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  • 3.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    I'd ordered an automatic car weeks before and when i was there to pick it up there was no automatic car available. The lady kept on asking me if I really needed an automatic car... Well I'd ordered it for a reason!!

    It took some waiting and patience, but in the end they got me my automatic car. A nice Ford... New: only 200 miles driven..

    When I was ready to drive out of the car park I was asked how many miles this car had driven.. I answered '200 miles'... But the man at the counter didn't believe me and actually came out of his little house to check the mileage.. Only to find out that I was right...

    Service was so so, but the car was good.. :)

  • 1.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Dismal, frustrating experience. After waiting in queue for 35m I spent another 35m at the counter trying to understand why my confirmation number didn't appear in their system, why my National corporate account didn't qualify because technically Europcar is not National, etc, etc. An hour and fifteen minutes later (I write the numbers in long form to emphasize how very long it felt -- yes, that's also why I'm typing this parenthetical, to reiterate the experience's seemingly endless, pointless, and personally frustrating effect), I felt like I was trying to unwrap my brainstem from the ballpoint pen that they made me initial everything -- in duplicate.

    Oh, and my car was dirty.

  • 1.0 star rating

    WARNING! This company is making a fortune off of unknowing vacationers and getting away with it!!  

    My wife and I (from the US) landed in London Heathrow in July 2014.  We rented (hired) a car from Europcar and were off to London.  Little did we know we needed to pay for the London Congestion fee before entering the city center.  A simple £11.50 fee became instead nearly ten times that amount thanks to Europcar. Because we did not pay, we were given a citation, which EuropCar paid to Transport of London on our behalf, and then EuropCar added another 40% charge for 'administration.'

    I understand the common practice of ridiculous fares and governmental fees given by cities and counties for traffic violations; it is prevalent in the US as well.  And as much as that perturbs me, I am not surprised by it.

    What I did not expect, is a company-that is dependent on customer satisfaction to keep them in business-to [1] neglect to inform it's customer of the probability of this predicament upon arrival, [2] impose such an exorbitant fine for 'administration', and finally, [3] have such poor communication in customer service follow-up!  

    Europcar has been derelict of its duty in these ways and it will not go by unnoticed.  How many others have been duped by their back-handed scheme?  

    Be forewarned of the implications of signing a contract with Europcar!

  • 1.0 star rating


    We rented through Europcar which turned out to be National.  It took three hours to get our car.  Even the agent who helped my husband said that the service is a joke and that over the past seven years, it's gotten slower and worse instead of better despite tons of customer complaints.

    You have been warned, don't do it.

  • 1.0 star rating

    2013 Rented with Europcar. On return was told there was a tiny graze on the tire wall and thus I was charged 200 dollars. Complained, no satisfaction from cust service

    2014 Having learned my lesson I rented with Alamo. Oops it is run in UK by Europcar! 2 HOUR wait for car. Charged me additional 65 pounds (90 bucks) per day for insurance. If you try and use Amex insurance  they refuse to take it and make you sign a form saying you are liable for up to 18000 pounds. Then they try and upsell for Sat Nav. Declined this and then found car already had sat Nav included. They are like Ryanair on steroids, nickel and diming every single customer. No customer service, just carneys and hustlers. Horrible experience!!

    BEWARE US travellers!!!

    • Qype User richar…
    • Berlin, Germany
    • 230 friends
    • 301 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    I use Europcar quite a lot around Europe, so given its cheaper nowadays to hire a car for the weekend to get the train back home to Bristol thought i would give it a try.

    Knowing Heathrow pretty well I opted for the 'Arrive and Drive' for an extra £20 so I could just "turn up as the desk, pick up the keys, exit the car park and get on the road"

    In fact, I had to queue at the desk, wait for 5 mins while the clerk went through my details to add an up to date phone number (the same one I had registered with 3 hours earlier) then 10 minutes handing around by the car while the clerk went off to 'validate the car park ticket' All in all took 35 mins from when I got to the Europcar desk to when I exited the car park.

    Plus, I booked a Golf (admittedly 'or similar') then when went to the car park and was given the mazda parked next to 3 europcar Golfs. I was their last rental of the day, so what was that about?

    Not really any fault of the clerk, but it's a really stupid system waiting around so much. If you are thinking of buying the Europcar Arrive and Drive optional extra at Heathrow Terminal 1, I wouldn't bother.

    • D H.
    • Outer Richmond, San Francisco, United States
    • 0 friends
    • 4 reviews
    1.0 star rating
    First to Review

    Unbelievably chaotic system, took 45 minutes for pick up followed by over an hour long wait to pick up car. You have to take a ticket while the checking staff try desperately to avoid working, scowling, getting up for  bathroom breaks after serving one customer, then returning 20 minutes later, that type of thing. Then after all the wait I was told to  take any car from section 3 -which meant one badly scratched up choice. I have used this facility many times before they changed the system without real problems. This is also National and Alamo. Avoid at all costs until they rethink!!!!

    • Qype User davewi…
    • Chichester, West Sussex
    • 0 friends
    • 1 review
    5.0 star rating

    United Kingdom car hire assists you with all your car hire needs. We work with major car rental companies to help you get the lowest deals. Make reservations today for a fun filled and joyous holiday.

    • Qype User charit…
    • London
    • 27 friends
    • 84 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    i recommend this especially if you need to go on a long journey,are on holiday or if you car are at the mechanics.just off terminal 5...it is abit difficult to get to seeing as theres no buses that run near or a pavement for people to walk in. anyways the price was fairly cheap as i've booked through travelsupermarket.com.i rented a vauxhall astra which wasn't too different from my own car.i absolutely loved it and didn't take long to get use to.i didn't damage the car so that was ok!other than that i liked the service and would book with them again!

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