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  • 5.0 star rating

    I almost don't want to review this so that it stays relatively unknown!
    There isn't much choice on this menu, which is great because it means everything available is cooked to high standards.
    The steak is the main event and has never failed to be juicy and cooked exactly how I have requested.
    Sides are also absolutely perfect, I had some broccoli here last time I came that was a complete revelation! Get the peppercorn sauce and don't offer to share chips with someone else as you'll regret it later.
    These guys don't take reservations but waiting is recommended as it gives you a chance to go to the downstairs bar and try the blood orange old fashioned which to date is my favourite drink in London.
    Most importantly it's great value, between 2 of us for pre dinner drinks, steak, 3 sides and wine it came to about £40 per head. A similar meal at  Hawksmoor runs nearer to £90 and frankly this was just as good as what I've had there.

  • 4.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    Went to Flat iron twice and enjoyed both times. The menu is the definition of simplicity. You can get a steak and that's it. There are some optional sides and sauces, but if you don't like steak - stay out. When I was there they had 2 additional specials, another type of steak and a burger. Not surprisingly - I opted for steak. The steaks are served on an iron slab sitting in a wooden tray. Surprisingly on both times, the iron slab was not hot, which was a let down. In addition, the steaks themselves were relatively cool when served. This indicates pre cooking, which is a let down.
    The steaks were good and tender and if they were only hot - would qualify as top steaks.
    The fries were good, although overly salted. The sauces were delicious and added to the experience.

    All in all, a good solid steak place that would really improve if they made the steaks fresh.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Yes the no reservations thing is a bit old, but in this case I think it's worth it. My most recent visit, I actually arrived in good time, but my date didn't so we had to go on the waiting list for a table. 5 minutes earlier and we would have had a table, but instead we spent half an hour in their funky basement bar. The drinks were well made but it got quite busy. Thankfully it wasn't rammed by the time we had to go upstairs and be seated.

    So for the uninitiated Flat iron generally only has one main course on the menu - Flat Iron steak at the price of £10, pretty decent price in my opinion, especially when you get to the quality of the steak. Sides and sauces are extra, you've got the usual béarnaise and peppercorn sauces and sides consist of chips, seasonal greens and an aubergine parmesan which you shouldn't pass up. They have specials but I've always gone for the steak, it's that good. Your cutlery comprises of a normal fork and the cutest little cleaver you've ever seen, with your steak served on a little chopping block.

    Our food came quickly and went down very well, we were offered dessert but didn't take them up on it, and we were quite full from the main meal. Service was good but the restaurant is a little cramped, if you want to be intimate, this isn't really the place to be but good as a date meal, it's good food, won't break the bank and you've got a bar downstairs or a myriad of other options for a drink afterwards. I asked about vegetarian dishes and apparently they do a larger version of the aubergine parm which, as it's the best side on the menu, may not be a bad thing!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Overall it was a great experience. The steak doesn't cost much and it is delicious, the menu is very easy to choose from in terms of sides and sauces - couple choices for each. They also give you free popcorn as you wait for your food - always a nice gesture.

    The cutlery is very cute, you get a fork and chopping knife, the decor is urban-industrial with wooden tables and exposed light bulbs.

    My only negative is that they serve wine in normal tumbler glasses on which I am not a fan personally.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Very good for the price tag!

  • 4.0 star rating

    £10 steak - what's not to love?!

    The steak is served pre-sliced on a wooden board, and a small butcher knife replaces the regular steak knife (super cute!). So delicious, medium rare, with prominent beef flavor that I love. Tender shoulder cut of beef, which has slightly more bite/fibrous than rib eye. Sauces and sides cost extra.

    Didn't like creamed spinach but the fries were good.

    The space is small and dark, with communal wooden tables/stools - a bit cramped, but love it!

    Verdict: Delicious steak, great value. Quite busy at night with long waits! (went around 9pm)

  • 4.0 star rating

    What a fun experience! There is only 1 "main" dish £10 for their signature steak. Then you pick the various sides and sauces.
    My friend and I each ordered a steak, I had horseradish sauce and she had the Fred's sauce. We had salad, chips, with a bottle of bubbly for lunch.

    There were some Key wins:
    1 pm on saturday : NO WAIT! Win!
    Melt in your mouth steak: Win!
    Simple menus and fast service: YAY! win!

    I loved this more than the Le Relais de l'Entrecôte in Paris - which serves steak with green sauce and fries. GOOD VALUE GOOD STEAK!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Absolutely delicious and tender steak sliced into amazing mouthfuls of yummyness. Not a place for veggies as they just serves steak and they serve it quickly! The sides and sauces compliment the steak fantastically. Wine was also really good. £20 per person for steak, sides and a glass of wine felt very reasonable!
    I hear the chocolate mousse pudding is to die for but didn't have room myself for it!

  • 4.0 star rating
    3 check-ins

    One of the best places I have been to for a good burger of good stack.

    Thus is a very busy place and it pays to book in advance. However if you do have to wait, you will not be disappointed with the food or the service.

    The menu is shout but everything on it is excellent. Stacks and burgers are cooked to how you want with a range of different sources.

    Offers are available (not for yelp) ever day,  which change ever 2 days. Also the cut of meet changes on this frequently and this help to keep the shout menu alive.

    I go in a lunch time and I am able to consume 2 courses before my hour lunch is over without feeling rush.

    I would love this place to be closer to where I live, as I would like to take my wife here.

    The may  reason is it around £10 for the daily offer which is just the right amount  to spend on the wife:-)

  • 4.0 star rating

    The fewer items on a menu, the more vital it is that things are cooked and presented well!  You can imagine when I arrived at Flat Iron and saw ONE main...I was nervous!  Well, I suppose it's two mains if you count the daily special.  As we waited for our table, we sat in the bar downstairs and sample a few bar snacks.  The first, air dried beef was not a winner for me - chewy with a strange flavour.  But the doughnut...slightly warmed, rolled in sugar, then filled at the bar with the filling of the day, last nights' being passion fruit, was a thing of magic.  Absolutely get the doughnut!

    The flat iron steak was fantastic, served medium rare as suggested, it was juicy, tender, and so flavorful.  Most of the sides we ordered were delicious, with the glaring exception of the salad with walnuts...or should I say 1 walnut?  (we didn't realise the steak came with greens already, so feel free to give this a miss anyway!)

    I didn't expect there to be any dessert on offer, but luckily we asked!  The waitress placed two little cups on the table (my skepticism growing...), then began to fill each with the piece de resistance...the salted caramel mousse...oh...em...gee - it was fabulous!!  Swirled high into the cup, and served with a little dish of salt to add at your leisure.  Creamy, light, sweet, salty, and unexpected.

    Great price as well, just over £60 for two, including a bottle of red wine.  Thanks Flat Iron!

  • 4.0 star rating
    3 check-ins

    A beautiful setting in soho, the staff were truly helpful and the bar downstairs was gorgeous. The evening started off on a positive, now the food!!
    I'd heard about this place through friends and thought it's got to be good. The steak was amazing and the fries were to die for too. We also had asparagus as a side which went down a treat. The only thing was, I needed more food because it was so good!!
    One word of advice, the Fred spicy sauce for the steak we were recommend was not as good. I'd stick to the regular sauces.
    If you've not been, head over and enjoy a good quality steak for £10

  • 5.0 star rating

    Just reading the reviews and seeing the pictures of other people's food makes me sad that I can't go back and eat more of their ridiculously delicious steak. Their chips were juicy (can you even use that word to describe deep fried potatoes) and amazing. The sauce was also good, but in my honest opinion, the steak was best just with basic salt and pepper. Adorable utensils and popcorn cup perfected the meal.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Incredible steak house, and very reasonably priced. The menu has very little selection which i think is a good thing - it means the chef can concentrate on perfecting the few things they have on the menu rather than trying to juggle a load of mediocre dishes throughout an evening.

    Instead of a basket of bread to start they serve popcorn cooked in beef juices which is wonderful. The house flat iron steak is tender and full of flavour and you can get a selection of sauces - I got peppercorn and my girlfriend got bernaise - both really tasty.

    I had a small carafe of house red wine which was delicious and went with the steak perfectly.

    Highly recommend!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Great value £10 steaks; a lesser known cut translates to great value.

    It's the only entree except for their daily special, so it's obviously cooked excellently.

    The knife is a miniature butchers knife, and slices well.

    Creamed spinach side dish and salted caramel foam in cup dessert is outstanding.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Just two items on the menu?! A special and the flat iron?! How will I cope?!

    Having lived on this street and having seen the change from bar central to foodie paradise makes me regret I moved away.

    Flat iron is a place that is reminiscent of an amazing Hawker Centre stall in Singapore. It has queues for at least an hour at any point in the day and it only serves one or two things that it does extremely well.

    Usually a £10 Flat Iron steak which is great value because it's from the shoulder and thus a little bit tougher than what you'd get from a Fillet Mignon or Sirloin cut. But Flat Iron seems to do it perfectly well and you'd never know the difference. The night I was there, the special was an Onglet grilled medium rare. With 4 in our party, you can essentially order everything (That's what we did -- "Waiter, we want everything on the menu tonight!") since the menu is quite small - but don't take that as a bad thing. Everything is amazing. We even had every single sauce on the menu, which made it a bit of a treat.

    The best sides I'd suggest are the Roast Aubergine and the Goat's Cheese Salad. The cream spinach isn't the best I've had, and it's not served very warm. The fries are good, but I've also had better.

    All in all, even though we did have everything on the menu and with one round of drinks, the total per head came to £25, service included! That's really NOT a lot for as much food and fun as we've had.

    Be prepared to wait though, as I don't see this place ever succumbing to unpopularity.
    4*s and DEFINITELY coming back again.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    In a world of so many choices, sometimes it's just brilliant to not really have any to keep life simple.  After hearing so much about this place, I was a little worried attempting to go for dinner on a Saturday night.  It was approximately a 2 hour wait.  Looking around other restaurants with the amount of heaving Christmas shoppers, we figured any place would be a wait so decided to stick it through.  There's a nice bar downstairs, which could probably use the space a little better as I found it much more enjoyable to sit down there waiting for a drink rather than the cramped seats upstairs.  Anyway, it was good to discover that they had hot doughnuts!  Well, we were seated an hour earlier than expected so lucky us that a bunch of other people put their name down and didn't show up.  

    Steak was surprisingly really good.  I had the secret sauce which tasted like a bunch of other sauces mixed together.  Also had a side of chips, green beans and roasted aubergine (YUM!) which were all pretty good.  Service was really friendly - a couple of times they forgot what we ordered like an additional diet coke but got it straight away for us.  

    There's only one dessert which is this chocolate caramel mousse thing - I think it comes out of a piping bag where the cream is whipped.  They give you a side of salt if you prefer the salted caramel kinda thing.  It was good but super rich.  I opted to go downstairs and pick up a doughnut!

    This'll definitely be my go to casual steak place.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Not worth the hype, unfortunately.
    I went on a weekend for an early dinner with friends and only had to wait a short while before we were seated on the ground floor, next to the serving area. We'd had a drink in the basement bar (opened just for us, what luck!) and were able to order food quickly, but unfortunately the service went downhill after that (inattentiveness).
    The burger was on as the 'special' so a friend and I went 50/50 on a steak and burger to maximise things to try.
    I'll say this plainly, ask for no salt on your steak. The meat tasted good, but only when I'd been able to get rid of all the sea-salt flakes liberally applied over it. The burger was also heavily salted, though I'm not sure whether in the patty (fried, thick, juicy, good) or the bearnaise sauce topping.
    Personal preferences on seasoning levels aside, the sides were of generally good quality (the vegetarian in the group went through a few...), with the creamed spinach being a personal highlight. The much vaunted chips, cooked in beef dripping, came out lukewarm initially but were exchanged for fresh, hot ones (once attention was given to us by the staff). Very acceptable for thin-cut fries, punching up there with Honest Burger's rosemary chips, but not quite beating them.
    For the price, not bad (there are others which do slightly better for slightly less), but definitely too much salt. Solid over all, but not special enough to be worth more than a 10/15 minute wait (which could see you hop in a cab to Sophie's Steakhouse in Covent for their pre-theatre set).

  • 5.0 star rating

    Simply love this place :)

    The meat is really good, not choice but I really suggest you to try it!

  • 5.0 star rating

    I absolutely LOVE Flat Iron and am sad that I didn't discover it earlier! The place itself is a bit small and I have waited for over 2 hours for a table- on a Tuesday night! But since we did wait that long, that should say enough about how good this place is and how worth the wait is. However, the wait isn't always that long so don't let that detour you.  

    The actual steak itself is brilliant at it's standard of medium rare. Plus, it's relatively cheap at 10 pounds a steak! And although the steaks aren't the biggest in portion sizes, one steak is able to fill me up. The chips are so bloody good as well. I think it's because of the salt that they have. Definitely put salt on the chips as it just adds to the goodness of them!

    Overall I can't say enough good things about this place. I think I just might go ahead and say that this place quite possibly is my favourite restaurant of all time!

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Love the food!
    Steak are delicious and cooked to perfection. The wine complimented it wonderfully and the secret sauce was a good tip from the waitress.
    The concept of the mousse dessert was brilliant and they even told me how to make them at home.
    Best of All... It's pretty cheap, 2 courses, wine and cocktails for 2 of us for £60.
    Also loved the cleaver knives. Nice touch.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Affordable, delicious, responsible, wonderful food.

    I am hesitant to disclose more because I don't want you to get there before me!  

    We were lucky that we arrived just in time so didn't have to wait long for a table, and my dining companions have not stopped raving about the steak place I took them to.  It's simple, well-cooked and presented steak that I would return to, as often as I can!

  • 3.0 star rating

    So everyone are raving about Flat Iron and decided to go and find out myself.

    We arrive mid afternoon so the place was half empty. It also smelt funny... not the aroma of the steak or food in general, just stale smell like a market!

    The review recommended the Aubergine dish which my partner & I both loved it. The chips was ok. Our salads welted as it seems it's been swimming in its dressing all day.

    One thing my partner pointed out was that he doesn't understand why there are a bunch of sea salt sprinkled on the steak. He understands that if it's to season the steak whilst cooking it but it looks more like a garnish. He found the steak too salty and hence the steak is ruined. The chef should really give this option to the customers, to top up with more sea salt or not.

    Overall it didn't live up to the hype.  We are a bit of a "steak" snob, regardless of the price, so the quality of the steak in Flat Iron is average. But for £10, I can't really complain too much. I think I'd rather pay a little more for a good flavoured steak.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in
    Listed in London Faves

    My thought process:

    Me: "Ooooohhh... steak...."
    "Ooooooohh, only £10?!"
    "Is this really cow... or is it horse meat??"

    Har Har Har. I know, it's a low blow in light of the recent horsemeat scandal but £10 for steak in London is UNHEARD of.

    My friend and I came in and put our name on the waitlist and we were quoted that it would be an hour wait. They were right. We came back right on time and were seated shortly after. There's only one thing on the menu and that's a flat iron steak. I ordered mine medium and added a salad and peppercorn sauce on the side. The flat iron steak was good, although I wished I ordered mine medium rare like my friend did. I thought his was a little better. That peppercorn sauce though... OMG it's mouth-watering good. I also tried Fred's sauce which has a bit of a kick, but the peppercorn came out as the clear winner in my book.

    Get your booty to Flat Iron, put your name on the list, and get ready to enjoy a £10 steak next to a bunch of people you don't know.

  • 5.0 star rating

    This place has to be a current favourite of mine (despite the long wait - try the Coffee House - good for a pre dinner G&T)
    I had a super date here and now have had a great night out with friends.

    I don't claim that this is the best steak in London, however it is really flavoursome and well cooked..
    Well priced - although everyone should have beef dripping  chips each,  plus a side- creamed spinach is my fav.
    Great buzz and good Negroamaro (I had the cheaper last time which was fine, and the more expensive this time which was a little jammy but matched the steak well and has much more intensity)

    Leave room for puddings (yes multiple) have the creamy caramel squirty thing, with lots of salt, first; then head downstairs to the "Doughnut Bar"!
    This alone as a concept I think could make millions. Just me?

    I enjoyed the perfect pairing of a rhubarb and custard hot doughnut with a super old fashioned a great end to any evening.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I've been wanting to come here for a while and finally got around to it, and I'm so happy I did!

    I came here with my partner who is a big lover of steaks. Upon arrival our names were promptly taken and went downstairs to wait. Be advised that it can be a struggle finding a seat downstairs as it's just so busy! We stood for most of the wait which was fine since we'd just been sitting for 2 hours at a show but you'll have to be ruthless if you're tired from a full day's walking. The cocktails at the bar were really nice though so it's not an unpleasant wait!

    Thankfully we got called early and were seated upstairs. Note if you're under probably 5 people you will be sharing a table with others. This wasn't a big deal until later when a second group was seated at our table who were mahoosively muscular. Good thing we were about to leave because I would have hated sitting with them for the whole meal! Flat Iron is definitely not for those who value their personal space.

    They put popcorn down at your table which tastes awesome and I wish we could have had more. The service was quite slow. We were visibly ready to order fairly quickly but had to wait quite a while for anyone to come to us. The server was very nice though and I can understand it being a bit disjointed considering how busy the restaurant is. And we didn't have to wait too long for our drinks and food once we ordered so it wasn't too bad.

    The steaks were cooked really well. Of course as we know, the steak is only a tenner each, and you get a nice portion. The sauces we tried were yum. The creamed spinach was lovely, and the chips were decent. They didn't have normal Sprite but they had rose lemonade, and this was a huge novel highlight to my meal. If you don't like floral things you'll be put off, but please, it's so strange and beautiful and pleasing to drink this stuff!

    Something that bothered me a bit was that they had small bowls of salt and pepper that you had to put your fingers in to pick up and sprinkle on your food. I like this idea and the sort of tactile experience, but it's not really the most hygienic, especially when it's being shared with people you don't know.

    Overall there were a couple things I had issues with but I would definitely bring a small group here again, probably not just one or two other people though. BIG parties!

  • 4.0 star rating

    At £10 a pop, you can't go wrong at Flat Iron. I asked for my steak to be done Blue, and it came pretty blue. The Bernaise sauce was fairly epic, highly recommended.
    Only downside is that this popular spot gets super noisy - don't go there on a date you won't hear what the person is saying across the table from you.
    The cocktail bar downstairs is great fun - treat yourself to a hot doughnut whilst you're down there.
    Can't recommend this place enough, trendy, affordable, fun - don't miss it  !

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in ROTD 4/5/2013

    OK, so the first time I tried to come here, we were looking at an hour queue.. on a Monday.

    I made a .gif face that threw some grade A shade, but knew deep down inside that I would come back.

    Cut to today, no wait, perhaps post-holiday shoppers, and two steaks, chips, sodas for the total price of one of my favorite steaks from Hawksmoor.

    I made a .gif face that had all the rainbows coming out of my eyes.

    Love the music, love the simplicity, I will be pumping myself up to endure more queues (or finding the off-peak times) in the future.

    If you're central and want a *good* steak on the cheap, you'd be pressed to find something better.

    Little loud if you're next to a chatty cathy, but eh, deal with it.

  • 2.0 star rating

    I was highly disappointed with the service at Flat Iron. First, the servers were not attentive at all. It was late afternoon on a Sunday and the place was not full. We saw the servers busy chatting around the counter not paying much attention to the tables.

    There were 7 in our group and we paid individually. One of us changed her mind and decided to pay by card after the card machine was brought back to the counter. The server had this 'very displeased' look on her face and acted very annoyed which made everyone in the group feel uncomfortable. She was also not particularly nice when she was taking the dishes from the table.

    The food was ok, but not amazing. As many others have said the portions are quite small. The price is not bad for the location but I don't think I am not going back again.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    How can my Thrifty Asian Gene resist a free steak?  A Free Wagyu steak at that?  A Free Wagyu steak at a restaurant I really wanted to try? Aces!  So, on Monday, I obediently trooped off to Flat Iron and waited patiently for a steat (it's ok, I finished a really crap book while waiting.)

    Firstly, I'm not sure how to review this as Alex S. and the yelp PTB would argue that it is an atypical experience.  And I have mulled over my feelings of said dinner for a couple of days.  And had "compliments conversations".  And then decided that if all of Tuesday was spent thinking "I really need to get to that Hot Yoga Class to burn all that bloody fat off from the steak" and not "mmmm.... I ate wagyu last night", something went wrong there, and I shouldn't keep it to myself, coz you know, I like yelping.

    There were things I loved about Flat Iron.  I really liked that you get popcorn when you sit down.  I loved their chips.  I like that their wine is served in 1/2 pint glasses (like all good plonk should be) and their béarnaise sauce was pretty awesome.  I liked the tiny salad that came with it.  The staff were potentially friendly, the manager lovely.  All very solid grounding for a 5* review.

    However, the steak.  Oh the steak.  First, I have a beef about soggy steaks.  A good steak should have a good crust.  I don't care how you do it.  You can grill it, you can set fire to it, you can blow torch it, you can deep fry it for all I care; a GOOD steak have to have a GOOD crust for textural differences.  There was no crust on that steak.  Even the grill marks were soggy.

    Secondly, that piece of meat ain't tasted like any wagyu I've had in my life. (HK, Tokyo, London, and places in between- heck I love me some fat beef).  The only wagyu-y quality of it was fatty.  It wasn't super tender (quite chewy in fact), and wasn't beefy tasting.  And that is the million pound question- (they first forgot to take the beef off my bill and it was billed at £13) CAN you get a high "grade" wagyu steak at £13 in a restaurant?   My butcher sells wagyu burgers are £3.5 a pop.  I know it is a "special" cut etc.etc. at the Flat Iron, but I pay £13 at the butchers for a sliver of sirloin.  Admittedly, Prince Charles *might* have patted my cow at some point, but this is an unbelievable small margin for a restaurant.

    Final thoughts: As a marketing ploy, it got me to visit Flat Iron, and I'll definitely come back again to have a "normal" experience.  However, there is no way I will ever order wagyu beef there again because you know what?  that artery clogging meal was so not worth a heart attack for and if you think about the calorific and fat value of a meal after eating it and feel guilty and desperately need to go excercis it off, that meal was NOT WORTH IT.

    *3 1/2 star upgraded to 4 as I don't want to seem ungrateful for a free steak and I did like most aspects of my meal, just not the steak.

  • 3.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    Flat iron is yet another player in the "we are only going to offer you one item on our menu" movement that is taking over London. In this case the item is steak. Yes, it's inexpensive at £10 but the portions are almost comically small. That said, the steak is good and was properly cooked to my asking.

    Service was "awkward" ... unclear if thats because the wait staff was new, but our waitress was hard to understand and we constantly had to ask her to repeat even the most basic of items, which is odd considering only steak is on the menu. Agree with Tristan that the sides (we had the seasonal greens and the chips) were un-rememberable.

    As Flat Iron doesn't take reservations, expect to wait a while. There is a cash-only bar downstairs to keep you hydrated while you wait.

    Overall, this is 3 stars in my book -- it's ok, certainly not expensive, but I don't get the hype or the why people would wait 2 hours for a small steak...

  • 4.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    Flat Iron are back! No longer a pop up above a Shoreditch pub, they have gone to town (literally) with their new location and are spitting distance from Carnaby street and Regents street.

    The concept remains the same:
    £10 steak for main and THAT'S IT.

    The steak, as it was before, is the star of the show. The 'unfamiliar to Brits' flat iron cut is cooked to perfection. It's just a shame about the beef dripping chips (£2.50) which are not in any way special.

    The service was great, our waitress was so attentive and lovely. The cocktails are still available but downstairs in their separate cocktail bar area, we had no reason to go because at 6:30pm on a Saturday night there was still space to eat (it's one of those on trend no reservations places) although my name is apparently behind the bar for a free cocktail having failed to get a place for the soft opening so I will be back soon.

    With chips & sauce this ends up costing £13.50 which isn't actually THAT cheap when you consider you can get steaks in gastropubs all over the east end for a few quid more and a significantly larger portion. It is highly likely you will still be hungry after this no matter how many mugs of beef dripping popcorn you eat. However, this isn't east London and good luck finding steak as tasty and cheap as this nearby (and no, those aberdeen Angus steakhouses absolutely DO NOT count).

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Flat Iron currently seems to be on the radar as one of the trendy spots in Soho. As yet another no reservation place, expect at least about an hours wait. But whats great is the little bar in the lower ground floor where you can wait comfortably till your table is ready for you.

    They do only one thing- steak and that's all there is to it. Take it or leave. Vegetarians- don't even bother.

    How it works is- you choose your steak which is either the Flat iron or the Special. Then choose your sauce and sides.

    I got the peppermcorn and chips with my flat iron. Which was good- but nothing to write home about. My friend got the bernaise sause and the asparagus, which was probably the better call. The portions of the sauce are pretty generous so he dipped the asparagus in the bernaise which was yum! Tbh the food was good, but I have to admit given all the hype I was slightly underwhelmed.

    What I will rave about is the service. It was phenomenal. Everyone we interacted with was delightful. Which is great, because understandably at busy restaurants the service tends to slip. Right from the maitre d to the bartender to the waiter - everyone one was delightful, pleasant and really helpful.

    Price wise I was pretty impressed 20 pounds for a full meal with wine.

    The ambiance was pretty cool as well, with lots of fittings salvaged from an old printing press.

    Its really good place, definitely got that trendy Soho vibe, not overly expensive, but like I said, I wasn't entirely blown away by the food.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Flat Iron is very much in the current vein of places that offer a limited menu. Thankfully enough, what is on offer is of such undoubted quality, that it is of little mind.

    In steak terms, I'm in the ever-dwindling take-it-or-leave-it camp. This is as much due to an Irish heritage that considers 'boiled' a food group, which means I have been subjected to some pieces of meat that have received the care and attention of a Ted Bundy-esque chef.

    The steaks are great - really well priced, fantastically-cooked and with sides that are of perfect sharing size. The fries and blue cheese salad are excellent.

    The staff are on hand to assist without fuss, and some great drinks on offer as well.

    Get involved fam.

  • 5.0 star rating
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    Listed in Date night

    Had a great night at Flat Iron.

    Firstly, throughout the night all members of the staff were so incredibly pleasant, they were great. We (ok, my friend, I was late as usual) got there about 1830 and were told it would be 15-20 minutes for a table. It was longer than that but we didn't care because the basement bar is a really pleasant place to wait as opposed to the street which is your fate at Meat Liquour, Pitt Cue Co et al. There's actually space to sit down and you can watch the bar staff struggle with the giant block of ice they chip bits off.

    The restaurant itself is pretty cramped, we were seated in between 2 couples on dates which was pretty funny as my friend and I were much more relaxed (and dancing in our chairs...the music was awesome). The steak was very good and as I had inadvertently had a very late lunch I didn't have the problems with portion size that a couple of other reviewers mentioned! The chips also went down well, as well as the aubergine side which was a nice unusual pairing with steak. I went for the peppercorn sauce but would recommend Fred's sauce, which was a delicious concoction somewhat reminiscent of a Bloody Mary, I suspect Tabasco is involved.

    I think what sealed the deal for me with Flat Iron was the £2.50 doughnut we had for dessert downstairs back in the bar. Yes, that is pretty expensive for a doughnut but we got to watch it be pumped with rhubarb custard filling (you can specify how many pumps) and overall I liked the concept. I think that's what I took away from Flat Iron in general - maybe not totally outstanding food in all honesty but I like the concept, I like their attitude and I hope they do well.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Great food price balance. Steak , fries, burger , salad and sauces ....everything was tasteful, steak was as medium and pink as it should be, Fries thick and burger juicy :-) definitely worth visiting when you are hungry.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Bang average. They don't do bookings do we were waiting for almost two hours for a birthday table of 8 (birthday boy was desperate to eat here on recommendation) liked the simplicity of the flat iron steak yes sauces were great, potentially the best part. They have a 'secret sauce' which apparently changes from time to time which complimented the peppercorn & bernaise well I thought. However no word of a lie, 8 hungry lads after a few beers we had two rounds of steak-it was simply too small. So 2 steaks, a bottle of red between 4 and 2 potions of chips and sauces etc. came to £40 which is not expensive for the heart if Soho. However the portions were simply too small if you want a decent steak. Nice enough for a one off, probably would recommend it and now I've done it I probably won't go back! Not bad at all, just far better places all over London to be honest! Average.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Yes Yes Yes! I went with two friends who are rather fussy diners when it comes to their steaks and they were super impressed with the quality and price of this place! The steaks were melt in your mouth amazing, the chips were crunchy, which I love, and we didn't actually have to wait too long for service (but this could be because we went at 8.30 and got a table for 9.00PM. Definitely worth a trip!

  • 5.0 star rating
    27/8/2013 Updated review
    4 check-ins

    The meat is perfect.  The chips are perfect.  The salad is perfect.  The staff are brilliant, the wine is generous, the pudding is inspired and the location is . . . yup, perfect.  I don't really know why I only gave 4 stars last time.  I think I was probably in a bad mood.  I take full responsibility.  You're a 5-star joint and I love you.  Give me Flat Iron over Le Relais any day of the week.

    4.0 star rating
    1/2/2013 Previous review
    I've got this tiny, rubbish fridge in my flat and I've never defrosted it.  The ice on the back… Read more
  • 4.0 star rating

    Luscious steak for £10, what's not to love!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Super cool servers and staff, excellent steak and sides, killer dipping sauces.  And all this for reasonable prices in London of all places.  Go with their regular steak and not the special they offer.  The special cut was a bit gamy and undercooked.

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