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    • Qype User Dabbel…
    • Berlin, Germany
    • 4 friends
    • 200 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    A very pleasant place with very good and extremely tasty food and friendly service. Price standard.
    I was there with my wife and we ordered a number of our favourite dishes. All were perfect.

    Really worth a try.

  • 1.0 star rating

    DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Usually I look at reviews before eating at a restaurant, especially when I'm in a different country.  My wife and I were strolling down the street, browsing at the outside menu, when the waiter came out and said, come on in, our food is very very good.  We figured what the hell, why not give it a shot.  After giving them a shot, all I can say is, The Curry Palace is terrible!

    It could actually be a decent restaurant if they didn't try to up sell you on the meals, and the waiters weren't so pushy.  They take their business motto from salesman trying to upgrade you on things you don't want.

    First we ordered tap water, he said they didn't have any, only bottled.  I said I don't want bottled, I want tap water, finally they came out with the tap water.  We ordered the Lamb Tikki, Curry Palace Special, some bread and rice.  After putting in our order the waiter said that the Tikki was an appetizer and we needed to order another main.  I told him no, that is too much food.  He rebutted that we need no order a bread and rice for my wife as well.  I told him no thank you.  After our exchange, he told my wife that the Tikki was dry, and would she like a mild or spicy sauce.

    THE BILL CAME AND THE F$%KING SAUCE WAS 5 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    On top of the food being average Indian, there was a 15% Service Fee added.  


  • 1.0 star rating

    I want my money back.

    I wanted to smack the waiter.

    I wanted to throw my food at the chef.

    I went to McDonalds down the street for comfort food

  • 1.0 star rating

    Worst restaurant I have ever been to in my entire life. For one we were not even given the chance to order anything besides what he already picked out. We were also not even told what to drink. He brought out some random drink and started to drink it and started feeling really drowsy. What do you know my girlfriend was feeling the same and started to feel like passing out. We left early since both of us were not feeling good, we asked for the check and they did not want us to leave. All I wanted to do was leave so we finally demanded the check. He overcharged us by a lot but paid it because we were becoming increasingly sick. Started walking home and threw up on the sidewalk, the hotel staff noticed us and asked if we were ok and said not really. They called a ambulance and the paramedics told us we were drugged.

    So if you are really in the mood for terrible food and getting drugged then this is your kind of place, if not stay way way away from this sketchy place!

  • 1.0 star rating

    DON'T DO IT! I wish I could give this restaurant less than one star or no stars at all. I was at this restaurant just last night. We are vacationing from the US and didn't have Internet access to look at restaurant reviews before choosing a restaurant. I wish I was able to read the reviews before eating here because all of them ring true.

    My husband and I chose this restaurant because we were urged in by the wait staff while looking at the menu. The food "appeared" to be decently priced so we decided to give it a try. The same as everyone else, we ordered water and the waiter brought us a large bottle of still water for 3£. We thought that this could have been a misunderstanding and didn't complain. We ordered two dishes that came to a sum of 11£. We were told that the meals did not come with rice and he said he would then bring us 2 orders of rice and 2 naan which didnt seem like a big deal at the time even though we didn't even ask about the naan. To sum this up when we got the bill. The rice and naan totaled 14£, which is ridiculous. Our total bill was 36£ for only a small amount of food. This cost for rice and bread could feed a family for months. Also,  the food was average at best. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't eat here you will definitely leave feeling cheated, stupid, and broke.

  • 2.0 star rating

    While we were on a short stay in London we visited this place as it was close to our hotel. To be honest this was a very disappointing experience. It felt like a tourist trap.

    I asked for a mixed vegetable curry and the waiter said (not recommended) 'I bring you a vegetable balti, that one is better'  and more expensive 7,50 instead of 4,75. :-( As I was really surprised I didn't object. The was no rice coming aside with the meal, I think it was charged with around 3 pound per person. When we ask for one peshawari naan (round flat dough-cake) the waiter said we would need two as one is not enough for both of us and showed us a 4-5inch (10-12cm) round. In fact the two breads came in exactly the size you know from other indian restaurants (around 8 inch or 20cm).

    The food itself was OK, but not special at all. I have no idea where the difference between the two vegetable curries has been, as the recommended one looked for me not special at all. The naan, however, was good.

    We were eating outside in the court yard, which felt pretty cramped, inside the place looks nicer but it was a very warm evening so we decided to stay outside.

    Summing all up I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. It was notably more expensive than we expected from the menu, which wouldn't have been a problem if the delivered goods would have been better than average, which they haven't been.

  • 2.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I'll start off with the good. The food was good and very flavorful.

    Now on to the bad. The waiters were pushy (especially the round-ish, chubby one that speaks English the best). I wasn't even inside the restaurant and he was already telling me to come in - I was only looking at the menu. Anyway, once I walk in, he proceeds to not only tell me where to sit but also takes my napkin and places it on my lap. I had to stop him and say, "I'll do that myself, thanks." Then I start looking at the menu and I choose my food. He then tries to push an appetizer on me. I say no. The kicker is that he doesn't hide his disappointment when I refuse any other courses. I then ask for a glass of ice water. What does he bring me? A glass and bottled water (2.95 for a bottle of water???). I ask for the tap water, and he says that it's murky and that bottled is the best. What restaurant doesn't have potable tap water?!? Anyway, I find out later from previous reviews that they have served tap water at this restaurant. I hate being lied to!

    If you're going to eat here. Get it to-go/take-away because you'll hate them by the end of your meal. Also try to exchange the least amount of conversation with them as talking to them will also annoy you.

    I might come back for takeaway because this food is good. Service sucks though! Don't let them pressure you into getting more food than you want and don't take "no" for an answer when you want tap water. Also, avoid the chubby dude.

  • 4.0 star rating
    First to Review

    First off I am not an Indian food expert at all (I think this was the second or third time I had ever had Indian food) but the food was great! I got a spicy chicken dish that had a ton of cilantro and really hot sauce! It was great. One star off because the waiters were kind of pushy on selling you a next course and you get charged for everything (when they made it sound like it comes with the meal) AND they refused to give me tap water until my main meal came...weird but all four of us LOVED our food.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Below average but tolerable food. Horrendous service. The waiter told us the wrong price then argued with me when I pointed it out. After that problem I asked him to take off the included 15% service, which begot an insult to my nationality and him demanding my ID to pay my card. Horrible overall experience.

  • 1.0 star rating

    This restaurant was such a bad experience that I can't let it pass.
    First the waiter was extremely pushy on the order of two naan (£3.25 each, everywhere else is £1) and rice. Then he also pushed a vegetable with it, he spoke so fast that really you couldn't follow everything he was suggesting. Again, like other reviewers we ordered water and he showed up with an Evian bottle. He said they didn't serve tap water, later I saw other customers with tap water. So they do serve it but you need ask insistingly. Oh, and the appetizer for two is ridiculously small, for £9!
    Second, we were the first customers to arrive and the last to be served! Our order was nothing special! We ha a baby that was getting tired from being there!
    Third we had so much food we had to leave an entire naan and the vegetable.
    Lastly, right after we left I started feeling dizzy. Then last night was the worst night of my life, don't want to give to much detail on this, but I was up since 3am going to the toilet every 15min.
    A meal that normally would cost you £20-£30 was £60, this is a huge tourist trap!
    So if you want to save some money and a horrible intoxication don't go to this place ever!

    • Qype User slickm…
    • London
    • 1 friend
    • 29 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    hmm, well well, i ve been der and i must say d decor is expansive and feels like a hall or a darbar of a maharaja, i really loved the ambience, if u got indian gurls in ur kitty neat place to hit on deck, apart from dat i felt well the shisha was not done properly for me the service took too long, i like my idea of havin sheesha wid kebabs, and the shisha and lamb kebabs were good here, but d serving size for d plate left me wanderin as i really felt it wasnt too fair, that kept me not tryin to experiment too much cuz i was in a mood for fish and went for d chicken tikka masala which was priced fairly, truly nice, trust worthy place but d prices might pinch u a bit. cheers
    hope u find this review useful.

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