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  • 10 Forrest Rd
    Edinburgh EH1 2QN
    Old Town
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  • Phone number 0131 226 3234

Recommended Reviews

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  • 4.0 star rating

    Simply put - my favourite kebab in Edinburgh.  I shopped around for kebabs for months when I moved there, and aside from being in a great location, Cappadocia nailed the kebab on every level.  I can't speak for the rest of their food, but the kebabs are outstanding.

    Price is a bit above average for a kebab place, but the portions, even for a small, are pretty substantial.

  • 3.0 star rating

    A fair place for a huge kebab.

    My intention, when I was arriving to Edinburgh, was to have a full immersion in the Scottish kitchen, but changing my mind was an easy task, when starving was the only alternative.
    After a delay of my flight in London Gatwick (my traveling experience with British Airways was a real "meh") I arrived late in Edinburgh. All the other eateries in the area were closed, so I decided to try their kebab.

    The waiters were very busy. I was the only customer, but they were committed with cleaning and washing and storing everything, before closing. I opted for a simple doner (lamb) kebab with every topping, to make the preparation as easy and quick as possible.
    I was considering to take the kebab away and eat it along the way back to my b&b, but when I had the package in my hands I had to look for a place to put it on. It was huge!

    Not a memorable kebab (my memories go only to one I had in Germany and one in Greece), but a fair meal.
    Despite feeling a little bit guilty, because I was occupying some space they had to clean, I ate as much as possible of the dish, but I wasn't able to complete even half of my mission.

    Very good for hungry people!

  • 3.0 star rating

    if you're emerging from the portals of a drinking establishment in the Grassmarket or the Old Town late at night, it's safe to say that the bright lights and the spicy scent of Cappadocia will always be a safe bet for your alcohol induced munchies.

    If kebabs are essential eating for you to stave off a hangover, then you've come to the right place. Cappadocia specialises in this swirling, 2AM delicacy, so if you're partial to a good doner or chicken kebab of a Saturday night, then you shouldn't be too disappointed.

    I'm less of a kebab enthusiast, and more of a chips heaped with big piles of cheese lady. Or not, as I suppose heaping chips and cheese down your chops in the middle of the street isn't the most ladylike of activities. I've tried chips and cheese from most city centre located takeaways in Edinburgh, and the version supplied here is decent enough. Burgers, other chip options, pizza, and most other food items you would expect from a takeaway are served here too.

  • 3.0 star rating
    1 check-in

    Kebabs, that wonderful post-drinking polystyrene box of shame that is so wrong but sooooo right. And in fact, it doesn't have to always be post-drinking (although that is when they taste best). Sometimes it can simply be a late dinner, when the autumn nights have set in and it's dark and raining and you have The Hunger.

    So on one of these nights, when The Hunger had settled in and even the 5 minute walk home to make my own tea seemed too great a feat, Cappadocia was there in all it's yellow-painted glory. £5 for a kebab, with free chips, I was promised.

    And that's exactly what I got. Chicken kebab, in a toasted pitta with salad and chips on the side. And good lord that chicken kebab just didn't stop. Just when I thought it was done and I'd eaten all the chicken, a whole other layer emerged from no where. Mo' chicken!

    It was around 9pm on a Tuesday and the staff were warm and smiling and friendly. It was exactly as you'd expect a (good) kebab shop to be. Relatively speaking, for kebabs, the meat was good and after eating it, whilst I did have a wee food baby, I didn't feel overly full or yucky in anyway later that evening.

    I wouldn't say my *favourite* kebab and nor would I say make a pilgrimage across town to get one (there are a few places in Edinburgh that are on that list) but in terms of good value for money, in a student-area that's saturated with kebab shops, Cappadocia is the best of the bunch and really, really good value.

  • 2.0 star rating

    A lot of people really highly reccomend this Kebab House. In fact, I even had a friend who claimed he would eat one of Cappadocia's kebabs sober, they were that good.

    Having come here after a night out, I wasnt suprised to find Cappadocia full of others clamouring to get a huge kebab which seems to me all they do at Cappadocia - I heard the girl in front of me being told that they had nothing else other than kebab, despite a whole list of things being advertised.

    When I did get my kebab i was hugely dissapointed - there was faaar too much sauce, even though i had specified just a little bit, and the kebab generally was so greasy after a few moments of eating it my hands felt disgusting and my mouth even more so. Now I know at this point many of you will think that all kebabs are like this, but I wish to point out that I have had much better kebabs in my student life time that came from places with far less of a reputation for quality than this, as cappadocia's kebabs seemed somewhat tastless behind the lashings of unwanted sauce.

    A disapointment, greasy and rather tastless.

  • 2.0 star rating

    Cappadocia is perhaps not my favourite kebab place, but it definitely does the trick if you fancy food after a night out.

    Situated just around the corner from the University students playground, George Square, Cappadocia is in a great location for students to go for their lunch or dinner.

    Cappadocia definitely specialises in kebabs, but they also serve pizzas, burgers and chips which is more up my alley. I have come here several times for a burger and chips, which filled a hole, but it isn't the greatest fast food place in the area.  I find their burgers to be really greasy and thin with just one tiny piece of lettuce in the bun which is somehow meant to constitute a salad. I was quite disappointed with their chips too as they had clearly come straight out of a packet from the freezer and some weren't properly cooked - not great.

    There are a few tables and chairs to eat inside, but most people order their meal to takeaway. A student discount is available which is helpful and there is also a home delivery service on offer which is highly handy.

    Cappadocia stay open till late so it is an option to go to for food on your way home from a night out, but perhaps only if you are truly desperate.

  • 3.0 star rating

    I've only ever been to Cappadocia after nights out, so I wouldn't like to put it down too much.  However, I'm fairly sure it's not the best kebab house.  I remember asking the guy behind the counter for chips and curry sauce several times and getting told repeatedly that they don't do that.  Fair enough.  So I went for the house doner which took a pretty long time to arrive and cost about £3.  When I finally got tucked in it seemed to take forever to eat.  The meat itself tasted fine, but the pita bread was so dry and big.  The chilli sauce and mayonnaise which it came with were both tasty, but there just wasn't enough to help with getting the damn bread down the hatch!  
    I come here about once a month and I'll probably come again, but I just prefer other places for the post-club munchies.

    • Qype User mal…
    • Sheffield, South Yorkshire
    • 16 friends
    • 68 reviews
    5.0 star rating

    Cappadocia has a loyal band of students and locals who don't think a night out is complete until they've paid a visit here.

    It's a turkish kebab shop that does all the usuals really well: kebabs, burgers, pizzas and chips are all knocked together skillfully, but it's the pakora that keeps me coming back.

    Huge pieces of juicy chicken are marinated in spices before being fried up for the discerning (and often drunken) reveller. You can get this with chips, salad and garlic/chilli sauce too. It tastes amazing, and wipes the floor with any other carry-out in Edinburgh.

    The staff are busy (the fun goes on 'til 3am) but enjoy a bit of banter too. If they like your chat, they'll even let you sit down a while as you munch & nod your head in appreciation.

    • Qype User Cat_…
    • Cork, Republic of Ireland
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    5.0 star rating

    Many's the late night I've wandered past this little place, and every time I have I think the same thing - I have to get a kebab! This take-away does the best kebabs, bar none, in Edinburgh. They've got a little seating area hidden behind some Western-style swing doors in the back, which can seat up to six kebab- or pizza-hungry people so it's not always possible to eat in, but the presentation of the eat-in food more than makes it worthwhile to hang around. Their pizza is also excellent, and all of their (predominantly take-away menu, i.e. chips, burgers, suppers and the like) food is really good, as well as being very reasonably priced. Still, I keep coming back for those kebabs - they're one of the things I miss the most whenever I leave Edinburgh!

  • 2.0 star rating
    First to Review

    late-night party people on kebab quests high-tail it here for what many say is the best turkish kebab in town. order the large-size doner kebab and you'll have to eat it with a fork. i dare you to try to pick it up. and i dare you to try to get more than a couple of napkins out of the them even though you'll need about 20. this place is good, and it may well be really good when you're drunk, but i've had much better kebabs.

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