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  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Good selection of shoes though at time I do tend to go through them a lot depending on how hard I am on them or walked.

    So IF these pairs last me any longer is yet to been seen against the killer of boots n shoes.

    Price wise this place has its bargins & well as a good selection of stock. So if your looking for something good without having to goto places that charge a small fortune for something that your looking for then this is proberly the first place I'd recommend without having to go on a massive walking spree along sauchihall st, Buchanan st (including 2 shopping centres (3 I think if you include the one full of jewlery shops)) argile st & the St enough centre.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I love this store!  Usually a great selection of pretty but cheap shoes.  Recently fully refurbished.  The shoes are all laid out on the shop floor which makes finding something you like really easy to find and all you need to do is look down the boxes for your size.  No waiting around for shop assistants to finish planning their weekend.
    They usually stock a wide range of sizes and i even found a 2.5 today which was great!

    With most shoes being under £25 its just a good place to grab cheap comfy shoes for work or a last minute pair for going out that don't need to become your pride and joy.

  • 2.0 star rating
    First to Review

    For many years, I have wanted a pair of cowboy boots. Every time I go past Deichmann, I look. Here they are- in the wrong sizes. And that sums up Deichmann for me: loads of styles, nice and cheap, but never in the right size. Sometimes I think that it is a special store for men with big feet.

    Given the price, though, the shoes are pretty good quality. They don't have helpful assistants, like most shoe shops: that, I find a blessing. I can just try them on, find they don't fit, and leave. Simple.

    Of course, Deichmann is not especially cool, so maybe I am being saved from myself. Generic items are fine, but they do tend to get it a bit wrong when they go for fashion styles. Not that I have ever got a pair in my size.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Diechmann is very much hit or miss for me. This particular store seems more cramped than other Diechmann's I have been in making it more of a chore to fight your way around. By the time you struggle with the boxes to find the one with your size on it and scuttle to a small seating area surrounded by other customers whose shadows seem to shrink you, you will be exhausted.

    However, they are cheap, cheap, cheap and if you do find a decent pair of shoes in here then it's worth it. I have bought a few pairs which have done their purpose and lasted as long as they were needed. Would tend to go elsewhere for something special though.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Maybe I'm biased, but I tend to hate this type of store, and this particular Deichmann Shoes is no exception.

    As you enter, the overwhelming stench of fake leather positively smacks you in the face like the cold salty breeze on a Scottish beach.

    The layout isn't too bad. Everything is organised into style and stacked in order of size, which isn't too difficult to navigate. It can create a bit of a catastrophe, so if you're impatient like me it isn't the ideal place to shop. However, if you're persistent and dying to find a good bargain, this is the place for you.They're good if you're looking for a particular style or function, but not necessarily for something particularly pretty.

    Overall: cheap, sturdy shoes for very low prices.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Now, I have never been in Deichmann before today. My only reason for knowing that the shop existed was that my rather fashion-fabulous friend tends to often be wearing shoes or boots that I'm told are from Deichmann.

    So, today when I found myself rather cold on Sauchiehall Street - I decided to have a little bit of a look.

    First thing's first - I wasn't disappointed. Although it must be noted that I hadn't set my sights too high in the first place(!). The ladies shoes were arranged so that they were easy to view, easy to find, and easier still to try on. They also had a great array of shoes - some great, some a little less so, and some absolutely hideous. But then, one girl's rubbish is another girl's treasure, so who am I to judge?!

    They also had a nice selection of handbags, once again all at rock bottom prices.

    Overall, Deichmann is not supposed to be a nice shopping experience. You will find no helpful shop assistants or well placed mirrors - but you will find a whole lot of very cheap shoes. And for some, that is plenty good enough.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Neh....this is the kind of place that looks ok on paper, however when you get there in reality it's a chaotic miss match of cheap shoes, bad layout and stressed out attendants who appear to be walking about doing hee haw.....

    I always think i'll be able to find something in this place. I always think to myself...
    "all i need is a pair of shoes that keep my feet dry"

    but in the end i always go in and find cheap shoes that...well, look cheap. It strikes me as the kind of place that i'll buy shoes from when i'm in my fifties, although i'm almost certain i'll still have retained enough style awareness to know that they still look like catalogue rejects...

    I would say though, that like most places, the chicks stuff looks far better than the guys gear....so if you be one of the breasted ones (calm yourself man boob men) then i would say it's well worth a nosey....you may well pick up a wee bargain.

  • 1.0 star rating

    My husband ordered shoes the 28th of Nov and here it is Dec 6th and we have received not a single confirmation. No confirmation that the order went through, that the shoes have been shipped but we have the charge on our credit card that they took our money. VERY leary! Make our marriage happier by letting us know this isn't a scam!

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    • Glasgow
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    4.0 star rating

    great for a cheap pair of work shoes. £9.99 for a pair I used as chef clogs. right enough the glue has melted and the insole has moved after a few weeks but still great price.

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