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  • 54 rue des Rosiers
    75004 Paris
    Marais, 4ème
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  • Phone number +33 1 42 74 74 99
  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    After a long walk in Marais, the Rue des Francs-Bourgouis and Rue des Rosiers will tire you out. This Parisenne Jewish kosher stop is the most cheap and cheerful/tasty way to do it refuel, most importantly conveniently located on Rue des Rosiers. This is fast, tasty and convenient; so that you can save more time doing more shopping and people watching in the Marais district!

    Order what you want with the cashier, she will give you a ticket, and then you get on the other line to pick up your food. For the ladies saving their waistline for delicious Parisenne desert, go for the curry chicken (uber yummy) and ask for less yogurt creme sauce when you are picking up your kebab.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I'm not gonna lie, Chez Hanna wasn't my first choice. But honestly, I bet most people who get falafel there had wanted to go to L'As du Falafel, only to find out the line is too long and settled for the second best. Well I haven't had L'As du Falafel yet, but I can tell you that I was perfectly happy with Chez Hanna.

    First off, don't let the line fool you. Most people have no idea how the system works there. You go inside to pay and get a ticket, and then you come outside to pick the dressings for your falafel. The dude outside kept asking people if they had a ticket, and among the long line of confused tourists, only i had one so I did not have to wait.

    What else can I say. The falafels are good, the wrap and the hummus and the veggies. I started walking and eating it slowly, but it was so good i ended up just standing in a street corner and wolfing down the rest.

    Among this street of falafels, this is definitely a fantastic choice.

  • 4.0 star rating
    2 check-ins here

    When you're traveling abroad and attempting to ball on a budget, the easiest way to cut costs is to eat standing up instead of sitting down.

    Enter the Marais' old Jewish quarter, a lively area with rue des Rosiers serving as its anchor. The narrow cobblestone street gives way to several delis, Mediterranean eateries as well as galleries and boutiques. Still, I suspect most people wander through this jam-packed bottleneck for the food... and falafel, specifically!

    I know a good deal when I smell one, and because L'As Du Fallafel is closed on Saturdays (Shabbat) I headed to my place in line at Chez Hanna. The line moved pretty quickly, and soon I met the counter where I looked on as loads of crisp veggies were layered with what seemed like ball after ball of moist falafel. And then, there was sauce: both white and a spicy red.

    The verdict? Pretty damn glorious. I even went back a second time to try their much-hyped turkey shawarma, though admittedly I wasn't a big fan. Stick with the falafel and you'll have a fantastic, authentic and inexpensive meal. Sure, the service isn't as friendly as what you'll get at L'As du Fallafel, but you'll find that the line is usually much shorter and the difference in falafel quality is only negligible.

    Enjoy it!

  • 5.0 star rating

    I really don't know what else to say but this Falafel changed my life!  Pretty much we spent over a half an hour trying to find this "falafel area" and when we finally found it, we could not be happier that there was actually a table available for us at Chez Hanna.  

    We had a new york Jew in our group and he had to try a little hebrew on the waiter but no, he wasn't "from the land" as the saying goes.  So, we had to order in English and were passed the Israeli menu.  

    As my platter came out, my eyes opened and BAM, I could not stop eating.  I seriously wipped that dish clean.  Each part of the platter was amazing.  It was fresh, flavorful, colorful and everything I could have hoped for and more.  At our table, we also had a girl who just returned from Israel and said that the falafels were better here than in Israel.  That's saying something!

    After we ate dinner, we pretty much would have been happy to go back every night but it was out of the way from where we were staying.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    All I kept thinking as I ate my falafel platter from this purple-lit, stone-walled restaurant is "I live in New York, epicenter of world cuisine, and I've never tasted anything this good before!  Where can I find this exact dish close to home????"

    Chez Hanna is a great place to eat in the Marais area of Paris.  It's good a cool vibe, quick service, and offers great opportunity to strike up a conversation with the people sitting next to you.  I had a great time enjoying a 2 hour dinner here with a meal that might have taken 30 minutes in NY.  It was so laid back and enjoyable I wish it hadn't been my last night in Paris.  Everyone ordered Falafel so I can't say anything about the rest of the menu, but it's definitely one of the best I've ever had (second to Chez Marianne).  You can take your falafel sandwich to go anywhere in this area, but this is great if you want to relax, sit down, and enjoy your food and company for a while.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Super tasty turkey shawarma plate with assorted salads and a Maccabee beer on the side. Odd decorations give the cozy space a real fun charm.

  • 5.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    I don't claim to be a falafel and shawarma expert.  I've sampled some offerings in the bay area, and I can't say I've ever had a bad falafel or shawarma.  But the ones I sampled in the Marais just seemed to be a cut above the rest.

    After dining on an enormous shawarma at the Lenny Kravitz endorsed L'As du Fallafel, I returned to the Marais district for dinner. My friend who lives locally suggested we try Chez Hanna, as it was her go-to spot for felafel.

    Chez Hanna is the truth.  Portions were huge, they give you a plate with all the fixings to make your own falafel or shawarma sandwich. After putting everything together in a pita pocket, prepare to have your world rocked because the taste is fantastic!

    Price was reasonable, service and ambiance were very good.  I can definitely recommend Chez Hanna as one of the top places for falafel and shawarma in Paris.

  • 4.0 star rating

    I liked L'As du Falafel until I came here. Mike G. wrote me on Yelp telling me to try this place instead, and thank goodness he talked some sense into me!

    Tucked in down toward the end of rue des Rosiers lies this much classier falafel joint. The decor and atmosphere are much nicer than the other places on this street, minus the lines and chaos.

    The falafel itself: the pita is fresh, chewy, and delicious. The veggies are crisp, perfectly seasoned, and served with and distributed evenly (unlike SOME other places...) among tasty hot falafel.

    Best I've had in Paris so far...that is unless someone else wants to send me another private message with my new favorite falafel. ;)

    That being said, they lose a star for service. To dine in you have to order off a more expensive menu, and the falafel sandwich that is the entire point of me eating here is not on that menu. We realized this after being seated, and politely explained why we no longer wanted to eat "sur place." Then the guy at the counter refused to take credit cards. I thought this was normal, but came back recently and they did accept credit cards for take away. Mess with me and you lose a star, Chez Hanna. You're lucky your falafel is so damn good.

  • 5.0 star rating


    Dont eat here if you like falfels. It will ruin you. I have not had a decent one since leaving Paris. Poor me

    PS - The server/cashier doesnt speak much English but he sure does know how to say "YOU PAY NOW" with a smile.

  • 4.0 star rating

    So what if this is not Lenny Kravitz's favorite falafel?

    The lines are shorter and the service is better here. We ate inside and ordered up two falafel plats. They arrived, piled high with fresh hummus, salads and veggies. After days of rich sauces and meat (I'm not complaining) Chez Hanna was just what I needed. Prices are extremely reasonable considering the quality of the ingredients.

  • 5.0 star rating

    The falafel at Chez Hanna will change your life!  

    After having an underwhelming experience at l'As du, I decided to test out Chez Hanna.  

    It felt very satisfying to waltz past the insane line at the aforementioned establishment to Chez Hanna, where I was second in line.  

    As my sandwich was being assembled, I noticed that the falafel were the last of one batch going in.  I was slightly unhappy about this, but took the sandwich anyways.


    These falafel were simple the most mind-blowingly good that I have ever had.  I immediately stopped and shoved one into my traveling companion's mouth (which at first confused, and then pleased).  

    Go for the good stuff, try Chez Hanna.

  • 4.0 star rating

    The Marais district is the walking strip that runs parallel to Rue Rivoli and from roughly Hotel de Ville to just short of Bastille (3rd and 4th). Its a happening little mecca and it is the falafel center of the Paris Universe. You'll know your in the Marais when you see the giant Tom of Finland poster and lot's of ceramic store fronts that either were or still are deli-type establishments.

    Where Chez Hanna is, there are about 5 falafel competitors within sight, most notably Chez Marianne. Every time I walk through here I see glassy-eyed falafal freaks stuffing pita into their falafel hole. I could never be sure if it's because they are famished from waiting in line at the walk-up window, or just because those falafel are that good

    I couldn't take it any more. I waited until about 3PM, well after lunch rush. I even waited until after the weekend to avoid the line. As it was, there were only about 5 people in front of me. After 5 minutes or so and my first few tentative bites, my eyes glazed over and I jammed that falafel into my (previous for pies only) falafel hole.

    De-lish - and cheap. 7 Euro for the Shawarma stuffing. Lots of choices for the vegetarians as well.

  • 5.0 star rating

    There really isn't much to say that hasn't already been said. Wanted something light, vegetarian and fresh...sometimes quite difficult to find in Paris....and this was perfect!
    In a really super cute neighborhood with tons of shopping and bakeries and lots to look at. Close walking distance to the Museum of Modern Art and the Cathedral of Notre Dame...which by the way is amazing beautiful.

  • 4.0 star rating
    1 check-in here

    Sorry but I think Lenny may be right.

    So I wrote a review on Yelp about L As du Falafel and some guy messaged me about Chez Hanna is where all the locals g and the other place is where the toursit go. When I went there I noticed that everyone there was a tourist, and didn't see any locals.

    Chez Hanna isn't bad and did have excellent food, but L As du falafel was much better. Yeah there's no line and yes they have good service, but wouldn't you wait a little more time  to experience the G.O.A.T. of Paris.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I heard good things about this place, but I had to fight the urge to do an about face when I saw the kitchen counters and containers with the future fillings of my falafel in total disarray.  The kitchen is on complete display of the street and it's a frigging mess.  Nasty.  

    Not bad falafel, but not great either. Just half a shoulder shrug.

  • 4.0 star rating

    We'd had felafel one other time, in Cario. My then girlfriend had not been impressed, and I took her to Chez Hanna during our honeymoon for a second chance at good felafel.

    Hay Mikey, She liked it! The felafel was tender and very tasty, the sauce and sides as well. We ordered at the window and took ours down the alley had a great cart-style meal eating outdoors; in my opinion the window is the way to go.

    Only complaint? The fillings were not mixed together, rather I'd find pockets of one or the other rather separate from each other. Very tasty though, and now my wife will eat felafel!

  • 2.0 star rating

    2.5 stars

    It wasn't horrible, but I won't be going back. The reason being that you can't get a falafel sandwich - which should be a staple on every menu on rue des Rosiers IMHO - from the inside menu. They are available at the window, but take heed that the sur place menu is totally different than the one you see from the street. And you'll pay to sit down. I did quite like the the food itself. However, having to pay 20€ for a lunch that consisted of 6 small falafels, a fair portion of hummus, a little bit of tahini, some pita on the side, and 1/2 pichet of wine was way too expensive. Especially given the fact that I can go down the street to Mi Va Mi and get a huge plate of good food for about 10€, and get to sit down. I could maybe see going here for a nicer evening falafel meal, but I'd probably be just as inclined to try a different place with lower prices.

  • 5.0 star rating

    I still rave about this place, even though it's been a few years now since I last enjoyed a meal here.  When I was studying abroad in Paris in 2006, my tight student's budget made Chez Hanna a lifesaver - for around $10 (at the time), you could get a generous plate of delicious falafel and fresh, hot pita bread.  YUM!  Though I've searched elsewhere, I have yet to find better falafel than what I was consistently served here.

    Absolutely not to be missed if you are in Paris - a walk through the Marais and down the Rue des Rosiers is worth it, too.  One of my favorite parts of the city.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Creamy, crunchy and delicious fallafaels for the win!!!! I did go to L'as du to compare, but hands down the fallafels here are creamier, crunchier and much more flavorful. These fives stars are strictly for their fallafels, but I have to admit that the service at the other restuarant where Lenny Kravitz gets his fix at is much more charming.

    1) The pita - fluffier and better at L'as du
    2) the eggplant - this place hands down has the better eggplant. It is perfectly grilled, hot and mouth watering
    3) the cucumber - L'as du has a shredded cucumber cut, but I prefer chez hanna way more. It is cubed and adds the much needed crunch to the pita sandwich.
    4) The fallafel - it is creamy, I think this comes down to a preference of fluffy over creamy, but I like creaminess.

    *There is no going wrong with either of these restuarants, but I prefer these fallafels way more. Hence the five stars.

    I also went to L'as with a chez hanna pita in my hand and one of the workers was outraged. So he then goes to one of the workers to have him hand me freshly made fallafels from his stand to compare the taste and I was obligated to say his were better.....but hands down this place has better fallfaels; however, the overall sandwich is a overall tie...I like both. I think I may have started a fallafel war in Paris. =D

  • 5.0 star rating

    We headed to the neighborhood to try the much-hyped L'as Du Falafel. Unfortunately it has a huge line and in desperation we tried this other falafel place that is just a few doors down, and I am glad that we did. Both of our meals were delicious and large and satisfying. I had the falafel special and it was a vegetarian's dream. Probably my favorite meal from our week in Paris.

    Only negative I would say is that the lighting is very weird and gave both of us a headache.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Best falafel... in the world!  I've traveled extensively across the world, including Israel and I've never had a more delicious falafel!   We went back two days in a row!

  • 5.0 star rating

    This is one of my favorite places, delicious food, lively ambiance and much nicer seating than the more famous l'As de Falafel down the street.  The vegetarian plate easily pleased my vegetarian daughter and I had the chicken plate, with a side order of falafel, bien sur.  Make a reservation for the sake of your peace of mind; we had no trouble booking a day in advance.

  • 4.0 star rating

    Awesome falafals and shwarmas.  Make sure to first pay for food inside and get ticket, then wait outside in the line.

  • 5.0 star rating

    It's not often when you can meet a man at 1:30 in the morning, ask where you can get a falafel, and have him give you his two falafels (probably his dinner) without asking for a thing in return. This man is Guy- the owner of chez Hannah- a lovely falafel place with falafel rivaling l'as du falafel (a popular falafel place down the road). Good prices- good food- and a legend for an owner/chef.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Even though I loved all the bistros and fancy multi-course meals, nothing was as satisfying and comforting as Chez Hanna on my last day.  After all the formal meals, it felt so good to stand in line in a tiny alley for some street food.  The falafel is fried fresh, and they give you samples while you wait.  It's crispy on the outside and moist inside, without being too greasy.  The pita was soft and fluffy, and there was a perfect ratio of vegetables and sauce.  Maybe I'm just a street food girl at heart..

  • 4.0 star rating

    slamming falafel in the marais. i really appreciated the creativity of the presentation nice thick pita, good chili sauce, soft sliced of fried eggplant, the list goes on. bottom line: it tastes great and fresh and hits the spot.

    bonus: watch gay boys mingle with hasidim as you chow your pita, leaning against one of the charming buildings of the marais.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I have to give this small place some extra credit for managing to fit us in--two dudes and three kids--at their peak of evening business on a rainy night. The kids loved their meals more than the adults, since they were able to get generous helpings of all sorts of tasty basics like hummus and felafel. We also ordered the stuffed eggplant, which was unbelievably delicious, and the kitchen very graciously left off the meat at our request. The eggplant was roasted to savory, almost pudding-like perfection, and overflowing with heavily spiced tomatoes and onions--we make this on the grill at home now regularly. The potatoes on the side were equally rich, although some might be taken aback by the sheer volume of tomato-stained oil that oozes out of every surface of the food.

  • 2.0 star rating

    My husband and I actually came here by mistake, while looking for L'as Du Falafel. As we approached, we saw a sign on the side that said "The Best Falafel in the World." And... I hate to be *that* person, but how is it possible that the BEST falafel (A Middle Eastern specialty) could be in Paris?

    So we went inside and found our waiter to be charming and friendly. I ordered the Falafel Special and he ordered lamb. When our order arrived, I noticed that the sappy Hebrew song that had been piped into the restaurant seemed to have been going on for a long time.. "Is this the second time they've played this?" I asked my husband. "No, it's the third." he replied.

    So the falafel came and it was just... ok. I made it into a sandwich with the (not fresh) pita bread that accompanied it, and it made a decent sandwich, mainly due to the fried eggplant and veggies that my special came with. But here's the thing.. my husband is from Damascus, and he grew up on falafel which I think probably COULD claim to be the best in the world. I've been there twice and had freshly-made falafel sandwiches from a falafel stand. When you break a good, fresh, falafel in half, steam should escape from it. It should be silky and luscious, and dissolve in your mouth when you eat it. For some reason, it's hard to find good falafel anywhere in America, and it looks like the same is true for Paris.

    When we were done, our friendly waiter came by and asked us if we wanted dessert, and I thought, "why not?" We looked over the menus as the aforementioned song played for the seventh time, and saw baklava (which I hate), halwa (which he hates), and a few things I hadn't heard of, one of which was called "Cigare," which was described as something rolled up with almonds in the middle. So I ordered that, and when it arrived, it turned out to be.... a very long baklava.

    We eventually asked for the bill, and as it was very busy, it took some time for him to get it to us, and then to give us our change. As we waited, we sat in agony as we heard the song for what I imagine was the tenth time. Oh, God, I can still hear it in my head...

  • 4.0 star rating

    Great falafel at a good price. Try the falafel sampler, which will get you hummus, tabouleh, and lots and lots of pita. Service is a little spotty, but I suggest sitting with your food and people watching.

  • 5.0 star rating
    First to Review

    One look at 'Chez H'anna' and it is obvious you've arrived to the Jewish quarter of Paris. All which is Israeli, you'll find at this small, packed establishment. They seem to have every Israeli specialty - Hummous, Schwarma, Falafel and Pita Bread, including "Limonana" - the Israeli Lemonade "spiked" with mint leaves. Atmosphere at 'Chez H'anna' is very happy; most of the visitors are young folks, dressed up (for no reason) and in a good mood. Prices are moderate (about 7 euros for a Falafel plate with salads and Pitabread) and even lower if you order to take away. 'Chez H'anna' looks and feels like a Jewish kitchen, with paintings on the walls, wooden tables and everyone finishing the food on their plate.

  • 5.0 star rating

    L'as du falafel was closed because it was the sabbath.  A blessing in disguise.  Chez Hanna's falafel platter was great!  The falafel themselves were light and fluffy and not greasy.  The salads (about 4-5) were all very tasty.  In particular the Turkish salad.  Bravo Chez Hanna!

  • 3.0 star rating

    In January, we dined inside during a Saturday lunch hour.  It was quite crowded and the tables are packed together. Server spoke some English, and told us we could not split a €15 main dish, so we each ordered separate dishes. One of us got the falafel special and the other got "shoarma", which resembled chicken shwarma, but this was made of turkey and cut into small cubes.  Both dishes came with a stack of fresh pita bread, so you can build your own sandwiches.  All of the food was freshly prepared and tasty, but coming from the Detroit area, we know some of the best Middle Eastern food, and this was not it.  If you are new to the cuisine or just want to try something different in Paris, this would be a good choice.

    • Qype User RugJon…
    • San Francisco, United States
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    5.0 star rating

    I've eaten falafel from San Francisco to Tehran and all points in between, and Hanna remains the best. I've read numerous articles about Paris' Jewish quarter that totally skip over this place, which is shocking. True it doesn't have a big sign that says eat here now, but the line of Parisians out the door should tell you something. The little pieces of eggplant hold a permanent address in my senses.

  • 5.0 star rating

    When it comes to felafel, this place spoiled me for life.  Crispy on the outside, moist inside - just perfect.  And so nice to find a good, basic vegetarian lunch in Paris.

  • 4.0 star rating
    Listed in Paris!

    i got a falafel here to compare w/ the one i had at l'as du falafel last time, and i this one was better.  the falafels here are more moist, even tho they probably don't give you as many falafel balls, and each falafel is smaller.  however, i couldn't even finish the one from l'as du falafel last time, so this was the perfect size and totally tasty.  at only 5 euros a pop, it makes for a cheap lunch.

  • 4.0 star rating

    i'll share this secret  'cuz i like you. this is THE best falafel in Paris. kosher pita bread piled high and thick with fresh veggies, delicious hummus and tender, golden falafel. order to-go and walk to a nearby park or sit on the steps of the church close by just as parisians do.  for those who think l'as du falafel is better, all i can say is Pas Du Tout. plus i got sick eating there.

  • 4.0 star rating

    This reasonably priced local's place has outstanding food, generous helpings and everything everybody else has already said in previous posts.  Previous times in Paris without consulting Yelp produced very disappointing experiences, so finding finding a place walking distance from my room was very easy using Yelp.  Now I don't go to a new restaurant anywhere without a reliable friend's thumb's up or at least 4 stars from yelp.

  • 5.0 star rating

    We ate here twice while in Paris (for two weeks), and we had a lot of amazing meals elsewhere. Really incredible falafel, and very affordable, laid-back environment.

    • Qype User starvi…
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    4.0 star rating

    great shawarma and salads.
    service is very parisian! ie grizzly.

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