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  • 4.0 star rating
    First to Review

    Easy Hotel in Lexham Gardens, Kensington, is a good find.
    The hotel is part of the 'Easy' chain, EasyJet, EasyCruise etc, and true to form, it's a budget hotel.

    This however, depending on your reason for staying there, is not a problem. The hotel's clean, close to Grosvenor Street Tube station, and the staff are friendly.

    Now what you have to bear in mind, is that absolutely all the extras have been ripped out of the price. So the rooms are very small, some are basement rooms with no window. There are TVs in the rooms but you have to pay an extra £5 for the remote control and there's no breakfast. But if you're looking for a cheap as chips comfortable bed for the night, try this hotel. We paid £39 for a basement room, which had an en-suite (of sorts), and we will use it again.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Well, this has certainly been an unforgettable experience. The kind you wish you could erase from your memory forever.

    My boyfriend and I stayed all over Europe in budget hotels. Some smaller than others; some even only some what bigger than this place. The difference here is that you can absolutely feel this company cares nothing for the people who stay here and have no problem with swindling or tricking you.

    You want us to pay for the remote to the tv that might make this little orange prison feel a little less terrible; fine, I can do without it. No window? Hey, I probably would've jumped out of it by now anyway. Don't care that they're not going to clean my room. Don't care that there is no elevator and we had to lug our stuff up about 5-6 flights of stairs after a long day of traveling. And the bathroom that I could use the toilet, shower, and brush my teeth in all at once- fine. But I think they are extremely misleading calling these double rooms.

    Think of it this way if you happen to make our mistake and open the door to your room for the first time. Would you ever keep your dog or cat in here, even for a night? The answer is probably "no". So why would humans inhabit such a small space? They could have easily made this amount of room livable with shelves, a bed that could fit things underneath, more hooks.. I could go on forever. But like I said, this place doesn't care about their customers, only their money.

    So here's where it gets uncomfortable. You've been traveling a month through Europe and each have a regular sized suitcase. They don't really fit. You will always be tripping over them and wrestling to figure out a way to open them in the morning and at night when you need to change your clothes. Want to go to the bathroom? Good luck getting past those suitcases to the light switch, then going back around, then trying to shimmy the door open. Once inside the bathroom, where there is almost no room for anything you might need you can expect the worst. Tip: always keep the toilet seat down. My contact solution (which is a thin, small size) couldn't make it on the little ledge by the sink and promptly fell right into the toilet. This was my breaking point.

    Whether you stay here a day or 10 days they are only giving you one towel per person; each other towel will cost you. Seriously? I don't care that the maid doesn't clean the room; how could she when there isn't even a place to walk? But if she does for some reason be prepared to pay to store your luggage in addition to having her clean your room.

    As for the bed this is another story. It is at least passable for comfort, however, whoever is sleeping on the outside is going to get crushed every time the other person has to climb over them to use the bathroom. Have some things plugged into the wall? They will fall out every single time you walk by, regardless of how careful you are. If you wear glasses it's a huge struggle not to get them broken in here as there is no where to store them when you go to sleep. The tiny piece of orange that sticks out from the side of your bed is not sufficient to even hold those. How could they not put even a tiny shelf somewhere near the bed? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this stuff out!

    As for the wifi you can pay for don't bother. It only works on the very lowest floor or sometimes only if you sit outside on their stoop. Easily fixable by adding routers but what do they care about you? That seems to be the ongoing theme here.

    And the last punch to your gut; you decide you can't take it anymore. Can we upgrade to the slightly bigger room where there is space on each side of the bed so no one gets hurt when someone has to pee? Yes, for a night here and there. But no, not really. Can I get a refund? Sure, go to our website. Website says to cancel however many days and pay a 10 pound fine- the rest will be credited to your account. Well, we didn't notice that the first time they wrote account it was actually to our "account". So no, you will NOT be getting back your money, despite how horrible these living conditions are. This is for your easyhotel account! Because you will definitely want to come back in the near future (within 12 months) and live through this absolute nightmare again.

    NO THANKS. Please beware- I know this review is long but people need to know what they are getting into. An orange prison of insanity that no one should stay in more than 1 night. A place where the staff is nice and smiles but never can actually help you. This hotel almost ruined our entire trip to London. Maybe it is just a place to sleep, but when you are traveling all over the place you need a chance to rest and this is not going to be a hotel that will provide that in any way!

    **I read on tripadvisor that one man DID get a refund, by proving with a tape measure that the rooms are much smaller than the website actually claims. He got his money back, but no apology. Great!

  • 2.0 star rating

    Welcome to London! My room was the size of a closet at home, but I paid so little, I can't say I was surprised. I realize that everything in the States is bigger.
    London=NYC in prices, and the price of this hotel in any city...well, you'll NEVER find it.
    So, I giggled after I climbed the 3.5 flights of stairs to my tiny little closet with a bed, then giggled again when I looked at the door of the bathroom and it said "tiny loo". And that's what it was, the tiniest loo I've ever imagined. While sitting on the toilet, I could wash my hands, and start the water in the shower simultaneously. Multi-tasking at best. If I had wanted, I probably could have stepped outside to grab a sock with my foot, but I didn't need to at the moment.
    The only issue with this setup was, when I actually did shower, the water could not be confined to the curtain which covered half the room, so water went everywhere. Mirror, sink, makeup bag, floor outside the invisible line between shower and toilet floor space)...everywhere. I am surprised it did not make it into the toilet to recycle all elements of the property and save even more money... shower then flush...brilliant.
    Note: one person barely fit in this room. It was only good for sleeping. If you need down time in a hotel room, this is not the place for you. If you are with a companion, this is not the place for you.

    The staff was helpful and cordial. Very friendly and accommodating. Gave directions, maps and friendly advice. They made the visit much better to say the least.

    Bottom line is the economy. You get what you pay for people. If I've said it once, I'll say it again...don't pay budget inn prices and expect the Westin. But, I probably will not recommend this to anyone traveling, especially if it's more than one person.

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