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  • Heron Tower
    110 Bishopsgate 40th Floor

    London EC2N 4AY
  • Transit information Central Circle District Hammersmith & City Metropolitan Get Directions
  • Phone number 020 3640 7310
  • Business website duckandwaffle.com
  • 5.0 star rating

    I can die happy now. Either that or at least am worthy to go on Food Network's "Best I Ever Ate" breakfast edition. I came here on a Friday morning around 830 with no reservations. I heard it was popular but I assumed 1 person this early shouldn't be too hard to accommodate. Well I was wrong. Luckily the staff could see tis lonely American solo traveler was desperate to get her hands on some good eats and they said they could double check for me. After a few minutes, a hostess appeared, took my jacket to the coat check and said they'd be happy to accommodate me if I promised to stay no longer than 40 minutes as to not ruin their reservation schedule. I said, "deal!"

    Service was lovely. Never felt like they were annoyed at me in any sense, even though I crashed the party basically. I started with a personal pot of coffee for 4 pounds. Delicious coffee with a container of steamed/frothy milk (I was impressed). Of course I had to get the duck and waffle (I mean that's what the place is named after!) It was 15 pounds.

    Crisp half waffle with a fried duck leg and topped with a perfect sunny side up egg that is lightly sprinkled with coarse sea salt. On the side is the maple syrup mixed with mustard seeds. Usually I am a freak about keeping my eggs away from my syrup (i know I'm weird) but this meal is meant to be eaten with a little bit of each part in every bite. Oh and the views! From the 40th floor in the Heron Tower you have perfect views of London's overcast skyline. Also, did I mention that I am 99% positive that JK Rowling was at a table next to me?!? I tried to snap a secret photo but she caught me staring...whoops.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    Gorgeous views, good food and great service.

    I was expecting really snooty service after the hurdles we went through to make reservations here (have to confirm resv before 10.30a day of resv. What a hassle when you're traveling. I've Already made a booking- that really ought to suffice). Additionally, when we were there, 20% of the tables were empty, the entire time. So much for making themselves so exclusive

    Thankfully, that was all the bad things abt duck & waffle.
    The service was attentive and polite the entire time.
    Our food was delicious

    Beef carpaccio with foie gras : light, flavorful, foie gras was creamy goodness

    Deviled duck egg: not the best I've had

    Smoked chili pork cheeks on polenta: rustic, rich, flavorful

    Duck & waffle: fried duck confit was yummy, waffle drizzled with mustard maple syrup was great and the fried egg was a nice touch.

    Gnocchi with deep fried soft boil egg: sleeper surprise of the night. We wanted to lick the plate

    The views were great. Stop by the terrace bar downstairs for a drink or 2 before heading off. Great for a night out esp with visitors

  • 5.0 star rating

    The fun starts as soon as you step into the lift in the Heron Tower and get rocketed up the the 40th floor. The views are outstanding, you are right above the gherkin, and to be honest if when you got to the top of the lift, someone just punched you in the face and you had to get the lift back down again, you would still go home feeling like you had an enjoyable trip to the Duck and Waffle.

    I went there for brunch, and even though it cost a fortune (£4.50 for a cup of tea) it was well worth it. The food is amazing, the views are spectacular and although it is quite pricey it's well worth the extra money just for the experience.

  • 5.0 star rating
    Seated via OpenTable 1 check-in here

    The best breakfast I had in London, ever!
    Food is very fine, and he menu change frequently. Only the drinks disappointed me a bit.

    It was the first time for me to get a Duck egg omelet. Amazing taste, mixed with cheese and mushrooms. The sourdough bread, aka the soldiers, are the perfect idea for dipping. Crispy, tasty, two word to define this experience.

    Then, I chose to go for the Belgian Waffle. It was like a firework in my mouth. To good to be eaten only one time!!
    Loved the way they prepared the banana, sliced and topped with a thin layer of glazed caramel :D (I still think about this)

    At the 40th floor, this is heaven!
    The view is impressive, but a reservation is required in order to enjoy this amazing space.

    Service is perfect.

    Great for a business meeting or your lover.

  • 5.0 star rating

    This is a great restaurant! Loved the food and atmosphere - great view, nice staff, not so sure about a single olive martini but whatever - try the BBQ pig ears (great snack - eat your heart out pork scratchings) and definitely the duck and waffle - a taste sensation1!

  • 3.0 star rating

    The non-Asian version of Sushisamba.

    In short, a good place to bring out-of-towners. This place feels slightly less upscale (pretentious?) than Sushisamba. The common ownership is obvious since the decor and layout is almost exactly the same in the restaurant. I prefer the lounge area at Sushisamba, as there is more room without a giant bar in the middle.

    Food was generally forgettable. The few starters we tried were the ox-cheek donuts, grilled octopus, flatbread and the pig ears. The pig ears served in a brown bag were nice to have while we were having drinks in the lounge as we waited for our table.

    The signature dish, however, (duck confit + duck egg + waffle) was pretty great. I love chicken and waffles, so of course I loved duck and waffles. As my friend once asked, "Why would you ever choose chicken when you can choose duck?" Correct.

  • 5.0 star rating
    Seated via OpenTable 2 check-ins here

    1. Be sure to make reservation, or the security/reception won't let you in for free.

    2. Get the duck & waffle, you won't regret it.

    3. It opens 24 hour, reservation after 10 pm is easy to get.


    Oh Duck & Waffle, how I missed you.

    I was living in London for a limited time and while I was there, I wanted to try as many different restaurants as possible. Therefore I rarely go to the same restaurant twice, even if they are good and close to me. I also don't like going to places that's not a direct tube ride away.

    I've gone out of my way (took a bus and everything) to go to Duck & Waffle 3 times in 3 months. It was well worth it! If I want to take any visitor to a restaurant in London, Duck & Waffle would arguably be my top choice.

    The view! The hours! The ambiance! The service! The price! And let's not forget about the food! This REALLY is the whole package.

    On the 40th floor of Heron Tower (one of the tallest building in London), the view is incredible. If you want to impress your date, make sure to get one of the tables by the window(there are many of those). With the tower bridge, the tower of London, and the city under your feet, it's hard to find a better view.

    24 x 7. In London. That's what I'm talking about.
    Always make a reservation before you go. It's very busy during normal meal hours, but if you are night owl like me, a table is always available at midnight. There should be more places like this...everywhere!

    It's one of those places that manages to provide an exquisite dining experience without making you feel intimidated. Low soft light, spacious, trendy decor, lively crowd, perfect.

    Absolutely delightful. All 3 times the service has been attentive, efficient, and super friendly.

    Is a place like this going to cost an arm and a leg you asked? I've had some shockingly expensive meals in London, and this place certainly doesn't look cheap. But you will be surprised. For a dinner with appetizers, a main course and a drink it costs about  £45 per person. To put it in context, it is cheaper than an afternoon tea in the Dorchester Hotel.

    Finally it comes to the food. Here are the things I've tried:
    - carlingford rock oysters: You can never go wrong with some fresh oysters. They make me happy.

    - bbq-spiced crispy pig ears: So wonderful that I couldn't stop eating them. My friend had to hide it from me or I'd be stuffed before the main courses.  It came in a brown paper bag with a duck & waffle seal, which was a lovely touch.

    - spicy ox cheek doughnut: I was quite full when I tried this so I'm not sure if I could do it justice. It was interesting and original, but I don't think it's my thing. The apricot jam was tasty though.

    - foie gras crème brûlée: I felt obligated to order foie gras since it's no longer legal in California. It was delicious, creamy, smooth, perfect with some dark rye bread. It's a bit heavy for an appetizer for two people, may be better to share with 3 or 4.

    - duck & waffle: If you go to a restaurant that's named after one of its dishes, you order that dish. You'd be glad to follow this rule here at duck & waffle. The duck leg is so crispy on the outside and so juicy inside. The portion is perfect for sharing between 2.

    - smoked scottish salmon: The portion is big! It may not stand out as much as the other dishes but it's still very tasty.

    The cocktail options are excellent as well.

    Duck & Waffle is stylish but not pretentious, creative and delicious, reasonable priced for such high quality, and there are always window seats available after midnight ;)

    I'd go back there in a heartbeat if it's not 11-hour flight away.

  • 5.0 star rating

    What a location, this restaurant is located 40 floors above the streets of london in Heron Tower, the views are great.

    There is a nice waiting area at the top to have a drink and look at the views, take a look at the bottle lights, very modern.

    The seating area is great, nice table arrangement with sufficient space between tables.

    I had a range of starters including olives, bread and pigs ears, everything was fantastic.

    For my main I had the signature dish, the Duck and Waffle, oh boy I cannot describe how nice it was, it is a waffle with a crispy duck leg, fried egg on top with a side of maple syrup with mustard seeds. Granted it doesn't doing like you should put this together, but trust me, it is brilliant.

    If there were a 6th star I would click it. I will be going back in the near future.

  • 4.0 star rating

    The Duck and Waffle is situated on the 40th floor of Heron Tower, right in close proximity to the Liverpool Street Tube Station. On entry to the imposing glass building, my companion and I were greeted by a bouncer with a furry sort of scarf wrapped around his neck, who promptly checked for IDs. We then waited for our turn in the infamous glass lift, which shot up into the sky smoothly--we went in at 11:00 PM, and the city was dotted with dazzling little ants of light.

    It feels swanky, but not in an uptight and stuffy way. The vibes are young--the way into the actual restaurant is snaky and not-straightforward, and includes walking past an impressive bar display that screams to impress. I know this because I tried very hard to be unimpressed as I stomped by in my heels, and could not stop sneakily glancing at the perfectly placed limes and lemons and shakers and fruits and bottles upon bottles of alcohol.

    we were seated immediately--the walls are entirely glass and give stunning views of Mthe city. Everyone is drinking. The wine menu and the cocktail menus are both  insane--I saw some 4-digit price tags that made me throw up in the back of my mouth a little bit, and quickly turned to the page with the more reasonably (but oho, dont get too ahead of yourself here, not THAT reasonably) priced 13-14 pound cocktails.

    The server s were quick, efficient, and friendly. My companion had a Japanese bottled Asahi for 7 pounds, while I pondered throwing away the equivalent of 20 American dollars on a cocktail. It was a no go, I sipped my tap water daintily and pretended it was as glamorous as any ridiculously priced drink.

    We began with the rosemary garlic bread--amazingly fresh--I could taste the small studs of sea salt--went amazingly with the buttery texture.
    The duck and waffle was exactly that--crispily roasted duck served atop a half Belgian waffle, served with a tiny little pitcher of maple syrup. Oh, and with a duck egg as well. It was delicious, but there was nothing extraordinary about it. It was well-cooked, but lacked the magic that I expected.
    My companion had the smoked salmon--this was an amazingly cut, fresh smoked salmon that melted in the mouth, served with slices of flatbread, some watercress salad, and creme fraiche.

    Overall, the food was excellent. I couldn't shake the vibes that I was finally in one of the 'hip-and-happening' areas of London--the service was meticulous and the views were amazing. Although I gripe about the prices, I knew I was paying for the ambience and the experience, which were truly fantastic.

    One piece of criticism that I will leave is that the all-day menu should try to be a little more cohesive in its pricing and selection. There are small plates with things like ox cheek and smoked mozzarella and aubergine around 9-10 pounds, and the 'for the table' section served the duck and waffle for 17 pounds and a pearl barley entree for 13 pounds, but then jumps to 30-40 pound entrees like chicken and steak. I would like to see a menu with a few more staples with less of a jump in pricing, and it might bring in an even more enthusiastic clientele than it already has.

    Excellent experience.

  • 5.0 star rating

    It was one of my good friends last nights in London, and we started at a pub near her office. Around the pub's closing time, we were all hungry but at a loss for where to eat until Duck & Waffle dawned us.

    All four of us ordered the Duck & Waffle (naturally) and no one could have been happier. The Duck & Waffle was perfectly executed and probably in my top 5 favorite meals in London. Such a truly delicious and unique combination. The only slight issue was it was a pretty foggy night and Duck & Waffle wasn't able to lift the clouds.

    Otherwise, no complaints! Would definitely bring an out-of-towner or anyone celebrating a special occasion.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in here
    Listed in Cocktails!

    Well, well, well now!  Ain't this a sexy joint!  LOVED it!  They had me as soon as I stepped into the lift.  I squelled like a child!  And I was fortunate too.  We went on a clear night and the city rolled out before us as we ascended, all lit up and beautiful.

    Yup, it's true, this is another one of those venues where you follow the directions and turn up as instructed and question whether you're in the right place.  A weendy, windy corridor and an odd arrangement in the bar area.  But there's energy as soon as you step through the door.

    Lively music and a lively crowd, loud and buzzing with conversation.

    Great waiting staff, competent and charming.

    And then the food.  Well, the food, now that's kinda sexy too.  Mysterious.  An intriguing combination of flavours that you're not quite sure are going to work out.  But you give it a try, and you know what?  They do!  

    Come to think of it the drinks are sexy too.  For much the same reasons.

    I had the Wild Cornish Pollock Meatballs, and just in case that wasn't enough, I accompanied.  But don't be deceived by the tiny dish they put in front of you, it's incredibly filling and delicious!  The bread was unnecessary.

    And then my drink.  now, that was a really satisfying delight.  I had the JD&C.  Described as "Gentleman Jack whiskey, Aperol, cacao, DW salted cola reduction, cider vinegar".  Has that piqued your interest yet?  It certainly got mine!  And it was exquisite.  

    And all the while the city was radiant and shimmering beneath us.

    Duckies got their claws in me and I'll be back again!

    Great venue for groups or to impress a date.  ;D

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    Hands down, one of the best meals I've had in London.

    From the booking process all the way through leaving the building, the service was impeccable. When I made my reservation I mentioned that my parents were coming in from America and the dinner was sort of a belated birthday meal for myself and my mother, and requested a table with a view. Obviously they can't promise good weather, but the guy said he'd see what he could do with regard to a window view.

    When we arrived, there was a small queue for the lift (to the side of the main entrance) but we mentioned having a reservation at Duck and Waffle and were immediately told to go in. It sounded like the doorman almost doubles as a bouncer, picking and choosing who goes in - if you don't have a reservation, that is!

    We were whisked - yes, whisked on a super fast lift - up to the top, the 40th floor. Unfortunately we only arrived just in time for the booking, otherwise we would have stopped for a cocktail. The cocktail bar looked amazing - a bar set up in the centre of the room like a buffet with bar staff making gorgeous looking drinks out of super fresh ingredients. Anyway, we walked through the cocktail bar to the restaurant for our meal.

    Oh, and the guy who I asked for a table with a view? Boy, did he deliver! We had a table in the corner, which is perfect when you're surrounded by glass walls.

    As for the food: delicious. No, really. I'll break down what we got:

    - freshly baked house bread served warm with butter and olive oil. Good, but definitely the worst part of the meal. It didn't have anything special to it, but that's ok: the food got so much better from there.

    - raw yellowfin tuna served on a salt block with a bit of watermelon, balsamic, and basil. so so so good, and the salt block added a touch of saltiness to the watermelon, which is always a good thing.

    - pearl barley and mushroom ragout served with goat curd and a 63 degree hen egg. That egg, by the way, is the only reason I pushed for us to order this - I'd never had one, but heard how good it was. And, yes, it was delicious. So was the pearl barley and the goat curd. I actually don't really like mushrooms (ever since a terrible case of food poisoning last year) but surprisingly enjoyed this one.

    - seared scottish scallops served with mussels and mashed potato in seaweed and saffron broth. Absolutely delicious. It only had 2 each of the mussels and scallops, and I didn't get to try the scallops, but the rest was really really good. There was a sweetness in the mash, but a saltiness in the broth and it worked really well together.

    - fois gras creme brulee with lobster. I didn't try this one, so I can't speak to it. My father was the only one of us who ate it and, while he loved it, he said he wouldn't order it again if he was the only one eating it because it was so rich (well, yeah. it's fois gras!). I did pick the lobster off the dish, which was yummy, and he did mention it was fois gras with the texture of a creme brulee dessert, so take from that what you will.

    - the duck and waffle. yes, of course we got this! we got two, in fact! and i can't even tell you. seriously, mouth orgasm. the melding of flavours - savoury duck leg, soft and subtly sweet waffle, perfectly fried duck egg, strangely addicting mustard maple syrup - it all worked so well together. The only thing I'd say is that there was too little egg, I think - I "ran out" of egg halfway through. Then again, two eggs would probably be a bit much. If you go here and do not order this, I think you're sorely missing out.

    We then decided that, as delicious as the meal was, we had to get dessert. Right. Torrejas and petit fours it is.

    It was my first time having torrejas - basically, a dessert  version of french toast (or eggy bread for some of you) which they served with slices of (baked?) apple in a caramel-type sauce and a scoop of cinnamon ice cream - and I absolutely loved it. The fact that I love french toast obviously helps here.

    The petit fours were alright, not to my taste (except for one, a coconut marshmallow thing) - but as there were only 6 of them and 3 of us, my parents were happy to finish those. I thought serving them in a dish on a bed of candied nuts was a really great touch....

    Until they brought out a dish with 3 more petit fours sitting on top a smear of what may have been marshmallow fluff with "Happy Birthday" written in chocolate syrup. Yum.

    The whole meal - including 2 coffees, a tea, 2 bottles of water and a bottle of wine - came to just under 200 GBP. It's not cheap, but it was worth it. It's rare you get a restaurant that has delicious food when it's in such a prime location. The view was remarkable, the food was wonderful, and the staff were great. What more could you ask for in a restaurant?

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    It's hard to get a reservation at this place! We asked our hotel concierge to book it for us, and they came back with either 11am for brunch or 11pm for dinner. We wouldn't be able to make it to brunch, so we decided on the dinner (well, late night meal, I guess).

    This place is on top of the Heron Tower, at the really thin part, so all the restaurants up there get amazing views of all sides of the tower. The first thing you see after you entered the restaurant, is a cool, hip bar, with tons of ingredients and alcohol for making cocktails -- might be a good place to stop by for a drink. On the other side of the bar is the kitchen and the restaurant.

    We did eat a little bit a couple hours prior, but were already hungry by the time we were seated. We got the pig ears, the beet salad, and the duck & waffle to share, as well as a couple well-crafted cocktails.

    The pig ears were crispy and well spiced -- probably better as a snack than an appetizer -- but we liked them nonetheless, even the mister who normally doesn't eat these weird animal bits. Their signature dish, the duck & waffle, was really well done -- the duck was moist, tender, with amazingly crispy skin, and the fried duck egg on top of the waffle was delicious as well. It is not a big plate, so if you are sharing you might have to fight over the food.

    The beet salad...well, meh. I don't know what we were thinking as we are from California...

    Onto the cocktails. Their cocktails are not cheap, but they have a huge list of very interesting savory cocktails, and they were crafted expertly. For those connoisseurs who like salted caramel, bone marrow essence, or blue cheese in their drinks, the D&W signature drinks will satisfy.

    I am glad I managed to eat at one of the "happening" places in London. The claim that British food is bland is thoroughly debunked. While it is true that they borrowed quite heavily from their former colony *cough NYC cough*, it is a good thing especially when infused with a British attitude!

  • 5.0 star rating

    I kind of kept thinking about Mufasa telling Simba, "All that the light touches is yours" when I looked out at the view from the top of Heron tower.  

    I see so many takeaways from modern, contemporary American food that I feel a more kindred spirit with modern cuisine from the other side of the Atlantic than I do with the restaurant being termed 'Modern European'.

    Eating at Duck and Waffle is an experience in drink, eat, sight and service.  

    It reminds me of eating experiences at some of the most innovative restaurants in Atlanta, Washington DC, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Its signature dish, the duck with waffles, particularly reminds me of inspiring takes on Fried Chicken and Waffles that has been a staple of Harlem in Manhattan for many a night out.  

    With that said, I loved the experience.  Our table had a view of all of London.  Our service, while slow, was nice and very attentive when available.  The drinks were always so tasty.  

    Just go for the experience -- great for clients, proposals, date night, or any other 'must impress' occasions.

  • 5.0 star rating
    3 check-ins here

    Often, when I have a bad experience with a business or restaurant I find it hard to write too much about it. I feel that sometimes the emotional frustration can overwhelm my ability to articulate what I did not like.

    So, on the opposite end of the scale, I am struggling to articulate my complete feelings for Duck & Waffle. Other than to say I absolutely love this place.

    The service.

    The drinks.

    The duck.

    The waffle.

    The view.

    The lot.

    All absolutely world-class.

    If Ferris Bueller came here (perhaps as part of some sort of Abe Froman subterfuge) I would be certain that he would say "If you have the means, I highly recommend coming here."

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    This is a 24-hour restaurant that serves good food. Need I say more?! It is a sister restaurant of Sushi Samba in Heron Tower. It often gets the spilt over guests from Sushi Samba, but I have to say it is a really good restaurant of its own right.

    Since it is on top of the Heron Tower, you can have a great 360 degree view of the city. It has a nice cocktail bar as well. The best time to go there, in my opinion, is after party at around 2-3 in the morning. Don't think you can get in without a problem in the wee hours of the morning. You will be surprised at the number of night owls showing up at this joint. The bouncers always make you wait if you don't have a reservation.

    Don't be deterred. It is well worth the trouble. A nicely cooked duck leg with an egg on top sitting on a waffle at 3am is just divine. Oh, you have to pour the maple syrup with mustard seeds all over everything. I am already planning on doing this during summer months. You can enjoy great food while watch the sun rise above London. That must be a glorious sight.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    I've been terrible about writing review lately, but this one I had to write to shout out to David, who made what could have been a terrible review good.

    Arrived 10 minutes late for our reservation, but the waitress didn't come back for our order until 30 minutes later.  She then forgot I ordered wine.

    As we ordered a bunch of small things, and my friend was having the 1/2 lobster, we told them to bring items as they were done.  We received the lobster within minutes of ordering.  Then came the pig cheeks with polenta.  A few minutes later the foie gras.  Ten minutes after that, the bread.

    We were done eating, and I was about to tell the waitress to hold the duck and waffles, and just as I'm about to do so - she comes by and says, shall I change the plates for the duck and waffles?  I'm not sure what she wanted us to do - have me eat the duck and waffles while my dining companion sat there with an empty plate?

    I guess food comes when it's done - but if the duck and waffles is going to come 30 minutes later than all the rest of the food - you should tell us that when we order.

    I tried to have a few bites, and truthfully, if it had come during the middle of the meal, I would have enjoyed it, and eaten less of the other stuff.  But as I was already full, I took a bite of the duck, and that was it.

    Enter David- who came to chekc up on us 10 minutes after the duck and waffles arrived.  He asked if everything was alright since it idn't look like I enjoyed it.  I explained that it came after we thought the waitress had forgotten about it, and was able to cancel the order.  We had finished our meal, and as delicious as it was, I was full.  I wasn't looking to get anything for it, but he graciously said he would remove the duck and waffles from the bill - as it looked like I hadn't eaten touched it.  And he removed the service charge as well.  

    Now that's service - if it wasn't for David last night, this review would have been - good food - but service so bad it's not worth it.  Instead, now I can really talk about the food.

    Duck and Waffles - Really good.  The duck was crispy, the waffles perfectly made.  Not sure what the egg did for the dish, and tasted pretty similar to a regular egg, so I would skip that.

    Foie gras - amazing, probably the best dish of the night, loved the brulee portion of it.  Added a nice dimension.

    Pig cheeks - polenta was amazing while it was warm.  But definitely heavy, and having it wiht the foie gras, you can understand why I was full, having finished both of those before the duck and waffled came.

    1/2 lobster - a lobster is a lobster.

    The elevators weren't working so we took the scenic tour up - taking stairs, then elevator, then stairs, then walking through some open office space, to 39, and then had to find our way through Sushi Samba to Duck and Waffle on 40

  • 4.0 star rating

    One of my favorite meals while in London and that means a lot coming from someone who loves to eat breakfast food! I easily made reservations online in advance of our visit as I know it's booked a ways out. Once we arrived we took the lift up to the 40th floor with great views the whole way up. At 9am it wasn't too busy so we got a great table near a window (but not next to it) and could move about easily to take photos. The food itself was great, just wish there was more of it (coming from an American who's used to large portions). My boyfriend had the banana ice cream waffle and a side of organic eggs which were also delicious.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I heard mixed things about this place but wanted to check it out... I mean, having a duck on a waffle with maple syrup, it's too intriguing not to! I was very lucky to have gotten a booking a few days before the date of choice, because I heard you have to wait at least a month for a good table.
    Unfortunately one of the lifts was broken, which was the only downside to the experience because being in that lift is pretty amazing. It's completely clear so the view takes your breath away. But this time it was really crowded so didn't get to appreciate the view as much as I could have otherwise.
    You go to the 40th floor and the staff immediately takes care of you. There's a small bar before the restaurant space but we had a late dinner booking so we went straight to the table to order drinks, which were fabulous. The tables closest to the windows are obviously the best, but unfortunately we were seated close to the kitchen which was farthest away from the view. I didn't mind it though, I enjoyed staring at all the dishes come out.
    The appetizers are stunning. The garlic bread is a must-have... I've never had garlic bread so deliciously original. Hands-down the best bread I had in my life actually. Soft cloves of garlic nested in the soft bread but wasn't overpowering. The octopus was also really nice with the roasted potatoes, and the doughnut was really interesting! I didn't enjoy the raw scallops though... each piece was way too small and was the most disappointing dish of the evening.
    Of course, then comes the duck & waffle, and I absolutely loved it! The whole combination worked perfectly together. I poured all the maple syrup over the duck and egg and inhaled the dish. The portion could be bigger.
    Overall, I can't wait to bring my siblings here, it will really impress them :)

  • 4.0 star rating
    Listed in Yelp Century, 2013

    Duck & Waffle is unique, extraordinary.. but also slightly overpriced.

    The uniqueness? Its 40th floor location and those views. They claim to be the highest restaurant in the country, at exactly 200m off the ground, and I can believe them. Quite simply it's like nothing else in London (or indeed the rest of the country). The smooth ascent (or descent) by lift is quite a thrill, and as a result, either the stylish bar or restaurant has to be a great place to impress someone, say on a date.

    Also extraordinary about it is its 24 hour nature. I'm a big fan of that, and hitherto coming here, the only 24 hour London restaurant I knew of was Vingt Quatre in Fulham. Needless to say, Duck & Waffle is far superior experience.

    The service is excellent too. Quick, responsive and very helpful with last-minute requests. My girlfriend's birthday was due a few days after I swung by with fellow Yelpers as part of the Classy Christmas Crawl (full credit here to the mighty Andrew M) and I wondered if it was possible to surprise her with a lit candle on a small dessert plate. No problem at all they replied and out came the plate just as we were preparing to pay the bill. Result: a hearty group rendition of 'happy birthday' and one delighted girlfriend.

    The food however, though good, is rather overpriced. I had to go for the signature Duck and Waffle dish, partly due to its eponymous nature but also because I'm a massive fan/glutton of waffles. It sounds great, and it was good, but consisting of Duck leg on waffle with grain mustard maple syrup for £17, really it's just a rather expensive, posher version of bacon on waffles or pancakes with maple syrup, and in a smaller quantity too. The dessert waffles are also pricey: at £8.50, they're the most expensive I've seen. That said, the other dishes opted for by the rest of the group did look interesting and as the waiter said, given that we were eating (literally) into the early hours, the menu was more restricted than usual.

    I do wonder a bit what market D&W is aiming for. Its 200 metre elevation gives it a huge advantage over competitors such as Galvin at Windows or the Oxo Tower, so in some ways I'm surprised that they haven't upped the ante by going for haute cuisine outright. Maybe it does during the day, but that's certainly not the impression I get.

    Still, Duck and Waffle is extraordinary, unique and 100% worth checking out, whichever hour of the 24 you find yourself in the area.

  • 5.0 star rating

    24 hours of panoramic London views and quixotic dishes: a big win for the City of London.

    I've been to Duck and Waffle several times now, both during "normal" hours of operation and late night adventures; the food is tasty and affordable and the servers are knowledgeable and polite. If you can get a table--and they aren't easy to pick up on short notice--make sure to try a number of the easy to share dishes. But, most importantly tuck into the eponymous signature plate, or two.

    Cocktails and wine are on the pricey end, so imbibing will lift you out of the reasonably affordable range to the questionably costly. Though, when you're atop the City you'll likely want to be toasting to high life.

  • 5.0 star rating
    2 check-ins here ROTD 15/12/2013

    Duck and Waffle was one of those places I had researched and oggled over their food for quite some time. When my parents had decided to come and visit me from Australia, I knew this would be a fun place to take them.

    I emailed the restaurant and asked about their menu and when was the best time to come in and try the bacon wrapped dates. They were extremely helpful, and assisted me in making a reservation for my mothers 50th birthday lunch. I had asked if we could have a seat with a nice view.

    Well upon arrival I was instantly in awe. This place is amazing. The views are incredible, the bar you walk through on arrival is unbelievable. I honestly couldn't believe how amazing it all was.

    We were guided to our table which was directly facing the windows. The waitress even wished my mother a happy birthday.

    The menu houses some items which were a bit of a shock to my parents, as they haven't experienced the sweet and savory style dishes that Duck and Waffle offer.

    We ordered sharing platters, and as they were bought out, each platter gained an 'ooooo' , 'ahhhh' from the three of us. The highlight of my meal was the pigs ears and of course the bacon wrapped dates. My parents thoroughly enjoyed the duck and waffle.

    After all our delicious meals were eaten and we'd passed on the dessert, the waitress bought out the cutest little plate with roasted sugared almonds, marshmallow, and some rose water cream with some chocolates, with a candle. Which was a nice surprise.

    The whole experience was simply amazing, and I cannot wait to have another visitor to take back here. The food is very reasonably priced for the location and the entire experience.

  • 5.0 star rating
    16/9/2013 Updated review
    Listed in London Meals.

    The Puglian Olives are an absolutely revelation. I'd go back JUST to eat them. Seriously. It's like eating them right in Italy.

    Despite heavy rains and clouds (meaning NO view whatsoever) my second trip to Duck & Waffle was just as lovely as the first.

    And man, that Duck & Waffle is still a standout. Don't believe your server if they tell you "it's for 1 person" that plate is massive and once you've eaten your heart out on all the other lovely dishes, you'll be most likely wanting to share it.

    Another winner of a night at D&W! Make a reservation and hope for clear skies, but either way it's a treat.

    4.0 star rating
    9/12/2012 Previous review
    Wow, the view.
    Wow, the food.
    Wow, the price. (in a good way).

    Duck & Waffle: Ain't nothin' to quack…
    Read more
  • 4.0 star rating

    The duck and waffle dish is definitely worth it! The duck is cooked perfectly. I took my family visiting from overseas here and they enjoyed the food, service and view. We tried a few different items on the menu, all are delicious but the duck and waffle was the favourite.

  • 5.0 star rating

    The Duck and Waffle has been on my tick list for a while now and having recently been to SushiSamba my expectations were indeed as high as the 40th floor, where the restaurant is located!

    I can confirm with no hesitation whatsoever that expectations were met, indeed surpassed. Not much to say about the views, just stunning (even on an overcast day).

    The food is as adventurous as I've seen in a while and those who are looking for a new experience will be thrilled with the menu and the taste/quality of food.

    I'm guessing the menu changes monthly, so if you are going in September I can highly recommend the crispy pig ears, bacon wrapped dates and pollockmeatballs.

    The dilemma came in choosing a main course; steak, fish or the signature duck and waffle? As this was my first visit, it had to be the duck and waffle. Suffice to say, innovative, substantial and just damn tasty!

    My party of 5 were celebrating a birthday, so following the self-indulgence of ordering a delicious dessert (the Torrejas), we were then treated to a 'birthday cake' from the house, which was very much appreciated and a very professional touch.

    A special mention for our waiter Andre who was attentive and helpful. What a thoroughly nice chap!

    So what's left to say, nothing much other than given the location, experience and food the Duck and Waffle is excellent value for money, I can't wait to go back again and I wish I could give it a 6 star rating.

    Well done guys, you've absolutely nailed it!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Get the duck and waffle!! It's the perfect combination of crispy duck, half a belgian waffle, duck egg, and maple syrup on top! If you don't like the idea of pouring maple syrup on top of everything, don't worry, as you get the syrup on the side. The foie gras creme brulee with lobster sounded rather intriguing, so we ordered that, as well as a wild mushroom and goat's cheese bread. The foie gras was a bit too sweet, but the texture was great. Lobster was also good. The bread was very tasty and was quite big (like a small pizza). Apart from the food, the restaurant has a great view and a nice atmosphere. I would definitely go again!

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in here
    Listed in Centurion 2013.

    The night started with us living it up on the 40th floor at Duck and Waffle, and I made the night even better by ordering a dark and stormy cocktail which came in a brown bag and brown bottle. Like a homeless person! So shabby chic. Although, I don't think any homeless person has stunning views of london like duck and waffle does.

    So, duck and waffle is KIND of like tapas, but not really tapas. We tried everything from goat cheese, to rabbit, to octopus, to an oxcheek donut, and not forgetting the signature duck and waffle. Sounds a bit like YGO's extreme eating adventures now. Actually, we didn't order the octopus, but i said oxcheek and that sounded like octopus. So that's a gauge on how noisy it can get.

    I LOVED the rabbit, it was quite possibly my favourite dish of the night and it easily trumped the signature dish, because I don't think duck and maple syrup work. I like duck, I like maple syrup, smush them together, ehhh, doesn't do anything for me. We also got a rice pudding dish, that tasted  bit like thouse free ones I get from the turkish restaurants in haringay. and the ones in haringay tastes a bit better.

    A great place to take guests to show them London and also we saw Matt Groening!

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    Don't get me wrong, Duck and Waffle has some pretty good grub, and insanely spectacular views. For all the hype, though, I'm not entirely convinced it's worth the (pretty steep) price you pay. Also, it's not great for vegetarians, unless you really like roasted beets and different types of cheeses (which are indeed delicious, but beets + cheese do not a £30 dinner make).

    The cocktails, on the other hand...are lethal...in the very best possible way. My whisky sour had me all but rolling on the floor, and it didn't even really taste boozy as I was drinking (read: guzzling) it. What a sneaky minx! I'd go back for that, alone, and maybe a plate or two of the sub £7 dishes.

    As others have said, book a million years in advance, unless you want to dine after midnight.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Ordered: Duck and Waffle, Cripsy Pig ears

    Price: ~£25

    Review: The herd effect had a slightly larger impact on my view of Duck&Waffle. Not a bad place to eat, with a great view, but lets be serious here. Who eats an overpriced duck and waffle, and crispy pig ears for £25, and still feels ridiculously hungry afterwards. Am I the piggy or is it the portions? The Crispy Pig ears are fantastic - worth the taste FOR SURE. The Duck and Waffle itself - tasty, but really, is it really all that? I've tasted better in nyc for sure. Give Duck and Waffle a shot, but don't expect magical ducks and magical waffles :)

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    First time I went up it was just for a cocktail. The view was amazing and the cocktail was nice, although it looked like I'd drank half of it on arrival.

    After the first experience I decided to take my husband for breakfast. The service and food were amazing. We got to sit in the window as the sun was beaming in and look down onto the streets of London. It was a very relaxed atmosphere and and at no point were we rushed to leave.

    I would recommend this as an experience to try, it isn't cheap particularly just for a cocktail and they will automatically add the 12.5% service charge.

  • 4.0 star rating

    This amazing spot was recommended by a couple of local friends and foodies and it really sounded good do I decided to try of course.. When in rome. Or in this case London.

    As I enter the heron tower into what seems to be a secluded sort of hallway where we were approached by a gentleman with secret service type earpiece asking us for how many?!.. I then relax from my alert instinct and enjoy the elevator top all the way to the top to Duck & Waffle!
    As I walk into the place I noticed the sky high scenery as the place overlooked almost all of London a really good way to start I might say.
    I order the duck & waffle obviously and fell in love!! The crispy yet luscious and salty duck pair so well with the delicious syrupy waffle. I think I might even go as far to saying that it might be better than chicken and waffles. So close!
    To sum it all up this place a cool, chic and very current and when you have those 3 C's in a restaurant it is very hard to fail and it's open till 3am I believe!! What more can you ask for!! As a Californian,I definitely look forward to coming back next time I'm In London!! Cheers!!

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    I try hard not to be caught up in following the crowd when it comes to heavily hyped venues. Hence my internal restraint gene sounded when Duck & Waffle opened. Would the prices be hiked up as high as the 40th floor on which the restaurant was located? Was the 24 hour opening is cheap gimmick to attract publicity? Was the near legendary impossibility to get a table at a sensible time worth the pain and effort?

    In such cases, I wait until people who I respect like fellow Yelpers and some professional critics have had their say before committing

    It was therefore a pleasant surprise when Hannah contacted me to say that she had secured a booking for breakfast here and whether I would like to join her. Thanks, Hannah! I got especially excited when she told me about the 'Millennium Falcon lift' as I'm a big Star Wars fan!

    Duck & Waffle is located in the Heron Tower and the entrance is very discreet with one person manning a booth on the ground floor checking that you have a reservation before letting you get into the lift. Well, that's the magic starts as the lift which whisks you up is glass fronted and has a view straight out, giving a quickly vertiginous view of the London landscape below, causing me to move back a little as I'm scared of heights

    They've designed the entry to the restaurant well as a corridor opens out into an amazing view of the London cityscape. It's strange to see the Gherkin below you! There's a real sense of light and space, which is carried over into the dining room, which has great views on 3 sides with the 4th side taken up by the open plan kitchen

    The menu was more varied than I was expecting and we got a selection of dishes to share. Being a brunchy sort of occasion, Hannah got a mimosa and I got a freshly squeezed orange juice, which did taste a little watered down but fresh

    The Colombian eggs were essentially scrambled eggs on toast with a few vegetables thrown into the mix. Not the most exciting of dishes and we should maybe have accepted the waiter's offer of salt, pepper or tabasco when he delivered the dish

    However, the pan fried foie gras on toasted brioche with Nutella was super yummy though I'm not sure how one can go wrong with foie gras. It was rich, deep and nicely offset by the sweetness of the Nutella

    We had to have the eponymous duck and waffle, which is a play on the southern American chicken and waffle, I suppose. However, the duck was more reminiscent of crispy aromatic duck, which is no bad thing but possessing a British palate, I found it a little to reconcile eating duck with waffle and sweet maple syrup. Nonetheless, the duck was tasty

    We finished the meal by sharing poached peaches with tarragon ice cream and biscotti. The peaches were quite unevenly cooked with some remaining very crunchy and others much more mushy. The ice cream was a hit with fresh vibrant notes of tarragon clearly coming through

    Service was efficient rather than warm, even when we tried to engage our waiter about his favourite dish on the menu

    Taken in conjunction with the spectacular view, the meal was a hit. Without the view, I would say the food is OK. I know the prices do include a mark up for the location but overall, the prices are expensive

    Thanks for organising a fun breakfast, Hannah!

  • 2.0 star rating

    Besides the view, which is superb, the restaurant leaves a lot to be desired. Overstaffed and bureaucratic with a rustic decor that makes no sense for the ultra modern building it is in...the 24h operation is commendable and the drinks seemed decent, but it failed to surpass a mere tourist attraction.

  • 3.0 star rating
    2 check-ins here

    It's a bit of a posh place - you'll need to be dressed well enough to get past the guardians of the ground floor - but with a relaxed atmosphere. Naturally, you've got to get the duck & waffle. Now I'd always try out a signature dish (it's the best of the menu, right?) but in this case I'd keep going back for it no matter what. I admit, I was sceptical when I first heard of this upscale version of the southern comfort food, but damn they do it well here. The duck confit is all tender juicy flesh with crispy skin and the waffle is perfectly cooked with a sharp crunchy crust with a fluffy interior that drinks in the accompanying maple syrup. The combination of sweet waffle and savoury duck is a brilliant mix that I'd go for every time. And there is something about waffles that draws your inner child out to play and conjures up fond memories of Eggo toaster waffles.

    We also tried the crispy fried pig ears which are a great snack - something different for munching on while watching the game and I'm thinking I may make some for my next poker night. And while we're on alternative foods, I also had the dossant a couple of weeks ago when I ran the first cronut crawl.

    D&W's dossants look for all intents and purposes like deep fried croissants split in half and stuffed with fresh cream. And as far as I can tell, that's just what they are. £6 gets you a pair of small croissant-shaped flaky pastries with a fresh light and slightly lemony flavoured cream. A bit pricey, but then again D&W is a bit on the nicer side of things so not wholly unexpected.

    However, I think they are missing a beat here as while the croissant was represented in full, there was barely any soft fluffy doughnut in evidence. Really, Mr Doughnut has to take a look and wonder if that really is his kid...

    Granted, at this point we'd had more than our fair share of drinks but the bar is pretty hard to resist. I opted for a Sazerac which was perfectly balanced and deadly in potency. It's easy to drink, doesn't taste of booze (beyond the flavour of whiskey), and sweet enough to be moreish. A very dangerous yet delicious combination!

    At £17, the duck & waffle is a pricey option but worth it as a treat. The pig ears were £5 and an excellent value snack. I'll have to come back at a more reasonable time to test out the rest of the menu but all in all you are looking at something that's good for a treat once in a while but a bit too much for a regular stop. Unless of course you are a city boy/girl in which case I'm free to join you for dinner if you are paying!

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    The last time I came to Duck and Waffle, I loved it. What's not to love?  Duck. Waffle. Fried Egg. Syrup. One of the best views in London. Maybe the desserts, but who needs dessert when you have duck and waffles.

    I came back with friends at 2:30 in the morning for reasons I won't go into here. I just want to go up and down in that lift swooshing through London with empty streets and glittering lights. I totally would if the doorman didn't look so capable at cracking jaws. The restaurant was virtually deserted besides a large man with a classy e-cigar, guffawing and talking constantly while a coterie of his "model friends" ate very little and laughed airily.

    We got the corner table with the best views in the house. It was a "I'm flying Jack" moment. *Cries a little*. We shared a duck and waffle, and a paper packet of crispy BBQ pigs ears, which came out within 5 minutes. The combination of flavours and textures is just so perfect. The mix between sweet and savoury is ace. If we were hungrier and it wasn't the middle of the night I'd have gotten the ox-cheek doughnut because that is sensational. I wish there was an option to pay a bit extra for a waiter to cut and assemble each mouthful, because even though it is so delicious the allocation of flavours can become quite hard work. This would definitely tip the decadence barometer over the edge though.

    This must be the only place where I want exactly the same things. I'm sure the other dishes are great and everything but who cares at all when there is duck and waffle. London at night is something else, seeing buildings you know so well from above, sparkling like little toys. Plus the hand cream in the bathrooms smells lovely. There's no snobby veneer of exclusivity, just amazing food in an amazing setting.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Took my sister and her significant other who live in Dubai to Duck and Waffle in order to show off london coolest skyscraper and unusual combination of food. Having booked for weekend brunch three weeks in advance, I was determined to impress them
    We're they impressed?
    Yes with regard to the food
    But turned out every building in Dubai is 40 floors so nothing impressive about the location or the view !!!

    Back to the main experience- the restaurant is very trendy in decor, the food menu is certainly creative and the taste is divine
    It is definitely a place to go to for good times and food
    And the waitress was friendly too (bonus)

  • 4.0 star rating

    Had duck and waffle at the Duck & Waffle. This was my first time going to such a talked-about restaurant with my friends and I really loved the place!

    First off, the journey up to the restaurant was spectacular. The lift goes up at high-speed and you can notice the quick change in pressure with your ears. Perhaps I was already so used with slow lifts that I had to wait ages for, the experience was amazing. (haha I'm so easily contented)

    Anyway, I loved the Duck and Waffle dish that I ordered. I had a grande-sized Caramel Macchiato an hour ago from Starbucks so I couldn't really stomach anything else. Although it was probably my first time eating such a strange combination of food together but despite the strangeness, the food was delicious! I loved how crispy and succulent the duck confit was and although the waffle and duck egg were merely satisfactory, the duck confit more than made up for it. The mustard maple syrup wasn't too sweet and good enough for my tastes.

    Loved the service in this restaurant. Although we were bunch of cheapskates and ordered only tap water, we received no grudge and our glasses were consistently filled, table cleared and wiped off of any noticeable dirt (although it's something trivial, it's not a gesture practised by a lot of restaurants). So a big thank you to the waiter in charge of our table for such a great service - this is the first time whereby i gladly paid the 12.5% charged to the bill.

    The only downside of this entire dining experience was the view. It was foggy tonight so there wasn't much to see and the sky was still bright so no night lights either.

    Will definitely come back to this lovely place at a better time. Till then! :)

  • 5.0 star rating

    Wow, can I move in here? My experience at Duck & Waffle was spectacular in every way. Even if the food was awful (which it wasn't), the service and ambiance alone would get me to come back. The restaurant is on the 40th floor of the Heron building and has sweeping views of the city all around - pretty much every table has great views all around. The décor is trendy yet laid back.

    The service was superb. I found our server to be extremely helpful as well as enthusiastic about the menu - she gave great recommendations. I had to opt for the duck & waffle plate, which was both the best duck and the best waffle I've had. It's topped with a duck egg and served with mustard maple syrup. The flavors came together in the most amazing way - I was legitimately depressed when I took my last bite. Our table was also lucky enough to snag the last available dossant order, and it was unlike any dessert I've had - the texture was truly amazing.

    I'm pretty sure you can't go wrong ordering here. Every plate of food that came out looked incredible.

    All in all, please go here. I am doing my best to become a regular.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    You've probably heard enough of this place, about how stunning the view is and about it's glorious duck & waffle but for all the hype, it's actually pretty good! I usually hate these gimmicky, reservation-only places where you visit once just to say you've been because the food's never worth coming back for. I've been here 3 times now!

    They do a good job. It's nothing super polished but always a satisfyingly unexpected mix of tastes/textures. I love the pigs ears!!! Crunchy and idk what they put in that bbq seasoning but it tastes so good! The oxtail doughnut was also nomz, it looks like a massive scotch egg but inside's stewed oxtail and the doughnut's been rolled in brown sugar. Seems so weird but tasty tasty with the apple jam! And the DUCK & WAFFLE. Yes. It's good. The waffle + duck + fried egg + maple syrupy goodness should go into your mouth at the same time, crispy bits from the duck and egg mixing with the spongy waffle and firmness of the duck meat, dripping in syurp. NOMZ. Forget the overpriced drinks, the desserts are forgettable but this. is. good.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    So I've been wanting to try this place for a while, but being incapable of planning my life two months in advance at the moment, hadn't gotten around to having sufficient forethought to book. So while browsing availability online and coming across a 10.00am slot just a week ahead, I pounced! And then Yee Gan was kind enough to provide the perfect company.

    Having already promised I'd order something more interesting than granola :) and being in a mood for an indulgent and leisurely brunch, we ordered a selection of dishes to share, including the Colombian eggs with avocado and smoked salmon, the foie gras with nutella, and of course, the eponymous duck & waffle.

    We were asked whether we wanted salt, pepper, or tabasco added to the Colombian eggs, and opted to have them as they came, but really we should have gone for the seasoning as they needed some kind of kick to add interest. The foie gras was my favourite (good choice Yee Gan!) and was really rich and yummy. And the duck and waffle with fried egg and the mustard (couldn't really taste it) maple syrup was also very good.

    We finished off with poached peaches (some perhaps a teeny bit under poached) with tarragon crème fraîche sorbet (a delicious palate cleanser). I was a bit non-plussed by the accompanying white chocolate & pistachio biscotti - perhaps they were just too thin and crunchy to have sufficient taste. I prefer my biscotti thick and crumbly and good for dunking in coffee.

    I thought the service seemed a little bit perfunctory and lacking in engagement. Our waiter wouldn't get off the fence and share his favourite dish - come on, no-one loves everything equally! And our waitress, while very smiley and sweet, had no idea what made the Colombian eggs Colombian (it seems to be the addition of tomatoes and scallion to scrambled egg). And while they couldn't take our drinks and initial order quick enough when we sat down, after that, they didn't seem too interested in following up.

    At the end of the meal I randomly found myself pondering what I made of the ceiling tiles - while I liked the quirky bright yellow wave, I couldn't help wondering whether the marks where intentionally distressed, or just grubby. But unless diners regularly throw their food up in the air, I'll assume the former - although who knows what happens at 3.00am in the morning!

    I would definitely return and there are still plenty of other things on the menu I'd like to try. Plus the view is great and the speedy lift ride makes for a fun entrance and exit!

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