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  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Being a Texan I a pretty particular about my steak. We went there based on Yelp reviews cause trying to figure out where to eat in York is not that easy unless Italian or Indian. The inside is nice. I had the mushroom appetizer which was not fresh. However the steak was real good. My wife's was a little over cooked but mine was perfect. If you want a good steak go but order something besides the mushrooms. You can buy the same in Tesco frozen food.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I went to El Gaucho on 31st May, and I left a very happy man.

    So firstly, abit out from the city centre, it was about a 10 min walk, and walked by alot of nice restaurants which I would like to try in the future, and when we finally got there, it was this teeny restaurant. Upon entry, it immediately felt good, because it was smoke-y, and this was a good sign.

    We were seated and greeted by this wonderful gent, very polite and got our drinks underway. I ordered a coke, as I was driving, and wanted to try everything on the menu when I was reading it. I settled for a 'Pimientos Rellenos' which is the stuffed pepper with meat and cheese (man filling ruurr!) and the 11oz 'Chuletón' Char grilled quality grass-fed sirloin with a rich centre (what is a rich centre I was thinking - a mystery awaits!).

    Whilst waiting for the food, I took in the environment, and I must say it's a very place, perfect for an evening to dine out, although I'm not sure about the music that they were playing! Shortly after ordering our food, the 'stomach liner' came in the form of sliced baguette and garlic butter, and it was not too shabby.

    My starter was abit disappointing, as it was nicely cooked, but the flavour was abit bland and needed more oomph!

    *Fast forward........*

    So yeah onto the main event, my steak! I was greeted to a big slab of meat (just how I like it), cooked medium-rare with home cooked chips and a side salad. The salad was dry as it had no dressing, and the chips were nice and home-y. My steak was tremendous, full of meaty flavour and the rich centre? Beef juices! In which I dipped my chips in, yumm!

    My only gripe is that the waiter (different to the one who seated us) forgot to bring me my ketchup - otherwise I would've given 5 stars. Ok having pondering, I think they deserve 5 stars, as it's been one of my best restaurant experience.

    I definitely recommend this place for steak lovers. The price is actually quite competitive and it was well worth the money that I spent.

  • 5.0 star rating
    First to Review

    The best steak I've had in the UK! El Gaucho is an unassuming steak restaurant within York's city limits but a couple of minutes away from the main touristy areas.

    Steak is (and quite rightly so) the main ingredient as far as El Gaucho is concerned, so don't expect an extensive menu. El Gaucho know steak and know it well, so don't mess around with pizzas, pastas and all sorts of confused items on the menu.

    Being unsure as to what to expect from the starters, we all chose the combinacion gaucho - a trio of empanada, spare rib and chorizo. Each are available in their own right, but the combinacion gave a taste of each.

    Next was the main event. I chose the 14oz rib eye (medium) whilst my wife had an 11oz fillet (medium-well). Another member of our party ordered the 14oz rib eye (rare) and three were cooked perfectly. Of course the "rare" steak was barely cooked but that's the point...

    Huge slabs of great tasting meat, tender and exactly as you want a £20-odd steak to be. I would rather have this any day than ten of the dry leathery £7 steaks you get from a chain pub.

    Desserts were a little disappointing so I wouldn't worry too much about those. The pancake and ice cream sounded the best bet and it was good enough, but a bit overpriced.

    In future I'll skip the dessert and maybe have a second steak instead...

    • Qype User jeopar…
    • York
    • 0 friends
    • 50 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    El Gaucho simply has some of the best steak I have ever eaten. The restaurant itself is small and pre-booking is required if you're planning to eat from 8 onwards at least. We did not book, but were eating at about 6ish; the place soon filled up.

    The desserts on offer were generally simple and traditional, but always gorgeous.

    The staff are very friendly and very knowledgeable about the wine on offer and recommended a very lovely bottle that we would not have picked out ourselves.

    Price-wise, it's about spot-on: not too cheap, not too expensive. We'll definitely be going back.

    • Qype User Kikis…
    • Leeds, West Yorkshire
    • 2 friends
    • 8 reviews
    2.0 star rating

    I dined with my husband and my in laws and later discussions confirmed my own view that the restaurant's decor leaves a lot to be desired and it is hardly the most comfortable dining experience with hard wooden seats, wooden floors and wooden tables.

    The service was mixed with the waitress telling me that they did not serve white wine by the glass although I suspect this was a misunderstanding caused by the language barrier. My husband suspected this to be the case and engaged another waiter who promptly attended to us and brought me a glass of wine.

    The smell coming from the kitchens was really good and I was salivating at the prospect of a nice steak. We all but one ordered sirloin with chips and salad. My Mother in Law ordered hers with jacket potatoe and when our soggy chips were brought out, I wish I had gone with the jacket too! The chips were obviously fried in oil that was not hot enough. The steak was very good; very well cooked and I was pleased with that.

    The salad was extremely lacklustre in appearance and taste. It had also just been plonked on the plate without care or attention to presentation which was a pity.

    The sauces were really poor. Not only could I have made better at home but I could have made better at home using an instant mix. The size of the sauce pot/dish was also the smallest possible. It was a good job that we all found the sauce so poor because even though we ordered one each, it wouldn't have been enough if we'd actually liked the stuff.

    If you like well cooked steak and can overlook soggy chips, etc., then do visit. If not, cook it at home which is what we will be doing in future.

    • Qype User Bellro…
    • York
    • 8 friends
    • 130 reviews
    1.0 star rating

    Honestly, I have never sat in a restaurant and watched customers walk through the door and want to run up to them and beg them to change their minds and go elsewhere! until tonight!..

    Now, I love a good steak, and having heard so many things about how Argentinian steak is 'the' best I have been looking forward to trying this place for ages!

    There were so many problems with how the food came out I haven't got time to list them! I do think there was a problem with the language barrier with our waiter and ourselves, however one of our dining companions when asked how he would like his steak cooking, asked for rare, the waiter explained they only do medium rare, medium or medium well. I have never heard of this? totally bonkers, I like my steak rare, not medium anything, as did my pal. Given the choice, he chose medium rare. Nearly an hour later the food arrived and the steak was well done, we sent it back after an infuriating explanation to the waiter. By this time we had eaten a variety of poorly cooked incorrect meals (when I say incorrect, I mean not food that we had ordered eg, the wrong salad, and missing the cheese of the garlic bread). Our lovely vegetarian friend found her salmon dish intolerable. The newly cooked steak arrived apparently rare this time arrived on a sizzling hot platter and was once again well done, sending it back again wasn't really an option as we were already late for a later engagement, so the second attempt at steak was eaten with burnt chips and no replacement salad (the first salad was taken with the first steak).

    So for nearly £90 for 4 people, drinks added to the bill that we didn't have (we got these removed) and 2 of our party went straight to a takeaway to 'top' up on food as despite the amount we spend, very little was consumed.

    Utterly, utterly disappointed.

    • Qype User poddin…
    • York
    • 255 friends
    • 186 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    up date!!!
    went again last night 20th aug, did not book but managed to get in :) was after 8pm

    friends of mine recently went and gave me a glowing review, so we had to be sure?? lol
    as always the place was packed the dacor looked about the same, but they have new menu, few more chicken dishes and some pasta dishes
    i went for the steak, wonders who asks for chicken in such a place, my man got the rib eye i got the mix grill and a bottle of wine. the wine was £13.50 rose an was a bit to drinkable! (could of had 2)

    mans steak was £20 14oz rib eye cooked to juicy moist perfection!

    mixed grill was £15.50 i did not get the pork with the mixed grill but got extra bit of rump, which suited me fine! the rump was like the rib eye cooked to perfection, and don't let the word rump make you think of the toughest cut! it was just denser in texture and very tender, i could not finish all the meat, but man helped.
    again top marks!!! i am sorry to read some qypers did not enjoy the steakfest, but the service, food an staff politeness, i simply could not fault! i was a little tiddled when i went to use the toilet, but nothing in there struck me as un clean, and bonus for me was we were given a table up stairs, thats where toilets are situated.
    this is one of them restaurants, that you can easily walk by after looking into the windows and at the menu.

    we went earlier this year after friends that go there regular, had said its the best steak restaurant they have ever been to.
    the place is simply furnished with wooden floors, tables and chairs (not been to toilets in this restaurant) service is relaxed and efficient
    the menu offers choice of beef steaks, pork steaks and a complimentry chicken dish, for the main courses! (why go to a steak restaurant to eat chicken?) anyway,

    we had a chorizo starter and its not as spicey as the chorizo i get from the super markets, but it was pleasent enough.

    there was a short wait for the steaks to arrive after the starters, and when they arrived i could see why.

    the steaks were about 2inches thick! and probably bigger then the menu weight!
    we ordered our steaks to be cooked medium, and on cutting into the steaks, which the knifes just glided through! thats always a good sign for a tender steak. (knifes did not snag on any connective tissue? stringy bits)

    they where done to perfection!

    the meat not only cut easily and melted in the mouth, it was so moist! they served the steaks with a red pesto like dipping sauce, which was not needed, but very nice.
    the meat was so moist! i know i put this already, but the steak was not wet on the plate, its juices not running every where? but in your mouth as you chewed.

    i've eaten some good steaks in the past, but this chef performed sheer magic!
    though it was pricey, but having said that, you get quality and quantity with the steaks, no over doing the chips to improve on portion sizing! i'd rather have extra meat then veg! (no pun intended)
    we will be going again at some point before the year is out.
    so if you go, i'd say, don't bother with starters, go strait for the main course of steak! even if your a big eater, it will be enough! as we had to take home the steak we could not finish off.

    this is definately the place to be if your in the mood for a meat feast!

    • Qype User ryanfi…
    • London
    • 1 friend
    • 7 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Was very busy but managed to get an early table at 630 for 6 people. Good service and food-especially the sirloin, rib eye and fillet steaks. Would definitely go back. Not to be confused with the Gaucho chain.

    • Qype User charme…
    • York
    • 1 friend
    • 27 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    El Gaucho is an argentinean steakhouse on walmgate. The steak is imported and it's delicious. I highly recommend the filet mignon. It's a lovely place to go for a romantic dinner as the atmosphere is very nice. The staff are very professional and friendly. They also have a great selection of wines to go with dinner, both european and new world. I have been here twice and would definitely return. It is slightly expensive, but you are paying for quality and it's definitely one of the finer restaurants on Walmgate where competition is high. It's a great fine dining experience in York.

    • Qype User sunday…
    • York
    • 4 friends
    • 2 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    we had a girls night out that began with a much anticipated meal at el goucho,our table being reserved 4 weeks before just to be on the safe side,i also requested that the table not be near the door and this was adhered to ( this was in early feb after all) we were all more than happy with our starters,two of us myself included plumping for the empenadas,OMG,the best tasting starter i ever had,it was that good that ive actually since got the recipe and am going to have a go at making them myself,for my main course i had a rib eye which was far bigger than i expected it to be,it was huge and thick as a builders brick,it was absolutely everything i went there hoping it to be,tasty,tender and juicy as hell,i just couldnt finish it there was so much and my poor friend got the meat sweats,we all loved the food but there were a few minus points,after paying £6.oo for a bottle of very nice rose in the terrace we paid double for a bottle in el goucho,well aware you pay more in a restaurant so didnt mind but jesus it was foul,we had to buy a pint and a half of lemonade to try and make it palatable,the chips were a bit limp and soggy the salads a bit dire and the sauce not very plentiful but all in all these are just minor gripes and we all said we would go back,we went for a steak and thats exactly what we got,the best steak ive ever had in my 43 years,bon appetite

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