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  • “I would definitely recommend a visit here, you'll certainly find something to suit any sweet tooth!” in 6 reviews

  • “Every inch of this shop is covered in chocolate goodies as well as other sweets and cakes.” in 7 reviews

  • “I met these muffins through a friend of mine, who knew I had a weakness for her Malteser cake.” in 5 reviews

Recommended Reviews

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  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in ROTD 13/11/2013

    This cute wee place is about 30 seconds from my flat which although may sound wonderful, can lead to unplanned visits and unplanned chocolate consumption!

    However this isn't even really a problem for my purse as the prices are extremely reasonable. Although this wee shop is extremely small and can get quite cramped, the range of sweets, chocolate, cakes and biscuits that they sell is simple extraordinary.
    I have tried quite a variety of the stuff in here and have been impressed every time with both the quality and price.

    The staff have also always been very friendly and happy to recommend something if the choice is too overwhelming!
    I also love the old fashioned jars of sweets on the back wall, I can never resist a wee bag of sherbet lemons!

    I would definitely recommend a visit here, you'll certainly find something to suit any sweet tooth!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Choco-Latte might be one of the smallest shops in the city but it's also one of the most distinctive and characterful. The shop frontage is painted pastel pink and the inside has all kinds of sweet treats displayed in cabinets, on shelves and hanging from the ceiling.

    I have to admit the chocolate cakes, muffins and tray bakes look too stodgy and large for my taste but the selection of macaroons, boiled sweets, butter tablets, fudge and sours always look pretty darn tempting. The pick'n'mix is also a bit of a novelty, especially for young kids and nostalgics.

    Now, where did I put that strawberry whip?

  • 5.0 star rating

    If you're on some kind of assault course diet, I'm sure Choco-latte will cause women to cross themselves superstitiously, and grown men to fall to their knees and weep. There is no way you are getting past that shop alive without purchasing some form of sweet, sweet treat, so break your diet now and run the gauntlet!

    Chocolatte is laced with sherbet and decorated with flying saucers (the sweet kind). With a good mix of marshmallows, good old fashioned lollies and handmade, chilled chocolates, it's a great stop for some cake (which is homemade, by the way!)

    Their rocky road looks amazing - it's filled with big, fat marshmallows and is a refreshing alternative to the usual offerings which usually come dispatched from the same supplier. If a big, dirty fudge slice doesn't tickle your fancy, then some delicate, gorgeous little flavoured chocolates might do the job.

    I'm an expert on cake since I fill myself up with it on a daily basis, and if Stuart doesn't get his daily dose then he's rabid. Thus, this shop is a lifesaver, although I can imagine it would be for tourists looking for a slightly more creative gift to take home with them (if said gift isn't devoured before departure).

    A lovely chocolatier tucked away in the quaint area of Newington - truly scrumptious.

  • 4.0 star rating

    On entry to Choco-latte you'll brush your shoulder against the hanging hand crafted treats, rubber neck at the tempting sweet delights, and will undoubtedly have an arduous task of choosing exactly which offering to walk home with.

    A tiny confectionary shop at the high end of Nicholson street lays its claim to tasty yet quirky sweet shop that has to be visited.

    Try the mars bar crispy cake, only 99p for a slab that will last a week, delicious too.

  • 3.0 star rating

    Like everyone else said, this place is like candy/chocolate heaven. The ridiculously high concentration of sugar in such a small space definitely hits you when you walk in, and now I know what it feels like to be a kid in a candy store- literally. I brought home a 6" belgian praline seashell cake. To be honest I was a little disappointed- the top of the cake with the shells embedded in chocolate was really good, but the cake was a little dry.

    Though I didn't try any of it, their variety of chocolates and candies is pretty ridiculous- as long as your'e craving something sweet, you'll probably find something to satisfy your sweet tooth here.

  • 4.0 star rating
    First to Review

    The phrase 'Kid in a sweet shop' perfectly describes how I feel as soon as I enter Choco-Latte, because this tiny shop on South Clark street would make Willy Wonka himself proud.

    There is chocolate everywhere, and I mean it literally - sweets balance on shelves, cakes rest on counters and chocolate hangs from the roof. And what chocolate it is, sweet and tasty - i tuely recommend coming to this place.

    My favourate though, has to be the cakes - chocolate cakes crammed with all sorts of sweets and lumps of chocolate bars on top, truely heaven - if a nightmare for dentists.

    Choco Latte is a great place to indulge your sweet tooth.

  • 4.0 star rating

    An adorable little shop full of candy and chocolate! It has very sweet birthday cakes and the lady who works there is friendly and doesn't mind if you want to have a good look around before you make the tough choice of what your sweet tooth desires!They even have food shapped candy as well!
    If you are buying one of their yummy cakes make sure you ask when it was made- as they don't always make them every day. I had a cake from here once that was just made and it was heavenly, but there have been other occassions where you realise that despite the bright and colourful decoration, the quality of the ingredients isn't really that good. Because it's tiny it can get quite crowded so perhaps right after school hours is not the best for sweet-shopping.

    However, its a treasure trove of hanging sugar so well worth a look in when you crave that sugar high.

  • 5.0 star rating

    If you like chocolate even the tiniest little bit, and you've never been to this shop then I honestly don't know what you're playing at.

    At one stage this place was on my daily route to/from uni, and I definitely think this is where the bulk of my student loan went - not because it's expensive, but because it's THAT good. My personal favourites are the millionaire caramel shortbread, or the huge muffins that take up the entire bottom shelf in the window.

    And there's a reason for that... they're enormous. As in, almost as big as your face. And, there are at least half a dozen types to choose from at any given time. Imagine taking the biggest, chocolatiest muffin you could ever make, pouring even more yummy chocolate over it, and heaping loads of chopped Mars bar/home-made truffles/broken Creme Eggs etc over the top, and you're about halfway to imagining how good they are.

    I wouldn't recommend this place to claustrophobics though... you couldn't swing a sugar mouse in here never mind a cat, but this is because the place is crammed with any sugar-based and cocoa-based product you could ever dream up... and then some.

    When I'm not stuffing my face with their muffins, I also come here for friends' birthdays or any other time when I'm in need of a cake. They'll happily make you up a 3-tier chocolate cake and decorate it with whatever you want (think along the lines of the muffin description) for less than £10. I bought one of their ready-made-and-decorated cakes the first time, and although I think that one had been hanging there for a while, if you ask them they'll always do you one from scratch.

    Not only does it taste amazing, but it everyone thinks you spent hours putting loads of thought and effort into making it...

  • 5.0 star rating

    This place is ridiculous. Ridiculous in a good way though.

    The muffins in here are humongous, is it right to still call them muffins or are they a full blown cake? Huge chocolate delights covered in maltesers or mars bars or truffles. They are delicious, but I can't help feel I am eating my whole days worth of calories in one muffin. Oh well the diet can start tomorrow! Every inch of this shop is covered in chocolate goodies as well as other sweets and cakes. If you have the slightest hint of a sweet tooth this shop is literally heaven.

    Oh dear I think I am going to have to make another visit....

  • 5.0 star rating

    This store is like a scene from Alice in Wonderland! To my own surprise, I managed to avoid this store for a whole semester, but definitely made up for lost time.

    Situated on South Clerk Street, this Choco-latte is ridiculously small, yet wonderfully packed with wrongness.. so much sweet delicious wrongness! Pink, sugar shock and a lot of chocolate are my memories from this store, and if you have to try just one thing, make it their fudge chocolate cake! I have to admit I've actually been bedridden for an hour by the richness of this cake, but if you take a less gluttonous approach to it than I did, it may not have to come to that.

    They also sells a large variety of cakes and muffins (maltesers and snickers muffins!) as well as a huge variety of candy. Thankfully I'm more for the baked goods, or there might be serious overdose issues..

  • 4.0 star rating

    Choco-Latte sells an amazing range of confectionary and some of the best chocolate I've ever tasted.  I walked past this place virtually every day in my first year, but didn't venture in until a few months ago and certainly diodn't leave disappointed.  The shop feels clean and inviting with chocolate and sweet things everywhere you look.  It's quite small inside which creates a nice homely atmosphere.  The service is friendly and they know everything about what they sell.
    Some of it it quite expesnive, but they certainly make up for this with taste.  I had a chocolate muffin which was huge, rich and moist inside - well worth the money!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Oh my goodness, I don't think I've ever seen so many sugary streets in one store. Gazing into the window I felt like Hansel and Gretel staring at the gingerbread house, thankfully I was able to leave with sweeties rather than get eaten by the Wicked Witch.

    Choco-Latte is very small but has the most sweets I've ever seen, and all varieties. Chocolate fish, Mars Bar cake, Maltesters muffins, chocolate dogs, pigs, cats, pick 'n' mix, strawberry laces, Hersheys chocolate, cola bottles, lollies... the list is endless and it took me ages to decide what to go for.

    I left with two belgian chocolate fish at 59p each and a 50p bag of milk bottles that were delicious.

    If you have a sweet tooth, you HAVE to make a trip to Choco-Latte, you'll be spoilt for choice and the prices are very reasonable too.

  • 3.0 star rating

    When I stayed in Pollock halls in my first year I always used to walk past this shop. After a few weeks my resistance finally ended and I paid Choco -Latte a little visit.

    By just looking at the window display you can taste the chocolate, however it might also make you feel pretty sick. The window is full of cakes, sweets, fudge and boiled sweets. And when you go inside even more sweets are on offer. Lollies are dangling from the ceiling, so if your anywhere near six foot then you will need to duck to avoid being knocked out by a whole host of lollies.

    The last time I was in I bought some white chocolate flavoured Scotty Dogs which did taster very nice, however it was very tempting to buy more!

  • 5.0 star rating

    I understand this place has been reviewed to death, but I wanna talk about the muffins. That's all. I met these muffins through a friend of mine, who knew I had a weakness for her Malteser cake. She's one of those friends where our conversations revolve very often around food. I had many friends of that kind. So, she took me by the hand and guided me to Choco-latte, most specifically to the encounter of the chocolate muffins with malteser chunks, the chocolate muffins with mars bar chunks, the chocolate muffins with truffle chunks. It's all about the chunks.

    They sell mini ones and they sell full-sized ones. I warn you, it's quite difficult to get through a full-sized ones, so I recommend the bite-sized muffins. They're sugary and chocolatey enough to quell your sugar heart for a few hours, at which point you can just go back and get some more.

  • 5.0 star rating

    This shop is Heaven for all chocolate lovers, and those with sweet teeth. It reminds me of an old Victorian sweet shop; it is tiny, with every conceivable wall, floor and even ceiling space covered by chocolate and other goodies. There is chocolate everything, mice, owls, pigs, rabbits, eggs, bars, cakes, pretty much every conceivable sweet thing. The cakes are amazing as well, I am generally not a huge fan of cakes but these are exceptional, especially the Rocky Road. On the back wall they have traditional sweets that you used to be able to pick up in penny stores, as well as drumsticks / blackjacks / fruit salads etc.

    The prices are very reasonanble, considering the awesomeness that is the chocolate, and the staff are really jolly. Definitely a place to spend your sweet time.

    The prices are

    • Qype User marcos…
    • Edinburgh
    • 2 friends
    • 43 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Chocolate lovers look no further best. shop. ever.
    This little place has just about every sort of goodie you could ever need, its very cheap and the staff are very friendly, from the super chunk of mars bar crispie cake you get for 99p to full sized chocolate cakes, everything is just great, this place is sweet-tooth central!

    • Qype User elanc…
    • Inverkeithing, Fife
    • 5 friends
    • 51 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    I find it a bit weird that this place is classed under 'Coffee Shops'. I don't actually know if they sell coffee, I've never gone in here for that.

    But I do go in here because this place is like the fantasy island of Willie Wonka's brain. If you can think of a sweet you want, it's probably here. Walk in, and you can smell a deep sweet, slightly dusty aroma. You'll walk out with it clinging to you and everyone you pass in the next few minutes will probably be able to guess where you've been.

    To be honest, I've never been able to keep track of what I go in exactly for. I just know that when I do, I kind of lose my head and stumble out again a few minutes later, slightly poorer in the wallet and with a bagful of sweet things, muttering about not being able to buy everything in the shop.

    Happy hunting!

    • Qype User mrtomj…
    • Edinburgh
    • 7 friends
    • 187 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Amazing! This sweet shop is so full of confectionaries that only a few people can actually fit inside at any given moment.

    Exciting stuff.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I start to drool just thinking about this place.  It took me ten minutes to decide what to buy the first time I went there and I finally decided on the  chocolate siren known as the mega-muffin.   I'm also partial to the huge slabs of chocolate covered biscuit sprinkled with caramel and mars bar chunks.  Plus, the store looks amazing.  You might think that plastering sweets on every available flat surface might cause some sort of sensory overload, but it just makes me smile.

    • Qype User lamloo…
    • Edinburgh
    • 6 friends
    • 75 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    i felt like a 3 year old when i was there!
    the variety and the colors and the smell of chocolate and candy was too good to be true! One thing though , i had a hair on one the home made maltesers square :(
    but its all forgiven cz i jus love chocolate too much

    • Qype User lilmiz…
    • Edinburgh
    • 25 friends
    • 64 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    This place is completely and utterly overwhelming. It looks like a film set for some sort of magical chocolate land, only it's ACTUALLY REAL! I was first drawn in by the huge cakes in the window - all sorts of different types of chocolate, with the odd apple pie thrown in - which you can buy by the slice. On entering, you look to the left and there are piles of chocolates and cakes and jars of old-fashioned sweets... you look to the right and there shelves overflowing with gift boxes and more expensive confectionaries... then you look up (yes, up!) and there are giant lollipops and bags of chocolate hanging from the ceiling on ribbons. Wow. And it's cheap, too. And the staff are lovely, although it seems a little embarrassing to be almost on first-name terms. This shop is single-handedly responsible for any weight I have gained in the last year. Worth it? Yes. For this sort of real-life magic, YES!

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