• 5.0 star rating

    I may be morbid, but I love walking through Cemeteries. On our travels I have to typically drag my husband kicking and screaming through them.  It was not easy to get my husband going in the morning to get to our first stop, the Cimitero Monumentale. However, upon first arriving, we wondered if we were in the right place, because the entrance doesn't meet your expectations of a standard cemetery gate.  It looked more like the entrance to a royal palace or art museum.  Upon entering you feel like you have walked into a sculpture gallery. Their is a great view from the main building over looking the grounds.  The burial sites are of many different shapes and sizes and some look more like buildings and monuments. All of this is nestled quietly amongst the most beautiful gardens and grove of trees.  As you walk quietly down the tree lined paths, you feel more like you are walking in a park.  You could spend hours and loose yourself while exploring the years of history and stories of the many lives resting here.  Be warned, that when you hear a high piercing ringing, that isn't someone who accidentally hit the emergency alarm, but it is the signal to inform you that the place is closing and you should make your way to the exit. The day we were there the cemetery closed early and no one understood what the signal was for.  No one was leaving until a car and man on bicycle start to rush down the paths yelling and chasing everyone out.  Besides the upset bicycle guard, we thoroughly enjoyed our time here.

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