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  • 5.0 star rating

    The best cocktail I've had in a very very long time. Passion fruit and jalapeño margarita was to die for! Will definitely be back for more! Gorgeously sweet scallops and delicious oysters for dinner, winner!

    Very accommodation waitress when I asked about dairy and sugar free desserts, would be lovely to see a couple of alternatives on the menu next time :)

  • 5.0 star rating
    10 check-ins here

    I cannot believe I have never written about Fallon & Byrne; for any would-be foodie or just anyone who gets that thrill from entering an establishment that is, to its very core, a church at whose alter you can worship all that is consumable and (slightly) expensive, this place is a must.

    There are 3 levels: downstairs is a wine bar and wine shop where I have spent many many happy hours (on Mondays you can chose any bottle from the racks and enjoy there with no corkage charge), the selection is HUGE. - worth noting, there is no cell phone coverage down there, so you have an extra element of peace!

    the Supermarket on the Ground floor is lovely, stocking the rarer treats, all excellent quality and chosen to make you want to fill your basket many times over. At one point, this was the only other place you could get Mellas Fudge other than Sheridans... thankfully it has become a bit more available recently.

    The top floor is given over to a French style restaurant that does really very very good steak.

    Above the restaurant is a room given over to events - I went to an excellent wedding reception there a few years ago.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    You're looking for somewhere ton have good time with friends, afterwork, and to enjoy great wine? This is the place to be!
    So many choices of French wines but also from South America or Australia. The Chile one is amazing.
    You can eat platters to share with charcuterie and cheese :  products are good and well adapted to wine.
    The staff is adorable, they managed to find us a table even after 8:30pm on a very busy Thursday night!

    A little bit noisy but that contributes to the lovely bistrot atmosphere.

    You'll love it!!

  • 4.0 star rating

    I frequented Fallon & Byrne numerous times during my past 3 month visit to my home town of Dublin and I wholeheartedly recommend them due to their fine selection, ambiance, and superior service.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    I just love this place. There's something about the decoration makes me feel like I'm in Paris, combined with the odd, clicking wood flooring and the explosion of senses when you walk through the door that just does it for me. Every time!

    Wandering through the aisles, longingly gazing at exotic ingredients, imagining dishes and meals that you could create with them is like a small holiday for me. Best compared probably to a French Farmer's market in the twisty pedestrian zone of an old cobbled city.

    Last time I ventured here (thanks to a 50 Euro gift voucher), I decided to indulge on some of the aged Beef fillet as well as various flavours of burgers they had on display and boy did I enjoy those. I wish it was my birthday every week and I'd get a F&B voucher every time :-D

  • 5.0 star rating

    2 for 1 Cocktail Offer. The menu is outstanding but they will make up anything you can think of ! . ;-)

    Silver Service on every level.

    Seasonal menus in the restaurant coupled with the best of wine all year round.

    Check out the supermarket and deli downstairs for some of the best grub in town.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I always want to like the food from Fallon & Byrne more than I do in reality. I've almost had the whole experience now, eating in the restaurant, eating in the deli bit and shopping there. I've never had the wine but I'm not a big fan of wine (no connoisseur for sure) and I don't plan on doing it anytime soon.
    I do like the shopping bit best although I think a lot of it is overpriced. I'm not rolling in money and I'm young so I guess Fallon & Byrne really isn't for my demographic. Nice for the odd thing though. The cheese counter is great if that's what you're into. I had an awful Christmas lunch here as well. It really wasn't my cup of tea at all. I wish it had been. I wish I could love you, Fallon & Byrne. Your deli food also makes me wish you weren't so average in my eyes and stomach. It's just so very average...

  • 4.0 star rating
    4 check-ins here

    I'd love to visit Fallon & Byrne for breakfast and then see how long I could spend in the place, do a bit of shopping, maybe a spot of lunch, some wine tasting in the basement, dinner in the restaurant and I hear they do cocktails too? Sorted!

    It's a mammoth food operation spread over four floors and every bit of it is good! I love the butchers counter, very good quality and always great advice. I've gone in not knowing what I want and have always come away successful.

    The wine bar is a great spot for relaxing in and the snacks are really good. The mixed charcuterie board is good value.

    Chances are if you're looking for something food related you'll find in in Fallon and Byrne!

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    I do like F&B. A lot. It's a great place to have one of their delicious sandwiches, though I do find their Club to be quite salty, on the ground floor with all the other lunch crowd. They also have a fantastic wine cellar, where you can get some beautiful bottles to drink (with a €10-ouch-corkage), as well as some of the yummy noshy foods such as their pâté and cheese boards.
    There's also a dining room upstairs, which I haven't tried.
    And oh yeah, it's a supermarket. For people who earn more than I do. But if you've got a couple of extra euros burning a hole in your pocket and fancy something a little unique, then it's the supermarket for you. Sometimes there are even some free samples at the cheese counter!

  • 4.0 star rating

    I'm an ex-chef and F&B is the place I shop for raw product when I'm feeling particularly flush....it's not crazily expensive and the quality is unrivalled but the biggest thing F&B has going for it is it's style.

    Fallon & Byrne is French - the walls, the floors, the air. It's a high quality food store, wine bar and resteraunt - slap bang in the centre of Dublin and it's clientele are ostensibly the foodies and the well heeled...don't let that put you off though as the atmosphere is warm, vibrant and the staff are your friends the second you walk in the door.

    I go to F&B's on a Saturday afternoon. I buy Toulouse Sausage, Squid and Parma Ham then I hang out downstairs in the wine room and nibble on a Charcuterie platter - that's the type of place it is.

    Fruit, veg, meat, cheese, dried goods from all over the world are what meets you walking into F&B's - but aswell as this they have  a hot and cold food counter that revivals our old friend Avoca! Grab a Rueben Sandwhich or a Madras Curry and sit in the middleof the hustle and bustle.

    Fallon's is always a hive of activity and that's actually a good thing, you can just wander in and window shop if you like  - talk to the Argentinian or Aussie butchers and get their take on Rabbit or Short Ribs, check out the French and Spanish girls working the cheese counter happy to spend 10-15 minutes feeding you samples or for the wine-heads slink downstairs and be amazed at the veritable library of plonk nestled along the walls and between the pillars. Get lost fro days down there :)

    Also - you may have heard the slang....'Fallon and Burn your money' - dont; believe it!


  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    I love Fallon & Byrne, it never ever ever fails to disappoint, from the take away sandwiches at lunchtime to the gorgeous coffee, the range of cheese, the wine.... the list is endless in my view.  

    It's rare a venue can cover all bases, quick lunch, cheese, meat and wine with friends, sit down waiter service lunch and even black tie occasions.... Fallon & Byrne does it all.

    I visited last night for what's become a monthly visit at this stage... or a little more.  One cheese and charcuterie platter, one fish stew, one glass of the NZ Sauvignon blanc and one glass of the NZ Syrah and 2 very happy people... the atmosphere is always bubbly with the music at the right volume for a chat, it was warm as the wind was blowing outside and provided the perfect sustenance before braving the cold to do some shopping!!  

    I won't say I'll go back as I always do.... 5 stars of fabulousness...

  • 4.0 star rating
    ROTD 21/11/2013

    Three levels of food bliss.

    I've lost count of the number of friends I've brought to F&B - downstairs in the basement for bubbles and cheeseboards; brilliant lunches and dinners on the top floor and food treats from the food hall.

    It's a taste delight.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Good spot, I'm fonder of the cheap eats on the shop floor (about 8.50 for eating in) than I am of the cave, or the resteraunt upstairs.

    Good sized portions, if a little heavy on the butter, though that does add a whole lot of extra deliciousness :)

    Also a lovely beggar, Jimmy, has made the place outside his spot. I saw him one day leap up and rescue my bike (which some other eegit had knocked over) from being squished by a car. He sat it up and went back to his spot not knowing that I, the owner, was looking on. Have had a soft spot for him ever since. If you can't spare him a euro, gift him a couple of minutes chat.

  • 5.0 star rating
    15/10/2013 Updated review
    10 check-ins here

    The holy grail of grocery stores in Dublin. Like adult Disneyland. Specialty items from all over the globe. You will find items here that you will not find at Tesco.

    Excellent meat counter, fresh fruits & veggies.

    Very nice wine bar down stairs. Very pricey but well worth it for the discriminating tastes.

    5.0 star rating
    13/10/2013 Previous review
    The holy grail of grocery stores in Dublin. Like adult Disneyland. Specialty items from all over the… Read more
  • 5.0 star rating

    One of my favourite places to eat and shop. A bit pricey but overall worth it especially considering their wide range of groceries and fresh produce. I've never eaten in the restaurant but the quality of their deli sandwiches and coffee is superb. It's also where I go to first when I need good quality ingredients, in particular fresh chillis.

    My personal food hall favourites. These are products that I love and are hard to find anywhere else and have drawn me back to the shop again and again. I recommend them to everyone and I would be deeply disappointed if they were ever discontinued.

    Mics Chilli Sauce range
    Scneiders Pretzels
    Their own Chilli Jam and Red Onion Marmalade
    Irish Gin & Tonic chocolate

    And a special mention should be made of the staff  -  knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. Keep up the good work guys.

  • 4.0 star rating

    You know how picnic food always tastes amazing? Well in Fallon & Byrne's wine cellar, we munched on cheese and bread while popping grapes and swirling it all down with a sumptuous glug of red wine. Picnic-tastic with class.

    I was under pressure to choose the wine and, though I love a glass of red, I'm no connoisseur, so I chose the one with the longest name. As you do. Montepulciano d'Abruzzo. A medium-bodied, earthy wine from Italy. Deliziosa. And €29 for the bottle. I think my date got a surprise when the bill came but that's what you get when you don't help a sister out.

    It was a busy Friday night so we were told to just grab a place if we could. My companion managed to secure two stools. Then we were ignored some more by the waiting staff and, when I finally got one of their attention, I was told somewhat snottily to give her a minute. We also had to shout in order to hear ourselves above the din of chatty diners.

    Overall, it was a great experience and it reminded us that the simple things in life are usually the sweetest.

  • 5.0 star rating

    5 stars just for green cabbage -

    In case any one needs to by the HUGEST, FATTEST cabbage they can find in Dublin. This is the spot. Putting that out there in case people are suffering from small cabbages, savoy cabbages, or napa cabbages...and just really want a big green cabbage. Be sure to ask someone who is stocking produce because they only display the quarters (the whole cabbage is just so darn big).

  • 4.0 star rating

    Upstairs in their restaurant today for a lovely girlies lunch great value and delicious.  I have been often and always great service too.   Starter, main for 4 of us and 3 desserts plus two coffees and two bottles of wine came to €142 with tip you cannot go wrong.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    One of the main reasons I like to come here, is because they have a fairly good selection of American food items that I cannot get in stores. So, being that I often start craving my horribly processed, but oh so yummy foods, I come here fairly often. That being said, I really wish this store was set up a lot better. If they are even remotely busy, the aisles get cramped quite quickly and there is not a whole lot of space to move around. On top of that, they can be a bit pricey (although, the quality of the OTHER food items is really good.)

    BUT, the reason I write my review now, is because I recently ordered a sandwich while here with a friend. This was the first time I had used their food counter. I ordered my pesto, mozzarella, and parma ham sandwich. I was so excited, because this is one of my absolute FAVOURITE food combinations. However, my sandwich was given to another to person by accident, so I kindly waited while they remade another one. While I was waiting, after they remade the sandwich, and toasted it, it turns out they did it again. I ended up waiting for my sandwich for about ten minutes while the friend I was with already had hers. I understand that places get busy, and mistakes happen. I'll definitely try this place out again and try to account it to the fact that maybe someone new was working or that they were stressed out because they were busy. Hopefully the next time I'm in the service will be better.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Split over four levels are four very clasy venues. A ridiculously fresh and well stocked grocer where you can find 7 varieties of potato, loads of fresh organic produce and a deli that has a seriously mouth watering selection of cheese - and boy do i love cheese. A very trendy wine bar below, a function room up top, and an absolutely unbeatable restaurant upstairs. I totally love this place. Ive experienced the restuarant cuisine a good five times now and nothings quite compared. Surprisngly affordable for the pampering you'll recieve, the staff are friendly, helpful and seem to actually like their job, whilst retaining some kind of genuine passion for what they do - the waitress told me theyre sent on wine courses and the like, and you can tell theyre used to catering to some fairly fussy types. Its the small things like the genuine reccomendations from the staff & the loccitane hand cream in the bathroom that come as a pleasant surprise. Only draw back would be the lack of outside area/space, but i hear us smokers are a dying breed at any rate!
    Sometimes you just want to be pampered and eat incredible food, Highly recommend.

  • 3.0 star rating

    As with any grocery shop, high-end or not, how good it is really depends on what you come in looking for. Personally, for fresh fruit and veg, if I have even an extra ten minutes in town, I will head up to Camden Street as the grocers there have better quality for better prices. Tinned goods, popular spices and common condiments are all over-priced in F&B, yet there is a reason I'm here almost every week...

    This is the place to get your American goods fix. Lucky Charms, Reeses, a range of pickles, Hersheys galore, canned pumpkin, BBQ sauce and stuff I've never even seen before. Around the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving, the shop dedicates an entire corner by the door to American snacks and foods. This is what F&B does so well: snacks, high-end and hard-to-find goods. For this alone, if you've got a spare thirty minutes - it's very well stocked - and a bit of extra cash in your pocket, it's definitely worth a gander. You will buy something, even if you didn't really want to.

    The other thing I LOVE here is their freshly prepared burger patties. Lamb, turkey, beef, pork, sometimes even venison. The patties are generously sized, good quality meat, and they always add in some lovely herbs and spices to make them wonderfully flavoursome. My homemade patties can't compete so I don't even bother anymore.

    Finally, do not miss their cheese counter or their deli. You can eat in (there's lots of seating downstairs) or take away. A hefty Moroccan fish stew with two fresh salads will cost you just under €9, but you will not want to eat again for six or seven hours. Their coffee is good too.

    Overall, this may not be the place to go for your weekly grocery shop but there are definitely some gems to be found in here.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Fallon and Byrne is a great specialty store. It's not cheap, but they have an amazing selection of foods from all over the world. The first time I went was last November, because I found out that it was the only place here to find canned pumpkin, which I needed for pumpkin pie! They also are the only place that I have found to carry matzo crackers and clamato. Staff has always been very helpful and on numerous occasions have gone out of their way to help me find things or go in the back and check stock for me. I still haven't tried their deli or restaurant, but I'm planning to soon!

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in here ROTD 24/6/2013

    I was going to give this four stars but THEN I was cruising for a bruising in their produce aisle & I discovered edible flowers in ALL the colors of the rainbow! How cool is that?! REAL flowers you can just sprinkle in your salad ... LIKE A BOSS!

    I usually go here during my college lunchbreak to get a ham & cheese toastie..which they call broque monsieur...baby pretentious. However the toastie is so delicious, I can live with it. (: My toastie is €4.45 & a lot of their sandwiches & wraps are about the same.

    However they don't only offer ya sandwiches, it's more like ..uhm a upper-middle class supermarket .. is that judgemental? I mean the prices match people with a high income so I don't think so. They do have a lot of organic & imported specialty stuff that drive up the prices so if you're looking for a nice present for a foodie, you could definitely find something here! There's also a restaurant upstairs but I've never been. Oh & they have cakes that look SUPER yummy!

    Conclusion: I'm still way impressed with the flowers!

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    I was attending a wedding in F&B last Friday.

    80 guests on the top floor, nice room, good light.

    The event was handled in a most proficient and professional manner. Staff were all excellent and accommodating, food was excellent, very difficult to serve 80 at once.

    I was very impressed and would recommend F&B for any event.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Amazing! Fallon & Byrne is by far one of my favourite places in Dublin.This brilliant combination of food market/hall/cafe/wine/bar/gourmet restaurant and banquet hall has something for everyone at every budget. Located in the trendy SODA neighbourhood of Dublin adjacent to Temple Bar and the Grafton St shopping neighbourhoods, it's a gastronomic delight!  During my stay in Dublin I stopped in at least once every day for breakfast/lunch/snack/dinner/wine bar and shopping....

    In addition to the fabulous wine selection both retail and in their bar/restaurant, the market offers a  top notch butcher shop, produce,bakery and high end gourmet food section.

    In the rear the market, a cafe offers delectable pastries,breads,sandwiches and coffee/tea selections. Alongside is a display case of ready made healthy foods to choose from for either takeaway or dining for a mere 8.75 euros you can enjoy a gourmet feast and dine in at the small seating area while people watching through the large windows facing Exchequer St. The choices are overwhelming and the ample portions are enough to share.

    I savoured the Thai chicken curry served with fluffy basmati rice and snow peas and carrots. The curry spice blend in the sauce was just right! On return visits I opted for the lamb curry with chickpea & aubergine , rich and delicious and the lasagne, ample layers of high quality Irish beef, ricotta and parmesan cheese in a tangy tomato purée. Other choices that will keep luring me back include free range chicken kiev,pulled pork with bok choi & the veggie burger with sweet & sour salsa!

    Downstairs is the wine cellar offering a comprehensive selection of wine tasings, beer  and a impressive food menu such as a mixed cheese & charcuterie board, warm brie wrapped in parma ham, baby spinach & frissé salad with honey mustard dressing,chilled poached salmon, Asian vegetable slaw, soy rice wine dressing and one of my favourites, the Mediterranean fish stew. One of the best fish stews I've had in my life, ample fish portions and vegetables served with a crusty baguette.

    The third floor boasts a fine dining restaurant and bar. On Mondays & Tuesdays they offer a 2-4-1 cocktail special. The Martini's are spot on! They offer an impressive prix-fixe and a la carte dinner menu. The second floor has banquet facilities for private functions and weddings. There was a special event the night that I was there, Geoff's birthday party... as I peeked through the door to observe a posh dinner banquet all I could think of was what a lucky man this Geoff is!

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    A really cool concept for a store.  The main floor is a grocery store specializing in organic quality foods.  It has a busy cafe and prepared food section as well.  Downstairs is a wine cellar (did not go down so I can't comment on this part) and upstairs a restaurant.

    I was there mostly for lunch and I can say it was quite good.  The flavors went together really well and the selection of food is not just your standard choices that you can get anywhere.  Presentation of the food was also nice.

    If I lived in Dublin, I would visit this store a lot for sure.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I love the deli and wine bar, and while the food and service upstairs is of similar quality, the sheer noise of the place means I will never choose the restaurant as a venue for an evening out. I was here recently with some friends from work, and we all loved every part of the meal and the excellent service, but I spent the two hours we were there shouting at everyone and going 'what?' 'sorry?' every two minutes. The high ceiling means that it ends up feeling like you're having a conversation in a pub after it reaches that tipping point in the night where everyone is shouting to be heard. Great food, frustrating environment,

  • 5.0 star rating

    I've been putting off reviewing Fallon & Byrne since I first joined Yelp because I adore it and wanted to do it justice but it'd take forever so I guess I'll just say the wine cellar downstairs couldn't be more perfect!

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    Gee, I thought Fallon & Byrne was a comedy skit on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" where he and a completely unrecognizable Rose Byrne play a pair of New Jersey ambulance chasers pitching their legal services to car accident victims: hulu.com/watch/378535#i1… Well, it's not as funny as the chandelier and marble column commercials on "Saturday Night Live" where Scarlett Johansson pointed to all the merchandise in her sparkly gown.

    But I digress. It turns out Fallon & Byrne is actually the Dean & Deluca of Dublin or maybe the Dubliner's Draeger's since they offer an adjacent upscale restaurant, too. That should give you enough of an image of this gourmet food hall on bar-friendly Exchequer Street close to the Temple Bar area. Organic produce. Venison and partridge. Exotic fruits from Southeast Asia. Aged Comté cheese. Fancy pastries. Prime Irish Angus beef. What more could you possibly want? Seriously... WHAT MORE? (see photos).

  • 4.0 star rating
    ROTD 6/3/2013

    Their cafe's flat whites are top-notch - mine was just what I needed to smooth the ragged edges of an exhausted mind. Fair play.

    I also typically go here when I'm sourcing harder-to-find ingredients, like Ras El Hanout or yellow courgettes. "Oh, this exists?" is a common thought as I browse their tightly packed, closely spaced stacks. "Oh, sorry, pardon me," is a common phrase heard here, also due to the aforementioned tightly packed, closely spaced stacks.

    Well worth a trip, though.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I'm a huge fan of the shop and the wine cellar, but recently went for lunch upstairs in the restaurant and was really impressed. The room is beautiful, like a wonderfully light filled French brasserie, and the prices are great these days. The staff were fantastic. I went with a coeliac, and they dealt fantastically with it. They outlined what on the menu could be eaten, and what they could adapt and how. They also immediately provided gluten free bread. We had some tasty salads, and very reasonably priced kirs. The staff continued to be helpful and attentive throughout. I'd definitely go back. It's a great place for an elegant grown-up type lunch for cheap.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Love the wine cellar downstairs - feels like a real treat. Wasn't too bowled over by the food upstairs but it was more than decent. Slightly restrictive menu or something I just couldn't put my finger on. Worth four stars for the wine cellar alone.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Fallon & Byrne is a place that if you enjoy wine, cheese, a chil out music you will fall in love as soon as you get in. I love the atmosphere, quite French, the food ( pates, cheese, olives ), wines from different places around the world, and the music not to loud, its good for a chat. So if you like all these kind of things you definitely need to go.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I absolutely love Fallon & Byrne, and you'll often find me there on a Friday evening treating myself to a takeaway bottle of wine and something for dinner. The grocery store stocks many items from all over the world (a variety of canned and dried foods and fresh cheeses, meats, fish and take-out food in the deli area). Recent discoveries include Co-Yo (coconut yogurt...I especially like the chocolate version!) and Napoleon cheese (made from ewe's milk...and all the better for it!)
    I can also recommend their cocktails. We were here celebrating hubby's birthday last month, and I loved the rosemary & strawberry martini, so dangerous - you forget you're drinking alcohol! We were able to just walk in off the street and pop up to the bar and order the cocktails.
    In addition to the grocery store which has a (usually packed!) small sit-down coffee area, there is also an atmospheric wine bar downstairs and upstairs is the restaurant (featuring two for one cocktails Sun-Mon!)

  • 4.0 star rating

    On a slightly damp Sunday in Dublin this was an excellent place to have a good sit down and enjoy a decent lunch.

    Service was good and the cost was €20 a head for 2 courses. The portions are pretty large so we were able to share the starter of Goats tart and the Mississippi Pie and had our own main course...the benefit of eating with a friend who shares similar taste in food.

    My main course of Ribs was so big I could not eat it all ....but I did want to leave room for the pie. Ribs was the wrong word as there was not a rib in sight more braised and served with a great gravy and mashed potato.

    Large shop downstairs where you can buy your groceries but perhaps shop first if needed as I was too full to think of food shopping before leaving.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Massive portions of café style food for reasonable prices in a posh supermarket which can't decide if it's a restaurant, wine bar, or supermarket.

    Loads of lovely food at overrated prices, but if you want to drop around €10 you can get a massive pile of food. This is a good thing. Curries, mash, rice -- mostly rib-sticking comfort food.

    Then you can pick up some vegan organic wheat-free crackers and heirloom tomatoes on the way out the door.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in here
    Listed in Coffee comforts

    Easily one of my favourite places in Dublin! Brilliant food, very affordable, wonderful atmosphere and good coffee!

    Get the bangers and mash and red onion relish! Such a delicious, wholesome dinner at a really affordable price (around €7)! Basically what you want to do here is go to the pre-made food counter in the ground floor supermarket, order your food for eat-in, they'll heat it up, and then you should bring it downstairs to eat in the wine cellar.

    They also serve Hasbean coffee. Omnomnom.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    For a mediterranean  specialities shop! This  shop is perfect. Even if It is a very expensive shopping, you get everything you need! Congrats!

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    When I wanted to get a dear friend that was ill a quintessentially Irish gift I did not think of O'Carrolls. Her Parisian chic would not appreciate a tricolour tulip shaped hat nor the top 100 rebel songs.

    She's foodie but I wanted the sweetmeats to be Irish and obscure and here is where I found some great artisan chocolate from a place in Cork, the box and presentation was great!

    I couldn't resist getting some food from the salad bar for myself to go and the staff where so friendly and the assortment was too good! Quite reasonable but I did just stick to salad and rather small portions to suit my wallet.

    Great spot to get an unusual gift for a loved one.

  • 5.0 star rating

    One of the best gourmet supermarkets in the city center. Excellent selection of high-end produce, meats, fish, cheese and specialty goods. Extensive wine selection.

    Now for some of the great finds....imported bagels baked in New York City. Artisan Salt from the North of France. Smoked Venison Sausage. Rabbit and Quail for the grill. Pata Negra (acorn fed Iberian Ham). Freshly made Pumpkin Ravioli. And of course Lucky Charms from the New World General Mills factory.

    The opulent selection comes with a price...think 8 euros for those Lucky Charms.

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