• “Els Pascadors is by far the best seafood restaurant in Barcelona we made a dinner reservation which would be my recommendation because a lot of the locals go to eat there.” in 3 reviews

  • “We ordered the cuttle fish in ink, the foie with blue cheese and pears, and the mussels with ginger.” in 2 reviews

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  • 5.0 star rating

    Els Pescateurs.  5/5.  Truly fine dining in a part of Barcelona dominated by touristic, unserious food hawkers.  Deeply serious about the Catalan food tradition, Els delivers intensely fresh seafood interpreted by local techniques, with a deep regional wine list in an elegant, sophisticated setting.  The restaurant is in a beautiful small courtyard with three (fig?) trees with white tablecloth set tables outside and two food preparation tables directly in front of the tables.  The courtyard was quiet and serene when I dined there at 10:30pm on a Monday night in August.  It was lit by streetlamps of the square.  The wine list was extensive and almost exclusively consisting of wines of the region.  I had a Xarel Lo (grape) from Penedenes (region) that blew my mind.  Tomato soup, if one could call it that was incredible.  It was a puree of tomato, cucumber and Catalan aioli with Jamon silvers and a crunchy piece of toast. It really showed off the quality of the ingredients.  Clams in white wine were delicious though somewhat conventional, and a seafood (anemone/jellyfish??) was like an oyster crossed with an urchin, served fried and mind broadening.  The main dish I had was a fisherman's rice, which was essentially a risotto made with fish stew.  

    This place was like a school devoted to the investigation of how to use local fish, produce, wine and make innovative but traditional dishes.   Its not cheap so be ready to pay for the privilege of the education into Catalan food.

  • 5.0 star rating

    So so good!!
    The traditional tomato and oil on bread was some of the best I had while in Barcelona!  
    I enjoyed my meal of green rice with cod cheeks and the waitress let me know that this was one of her favorite meals at the restaurant but only after I had finished it.  My dining partner had the langoustines which were delicious and very fresh tasting.  

    We were in the mood for something light for dessert.  I had the mandarin sorbet which tasted as if they had grated some fresh rinds onto the sorbet...perfect and light.  My dining partner had the Greek yogurt which was almost looked like a marshmallow as they had slightly brûléed the top.  Very creamy.  

    Overall, I would come back here anytime I was in Barcelona as it was not too expensive but just as delicious and maybe more so than the pricier meals I've had!

  • 5.0 star rating
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    Beautiful neighborhood restaurant with peaceful romantic setting. Excellent food & excellent staff.
    A great Barcelona seafood restaurant away from all the chaos! Perfect for a special date.

  • 4.0 star rating
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    Very local restaurant settle at very.quiet and typical Barcelona square. Very professional and authentic service, close from the beach but far from the crowd. Booking is needle for a terrasse seating. For fish lover.

  • 5.0 star rating
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    Wow - had a fantastic dinner here!

    I have been to Barcelona several times previously but had never heard of Els Pescadors until a colleague of mine found it online and recommended we check it out.

    A little hard to find (even the taxi driver had a hard time) but really nice locals feeling spot with fantastic service once you arrive.

    We went on a Tuesday or Wednesday night at about 9 or 9:30, and were basically the only people in the restaurant even when we left 2 hours later.  I suppose it can get quite busy on the weekends but it was eerily quiet the night we were there.

    Basic menu of fish and sea food but all prepared nicely.  Foie gras starter is PLENTY big for 2 people to share (unless you REALLLLY like Foie) and should not be missed, they do Foie 3-4 different ways so there should be a preparation for everyone.

    Not inexpensive, but I will go back.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Getting quality ingredients is a birthright to natives and it really shows.  We were at Enoteca having dinner and asked to speak to the chef whom btw was just an awesome individual!  We asked for a place he would recommend and he said that he lived in the area and said that the rice here was amazing.  I want to clarify it is rice soupy rice and not paella.  So no socarrat here.

    We ordered the cuttle fish in ink, the foie with blue cheese and pears, and the  mussels with ginger.

    What can I say anything cooked in it's own juices can not be a bad thing.  The foie with blue cheese and pears were simply amazing.  

    the rice dishes that we ordered were the fisherman's stew, and the rice with morcilla and mushrooms.

    The fishermans stew was good but as with all that comes from the sea.  It was a bit briney but the textura of the rice was perfect not mushy not hard but firm and with a little soup.  
    The morcilla and mushroom was perfect not too much minerality from the the sausage but rather subtle.  

    We also order the bacalao with potatos and romesco.  I personally do not really enjoy the salt cod texture but this dish embodies what is really catalonian.  The potatoes were done well the fish had some bite to it and the sauce was ever so nutty and with a little spice.  

    I will be back to finish and eat more food from your beautiful bounty and was a little sorry I was a little hungover to eat more.  

    Cheers and happy eats.

  • 4.0 star rating

    We stumbled on this restaurant because of  our wonderful book called 100% Barcelona, which gives you great tips on where the locals eat. My Dutchman was determined to find this restaurant after reading so many great reviews. The fact that we were hungry, tired and walking on foot to find this restaurant did not stop us from making the trip. Our sole objective was to enjoy some of the freshest seafood in Barcelona.

    This is the type of restaurant that you will not find so easily, so I would suggest making reservations first and then jumping into a taxi to head right over to Els Pescadors to enjoy a delicious meal. It's known for  the best seafood in Barcelona. We were fortunate to dine outside on the terrace, so we could enjoy the amazing weather at night! It was a pleasurable experience to eat here.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Very good fish restaurant, not cheap but very high quality.
    Located at a very nice little square

  • 5.0 star rating
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    I have been to Barcelona a couple of times because i have family here and this review is from my last trip that i forgot to do when i was last there before my daughter moved to NYC. Els Pascadors is by far the best seafood restaurant in Barcelona we made a dinner reservation which would be my recommendation because a lot of the locals go to eat there. Ask what the Chef's specials are because you might want to order from them since they get fresh fish in and they prepare it a very creative manner rather then from the regular menu. The menu will still be great to order from but i still think you would be smart to go with his recommendations; I ordered the salmon cooked in special seasoning with rice which really looked more like paella to me. We had appetizers, salad and sangria to drink. Let me tell you the Sangria in Spain taste nothing like the wine you would have here in USA, this is amazing red wine and it compliments the fish dinner.

  • 1.0 star rating

    I am completely dumbfounded by the glorious reviews for this restaurant.  It was recommended by the concierage at our hotel and we were expecting some very good fish.  However, when we arrived there after a long cab ride, we were surprised at the lack of any ambiance and the rather amateurish way it was operated.  If we hadn't come so far across town, we probably would have left. So we stayed and hoped that at least the food would be as good as we were told.  It wasn't. We both ordered a salad and the seabass. The salad was a simple green salad with a few pieces of tomato and 3 green beans. We were offered some flavorless olive oil and some balsamic vinegar to put on it ourselves. The salad was something you might throw together from your fridge in a hurry but this one cost 11 euros. We also had two glasses of a red wine which was good but we were given about a fourth of a glass each. At this point we were still hoping that the fish would save the day. It didn't.  The fish was presented mostly deboned but in lots of broken pieces on a plate with some slices of barely cooked potato smothered in that same flavorless olive oil, some sliced white onions also smothered in olive oil and a cooked whole tomato smothered in olive oil. Other than the flavorless olive oil, there was no seasoning of any kind on the fish or the potatoes or the onions or the tomato. That's it. That was the plate.  And the taste?  Almost no flavor of any kind.  Ah, but the price?  42 euros!  Over 50 USD.  I cannot emphasize more what a complete sham of an experience this was and how grossly outrageous the price was (123 euros for our meal).  Fortunately, we had good meals at other places in Barcelona:  Bar Mut, Agua. This one should be avoided.

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