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  • 4.0 star rating

    A good hostel if you are looking for a not-too-expensive place to stay in London while not being too far outside the city. This is close to King's Cross and from there it's easy and fast to get anywhere in downtown.
    I had a private room en suite together with a friend. Well... if you remember that it is a hostel and not a hotel this is fine. ;) The bathroom was really incredibly small but at least it was possible to get one just for us.
    Rooms were clean and after around 1-2am in the nights it gets quiet on the floors so you can get some sleep.
    Breakfast is OK, good for a hostel actually. Be prepared to have to wait for a bit before finding a seat as it is always very crowded.
    WiFi is available in the lobby and other locations but not in the rooms. Speed was good, no complaints.
    The staff is friendly and the average age of the guests is rather low - this really is a youth hostel. With our 30 years we already felt pretty old. ;)

  • 2.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I've been dreading this one. I feel like doing paragraph-ish bullets so it won't FEEL like I'm doing a lot of typing.

    *The solo showers on the main level smells like pure piss.

    *I wasn't made aware that you had to request bottom bunks.

    *I fell off the top bunk mere minutes after getting up there.

    *The lady at the front desk who likes to sing her heart out (I THINK she had glasses she for sure had dark hair) disregarded the fact that I went flying off the bunk when I asked for another bed on the lower bunks.

    *I had just complained to her ten minutes earlier about switching bunks and she said come back in two days.

    *She made me not only remove the sheets but the entire cardboard mattress myself when I asked to swap beds with one of the three girls who had checked out early.

    *I feel like homeless people slept better than I did. Day three I woke up in complete pain due to the cardboard that they passed off as a mattress.

    *The breakfast consists of Rice Krispies and bread. The jam and cheese was extremely delicious.

    *The bathrooms were said to be cleaned six times a day. The lie detector determined that was a lie. The sink was always dirty AND I was caught out there
    once with no toilet paper smh.

    *The showers on the main level towards the cells had this 40 second timer on. That was the cheapest shit ever.

    *The showers smell like mildew.


    *If you tape your phone to the wall you can get wifi in the room... Seriously though keep your phone closest to the wall and you'll occasionally pick up on it.

    *The wifi kept disconnecting and sometimes didn't want to connect at all.

    *I find the "wifi in common areas only" rule to be stupid. No one is socializing with one another so the point of having people using wifi with in those common areas to socialize was a dud. Actually if you're using wifi anywhere but the kitchen, chances are it's quiet enough to hear a pin drop. Time to rethink that one buddy.

    *It is kinda a hike from the tube but I didn't mind it. London is gorgeous. Walk, you lazy creatures.

    *The heifers that I stayed with from Italy didn't understand how rooming together worked. They left the doors open by expanding the lock instead of taking their key card causing outside noise to filter in and the door to bang every time the idiots walked in/out. Also one of the heifers would open the door late at night to have convos about absolutely nothing. Luckily I slept pretty late because we would've had a not so pleasant exchange of words at 2-3am. I'm a grump when woken out of my slumber.

    *Also the cleaning lady thought it wise to wedge the door wide open to clean the room. She conversed with another cleaning lady while doing so. I quickly jumped up to kick the wedge out and fully close it. I had a late night and wanted to sleep in beyond 8am.

    *They were doing construction on a new bathroom directly next door to my room the whole time I was there. Not once was this stated online, in my reservations or even in person. So of course that's more noise that filtered in.

    *The bar sucks. The area itself has a rule that if asked by police to stop drinking you must comply. Any rule outside of that belongs to Clink and Clink ONLY. Which means yes, you cannot drink within their hostel because they won't you to buy at the bar.

    *Finally, no one here is really as sociable as the company makes it seem.

    It's doable if you want to be close and meet new people but YOU have to reach out to others. This one girl said that I was friendly. Said one person, ever. That's how you know it's not as chummy as they make it seem. I'm a nice person, don't get me wrong but I don't really open up to people so early on. I basically introduced myself and asked a few questions and was told this. So... yeah. I don't think I would stay here again but it was cool for what it was. The lady with the blond hair behind the desk was nice and helpful. Dassit

  • 4.0 star rating

    Easy checkin. Great location and the price is according to that. Friendly staff. Quite safe and clean. Complementary breakfast. But Wi-fi is extremely slow, which I suppose is mandatory for tourists or visitors in a place like London. Good Privacy even in 16 bed dorms.

  • 1.0 star rating
    11 check-ins

    This is a party hostel with a bar in the basement. Don't stay there unless that is your scene.

    - people yelling in the halls on the way out to drink and arriving back from drinking
    - people spilling out of the bar after fistfights or arguments
    - strange smell on the basement level, perhaps coming from the keg room
    - Internet is not available in the rooms
    - Internet isn't free
    - private rooms are very tiny
    - breakfast is instant coffee, toast, cereal and juice

    - staff are friendly

  • 4.0 star rating

    There aren't many hostels that I would go back to but clink is one of them. I came here 3 years ago and it was my first hostel experience and I loved it. The staff was friendly and helpful. The rooms were just what I expected. The basement bar area is a lot of fun any night of the week with great drink prices. We got to meet a lot of diverse people and had a great time. I will definitely come back here on my next trip to London.

    Only down side is how far from the center it is. But close to the train station if you have an early morning departure.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Pretty much par for the course for a large hostel in a major city.  I partly agree with the 1st reviewer (please read her review to compare), so here's my version of her review, with my revisions in [brackets].

    What a [mediocre] place to stay!  The bar is a lot of fun [if you're a silly 18yr old who really believes that Fosters is Australian for 'Beer' and is outside his/her parents' care for the first time], the people who come through here tend to be young and [obnoxious], the staff is friendly, and the price is [rather average].  It's centrally-located and is a short walk from King's Cross [and St. Pancras International] Station[s as well as SOAS, plenty of cheap eats, random pubs, Islington High Street, etc.].  The building is a renovated Victorian courthouse [...].  My only peeve is the lack of free wireless internet [actually, the wireless is pretty inexpensive--£1 for 30 minutes, in 30 minute increments, but I will truly gripe about the exceptionally dirty bedsheets, the out of order toilet, the fact that when anyone on your floor shuts the door, the walls shake].

  • 4.0 star rating

    Clink Hostel is a very unique hostel in an excellent location in London. This location (Clink 78) is super convenient to King's Cross station and has the added advantage to being a historic courthouse where The Clash were on trial and where Charles Dickens was inspired to write "Oliver Twist." While everything has been remodeled the courtroom and the original cells downstairs are left pretty much in their original state, which is really neat.

    When I was at Clink Hostel we shared a 10 person room which was a spacious room with open windows, five sets of bunk beds, and hooks for towels and jackets. Our room had a toilet and sink right outside the door, and showers were available down the hall. The internet room is actually inside the original courthouse so you can sit in the judge's seat while you check your email. They also have a luggage room downstairs where you can leave your bags in a giant unorganized heap if you're checking out but not leaving London until the afternoon/evening (my luggage was still there in the evening so despite how it looks this system seems fairly safe).

    The other advantage of this hostel is that it's huge to the point of being almost maze-like, but it's also very communal and fosters a kind of friendly meeting place for travelers. Whether it's the Welsh guy sharing your room or throngs of fellow travelers sitting on the front steps of the hostel, you're bound to strike up a conversation with someone. They served free breakfast in the eating area downstairs which was your standard milk, cereal, juice, toast setup with shared-style tables and benches. At night they have a bar area where you can have drinks, listen to loud music, meet fellow travelers, and dance. This bar caused me to have a semi-hazy memory of Clink Hostel, but all in all this is a nice place to stay for cheap in a great location in London.

  • 4.0 star rating

    If you're a college student who loves to party, I recommend this place because they have "beer pong" nights on Wednesdays and a slew of other drinking/dancing-related activities for you to meet other young adult travelers.

    Anyway, I stayed only one day on my last day in London, so I thought for the time I was there, it wasn't too shabby. But if I were to stay any longer, I would have gone a little nuts.

    I stayed in the cheapest hostel room with 12 beds, a.k.a six bunk beds piled in like sardines. Partitions divide each person's bed, but it really feels like you're sleeping very close to the person. Minus the wall. I felt like the person next to me was coughing in my ear. With everyone's luggage and things lining the other side of the wall, there is just one walking path to your bed and the door. There are some storage boxes below the beds, so bring a padlock. Keep in mind the rooms are not single sex, although there are separate bathrooms.

    If you're coming through earlier than 2:30 p.m., which is their check-in time, you can store your luggage in the dingy luggage room. I was expecting it to be a little more secure-looking, but nope, just a bunch of  shelves and luggage. However, there are cameras so don't freak out too much about your things getting stolen.

    I like that they have a kitchen so you don't have to eat out all the time and can buy stuff at the market to cook for later. They also serve free breakfast!

    I had an absolute blast on my last night in London, primarily because I met some very lovely people from Basque and India whom I shared a few pints of Guinness with followed by dance battles to Shakira.

  • 4.0 star rating

    After arriving in London and walking in the pouring rain after taking the tube, the Clink was surely a sight for sore eyes. I checked in with no worries in a mixed dorm. They usually put females on top bunks which they did with me. After inspecting the lock to my bed locker and finding it broken, I went to reception to request a new one. They put me in another bed and everything was good.

    It's super close to the tube and within walking distance to convenience stores and restaurants. They also offer free internet time if you find and book online for your stay. Otherwise you pay for wi-fi and computer use. Decent size dining area in the basement, offer movies, and the courtroom on the main floor was transformed into the computer area. Pretty frickin cool if you ask me. Bathrooms are clean.

  • 1.0 star rating
    3 check-ins

    If you are under the age of 25  and always wanted to experience what it would be like to live in a dorm or frat house then this is the place for you! If you are over the age of 25 and enjoy a good night's sleep then avoid this place at all costs and spend a bit more money to stay at a hotel.

  • 3.0 star rating
    Listed in London Things

    If you are looking for a cheap place to stay in London, The Clink Hostel is a good option.  It's not glamorous, but it does have some advantages.

    The place is huge, so there is a lot of availability and rooming options.  I stayed in a mixed dormitory and thought the setup was really good - beds are bunked but there are partitions between them so it's not like you are sleeping directly next to someone else.  There are lockers and I would definitely bring a lock to store day packs and any other valuables you may have.  Large luggage storage is available as well.

    The public bathrooms are CRAZY small (and I am a petite girl), can be a bit tough to get into.  There are a lot of them though.

    The Clink offers a lot to its guests.  Bar parties with cheap drinks, an internet cafe, a little shop and daily tours, which is nice.  The communal kitchen area is minimal but the breakfast is free continental (toast, cereal, coffee, etc).  You can definitely make friends easily here.

    A big benefit is its location.  You can easily walk from Kings Cross Tube/rail station or you can take a bus from the station that drops you off right in front of the hostel.  It is definitely super convenient and if you are the kind of person who spends most of their time out of their hostel, The Clink is a great place to stay.

  • 5.0 star rating
    First to Review
    Listed in A Traveller's Log

    What a great place to stay! The bar is a lot of fun, the people who come through here tend to be young and interesting, the staff is friendly, and the price is better than right. It's centrally-located and is a short walk from King's Cross Station. The building is a renovated Victorian courthouse, too, which gives it character. My only peeve is the lack of free wireless internet, but then again, who gives away Internet for free in London anyway?

  • 3.0 star rating

    well this hostel is ok. the rooms are clean, even though the breakfast is not overwelming but ok. (long waiting time to get something to eat.) the staff is polite and helpful.
    king's cross station is about 5-10 minutes away, so it's pretty central.
    this hostel is okay if you stay just over one or two nights and be gone the rest of the day for sightseeing...

    • Qype User lisalo…
    • Lille, France
    • 6 friends
    • 10 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    This hostel is very welcoming. You are welcomed by a staff speaking different languages. You will not be disappointed with the hygiene of the premises. The small downside is that the rooms are smaller than 4 since they are dormitories, but the rooms are very user friendly 12. The proximity to the subway station is a real asset. Ideal for a trip with friends or a group of students.

    • Qype User Flicke…
    • Liverpool, Merseyside
    • 58 friends
    • 98 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    I found this newly opened hostel while conducting a Google search for cheap London hostels. Not only was it cheap, but it was novel, and upon inspecting its website, I realised this place looks really cool.

    Booking online via the site directly is not so easy; if you have a Maestro card, you have to ring up because they only accept Visa or Mastercard on the website. You can also book through travelstay.com but they add a fee. It was easy enough on the phone, and my bed was secured.

    One thing I should warn people is that it is mixed sex dorms on offer. However, if you're a family, travelling with children under 16, it is compulsory for you to book an entire dorm (which ranges from 4 beds to 16). I had never been in a mixed dorm before so I went for a 6 bed, at a cost of £25 a night.

    It turned out to be only me and a man in there but I felt safe enough. I bought a padlock at reception to secure my possessions in the lockers under the bunks. The rooms are simple enough but also clean and safe, and comfortable.

    Although it is centrally located; near Kings Cross, even though I had only moved out of London 5 months ago after living there 22 years, I found it very hard to find, to be honest. So definitely remember to print out a map (I didn't!)

    There are 2 old court rooms still intact which as a history buff (and rock and roll fan; the Clash were tried here), I loved. One is a TV room and the other is an internet cafe (I think it's £1 for 30 mins but I took my laptop). There is no Wifi either, but I had my internet dongle so was fine. I loved sitting in the Judges chair and reading the old signs on the wall; eg banning photography, so of course I took a photo of it

    Breakfast was a let down. I am allergic to wheat and dairy and they only offer cereal and bread. No fruit, no fruit juice, no soya milk. So I went without. YHA are cheaper to stay at and have full cooked breakfasts as well as juice, so I was disappointed here.
    There is a communal area you can prepare your own so next time I will bring some supplies.

    Yes, there will be a next time.I plan to stay again in a private room which used to be a cellhow cool is that!!

  • 3.0 star rating

    If nothing else, this hostel is extremely convenient to getting around London.  It's proximity to the King's Cross Tube station and King's Cross rail station is perfect for making your way around the city. However, when I booked the hostel, the site said there were lockers in the room.  These lockers are extremely small, only being big enough to hold some toiletries and personal items you want to keep locked up overnight. You have to have your own lock for them though.  Also the room I booked was supposed to be women only and it most assuredly was not only women in my room.  In fact it seemed like I was the only girl in the room the whole week I stayed there. There is a free breakfast every morning. The juice is terrible though but there is toast, jam and several cereals to choose from.  The bar that takes over at night in the same area as the breakfast is served has good music and cheap drinks and is a good place to meet people to hang out with the next day.  The internet in the hostel works but is always asking for more money, even though you are supposed to be able to access it for 24 hours unlimited.  The manager there though is very helpful and they will help you to fix the internet when you have to make it work everyday.  The lockers are large enough to hold a big back but if you get the largest size it's 3 pounds every 24 hours so the amount adds up fast between the lockers and the internet charges.  It's very clean though and the beds are generally very private.  Great if you go with friends and you know everyone in your room cause there is plenty of space to keep your bag in the room.

    • Qype User bionen…
    • Bilbao, Spain
    • 4 friends
    • 28 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    It's a budget hostel reccomended for young people. Comfortable bunk beds. Toilets were clean and showers too. You will meet people fron all over the world. Downstairs it's got a bar where you can enjoy some drinks.

    • Qype User her…
    • Valencia de Alcántara, Spain
    • 0 friends
    • 13 reviews
    2.0 star rating

    Small rooms with 8 beds in it were horrible. Dirty blanket, but was changed nicely and quickly. No big toilets, only small one person ones. Eating room was again very small. The staff was nice, that's why I rate 2 stars. Really can't recommend this place. Maybe only because it was cheap.

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