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  • 5.0 star rating
    3 check-ins

    I really love Gelupo.  I would argue that it is the best gelato in London.

    They have great sorbet as well.  I have tried lots of flavours but my favourites are the Hazelnut gelato, the Dark Chocolate Sorbet, Fresh Mint Stracciatella and their various seasonal fruity sorbets.

    I will say that their Gelato is great, but I think the espresso in the Affogato was really terrible.  It doesn't help that I worked in coffee for 6 years, and I know a bad espresso shot when I see one.

    Come here for their gelato, sorbet and biscuits.  Skip their coffee.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Gelupo was good, but not amazing.  

    It had all the hallmarks of a good gelato place - muted colors in the gelato; bits of fruit apparent in my scoop of peach; crisp, fresh cones; some interesting flavors but nothing outlandish - but it didn't quite achieve greatness.  Maybe because the gelato was very cold?  Could that sap the flavor a bit?  It didn't help the texture, which was more solid than usual for gelato.

    We tried peach, pistachio, and chocolate ricotta black pepper, and the last was the best, which is unusual for a classic gelato place.  The place is cute and centrally located, tucked away down a back alley in Soho, but is otherwise unremarkable.  I'm sure I'll be back, and maybe my next scoop will blow my mind, but for now I'm giving it a solid 4 stars.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Great gelato served at the right soft texture. Good range of flavours which change depending on the day and availability. I tried hazelnut (excellent) and ricotta sour cherry stracciatella (good) in a small tub.

    Note, when they say 'small' they really do mean small, maybe 'tiny' would be more accurate. I think I would prefer a slightly larger tub that can contain the gelato a bit more since it melts very quickly especially on a warm evening but great place in a great location. Pricing at £3 for a small with two flavour choices is OK.

  • 4.0 star rating

    A friend first brought me to this place to help me with my withdrawal effects from all the gelatos in Venice, and boy have I fallen in love with this place since then.

    First, their variety never ceases to impress me.  They have at least half a dozen flavours for gelatos and sorbets, respectively -- but it doesn't end there.  Each flavour is so creative and unique that you actually want the queue to go slower so that you can have more time to decide which one to try.  

    Second, the taste and quality are impeccable.  Sometimes, when a flavour gets too creative, you're bound to be disappointed with "Remind me what exactly this is supposed to taste like?" sort of taste.  Never at Gelupo.  In fact, I'm always awed at how they manage to make everything taste so true to their name and yet so miraculously good.

    Even if you don't have time for a full meal in the area, stop by Gelupo for a cone or cup of gelato.  You won't regret it.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Oh Gelupo. Where to begin. Quite possibly my favorite gelato in London with delicious sorbets as well. I also really enjoy the fact that Gelupo serves two flavors in a small cup (a small is unfortunately only one flavor for you cone fiends). Some amazing flavors include avocado (yes that's right! avocado), dark chocolate, snickers and hazelnut. I still have quite a ways to go in terms of working through their offerings but safe to say I haven't been disappointed once yet. There's also a small but nice area to sit if you'd like to enjoy your gelato in the shop.

  • 5.0 star rating

    By far the richest Chocolate Sorbet I have ever tried. Probably the equivalent of eating 5 Lindt chocolate bars at once. Decent prices, great value.

  • 5.0 star rating
    3 check-ins

    I'm always making excuses to go to Gelupo these days. Any reason to be around Soho I can muster will be mustered. It's a creamy dream(y).

    I was told they had vegan flavours, so when I asked the (all Italian) staff what their options were that day, they told me "the entire right side of the board".
    I was expecting 1, maybe 2 options like the other gelato places around, but I think the reviews have established THIS IS NOT LIKE THE OTHERS. (Feel free to start singing "One of these things isn't like the other. One of these things, just don't belong." because Gelupo doesn't belong amongst those weak gelato criminals, it should be on a pedestal made of gold).
    So here I was, faced with many incredible choices- Chocolate, Avocado, Espresso, Blood Orange, Coconut, Raspberry, PIMMS! (Dairy options included: honeycomb, green apple, stracciatella, limoncello, elderflower, etc)  And I could choose TWO for my small cup! Thankfully, you can taste away!

    I would go ahead and ask for a stamp card because you WILL be back for more.

    Warning: The crispy waffle cone circle they give you may or may not be vegan. I have received different, conflicting answers.

    Anyway, stop reading this and get yourself down to Soho NOW!!!!!

  • 5.0 star rating

    You know when you go on a trip to another country and there's one place or food you try and it surprises you in how amazing it is, and then you just can't stop thinking about it long after you return home and wish you had gone twice?

    That's Gelupo for me.

    I had been in Paris before chunneling to London and thought I had already tasted the best gelato outside Italy (i.e. Amorino and Pozzetto). What's London got to offer? Well this was hands down the best.

    It all comes down to that magical combination of flavor and texture. I always get pistachio and hazlenut (I'm a nutty girl, I know), sometimes salted caramel if feeling extra indulgent. Boy, I swear I nibbled a pistachio in there--those flavors were so intense and delicious. The texture was perfect: "sticky," which is my way of saying if you whip the gelato with your spoon you form mountain peaks (I'm not a fan of the watery versions).

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    A little dessert gem in the heart of the city. Very good gelato and coffee ... And if you mix the two ... Wow :) not to much sitting offered inside, that's maybe the only flaw of the place.

  • 5.0 star rating

    There you have it, the best gelato in London as proclaimed by the endless row of visitors. random flavors (like liqorice!) that change every day, all fantastic. We tried a variety of them and they were all intriguingly good.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Best gelato I had in London. Hands. down. Top 3 gelatos for the trip too, and we tried over a dozen places sourced from Yelp. Original flavours like hazelnut, pepper and chocolate. This is how I imagine it would be in italy

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    One of the best gelateria in soho with cool funky flavours and generous portions. They also do ice cream cakes and sell other random stuff like truffle oil

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Heaven in a waffle cone!

    After a long day of coursework and then Soho shopping we were in desperate need of something cold and sweet. I've had this place bookmarked for weeks based on all the wonderful reviews. I now completely understand why everyone loves the gelato here so much.

    For one, the menu has the most interesting flavours I've ever seen! Blood orange, Elderflower, Fresh mint stracciatella. Of course there are the "normal" ones too like hazelnut and pistachio. I was so intrigued by the fresh mint I had to get it. I also ordered bitter chocolate because I love super dark chocolate and the description said the cocoa was 72% dark.

    If you love fresh mint leaves like I do, I definitely recommend getting the fresh mint stracciatella. It's got such an intense mint taste I imagine they used a lot of actual fresh mint leaves to make it. Plus there are little flecks of chocolate sprinkled in, though these were a bit drowned by the bitter chocolate flavour I paired the mint with.

    I was a bit confused about the size guide and how many flavours it equalled. I wanted a medium which according to the menu looks like three flavours but I when I ordered a cone the staff told me I could pick two flavours. Theres no illustrations for cones, just cups which may have led to my confusion... or I could just be reading it wrong.

    In the very back is a section of Italian food items to buy plus a few tables. If the tables are full though there are lots of bar stools on the side you can sit on. And if you need wifi they have that too! Just ask for the password.

  • 5.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    This is one of my favorite gelato spots in London. They ways have the freshest and unique flavors, and change their menu regularly with the season. This place is connected to the bocco di lupo restaurant across the street which is also amazing. The venue is also really cute, there is a little area in the back with chairs and a variety of Italian goodies to buy. The line can get quite long but usually moves along quickly. I would strongly recommend their blood orange sorbet, roasted red plum sorbet and pistschio and hazelnut gelato! Also they have pretty decent coffee and you can get hot chocolate with gelato melted into it on a cold night. No need to wait for summer to enjoy gelato at gelupo!

  • 5.0 star rating

    After one of the worst apericena in my life (see salento green life) we went here trying to finally have something good: oh thanks gelupo, thanks for making me feel again in peace with the world!

    Very nice italian style ice cream store, you have a choice between 10-12 flavors and they told me they usually change from time to time, and that's very nice and I appreciate that in a gelateria!

    Every waitress is italian, and they are friendly and kind, oh my god it was like resurrecting from the underworld!

    Speaking about the ice cream: this is depending on what you like. Ice creams served here are watery, and for me that's what I wish for, so... excellent! but (for example) a friend of mine like them more creamy and milky so.... Just get in and try!! you'll surely find something you like and something you don't! for example, chocolate is just delicious in my opinion, as it's prepared as a sorbetto rather than as an ice cream, montebianco instead is much more creamy (and you want to buy a kg of it!!)

    Ah BTW there is a nice little room where you can sit and look (and buy of course) at other italian delicatessen, original ones!!!

  • 5.0 star rating

    PROS - After downing a bowl of ramen from Bone Daddies, this was just up the street before hoping on the train home. Located down an alley near the red light district, Gelupo serves up incredible gelato. A small is £3, med is £4 and a large is £5. I opted for the large because again, I'm a piggy with a sweet tooth and wanted to try a few flavors. The great thing is that you can get different flavors in a single cup (depends on the size you get as well). I tried the Blood Orange, Pistachio and Raspberry.

    The Blood Orange was fantastic, just the right amount of tang with the sweet. I already knew the Pistachio would be great (since it's such a gelato flavor classic) but it was even better than I anticipated. I wouldn't get the Raspberry one again however because the tartness paired with the sourness made me feel like I ordered a Sour Patch Kids gelato (I love Sour Patch Kids, so no hate there...but just not right as a gelato flavor).

    My friend had the Pistachio and Fresh Mint and the flavor when you paired it together was amazing. The mint flavored gelato wasn't what I had in mind -- it literally tasted like FRESH herbal mint. Very refreshing, very nice-- I would order the Mint again for sure.

    CONS - None. I wish there was one in Richmond!

  • 5.0 star rating

    This gelato is absolutely my fave in London!!
    I'm vegan and I love the fact that their sorbets are not always the classic lemon or strawberry!
    I could kill for a cup of their coconut sorbet, it's just so creamy.. divine!!
    No matter how bad the weather can be outside (it's London, anyway!), you can stop at this friendly Italian place, have a seat and enjoy their amazing gelato!

  • 5.0 star rating
    7 check-ins

    Gelupo in soho has got to be one of the best if not the best gelateria in London.  The flavours are seasonal some changing daily always using high quality ingredients.  The staff are happy to offer tastings.  On this visit I sampled saffron & vanilla, avocado and mint green tea.  Pricing at £3 for a small cup is competitive for the area.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Even if it is snowing outside and your stomach is full of fatty meats from nearby Pitt Cue, do yourself a favour and stop by Gelupo for dessert.

    Gelupo creates their dense, full-flavoured gelato using specialised Cattabriga Effe equipment and an eggless, milk base. The lower fat content is not to help you maintain your figure, but is actually designed to showcase the flavours of the top-quality ingredients. This is most apparent in their bitter chocolate sorbet - a vegan treat that tastes of pure chocolate in the best way imaginable. Only Smitten's liquid nitrogen TCHO chocolate ice cream in San Francisco compares to the heavenly texture and flavour of this gelato. I must include a scoop of bitter chocolate in any order I place here.

    Gelupo excels at both traditional and innovative gelato flavours. Some standouts (in addition to the aforementioned bitter chocolate flavour) include: fresh mint stracciatella; ricotta, chocolate, and black pepper; hazelnut; Bonet (rum, chocolate, amaretti, egg yolks, and espresso); coconut; and blood orange sorbet.  On one summer visit, the entire shop smelled of the divine galia melons they used in a special seasonal flavour that tasted of frozen melon and nothing else. They do not hide inferior ingredients behind mounds of sugar.

    The queue (and there will be a queue) moves quickly here, despite their generous allowance of free samples. The staff is always very friendly and happy to provide recommendations for their favourite flavours and combinations. I have never sampled any of the ready-made cones and cakes in the refrigerated case, but they also look appetising.

    Since Gelupo continuously experiments with new flavours and combinations, there will always be a reason to return. Inclement weather or satiated stomach notwithstanding.

    (Last visited July 2013)

  • 4.0 star rating
    4 check-ins

    To date, the nicest gelato around Soho.

    This was our second visit (so far); during the first, neither of us could actually taste much thanks to a shared sinus infection (even our viruses are codependent?) so I knew we had to give Gelupo another visit before I posted a review.

    Last night we had milk and fig leaf gelato, blood orange sorbetto, and kiwi, gin, and elderflower sorbetto. All three flavours were lovely, with the gelato maintaining a smooth texture, the blood orange pleasantly tart and fragrant, and the kiwi and elderflower topnotes not overwhelmed by too much gin (yes, I know, difficult to conceptualize of such a thing).

    Prices are average for artisan gelato, and the portions are just right. Do be aware that there's usually a queue, but it moves fairly quickly.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    All the flavors were delicious here! Definitely a must go place for some good gelato!

    I had the blood orange and OMG...it tasted like heaven as well as the waffle that was with it. The store is super cute and the staff was very friendly!

    You must try the blood orange!

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    You cannot go wrong with a Panettone with ice cream, chocolate and butter. oh my. its the best invention.

    the staff are nice, but do take cash as sometimes their card machine stops working.

  • 5.0 star rating
    Listed in London: The eats

    Coriander gelato with chocolate chips? Ummm HELLO!

    Gelupo is killing it when it comes to creating amazing gelato that is interesting yet still REAL. By that I mean they don't seem to be loading up their gelato with fake flavours and colours, rather they call upon great ingredients that will really sing once blended and presented in frozen form.

    Save room in the dessert stomach for a visit here.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Do not walk by this Italian ice-cream shop if you are on a diet.

    I could not resist trying some of their funky & sexy flavors such as the 'bitter chocolate' and 'gin/kiwi/elderflower'.

  • 3.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    These stars are 3.5
    Stumbled upon this place while I was on an adventure with one of my crazy friends trying to find one of the clubs down the China town alleys.

    I had the Lemon Gelato while my friend had a combination of something. they both tasted great, and given the time of the night and that they were open late. That is a big deal for me because u rarely find good food places open late in London.

    My advice to the "management" try to hold on to your alternative style. Try to create more character for your place, you already have Italian staff. I say build on that showoff that, speak with an accent.....

    Nice place, would definitely go back again.

  • 5.0 star rating

    The only place worth coming for gelato / ice cream in Soho.

    You've got Scoop on Brewer Street, but take a short walk from there and head south to Archer street, right by boca de lupo and boy, you will NOT be disappointed.

    Flavors change very quickly here, and experimentation of ice cream flavors seems to be par for the course. Definitely get the chocolate ice cream with the egg in it (omg amazeballs) and some other combination thereof. This place does occasionally get it wrong -- we tried the coriander ice cream, which was great after the first lick, flavorful, but way too overpowering. Not for the faint of heart.

    But, in all fairness, you're well warned beforehand and the staff are well equipped with answers to your questions. Always worth a stop if I'm out and about in Soho.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Awesome gelato!  Friendly staff. Had the Wimbledon special of fresh strawberries with Jersey cream gelato. Also really liked the mint green tea straciatella.

  • 5.0 star rating
    2 check-ins
    Listed in London Reviews

    Oh wow! (I was going to leave the review at that, but felt I should elaborate.)

    Popped in here on the strength of Robyn J's review (no pressure Robyn!) and loved it. It was a cold winter's afternoon and what I needed was coffee. What I got was the best coffee ice cream I have ever tasted and a delicious, smooth rich latte.

    They also have a huge selection of Italian sweets - some which I had forgotten about, but which brought back fantastic memories. I had to ask my companion to physically restrain me from buying an entire filled panettone. I really didn't need to take one of those home!

  • 5.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    London heatwave! Yes, such a thing exists even if the frequency of sightings of this rare beast are somewhere between those of a four leaf clover and the Loch Ness monster!

    On Sunday, as a I wandered through Soho, I remembered Miriam W's FTR for this place and headed there.

    Jacob Kennedy has had ubiquitous praise for his quirky Italian eatery Bocca di Lupo since opening over a year ago but the only downside was its location in a still slightly seedy street. So he has come up with a good solution - buy one of these dodgy shops across the street from Bocca di Lupo and turn it into a gelateria cum deli, which he can actually keep an eye on from his kitchen in Bocca!

    Due to the blazing weather, there was a queue coming out of the door on my arrival but to assuage my thirst and for Yelp service, I waited 15 minutes to be served. Like all good gelaterias, there was an anarchic queueing system (ie no queueing system!) and it was hard to see all the flavours available. Perhaps a board with a list of the day's flavours might be helpful.

    My blood orange granita was appropriately refreshing and I shall be back to sample more flavours.

    There's a small deli at the back of the shop but the gelatos and granitas are definitely the stars of the shop.

  • 5.0 star rating
    5 check-ins First to Review

    Fans of the Italian institution, Bocca Di Lupo, will be delighted to find that the folks behind it have started up a gelateria and deli opposite their famed restaurant in Soho.

    What terrible luck Monday to stumble upon the newly-opened Gelupo having already purchased gelato elsewhere. Still, the employees here were friendly and offered me a try of the yoghurt, and my friend of the pistachio (which was touted as their best.)

    I returned yesterday with two sweet tooths in tow and together we insisted on trying pretty much every flavor. Once again indulged by the counter staff, we swooned over the rice, blond almond (mmm...marzipan!), blood orange, hazelnut, coconut, espresso (milk free); I could go on here but I think you're getting the picture.

    By decision time I was firm in wanting blood orange granita with a scoop of yoghurt gelato on top. I smiled all the way through Chinatown and onto the tube eating this cool concoction.

  • 5.0 star rating
    3 check-ins

    If I didn't love Miriam W enough already, a few days back she introduced me to Gelupo, the most glorious godsend ever to grace Soho's frozen revolution.

    Zack Morris Time Out:
    What's the deal with this deep freeze overtaking Soho? Snog, Scoop, Yu-Foria and now Gelupo all within scooping distance of one another? I'm not complaining, but if Arnold Schwarzenegger lycra'ed out all Mr. Freeze style surfs up on an ice wave to destroy his arch-nemesis Batman, you know who to blame...

    Time In.

    Artisan gelato. Sounds interesting, right? You bet your frigid tush it is! (I wanted to use the American word for tush that rhymes with nanny, but held myself back.) Anyway, the brilliance of Gelupo lies in the options and the ability, nay the encouragement to try every one. Almond Stracciatella? Blood Orange? Sour Cherry? Milk-free espresso? Burnt or Blond Almond? Ricotta Coffee and Honey? (Yep, that's one flavour folks, not three.) Tried 'em. Loved 'em. I can wait to give pine nut and fennel seed a go next time I'm around. You have your gelato, yes. But you also have granita and sorbets to choose from, so you really can't go wrong.

    I went with a scoop of blond almond granita with a scoop of coconut sorbet on top and I think I've fallen in love. (I fall in love a lot.)

  • 5.0 star rating
    Listed in London Eateries

    Try this on for size. If the fictional american tv character 'The Fonz' was to sit in a freezer with ice packs down his pants he would not, i repeat NOT be in any way near as cool as this place is.....yeah, you heard...ice packs, pants, the fonz, yeah.

    Dragged kicking and screaming into this joint, find Chris salivating over the stupidly tastacular range of ice creams, frozen yogurt and ice shaving type stuff (it's all about the correct terminology folks!). Talk about a snowmans wet dream.

    Having um'd and aw'd for a awful long time, in which many a sample was devoured, categorised and yummed over, i finally plumped for an ice shaving extravaganza of sour cherry and almond stuff thingy, or the 'Bakewell Tart' as the owner described it.

    Well tickle my ice cubes with an eskimos fridge magnet.....yum.

    No more words...just go....go now....have you gone?

  • 4.0 star rating
    ROTD 16/5/2012
    Listed in Reviews of the Day

    I stopped in here on my failed quest for pistachio paste. Someone on the interwebs claimed they purchased it here, and after looking at their website, I decided to go here to pick it up.

    I wandered through the deli in the back, and they had an amazing selection of Italian delicacies. I browsed for pistachio paste, but I didn't find any. I did find some white truffle cream, which I decided I needed. I also found some Saba which is apparently similar to balsamic vinegar, but it is made from boiled down quince. There's also a huge selection of oils and cookbooks, gadgets for use in the kitchen, and delicious looking snacks and sweets.

    I asked at the counter when I was purchasing about the pistachio paste. They were out. OUT! Foiled. She did convince me to try their pistachio gelato which I have to say was quite amazing. She tried to convince me just to buy that and claim I made it, but I didn't. I don't think anything I could make at home would be quite that good!

    Go here if you want to buy some fun Italian kitchen supplies or just have some delicious gelato!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Oh heavenly slobber fest, oh flavour-filled tongue-treats, oh mythical frozen delights from the wolves of some Italian fairytale. I can't *believe* I have to come back to London to ever sample the delights of this miracle again - Leeds does not cater for those who long for specialist ice creams, such as this. In fact, Leeds doesn't particularly cater for ice-cream fill stop. *Cry!*

    It was a special day that I came into Gelupo and was first introduced to the wonders of this delightful ice-cream. They have a variety of wonderful flavours in three different varieties of iced treats. I can't quite remember the names of each variety, but my understanding is that one was the full on creamy rich variety, the second is a sorbet variety and the third is like a shaved ice with delicious flavouring. You can, of course, ask the experts in the shop as they are seriously well versed in the world of gelato!

    After far too much "umming" and "ahhing" I went for the coconut sorbet and sour cherry shaved ice gubbins and, oh lord, it was frackin' amazing. The coconut sorbet was so delicious and creamy you'd be convinced it had milk in it - the flavours were amazing. Sour cherry was the perfect refresher mix and was better than any drink for quenching your thirst. I'm actually becoming jealous of my past self as I write this so I may just have to stop - there aren't words, this place is amazing.

    Seriously. Where have you been all my life Gelupo Wolf from the Gods?
    Come to Leeds! If I dance with the devil in the pale moonlight will you come to Leeds? My world for a coconut sorbet... Beware, next full moon I'll be out there howling for my ice cream.

  • 5.0 star rating
    5/12/2012 Updated review
    3 check-ins

    The most christmasy ice cream bowl ever:

    Mulled Wine
    Christmas Pudding
    Marron Glace

    Now, that's what I call being commited to "seasonal selection"!

    4.0 star rating
    27/6/2012 Previous review
    Wow.  A word of warning.  Gelupo ice creams are BIG. And DENSE.  And UBER FLAVORFUL.  So don't think… Read more
  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I hate you, I hate you, I hate you! The things you make me do!

    A few weeks ago, Gelupo was at the "Yelp Will Rock You" event, giving away tastes of their "product" like a dealer next to a schoolyard. I had one small spoon of the hazelnut and I was hooked. There would be no stopping me from getting another dose the next time I was in Soho.

    And when I couldn't deny the cravings any longer (and I was in the area), I slunk my way into Gelupo. I made my way to the counter. "Hazelnut, please" I begged. And yes, it was the same girl scooping today who scooped me at the O2.

    I took my £3 sweetness to the back, to a table where I could enjoy it quietly in peace. You wouldn't want to spoil something like this with outside. It was just as #&$# good, maybe even better, than the last time. Somewhere inside me, the little voice of reason went quiet. There would be no denying this again. And maybe I would have to introduce my friends to Gelupo...

    Interesting stuff for sale other than just ice treats. Italian cooking stuff like pastas and flour and liqueurs and even some higher end spirits.

    And hey, free wi-fi and a power outlet! How do I unlock the sixth star?

  • 4.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    You know how when you take a lick of an icecream and you're thinking "what is this? Is this strawberry? It's pink so I guess it's strawberry. Or it could be raspberry. Or tomato? But it tastes a bit like toothpaste. The toothpaste they use at the dentist. And actually it's got that smell of the dentist's waiting room. That disinfectant smell. Ooh, maybe it's banana?"

    This doesn't happen at Gelupo.  This is not the kind of place where you get a hunk of mint choc chip in a plasticky cone: the flavours are bonkers.  But more importantly than that, they actually taste how the labels say they will.

    The pistachio is out of this world and it really does taste like sweet, creamy, nutty, frozen pistachios.  I don't quite understand why all pistachio icecream DOESN'T taste like this because this is surely how it's supposed to be?  Like the flavour they claim?  How can everyone else get it so very wrong??!??!

    My friend likes to try before she buys, so she shamelessly asked for tasters of at least six flavours.  I only tried two (I wouldn't have tried any at all, but I was jealous) and I plumped for them anyway because I couldn't imagine how anything else could possibly have been better.  The salted caramel was epic.  The rhubarb crumble has actual bits of crumble and crystallised icey rhubarb.  I really don't know how they do these things but they do them soooooo well that I don't care.

    A point is lost for how inconsistent they are with the servings.  The couple next to us were being served by somebody else but whilst they were given overflowing portions which were piled to double the height of the tub, ours barely reached the top.  I want generosity, goddamnit!  Or if you're going to be stingy then be stingy to everyone.  We like equality in our suffering; that's the London way.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I have to say "Nah" to Gelupo. It just did not live up to the expectations. Firstly, the gelato selection is limited and eclectic (not in an appetizing way). Coronation chicken flavor? hmmmm. I think ice cream should be left to the traditional flavour and ingredients. Secondly, the ice creams were hidden down a barrel like container not visible to customer. Perhaps I am used to seeing what I am ordering when I am at the gelateria. Thirdly, the serving portion is far from generous. Lastly, I think staff should learn to wash their hands in between food and money handling.  I noticed that the staff serving us our ice cream grabbed the waffle cookie and nicely placed it on my ice cream took our cash and went on to serve the next customer. Last time I checked hand washing is the top requisite in food and restaurant business.

    Yes, the ice cream is tasty but just did not hit the spot. Its a "wanna be gelateria" with many italian gelateria qualities missing.  I still believe that Oddonno's  is far superior in all category.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    (please use voice and style of crazy child who loves Justin Beaber)

    I love chocolate iceeee creeeaaaaaam, I love chocolate iceee Creeeaaaam, I love chocolate ice cream.

    No seriously, I hate vanilla, not really a fan of strawberry, actually if its not chocolate I'm really not that interested. So I walked into Gelupo with great expectations. Both Miriam and Laura had obtained a not so secret obsession with this deli slash ice cream joint since it opened recently. Walking in to be greeting by a very cute ice cream boy and a set up that was a little bit like Doc's DeLorean dream I was starting to understand this joy of this place. But then, as I glanced across the selection of flavours, flashes of Heston Blumenfeld pass through my thoughts. Ricotta? Really? Rice? Erm? Right.

    Well, my dream of sweet treats are dashed.

    Sampling is essential and cute ice cream boy served up some of goods. Yes the flavours are strange but hey, that's why we love London, we can have quirky little gems like this and they survive. I can see this becoming a firm favourite on the ice cream scene this August. At £2 a scoop - I'll be back!

    Oh and check out their sarnies, my eyes were popping out my head as I drooled over them. If you make it past the ice cream, head to the back of the store and you'll find fresh pastas, squids, huuuge prawns and beautiful capers in rock salt.

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    23/9/2012 Updated review
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    I am approaching 500 reviews and felt like it was time I scanned through some of my older ones to see if thoughts and opinions have changed in the last few years.

    For some reason, I had only given Gelupo 4 stars so obviously, this needed an update.

    When in Soho, I think about their ice cream.
    When in Covent Garden I think about their ice cream.
    When in Oxford Street I think about their ice cream.
    When in my garden on a hot day I think about their ice cream.
    When it's frickin' freezing outside I WANT their ice cream.

    Yep, you see I could always have a scoop or two of Gelupo ice cream. It's so smooth and some flavours are inventive whilst others are traditional but heavenly.

    Some of their flavours have found their way to London Fields Brewery resident ice cream stall Tomscoopery which just happens to be round the corner from me.

    Mmmm... gelupo

    4.0 star rating
    26/9/2010 Previous review
    I have never seen sausages with foie gras in them before but they've got them here in their deli… Read more
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