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  • 5.0 star rating

    Claridges for late afternoon drinks is itself the definition of fun.  The hotel, I'd rate differently (old style, low tech and go see my Trip Advisor rating).  

    Late afternoon drinks, is to see a wash of money coming in and out from around the World.  Staff is gracious to the point where if your host is taking another call, Staff will discreetly offer you another serving of Champagne or engage you in silly banter so you are distracted.

    I have lost many afternoons there.

    The night scene is altogether different.  There are other places and in fact, gets a bit sordid.

    But somewhere between 4 -7pm, Claridges will always own my drink.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    No better treat than breakfast at a good old-fashioned five star hotel, even if it is for a business do.  It's just great to be exposed to really great service, so subtle you barely know it's there, no request is too much of an ask.  

    And all in the most beautiful surroundings.  Somehow all hotels of this heritage and price range look a bit the same, as if you walk onto the set of an episode of an Agatha Christie story.  Claridge's is particularly stunning with its art nouveau features.

    The breakfast buffet was arranged beautifully and every item looked delicious.  I only tasted the fresh fruit and Danish pastries, but even those simple items were just that little bit more perfect.  I love the idea of afternoon tea here and hope to return soon.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Another place you should put on you bucket list but one you may not return to a million times.

    Typical old British restaurant. This is an establishment and if you want to taste how the other half live, come and be waited on here.  I've been a few times with friends and more formal occasions - every time a steady performance.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I was lucky enough to break up a rather mundane work week with a breakfast meeting here in one of the swish private dining rooms on the sixth floor. A few sideways sneak peeks along the corridors confirmed they have a whole range of different sized event rooms available, all with an elegantly cosy art-deco type look.

    As a visitor, the service means you literally don't have to lift a finger - not even to press the button for your floor as the gentleman in the lift will take care of that for you, whilst you take a brief time-out on the oddly sexy sofas in the lifts too! Your coat is then helpfully tucked away in the kind of oversized ornate wardrobe you well might dream of having one day. It definitely makes you feel special, and who doesn't like that?!

    The breakfast spread of fruit and pastries was also a delight, particularly if like me you get an inexplicable amount of pleasure out of baby pots of marmalade and pretty crockery. My inescapable clumsy moment struck as I accidentally sat in front of a table leg and shook the whole thing, but I'm going to claim the tablecloth was too long (floor-length!) for me to spot this.

    As an event space it defo makes for a warm atmosphere, and colourful antidote to the usual sterile City office alternatives, though err my concentration on the meeting agenda may have wavered when the plate of danishes started calling to me... hopefully the guy next to me didn't judge me for having seconds!

  • 1.0 star rating

    3 WORDS...GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL!!  This property's best years were years and years ago. My go to hotel in Mayfair is The Connaught, a sister property of Claridges.  The Connaught was completely booked and I thought, "It's a sister property, storied history and reputation, how bad could it be?"  The better question would have been, "How wrong could I be in making that assumption?"  Claridges is quite literally the Grand Budapest Hotel.  It is in desperate need of a COMPLETE renovation.  The first room that I was given was a replica of the Lincoln Bedroom at the White House or a room from the hotel in film The Shining!  Everything about it from the furnishings to the carpet to the bathroom were completely rundown, worn out and threadbare. But the bathroom is what drove me over the edge.  It had the worst lighting I've EVER had in a hotel of zero-five stars!  There were 4 tiny LED recessed lights and NOT ONE OF THE LIGHTS was above the mirror.  Are you kidding me??  Why bother having a mirror in the bathroom if you don't provide adequate lighting?  Next, the faucet was so far recessed against the sink bowl that I literally couldn't rinse my toothbrush without it brushing against the overflow hole (yes, that one...the filthy one) against the back of the sink. The final straw was no NO no counter space for toiletries. My room isn't in ANY of the online photos on their website.  I requested a room change only to be informed that they were completely sold out and had no other rooms to transfer me into.  

    After a 10 hr flight, 2hrs in the customs queue due to software computer issues and a 30 min wait in the hotel exec lounge while my room was being "prepared," I was at my wits-end!  I insisted on speaking with a manager and told him that I was prepared to leave the hotel if my room wasn't changed.  I called The Connaught and exhaustingly explained my plight and pleaded with them to find me a cupboard or linen closet because even those are elegant and beautiful at The Connaught.  I'm pretty certain the manager from The Connaught called the manager at Claridges because shortly after my SOS call to The Connaught, Claridges magically found a room for me.  The new room was still "old", literally next to the elevator and staircase, but it was clean and I could see myself in the bathroom mirror.  My room was $650US p/night and it is sad to say that I was reduced to being grateful and accepting of a room that was simply clean and well lit.  RIDICULOUS!! But I was grateful UNTIL I took my first shower and had to lift my leg up and over the side of the tub that was literally like mounting a horse...and there was no safety bar-not sure how someone 60+ could manage to get in and out of this shower.  The water in the shower didn't drain quickly enough so I ended up with dirty feet (up to my ankles!!) after each shower and had to hand wash my ankles and feet.   RIDICULOUS!! This might be acceptable or expected at Claridges in INDIA but not in MAYFAIR!

    On day 3 of my stay, I couldn't find my jacket and pants...I searched my luggage high and low-couldn't find them!  Don't ask me why, but something said, check the drawers in the closet.  There were 2 small drawers in a VERY old stand in the closet and the housekeeper had taken it upon herself to place my garments in the drawer of the stand.  Are you kidding me??  Hanging a coat is one thing but placing my garments into the stand crossed the line.  The drawer was dusty and lined with suede that was stained and worn. It also smelled like Macklemore's Thrift Shop. Why would I want my clothing in a dirty musty drawer??  

    The only highlight of my stay at this hotel was the elevator man for the express elevator, Jay.  I am African-American and EVERYONE at the hotel except the Concierge and Jay looked at me as though I was a stow-away.  Who stows away on the friggin Andrea Doria??  I went down to the bar on 3 occasions and asked for a simple glass of ice and was given that look that the shopkeepers in Pretty Woman gave Julia Roberts, quickly followed with "Are YOU are a guest at the hotel?"  To which I patiently answered, "Of course," only to followed with, "What is your room number and name?"  Are you serious??  You need my room number and name for a glass of friggin' ice??  Back to Jay, he was the only friendly face that I saw every day. Thank you Jay!!

    I WILL NEVER AGAIN STAY AT CLARIDGES. DO NOT EVER STAY AT CLARIDGES!!  Book The Connaught and if they have no rooms available, try The Berkeley, BUT DO NOT EVER STAY AT CLARIDGES. COMPLETELY OVERRATED overpriced behemoth whose best years were a quarter-century ago...and that is being generous.

  • 5.0 star rating
    Listed in Afternoon Tea

    I know and love my Afternoon Teas but had never before 'done' Claridges so back in December my 2 friends and decided to treat ourselves & book it as we were all very keen. Unfortunately there was such a long waiting list that our Christmas treat turned into our birthday one and we went yesterday!  It was definitely well worth the wait though, you couldn't fault the friendly, attentive & down to earth service at all.  You were made to feel special and not all looked down upon and even warned that you could get extra sandwiches and take your cakes home if you felt too full to finish them - how good is that?! I have never been told this at Afternoon Tea and we thought it was superb!

    Everything about Claridges is an experience from the fancy entrance to the loos (though in the ladies' cubicles you can't swing a cat in there!) to the beautiful Art Deco decor in the conservatory and dining area where you have your high tea. Also the beautiful china in the infamous green and white stripe design and the extensive menu. Not to mention the nice calm atmosphere uplifted by the pianist who when we were leaving was accompanied by a cellist. Your time there particularly due to the delicious & extensive menu and impeccable service is fabulous and you find yourself already planning your return trip!

    Whilst writing this review I've just finished my cakes that I brought home and they were delicious - a apple and raisin scone, Dundee cake and a plum frangipani tart. Divine!

    Would highly recommend a visit to Claridges particularly if you are celebrating a special occasion as you will come away with wonderful memories and possibly a doggy bag of treats & oh yes of chocolates that they present you on leaving. Just ensure you go there hungry!

    Most convenient tube is Bond St and then a short walk behind on Brook Street.

  • 4.0 star rating

    After googling and yelping for places for high tea, we decided to make a reservation at Claridge's.  We weren't sure if we would be able to snag a table, but thankfully we were able to.  Claridge's was lovely.  It's beautiful in the foyer, I loved the coffered ceilings and the Chihuly piece hanging from the ceiling. I loved the tea pot and cups with the minty green and white stripes.  It seems like most people didn't care for the piano playing, but I liked it.  It was nice to have some background noise.  For the longest time, it seemed like we were the youngest in the room and some people were even turned away.

    The staff there is very friendly and helpful.  They were happy to explain to us about the teas and the food.

    The tea selection was amazing.  So many teas.  And then came the tea sandwiches.  That were never ending.  Best part.  They had five different ones and you could literally have as many as you wanted.  Then the scones came.  Why did I fill myself up on sandwiches??  The raisin scones came along side of clotted cream and Marco Polo jam.  I only had one scone and regretted not eating the second one.  The Marco Polo jam was fantastic.  I didn't know if we could buy it at Claridge's...but we got back to the flat and saw that we could order it.  Yay!  8 pounds for the jam, 25 pounds to ship.  Nay.  But!  They sell it at Selfridge's.  YAY!  For the dessert course - pretty petit fours, but nothing to rave about.  I love that they refill your tea and bring you back a fresh pot.  Next time I'm in London, I'll be back.  Just for the sandwiches.  And the scones.  And the tea.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I know this is supposed to be "the" place to have high tea, but honestly, I didn't think it was all that. A dear friend who lives in London met me here for high tea and he knew I wasn't feeling it. We had a good laugh about it, about how the high teas were seemingly better in Asia than the one we had here mainly because there is more selection in Asia.

    This is one of those 'old' hotels which has a long standing history, so if you don't like classic old style hotels this isn't for you.

  • 5.0 star rating
    8 check-ins

    I always wanted to stay at Claridges but it seemed unlikely.  Then I looked at my company's travel intranet site and saw that we have a great rate there, so I booked a room for my latest trip to London.  What a great experience!

    First, the service was unexpectedly warm and personal.  The woman at the front desk when I checked in just before midnight on a Thursday could not have been more efficient and welcoming.  She personally saw me up to my room and offered to have a glass of champagne sent up free of charge.  Why, yes, thank you!

    I ordered a grilled ham and cheese sandwich and a fresh berry plate from room service, which not only came promptly, but were extraordinarily good and again the service was warm and gracious.  They don't even ask you to sign anything - it appears on the final bill when you check out.

    The room was traditional and spotless.  The bathroom was dazzling - all white marble with a big tub and glass shower half-screen that did not allow water to flood the room.  Big rainforest shower head with strong pressure, too.  Nice toiletries and even a bidet.

    The concierge was friendly and helpful and checkout was a breeze.  The location is great - the Bond Street tube is a few minutes walk from the hotel.  Cannot wait to return next year.  This place really lived up to its reputation, but with far warmer service than was expected!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Perfect afternoon tea!

    I went with my Mum, who is emphatically not a tea drinker, but wanted the Claridges experience - the Art Deco surrounds, potted palms, hushed luxury, etc.  She went for the Champagne option; I had a lovely lapsang souchong, chosen from a very extensive tea list.

    Everything was absolutely perfect!

    The sandwiches were a bit beyond ordinary finger sandwiches - the fillings a bit more decadent, and with bread varying from dark rye to white.  

    We had a couple of rounds of these, as they were really delicious.  Next, came the scones with clotted cream and Marco Polo jam.  Uggggggggggg.  I DIE.  The BEST scones and cream I have EVER had!  I was dreaming about the cream for weeks.  Thick, rich, almost gummy (in a good way); I haven't tasted its parallel since.  I don't know if the jam is infused with Mariage Freres' Marco Polo tea, or what, but it was totally, fragrantly and flagrantly delicious.

    The desserts weren't just your usual slices of cake - they were five-star-restaurant style desserts, but in ADORABLE miniature.  So cute!  So edible!  Why did I eat so many sandwiches?!  I don't know!  O, tragedy!

    Mum still got to have a pot of (herbal) tea once she'd had her glass (or two) or bubbly, which was a nice touch.  

    The one bum note was the awful pianist playing pop tunes.  Billy Jean?  Boyzone?  Really?

    Come here on a rainy day (it would be useless on a sunny day, as it's an internal room).  Bring someone you really love, starve yourself beforehand, and say YES when the waiter offers you refills again and again and again.  

    Worth every penny.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I turned 18 in London (I was living in upstate NY at the time). I went on this trip with a friend. Claridges was my favorite place. We stayed at a hostel and didn't pack much. Before we left we made sure to book high tea at Claridges.

    We showed up on the afternoon or the reservation. I was wearing an old take top and jeans, my hair was in pigtails since I didn't have a hair dryer. My friend hadn't even showered and was in cargo pants and a t-shirt. We immediately felt out of place. When we told the host we had reservations he looked at us and told us to hold on for a second. We had a bad feeling.

    He came back, smiled at us, and said follow him. He took us to a corner table and gave us the tea menu, smiled again at us, told us to have fun and left. The service was great, the tea was great and so were the snacks. The staff couldn't have been nicer to us.

    I'll never forget how nice they were to two American teenagers who were so out of place. They could have easily turned us away but instead they were extra nice to us. It was a great experience! I'll go back one day, and this time dress properly.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Biggest splurge of our England excursion had to be High Tea at Claridges.

    For my parents' 51st Wedding Anniversary, I took them to England for a 2-week mini tour. As the perfect ending to a wonderful 2-weeks, reservations at Claridges seemed most appropriate

    Chilly, wet outside was promptly left behind to the warm, toasty fireside of the lobby to await our appointed sitting. Nice piano music playing, luxury cars pulling up to offload armfulls of holiday shoppers' Harrods bags & we knew we were in the shnizz

    There is a lovely Chihuly piece hanging down from the ceiling as you enter the front room & the motif is a minty-green & off-white - made us feel decadent & dainty all at the same time

    Everyone got to order their own tea which was nice, given we all had different tastes. Little finger-sandwiches were brought out & at first we're like, gee, this is it? But NO - this was just the 1st course.....

    As many sandwiches as we could have eaten (although for the 3 of us, 1 plate was enough) then came the really yummy part....the cake & scone plate.

    Decadent Cakes, Cookies & Tarts sat along Scones w/ Jam & Clotted Cream....it was too much to take! Visually filling just as much as it was to our tummies

    At the end of our wonderful visit, we were given little tins of Claridges Special Tea to bring back w/ us as a fond remembrance of our High Tea occasion

  • 5.0 star rating

    The best afternoon tea experience ever! Such a beautiful place, and great service. They don't rush you at all and the food is delicious! I've heard of other places more expensive places limiting the time of each sitting, but we spent over two hours here and had numerous helpings of everything, and at the end we were given goodie bags with our leftover cakes and little tins of tea to take home to boot!

    If I find a better place for afternoon tea, Yelp are going to have to add a sixth star.

  • 3.0 star rating

    A very classy place most suitable for wealthy tourists and businesspeople. The menu of bar snacks reflects the type of clientele they are looking to attract, with a few indecipherable items best left to the champagne set. If you have to ask, you are probably not the right class of person to be eating whatever it is. At least that is the impression I was given.

    I have only ever been here as the guest of someone else so the prices did not affect me. Given the choice however I would rather spend my money somewhere else. If you are going for the experience plump for tea at Claridges instead. You will need to book, but it is a far more eccentrically English experience than the bar, the equivalent of which you could probably find in any major international city.

  • 4.0 star rating

    My friend was staying at Claridges and ever since I visited her there, I have never forgotten the Art Deco ambiance, fluffy pillows and lavender scented rooms. Yes, this is the type of hotel whereby only the wealthy or business class will stay, but it definitely has to be visited if only for a drink at the bar.

    I had tea in the tearoom with my friend and was delighted at the sight of a pianist playing some lovely songs which epitomises that upper class feel - like in the old fashioned English films. Luckily the tea and cake was courtesy of my friend's expenses otherwise I perhaps would have not found the experience so dreamlike and uplifting.

    To be honest, even if I had a few pennies saved, I probably wouldn't choose to spend them here as it does have a rather posh hotel-esque atmosphere and you have to keep your conversations low key and quiet as everybody is terribly quaint. Worth the experience however.

  • 1.0 star rating

    Claridge's is supposed the be thee hotel in London and its bar is certainly up to the standard people put the hotel at. Claridge's Bar is a charming art deco-style nook in high end, top class, Mayfair. The bar offers access to a selection of the finest champagne, cocktails and cigars in one of the capital's most sophisticated settings. Martini's go for around £11.50 which is quite pricey for me but taking into account the area the bar is in, what can you expect. The bar also stocks an impressive range of vintage and rare alcohol, along with plenty of champagne. The bar also has a tasty food menu which is available from noon to 11pm. With choices including lobster sandwiches, sushi and warm roast lamb, once again at the more costly end of things.

    Not my cup of tea to be honest it is all a bit snooty for me to relax in, although the staff are very friendly, unless your a 50 year old business man then you will not appreciate this place at all...

  • 4.0 star rating

    As an American in London, might as well celebrate Thanksgiving with afternoon tea in The Foyer of Claridge's.

    Definitely better food here than the Savoy, though I liked my tea better at the Savoy. I also liked that they obliged us here and served all 3 courses at once, so my daughter could enjoy sweets and scones while I focused on the savories. (Wish I had asked the same at the Savoy.)

    They gave a wink and a nod to our American Thanksgiving with a special turkey sandwich, pumpkin scones, and pecan mini pies. The sandwich selection was salmon, cucumber, egg salad, turkey, and ham. Again, somewhat bland across the board, but slightly better than Savoy. The scones were pumpkin and blueberry served with clotted cream and an unusual jam that I don't remember what they said it was. Desserts were a parfait (I wanted more but was too full...but so good!), beautiful chocolate somethings (my daughter had several), and pecan pies. The desserts here far out-tasted the ones at the Savoy and looked so much more appealing.

    Gorgeous setting, but I wasn't thrilled that we had to sit right beside the hostess pedestal. Very close to 5 stars. They sent us home with a small box of 2 truffles to wish us a Happy Thanksgiving. That was classy and memorable. If I had to pick between the two, I think I now like Claridge's a bit more than Savoy. Next time, I will try Brown's.

    Pinkies up!

    • Qype User hayjan…
    • London
    • 63 friends
    • 152 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Looking for the ultimate afternoon tea experience? You've found it. There are afternoon teas, and there are Afternoon Teas, and Claridges definitely deserves the capitalisation treatment.

    It's the epitome of luxu-tea. You are waited on hand and foot and you never want to (tea) leave(s). Pouring your own tea is unheard of here, and the servers are constantly on hand to ensure your dainty cup is never empty.

    The sandwiches and cakes are magnificent, but what really blew me away were the scones, which were baked to crumbly perfection. The clotted cream was like heaven in a pot, and the posh preserves were the tastiest jams I'd ever put into my mouth. Yum yum YUM. And you get a little tin of tea to take away with you as a souvenir.

    Obligatary toilet comment: THERE'S A LADY IN THERE WHO TURNS THE TAPS ON FOR YOU AND HANDS YOU A TOWEL. The things she must have seen...

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    After a busy morning enjoying some well earned retail therapy, what better way to relax by having tea at Claridges.  They are very attentive and the sandwiches are so moorish, as are the scones and cakes. The raspberry and rose macaroons are great, as is the lemon posset. What I also liked is that you aren't rushed. When enquiring as to where the bar is, you get escorted not directed. This is a thoroughly good way to spend and afternoon of indulgence.

  • 5.0 star rating
    First to Review

    Well this is the best place ive ever had lunch and the most exspensive at around £200 for 2 for lunch.
    I must say ive never been so waited on as there is one for everythingfrom bread to wine.
    The room itself is amazing art deco and some of the most wonderful flowers ever,the place was packed mid week and i know why.
    We had 3 course's and the staff knew everything about the food even my lamb's mum's name such was there knowlegde.
    The best bit was of course the pudding.the famous chocolate triothree mini puds all on one platei finished every last bit..rude not too.
    I would love to go again and this place really does live up to the hype.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Used the ballroom for a special event, and though filled to capacity, it was all done very well. A minor slip up was the Canape's did not make it across the packed reception room, but that was the only fault.
    The dinner menu was 'simple' but absolutely first class. Who says you can't do mass catering to the highest standard.

  • 4.0 star rating

    What a great hotel.  If you can afford it or your company is picking up the tab, try and stay here.  

    Location: Right in Mayfair.  Very posh area close to what I would call the 5th avenue of London.  Tube stop is 5 minute walk away and the park is a 10 minute walk away!  Truly perfect location.

    Service: Very warm and friendly.  Maybe a little bit too friendly.  They are constantly knocking and checking to make sure you are ok.  I loved it at first, but it became a little bit irritating by the time we were meant to leave.

    Food / Drinks: Loved the bar and the food was great compared to all of the other London food I had (sorry London, your food blows compared to NYC, hence the substandard grading system).

    Room: Very spacious and beautiful.  Bathroom was gorgeous with a rain shower head.  TV was a bit on the small side considering the size of the room, but that turned out to be for the best (we didn't watch tv!).  Only issue I had was that the faucets were weird and you could not really wash your hands easily.  

    In the end, would I stay here again, you better believe it.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Walking in it was almost like seeing The Ritz all over again. Afternoon tea at Claridges has a fairly similar set up to most afternoon teas.

    We were taken to a room off to the side of the main room where the decor was much darker. Both rooms were equally full with patrons and I guess thats to do with the fact that Afternoon Tea is offered only once daily where The Ritz offered five sittings a day.

    The tea menu offerred a variety of black, green, and herbal teas plus coffee. I tried two sorts of tea including a green tea which had a very strong taste of popcorn and a black tea that tasted of cinammon.

    The food consisted of finger sandwiches (pretty much the same as what I had at the Ritz: Smoked Salmon, Egg Mayonnaise with Cress, Ham, Chicken and Cucumber with Cream Cheese), desserts (much better variety than the Ritz) and Scones with Devonshire Clotted Cream and preserve. All very good and all very tasty.

    The Claridges experience was a lot of fun even though I felt like a fish out of water amongst all that finery!

    • Qype User logorr…
    • Redhill, Surrey
    • 45 friends
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    5.0 star rating

    Claridge's totally lived up to the high expectations and high cost when I stayed here for one blissful night recently.

    The service was excellent from the off, with complimentary champagne on arrival and free pre-dinner cocktails. Oh, and a free room upgrade.

    The room was as luxurious as you'd expect, and quite a lot bigger than I'd come to expect from central London hotels. While it wasn't quite a suite, there was a separate dressing room and opulent bathroom.

    Parking here is pretty easy to find, by the way, and free on Saturday nights and all of Sunday, so if you don't want to slum it back on public transport after your stay, it's easy enough to take the car.

    Combine a stay here with dinner at Gordon Ramsay at Claridge's, and you can't fail to have a really special time.

    • Qype User Hampst…
    • London
    • 16 friends
    • 193 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    The drinks in here are pricey but tasty. The bar staff are also very friendly and great at new recommendations.

    It is of course a landmark and touristy but if in the Mayfair area is still a great place for a cocktail before hitting other places.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Tea at Claridges!

    Definitely a pricy undertaking, but oh so worth it! We adored it.

    First of all, while I am not a tea snob, my boyfriend is and we both agreed that the tea was delicious. We also opted for Champagner along with the tea...who knew those two can go together like that..;)

    Most importantly: The cucumber sandwiches were yummy and the scones with clotted cream and Claridges own jam were heavenly. I still talk about them and I wish I could have managed to eat more of them :)

    A real experience with wonderful piano music and great service. Would recommend...definitely a place you wouldn't want to wear flip flops and torn jeans to...Jeans yes, but nice ones ;)

    • Qype User kas7…
    • Dublin, Republic of Ireland
    • 10 friends
    • 149 reviews
    4.0 star rating

    Minor celebs, gourmet food and a very fairly priced set menu made this a great eating experience. Gordon's skill at the oven is beyond doubt outstanding because every dish my group ordered was spectacular. Very well cooked indeed.

    I tried the lamb and it was cooked to perfection, did not find the watercress salty at all so i think one of the posters above must have picked a bad day to go! I had the mini puds to finish and it was amazing.

    It was expensive at £240 for 2 of us but it was a special occasion.. and when the food is out of this world, why not?

    If you are looking for a one off special treat then i would very much recommend eating here. Remember to book ahead!

    • Qype User magdal…
    • Newbury, West Berkshire
    • 5 friends
    • 18 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    We visit this hotel every year for afternoon tea. We have Lawn Tennis Tea, and just revel in the beauty of the surroundings. It is art deco splendour - with a Dale Chihuly sculpture to top it all off.
    There is always music playing (musicians playing), and they are brilliant with babies and toddlers.

    • Qype User seebs1…
    • London
    • 2 friends
    • 7 reviews
    3.0 star rating

    Walking into the foyer at the hotel it's easy to
    see why Claridge's is regarded as one of the best hotels in London. I visited
    the bar with four other friends for a drink before heading to a nearby club. It's
    not the best of places to go just before a night out but thought it would be a
    nice treat.

    The bar itself is beautifully decorated  a very
    classy space. As expected, the place was rather formal, really quite and very
    expensive. The clientele consisted mainly of older guests at the hotel yet the
    service was impeccable. Of course, being a high end hotel in Mayfair the drinks
    aren't going to be cheap. My St Benedict, at £16, was lovely and the bar snacks
    brought to our table is a nice touch.

    I'm really glad to have visited the bar at
    Claridge's, but I don't think I'll be going back any time soon. London has so
    many bars in beautiful setting with better atmospheres. I would probably
    recommend popping in for drinks a special occasion with an older relative who
    wouldn't be comfortable in a noisier place  that is, if they're paying.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Claridges is my absolute favourite hotel in London. It has a stunning art deco interior that really makes you feel straight out of an Evelyn Waugh novel although it's not some sad old stuck in the past institution. Indeed it is one of the trendiest places in London to come for a cocktail and is not a stuffy affair. Although there is a dress code and smartness is essential this could not be a less pompous place.

    My favourite thing at Claridges is tea. Served on chic green and white striped crockery, in the large but intimate feeling tea-room complete with pianist (although I would book a table in the other room as a waft of piano is far more pleasant than a blast), a nice mix of people, from families there for a special occasion - usually complete with younger brother looking somewhat constricted in shirt and tie - to office women on an afternoon's skiving, to rich tourists take tea here. As many sandwiches as you can eat are followed by scones and then little cakes all delicate, pretty and so delicious. The service is wonderful and seamless, I'm always impressed with how the waiters remember who's ordered which tea and you can linger over round after round of finger sandwiches. They are also more than happy to give you a doggy bag if you can't quite finish your cakes. Truly a perfect London experience.

  • 4.0 star rating
    Listed in London - Best Bars

    Cool bar in a v cool hotel.  Love the ambiance, the decor and the drinks.  Great martini's made extra dry, love the spray vermouth.  Lots of seats but the old rich face lift brigade seem toi getb them first.  Anyway if you get a seat enjoy the drinks, view and the moreish snacks in a very classy bar.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Truly the best of the best of London hotels.  I've stayed at other places that I really like but Claridges ranks tops with me.  

    The decor of the rooms is elegant yet comfortable with great attention to detail.  I've had rooms there that I seriously thought I'd be happy to move into permanently.

    I rarely eat in the hotel but I do like the bar enormously.  It's a great place to meet friends and you can be about as casual or as elegant as you want to be.  Late nights in the lobby bar can be interesting.  We've come in for drinks very late, and end up partying with the wildest assortment of celebrities, government officials and art types.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Great place for a treat (or if someone else treats you!) Pricey for sure, but worth the visit if you can. Attentive waiting staff, the cocktails were fantastic! and the toilets were gorgeous!! Recommend as a treat if  you can!

  • 5.0 star rating

    If you want to impress a date, a colleague, or want to be extravagant, go here. Claridges bar is a glormous place with art deco features and red leather banquettes. This place is normally packed by the good looking young and old. It offers the best selection in wines, liquor, and beer. They have a great selection of champagne, I go for a glass of the rose champagne. Be prepared, it will set you back 18 quid. Though expensive and perhaps pretentious, I enjoy going to Claridges and the experience is always fantastic.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I thought this was one of the best high tea venues in London.  Superb service, wide selection of tea, and very comfortable environment.  Set off from the main hotel which is nice, because its more quiet.  And also a cool spot to view celebrities who pass through the hotel and enjoy tea as well.  Would definitely return to either stay at the hotel, or just have a high tea.

    • Qype User PaulRo…
    • London
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    4.0 star rating

    The bar. it is wonderful for a business meet up from 4pm onwards. Quiet, discreet and really unsual but pleasant aesthetics. Elderflower cordial is top of the range.

  • 4.0 star rating

    The Claridges is obviously one of the top hotels in London with a very central location in Mayfair. The bar is a perfect place for an informal business meeting in a very attractive art-deco surrounding. It is in fact good value if the alternative was to rent a meeting room in a serviced business center in the area. I was very well seated and served, found a table very easily in the middle of the afternoon and this was a very convenient and enjoyable place to have a meeting in central London. I paid £8 for a glass of still water and an expresso ok not so cheap for what this is but considering the real estate cost in the area, the facilities, the service and the fact that you can stay there 2 hours for £8 if you want it is definitely good value. I have not been there for an aperitif but I am tempted to try as it must be quite something to watch with the international crowd hanging at the Claridges. I will report later on this!

    Update: Been there for a perfect pre drink dinner before another excellent visit to La Petite Maison. This is a winning combination, a bit upmarket for sure, but you cant get wrong with these 2 places and they are next to each others too so very convenient

    • Qype User Icaru…
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    4.0 star rating

    If you do not have money to burn, i wouldnt recomend coming here, especially with a date. You can be sure that next to you will be a guy shouting 'order whatever you like'. Not a great start if you just have enough cash to get the cheapest items on the menu (soup). Due to its high class clientelle, you can expect to see plenty of celebrities.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Everytime I go here I have a perfect experience. The service is excellent, the staff attentive and the food,wine,and every aspect of this hotel and bar is elegant. Even if you have only time for afternoon tea you will enjoy the splendour of the room with photographs of the many stars of the silver screen on the walls who stayed there. i was amazed at how the waiters knew when i had finished my cup of tea and refilled it without me knowing! Highly recommended!

    • Qype User john…
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    5.0 star rating

    Of the two bars, the Champagne bar is a great venue for a special occasion. Art Deco design and 1920s feel make it unique. The Gordon Ramsay restaurant serves outstanding food. You may not take to him on TV but his skill is extraordinary. Never stayed in the hotel, but the public areas are exquisite and you can pop in for tea or a drink at the hotel bar.

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