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  • 27 Romilly Street
    London W1D 5AL
  • Transit information Bakerloo Central Northern Piccadilly Get Directions
  • Phone number 020 7734 4401
  • Business website eattokyo.co.uk
  • 5.0 star rating

    Alright, from a strictly Japanese food standpoint, it won't blow you out of the water.  The sushi isn't particularly amazing, the sashimi isn't exceptionally fresh, nor are the cooked dishes finely flavored or anything.

    HOWEVER, for the price and portions, it simply can't be beat.  My go-to here is ALWAYS a bento box or the chicken katsu, just because they're so worth it (especially portion-wise).  The chicken katsu comes with egg and CHEESE (yes, cheese!!) over a big bowl of rice, it's a completely unorthodox twist on a pretty standard dish.  Honestly, it's my freakin' favorite.  TRY IT!

    It's a tight space (so it's not good for groups) and there's almost always a line, but I advise you to wait it out because it's totally worth it!  In fact, I'm not even mad that they charge two quid for a water refill for tea (does your hot water cost money??) because this egg/cheese katsu is so crazy good and unbelievably cheap and THAT is a rare combination in London.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    On a very rainy night in London, my sister and I met up with our friend Lesley B, who was in London for work. By the way, Lesley B is a Manchester Yelper but it's hard up there with virtually no Yelpers and no activity on their boards, so feel free to friend her and offer her some encouragement!

    We had decided to be spontaneous and as a result, got turned away from a few full restaurants. I remembered Eat Tokyo as a little mom and pop sushi place I had wanted to try and we headed there in a hurry under some umbrellas.

    Incidentally, it's a geographical funny quirk but restaurant-wise, on Romilly Street, Tokyo restaurant is next door to Kyoto restaurant!

    We arrived into the quaint and cozy ground floor dining room and bagged the last table. The decor is quite modern but with traditional Japanese objets d'arts on display in little cabinets on the wall

    When the menus arrived, I suddenly remembered what had put this place on my radar. The menus were hefty A4 sized heavy bound affairs with a bewildering array of choices of sushi, sashimi, traditional starter, noodles and bento boxes, all illustrated with huge photos.

    We opted to get a bento box each (unbelievable value at £6 each) and to share some sashimi. The sashimi was first to arrive. The salmon, tuna and mackarel satisfied my sister's well-honed sashimi palate and Lesley B nodded approvingly, a definite thumbs up for Eat Tokyo from a relative sashimi virgin.

    However, the o-toro was disappointing. Too fatty, not sweet or rich enough. I was left by my fellow diners to finish the whole portion.

    We also tried a starter dish of tofu with hot bonito flakes. I had expected more flavour from the bonito but it didn't really lift the bland tofu as much as I'd hoped and we ended up dunking the tofu in soya sauce for more flavour.

    For main course, I enjoyed the katsu don with crispy deep fried breadcrumbed pork enhanced by an egg suace on top of rice. My sister was pleased with her kara age and Lesley B enjoyed her tempura. The main course portions were huge and served with miso soup.

    Great price and value  for Central London.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Take 1 pint-sized suburban Japanese eatery, transport it to deepest Soho and attack its front window with a Splat gun loaded with Microsoft Powerpoint clip art... what do you get? You get Eat Tokyo... a wonderful and slightly eccentric sushi, ramen and bento box restaurant.

    I was drawn in by A4 photos and 72-point Comic Sans bold  promises of generous Bento Box dinners for as little as £6. I was nearly deterred by the cramped tables and waiting line, until I noticed it consisted of young Japanese guys... a sure sign of great food for good value.

    The inside has a contradictory hectic tranquility provided by the gorgeous antique-like Japanese plates and the cute polite waitresses in traditional clothes running around to serve us on our 6 tables. The menu is a hefty tome of photos of the options, with chirashi don, ramen, udon and bento box after bento box captured in full technicolour with Powerpoint arrows inserting 'Fried Oyster' and 'Tempura' into various spaces. It's almost a work of modern art... I wanted to take it back with me. Never before have I seen a menu so microsoft-crazy.

    So far so good, but what of the food? Well it was simply delicious. My fried mackerel and salmon bento box could've happily served a sumo wrestler but didn't lose its quality or aesthetic by being generous in portion. It was trumped to taste by the wonderful thick slabs of tuna and salmon sashimi I ordered on the side for a few pounds. Not the world's best quality cuts but fantastically good for the cheap price. For just over a tenner I felt I'd filled myself with real Japanese food that would fit in place in any a small prefecture town somewhere in Honshu.

    No wonder it's full of Japanese kids. Will be back for ramen soon.

  • 4.0 star rating
    ROTD 15/10/2011

    I had to try Eat Tokyo twice before I could decide if I really liked them or not.  Not sure why, think the first time I went I was distracted since I was eating with my boss but this time I went just by myself and the focus was all on the food.

    The sashimi I ordered (salmon and tuna) was gorgeous, melted in my mouth and favorable.  Really one of the best places I had sashimi in London so far.  I also had a salmon avocado roll and spicy tuna roll, both were good.  I was surprised when they arrived as on the menu it said they were 6 piece rolls but they came over as 8.  Just ask for no mayonnaise on the salmon avocado roll, they do tend to put mayonnaise on a lot of their rolls, if that's your thing well fine then but if not like, me just ask for any of it without mayonnaise and you'll be good.

    At the end I was stuffed and enjoyed and managed to squeeze out of there only 15 quid lighter so compared to most sushi restaurants in town this is really a great place with great value.  I will be there often.  Just note there's not so much on the ambiance side, unless you really like the very traditional bare bones sushi bar style.

  • 3.0 star rating
    9/6/2010 Updated review

    The service in this restaurant seems to keep going down. On my last few visits the rolls that we ordered never came and the waitress ignored our requests on numerous occasions. They aren't happy when you order tap water and rarely come back to check, warning. Also when you order a Salmon Avocado roll, they started shoving large amounts of wasabi into the roll. Something I had hoped was only a mistake on one visit, but alas it has been there for the last month.

    The food is pretty consistent and everything from the sushi to the ramen bowl is pleasing. So give it try and hope to find it on a good night. The wait is usually worth it, and I hope this stays the case.

    4.0 star rating
    26/5/2010 Previous review
    This sushi has been my favorite since arriving in London. The salmon is always fresh and on a… Read more
  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    This place is just as adorable as it gets. Seriously, it's the only word I can think of to describe it.

    It starts with the menu. The Microsoft Wordtacular menus (as Tom E. points out). If I'm totally honest, the menu was just that fabulous, it alone was enough to get me through the door.

    And once you do, oh my was I smitten. The Japanese waitresses running around in the amazing combination of Converse and Kimono (fashion decision of the century, if you ask me), the traditional Japanese music, the odd projector showing images of mountains on one wall, it's all amazing.

    In any case, you're probably going to be coming here for the food, right? Well, let me tell you, it's incredible. It's wonderfully fresh. And it's prepared right in front of you to order. What more could one ask?

    Well, apparently, one could also ask that it be criminally underpriced too. Seriously, £7 for enough (take-out) Sushi to feed three? I'm sold. Given the choice between that nasty Yoshino place on Shaftesbury Ave (though I'm seemingly the only person who thinks it's nasty) or this, I think it's a no-brainer.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    The space is small and cramped but the quality of the sashimi/nigiri is great and the serving sizes are generous.

    Went here after work on a Monday night and it was busy, but we managed to get a table straight away -- it was probably the only free space left.

    Ordered the Bento box with teriyaki salmon and chicken with some salmon and tuna sashimi. The fish pieces were thick and the salmon and chicken were really tasty.

    A cheap and cheerful staple.

  • 4.0 star rating
    Listed in Across the Pond

    You definitely get your money's worth at this place - especially if you order the udon, or the sushi. I had a craving for sushi one day, and since my friend and I were broke and American college students studying in London, we chose the cheaper sushi place on this street. And, it was excellent!

    The spider roll is delicious - I prefer it without mayonnaise though - and so are all the other rolls that I've tried here (and I've had almost all of them). The miso was also great - definitely warmed me up for the walk back to school.

    We got here as soon as it was open for lunch, so there weren't many people and we got seated right away. Although the food took longer than we expected (or maybe it just seemed longer because we were starving), it was super fresh and delicious. This quickly became my go-to place for sushi in London, and I'm so glad I found it at the beginning of the term!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Eat Tokyo is next to Kyoto! They should open Osaka next door. Cute setup. It's quite a tiny place. Waiters/waitresses donned in yukatas with a sushi bar that sits around 6 people.

    A very very very long menu with pictures. This place is very affordable and good value for money. Huge portions. Food came out quickly. Good service. I was stuffed by the end and finished my meal in half hour.

    Had salmon teriyaki bento box for £6 (agedashi tofu, salad, rice and salmon). My partner had sapporo ramen which came in a huge bowl. Salmon was quite cooked, agedashi tofu was good, ramen was good but the pork tasted more chinese than japanese. As said, big portions, taste-wise very good for the price. I'm a lot less critical when the food is cheap ;)

    Menu - little dishes, sushi, udon, ramen (not much variety for noodles), curry (they do half portions), normal dons and teriyakis (oyakodon, tendon), jyus (una-jyus), bento boxes, sashimis, salads.

    Three stars for food and Five for value = Four stars!

  • 2.0 star rating


    Because I've only eaten ramen there so far. Which was alright. I think they were going more for quantity rather than quality unfortunately because the noodles were just ok, the toppings were meh, if you screw up the egg then it's over for me. :) The bowl was HUGE, like twice the size of my head. Even if I was hungry I don't think I could have eaten the whole thing. Such a waste.

    I like that it's kind of out of the way hidden in soho. It's small but there was a place for us to sit inside. It took a while for the wait staff to notice us when we were ready to order (tried to just give eye contact instead of having to wave them down, didn't work). But coincidentally we wanted to eat outside on one of the two little tables and we noticed the people left so my boyfriend got up to ask if we could move. Friendly, if not overworked and tired, staff.

    Might go back and try the sushi if Im ever in the area and have a hankerin for some fishies.

  • 4.0 star rating

    This was the first Japanese restaurant that I discovered when I initially arrived in London which I love. For some strange reason, the Soho branch is much better than its sibling that resides in Golders Green.

    Unagi Don £8.5

    This was eaten at the GG branch and it just wasnt good. The unagi was dry and topped with a sickly sweet sauce. Quite underwhelming.

    Bento £13

    Nasu Dengaku

    The bento and nasu Dengaku was at the GG branch as well as suffers the same fate as the unagi don. Quite a shame really.


    The ramen was from the Soho branch and it was a good sized portion served in a huge bowl. It was tasty and value for money.

    I also had the fried oysters here which was eaten with gusto. I think that I'll be sticking to the Soho branch.

    • Qype User Minima…
    • London
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    5.0 star rating

    The name says it all! when I feel that Tokyo izakaya craving building up inside I make sure to come here and let it all out on them :) but their welcoming irashaimase and delicious food shuts my belly up quick and nice.
    gochiso sama!

  • 5.0 star rating

    This is a small restaurant but serves good authentic Japanese food. The portion sizes are generous and the menu is pretty extensive, offering a range of sashimi, sushi rolls, ramen dishes, bento boxes, you name it, they'll most likely have it.

    On my last visit I had the Chirashi Don which came with miso soup for a mere £6.

    The special dish of crispy coated deep fried oysters (six large oysters on a bed of salad) was incredibly good value at £3.50.

    I could happily eat here at least once a week.

    This place is popular so there is always a queue during peak eating times. Get here early, or late to bag a table.

    • Qype User chopst…
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    4.0 star rating


    This was the first Japanese restaurant that I discovered when I initially arrived in London which I love. For some strange reason, the Soho branch is much better than its sibling that resides in Golders Green.
    Unagi Don £8.5
    This was eaten at the GG branch and it just wasnt good. The unagi was dry and topped with a sickly sweet sauce. Quite underwhelming.
    Bento £13
    Nasu Dengaku
    The bento and nasu Dengaku was at the GG branch as well as suffers the same fate as the unagi don. Quite a shame really.
    The ramen was from the Soho branch and it was a good sized portion served in a huge bowl. It was tasty and value for money.
    I also had the fried oysters here which was eaten with gusto. I think that I'll be sticking to the Soho branch.

  • 4.0 star rating
    First to Review

    There are quite a few Japanese restaurants in the Soho area catering for all sectors of the market. For a causal meal that is definitely value for money, you will definitely have to try eat Tokyo. They have all sort of Bento boxes for you to choose from and the Food is fresh and authentic. Highly recommended.

  • 1.0 star rating

    If you are a fan of a good japanese food. It's not worth trying unless of cos, you are broke.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Very cute layout, food was awesome, not overly expensive like a lot of Japanese restaurants... am still absolutely stuffed as I write this now!

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