue is huge but you can fill it with all your favourite people and it comes to life.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I live literally a hop and a skip away from an exclusive apartment block and have waited to visit this place since moving from NYC.

    The atmosphere was electrifying and decor was amazing - you can definitely have a good time.

    Food / drinks Delicious - this was some of the most amazing food I have had on par to some of the best NYC venues

    What lets this place down is the service and the level of details which is zero which kind of spoils it. When you paying and we paid £1000 for 9 people that's a lot of money you expect immaculate service that did not happen. Waiter just put the food down did not explain what the dishes were, wine was left on table unopened, and one of the dishes on the set menu was missing so when questioned he said they had ran out so we asked is thr a replacement and he said he would ask the manager but guess what we had finished eating. I will go back one more time as I want to make this my local - but you folks really need to sort out your service - we had a welcome but not goodbye when we left from the table I mean we just tipped him.

    We normally spend a fortune on author dinners as it was the London Book Fair. Gilgamesh we have a choice in where we eat sort your self out, you have a great restaurant and food but the staff need to match it.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I had the pleasure of dining at Gilgamesh when I visited my cousin in London recently.  Though it took me 45 minutes to find the place (I walked all through The Stables before I realized I'd passed Gilgamesh three times!), the food more than made up for it.  We had a group of four, and we ordered the tasting menu as well as a few of the more interesting entrees.  I don't remember exactly what we had, but the sashimi salmon was incredible (and came with quite the presentation on dry ice).  Some of the other dishes were a bit of a let down, though, namely the curry, the beef foie gras and the sushi.

    We were lucky enough to get seated at a table with no time limit, meaning we could stay as long as we liked.  However, even though we still had beef curry and half a bottle of wine left, we noticed a few of the staff was eyeballing our table quite a few times as if they wanted us to leave.  I don't particularly like getting the stink-eye while I eat, so that was a bit frustrating.

    I'd probably go back for a group event, as the atmosphere is better than the food.

  • 4.0 star rating

    The Sunday Super Short Review:
    Yeah this place is pretty pretentious (for those of you who've eaten in LA, it's sort of has a Dolce Group feel), BUT the food was actually very, very inventive and tasty.

    The duck & watermelon salad was amazing. I was apprehensive at first, but it was seriously really, really, realllllllllly good.

    Get the sushi with the smoke (from dried ice). So cool...and you know, the sushi is pretty good too...but SMOKE FROM SUSHI!!

    They also have a great drinks list too.

    TIP: If your table isn't ready, check out the tables by the bar on the back left side and do a little pre-gaming before the dinner.

  • 2.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Gilgamish seems a bit confused as to what it is or what it is trying to be. With a name after a Mesopotamian god, you would hardly expect sushi and curry to be on the decidedly pan Asian menu. And this hyper surreal temple decor can hardly be expected to be found in the designer grunge of Camden, -even the hip Camden. It can't even decide whether it is a club trying to be a restaurant, or a restaurant trying to be a club.

    The food wasn't bad, but it was hardly fabulous or exciting. The staff were more concerned about making sure we would vacate the table under the 2 hour limit allotted to every table. As I waited for my dinner companion who was 10 minuted late, they suggested I order for him before he arrived so as not to violate the terms of agreement of our stay at the table. They also had no problem asking me to move to another table after I had ordered drinks and was settled in order to make room for a larger party. It seems the main concern here are the tables, not the food. So yes, there was attitude and a definite air or pretension, which just doesn't fly when you don't have anything to back it up with.

  • 3.0 star rating
    Listed in NW don'ts

    I was taken out to lunch here by some work colleagues and the food was good enough, but considering how overpriced it was and that I wasn't particularly feeling the décor, I'd give it 3 stars.

    The venue is huge. I was there for lunch and it was preeeeeeetty empty.. like there were only 2 parties eating there and we were one of them. My biggest annoyance with the design is how incredibly bombastic it is. I tend not to like overly exaggerated asian themes (my only exception is Tao because well.. it's Vegas, anything goes). The food was okay- I got the sashimi salad and duck spring rolls. I felt the sashimi salad was pretty skimpy on the sashimi part but whatever, it was a free meal so I didn't feel ripped off or anything. Overall, I wouldn't go back there unless it was another free meal.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Great place to visit with a large group!

    I had the pleasure of dining at Gilgamesh with about 20 work colleagues. Located in The Stables Market at Camden, Gilgamesh was very easy to locate.   I was expecting a dull fixed priced menu, but Gilgamesh delivered a nice surprise.  The starters and mains were all very inventive - and the watermelon and duck salad was amazing!  For such a large group, the service was very well done also.  They were very attentive and the food arrived with nice spacing in between so that you could enjoy each course with a little bit of conversation.

    We enjoyed the lapis stone bar and ancient Babylon styled interior.  The cocktails were also very good.

    This place reminds me a lot of Buddha Bar that used to be located under Waterloo Bridge.  I'm eager to try it again with 2 people instead of 20.  Be prepared - it is a bit on the pricey-side, but worth the visit.  Book in December to catch their 50% offer - or book with a large group for a discount and a set menu.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I was not expecting to end up at a swish place like Gilgamesh when I left my hotel room. As a result, I was not dressed like I was expecting to end up at a swish place like Gilgamesh. I was instead dressed like I was running errands - Uggs and all. Oh, the horror.

    The good folks at Gilgamesh didn't take offense however and still seated us. The vibe was great, there's apparently a famous British reality star working there, and by 10pm the place was full of beautiful 20-somethings, all of whom were dressed to impress.

    I'll go back, sure. This time, I'll go back dressed less like a hobo.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I was really surprised by Gilgamesh when we went there recently for a friend's birthday brunch. I had no idea it was there, or that it was so huge and fancy. The amount of work that must have gone into the incredibly ornate carvings that cover the entire place is stunning.
    There's a separate bar area with very fancy drinks, nice to have before moving to a table in the dining area. Would be extra nice in summer, I think, when they can open the roof.
    The menu was an odd mix of sushi, Thai, dim sum and much more. Everyone's food was good. The place is not cheap by any means. I bet it'd be fun at night, though.
    The service was very attentive and knowledgeable.
    The men's toilet was actually really fun. Huge, ornate, with a cool arc of urinals that's hard to explain, but fun to pee in.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I've been to this place three times now and they have never disappointed. In fact they have been getting better each time.

    This place oozes character. With persian and asian decor, you will certainly feel like you're somewhere special.

    The food definitely tantalises the taste buds! I took my brother and his family here while they were visiting. We went for the 3 course set menu on special with 50% off. Each dish certainly wowed and we were all happy all round. If you're in a large group though I would advise to order of the a la carte menu, and go for more variety. Do try the Seabass! It's to die for!!!

    The highlight of the evening for me was the dessert! A complex combination of flavours, cleverly put together so as to complement but also reveal themselves in stage,s bringing about lots of oohs and ahhs. Couldn't help but think of Heston Blumethal.

    A must visit!

  • 3.0 star rating

    I've always wanted to dine here but when my friend decided to celebrate her bday here, I was thinking... great!

    The interior inside is amazing! Everything looked handcrafted!!! Maybe every single piece of furnitures and wall pieces are!

    We were lucky to get a TopTable offer which made the meal more enjoyable as the price is pretty expensive. Although I've had better Asian food, it was still good and since the customer services was excellent, it kinda outweighs the rest. Even the restroom is amazing!

    One small downside is the huge spaces they have which they can't fill it up although it was pretty busy on a Tuesday night! :)

  • 2.0 star rating

    So you walk into this place and like everyone else the first feeling is wow am I still in Camden!? The decor is great, and the cocktails are certainly impressive. Cannot comment on the food as I haven't eaten there.

    What disappointed me were the staff. Always believed that customer service was paramount for any company dealing with the Public, but perhaps Ive got it all wrong! The doorman and bar staff are extremely rude (attitudes seem to be dependent on how busy they are) cant help thinking they were ill the day they were supposed to attend customer service training!

    I would give this place a try though if just for the decor and experience and who knows maybe I was just unlucky................................ on three seperate occasions!?

  • 3.0 star rating

    The atmosphere here is amazing.

    The food was pretty good but of course it is sorta expensive since it is London. The curry and sushi here was really good, the presentation even better.

    I would definitely go back.

    However the only problem here is that it takes FOREVER to get your food. They were really busy that night but what I am hearing is that this place usually is pretty slow...

  • 3.0 star rating

    I went here for lunch and was blown away by the decor. Truly astounding, sturdy (and heavy!) carved tables and chairs everywhere, flowers and majestic trimmings.

    For lunch, they run a dim sum choice of three for £15. An adequate selection, I had sushi, prawn dumplings and calimari. The sushi was amazing, the other two fine...so it depends on what you choose. The gripe that I have is that we ordered beer and paid £4 for less than half a pint. Uh, really? Tiger beer is that expensive to import up your escalator?

    All in all, a nice restaurant for  a change of pace but stick with the specials because I'm not sure it would strictly be worth it on a night out.

  • 3.0 star rating

    You have to go and take a look at this place. It's enormous, and bizarre.
    The last time I went the place was full of middle-aged Russian women in diamonds and fur.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I'm kinda not sure what I thought of this restaurant.  We were wandering around Camden Market looking for something to eat, and my husband was getting irritable because he was hungry but I was NOT having anything to do with the carnival-food-like stuff being hawked outside throughout the Market area.  Ew, seriously, that stuff is all out in the open air with people coughing and sneezing and smoking, and flies buzzing around, and the people serving it don't appear to give much of a shit about their meat-based dishes co-mingling with the supposed vegetarian ones....no thanks!  I was relieved as hell when we spied the entrance to Gilgamesh.  Finally, a REAL restaurant!  Maybe their kitchen isn't sanitary either, but if I can't see it, it won't bother me so much.  :D

    The decor inside is really freaking elaborate, ornate, and very obviously expensive.  I mean, there's a table that runs the entire length of one wall which is inlaid with lapis and mother of pearl.  Shit!  No wonder the menu prices are so high....they had to take out a second mortgage to decorate the place!  It is really pretty though, so I'm not complaining.  Anyhow, we had a variety of sashimi and dim sum for lunch and the food was very delicious.  Portions were a little smaller than expected, especially considering the price, but it was worth it to eat something that wasn't being hawked by a dirty street vendor.  Service was prompt and polite; we didn't have to wait very long to get our food.  Which was extra nice because it hushed up the cranky-hungry hubby  :)

  • 4.0 star rating

    Very impressive decor, design etc. a lot of heavy and dark wood panelling with Thai and Japanese carving. Great atmosphere it the main dining area a big buzz and definitely a celeb spot - although we didn't see any unfortunately. Food was great had the set menu with 2 bottles of wine gorgeous although the a la carte was overpriced (5 tempura prawns for £17) service was good we hot out into the VIP area which was quiet and a bit out if the way got a little sidelined. They brought us the wrong bill and the waiter wasn't overly warm. But aside from that very impressive-large in size and an electrical elevator to get up into the restaurant.

  • 3.0 star rating
    First to Review

    I was itching to visit this place. I had heard all the hype - that the new kid on the block in scruffy, rumpled old Camden was a big bold expensive concept of Pan Asian cuisine, rolled into a sleek restaurant, bar and entertaining space. The arrival of this place left no doubt that the beautiful and rich young things flight path of Notting Hill and Mayfair was now directed towards North London.

    I went in with a few friends one Friday night, and instantly saw that the aim was to be seduced by the whole vibe. The bar and dining space is vast. The Pan-Asian theme runs through the DJ'd music, to the extensive cocktail list packed with 30 different types of sakes, and of course the food.

    The whole evening though, I had that slightly panicked feel of someone who realises that no matter how little they drink or order - the bill is going to be huge. Everything in this place adds up so much. While I enjoyed my 3 cocktails, and small selection of sushi, I really did not expect the bill to come to £60.00 a head, and my friends were ordering the same amount as me. I think I will wait until I have a bit more money (I actually mean A Lot more) before I come here again.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I was lucky enough to be taken here for a free Champagne Cocktails from a friend who had won a Gold Card for here with exclusive VIP entry...

    WOW WOW were my extact words, I mean this place is all about the WOW factor. Luckily I had dressed up for the occasion as i may have felt a bit of a tramp in comparison to my surroundings.

    The interior is layered with intricate hand carved wood, the ceilings t, and the bar ( which is the biggest in Europe)

    oooo the DJ cockpit is ultimate, with huge egyptian statues.

    This place is all about the BoHo Chic darling... bring out the bindhi's and diamonds and mingle with the gold diggers!

    • Qype User MissGo…
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    5.0 star rating

    If you love your food with a Babyloynic theme then this is the place to be. Situated in the very heart of Camden Town,the Gilgamesh is an experience is something you will never forget.
    The owners of this venture have given much consideration to a well thought out theme and concept which really sells well in an over saturated market.
    The restaurant and bar depict the epic story of Gilgamesh who was the first heroic figure in Babylonian history.
    The Lapis stone bar is the centrepiece of the venue and is considered to be the longest bar in the world. It was handcrafted in India by 10,000 strong team of craftsmen as are all of the furniture and furnishings. The bar's deep wooden base is covered in beautifully intricately hand carved bronzing depicting scenes of Babylon from the Gilgamesh period.

    • Qype User Timina…
    • Sydney, Australia
    • 634 friends
    • 758 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    I was really surprised by Gilgamesh when we went there recently for a friend's birthday brunch. I had no idea it was there, or that it was so huge and fancy. The amount of work that must have gone into the incredibly ornate carvings that cover the entire place is stunning.

    There's a separate bar area with very fancy drinks, nice to have before moving to a table in the dining area. Would be extra nice in summer, I think, when they can open the roof.

    The menu was an odd mix of sushi, Thai, dim sum and much more. Everyone's food was good. The place is not cheap by any means. I bet it'd be fun at night, though.

    The service was very attentive and knowledgeable.

    The men's toilet was actually really fun. Huge, ornate, with a cool arc of urinals that's hard to explain, but fun to pee in.

    • Qype User cleois…
    • London
    • 46 friends
    • 176 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Entering this strangely appointed building, feeling anticipation and excitement growing as we got towards the top of the escalator decor wise I felt that we were almost going to burst into the palace from the film 'The King and I'. In more detail it would be yet another evening with my beloved and I.

    She brought me here and I really did like the decor. The tables were fairly close together but not to the point that I ended up going home with the wrong person or that I got to hear every intimate detail of their conversation.

    Even though the place is massive the lighting and wooden tables give a delicate intimacy. Just the thing when you want to have a lovely dinner date that is ruined by light or when you don't have enough.

    The chairs we had were like mini thrones, the regal feeling that came with such nice chairs also helped to relax. Table size decent too especially as Gilgamesh will bring your meal with lots of components.

    On this night we both pigged out a little. We opted for a set menu and from that we had goose spring rolls, steamed siu mai, salmon sashimi salad, turkey malay style curry with roti and chutney as well as some delicately cooked sea bass, served with rice and a simple dessert with pear and milk ice cream.

    To that we added a duck and watermelon salad and some prawn and banana spring rolls.

    The rolls were exquisite and an interesting mix of banana with a slight salty edge from the prawn which made what seemed something borderlining a banana fritter into something of a taste tingling sensation. I loved it, I would marry the roll if it wouldn't have been not so kind on the waist or gone soggy after the first night.

    Still with food it's there to be savoured and for the moment. Luckily the portion soyes weren't stingy but they weren't massive either which made our pig out not feel as if we had just eaten Christmas Dinner or anything like that.

    Still I will live in the gym and in the squash courts following my liason with those rolls as that was a bit too good, the parts of my body that crave lipids would have practically oil wrestled to get more of those rolls.

    Although to be fair they were crisp and not overly greasy.

    If I was to have a dirty foodie affair it I would have to revisit gilgamesh for its interesting tastes and delicate yet effective spicings.

    Everything else in the restaurant was great, although I do have to note that the staff were being a bit over the top. When we were there it was a Wednesday night, not massively busy and on first seating you would have thought they were backed up for our table. They also weren't overly good in paying attention to what we needed. We wanted a cocktail menu to which was missing at our table so obviously we asked for one and the staff seemed a little baffled as to why we wanted a cocktail menu.

    To write it down makes me sound a little bit petty, perhaps I am but when I go for a meal and especially somewhere that isn't cheap I do get easily irritated if I feel waiting staff are trying to ask stupid questions or not think a little bit more. Or just feel that they are challenging what I want.

    I'm not asking them to break into performing Matthew Bourne's latest offering or even to give us interpretive dance when we are served but I don't like it when I feel rushed or that my requests (that are always very reasonable and will be because I don't have something) are met with a borderline sneerish attitude.

    Still everything else in there was absolutely wonderful and the hostesses that greeted us were lovely too. To be fair the staff were just a bit overkeen and I think needed to turn down their speed and approach. This was a Wednesday evening and not 8.00pm on a Saturday night...

    I will be back though as there is more of that menu I want to sample. Particularly a meat dish that looked as if it was avec Heston by the addition of theatre coming to us in the form of dry ice 'smoke' billowing from its side and a rather excited table awaiting to devour the smoking creation.

    I too would have done the same if I hadn't already decided to eat the entire menu.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Having been in for drinks a while back, Gilgamesh is one of those places that I've been wanting to eat at for a while, and I finally got my chance last Friday.

    The main dining area is vast, but with a good use of different levels of seating to break up the space a bit. The décor is incredible, with wood carvings adorning every surface imaginable. My first instinct would have been to think that the décor is tacky, but somehow I think they've just about managed to pull it off.

    Clientèle was a mix of young trendies and quite a few tourists, and the atmosphere was lively.

    We dined from the set menu (£40 down to £25 courtesy of online booking) - the starters were definitely the highlight, with divine shrimp and chive dumplings, spicy salmon sushi, and a duck and watermelon salad providing a surprisingly delicious combination. Mains were chicken teriyaki and noodles for myself, and veggie curry for my partner, and whilst very filling came across as being rather unoriginal, and lacked the sparkle of the starters. Dessert was distinctly unmemorable (green tea tiramisu?).

    The otherwise great night was properly stuffed up by dismal service, with the waiter getting our order wrong and service being abysmally slow (for example - 40 minutes after arrival until drinks were on our table); however without further prompting (and, I suspect, the waiter envisaging his 'optional' service charge being crossed off the bill), we were given two complimentary glasses of champagne and a tenner off the bill - enough to win back our happiness and goodwill.

    I may have painted a bit of a bleak picture, but I have to say that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a return visit - with the online offers, a set menu comes in at £25, with a tenner for a cocktail. At that price for a meal, I think it's worth every penny. The food is delicious and very filling, and whilst the main course and desert lack a bit of imagination, are perfectly serviceable. The ambience in the place is incredible, with the lively atmosphere and the kitsch décor making it a very unique venue. The service, which, to be honest, was abysmal, was at least compensated by a waiter who recognised that amends needed to be made, and did so with minimal amount of fuss, saving us from having an inelegant quibble when the final bill arrived.

    • Qype User neil_d…
    • London
    • 18 friends
    • 75 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    As a restaurant, Gilgamesh is a stunning bar.

    If that sounds like damning it with faint praise, it probably is. Lunch today ranged from the very good - rock shrimp, a powerful green curry - to the average - slightly underpowered duck spring rolls with an overpowering, thick hoisin - plus, in the case of the otherwise good fried sea bass, really disappointing chips.

    But as a space and as a bar? Astonishing. It's light, airy, friendly, gloriously over the top, opulent With a good drinks list, this decor and the £10 dim sum deal (any three dishes off the dim sum menu), this looks like a very impressive first date place to me.

    • Qype User NilliJ…
    • London
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    • 60 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    Amazing Amazing Amazing!

    Giglamesh is a time machine! When first arriving, there are escalators to carry you up to Giglamesh. I expected just another restaurant and just another boring expeience. I must say that y breath was taken awy, I can in full honesty say that for a split second I could not breath!

    Giglamesh is decorated e a real middle eastern restaurant. It felt as if the escalators had brought me to another time and era.
    Even though the decor was amazd the feeling it supplied was absoluely mind blowing, the service however could have been much better. Alot of time was put on wrong orders. After a few times of seeing the waitor running in and out the kitchen with our food, he ally got it right. The food was good, it was very neutral though. It didnt really have anything memorable about it and some mightsay it is a waste of money. In my opinion, Giglamesh has te visited atleast once, the decor is too nice to miss on.

    Pro's: Amazing feel to, beautiful decor.

    Con's: Bad service, menu not worth price.

    • Qype User Howso…
    • London
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    • 26 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Gilgamesh is stunning. The term aesthetically pleasing generally infuriates me - particularly when applied to either decor or architecture - but is valid in this instance. You walk in, you look around and you gasp. There is an opulence that is just this side of garish, an ornateness that is just this side of kitsch - and yet it works. The loo is a treat in of itself, with sinks that make you not want to leave (I was not aware of having a sink fetish until that point - it was quite unnerving).

    Add to that exquisitely prepared food, delicious cocktails and truly lovely staff (the girl on the door looks like a supermodel).

    My one complaint would be the fact that it is so not Camden. If I go out in the Chalk Farm/Camden area I expect a certain left of centre kookiness that Gilgamesh lacks. However, to complain about Gilgamesh is to be an idiot - so I shan't do it.

    • Qype User theku…
    • London
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    • 104 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    For a place in Camden, Gilgamesh is definitely that stands out as something out of the ordinary. Firstly, it's a huge location with a huge bar area to hang just for the drinks and an equally large dining area where you can indulge in their take on pan asian cuisine.

    Some of the decore is almost a little bit over the top kitsch for an asian-themed place, but somehow it just seems to work. I only wish that it was slightly brighter near the tables so you can appreciate the presentation they put into their dishes.

    They even have a private dining table, apparently called the chef's table, where your party's private chef prepares all the food.

    This place often has deals on top table during the week because I guess it's hard to fill that much space when it's not the weekend.

  • 5.0 star rating

    During a rainy stroll through Camden Town, my host took me into the massive venue that is Gilgamesh. I was really impressed with the intricate carved wood walls stemming from the bottom of the restaurant and ALL way throughout. Everything inside has so much detail. from the large cauldrons full of fresh rose petals, to the the fancy pillows in the round table booths, everything was as if you were in some sort of lavish palace.
    I would go back on my next trip to London.

    • Qype User consta…
    • London
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    • 91 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    I wonder whose idea it was to open an expensive high end restaurant in a lacklustre part of Camden bounded by an empty mall parking lot and a railroad on each side.

    The dining hall is considerably spacious, but apart from the hand carved high detail Mesopotamian wooden frescoes, it looks like a venue for a cheap wedding. The huge metal roof supports, fake looking Christmas style lights and a sight of a dirty container railroad track outside certainly don't help to embellish the atmosphere.

    In terms of the food, first time I dined from the set menus at the friend's invitation and most items from either of them were fairly mediocre. Not much more to say about that.

    Certain dishes from the main menu are much better than others. The sushi are fairly boring both in terms of choice and quality. The beef penaeg was served quiet cold and tasted like the army canned food, in my experience.

    However, the crispy duck with plums and pancakes and the Japanese style ribeye beef were on a different level entirely. Very professionally prepared and delicious.

    The bar offers a decent choice of champagnes and cocktails. The wine list is pretty good as well.

    I think if you live close by, it's definitely worth coming in for drinks. A full dinner can also be enjoyable provided that you're acquainted enough with the menu. However, it's difficult to find parking in that area and there are dozens of restaurants in central London that offer similar or better Asian cuisine at the same price level.

    • Qype User klark…
    • London
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    • 133 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Must see venue...Everything hand carved in wood, bar, ceilings and seats including. Absolutely unique.
    The position (Camden) might be a bit unfortunate, but it is worth coming in. It is pricy gotta say, Cocktails £10, but what is cheap in London??
    You can ether have adrink in the Lounge, dinner in restaurant or go to Babylon club. Whole place is huge, takes around 500 people in.

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