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Electric Ballroom, London by Qype User astrid…
Electric Ballroom, London by Qype User astrid…
Electric Ballroom, London by Qype User Stepha…
  • “Everyone from Adam and the Ants to The Red Hot Chili Peppers to Hanoi Rocks have taken the stage.” in 7 reviews

  • “Inside they have a massive main dance room, which plays some great tunes and also some very cheesy tunes.” in 2 reviews

  • “The party going on every friday is called Sin City and the music played there is Metal, Emo, Punk, Hardcore, Glam and various subgenres of Alternative Rock.” in 4 reviews

Recommended Reviews

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    • Qype User leechi…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 42 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    The electric ballroom is one of those venues that you seem to keep coming back to. I remember the first time I went there and thinking like it was a mix of the greatest elements of my student union, CBGBs and your local town nightclub. Be warned the queues start early for this place, and the doorman who regularly patrol the lines can throw people out for no reason at all. So best not to cause them any reason to.

    Inside they have a massive main dance room, which plays some great tunes and also some very cheesy tunes. Upstairs is more the rnb room. Definitely check it out as you'll be guaranteed to have a good night.

  • 1.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Here's the thing. I only ever go to venues like this to see bands. I don't go for dancing or club nights, which is what these venues do best (or at least try to be good at).

    Electric Ballroom has a weird layout of multiple, interconnected rooms. Probably good for a club that can feature different DJs and music genres for dancing, but terrible when everyone is just trying to look in one direction and get a good view while doing it.
    The capacity is prob 1,000+ but that's if you plan to include people who would stand in a room that has no view of the stage. So, if a show is sold out, keep this in mind.

    The nearby Koko has a similar issue but Electric Ballroom lacks the charm and theatre-esque vibe the Koko can claim.

    A large floor area in front of the stage is at least a good start, but without a sloped floor you'll get nothing but a view of the backs of peoples' heads unless you're 5' 10" or more. An upstairs level has window-like cutouts but once you get 1-2 rows of people in front of them, the view is blocked. Also, some of the window spots don't offer a view of the stage anyway (blocked by big ceiling beams and hanging light fixtures). Again, this is designed to give you a view of the dance floor directly below, not the stage.

    When it came time to leave, my husband and I separated to use the bathrooms. We set up a meeting spot by the bar, but when he arrived there he was told he couldn't wait, he HAD to be siphoned toward the door as security cleared the place out. He explained that he wouldn't be able to find me/me him if he moved and could he just wait for a minute but they were pretty rude and even got to the point of physically trying to move him by shoving him along. This is the first time I've come across such an aggro attitude by venue security in London.

  • 4.0 star rating

    The Electric Ballroom is a bit of an iconic landmark in London and I was surprised that I hadn't been there before! We rocked up (see what I did there?) recently to see The Darkness play and neither they nor the venue disappointed!

    The doors on band nights open at 7 but we decided to show up an hour later and we were glad we did. NO QUEUE!

    There is tonnes of room inside and bars dotted all over the place so you never have to wait too long to get served. The beer however is quite pricey - £8.40 for two Red Stripes. But hey ho, this is London after all.

    If you want to avoid some of the crush on the main floor (the mosh pit got going pretty early) then upstairs there is a balcony level where you can sit and look down onto the stage. It was a great spot actually and was hilarious because you get to look down on all of the crowd surfers from an unusual angle!

    A great local venue and one that I will happily return to. Get out there and get rocking!

  • 4.0 star rating

    The Ultimate Powers party is highly to recommend, even if you won't have a voice to use the next day. The place is surprisingly huge with one large and one smaller dance floor. Only thing I didn't like is that the drinks come in plastic cups. At least they are quite cheap for that.

    • Qype User Timina…
    • Sydney, Australia
    • 634 friends
    • 757 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    Camden's Electric Ballroom has some good club nights if you like metal or disco (see their web page for details): it's a big, dark place with several levels and rooms, and so they can vary the offerings from loud dancing to rooms where you can chill.

    From time to time they have good rock bands in. I've seen both The Soundtrack Of Our Lives and Seasick Steve play here.

    The bar is large and central, which means there's lots of space to belly up to it, if necessary.

    • Qype User warrio…
    • London
    • 133 friends
    • 253 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Ah, the good old Electric Ballroom. I used to hang out in Camden all the time when I first moved to London and often visited on a Saturday afternoon to rifle through racks of cool clothes. I even bought a £15 green leather jacket here in my pre-vegetarian/vegan days - fancy that.

    I also remember getting very very drunk at an indie club night there once, dancing to The Cure and shimmying up to unsuitable boys. What larks there were to be had in Camden in the year 2000!

    More recently I experienced the EB as a gig venue, and it was a pretty vibey night. I like how you can watch from the bar upstairs (though I don't know how you get up there) or down in the thick of it, though if you get stuck at the back by the bar it's very hard to see anything at all on the stage. The sound was okay but it wasn't a full band performance so I can't comment too much.

    All in all it's a nicer than average small venue with particularly fond memories for me of my early days in the big city. Hurrah for that.

    • Qype User peterb…
    • London
    • 27 friends
    • 73 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    The Electric Ballroom is located about fifty yards North of Camden Town tube station so it's really easy to get to. It's a huge venue with a much smaller upstairs area too. Many a good night has been had here although it is not as smart as many of the other venues in Camden.

    Also, on Sundays the main hall is used as part of the market with lots of clothes stalls being set up. It has a slightly different feel to the rest of the market and is certainly worth wondering around if t is raining outside. There is a currency exchanger just inside the front doors who does quite good rates if you are a tourist.

    • Qype User Stepha…
    • London
    • 70 friends
    • 77 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    I always pop in here for the market. So many loud and proud offerings and slogan t-shirts as you walk in. Get to the main bit and there are rails of cheap vintage clothes, many from high street stores but for a fraction of the price. I once brought a red stripey t-shirt for £1!!!

    When you reach the main bit if you then go far left you will find a gorgeous jewellery stall. Owned by a very nice lady who makes most of the jewellery herself. I wont describe them here as some are super unique and all her own ideas. As it's rarely more than £3 for a pair of earings it is def worth a look!

    I am yet to go on a club night but after reading the other reviews I feel I have ben sorely missing out- see u there next weekend!

    Keep your wits about you though, as I stood outside to take the picture I got mooned :-(

    • Qype User ma0s…
    • London
    • 10 friends
    • 72 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    This is a pretty decent venue for its size, based within spitting distance of Camden Tube station. The bar is kept completely seperate from the stage so you don't have many problems with people going from A to B if you stay to the left of the crowd facing the stage. Crystal Castles were incredible here recently, and the venue suited them perfectly.

    There's an upstairs area too which overlooks the main hall of the venue.

  • 5.0 star rating

    The Electric Ballroom is legendary, hosting some great acts over the years including Hard-Fi, The Killers, The Raconteurs, AFI, Gogol Bordello and Paul McCartney. My experience has always been great here, they have plenty of bars scattered across two levels, an almost 60's american diner look to the upstairs and a big dance floor and stage downstairs, it's pretty much like a large hall, perfect for rocking out or even throwing some shapes to cheese.

    Sin City on a friday is the night for the rock crowd and being Camden they are out in force, often after a few drinks in the Worlds End. Generally you'll queue for a bit to get in, it doesn't get busy til after 11, if you're planning to go jump on the website and print a flyer to save a few quid on entry!

    Totally recommended, go, get drunk, dance, have a great night!

    • Qype User sushil…
    • Bristol
    • 7 friends
    • 179 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Excellent place to see a gig! Surprisingly large venue with decent sound and lighting, but minimal seating.

    The venue is also host to various club nights and has different music on different floors. Inferno is a popular night with some good DJs.

    It's spitting distance from the Camden Tube Station and there are loads of night busses and taxis to take you home after a night out.

    Sundays, the venue is part of the Camden Market and you can find all sorts of interesting items for sale.

    • Qype User lioncu…
    • London
    • 5 friends
    • 15 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    I've been to the Electric Ballroom to see bands several times now and I have to say it's one of my favourite venues.

    It's fairly small and intimate and has great sound. The bar and the balcony upstairs is a good spot to watch bands from or you can get very close to the bands if that's your thing.

    I haven't been there for any of the club nights but there appears to be a wide range of different music styles and I'd like to give it a go.

    • Qype User Inkedk…
    • London
    • 2 friends
    • 1 review
    4.0 star rating

    So the Ballroom has been around for since the 70's, and with it it's seen the rise and fall of many rock n roll bands. Everyone from Adam and the Ants to The Red Hot Chili Peppers to Hanoi Rocks have taken the stage. Not only is this venue crucial to bands development in their early days it provides a mass of history.

    Not only does it provide a stage for live music, but it opens it's doors every Friday and Saturday to camden's thriving clubbers. If you live for rock n roll or would die for metal, get yourself down to the club night Sin City on a Friday. Sure it's full of you're local 70/80's wannabe types, who crave this era of music, but to hell with it, the music's great, the drinks arewell priced not too badly, and the smoking area outside provides a conversation grounddon't expect to hear yourself much inside. A must for every die hard glam/metal fan.

    There is talk of closing this gem down, and with it the station shall expand (sorry why the hell does Camden station need to expand?!) and history shall be destroyed. If only the walls could talk, I'm sure we'd hear some interesting stories of years gone by. So what are you waiting for, put your fav band tshirt on, your eyeliner, lycra or leather is optional and lets go rock n roll!

    • Qype User Hammer…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 6 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Yay! it's fab !

    • Qype User ski…
    • London
    • 32 friends
    • 138 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Great venue, good craic for an old school-esque weekend night; reminds me of my old SU! Strange the way they take unopened chewing gum off you, never encountered that before, but at least it shows theres a no-nonsense drug policy. I'd a little bottle of Jagermeister in my pocket which they took off me and gave me a ticket; just like a cloakroom; and there was me thinking I'd lost it forever!

    • Qype User absint…
    • London
    • 81 friends
    • 264 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    I haven't been to the Ballroom in years having got old and shaken off my Gothic tendencies, but I like to tell myself that this unique venue has not lost its almost magical charms. Entering the vast underground chasm on a Friday night it felt like almost anything could happen (and it frequently did) and the venue is a good mix of large, medium-sized and intimate dancefloor areas to cater for all tastes and proclivities

    • Qype User sacky_…
    • London
    • 85 friends
    • 67 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Brilliant venue. From what you see outside you would not realise how big it is inside! One absolutely huge room which plays absolutely anything and then a smaller room for RnB and hiphop. A great mix of people enough surrounding bars to be able to have a good drink up before going in! Better to try get in earlier or you cpuld face an hr+ que which is a bit of a party killer!! but other wise a good night out.

    • Qype User Gothic…
    • London
    • 11 friends
    • 80 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Some good nights out here. Check their website as sometimes there are different clubs. Inferno had cage dancers. That was a plus!

    • Qype User astrid…
    • Dublin, Republic of Ireland
    • 9 friends
    • 62 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Rock night is excellent fun - We were there til 3am closing. Two floors of ridiculous dancing, and easy going clubbers.

    • Qype User LisaLa…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 2 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Sin City nights are the best in London for rock and metal fans. Download a flyer for reduced entry, that way you can afford to go often! :) No friends into similar music, don't worry  check out The London Rock Meetup Group on meetup.com/rock-83  we're free to join and we rock out all over London. Lisa (organiser)

    • Qype User Wes…
    • Edinburgh
    • 4 friends
    • 35 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Excellent venue, good size and atmosphere with a large oval bar in one room. You can get close to the stage and get a good view of the band almost anywhere. Relatively friendly bouncers on the gig nights at least  the venue also holds lots of typically expensive but very popular club nights. There are old style pinball machines to entertain. It's very close to Camden Town tube station; look out for the neon blue sign to the right of the exit.

    • Qype User plasmo…
    • London
    • 3 friends
    • 31 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    The Electric Ballrooms is one of the main foundations of Camden's 'alternativeness'. Pop acts are generally considered unwelcome, as the history of the Ballrooms is steeped in rock and metal. It also acts as an extension to the wonderful Camden Market on Sundays, and hosts alternative club nights throughout the week. Rumors are circulating that it will soon be torn down and a tube station will replace it, so go while you still can!

  • 4.0 star rating
    First to Review

    Electric Ballroom was recommended to me by a friend as "the place to go" for a night out. And I totally agree. It's a HUGE venue, and considering it's in the heart of Camden town, you get quite a mix of people, which I always enjoy. There is an r'n'b room, a massive open area downstairs and a balcony above this where you can watch people dance their hearts out! This is the most fun at the end of the night when the cheesy tunes come on (Greese lightning medley hilarious). The drinks arn't too expensive and you can run a riot in here with a big bunch of friends. Perfect for a good night out, with small or large groups who like mixed music and a relaxed environment where you can dress up or down until your heart's content!

    • Qype User Anna_N…
    • London
    • 6 friends
    • 36 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    The Electric Ballroom is what I would like to call a chameleon-venue as it is used for multiple events, though mainly for gigs and parties.
    Gigs take place at The Electric Ballroom throughout each week, and as for the parties, they take place each weekend.
    To fit into the alternative atmosphere of Camden, these parties are all more or less aimed at an alternative audience.
    The enterior of The Electric Ballroom is quite spacious. Once you pass throught the entrance doors a flight of stairs will lead down unto the main dance floor where you will find a bar at one end and a stage for performances (namely gigs) at the other end. Upstairs there is one more floor, smaller than the first one, also equipped with a bar and also toilets. Upstairs there are also bunches of comfortable seats gathered around tables where you can sit and have a drink.
    The party going on every friday is called Sin City and the music played there is Metal, Emo, Punk, Hardcore, Glam and various subgenres of Alternative Rock.
    Sin City is enjoyable, but even more enjoyable is Inferno, an event which, sadly, only occurs on the first friday of each moth, what woith a floor for Industrial and Gothic music and the so-called Fang Bang Rock and Metal floor. The Electric Ballroom always gets very busy on Inferno nights thanks to the good music played by the resident djs as well as the rareness of the occation.
    As I said before, The Electric Ballroom is a chameleon-venue, and so it opens the doors on the occational hip hop night, though I cannot claim to have ever been to one such event.
    During the daytime on the weekends the lower floor of The Electric Ballroom transforms into The Electric Ballroom Market with stalls (all of which are quite similar to the ones you will find outside at the Lock Market).

    • Qype User mike99…
    • London
    • 2 friends
    • 2 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    This place has different seen depending on which night of the week/month you go there. I highly recommend this place for there Inferno nights. Which are the first Friday of every month. If you like loud metal and industrial music and the gothic seen, then you will probably like this place.

    • Qype User sar23…
    • London
    • 10 friends
    • 109 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    i came here for a gig a while ago and its definitely a good location. its quite a large space, not too cramped and sweaty like most gigs i've been to. the bar is fairly expensive and the service is terrible but no one really expects great service at gigs. the toilets are pretty disgusting, you just have to grin and bear it! generally, really enjoyed the night, may not be the best location for a gig but actually much better than i expected.

    • Qype User Steffi…
    • Berlin, Germany
    • 1 friend
    • 101 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Really great alternative place. Great atmosphere, awesome music and nice people

    • Qype User Willie…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 2 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Worth going to tough, but nothing special.

    • Qype User rho…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 19 reviews
    2.0 star rating

    one of the worst places ive been in london! but if you like cheap and trashy I guess its fun everything has its place.

    • Qype User Robert…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 2 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    medium -sized venue, cozy, nice staff, and not too expensive drinks

    • Qype User Summer…
    • London
    • 0 friends
    • 3 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    cosy venue with excellent music and great drinks

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