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  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in
    Listed in Close to Campus

    Tasty burritos, friendly and patient staff, nice place for dinner or lunch after studying at the nearby Bloomsbury campuses.

    I love Chipotle and I'm glad they have locations in London but I really come here SPECIFICALLY for a Chipotle burrito. I'm sure there are lots of other places I could try and they probably have burritos that are just as good. For me it is a matter of familiarity and convenience.

    So I would really only recommend coming here if you're:
    a) North American and miss Chipotle from home
    b) have heard your North American friends raving about this place
    c) don't know of any other "Mexican" food places around the area and you need food

  • 3.0 star rating
    11/10/2014 Updated review

    What's going on at Chipotle?  Are they getting slack?  I went to the Charing Cross branch last week, and I am sorry to say their quality plunged.  The Carnitas was smelly (unpleasant 'off' smell - are they using cheap old meat?) and watery; it was sitting in the watery liquid.  Grilled Chicken was too dry and fatty.  The Rice was hard and bland, particularly the Brown Rice was simply tasted like it had come from dehydrated pre-cooked rice.  Corn Chips were as stale as ever, but Salsa was still great.

    I still don't understand why they add bacon to Refried Beans?

    They need to get their act together.

    4.0 star rating
    21/2/2013 Previous review
    We had decent meals at their branches in California and we are so glad it is now in the UK.  You… Read more
  • 4.0 star rating

    By far, the best Burrito place in London! This is true of all their stores.

    Hands down, the tastiest there is, my only gripe is they charge £1.40 for Guacamole (a little steep) and the cost overall is higher than their competitors. But, you won't get better.

    We've tried a number of other places and Chipotle is still our favourite go-to burrito place where we KNOW we'll get good service and good food.

    They just need to open one in Ealing!

  • 3.0 star rating

    I have looked for a long time to find a good burrito place in London and recently found it. The Chipotle chain gives tasty flavours and great portions and a reasonable price of around £7.
    I hadn't been to this branch before, but was surprising my flatmate for her birthday by bringing her sister down for the weekend, so where better to do this reunion that a burrito bar, right?! I know that's what you were all thinking, anyway.

    Nice atmosphere here, long table down the middle of the store means you feel more sociable than just being stuffed onto small tables. When you're a party of 6, it's even better than trying to push 2 smaller table together. Not too packed at 7pm on Friday so you can sit down. I had the chicken burrito with brown rice (healthy New Year's Resolution kicks in there) and medium spiced salsa. I like the medium here, it's the right balance so you get some heat without exploding!
    I preferred my burrito at another chain to this one, hence only 3 stars over the usual 4. It was a bit wet and not put together well so it fell apart on eating. I think they should have drained the chicken a bit more. But great flavours, lots of salad, sour cream, cheese really bring out the beans and coriander rice. £7 is a bargain in the middle of London too!

    Yum yum!

  • 4.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    Wow, it sounds like a whole-lotta haters have wrapped up some poop-burrito bombs and launched them in Chipotle's direction. (Virtually speaking, that is...) And while Chipotle is only a 3-star venue for me in the states, I'm giving their London outpost 4 sizzling stars.

    You know why? Cause they were the OG in the gourmet burrito craze, those who shall not be named copied them from start to finish, and now Chipotle is coming here to lay down the law. And I can get behind that.

    Their tortilla chips were absolutely divine, with just the right texture, amount of salt and pinch of lime, the salsa was spicy and the guac was thick and delicious. And then there was the glory that is barbacoa...

    Do I like spending £8 on lunch? No.
    Is it authentic Mexican food? Heck No.
    Am I aware that I live in London and the first two statements are facts of daily life? YES.

    And most importantly...
    Am I full and happy? Yes.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Today I sat down to a burrito, bit off the top and ate out the middle with a fork. No, I'm not a conventional Mexican food eater but hey, I'm British and Mexico is a long way off. So there are people saying this place is awful and some that it's great. I'll give you my opinion, as someone who had not eaten Chipotle until this very day. Not even when I visited the states last.

    It's good, it's tasty and it's totally better that any other fast food American-Mexican joint I've been to before. There is this line tanginess to the chips and the meat is superb. If you are looking for a speed lunch and have £7 burning a hole in your pocket, you could do worse. It's a chain, this is the first in the UK, it was good. I hate myself a little right now.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    There is a new dog in town, and his name is Chipotle. The Americans have been getting super excited as this taste of home opened its doors. On my arrival early evening on a Monday, the queue was out of the door, mostly Americans and other tourists wondering what was going on. After waiting 20mns I made it to the counter. There was no question I was going to have a burrito. Taco - to small. Bowl - really, just throw my ingredients in a circular shaped basket, I don't think so. So a pork burrito it was.

    The two main competitors to Chipotle is Tortilla and Chilango. So how did it stack up against them. Shape, size and ingredients were pretty much the same. Price - quite a bit more. £18.15 for two burritos and a non-alcoholic drink, WTF! The all important taste - it was good. Although it was not so good I'd be prepared to spend the extra dosh when I slightly, just slightly prefer the mightier and more filling taste of a Chilango.

    This place is good, with clean burrito's and i've heard, dynamite nachos and guacamole.

    This place is a 3.5* eatery, but seeing as I gave Chilango a 4*, and the potentially fatal shock I went through when given the price for my food, sorry Chipotle, you get a 3.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Probably the highest density of Americans in the UK. More per square foot than the Embassy in Grosvenor Square! As I sat enjoying my burrito, I heard some New York ("Yo!"). Some Minnesota ("...soda-pop..."). And a sweet Southern "y'all". Almost like being back in the States!

    Anyway, the food. I've had Chipotle's in the US and I've had their competition in Reading. This was just as good as the former and better than the latter. Fluffy soft burrito with a nice-sized scoop of coriander-lime rice, a scoop of delicious chopped chicken, some corn salsa (Too mild. I should have had them add a spicy one.), sour cream and guacamole.

    Rather than Coke or bottled water, I opted for something different and grabbed a can of San Pellegrino Limonata. Nice touch. I didn't notice if there were beer options.

    If it's your first time, have the burrito. But if you must, the salad or the bowl are solid options. If you're a veggie, they also have options without beef, pork or chicken, such as grilled vegetables.

    Because the place is so packed, good luck finding a seat. You may have to wait a bit.

  • 2.0 star rating
    Listed in Burritos in London

    Sorry Chipotle but I'm just not feeling it. When I saw the hoardings going up opposite Foyles I thought "Oh good", my American friends were pretty excited and I'm always hearing how much certain people miss Chipotle. In the last few years there's been an explosion in places to get a burrito in London but the Mexican food density is still nowhere near as high as in California and there's a big difference between genuine Californian-esque burrito places and terrible faux-Mexican Restaurants.

    I felt a bit like this place was a cross between the two, it's obviously part of a chain so I wasn't expecting much character, which was good as there wasn't any, it looked like the whole place had been designed as a cross between a Magnet kitchen and a McDonalds. The first time I intended to go was just after it opened and there was a queue outside the door. We went elsewhere. The second time it was still busy but not quite as bad. I ordered my burrito but had to take some time to explain the system to my confused friends. I felt embarrassed by the price, thinking this was a "fast food" kind of place I told them it'd be quite cheap but at £7-8 for a burrito plus £1.40 for guac I was a bit gobsmacked.

    The burrito I had was pretty lacklustre, the meat was tough, the ingredients were all separate so it was a mouthful of rice followed by a mouthful of beans rather than them all mixing up nicely. Halfway through the flimsy tortilla gave up and burst in the tin foil meaning I had to finish it with a knife and fork which is the perfect sign of a bad burrito. Similar things happened to my friends. Even then the resulting, grey mess wasn't that nice, I actually left some and people who know me know I would never abandon a burrito unless it was seriously dire.

    I don't know why I'm giving this place 2 stars instead of 1. I mean I guess it wasn't as bad as it could have been, it was at least clean, the toilets were alright and the staff were friendly, it's got an excellent location too. A major but selective gripe is that being a rather rotund person (probably through too many burritos) I found the tables too low and small, the chairs were fixed so I had to squeeze my tree trunk legs in between the seat and table. Uncomfortable.

    Anyone who says this is the 'best' Mexican food or anywhere near needs to click that box at the top and search for 'burritos' and 'London' because seriously, people, there are so many way better places out there.

  • 4.0 star rating
    Listed in Soho-ing around

    I was a HUGE chipotle fan back at home and was really excited when the first one opened in London. If I were reviewing this at home, I'd give it 5 stars since seriously, I'm obsessed with this place, but I guess I'm downgrading it to 4 stars because of the price! Anyways, for all you Americans who want a comparison..

    - Meat selection is the same
    - Salsa selection is similar as well, but it appears they have one more category of red salsa, and the corn option exists but the corn is a strange whiteish color instead of yellow
    - several miscellaneous items such as "margaritas" exist under drinks, also drinks are not refillable (per much of London's restaurants) and instead you purchase bottles/cans (certainly no free bottomless drink for flashing a student ID!)
    - THE ALL IMPORTANT RICE: 80% similarity.. feels a little less soft and more like individual rice particles instead of a scoop. also, instead of just one rice option, there was TWO... one white and one brown (both had cilantro)

    - the same but not. same numbers but in £££, so approximately 1.5x more

    - same metallic furniture and brownish decor
    - similar stands with same napkins and SAME CONDIMENTS (yes, they did have all the tabascos! regular, smoked, and green)

    If you're an American missing chipotle, it'll definitely be close enough to make you happy.. so let's just suck it up and pay the £7 even though we know it should be $7 :P

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in First to Review

    Ok, so I have been waiting for that clock to click over to home time all day. I've even walked over from Marble Arch to justify my intake of calories. I suppose that I shouldn't be totally surprised about the number of American College age kids here, which is everyone apart from me ;) I've gone for the Carnitas Burrito with Guacamole and Pinto beans and hot salsa, and I'm almost in heaven. They dropped one single star today because it came the slightest bit under temperature, but I'm washing my disappointment away with a Goose Island Pale Ale, so it's all good now. I'm gonna be back to let them make up for it :)


  • 5.0 star rating

    I'm overdue on writing this review, but I went here about six months ago to have one of their salad bowls.

    I asked for hot salsa, chicken and some other greenery. It came, I died and went to heaven. Best salad bowl Mexican in the city. The hot salsa is HOT, but I loved it.

    Actually, I'm now really hungry.

    Anyway, we had beers, and my friend & I both ate for under £10, and served in less than five minutes. We stayed for a good hour (in 'fast food' terms I peg this at quite a long time) and weren't chased out.

    Good times.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Its nothing fancy, but quite possibly the best Mexican food in London. Now, I recognize what an absurd statement that sounds like, and its intended to speak to the complete lack of anything resembling decent Mexican food in London in general, but Chipotle just gets it right. I also concede that burritos/tacos represent a very small part of the Mexican culinary catalogue, but there's nothing better in any of the other parts of the cuisine in London either.

    With full customization, properly prepared tortilla, meat, cheese, rice, and guacamole, and a reasonable price point, it always makes me a happy camper.

    Now, as a Chipotle regular from the US, I have the following gripes:
    No soda refill machine
    Comparatively to the US, the price is quite high
    Inconvenient location

  • 4.0 star rating

    you know how the British pronounce theis place?
    Ch pa 'el

    fo sho.

    it cracks me up to no end.

    when i saw that they were building a Chipotle (pronounced Chi-pote-lay) in my area, i had to laugh. i never really went all that much when i lived in San Francisco, but thats because we have The Mission, which has more real mexican restaurants then you can even count.

    Their burritos are massive. like eat half now, eat half later huge. and freaking tasty. it might be a bit on the expensive side of things, and it certainly aint no real, slightly grubby, mexican joint, but you know what? it does just fine.

  • 4.0 star rating
    3 check-ins

    I came here for the GRAND opening.  And grand it was.  The queue was out the door!  I also don't think that I've been surrounded by so many American accents in London since 2008 when I was at an election party.  This is def the new American expat haunt.

    Now on to the good stuff - the food.  Its good but something tastes a bit different than what I'm used to.  Everything tasted quite tangy. I attribute this to the fact that its quite hard to find some of the ingredients here.  That's not say that the food was bad.  Its quite good.  Its just not the same as back home.

    Unlike back home, they also have a huge selection of booze.  I'm just to just a margarita or a Corona.  But they actually have a selection of Mexican beers as well as some favourites from back home.

    I unfortunately can't rate the margaritas as I couldn't get one.  Apparently their card machine is broken.  So I was able to get a free burrito - AWESOME.  But no drink - BOO!  Something about not being able to give our free alcohol.  BLAH BLAH BLAH.

    Nonetheless its great to have a familiar brand to join the burrito wars.  What we now need is a taste contest.  Chilango vs Freebird vs Daddy Donkey vs Chipotle.  That would be epic!

  • 4.0 star rating

    My true love in life, the burrito! Having moved home to London from California, my heart was broken at the thought of never being able to have a torpedo burrito again. Especially when I remembered that when I left England, their answer to Mexican food was Chequitos (blech).

    My US expat friends - rest easy knowing that the Chiptole burrito is intact, along with their lime and rock salt chips. Unfortunately, we're dealing with UK portions here. I literally gasped when I saw how many chips were in the brown bag - it's just like getting those quarter filled bags of Walkers crisps!!

    I have to agree with some of the other reviews on the rice, it's just not as soft as the US. For whatever reason the rice is cooked al dente, but on the plus side you get the option of having healthier brown rice. The servers are a little stingy when it comes to sour cream, cheese, lettuce so don't feel shy about asking for more - they'll always add more and for no extra charge.

    Price wise you're paying double the $ value I'm afraid. Two burritos and a burrito bowl costs me around £20! I guess that's the price we got to pay for a taste of semi-real Mexican food. Still waiting for the day a taco truck finds its way to London!

  • 3.0 star rating

    7 USD for a burrito?  Well, OK.
    7 GBP for a burrito?  No.
    Were they inspired by Urban Outfitters/American Apparel's habit of just putting a £ in place of a $ and calling it a day?

    I hate to be another person to whine about the cost but really...as badly as I've been craving a delicious burrito like the kind I can get in the US, and as tempting as Chipotle's offerings might be, I just can't justify spending that much money on a burrito.  And then another £1.40 if I want guacamole (seriously, that's like...more than the price of an avocado).  And then another however-much (I don't remember exactly but I know it was excessive) for tortilla chips and then more for a dip for those, and then a drink.  
    Yes, burritos are large-ish and filling and they taste decent.  But for £7 I expect my taste buds to be blown away and this just does not do it.  

    I'll also mention that my burrito wasn't very well wrapped, but I'll give them a bit of leeway on that front since they've only just opened.

    Honestly, I've found both Chilango and Tortilla to have quite tasty burritos for much less.  Sorry, Chipotle.  Lower your prices and perhaps then we'll talk!

  • 4.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    My four summer interns from the states decided that we had to trek across town for lunch here one day, and they were basically salivating for the whole trip in excitement.

    It was great; for London the price wasn't that ridiculous, and I certainly didn't need a big supper afterwards!

  • 4.0 star rating

    I suppose it's fitting that my first Yelp review be on Chipotle.

    You see, I have a rare eating disorder. Since I was a child, all I want to eat is Burritos. Don't get me wrong - I eat other foods too. But I think about burritos when doing so.

    I love Burritos. I've been eating at Chipotle consistently for nearly 10 years now. I wouldn't necessarily say Chipotle has served me the all-time greatest burrito, but what I can say about Chipotle is that they have a consistent dining experience. That statement applies from eating at various Chipotles across different states in the U.S. to eating at Chipotle overseas, i.e. London.

    A few years prior to my relocation to London a Chipotle opened up nearby my office in northern California. Somehow, prior to my move, I became tired of Chipotle. I am not sure if it was that particular Chipotle or just Chipotle in general. It may have had something to do with the frequency in which I was eating there or maybe it all began with the fact that I ate 3 GIANT burritos in one sitting on the opening day of that location... I don't know. But the point is, I was all Chipotled out if you see what I mean.

    Then I moved to London. Perhaps it's the fact that I am hard pressed to come by a decent Burrito here in London (no authentic little taquerias) or maybe it's the ever-so-slight-difference in flavor that the ingredients found in London yields, but this place has rekindled my love for Chipotle!

    It's like I'm young man without-a-care in the world and a mad-hankering for burritos, all over again!

    As I said before, Chipotle offers a pretty consistent experience. The dinning experience is pretty consistent to what you would expect in the states. The taste is pretty consistent to what you would expect in the states (I don't bother with the guacamole at Chipotle...). The affable customer service is pretty consistent to what you would expect in the states. The portions are mostly consistent to what you would expect in the states (remember, they will never tell you NO if you nudge them for a little more of one ingredient or another... Extra, extra, extra cheese please!) Heck, even the numbers on the price tag are pretty consistent with what you expect in the states. You want to pay 6.95 for Burrito? No problem. Oh pounds not dollars you say? Who cares!

    I've been eating at Chipotle London pretty regularly for the past 6 months now. And I've noticed they've actually honed their techniques on the pinto beans. Previously their pinto beans were pretty hard-core. Literally. Now they seem to got 'er down and cook them a little longer. They've achieved the right level of mushiness. Bravo Chipotle.

    One of my all time biggest complaints with Chipotle is the fact that you have to buy your tortilla chips. It's probably not that big of a deal in the grand scheme. But growing up in the states, you become accustomed to the giant vats and endless supplies of gratis tortilla chips when you go to any mexican restaurant. Then along came Chipotle and changed that model - no more free chips. Eventually I got over it. But I've noticed at London Chipotle, they can, at times, be a bit skimpy on the disbursement of chips. And that has stirred up some feelings of past resentment. But not to worry. Where Chipotle lacks in the chip department, they definitely make up for in customer service.

    If you're genuinely not happy with the quantity of chips provided in the paper sack (as I've been a few times), simply go up to the counter and let them know. They typically empathize with your dissatisfaction and hand you another bag. They allow you to keep the first bag too. Not bad... Well, not bad for something most mexican restaurants give away for free (Ok so maybe I'm really not over it...) But nonetheless I never abuse their kindness. I only complain when there's like only 3 or 4 chips in a bag, or when I am super-duper hungry... (just kidding)

    Anyway, for now, Chipotle London is my Burrito haven. And that's quite alright by me.

  • 5.0 star rating
    2 check-ins

    This is how my brain reacted when it found out about a Chipotle in London:


    It's not exactly the same as back home, but that's because they source all of their ingredients locally. It also explains the high(er) price tag. Yes, it's more than Chipotle in the states, and it's comparatively expensive to other takeaway shops. But you'll notice on the big board that you can see where all the meat comes from. And since there are a total of TWO Chipotles in the U.K., not an empire, they can't exactly command discounts from bulk buying.

    Still, it's absolutely worth every pence. Just a few months out of the states and away from my beloved Mexican food is enough to make me rapid for some properly spiced chicken, and in this regard Chipotle is pure heaven.

    There are a few notable differences here. Namely, you can get brown rice instead of the traditional white, the peppers include red and yellow bell peppers, and the mild salsa is less like fresh pico and more like a traditional salsa with a sweet kick.

    But it's still Chipotle through and through, and it's brilliant. Go, nom.

  • 2.0 star rating

    I've been on a burrito quest in London lately and rank Chipotle the lowest on the London burrito chain, which is sad considering Chipotle in the states is AMAZING.

    Given that fact, if you've ever eaten at a Chipotle in the states, you will be sorely dissapointed with it here.  They use the same exact formula but get rid of all the flavor and taste.  The rice is usually hard and the guac and salsa don't have much taste.  

    I have officially given up on this place.  Also, they don't have fountain soda. BOOO

    2 stars for the super convenient location and the fact that they have burrito bowls.

  • 3.0 star rating

    When my friend and I found out there was a Chipotle in London (only one!) we made sure to go over and try it as quick as possible - being from the states, Chipotle is one of my go to places that I frequent up to 3 times a week.

    It was good but of course didn't taste the same as the Chipotle back home in the states.

    Good though and it gave us our mexican fix in London!

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Went here with a friend for the grand opening. I got there at around 7:15pm. The queue was not as long as I expected -- it was just barely out the door. It still took a while to get our food, since I think it'll take a few weeks for the staff to become as fast at making burritos as their American counterparts.

    They ran out of tortillas for burritos! Unfortunately, I had to get tacos instead.

    So is the London version of Chipotle the same as the American version? Pretty much, but not exactly. The chips and salsa taste the same but the amount of chips they gave us in a single bag was puny -- about half the amount in an order of chips from an American Chipotle. The numeric values of the prices are about the same as in the US, except that it's in pounds here instead of dollars, so yeah, that makes it about $10 for a burrito, whereas the most expensive Chipotle locations in the US (the ones in NYC) charge about $8 for a burrito, if I remember correctly.

    I was happy to see that they offered Brooklyn Lager (for the NY expats)! They also had Goose Island for the Chicago expats. :)

    I think Chipotle will do quite well in London. I definitely plan on coming back and bringing some more natives with me.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Finally I had an opportunity to try the first branch of Chipotle in London.

    Same formula as the US with some minor variations. Wholewheat wrappers and the option of brown or white rice. I opted for a carnitas burrito with brown rice and guacamole.

    A few reviewers were bitching here about the portion sizes being smaller than the US... No way!  This was the biggest burrito I have had from a chipotle. In fact the foil wrapper didn't even fit around the circumference. Maybe they have optimized the sizing since opening.

    Overall it was pretty similar to the US version but the brown rice and wrapper didn't bring anything to the party in my opinion except giving it the air of something slightly healthy which I really don't think it is. Also the cheese tastes like real cheddar cheese rather than the bland American cheese and the salsas are slightly different.

    Overall tied with Chilango for me for top burritos in London.

  • 4.0 star rating

    It's a tad expensive for every day lunch, but as for a weekly treat it gets a thumbs up from me.

    I also like the basic menu, too much choice makes my head swirl. Simples. Innit. :-)

    I got a BIG bowl of spicy chicken, refried beans, guacamole, salasa and sour cream and proceed to stick my head in and trough it like a wee little piggy. yum!!!!

  • 3.0 star rating

    I was euphoric when  I found this Chipotle on Charring Cross road.... but really not as good as in the States. Its like Law and Order, the plot, the suspense, stories picked from headlines....in short the same formula but works better in the states.
    Here in  the UK
    1. You pay the same price but in GBP...sucks.
    2. No fountain soda...WTH no free refills?
    3. Brown Rice? Why, oh why, oh why?

    The food and decor was quite to the same standard as the States. I got my usual Beef Burrito bowl, the hot sauce was a bit lacking..yes so not really up to US standards hmmm but the napkins were the same brown ones !

    Would I go back? Probably not it costs me $10 appx for a burrito bowl.It does not feel right to be paying more that $7 US for a Chipotle.  I still love you Chipotle, but only in the states!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Pretty good overall.
    Simple menu selection, but not a problem when the food they serve is good. Probably better than the Daddy Donkey outlets throughout London which is the nearest comparison IMO.
    Would definitely return.

  • 2.0 star rating

    As a Californian visiting London, I was impressed with the amount of Indian cuisine available everywhere, sit down, takeout, expensive and less expensive. It reminded me of the plethora of Mexican restaurants back home.

    Tacos are a staple food for me. I eat them several times a week and can eat tacos pretty much any time, any place. I like them in all varieties and price points and this includes the crunchy hard shell-ground beef variety. All kinds of tacos have potential to be good tacos. I've got some favorite hole in the wall places at home, but I am never above a good Chipotle chicken or steak taco, a veggie bowl or a big ol' burrito.

    It was a long, cold visit in London. Too many beers. Too many jacket potatoes. Too many potatoes. Just a lot of potatoes. And maybe too many curries. Never too much tea, however.

    It was time to have a teeny, spicy reminder of home (just once).

    Chipotle in Charing Cross was like a taco beacon for a late lunch. I told myself it wouldn't be like home and that I should be okay with that. It was almost like home. This close. So very close to every Chipotle in the US, but for two things:

    1) Corn tortillas
    2) Fresh pico de gallo

    These were not an option and I just felt sad for every Londoner who doesn't get to enjoy tacos with those two things.

    I will eat a flour tortilla burrito, but my heart belongs to small, yummy corn tortillas and fresh tomato, onion, pepper, cilantro and lime/lemon pico de gallo.

    London wins on so many levels, but not this one.

    Sorry Chipotle, London. You made a valiant effort and I am grateful, but I probably will stick to Chipotle USA.

  • 4.0 star rating
    6/6/2012 Updated review

    It sort of bothers me that when people review Mexican restaurants they completely ignore the stratification of the cuisine, and compare fast-food places with trendy high-end Mexican (which in London still bears little resemblance to American Mexican, let alone actual Mexican food).  Seldom do we compare a hamburger from McDonald's with the incarnation found at Bar Boulud, but somehow all "Mexican" places are compared with one-another.

    Chipotle is not Mexican food -- it's American.  It's the fast-food version of a Mission style burrito from San Francisco, and for fast food, its great.  

    I went last night and had chips, guacamole, a burrito, and a quesadilla  (shared, not alone; i am not a pig).  Everything was fresh, yummy, filling and quite cheap. I prefer this place to Daddy Donkey, Chilango (poor imitation, imo), and of course, the second rate places littered around town.

    Sure, don't go here expecting the same cuisine you had on your lovely vacation in Oaxaca in 2003, but don't shit on it because they serve fast food.

    4.0 star rating
    18/11/2011 Previous review
    I love Chipotle in the US, and have been a pretty regular customer of the London branch since it… Read more
  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    I can not believe that my 'Tex-Mex-Mexican-South of the Border' cravings got so bad that I would end up here. In another lifetime, if for some bizarre reason I decided to eat at a Chipotle, I would have donned a mask and darted in, ordered, and darted out. Undetected.

    I can say this quite confidently bc not only have I frequented the Baltimore taco trucks - yes! they have a pretty tight and delectable food scene there - I've worked in some high end pan latin restaurants with some kick @rse authentic and very real Mexican chefs, eaten with frequency throughout Mexico and Cali and Arizona, and been the side kick along on many of my American friends' Mexican cravings...thus, I am pretty darn certain that I know what's good and what's awful Mexican. And I'm the girl who never used to even LIKE Mexican food.

    But sometimes, oh sometimes, I just get a craving for beans, rice, guac and salsa and think crapppp....Chipotle it may be. The lesser of the evils - bc thus far, London's Mexican offerings have left me pandering.

    Which is how I found myself standing at the counter of Chipotle in Charing Cross asking for the chicken burrito. As one can expect. It's a Chipotle Chicken Burrito. Chipotle, literally the McDonalds of Mexican food has the whole: "no matter where you are, it'll taste like one of ours", formulas down pat.

    If you've had one before you know what to expect. If you've not, then it's the Americanized and commercialized version of what they would never sell you street side in Oxaca but which passes as pretty decent healthful Mexican once you cross that border.

    It did the trick. And I can't believe that they didn't even adjust the prices across the pond. That's the real travesty here. That and the fact that I willing paid it!

  • 4.0 star rating

    My husband refuses to go to Chipotle with me because it is Mexican McDonalds.

    So I dragged a girlfriend along with me for lunch the other day.

    I gotta say: pretty solid stuff, London.  Well done.

    I feel like I can't make a direct comparison to America's Chipotle, since I only ever had a few chicken burritos there. And now that I'm a newly minted veggie, I opted for the veggie burrito bol for lunch. First off, the few reviewers who griped about the skimpy guacamole portions were clearly NOT served by whoever made my lunch. There was enough guac to swim in on my plate. It was epic, and I clearly was not going to complain about that.

    Other things that elevate Chipotle above the other usual suspects for me include salsa that actually tastes like salsa, rather than like BBQ sauce (c'mon folks, we've all been there with Mexican food in London before...), actual black beans, and friendly servers who have clearly been trained in America. Oh yes, I'll happily pay £7 for that, gracias.

    I will shamelessly say that I am a big fan of the addition of Chipotle to London's burrito scene.

  • 2.0 star rating

    Chipotle is far more expensive than some of the homegrown options around London, over £10 for a burrito with all the trimmings and a can of Coke.  However, they do produce a sizable burrito for what you pay.

    One other issue, they only had wholewheat tortillas when I went.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I know you're out there, the American wondering if this Chipotle is really like US chipotle or if the Brits (who we love and adore) have ruined it.  

    Well, I braved it, and considering how, er, selective I am, I am happy to say that this Chipotle is about 90% legit.  It's British cheddar so a bit different, but still good.  And there's just something so slightly different, including the rice being a bit drier, but it still hits the spot for all those American jonesing for Mexican or Chipotle specifically.

  • 5.0 star rating
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    Oh my word there is a Chipotle in London. I had heard the rumours saying it was so but didn't dare to believe that it was true. And lo, my life was made whole once more.

    I freely admit that it's a guilty pleasure. But it's not that guilty: despite what I saw in some of the reviews, they're not actually owned by McDonald's any more. They used to be part owned but have they're freedom back, and along with it their claim to the moral high ground. And they have made at least a bit of an effort towards ethically sourced meat.

    Admittedly it's not the most authentic of burritos, but it is its very own brand of tasty. Kind of like an English curry. I love it. It makes me happy. And fortunately it's not as near to my office as it used to be in New York, so it is less likely to threaten my arteries. But god, I am so glad it's here...

  • 2.0 star rating

    Meh is right.

    I love me some Chipotle, but at these prices and menu change -  I could do without when overseas.

    The interior is nice, clean, and perfect for a quick bite, even with a friend or two.

    Because I'm such a fatty girl, I noticed that the burrito was a lot smaller than the ones in Los Angeles. Also noticed that the corn salsa was much spicier and they used a whitish corn instead of the normal yellow. THEY also were very tight about the extra salsas, the woman said she wouldn't charge me this time, but they usually do charge. Some of the menu has changed, but I guess that's to be expected overseas?

    P.S. If you want lemon, expect a lime. The LIMES are not out by the drink fountains, they are behind the counter to the side wall where you have to ask for a slice...no lemons here. Just saying.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I'm from the states and Chipotle is pretty much a mecca for the best burritos one can get at an affordable price. I have yet to have anything close to it in the UK but when I found out there was a Chipotle here I literally was ecstatic (yes, its that good) The guacamole is amazing and as a vegetarian I always find something delicious for myself though their meat is some of healthiest, hormone free free range you can get.

    The layout and atmosphere is casual and a good place to meet up with friends after a workday for a solid dinner or lunch break. Be prepared to have leftovers if you aren't a big eater. Their burritos are huge and they don't mince on the ingredients.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Great vegetarian options. The black beans and guacamole are exceptional.

    Too bad it's owned by McDonald's

  • 2.0 star rating

    What Chipotle in the UK is to Chipotle in the USA, is like what Top Gear USA is to Top Gear UK. They seem like they would be the same, but ultimately the spin-off is much crappier.

    You know service is sub-par when they scoop your ingredients and then decide to dump some back.

    Also, no fountain drinks.

  • 2.0 star rating
    Listed in London Don'ts

    Um okay, a few things.

    Firstly, full disclosure: I came here with a voucher for a free burrito. Secondly, who the HELL spends over £6 on lunch (no sides, no drink) on an average work day in a chain joint. Are you INSANE? This place was heaving! And thirdly, the fact my freaking expensive tiny pot of guacamole was mainly one huge piece of avocado skin means you are immediately capped at 2 stars Chipotle!

    My steak burrito was good and very, very big! Apart from the fact I asked for white rice and got brown, and I can get over that. I bought a bag of tortilla chips and guacamole, the chips were pretty impressive but like I said already, my guacamole had a huge piece of avocado skin in it! And was generally pretty disappointing. This, and the fact you're paying around £8 for the privilege? I really don't get it.

  • 4.0 star rating
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    I bloody love a burrito, me. I mean, what a concept. A stomach-sized bundle of joy with meat, rice and spicy sauce. And guacamole! What more could you want?

    Well, I would want more seating. As it gets busy in here. Standing for  5 minutes waiting to start eating your tasty aforementioned dinner isn't what you want.

    That's my only gripe. I think Chipotle is as good as Chilango when it gets it right.

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