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  • “I went along to the Qype London event where frozen yoghurt of the fat free variety was experimented with.” in 10 reviews

  • “Be good and top your yogurt with fresh fruit or be devilish and top it with oreos and chocolate brownies.” in 6 reviews

  • “Cheaper than Snog and at 100 calories for a plain cup of natural flavor I'm in heaven.” in 5 reviews

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  • 5.0 star rating
    Listed in When in London

    Frozen yogurt places seem to pop up everywhere at the moment. I went to a few around London but was not really convinced. Often these had old ingredients. When I first went to visit FRAE I came with high expectations based on a friend's recommondations.

    I took an original flavour with strawberries and chocolate. Delicious!

    So, go to FRAE in Islington or any other FRAE in London! It's DELICIOUS !!

  • 4.0 star rating

    This is the original and best frozen yogurt place in Islington, they have the creamiest yogurt unrivalled in Islington, despite the newly arrived competition which I have also tried. It is low calorie but can cost a few quid depending on size and if you have toppings.

  • 5.0 star rating
    6 check-ins First to Review

    I nearly yelped my pants when I found out about the new probiotic on the block...

    It was a beautiful day in mid-May, and there it was... the glorious "coming soon" sign that captured my heart with three simple words: "Opening June 6." And until that day arrived, I had to fill my time with frivolous tasks, like sitting, jumping, counting paperclips, blinking, and working.

    Luckily, 300 origami cranes later, I was able to indulge for the first time. MMMMMmmmmm, isssoo gooood! While Green Tea was tempting, there's nothing better than the smooth and creamy natural in my book. But one can hardly call it indulgence when you learn that this amazing magical dessert is 100% fat free, organic & all natural. It's basically a Texan's worst nightmare, but so am I. Plus, it's a godsend for my waistline!

    ... until you bust out the 18 toppings.

    Long story short, I came. I indulged. I loved. I yelped.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Firstly a big Yelp vote of thanks to Laura N who was FTR Frae. This is why I love Yelp - to find out about little gems.

    I love froyo and eat lots of it on my trips to the USA. So I had to make a special trip up to Camden Passage to try Frae out. I didn't need to seek out the shop as the Frae workers were out in force offering free samples of the original flavour yoghurt to passers-by. Mmmm tart and creamy, balanced just right.

    The shop is on a little corner with some seating inside and out. The yoghurt is currently available in original or green tea flavour. There are fruit and crunchy toppings available - the best deal is £3.95 for a medium size cup with 2 toppings.

    The yoghurt was great but the fruit toppings were starting to look a little dessicated when I visited though I still enjoyed my Frae immensely.

    To be fair to my other froyo experience, I have to be consistent and award Frae 4 stars. They've gone for the Washington state formula whereas in California, there are froyo places that offer 16 flavours and do it yourself unlimited toppings and they charge you by weight.

    However, Frae is the best froyo in town and I will definitely be back!

  • 2.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    The thing is, I want my frozen yogurt to TASTE LIKE YOGURT. I want that tart tanginess (tang-ee-nus) to dance on my tongue.

    Frae just didn't do it for me, it tasted more like fake sweetened dairy product (of the indiscernible variety.) I only snagged a baby portion and even that I couldn't power through.

  • 5.0 star rating
    Listed in FroYo


    It is.

    Pure and simple.

    I want more (and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more).

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    The first words out of my mouth upon taking a bite of FRAE's fro-yo: 'Oh. It's sweet.' Make no mistake, Pinkberry this is -not-.

    A small order of the natural will run you purportedly 83 kCals, plus any additional ones (nominal for fruit, I'd imagine) from the toppings*. It was also run you a pretty penny at over £4 if memory serves me.

    This would be all well and good if not for the disproportionate amount of frozen yogurt offered in the cup. Even my small order was easily what I'd consider a medium anywhere else, and the method of filling the container left little room for toppings. As much as I love fro-yo, if I'm paying for toppings, I expect to get more than four or five little wedges of strawberry - honestly, it amounts to basically one full fruit.

    FRAE may be cute, it may be organic, and they may be friendly people... but as a product offering, they have a way to go before they'll rank up there among the better fro-yo I've had.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in ROTD 9/11/2011

    London's best Fro-yo for many multiples of reasons but I'll just eulogise about one...

    The spoons.

    They're so large and luxurious for a free disposable spoon. Have you thrown yours away yet? I see mine everyday at work where it's been my office spoon for many months. Every day it makes me dream of Frae.

    Those are pretty sordid dreams.... me, Frae and my months-old spoon!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Is it good? You bet your ass it is. It is really f#*king good. Tasty, fat-free, (hell yeah) yet naughty enough to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Be good and top your yogurt with fresh fruit or be devilish and top it with oreos and chocolate brownies.

    I ordered a regular size frae with two toppings for £3.95. I initially scoffed at the large for £5.50 audibly saying who would order that. The man serving said people did buy the large, but to share. Share my frae? Are you out of your freakin mind?

    I'll be back. I may order the large.

    I may share it. NOT!

  • 4.0 star rating
    ROTD 6/5/2010

    After all the rave reviews I HAD to go and check this place out!

    The frozen yogurt is sooo creamy and delicious!

    I had it with raspberries and chocolate brownie chunks.  I got the brownie topping, much to the disgust of my waistline, but on the recommendation of the friendly guy serving it up.  They were seriously gooey and chocolatey and decadent.

    At 65p per topping, I wish they were a little more generous and gave a few more bits, but maybe that's just me being greedy.

    I support this friendly little business and their creamy delicious fro-yo!

    (ps. I asked if they planned on adding more frozen yogurt flavours to the menu eventually (they have only been open for 7 weeks) and they said they will!  Yay!)

  • 3.0 star rating
    Listed in Killer Sweet tooth

    oh Frae, your O.K.
    but you aren't that different from pinkberry. I don't think Pinkberry is out here yet, but I know the concept of original and green tea frozen yogurt (pronounced yo- gurt,.. hehe) is done a lot.
    I will admit that Frae is good, and the pricing is quite reasonable, and I love most places in Camden Passage, but to be honest it wasn't anything new.  but I will still go back, b/c it's good, and it's healthy and I have a killer sweet tooth that can't resist sweetness, especially when that sweetness is low fat/ fat free.

  • 5.0 star rating

    If you couldn't tell from all the stars I'm tossing at this place, I'm a big fan of Frae. For those of you new to the organic, fat-free, all-natural frozen yogurt craze just skip Snog and make your way to this delightful place in Islington.

    I had taste of the green tea before settling on a regular with Cap'n Crunch and strawberries - you know, to be healthy. It was not only good, but I was shocked, Frae's yogurt is superior in taste to the US godfathers Pinkberry and Red Mango and far outclasses the quality of Snog's offerings in Soho.

    I mentioned that fact (albeit a bit loudly) and the owner happened to overhear. We proceeded to chat about the business, their philosophy and quality of their product. He solicited MY opinion on their competitors, what I liked about their things and what they could do to make it better (for the record...nothing). I came away incredibly impressed.

    The owner used to be an attorney here in London and decided to have a go at a different career. It reminds me a bit of a big-time success story in my hometown: cakelove.com/about_found…

    Great product and great service makes me happpppy.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I was convinced that this was a chain based on the logo and the sterile feeling of the place.  Good to know that it is local business.....
    I tested the green tea hoping to fall in love, but wasn't so impressed.  The guy behind the counter looked sad that I didn't like the green tea.  But I happily opted for the plain with strawberries and graham crackers.  They did the toppings half and half instead of all together....guess I should be more specific.  

    Next time going for the brownies topping based on Linzi's comments....great having froyo in the hood.

  • 3.0 star rating

    After seeing the reviews for this place on yelp, I went here after a few beers up the road with a friend last night.  Perhaps the aftertaste of beer doesn't mix well with green tea frozen yoghurt, but I was left underwhelmed.

    I think my mistake was having the goji berries as a topping.  As the man behind the counter told me in his Scottish/Irish accent (they all sound the same to an Aussie, just like Aussies and Kiwis are apparently indistinguishable to foreigners), they have more protein than a steak.  And that's pretty much what they tasted like.  Steak.

    A perfectly acceptable frozen yoghurt store, but having recently come back from San Francisco which is frozen yoghurt and girls-walking-around-in-yoga-pants central, it was nothing special as far as I'm concerned.    I mean, there wasn't even ONE girl wearing yoga pants.

  • 3.0 star rating
    17/8/2010 Updated review
    2 check-ins

    There's a famous saying.. 'Be careful what you wish for, dumbass'.

    In my last review I moaned the lack of creative flavours in the fro-yo establishments popping up around our fair city. Then I tootled along to Frae, my friendly neighbourhood crack dealers and to my horror, they have stopped serving Green Tea.

    Replaced by English Strawberry. I'll pause to let that sink in.

    Strawberry?! Surely the most hated of all ice cream, smoothie and milkshake flavours. It barely scraps past banana as less despised.

    I wasn't pleased. I made a pouty face, but the guy behind the counter was having none of it and chirped 'oh it's really good, it is Frae after all'.

    So English Strawberry with a topping of uppity attitude. No thanks.

    3.0 star rating
    17/11/2009 Previous review
    Hey hey Frae

    It seems like we could have been good together, you know. On paper, you tick all the…
    Read more
    5.0 star rating
    11/7/2009 Previous review
    Oh dear, I made the pretty Scottish man sad. Far as I'm concerned, half the reason to come to Frae,… Read more
  • 5.0 star rating

    If you're not dribbling at the best tasting Fro-Yo in London here then you could possibly be dribbling over the ridiculously attractive fellas serving it in their "oh so pink" T shirts. If it's not those things then it could also be the gossip mags laid out for people to browse while consuming their organic, frozen deliciousness.

    This place rocks, it really doesn't look much as you walk in with the bare decor but seriously, why distract from great flavours when there is no need to. I have to say that in al my Fro-Yo eating experience, and yes I know that isn't much...but, this is the best stuff I have had so far...

    Well done Frae, I heart you hard!

  • 3.0 star rating

    I'd suggest that this frozen yogurt is an acquired taste and one that I'd be willing to work with. I wish I'd tried the green tea, but decided to start uber-plain because I couldn't resist one of the toppings: Cap'n Crunch cereal! Probably a weird way to make a choice, but as noted already, there are a ton of sugary and fruit options.

    How to describe the yogurt? There was a story behind it that I got from the owner (who's very nice, almost missionary about his product) but I was transfixed by the Cap'n Crunch. I'm vaguely recalling some organic business.

    I had the plain yogurt and it was...tangy. That's the best word I can think of. Not offensively tangy, just surprisingly tangy. It tasted far removed from milk product, which would be fine for my lactose intolerant stomach.

    The middle-sized serving was gigantor and I'll probably stick with the smallest size in future. As the place is open until midnight and if you happen to be in the area, it can't hurt to try it. Post-pub this would probably be a better treat than some manky ol' kebab.

  • 4.0 star rating
    Listed in FroYo

    Usually I am not a huge fan of the tart or "natural" flavor as I always prefer something more sweet, (chocolate) but FRAE had the best I've ever had! The consistency and combination of sweet and tart was PERFECT. Man, I want another cup right now.

    I think all around FRAE is the best froyo in London I have tried so far. The whole experience is great: the shop is located in the quaint Camden Passage, which is perfect as you can stroll through and window shop with your cup of yog in hand. The service was also by far the best I have experienced at any yogurt shop in London. Super genuine, upbeat and friendly, the staff was great. I also thought the decor of the shop was nice - simple, brightly lit, and just lovely, without all the cheesy SNOG like decor that all the yogurt shops here seem to have.

    BUT, the only part that SNOG has over FRAE is that SNOG has a chocolate flavour. I need the chocolate flavour. I'm sure if FRAE did it, it would be incredible, probably better than Snogs too. Please, please bring on the chocolate, FRAE.

    Also: FRAE is opening up a Notting Hill location that opens up next weekend! You can find me there next weekend with a huge cup of FRAE in hand. :)

  • 4.0 star rating

    I love love love Frae. It was such a godsend during the heatwave this summer. I'm not a fan of bland 'natural-flavoured' yoghurt, but I'm keen on Frae's natural flavour: it's the perfect blend of sweet with just the right amount of tartness. The strawberry one is still the best though, and a small cup is more than enough for me (and I've got a biiiig sweet tooth). The consistency of the yoghurt here is thick, smooth and creamy - not at all like the too-light, insubstantial froyo you get elsewhere.

    They could definitely do with more flavours, though. I wasn't a fan of their green tea flavour (too tart - it's been taken off the menu tho) but I'd like to see Frae branch out into more creative flavours. I've had peach yoghurt in other places and I think Frae could definitely give that a whirl.

    Also, it may just be me, but I swear to god Frae has a store policy of ONLY hiring attractive people. Every single person I've had who's served me has ranged from good ol' attractive to drop dead gorgeous. I'm just saying...

  • 4.0 star rating


    It was kind of my quest while living in a desert for a year...find the best frozen dessert ever that didn't put me into a coma. I certainly wish we'd had Frae in Arizona.

    I'm gonna say, I scoffed at the Green Tea option. I mean, really? Who likes greent tea frozen yogurt. Uh, I DO. It's so so SO good! The plain vanilla is good as well, but crank that baby up a notch and go for the green tea, people!

    If it's your desire to be healthy alllll the way, they have a nice selection of granola, nuts and berries to dress up your Fro Yo to suit your needs. However, should you feel that you've saved enough by going fat free, welcome to the selection of chocolate chunks, syrups and candy bars waiting to be piled on.

    Oh Frae...I wish I lived closer to you. Then again, it may be for the best.

  • 4.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    MMMM! Frae is so goood!

    15% off student discount is a super duper plus to this delicious fat free frozen yogurt chain store.

    Green tea, chocolate and original flavors are equally good. For those who never tried green tea flavored froyo, this is the time to try it y'all!

    Even better if you're buying a tub home as it works out cheaper and more worth it. The staffs would literally stuff your tub until full, while allowing you to mix flavors on the way.  A lot more worth it since you can bring it home and slowly enjoy your tub of deliciousness at home while experimenting with your own topping choices, teehee.

    Smooth creamy yogurt, basic topping selections, though the store is actually quite small with very little seatings, I am definitely coming back again!

  • 4.0 star rating

    I tried  Frae the other day and it was one of the better fro yo's i've tried in London. I ordered the plain variety and it has a much thicker consistency than other fro yo i have tried in London, almost iridescent in colour, quite dairy like, closer in taste to ice cream but delicious nonetheless.

    They do hot toppings and puddings like apple or rhubarb crumble and steamed chocolate cake now winter is nearing, (Something Snog also do). i Tried chocolate brownies and raspberries as a topping which went very well together, and my friend ordered the  hot caramel sauce which was also pretty good!

    I would stop in Frae much more often if i lived near Islington, unfortunately I dont... and the trek is just too far for me... but whenever I pass through I will be sure to drop in...

  • 3.0 star rating

    I am not sure we get frozen yoghurt yet in the UK.  Two flavours, heavy prices, meagre toppings, average to good taste.  The revolution hasn't started.

    Price - £4.00 and upwards...

  • 5.0 star rating

    I love Fro-yo.  And I adore Frae. I have now tried Snog, Yog, and Frae and this comes on top of my list. Cheaper than Snog and at 100 calories for a plain cup of natural flavor I'm in heaven.

    It is bit out of the way from my usual fare but not a bad location to stroll around when the weather is right.

    The fruit was fresh, the yogurt was light and fluffy and flavorful, and the staff were funky and friendly.

    I would absolutely come here again.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Don't get me wrong the frozen yoghurt is good, but who pays £5 for yohgurt and three  toppings??

    I could get a massive tub of yoghurt and freeze it myself for half the price.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I'm getting sick of hearing myself say this but: I visited Frae as part of a Qype event. However, the integrity of my review is in no way compromised by the complimentary glass of Processco, I promise.

    I have never been to Frae before, despite passing it about a billion times while perusing the nearby market. Frae pride themselves on fresh and well sources ingredients, and they don't disappoint. I sampled both flavours of yoghurt, and while the original was lovely and creamy, it is the green tea flavour that really blew me away.

    Alongside the regular accompaniments of fresh fruit, we got to play around with some experimental toppings. I can't see frozen yoghurt with bakes beans and scrambled eggs taking off, despite many claiming it was pleasantly surprising. My contribution was the ubiquitous popping candy  which worked really well until it started popping out of the yoghurt and into people's eyes  oops!

    My recommendation would be visit Frae on a nice hot day and grab a pot of green tea frozen yoghurt. If you want to feel extra virtuous, add some blueberries and kiwi fruit  yum!

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in
    Listed in Angel

    Loving the Frozen Yoghurt but find the toppings a bit steep. I can buy a whole punnet of blueberries down the road at Tesco for the price they charge for a few carefully arranged ones on the top of my fro-yo.

    In fact that's exactly what I do.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I have now tried quite a number of frozen yogurt places, all with the colourful decoration, health and diet propaganda and super smiley staff, and sincerely, FRAE still stands as one of the best I've tried (and not only in London). I've had strawberry, natural and mango, and all of them were creamy and not too tart. Toppings are great as well. But their prices prevent me from giving them 5 stars. If you want some toppings, you'd end spending more than £4, and you have to pay for each topping individually. It'd be much better if they'd allow you to choose with/without toppings and be able to pick as many as you want (only less quantity of each topping), as they do in Yuforia, Pinkberry
    Apart from that, if you haven't tried frozen yogurt or you think you won't like it because it's not ice cream, I really recommend to give FRAE a chance. You may be surprised.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I dun eeeven bov-a wid all dem fancy toppings en fings nowadays... just gimme dat raw fro-yo yeh, save some pennies dat wayz too init. Green teaz da best. Hit up on dat stoodant discount.

    [Well maybe I'm biased as the place pronounces the first syllable of my name, and is short of spelling out the whole thing as an anagram by but one letter... in any case for whatever reason... I have the calling to the FRAE, my homey]

    • Qype User absint…
    • London
    • 81 friends
    • 264 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    This place is utterly fab! If you love the taste of ice cream but want to watch the calories, you'll certainly approve of Frae, which is hidden behind Upper Street's main drag in kooky Camden Passage.

    All of Frae's frozen yoghurt is organic, sourced from one farm not far outside London. You can enjoy it either by itself (it's really creamy - I had to ask if it was really made from skimmed milk) or with a variety of healthy (and less healthy) tasty toppings. Despite using top quality ingredients, Frae don't charge a lot for their yoghurt treats, and they make a great healthy alternative to the alllure of the summer frappuccino.

    I'll be going back for their green tea macha yoghurt next time I find myself having a hot and sweaty shopping spree in the area. Nom!

    • Qype User Sian…
    • London
    • 415 friends
    • 752 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Oooh yummy.

    I'll admit, until about 6pm today, I was a frozen yogurt virgin. It's just never really appealed. Ice cream appeals. Ice cream appeals to me very much. But Frae was very tasty. Tasty enough for me to be plotting a Qype event there in July.

    I wasn't a fan of the natural stuff, but the green tea flavour was fab. Totally refreshing and fab with strawberries. Although I did have the option to load up with chocolate bits if I wanted. Their yog is organic and planet friendly, which I like. I ate about 100 calories. I also like this.

    It's basically healthy ice cream. Sometimes you'll want ice cream, but Frae was very very very tasty. I like the magazines dotted about the place, but I'd be tempted to grab takeaway and go wander down Camden Passage

    Looking forward to going back, I just wish they'd sell drinks - I was really really dehydrated and could only have water.

    Can someone go fetch me more some please?

  • 4.0 star rating

    Went to Frae last night for the Qype event and greatly enjoyed the free yoghurt. In fact, I had 4 tubs of it, which baffled everyone.
    Only reluctant personal restraint stopped me getting any more - I could have had it though. Delicious stuff! The green tea flavour wasn't actually that different from the natural, but then I did keep putting stuff on it and wolfing it down. I tried some of the savoury toppings too - recommend scrambled egg actually. A breakfast froyo could work.

    Anyway- recommend. Staff great and passionate about the product, and experts and putting on toppings attractively! Their fresh fruit (eg. blueberries) is clearly also of a partiucularly high standard of freshness and sweetness which makes a brilliant difference in terms of toppings.

    I still fold and go for chocolate things on top though, despite the adventurousness.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I went along to the Qype London event where frozen yoghurt of the fat free variety was experimented with. We were there to try the regular frozen yoghurt and the green tea version. Then we were there to see what does/doesn't work as toppings for the frozen healthy 'treat'.

    The randomly (wrong) ingredients were laid on the table in such a way that I thought my mum was going to come in and tell me off for playing with my food. My
    savoury attempt had green tea frozen yoghurt topped with (cold) scrambled eggs, baked beans, sweetcorn and topped with a cherry tomato (see photo for evidence). At first I thought it was ok, bizarrely the baked beans worked with frozen yoghurt. I do today, however, feel ill thinking about it.

    However, as you may expect the regular version (unsweetened) topped with sweet items worked a lot better. My winning combo had caramel sauce, brownie pieces, mini oreo's and fresh fruit chunks. A great attempt to balance the ying and yang of the healthiness with the naughtiness.

    I was just a little disappointed that the great (Scottish) team that own Frae (Scottish word meaning 'from') weren't doing the healthy snack as a 'Scottish supper' ie deep fried in batter and served with chips. However, that's even wronger than my savoury attempt. If anyone is going to turn the people of Scotland into a healthy nation it's the team behind Frae.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Excellent. I am part-Californian by upbringing, and this definitely brought me almost-home...

    Note to others - go for the green tea option. Seriously. Not that the plain isn't good, but the green tea is to die for.

    And the best way to experience Frae? With a voucher from the Yelp party. Seriously. They give you all the toppings you can fit in the tub...

    • Qype User EmKons…
    • London
    • 35 friends
    • 62 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    If you're looking for a dessert that you can feel good about after eating then look no further than Frae, who's organically made frozen yoghurt is 100% fat-free. Keira Knightley's a fan of the strawberry flavour and both Stella McCartney and Ruby Wax have been seen in the Hampstead branch of the store - so basically this is where celebrities go to curb those icecream cravings!

    I went with the Qypers to the Islington store last Thursday, where we were set loose with a few glasses of Prosecco and a whole host of different toppings, from a unique Japanese fruit, to the down right bizarre baked beans and scrambled eggs. However, before I started getting all Heston Blumenthal, and mixing weird and wonderful toppings, first I needed a base; and while the natural flavour might have been all creamy and delicious it was the tangy aftertaste of the green tea flavour that really blew me away.

    I have to confess that I wasn't as adventurous as I thought I would be; the green tea frae was just too good to waste on boring old savoury items. What really worked though was pineapple, coconut and Japanese moshu - a tropical frae!

    With a small pot containing just 83 calories and no fat, you can definitely afford to treat yourself.

    • Qype User Marshy…
    • London
    • 68 friends
    • 89 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Frozen Yoghurt usually makes me think not so kind thoughts as a poor replacement for Ice Cream. Yeah, it's healthier, I reason but surely desserts have to be unhealthy in order to taste good? Low-fat chocolate? might as well not bother.
    The old pleasure/pain principle at work.

    But Frae has somewhat changed my mind as I went along for an evening of experimentation with a group of Qypers. Having said that my favourite combinations were those topped with Chocolate Brownie pieces so I'm not sure I'm getting the full health benefits.

    The yoghurt itself is nice, although I found the differences between the Green Tea and natural flavours to be very subtle. I could eat a fair amount before getting bored I should wager.

    I tried some of the weird and wonderful toppings provided (not on the Frae menu as the photo nazis appear to have confirmed) and found personally that Baked Beans definitely did NOT work, although sweet corn and Cherry Tomatoes were surprisingly palatable. Opinion on this was mixed although I think most confirmed that the items that you can get on the menu were far more sensible.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I'm originally from Southern California where frozen yogurt is like a religion, so I have a lifetime of experience in sampling different yogurt shops and what they have to offer.

    This is definitely not "tastes just like ice cream" frozen yogurt - it's tangy, tart and not at all sugary. The choices of yogurt flavors are simple, as there is only original and green tea. The choice of toppings is where things get more fun - choose from fresh fruit, candies, different types of cereal, nuts and more to create your perfect concoction.

    I love this place - and will keep going back!

    • Qype User hhrtmn…
    • London
    • 20 friends
    • 116 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Great place. Fab and friendly staff, cool decor, mags to flip through and a truly scrummy frozen yoghurt. In my opinion my plain yoghurt ice was even tastier than Snog's version.

    The kid and hubby had their more exotic offerings with fresh toppings and raved about theirs as well.

    Will be back even if the hot weather doesn't hold.

    • Qype User davida…
    • London
    • 2 friends
    • 5 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    Tres tres frae. I once told a Slovak guy that I worked in an ice cream shack, selling icecreams, doughnuts, candyfloss that kind of thing. He misheard me and thought for the whole following year that my boss was called Mr Whippy, I guess the lesson here is that 99's are only a hit in England where strangely we have the least call for iced goods. Anywho this rather long winded introduction leads me to my main point of discussion. Frae, the frozen yogurt shop in Angel, London. Now if you're are like me and fully embrace the 'pudding tummy' theory then this place is heaven, in fact, even if you don't these yogurts have no fat or calories so you don't even need a separate stomach! Score! Win win all round.

    Mr Whippy yogurt is a great idea, 'less fat, same great taste' (think I stole that line from somewhere). The yogurts' come in 2 sizes with a choice of yummy toppings, I had raspberry and Cap'n Crunch (on reflection you may want to re-think that choice) but none the less it was lovely, my pal had chocolate brownie pieces and strawberries (tres tres bien). The yogurt also comes in 2 fab flavours, original and Green tea. I have not had the latter but I am assured, by a trusted source, it's a delight.

    So, for those of you that have not experienced the magic of a classic Mr Whippy either because, like my Slovak friend, you have been harbouring under the illusion that Mr Whippy is a person, or because you have not been fortunate enough to visit the great British seaside, do give this twist on the classic a go.

    Only drawback is that it is pricey. Can't remember exactly but for a regular with 2 toppings you won't get much change from a fiver.

  • 4.0 star rating

    What to say... well first off I'm a frozen yoghurt philistine. Give me a Mr whippy or a twister and I'm yours, but after visiting Frae I've got to admit... frozen yoghurt's not so bad!

    They've got 2 main flavours as far as I could tell, plain and green tea (which was really quite good and I can imagine would be excellent as a way-in-to-work treat on a hot day) and the portions are definitely generous enough that you won't be hungry by the end of it.

    Inside the place you'll find the decor is very light apart from the heavy smattering of small cow toys on the walls which reminded me quite a lot of Byron's just around the corner (they should have a cow-off of some sorts). The serving area was staffed by friendly, cute staff who were on the ball and there was plenty of seating available in case you don't want to go out and enjoy the summer.
    I was most surprised to find out that they are open until 11pm at night which makes them an excellent place to go for an after dinner dessert if you're leaving one of the other nearby restaurants in camden passage.

    Anyway, if you are passing and it's hot this is a good place to stop to pick something up - especially if you're heading into the tube - so give them a whirl. Not too pricey, good range of toppings and they've got a very friendly ethos.

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