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  • 4.0 star rating

    Enchiladas and tacos were amazing, one of the best I've tried in a long time; and I have really been searching for a good Mexican place for sometime. Well, pricing is a tad expensive but who eats mexican food every night anyway. Starting from the top, we were warmly welcomed and promptly seated and several moments later, there was far less talking and much more eating and tasting each other's meals.

  • 1.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Love the food, hate the service.

    It pains me to write a bad review about a restaurant I otherwise love but the way we were treated by the manager "Maxi" last night was absolutely inexcusable and needs to be shared.

    My fiancé and I invited 2 new local friends to Crazy Homies since it was our fav Mex spot in our part of London. We've been at least 10 times before and knew they don't take reservations for the upstairs seating but we're pleasantly surprised when the host said he'd seat us right away downstairs.

    Within one minute of being seated I was tapped by a man who curtly asked, "Do you have a reservation?" After explaining that we'd just been seated by the host (who was still standing there) the man said the table wasn't for us and the host didn't know what he was doing, so "we have to leave". He then went upstairs without any explanation of who he was or why He made his host look and feel incompetent and made us seem as if WE'D done something wrong by following his staff.

    We were so offended and embarrassed we decided to go elsewhere, but I asked the man to speak to his manager - he proudly said he was the manager. I asked if this was how he treated other loyal customers who bring new friends to his restaurant. He offered no apologies nor explanation but only said he "was doing his best". If this is best Maxi can do, either he needs to be excused from Crazy Homies or we won't ever be coming back.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Ah Crazy Homies, you be crazy.

    Where we really wanted to eat was at Lucky 7 right next door, but they had a wait of about 20 minutes. They told us we could wait in their sister restaurant, Crazy Homies, next door if we wanted to. Why not?

    Like Lucky 7, Crazy Homies is an explosion of things on the wall - colours and graffiti and all kinds of other nuts stuff. If Lucky 7 if a parody of an American diner, this is a parody of a Mexican dive joint. But while Lucky 7 is fun and friendly, this one just kinda feels like it's trying too hard.

    Now, I can't talk about the night atmosphere when I hear this place gets really going. At about 1pm, it's empty, with one person working behind the counter. We got a pomegranate juice and a margarita, both which were WAY too sour for their own good.  Yikes, every sip made it hard not to pucker.

    However, we also got the chips and salsa, which were good. Crispy chips, three different types of salsa and a guac for £5. A little overpriced for chips and salsa (especially when I'm used to getting them for free in every Mexican restaurant in the states), but they were nice all the same.

    Not my favourite space and I much prefer the fantastic meal next door. But as a spot to kill some time, it's not bad.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I went to Crazy Homies for a friend's leaving party about a month ago. I've spent quite a lot of time in tex-mex country and have to say, this place was a really nice surprise.

    Margaritas were decent, on the verge of being eye wateringly strong. Chips/salsa/guac were all very tasty, just the right amount of chilli. I went for the enchiladas, despite part of me crying out for a taco, and they were very good. They weren't quite green chile enchiladas with blue corn tortillas in Santa Fe but they were the best I've had in London.

    We were seated downstairs. It almost felt like we were in a club due to the loud music and low lighting which was a bit annoying but all round it's certainly somewhere I'll be going back to. Might try and avoid the bunker though.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Super potent margaritas. I mean after every sip my mouth kept puckering. hahaha.

    Anyway, small place, all tight and busy. Lots of skulls and dia de los muertos thingies. Lots of cool posters and colourful pillows.
    They have different offers and happy hours (like burritos and a beer for £10)

  • 1.0 star rating

    Not good.

    My husband wanted "real Mexican food" - we were steering away from the small plate concept found in London, trying to go from something you could find in more traditional Mexican spots in the states.

    While the menu is close to what we were looking for, the food quality and service are not.  We paid way too much for mediocre chips, salsa and guac.  Our quesadillas were undercooked (how do you screw up quesadillas?), my pork tacos were way too spicy with no mention of the heat, and my husband's enchiladas were pretty awful.

    The servers didn't seem like they enjoyed working there and were more focused on talking to some local at the bar than attending to their customers.  The woman next to us was served the wrong order three times and they even argued with her about it.

    The only saving grace of Crazy Homies is the music - old school rap and hip-hop.  There's even a "club" downstairs.  A much better spot to grab a drink and listen to some tunes, and if you have to eat there, get sloshed off some margs and Coronas first at least!

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Heard about this place from a friend, who recommended their true-to-Mexico food. The venue is tiny and cramped, and I did get elbowed in the head and back a few times, lol. But... these are by far the best nachos I've ever tasted (we had the chicken nachos as a starter). Then I had the melting pork piccadillo tostadas, which were fresh, crispy, and substantial yet not overly filling. The pork was moist and just the right spiciness. For dessert, we had churros, which were also warm & tasty. I don't usually care for tequila-based cocktails; however, their seasonal-fruit margarita (strawberry & mint) was excellent, and I watched them make the drink with fresh mint and big juicy strawberries.
    I would definitely return here, but at a time that would be less crowded, because as the night went on, it got very irritating to be constantly shoved as I was trying to eat.

  • 3.0 star rating

    This place is funkytown!  Yes it is crazy, with all manner of lights and decorations and skulls all over the place, and yes there are a lot of homies (you might want to book in advance, especially on weekends if there is a big group of you).

    So I came here straight from a disappointing 'meal' (read: 'snack' going by their portion sizes) at Taqueria - but I digress, instead, read my review of Taqueria if you want to know more... so I didn't want to start from scratch with a huge meal, but instead wanted to top up what I had already eaten, so to speak.

    On opening the menu, I was instantly disappointed.  O-VER-PRICED.  £15 for 3 small tacos?  Are you kidding me?  Or are they sprinkled with goldleaf?  Anyway, going on the plates at the next table, the tacos looked pretty good, but no way Jose am I gonna pay 15 squids for 3 seafood tacos.

    I ended up getting the crab taco salad, which came in at around £10.  It was ok, edible, but nothing special at all - a LOT of leaf.  Not worth a tenner.

    Overall the green dotted lights that wash over the walls and ceiling weren't enough to distract me from the hefty bill and the white tiled walls that made me feel like I was in a bathroom.

    It's a fun place though, and plays good music, so I would probably love it more if I didn't feel like it was a big rip-off.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    My tender spiced chicken taco salad was fine but certainly nothing worth traveling from EC1 to W2 for. I appreciated that they had Pacifico (it transported me, momentarily, back to Mexico.) However, my companions were not chuffed with the diminutive tacos they received.

    On food alone, I'd definitely choose Chipotle over Crazy Homies, but I can see how this place probably rocks at night so returning for a margarita or Mexican cerveza would not be out of the question.

  • 4.0 star rating
    3 check-ins

    Forgive me if all of my reviews have a theme of comparison to Los Angeles, but it is what I know.  There are three things I'm always on the look out for wherever I am, good food, good times, and good service.  

    I was out with my yank friend  and my significant other and we ended our night at crazy homies.  I immediately felt like I was in L.A. at the Cha Cha Lounge with a healthy selection of tequila.  For those of you that don't know, the Cha Cha Lounge looks like Cheech and Chong had a love child with a hipster who then decorated a bar.  Yep, loved it already.  

    We walked in and bellied up to the bar to be greeted by a VERY young bartender.  Now, don't get me wrong, I'll give everyone a fair shake, but TRUE margaritas are hard to master and I've got 7 years of making them professionally under my belt.  Our bartender turned out to be an extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and adept mixer of margaritas!  

    Their selection of tequila was amazing and they even had my personal favourite, milagro silver.  Points!  The did NOT have pre-made margarita mix, only fresh lime juice.  Double Points!  After our first round, I asked the bartender to make me something of his choice.  He handed me pure bliss which was a silver tequila made with agave nectar and lime juice.  Simply Fantastic.  (on a side note I now want to host a mexican themed dinner party just so I can serve those genius beverages myself)

    Either it was the expertly made margaritas or the ambiance, but for the first time in my life, I sang along at the top of my lungs to Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer" and had a blast doing so.

  • 3.0 star rating
    Listed in London Calling!

    Gah - I've gone and done it again.  Set me expectations way too high and then been disappointed by a totally passable meal.  WOMPWOMP.

    It was inevitable: my super-foodie friend who never leads me astray set me out into London with the directions "eat fro yo here [I did; and Yelped about it; and went back for more because it was amazing] and go eat at Crazy Homies".  So I did.  On a rainy afternoon.  And...it was fine.

    I had the baja shrimp taco salad.  The portion wasn't too big (greens, black beans, mango salsa, guac, and 5? shrimp).  Roughly 12 pounds.  The server was friendly and helpful, the music was good, the décor was great (on a rainy day pulsing neon lights and colourful almost-kitsch hits the spot).  

    It was a fine salad.  But not a salad necessarily worth a specific trip to repeat.  I found myself missing some of the Tex-Mex staple features from North America: warm chips.  Salsas with kick.  Beans with some distinctive toothiness to them.  Hot peppers.  Cilantro.  

    I'm totally - totes, homies - willing to fess up to the fact that Crazy Homies might hit its stride at night.  Yelpers seem to tout its PM vibe and accompanying booze.  So I might need to return to do a comparative study.  As a "gets by on food alone" draw, though, Crazy Homies scores only 3 out of 5 sombreros.

    Yelp note: Points - mayjah points! - for stocking Cholula sauce on the tables.  Now that?  That's not so crazy (homies).

  • 4.0 star rating

    Being from California, i was craving some decent Mexican food when i came here. This place is crazy indeed. think '80s-trailer trash-mexican-hipster-club thing. with lots of strange lights (they have green lazers!!), old skool posters, dia de los muertos skulls, and super loud (although awesome) music, this place makes for quite an experience. there is a small upstairs with a taquilla bar and a few tables, and a slightly larger downstairs with, get this, A STRIPPER POLE in the center of the room and another bar. im just waiting to see that thing in action.

    the pricing is not so bad. 3 tacos for 8 pounds, 3 taquitios for 7 pounds, burros for 10 pounds... of course there are the drinks that can bring up the bill price.. but whose counting drink money? really now... and the portion size is really good. its enough that you can finish your plate and be full. hell, maybe just a little too full, like you really didnt need those last 2 bites but damn, they tasted so good.

    the service is hit or miss, but go with friends just enjoy the experience.

    the last time i went in there was a DJ playing old skool records and a large group at the back table having so much fun i wanted to join in. good times. always a treat.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Totally fixed my jones for a burrito and margarita on Cinco de Mayo today! Got there a few minutes after 6 when they opened and got the last table! Score! I knew they would be busy today! Fully expected it to be packed with yanks like me and they were there but there was also a respectable showing of everyone else. And the margies were flowing! Great vibe in the place!

    I ordered the Classic Margarita with salt and was happy to get a proper-made drink--no sweet mixer--simply a tart lime juice base and a healthy pour of tequila. Thick rock salt on the rim. Yum. Come to mamacita.

    The 'melting pork picadillo' burro, as they call it, was delicious, with a piquant, south-of-the-border tender pulled pork, smoky bbq salsa and chili pepper flavor. I'm used to chopped iceberg lettuce but was more than pleased to get a side of delicious mixed greens (more cilantro would have been nice) over which I squeezed the lime that came with, for that added crunch per bite.

    I was more than full with one main, but noticed how good the quesadillas and tostadas looked as they were served to the tables around me.

    Friendly staff. Funky decor with Dio de los Muertos art all around. Good tunes (loud enough to recognize and groove, not too loud to talk). And a good mix of young cool and gentrified pros.

    Going back as soon as I can. And bringing friends.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I love this place.   The ambience is cool without being precious and hipster-y.   It really is hard to find good Mexican food in London but if you want fantastic tacos or enchiladas, this is your spot.   The only downside is the drinks are kinda expensive, especially the tequila.  A must try!

  • 1.0 star rating

    I had a terrible experience here. I took a friend to Crazy Homies for her birthday and we had both quite been looking forward to it ................ the decor is fun and cool, the music is great and the tequila selection is amazing. (The food, however, turned out to be mediocre at best and very overpriced.)

    What made the night a disaster was the leather faced bleach blond at the next table who was having a row with one of her companions. She was quite drunk, loud, and vulgar and the third person at their table kept trying to calm her down to no avail. We could not have a conversation with this going on, much less enjoy our meal. Finally my friend politely asked her to tone it down and she turned on my friend telling her to mind her own business (along with other choice words) and they began arguing too ........ I went to the bar and complained to the bartender about the drunk woman's behaviour, and was told there was nothing they could do as she was the owner of the place!!!

    Then a waitress came over five minutes later and abruptly moved us to another table, when we asked why she said the owner wanted us thrown out but they were discreetly moving us so that we could finish our meal without her noticing!!!

    Needless to say we paid our cheque straight away and left, and I will never be back. I cannot imagine treating customers that way nor acting like that in my place of business. Shameful.

  • 3.0 star rating
    23/1/2013 Updated review

    On par with all the other Mexican places we have tried in London which means the food is okay but that is about it. Just okay.
    We went on a Friday evening and had to wait about 20 minutes for a table. There is seating both upstairs and downstairs and the place has a lively vibe. Service was friendly and fast.
    Tender spiced chicken enchiladas. Warm 10in flour tortilla filled with black beans, jack cheese, and salsa. Topped with guacamole, sour cream, coriander, and shredded lettuce
    Tender spiced chicken nachos stacked with black beans, melted jack cheese, jalapenos, olives, gucamole, salsa, sour cream, and coriander
    Mahi Fish with homemade soft corn tortillas

    3.0 star rating
    29/11/2012 Previous review
    On par with all the other Mexican places we have tried in London which means the food is okay but… Read more
    3.0 star rating
    29/11/2012 Previous review
    On par with all the other Mexican places we have tried in London which means the food is okay but… Read more
  • 3.0 star rating

    I went here with my boyfriend who loves Mexican food and is yet to find a really good Mexican restaurant in London. We were both disappointed with the service and the overpriced food.

    Our waiter took the friendly approach and proceeded to recommend various tequillas. Saying they were on the house (I know, I know nothing for free in this world) we proceeded to taste our 'free' drinks whle waiting for our meal.

    Our food arrived an hour later and we were very disappointed. My burrito was cold  and had to be taken away. 20 minutes later I was given another burrito but hardly touched it beacuse again it wasn't even warm.

    Our bill came to a staggering £70! We will definately not be back.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Judging from past reviews, I seem to be alone in the fact that I really enjoyed Crazy Homies. It is true that a good, authentic Mexican is hard to find in London, but I do feel that this place does a good job.

    When I came here, I went with my sister, who lives in LA and considers herself a connoisseur of Mexican food, and a friend of ours who is a born and bred Californian - so the standard had to be high. They both loved their meals, and so did I, although my standards aren't quite so exacting. Serve me a chilled Margarita and I'm happy.

    We ordered a lot from the menu. The corn chips are a must, with lots of different types of salsas. We split plenty of tacos; pinto beans, baja shrimp, and chicken, and complemented each new arrival to our table with another Margarita. There were plenty of flavours to choose from. I thought each one was as good as the next.

    So the downsides - Crazy Homies does get Crazy Busy. Get your drinks in as soon as you can, and snacks, at least that will keep the hunger at bay. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to a friend, but I would advise them not to go on a Friday or Saturday night, because they will be waiting a while.

  • 4.0 star rating
    Listed in Date Spots

    Crazy Homies is a cool cool place. If I lived closer to its West London location then it would become a member of my regular rotation.

    Went in there last night for a good Mexican dinner - - and left the place quite impressed. When we first sat down I noticed The Bible, being the curious person that I am it was opened immediatly and revealed three pages of different Tequilas - from Blanco to Anejo. On this Sunday evening though I decided to go with a couple Pacifico's instead to quench my parched throat.

    For dinner I grabbed their Chorizo Quesadillas - these things put some kind of hex on my stomach that made me smile. They came with the usual fixings (pico de gallo, sour cream, hot sauce etc.) My companion ordered the Baha Shrimp & Black Beans Tacos - - and let me tell you that she quite enjoyed/devoured them.

    Cool spot - will be returning next time I am in Notting Hill.

  • 3.0 star rating

    This a good spot for Mexican in London. They serve small tacos by the platterful, and you'll appreciate the tacos more after a Cadillac margarita or two.

    What they do really well is the lively atmosphere -- if you want a lively spot to go out with friends, this is a fun time, and the decor fits right in. So it'll probably get 4 stars if you are going there for the scene and the drinks.

    If you're in the neighbourhood, definitely check it out.

    Gluten-free notes: The corn tortillas were made with just corn, as they should be. Hooray!

  • 2.0 star rating

    I had heard lots of good things about Crazy Homies so I was sorely disappointed when I got there and the experience was just sub-par. It was fairly empty, for one thing, but they tried to put us at a table downstairs where it was completely dead It's possible they were expecting to bring in some form of alternative entertainment for us there was a strategically placed pole in the middle of the room!

    We relocated to a cramped table in the back of the ground level, but at least it felt like we were connected to the rest of the world and not just the toilet. We ordered a round of margaritas, which were just plain awful. Bad tequila and too much of it; we all switched to beer after that. Rather disappointing for a place with such an assortment of tequila available

    The food was actually reasonable, though not good but my standards for Mexican. Their tortillas had an odd texture/density to them, nothing like the handmade ones that I prefer but the rare steak was, in fact, rare. I liked the guacamole and salsa as well, which is not common.

    I guess I should just learn not get too excited when I hear about good Mexican places in London but my silly American optimism just can't help itself.

    • Qype User Hampst…
    • London
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    2.0 star rating
    24/6/2011 Updated review

    The pro to this place first: the food is good. Coming from America (particularly California and NYC where you can get good Mexican food), it's hard to find good Mexican, and this is close.

    The cons: the portions for what you're paying are small! On to the prices... £9.75 for a chicken buritto!!!! in the USA, the same size would cost you £3. In the USA, you get a small bowl of tortilla chips free at theh beginning of your meal. here they charge.

    I don't mind paying good money for good food (ie St John's, The Cow upstairs, Gaucho, etc) but this is a bit overpriced for what it is.

    Still waiting for a proper Mexican restaurant to open in the UK.

    2.0 star rating
    24/6/2011 Previous review
    The pro to this place first: the food is good. Coming from America (particularly California and NYC… Read more
    • Qype User gfende…
    • London
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    1.0 star rating

    I heard quite a bit of hype from website's, friends and people whose food opinion I value and all signs pointed towards Crazy Homies for good mexican food. They were all wrong.

    I grew up in Southern California and I've had my fair share of Mexican food, especially burritos. I started off with a pomegranate margarita expecting nice things (I had one at Rosa Mexicana in New York that was superb!) but this one tasty watery and really sweet. I tried a standard one, same story. That should've been the first hint but I kept on going.

    The guac and salsa was pretty good, really interesting hot, (really hot!) chipotle salsa that was pretty good. I ordered the enchilada's and they were disappointing, bland and just didn't have very much flavour. The salsa was the only thing that saved it at all. I also ordered the chocolate churros which were good but the dipping sauce had cream in it which was weirdwould've just expected straight chocolate.

    Anyways, this place is overpriced, the quality just isn't there and I'll be on the hunt for other Mexican places in London.

  • 4.0 star rating

    A recent, delightful find. The food here is delicious, and supercedes my last Mexican food obsession, Chipotle (only US-side, mind you). They have a mind-boggling tequila list, which paired with the bizarre décor --  characterised in large part by plentiful use of colour and skeletons -- could begin some fairly interesting evenings, if not only for their banter!

    The waiters here are also really lovely!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Great Mexican food! I was really impressed with this place. We sort of stumbled across it as I don't venture West that often, but the staff were lovely, the food was amazing and the atmosphere was pretty cool.

    The prices are the same as the chains such as Chipolte and Wahaca, but the food is better and it feels like a local place with a cooler vibe. Would definitely recommend to a friend!

  • 4.0 star rating

    yelp, if you are listening, please give me the ability to do half star ratings because I'd really like to give this place a 4.5 but I don't feel it quite justifies a full 5.  thx!!

    After complaining to my lil' sis (we're not really related, but go with it) about how much I disliked la perla where I had eaten the other day, we ended up heading over to Crazy Homies to see if London Mexican food could redeem itself.  I'll spoil the ending by saying that, yes, it did.  I was immediately enthusiastic about this place the moment we walked in.  First off, the music they were playing throughout our meal was excellent.  The songs I remember hearing:

    the knife "heartbeats"
    new order - "bizzare love triangle"
    justice "we are your friends"
    depeche mode "personal jesus"
    css - "alala"
    buzzcocks - "what do I get"
    talking heads "psychokiller"

    Next, the decor was perfect and lots of fun. Some of the accoutrements:

    skulls still attached to spinal chords
    piles roses (fake, cloth)
    lots of cacti
    poster from some atari game from 1977
    framed picture of arnold as the terminator looking totally camp
    stripper pole (more on this later - but don't get excited)
    lasers (upstairs)
    black lights
    red lights

    So lets get to the main dining experience.  We were seated immediately and ended up eating downstairs in the basement, which was fine by me.  As we were walking downstairs, Haley (formerly referred to as "my lil' sis") pointed out the stripper pole in the middle of the room and told me that it was perfect for late night patrons that had imbibed a bit too much Patron.  (sorry, yes, I went there). Speaking of Patron, they served our water in an old Patron bottle.  how cool is that?!  why don't all mexican restaurants do this?

    So, lets talk about the food.  The menu had a lot of interesting options like swordfish ceviche and tacos (they also had "melting pork" tacos, as well as chicken, beef, etc).  I ended up going for the tender marinated chicken burrito with cilantro, beans, jack cheese, and salsa.  I opted for "wet style" (+£2 but recommended).  The chicken was excellent; soft, flavorful, delicious.  It was much smaller than what we're used to in the States, but... that's a good thing. We also had chips and salsa to start.  It feels a bit odd having to pay for them, they should be free right?  But they came with 4 types of sauce, all delicious.  A very tangy salsa verde, a flavorful pico de gallo, a rich guacamole, and a sweet, smokey, and fairly spicy chipotle salsa that almost tasted like it BBQ sauce.  (my fav of the 4).  We didn't order drinks or even look at deserts, but I definitely want to come back and try their margaritas.  They had about 7 or 8 on the menu including classics like the cadillac margarita and an intriguing offering known as the millionaire's margarita.  My only complaint with the food is that the jalapenos were clearly from a can and not fresh... but... I can live with it.

    A couple of the reviews mentioned poor service.  I don't know if it has anything to do with luck, but our service was perfect.  They came by just often enough, didn't push us to leave after we finished, and even though we asked (and were given) the check, told us we could order more if we decided we wanted anything else.  no complaints.  The prices were a bit steep by my california standards, but... it seemed relatively normal for London.  All told, our meal came out to about £32 (with service charge) between the two of us.  I can't wait to go back and try the ceviche, fish tacos, and margaritas!!  maybe I can request some music too? :)

  • 3.0 star rating
    Listed in British-exican

    I was sent here on a VERY high recommendation from someone that I really respect. So I made 2 attempts to go here, but the 1st one was diverted by their silly hours so we went to Lucky 7, which was delightful. They are both owned by the same people and both places both have a very fun decor that reminds me of some place that you would find in souther california.
    So if i were to rate this place on decor alone I would give it a 10 out of 10, but this isn't yelp decor and there aren't 10 stars.. so that wouldn't make any sense. But the music was great, and I love the dia de los muertos themed interior.
    Don't get me wrong the food was above passable. but it's significantly overpriced for the small amount of food you get. the Guac was good. and I am very picky about my guac.
    Oh! and the waiter was from San Diego, (which really gives ANYONE points in my book)
    And I think someone already said it, but the music was great. So if it were possible I would go to crazy homies but I would bring my own food and drinks and just sit in a booth and enjoy the ambiance.

  • 4.0 star rating

    This place is really cool. I'm a big fan of 'Tex Mex' food - I had a chicken burrito, and it was enormous. I couldn't finish it (which is a rarity in itself)
    The food comes in nice terracotta plates/bowls which gives it a more "Mexican" feel I think.

    The only problem is it's quite a small restaurant, so can be quite cramped.

    Would definitely go back. I would book next time though - we were lucky getting a seat because we got there relatively early on a Saturday. By the time we left around 8pm, it was heaving in there and people waiting outside for a table.

  • 4.0 star rating

    3.5, but will round up because it's in my 'hood.  What's great about this place is the atmosphere, the design, the chilled vibe and, of course, the tequila list. What isn't so good is the food.  I wish I loved it, but I don't.  Santos, El Camino, and Taqueria all have superior food, but nothing can match the disco lights, Día de los Muertos decor and the rocking jams!  I'll keep coming back, and I may just have to stick to the quesadilas which is the only dish they routinely get right.  If you're not from Cali though, you probably won't notice the difference :)

  • 3.0 star rating

    One of the things I miss is being able to go to a Mexican take-away restaurant at any point of the evening -- I was pleasantly surprised when we went to Crazy Homies.  Clearly, its a pricey establishment for Mexican because it is based in Notting Hill.  But. it claimed a place in my heart when I stopped in for a burrito, quesadilla and other deliciousness to go. That's just unheard of in London!  Most people go for sit-in and I was on a mission for take-away.  I felt I was back in Chicago with their  ease for food on the run.  Prices are a bit much but there are so few places in London that allow you to take quality food - much less Mexican! -- to go.

  • 4.0 star rating

    they have a tequila bible - how can that not melt your heart?

    this place is for tequila fans (they only serve tequila and beer) and folks who want anything close to mexican food.  the portions look small but they are densely packed with quality meat and fresh produce.  

    i hear there's a dj the first thursday of every month.

    huge huge fans.  we'll definitely be regulars.

  • 5.0 star rating

    A wonderful little bar- full of character! Pumping good tunes and with all the tequila in the world to choose from. A great little spot whether to kick start your evening or you're well on your way!

    • Qype User Gourme…
    • London
    • 41 friends
    • 102 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Crazy Homies is a great place to go if you want to kick off a night out or if you are in a celebratory mood. The food is fairly standard Mexican fare but it is the atmosphere that people come here for. People down margaritas and coronas at a rate of knots and there is always good music playing and of course the quirky decor. You may even spot Kate Moss.

  • 4.0 star rating
    First to Review

    The best Mexican restaurant I have been to in London. They have a menu full of classic pieces (nachos, tacos, burros etc.) and some unusual ones but importantly everyting tastes sooo good. Usually I go for take-away as the place is small and this is a perfect Sunday evening food for us. But it is a good place to go for a loud dinner in its intimate surrounding. There is also a private room to book.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Crazy Homies is an awesome Dive Bar/Mexican spot near Westbourne Park, London.  As an American who was working in London this place made me always feel at home.  Great drinks at the bar(best margarita I had in the UK), Great Mexican food, and a great place to meet friends/co-workers.  If you like a funky environment, cool music, and good mexican food all mixed together - you will enjoy Crazy Homies!

  • 1.0 star rating

    Ouch. Went with a friend Wednesday evening, and the place was rammed. a waitress rudely snapped that it would be a 45 minute (minimum) wait, and upon asking about the downstairs space, were told again curtly that it was closed on Wednesdays! it hardly takes a restaurant genius to see the answer to this problem - OPEN THE DOWNSTAIRS on Wednesdays! was really looking forward to trying this place, and disappointed at the attitude and stress of the clearly popular joint, while half the floorspace was not being used. Oh well, an overpriced Italian restaurant round the corner got our cash that night.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Didn't eat here but they mix up a pretty good Margarita.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I loved this place the first time and I've been back since. Its got a great feel to it, very cool but without trying too hard. The food is delicious, its very well prepared and the menu offers different takes on standard mexican dishes. The service is great and the staff seems to care that you enjoy everything, which is a breath of fresh air in London. I also highly recommend the margaritas.

    • Qype User miche1…
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    3.0 star rating

    Having lived in California most of my life, and a significant chunk of that merely minutes from the Mexican border, I'm only beginning to get used to the idea of life without real Mexican food after living in London for seven weeks now. I was optimistic about Crazy Homies, especially since it's only a few minutes' walk from where I'm staying. Having heard about the evening chaos there, I went with some friends on a Saturday for lunch.

    Even though we were practically the only customers in the restaurant, it took forever to receive our food. It's a good thing we started with their tasty chips and salsa. Though I ordered the vegetarian burro (Why are they called 'burros' in London, and not 'burritos' as they are in America?), I was served a chicken one, which was rather disturbing as I'd already taken a bite before I noticed. To their credit, they were very apologetic and comped my meal.

    Despite the slow service and the mix-up, I enjoyed my lunch. The burro was definitely not the same animal as the wonderful burritos you get in Northern California, however, it was still tasty. Our waiter was actually friendly, too -- a rare thing in London.

    Though I may not go back to Crazy Homies as often as I'd visit my local burrito shop in San Francisco, I can picture returning again on a sunny Saturday afternoon or for an occasional takeaway.

  • 2.0 star rating

    I seem to be alone in this one, but I don't love Crazy Homies.  I suppose it could be found somewhere in the top 10 Mexican restaurants I've experienced in London, but that's not saying much (and I even prefer the more "tex-mex" Mexicans which CH presumably is).  

    Their basic tacos and burritos are OK (I like the pork), but the place fails in two major categories:  tortilla chips and service.  The former can be debatable - like fries (I'm intentionally not calling them chips to avoid confusion), tortilla chip preference is highly subjective.  I don't even know exactly what it is that I like/dislike about certain tortilla chips (except that they must be salty), but there's something not right about these in my book.  There's also the tortilla chip + salsa/guac issue:  I firmly believe that certain chip types don't work as well with salsa and/or guac...the ones that are a bit blander and firmer are best (vs the weaker, slightly crumblier chip) for dipping.  If you're still following, Crazy Homie chips are the crumblier version - they're OK on their own I suppose, but who wants that at a Mexican restaurant?  Of course, maybe I just don't love the salsa (I don't).

    And for the other failing:  the service is shameful here.  Really.  It may be a casual Mexican, but they take laid-back to another level.  Are most of them high?  We spent four hours having dinner there once - with an order that consisted of a couple of drinks and a couple of plates.  After waiting nearly an hour for our bill, we almost walked out (no one would have noticed) but decided to put on our coats and force our card upon the manager.  He ended up giving us some kind of discount and I swore I would never go back.

    But I did - for their margaritas.  They're really good.

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